Ireland Players (H)


HM Hackett (Dublin University, Ireland)
M Hackett (Ireland Women, Leinster Women)
S Hackett (Limerick)
S Hackett (Limerick)
W Hackett (Cork)
JH Hackness (North)
AFD Haddock (scorer)
D Haddock (scorer)
J Haddock (Laurelvale)
D Haddock Peter Russell (scorer)
J Hade (YMCA)
P Hade (South Leinster, YMCA)
A Hafiz (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
A Haggan (Northern Cricket Union)
B Haggarth (Instonians)
B Haggarty (Instonians)
B Haggerty (Instonians)
A Haider (Mullingar)
A Haider (Mullingar)
A Haider (Mullingar)
I Haider (Mullingar)
M Haider (Mullingar)
M Haider (scorer)
C Haine (South Leinster)
FM Haine (Dublin University)
Haines (Gentlemen of Dublin)
A Haines (Ballymena)
A Haire (Carrickfergus, Civil Service North, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, North Down, North Down Second XI)
A Haire (Woodvale)
A Haire (Holywood)
AS Haire (Irish Universities)
D Haire (Lisburn, Lurgan)
J Haire (Laurelvale)
P Haire (Lurgan)
P Haire (Lisburn Second XI)
R Haire (Northern Cricket Union)
R Haire (Muckamore)
R Haire (North Down)
Robin S Haire (Ireland, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, North Down, Ulster Town, Ulster Town Under-19s)
Ryan S Haire (Ireland)
SH Haire (Clontarf)
Halal Asad (Old Belvedere, Old Belvedere Second XI)
A Halbert (Academy)
JJ Halby (Civil Service)
J Hale (Banbridge, Lurgan Demesne, Waringstown)
L Hale (scorer)
L Hale (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
L Hale (umpire)
R Hales (CYM)
Hall (Military)
B Hall (Saintfield)
C Hall (Bonds Glen)
C Hall (scorer)
C Hall (Bonds Glen, Bonds Glen Second XI)
D Hall (Dublin University)
D Hall (Bonds Glen)
D Hall (YMCA)
DJ Hall (Irish Universities)
EW Hall (Clontarf)
FH Hall (Dublin University, Ireland)
FH Hall (Munster)
FH Hall (Cork County)
G Hall (Bonds Glen)
J Hall (Waringstown)
J Hall (Ulster Grasshoppers)
J Hall (Waringstown)
J Hall (Waringstown)
J Hall (scorer)
J Hall (Waringstown, Waringstown Second XI)
Josh Hall (Waringstown)
JD Hall (Ireland)
JK Hall (Irish Universities, Northern Ireland Universities)
JRN Hall (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
K Hall (Killyclooney)
K Hall (scorer)
M Hall (scorer)
R Hall (Academy)
RA Hall (Cork County, Ireland)
RAM Hall (Irish Universities)
Halliday (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
C Halliday (Academy)
CAR Halliday (Dublin University, Harrow School, Irish Universities)
CFAT Halliday (Dublin University)
EG Halliday (Northern Ireland Universities, Queen's University, Belfast)
F Halliday (Oriental Club)
G Halliday (Lisburn, Lisburn Second XI)
G Halliday (Belfast Under-14s)
J Halliday (Holywood)
J Halliday (North Down)
JGT Halliday (Beaumont College, Dublin University, North Leinster)
M Halliday (Ireland)
K Hall Jnr (Killyclooney)
G Hallowes (Civil Service)
K Hall Snr (Killyclooney)
M Hallway (North Leinster)
P Halpin (Pembroke, Pembroke Third XI)
P Halpin (Pembroke Second XI)
WH Halpin (Dublin University)
P Halthorn (Cliftonville)
A Hamad (Leinster)
A Hameed (Cork County)
S Hameed (Midleton)
J Hamill (scorer)
J Hamill (Clarence)
T Hamill (Whiterock)
W Hamill (Whiterock)
Hamilton (North)
Hamilton (North)
A Hamilton (Waringstown)
A Hamilton (National Bank of Ireland)
AS Hamilton (Dublin University)
B Hamilton (Instonians)
B Hamilton (scorer)
B Hamilton (Phoenix Park)
BB Hamilton (Ireland)
C Hamilton (Carrickfergus)
D Hamilton (scorer)
D Hamilton (Bangor)
D Hamilton (umpire)
D Hamilton (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
E Hamilton (Vice Regal Lodge)
G Hamilton (Bonds Glen)
G Hamilton (Vice Regal Lodge)
HGP Hamilton (Ireland, Phoenix)
HGP Hamilton (Ireland XI)
J Hamilton (Glendermott)
J Hamilton (Ulster Town Under-19s)
K Hamilton (Bonds Glen)
K Hamilton (Bready, Bready Second XI)
KR Hamilton (Ireland Under-17s)
L Hamilton (Phoenix)
NC Hamilton (Instonians, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
PD Hamilton (Military, Royal Artillery, Royal Military Academy Woolwich, United Services Portsmouth, Vice Regal Lodge)
R Hamilton (Ulster Town)
RP Hamilton (North Down)
RP Hamilton (Ireland XI)
RT Hamilton (Cliftonville)
T Hamilton (Bready, Ulster Town)
T Hamilton (Dublin University)
WD Hamilton (Phoenix Park)
WD Hamilton (Phoenix)
J Hammon (Greystones)
A Hammond (Laurelvale)
RF Hammond (Dublin University)
A Hammonds (umpire)
Hamond (Military, Phoenix)
P Hampshire (Glendermott)
T Hampshire (Glendermott)
JB Hampton (Ireland, Northern Cricket Union)
W Hampton (Laois)
E Hana (scorer)
B Hanby (Leinster Second XI)
J Hanby (Phoenix Second XI)
JR Hanby (Leinster)
P Hanby (Old Belvedere)
PM Hanby (Leinster)
A Hancock (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Oak Hill)
F Hand
F Hand (Leinster Cricket Union)
A Handforth (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
A Handforth (scorer)
HE Handley (Dublin, Grantham, Sleaford, United Ireland Eleven)
Handly (United Ireland Eleven)
A Handy (Dublin)
A Hanforth (Coleraine)
Hanham (Phoenix)
P Hanley (YMCA)
G Hanlon (Dublin)
C Hanly
D Hanna (Saintfield)
E Hanna (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
E Hanna (Saintfield)
G Hanna (Lisburn, Northern Cricket Union)
HL Hanna (Campbell College, Belfast)
J Hanna (Munster)
J Hanna (YMCA)
J Hanna (Scorchers Women)
M Hanna (Brigade, Brigade Second XI)
M Hanna (Newbuildings)
P Hanna (Irish Universities, Waringstown)
R Hanna (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Ireland Under-15s)
S Hanna (Donaghcloney)
TH Hanna (Ireland)
W Hanna (YMCA)
G Hansell (North Kildare)
I Hansen (scorer)
J Hansen (Irish Cricket Union President's XI)
C Hanson (Edenfield)
M Hanware (Creevedonnell)
FU Haq (Railway Union Second XI)
R Haque (Phoenix Second XI)
S Hardie (Pembroke)
RA Hardiman (Ireland Women)
D Harding (North Down)
H Hardson (Leinster)
EH Hardy (Dublin University, Ireland)
F Hardy (Kilkenny)
H Hardy (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
HE Hardy (Campbell College, Belfast)
J Hardy (Phoenix)
R Hare (Ireland Development XI)
Hareesh (Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County)
J Harford (Civil Service)
P Hargan (umpire)
S Hargan (Brigade, Glendermott)
M Haris (Phoenix Second XI)
I Harkin (Pembroke, UCC)
C Harkness (Civil Service North, Civil Service North Second XI)
E Harkness (umpire)
JH Harkness (Leinster)
A Harland (Donaghcloney)
GR Harman (Dublin University)
GRU Harman (Dublin University)
W Harman (Westland)
WCR Harman (Ireland)
WR Harmer (Cork County)
M Haroon (Cork County Third XI)
U Haroon (Laois)
M Haroon Younus (umpire)
A Harper (scorer)
A Harper (Balbriggan)
Adrian Harper (Balbriggan)
Albert Harper (Balbriggan)
C Harper (Balbriggan)
D Harper (Balbriggan, Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-17s, North County)
D Harper (scorer)
D Harper (Balbriggan)
N Harper (North Leinster)
R Harper (Sion Mills)
S Harper (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
T Harper (Strabane Second XI)
Harpley (Dublin)
N Harpur (North West)
R Harpur (Sion Mills)
T Harpur (Ireland)
T Harpur (Ulster Town)
T Harpur (Strabane)
G Harrigan (scorer)
P Harrigan (Ardmore, North West Under-15s)
P Harrigan (umpire)
P Harrigan
P Harrigan Jnr (Ardmore)
B Harrington (Merrion)
W Harrington (Ireland)
Harris (Officers of the Curragh Camp)
B Harris (Clontarf)
FM Harris (Banbridge, North Down)
G Harris (United Ireland Eleven)
HP Harris (North)
J Harris (Ireland)
J Harris (Cork)
JB Harris (Royal School Armagh)
R Harris (Phoenix)
RW Harris (Leinster, South Leinster)
T Harris (Ardmore)
TE Harris (Armagh, Bessbrook)
W Harris (Cork County)
W Harris (North)
Harrison (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Harrison (Phoenix Park)
A Harrison (Waringstown, Waringstown Second XI)
B Harrison (Waringstown)
DW Harrison (Ireland)
E Harrison (Imperial Tobacco Company)
G Harrison (umpire)
G Harrison (Saintfield)
GD Harrison (Ireland)
H Harrison (Dublin University)
H Harrison (Phoenix)
H Harrison (Leprechauns)
H Harrison (Limerick Depot Battalion)
I Harrison (Ulster Country)
J Harrison (Ireland)
J Harrison (Lurgan)
JSD Harrison (Ulster Country)
M Harrison (TT West's XI)
P Harrison (Dublin University)
R Harrison (Ireland)
RG Harrison (Dublin University)
S Harrison (Northern Cricket Union)
S Harrison (Northern Cricket Union)
Shane Harrison (Northern Cricket Union)
Simon Harrison (Ireland Under-18s, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Country, Waringstown)
W Harrison (Vice Regal Lodge)
WP Harrison (Dublin University)
G Harron (Limavady)
P Harshaw (Ballymena)
CC Hart (Dublin University)
E Hart (Leinster)
J Hart (Phoenix)
JC Hart (Ireland)
RW Hart (R and SP Union)
C Harte (Bangor)
C Harte (scorer)
C Harte (umpire)
CCJ Harte (Ireland)
J Harte (Cremore)
J Harte (Dublin University)
JCW Harte (Dublin University, Ireland Development XI, Irish Universities, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
M Harte (Bangor)
MCW Harte (Dublin University)
A Hartigan (Munster)
C Hartin (Drummond, Limavady)
C Hartin (Ardmore)
G Hartin (Limavady)
J Hartley (Phoenix)
L Hartley (Bangor)
T Hartley (Dublin University)
R Harton (Bangor)
E Hartopp (Gentlemen of Ireland)
AHS Hart-Synnot (King William's College)
C Harvey (National Bank of Ireland)
CW Harvey (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI)
EW Harvey (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
GP Harvey (Railway Union)
JA Harvey (Dublin University)
RJ Harvey (Dublin University)
TA Harvey (Ireland)
K Hasan (Cork County)
Haseeb Khan (Dublin University)
T Hashmi (Terenure)
T Hashmi (Phoenix)
T Hashmi (North Kildare)
R Haslann Shareef (Old Belvedere)
J Haslett (Bonds Glen)
T Hassan (Balbriggan)
R Hassard (Downpatrick, Dundrum)
S Hassbrooke (North Down)
J Hassell (Curragh Camp)
Hassett (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
C Hassett (Munster)
R Hastie (Oak Hill, Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
Hatchell (Curragh Camp)
M Hatchett (Dublin University)
B Haughton (North)
D Haughton (North)
KW Haughton (Pembroke)
WE Haughton (Ireland)
WE Haughton (Dublin University)
C Havern (Sion Mills)
J Havern (Sion Mills)
M Havern (Sion Mills)
Havron (Royal Irish Constabulary)
MR Hawe (Civil Service)
Hawley (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
N Haworth (Ballymena)
M Hawthorene (umpire)
M Hawthorn (umpire)
M Hawthorne (umpire)
P Hawthorne (Cliftonville)
P Hawthorne (scorer)
P Hawthorne (Dunmurry)
M Hawthrone (umpire)
M Hawthurne (umpire)
D Hayden (Merrion)
ED Hayden (Merrion)
FN Hayden (Merrion)
N Hayden (Merrion)
A Hayes (Irish Universities)
C Hayes (Holywood)
CB Hayes (Campbell College, Belfast)
DA Hayes (Irish Universities)
FW Hayes (Banbridge)
G Hayes (Munster)
L Hayes (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
L Hayes (North West Under-17s)
R Hayes (scorer)
Haynes (The Hills)
M Hays (scorer)
HB Hayward (Vice Regal Lodge)
A Haywood (North West Under-13s)
J Haywood (Fox Lodge)
G Hazard (Cregagh)
T Hazell (Pembroke Second XI)
J Hazlett (Bonds Glen)
R Hazzard (Ireland Under-19s)
LC Head (Northern Cricket Union)
TJ Headon (Clontarf)
C Healy (Cork County, Munster Reds)
K Healy (North County Second XI, North County Third XI)
M Healy (Phoenix)
M Healy (Phoenix)
M Healy (Phoenix)
D Heaney (Ulster Town)
J Heaney (YMCA)
MSO Heaney (Civil Service North, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s)
S Heaney (Belfast Harlequins)
S Heaney (Pembroke Second XI)
D Heany (Belfast Harlequins)
H Hearnden (Ireland Women)
Hearne (Navan)
E Hearne (Cork Harlequins)
B Hearty (Instonians)
D Heaslem (Lisburn)
J Heaslett (Bonds Glen)
D Heasley (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
R Heasley (Instonians)
RM Heasley (Irish Universities)
I Heaslip (Midleton Second XI)
JG Heaslip (Dublin University, Ireland)
R Heaslip (Ulster Town)
Heather (Curragh Camp)
R Heather (Pembroke Third XI)
JF Heavey (umpire)
Heazell (The Hills)
P Hector (Leprechauns)
P Hedge (Limerick)
E Hedley (Curragh Camp)
S Hegarty (Derriaghy)
V Hegarty (Munster)
K Hegde (Civil Service)
B Heggarty (Instonians)
G Heggerty (Derriaghy)
Heighes (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
T Heighes (umpire)
J Heitt (scorer)
H Helen (Cork)
C Hellties (North West)
NJ Hemmings (Irish Universities)
R Hemphill (Muckamore)
Hemsworth (Leinster)
HJ Hemsworth (Ireland, Leinster)
A Henderson (Irish Schools)
C Henderson (Muckamore)
DC Henderson (Dean Close School, Dublin University)
EJ Henderson (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
GPR Henderson (Dublin Garrison)
HJ Henderson (umpire)
J Henderson (Military)
J Henderson (Muckamore)
K Henderson (Munster Reds)
K Henderson (Glendermott)
M Henderson (Glendermott, Glendermott Second XI)
S Henderson (Muckamore, Muckamore Second XI)
W Henderson (North West, North West Cricket Council Chairman's XI)
C Henly (Cork County)
DL Hennessy (Leinster)
F Hennessy (Leinster Second XI)
G Hennessy (Midleton Second XI)
K Hennessy (scorer)
K Hennessy (Limerick)
DE Henning (Cliftonville, Lisburn, Waringstown)
J Henning (Waringstown)
A Henry (Derriaghy)
A Henry (Killyclooney)
D Henry (Laurelvale)
H Henry (Leinster)
J Henry (Malahide)
J Henry (umpire)
RB Henry (Belfast Wanderers)
T Henry (umpire)
O Henson (Leinster)
R Henson (CYM, Leinster, Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Hepburn (YMCA Second XI)
R Hepburn (Bready, Donemana)
R Hepburn (Bonds Glen)
R Hepburn (Brigade, Brigade Second XI)
R Hepburn (Coleraine)
T Hepworth (Railway Union)
C Herbert (Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
LH Herbert (Clontarf)
M Herbert (scorer)
MT Herbert (Ireland Women, Scorchers Women)
J Herbison (Ireland Women)
CB Herdman (Leprechauns)
J Herdman (North)
Herman (Players of Dublin)
R Herman (scorer)
N Hermon (Woodvale)
GM Heron (scorer)
WIA Heron (Irish Universities)
C Herron (North)
MR Heslip (Irish Schools)
R Heslip (Ulster Town)
PS Hession (Leinster)
TE Hession (Merrion)
D Hetherington (Civil Service North)
L Hettirachchi (County Kerry)
J Hevey (Leinster)
FSA Hewitt (Ireland)
HP Hewitt (Incogniti, Ireland)
J Hewitt (Bangor, Ireland Development XI)
JC Hewitt (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
P Hewitt (Ulster Town Under-19s)
R Hewitt (Derriaghy)
S Hewitt (Cork)
T Hewitt (Cork, Cork County)
W Hewitt (CYM)
WJ Hewitt (Northern Cricket Union)
J Hewlett (Instonians)
J Hewson (Rathmines School Past and Present)
L Hewson (umpire)
S Hewson (Dublin University, Munster)
S Hewson (Phoenix)
I Hewston (TT West's XI)
G Heyburn (Waringstown, Waringstown Second XI)
JP Heyburn (Irish Schools, Irish Universities)
P Heyburn (Ulster Town)
P Heyburn (Muckamore)
R Heyburn (Donemana)
S Heyburn (Waringstown Second XI)
FL Heyne (North)
A Heywood (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI, Ireland Under-15s)
AR Heywood (North West)
G Heywood (Fox Lodge)
G Heywood (Fox Lodge)
Gareth Heywood (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
Garvin Heywood (Fox Lodge)
J Heywood (Fox Lodge)
J Heywood jun (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
J Heywood sen (Fox Lodge)
J Heywood sen (Fox Lodge)
K Heywood (scorer)
M Heywood (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
W Heywood (umpire)
K Hibbert (Eglinton)
A Hickey (Munster Under-13s)
A Hickey (Cork Harlequins)
ASJ Hickey (Irish Schools, Munster)
M Hickey (umpire)
N Hickey (Munster)
S Hickey (Cork County, Munster, Munster Reds)
Hicks (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
S Hickson (The Hills Second XI)
AM Higgins (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Ulster Town)
B Higgins (Ireland Under-19s)
B Higgins (Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s)
D Higgins (Carrickfergus)
G Higgins (Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
HW Higginson (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
W Higginson (Rathmines School Past and Present)
K Higgs (UCC)
K Higgs (Midleton, Midleton Second XI)
JE Highton (Civil Service)
Hilbard (Buttevant Garrison)
JC Hiles (Leprechauns)
JS Hiles (Irish Universities)
S Hiles (Railway Union)
A Hill (Munster)
CM Hill (Ireland)
D Hill (Clontarf Second XI)
G Hill (Larne)
H Hill (Pembroke)
JFW Hill (Civil Service)
JW Hill (Ireland)
JW Hill (Dublin University)
JW Hill (Clontarf)
P Hill (Pembroke)
T Hill (Woodvale)
WH Hill (Pembroke, South Leinster)
B Hillary (The Hills)
G Hilliard (Ealing, Military, Ryde)
S Hilliard (Pembroke)
Hillier (Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
M Hillman (Phoenix)
F Hill-Nicholl (scorer)
I Hill Nicholl (Ballyspallen)
I Hill-Nicholl (Ballyspallen)
C Hillyard (Pembroke)
Hilstead (Military)
WE Hinde (umpire)
N Hinds (Lurgan)
M Hingston (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XI)
M Hingston (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
M Hingston (Waringstown Second XI)
M Hingston (scorer)
WP Hinton (Leinster)
Hiort (Players of Dublin)
M Hippolitious (Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County)
M Hippolitus (Dundrum)
M Hippolitus (Dundrum)
M Hippolitus (scorer)
FW Hirst (Pembroke)
FW Hirst (YMCA)
J Hitchcock (Merrion)
J Hitchhough (UCC)
G Hitchmough (Munster Reds)
J Hitchmough (Midleton)
P Hoare (North Leinster Under-19s)
R Hoare (The Hills)
S Hoare (The Hills)
S Hoare (North Leinster)
J Hobart (United Ireland Eleven)
RL Hobart (Dublin, Ireland, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven)
JP Hobbs (umpire)
Hobson (Dublin Garrison)
A Hobson (Dublin University)
ACM Hobson (Dublin University)
D Hobson (Carrickfergus)
K Hobson (Portora Royal School Under-13s)
L Hobson (Irish Universities)
D Hodge (Larne)
N Hodge (Larne)
O Hodges (Railway Union)
A Hodgins (Civil Service North)
A Hodgins (Civil Service North Second XI)
D Hodgins (umpire)
N Hodgins (Civil Service North, Civil Service North Second XI)
NDS Hodgins (Ireland Under-19s)
C Hodgson (United Ireland Eleven)
H Hodgson (Dublin University, Ireland, United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge)
L Hodgson (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
S Hodgson (Pembroke)
S Hodgson (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
W Hodgson (Leinster)
A Hoey (Armagh)
B Hoey (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
BP Hoey (CYM, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Terenure)
C Hoey (Pembroke Second XI)
CJ Hoey (Ireland)
F Hoey (CYM, Dublin University, Irish Universities, Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s)
G Hoey (Leinster Under-13s)
G Hoey (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
GA Hoey (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
H Hoey (Pembroke)
J Hoey (CYM, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Schools, South Leinster, Terenure, YMCA)
L Hoey (Ireland Under-17s Women)
M Hoey (Terenure)
M Hoey (Pembroke Second XI)
M Hoey (Armagh)
M Hoey (scorer)
WJ Hoey (Imperial Tobacco Company)
L Hoffman (Pembroke)
M Hoffman (Dublin University)
L Hofmeyr (Laois, Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
L Hofmeyr (North Kildare)
D Hogan (Ireland Under-15s, Leinster Under-13s, Terenure)
D Hogan (scorer)
D Hogan (Dublin University)
D Hogan (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI)
D Hogan (Leinster Cricket Union Under-17s)
DE Hogan (Irish Universities)
LP Hogan (umpire)
M Hogan (Ireland Under-15s, Leinster Under-15s)
M Hogan (Dublin University)
M Hogan (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
MJ Hogan (CYM, Terenure)
MJ Hogan (Irish Universities)
R Hogan (University College, Dublin)
R Hogan (Merrion)
B Hogg (Civil Service North)
K Hogg (Ireland Under-19s)
K Hogg (Ireland Development XI)
W Hogg (Dublin University)
W Hogg (Phoenix)
W Hogg (Dublin University)
S Hogson (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
H Hohannan (Belvedere College)
R Hohn (YMCA, YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
S Holdsworth (JS Pollock's XI)
G Holland (Irish Universities, Munster, Pembroke)
G Holland (North Kildare)
J Holland (Cork)
JP Holland (Phoenix)
S Holland (Dublin University)
CJ Hollenbach (Leinster)
AFGP Hollick (Ireland)
AP Hollick (North)
VJ Holloway (Merrion)
VJ Holloway (Merrion)
VJ Holloway (Civil Service)
W Holloway (umpire)
A Holmes (Leinster)
A Holmes (scorer)
A Holmes (Rathmines School Past and Present)
A Holmes (scorer)
D Holmes (Drummond)
J Holmes (Ballymena)
J Holmes (Civil Service North Second XI)
J Holmes (Lurgan)
N Holmes (Civil Service North)
W Holmes (Drummond)
B Homani (Templepatrick)
A Home (Muckamore)
GB Hone (Na Shuler)
JB Hone (Dublin University, Ireland, Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
JM Hone (County Wicklow, Wellington College)
L Hone (County Wicklow)
N Hone (Phoenix)
N Hone jun (Phoenix)
N Hone sen (Gentlemen of the South of Ireland, Ireland, Phoenix)
NM Hone (JM Hone's XI)
T Hone (Ireland, Rugby School)
T Hone (United Ireland Eleven)
W Hone (Gentlemen of Ireland)
W Hone jun (Dublin University, Etceteras, Ireland, Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
W Hone sen (Marylebone Cricket Club, Southgate)
WP Hone (Ireland)
W Hone jnr (a) (Gentlemen of Ireland)
Hood (North)
R Hood (Carrickfergus, Carrickfergus Second XI)
HH Hooke (45th Regiment)
E Hool (R and SP Union)
E Hool (Carlisle)
JHE Hool (Irish Universities, Leprechauns, Marylebone Cricket Club, Ulster Town)
MM Hool (Dublin University)
NB Hool (Ireland)
NB Hool (Dublin University)
NB Hool (North)
NB Hool (Carlisle)
N Hooper (Phoenix)
G Hope (Pembroke)
J Hope (Cliftonville)
KW Hope (Ireland)
HS Hopkins (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
JK Hopkins (Pembroke)
JPK Hopkins (Ireland, Merrion, Pembroke)
R Hopkins (Leinster Cricket Union)
RP Hopkins (CYM, Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-13s, Irish Universities, Leinster, Pembroke)
PR Hopkirk (Irish Universities)
R Hoque (Civil Service)
DG Horan (Dublin University)
H Horewood (Military)
A Horgan (scorer)
G Horn (scorer)
G Horn (North Kildare)
Hornby (Cork)
Horne (North)
A Hornsby (Railway Union)
C Horsford (YMCA)
Horsley (North)
G Horsley (Dublin University)
J Horsley (Dublin University)
D Horstmann (Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
W Horstmann (Malahide Third XI)
W Horwood (Belfast Harlequins, Civil Service North, Irish Universities, Marylebone Cricket Club, Muckamore)
W Horwood (Civil Service)
C Hosford (Dublin University, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Universities, YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
W Hosford (scorer)
K Hossain
M Hossain (umpire)
G Host (scorer)
N Hotac (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
N Hotec (Leinster)
B Houghton (North)
D Houghton (North)
J Houghton (JS Pollock's XI)
J Hourhar (Cork Harlequins)
J Hourihane (Munster Under-13s)
J Hourihane (Cork Harlequins)
JO Hourihane (Irish Universities)
R House (Brigade Second XI)
Houston (umpire)
D Houston (Ulster Town)
D Houston (Carrickfergus)
I Houston (Leprechauns, Ulster Country)
J Houston (Instonians)
JD Houston (Irish Schools)
W Houston (umpire)
W Houston (scorer)
W Houston (Greystones)
Howard (Players of Ireland)
G Howard (Coolattin)
G Howard (Postal Services)
J Howard (Limerick)
S Howard (YMCA)
A Howe (Cliftonville)
W Howe (Phoenix)
G Howell (Merrion Third XI)
G Howell (Dublin University)
N Howell (Munster)
Howick (Royal Artillery (Major Boothby's Battery))
A Howie (Cliftonville)
W Huddin (Fox Lodge)
Hudson (Players of Dublin)
E Hudson (Ireland, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven)
R Hudson (Ireland, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven)
R Hudson (Cremore)
TP Hudson (Ireland)
B Huet (YMCA)
B Huey (Glendermott, Glendermott Second XI)
D Huey (Brigade)
D Huey (Brigade Second XI)
D Huey (scorer)
J Huey (Donemana, Donemana Second XI)
J Huey (Fox Lodge)
L Huey (scorer)
R Huey (Donemana, Donemana Second XI)
SSJ Huey (Ireland)
Hughes (umpire)
Hughes (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
Hughes (108th Inniskilling Fusiliers)
AH Hughes (Clontarf)
AJ Hughes (Ireland)
AJ Hughes (Malahide)
AJ Hughes (Malahide)
C Hughes (scorer)
CJ Hughes (Malahide)
D Hughes (North County Second XI)
D Hughes (Monkstown)
E Hughes (North)
E Hughes (Holywood)
E Hughes (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
F Hughes (Coolattin)
G Hughes (umpire)
IJ Hughes (Malahide)
J Hughes (Postal Services)
JT Hughes (Malahide)
K Hughes (Leprechauns)
KW Hughes (Lurgan Demesne)
LP Hughes (Ireland)
LP Hughes (Malahide)
P Hughes (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI)
R Hughes (Derriaghy)
S Hughes (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Derriaghy)
S Hughes (Laurelvale)
SR Hughes (Queen's University, Belfast)
T Hughes (Holywood, Ireland)
T Hughes (Cork County, Countesthorpe, Old Wyvernians)
W Hughes (Derriaghy)
SM Hugo (Phoenix)
Huleatt-James (Dublin University)
C Hull (Lurgan)
J Hull (Lisburn)
Hume (Military)
Hume (Curragh Camp, Dublin)
Hume (Curragh Camp)
G Hume (Coleraine)
J Hume (Belfast Under-14s)
J Hume (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
JR Hume (Ireland)
M Humphrey (Ballymena)
D Humphreys (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
D Humphreys (Instonians Second XI)
J Humphreys (Leinster)
J Humphreys (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
D Humphries (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
J Humphries (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
JAC Humphries (Leinster)
M Humphries (Instonians)
T Humphries (Dublin University)
BA Hunniford (Irish Universities, Ulster Town)
M Hunphreys (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
A Hunt (Phoenix)
JL Hunt (Kildare)
K Hunt (Ballyspallen)
N Hunt (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
N Hunt (scorer)
N Hunt (Dublin University)
NE Hunt (Irish Universities)
TC Hunt (Military)
WS Hunt (Carlow, Cork, Cork County, Ireland, Kildare, Na Shuler, Navan, Prince's Club, United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge)
Hunter (Officers of Ireland)
A Hunter (Dragons Women)
B Hunter (Holywood)
C Hunter (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XI)
E Hunter (Larne)
G Hunter (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Country)
G Hunter (Lurgan)
G Hunter (scorer)
G Hunter (North)
GL Hunter
H Hunter (Leinster)
H Hunter (Lurgan)
J Hunter (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
J Hunter (North Down)
J Hunter (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
J Hunter (Templepatrick)
J Hunter (Gilford)
J Hunter (Lurgan)
J Hunter (Muckamore)
J Hunter (Instonians, Instonians Second XI)
J Hunter (Waringstown Second XI)
J Hunter (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s, Northern Cricket Union Under-17s)
J Hunter (Cork County)
J Hunter (Waringstown)
JJ Hunter (Ireland Under-15s)
JJ Hunter (Ulster Schools)
JM Hunter (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
JM Hunter (Ulster Schools)
L Hunter (Northern Cricket Union, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
N Hunter (Ulster Country)
N Hunter (Lurgan)
R Hunter (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools)
R Hunter (Newbuildings)
R Hunter (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
RA Hunter (Brigade, Donemana, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, North West Under-15s)
S Hunter (Coleraine)
WR Hunter (Ireland)
B Hur (Laois)
J Hurahan (Cork Harlequins)
MGD Hurley (Dublin University)
V Hurley (Munster)
N Huson (Coolattin)
A Hussain (Leinster)
A Hussain (County Kerry)
I Hussain (Glendermott)
I Hussain (Ardmore)
I Hussain (North West)
I Hussain (Limavady)
I Hussain (Bready)
I Hussain (Muckamore)
J Hussain (Laois)
M Hussain (Glendermott)
M Hussain (Civil Service)
M Hussain (Old Belvedere)
M Hussain (scorer)
O Hussain (Sligo)
S Hussain (North Kildare)
S Hussain (Sligo)
S Hussain (Glendermott)
S Hussain (Ballaghadereen)
A Hussein (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
I Hussein (Brigade)
J Hussein (Laois)
AAS Hussey (Gentlemen of the North of Ireland, Ireland, Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
PJ Hussey (Leinster, University College, Dublin)
I Hussian (Brigade)
B Hutchinson (Lisburn)
F Hutchinson (Ulster Country)
K Hutchinson (Bangor)
K Hutchinson (scorer)
M Hutchinson (Holywood)
M Hutchinson (Ireland Development XI)
M Hutchinson (North West Under-17s)
M Hutchinson (North West Under-15s)
M Hutchinson (Coleraine)
MK Hutchinson (Ireland A)
R Hutchinson (Dublin University)
S Hutchinson (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
G Hutley (Dundrum)
T Hutley (Dundrum)
A Hutton (Carrickfergus)
E Hutton (Military)
EB Hutton (Ireland)
R Hutton (Irish Schools)
WNM Hutton (Dublin University)
CF Huxton (Ireland XI)
D Hyatt (Killymallaght)
D Hyatt (Brigade)
DP Hyatt (North West)
C Hylands (Donaghcloney)
N Hylands (Ballyspallen)
D Hynes (scorer)
G Hynes (The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
G Hynes (scorer)
J Hynes (Leinster)
JW Hynes (Dublin University, Dublin University Long Vacation Club, Ireland)
JW Hynes (Phoenix)





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