India Players (O)


S Oad (Islam Gymkhana, Islam Gymkhana Under-19s, Mehsana)
AA Oak (Maharashtra Under-14s, Maharashtra Under-16s, Maharashtra Under-17s)
AJ Oak (Maharashtra)
MP Oak
SD Oak (Vidarbha)
VS Oak (India Schools, Maharashtra Schools)
VV Oak (Maharashtra)
W Oak (Vidarbha)
Y Oak (Vidarbha Schools)
AR Oakley (Services XI)
SC Oasis (Kerala, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
M Obaiah (Rastriya Sanskrit University)
Obaid Ahmed (Jammu and Kashmir)
Obaid Bashir (Jammu and Kashmir Under-15s)
Obaid Bashir (Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s, Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s, Jammu and Kashmir Under-25s)
Obaidullah (Uttar Pradesh)
K Obaidullah (Hyderabad Under-22s)
M Obaidullah (Bengal)
K Obedullah (South Zone Universities)
Oberoi (Jammu and Kashmir University)
A Oberoi (Sikkim Under-14s)
AS Oberoi (Assam)
P Oberoi (Delhi)
R Oberoi (Delhi Under-19s)
S Oberoi (Delhi, Oxford University, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
N Obi (Arunachal Pradesh Under-22s)
L O'Callaghan (Europeans)
Octovin (Kannambilly Brothers Sports Club)
AA Odedra (Sardar Vallabhai Vidyapeth University)
AR Odedra (Saurashtra Under-15s, Saurashtra Under-17s, Saurashtra Under-19s, Saurashtra Under-22s)
DM Odedra (Saurashtra Under-19s, Saurashtra Under-22s)
HJ Odedra (Saurashtra Under-17s, Saurashtra Under-19s)
JA Odedra (Saurashtra)
JV Odedra (Saurashtra Under-17s, Saurashtra Under-19s, Saurashtra Under-22s, Saurashtra Under-25s)
KR Odedra (Gujarat University)
LM Odedra (Saurashtra Under-16s)
M Odedra (West Zone Universities)
Nilesh R Odedra (Saurashtra)
Niraj R Odedra (Saurashtra)
PB Odedra (Saurashtra Under-19s Women)
R Odedra (Saurashtra)
R Odedra (Saurashtra)
SR Odedra (Saurashtra Under-19s Women)
SS Odedra (Saurashtra Under-15s, Saurashtra Under-17s)
UJ Odedra (Saurashtra Under-16s)
Odhavji (Sind)
O O'Donnell (Oudh)
J Ogania (Mohinder Lal Amarnath Cricket Academy, Mohinder Lal Amarnath Cricket Academy Under-16s, Mohinder Lal Amarnath Cricket Academy Under-19s)
LC Ogbourne (Calcutta Cricket Club)
Oghad Shankar (Hindus)
AM Ogiral (Vidarbha)
MS Ogiral (Nagpur University)
P Ogiral (Vidarbha Under-15s)
AR Ohja (Mumbai Under-16s)
P Ohja (Hyderabad Under-19s)
A Ohlan (Haryana Under-15s, Haryana Under-19s, Haryana Under-22s)
B Ohlan (Haryana Women)
S Ohlan (Haryana)
S Ohlan (Rajasthan)
RK Ohri (Services)
A Ojha (Sunil Gavaskar XI)
A Ojha (Bhojpuri Dabanggs)
AO Ojha (Vidarbha Under-16s, Vidarbha Under-19s)
HM Ojha (Orissa Under-19s Women)
J Ojha (Bhagalpur University)
K Ojha (Vishnu Bhagwan Public School)
N Ojha (Calcutta University)
NB Ojha (Railways Women, Tamil Nadu Women)
NK Ojha (Rajasthan Women)
NV Ojha (Delhi Daredevils, India, India A, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers)
P Ojha (Uttar Pradesh Schools, Uttar Pradesh Under-15s)
P Ojha (Bhavan's Vivekananda College)
PP Ojha (Deccan Chargers, Hyderabad, India, India A, Mumbai Indians, Surrey)
PV Ojha (Railways Under-22s)
S Ojha (Gauhati University)
S Ojha (Indore University)
SG Ojha (Railways)
Ojo George (Pachalam Cricket Club, Players of Chittoor)
BR Oliajee (Parsees)
N Oliver (umpire)
S Oliver (Europeans)
Om Prakash (Uttar Pradesh Under-22s)
H Om (Haryana Schools)
A Omair Khan (Wesley Junior College B, Hyderabad)
Omanakuttan (Kerala)
D Omana Kuttan (Kerala Under-14s, Kerala Under-15s)
Omar Alam (Jammu and Kashmir)
N Omar (Hercules Kids Cricket Club)
S Omar (umpire)
M Omar Khan (St Mary's Junior College, Yousufguda)
Omar Mumtaz (Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Omar Nabi (Jammu and Kashmir Under-15s)
Omar Nissar (Jammu and Kashmir Under-15s)
Omar Shafi (Jammu and Kashmir Under-15s, Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
OK Omer Shareef (umpire)
Omesh (Guru Nanak College)
S Omesh (Integral Coach Factory, Triplicane Sports Club)
D Omkar (Goa Under-14s)
Y Omkar (Loongs Cricket Academy Gliders, Trichur)
Omkar Singh (Rewa Under-15s)
Om Kishore (Delhi, Southern Punjab)
Om Kishore (Delhi)
J Ommen (Pathanamthitta Under-17s)
Om Prakash (Himachal Pradesh)
Om Prakash (Hindus)
Om Prakash (Haryana)
Om Prakash (Allahabad University)
Om Prakash (Eastern Punjab Schools)
Om Prakash (Bihar Schools)
Om Prakash (Punjab University)
Om Prakash (Benares Hindu University)
Om Prakash (Punjab Schools)
C Om Prakash (Karnatak University, Karnataka State Cricket Association Combined Mofussil Under-25s)
K Omprakash (umpire)
R Omprakash (Railways Under-19s)
S Om Prakash (Assam Governor's XI, Bihar, Southern Punjab, United Provinces, Uttar Pradesh)
S Ongchuk (Sikkim Under-16s)
D Ongmul (Sikkim Women)
T Ongmul (Sikkim Women)
Onkarnath (Hindus)
Onkar Singh (Assam)
Onkar Singh (Railways Under-19s)
Onkar Singh (scorer)
Onkar Singh (Delhi University)
BK Oommen (Kerala Under-16s, TCA Kayamkulam, Tripunithura Cricket Club)
M Oommen (Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Nalanchira)
SN Ooty (Karnataka State Cricket Association Colts XI, Karnataka State Cricket Association Combined Mofussil Under-25s, Karnataka Under-13s, Karnataka Under-16s, Karnataka Under-19s, Karnataka Under-25s)
P Oram (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Sports Club)
S Oram (Western Samurai Rourkela)
J Oraon (Bengal Under-16s, Paikpara Sport Club)
P Oraon (Greater Triveni Public School, Lohardaga)
M O'Reilly (The Rest)
GA Orford (Europeans)
Ormerod (Calcutta)
MH Ormsby (Europeans)
A Osatwal (Bengal Under-14s)
RE Osborne-Smith (Army)
JF Oscar (Alappuzha Under-19s, Alappuzha Under-22s, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Kochi Refineries Club, Globstar Telecom Cricket Club, Kerala Under-17s, Kerala Under-19s, Kochi Refineries Club, Skylark Cricket Club)
KP Oscar (Kerala)
O'Shea (Bombay Gymkhana)
R Oshin (Goa Under-16s Women)
Osman (South Zone Under-15s)
M Osman (Hyderabad Schools, Hyderabad Under-15s, Hyderabad Veterans)
GP Oswal (Maharashtra Under-15s, Maharashtra Under-17s)
Oswin (Cochin Sports and Arts Club)
T Otu (Arunachal Pradesh Under-19s)
Ouaiz (Tripunithura Cricket Club)
OV Oulkar (Goa Under-17s)
Ouseph (Vettukadu High School Under-16s)
AJ Ovalekar (umpire)
AM Ovalekar (umpire)
Owais (Jammu and Kashmir Under-16s)
Owais Aftab (Wayanad Highlanders)
Owais Shah (Jammu and Kashmir)
Owens (Agra, Bengal, Calcutta Cricket Club)
CR Oza (Saurashtra Under-15s, Saurashtra Under-17s)
GH Oza (Baroda University)
I Oza (Nawanagar)
J Oza (Nawanagar, Saurashtra)
J Oza (Mehsana)
JR Oza (Nawanagar, Saurashtra, Western India States)
K Oza (Vidyakunj High School)
K Oza (Sadhu Waswani)
N Oza (Saurashtra)
NL Oza (Saurashtra Women)
P Oza (Mehsana Under-16s)
P Oza (MB Union Cricket Club)
S Oza (Saurashtra Schools)
S Oza (Saurashtra University)
SJ Oza (Nagpur University)
U Oza (Akota Cricket Club Under-19s)
S Ozeer (Falcons Cricket Club)





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