India Players (C)


AN Cabral (Goa Under-19s Women)
Caffin (Vyttila Cricket Club)
Cairnes (Punjab)
PN Cambhatta (Cricket Club of India, Gujarat, Parsees, Western India States)
BL Cameron (Punjab and North-West Frontier Province)
CC Cameron (Bengal)
Campbell (Services XI)
FFD Campbell (Behar Wanderers)
IDF Campbell (India)
JDC Campbell (Bengal Presidency)
RS Campbell (Bombay)
E Campion (Europeans)
FJE Campos (Hyderabad Schools)
P Candranath (Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Eroor)
G Cann (Bengal Schools)
JP Canteenwala (Parsees)
NF Canteenwala (Bombay, Parsees)
R Canteenwala (Lucknow University)
G Capoor (umpire)
H Captain (Gujarat)
M Carapiet (Bihar)
L Carberry (Bengal)
WP Careless (Central Provinces and Berar)
Carese (umpire)
W Carew-Smith (Madras Cricket Club, Madras Presidency)
REO Carey (Punjab and North-West Frontier Province)
KC Cariappa (Bijapur Bulls, Karnataka Under-16s, Karnataka Under-19s)
M Cariappa (Karnataka Under-19s)
R Carnac (Northern India)
CG Carnegy (Europeans)
Carpentor (Poona Gymkhana)
N Carr (Hyderabad Under-22s)
RB Carrick (Europeans, Madras)
BM Carroll (Europeans)
R Carroll (Karnataka Schools, Karnataka Under-15s, Karnataka Under-22s)
HR Carruthers (Bengal Presidency, Calcutta Cricket Club)
Carter (umpire)
GF Carter (Bengal)
LAL Carter (Europeans)
JS Carvalho (The Rest)
M Carvalho (Goa Veterans)
RA Cassels (Europeans)
JV Castell (Hindus and The Rest)
EV Castellino (The Rest)
MS Castellino (The Rest)
VR Castellino (Goa Under-15s, Goa Under-17s, Goa Under-19s, Goa Under-22s, Goa Under-25s)
A Cataly (East Zone Universities)
HEB Catley (Europeans)
JE Catterall (Europeans, The Rest)
SR Cavate (umpire)
JR Cawajee (Sind)
JR Cawasji (Parsees)
PR Cawasji (Parsees)
B Cayley (Clifton College, Madras Presidency)
PS Cecil (Andhra Under-17s)
SR Chaba (Chhattisgarh Under-16s)
D Chabbara (referee)
P Chabhaiya (Sikkim Under-16s)
S Chabra (Madhya Pradesh Under-16s, Madhya Pradesh Under-19s)
V Chabra (Cricket Academy Thrissur)
SR Chabukswar (Maharashtra)
Chabukuswal (Central Zone Schools)
JD Chachu (Saurashtra Under-19s)
Chacko (Gateway Cricket Club)
B Chacko (Fighters Cricket Club)
B Chacko (Kottayam Cricket Club)
B Chacko (Fighters Cricket Club, Ernakulam, Fighters Cricket Club, Muvattupuzha)
E Chacko (Kerala Under-16s, Kozhikode Under-16s, Kozhikode Under-19s)
K Chacko (Karnataka State Cricket Association President's XI)
M Chacko (Wayanad Under-22s)
S Chacko (Kanakkary Cricket Club, Kottayam, Kottayam Under-25s)
S Chacko (Kottayam Under-16s Women)
SR Chacko (Delhi Women)
S Chackochan (Idukki Under-19s, Idukki Under-22s)
S Chad (Bihar Under-19s)
UG Chad (Bombay Schools)
Y Chad (scorer)
R Chadda (Bombay Gymkhana)
S Chadda (Chhattisgarh Under-14s)
Y Chadda (umpire)
B Chaddha (Delhi University)
DS Chaddha (Jabalpur University)
M Chaddha (Rajasthan Under-17s, Rajasthan Under-19s)
P Chaddha (Punjab University)
R Chaddha (Punjab University)
TS Chaddha (Jabalpur University)
A Chadha (Jammu and Kashmir Under-17s)
P Chadha (Himachal Pradesh)
R Chadha (Haryana, Punjab, Southern Punjab)
R Chadha (Northern Punjab)
S Chadha (Delhi Under-15s)
T Chadha (Bilaspur Under-19s)
V Chadha (Southern Punjab)
V Chadha (Haryana Under-15s, Haryana Under-17s, Haryana Under-19s, Moody International Certification Limited)
J Chadle (Bal Bhavan Under-19s)
S Chag (New Hind Sporting Club)
R Chaganti (Navrachana Academy Under-14s)
A Chahal (Haryana Under-19s)
A Chahal (Punjab Under-16s)
A Chahal (Haryana Under-22s)
YS Chahal (Haryana, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore)
A Chahar (Haryana Under-19s)
DL Chahar (Rajasthan)
K Chahar (Ujjain)
RD Chahar (Rajasthan Under-16s)
RR Chahar (Rajasthan)
Y Chahar (Gwalior Under-14s, Gwalior Under-15s)
N Chahel
V Chahun (Moody International Certification Limited)
P Chail (Bengal)
P Chail (Bengal)
K Chainthanya (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad)
KR Chai Prasad (Andhra Under-15s)
Chaitanya (Tata Consultancy Services)
BV Chaitanya (Karnatak Lingayat Education University, Belgaum)
DJ Chaitanya (Hyderabad Under-14s, Hyderabad Under-16s)
K Chaitanya (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad)
KB Chaitanya (umpire)
KK Chaitanya (Hyderabad Districts XI)
KSK Chaitanya (Falaknuma, Hyderabad Under-14s, Hyderabad Under-16s, Hyderabad Under-19s, Hyderabad Under-22s, Hyderabad Under-25s, State Bank of Hyderabad)
P Chaitanya (Indore Under-13s)
R Chaitanya (scorer, umpire)
K Chaitanya Krishna (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, Hyderabad)
Y Chaitanya Krishna (Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad Under-13s, Hyderabad Under-15s, Hyderabad Under-16s, Hyderabad Under-19s, Hyderabad Under-22s, Hyderabad Under-25s, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Teegala Krishna Reddy College of Engineering and Technology)
Chaitanya Kumar (Adikavi Nannaya University)
PP Chaitanya Reddy (Hyderabad Under-16s, Hyderabad Under-19s)
C Chaitanya Rishi (Koneru Lakshmaiah Educational Foundation University)
Chaithanesh (Southern Railway Institute Palakkad)
Chaithanya (Tata Consultancy Services)
Chaithanya (Arogyarekshamani, Quilon)
DGJ Chaithanya (CAL Public School, Secunderabad)
J Chaithanya (Palakkad Under-16s Women, Palakkad Under-19s Women, Palakkad Women)
N Chaithra (Kasaragod Under-19s Women, Kasaragod Women)
G Chaitra (Canara Bank, Herons Cricket Club, Karnataka State Cricket Association Colts XI, Karnataka State Cricket Association President's XI, Karnataka State Cricket Association XI, Karnataka Under-19s, Karnataka Under-22s)
M Chakankar (Gujarat Public School)
A Chakarvarti (Himachal Pradesh Under-16s)
S Chaki (East Zone Universities)
PS Chakma (Tripura Under-15s)
TD Chakma (Tripura Under-16s)
M Chako (Kerala Under-15s)
S Chako (Tripunithura Cricket Club)
Chakochan (umpire)
Chakrabarti (Ranchi University)
S Chakrabarti (Bengal, Railways, Services)
A Chakrabarty (Bengal Under-22s)
DP Chakrabarty (Bengal, Railways)
N Chakrabarty (Bihar, Orissa)
P Chakrabarty (Bengal Schools)
PP Chakrabarty (Bengal Under-19s)
S Chakrabarty (Calcutta University)
R Chakraberty (Calcutta Town Club)
R Chakraborthy (Sagar Under-18s)
G Chakraborti (Calcutta University)
P Chakraborti
A Chakraborty (Assam Under-19s)
A Chakraborty (Bengal Under-16s, Bengal Under-19s)
A Chakraborty (Tripura Under-16s)
A Chakraborty (Assam Under-19s, Assam Under-22s)
A Chakraborty (Assam Under-19s)
A Chakraborty (Bengal Women)
Abhijit Chakraborty (Tripura Under-19s)
Ashim Chakraborty (Tripura Under-16s, Tripura Under-19s)
AA Chakraborty (Sikkim Under-19s)
AA Chakraborty (Tripura)
AA Chakraborty (Bengal Under-15s, Bengal Under-16s, Bengal Under-17s, Bengal Under-19s)
AP Chakraborty (Bengal)
AS Chakraborty (Bengal Under-17s, Bengal Under-19s, Bengal Under-22s, India Revenue)
AS Chakraborty (Tripura Under-14s, Tripura Under-15s, Tripura Under-17s, Tripura Under-19s, Tripura Under-22s)
B Chakraborty (Bihar Under-16s, Bihar Under-19s, Jharkhand Under-22s)
B Chakraborty (scorer)
BB Chakraborty (Tripura Under-17s, Tripura Under-19s)
BS Chakraborty (Bengal Women)
C Chakraborty (East Zone Universities)
D Chakraborty (Bengal Under-25s)
D Chakraborty (Bihar)
D Chakraborty (Assam)
D Chakraborty (Bengal)
D Chakraborty (Bengal Schools, Bengal Under-22s)
DB Chakraborty (Tripura Under-15s)
DS Chakraborty (Bihar Under-17s, Bihar Under-19s, Jharkhand Under-19s, Jharkhand Under-22s)
G Chakraborty (Bengal)
G Chakraborty (umpire)
G Chakraborty (Bengal Under-17s)
GD Chakraborty
HS Chakraborty (Bengal Under-16s, Bengal Under-19s)
I Chakraborty (Bengal Under-16s)
I Chakraborty (umpire)
K Chakraborty (umpire)
K Chakraborty (Calcutta University)
KP Chakraborty (Tripura Under-17s, Tripura Under-19s)
M Chakraborty (Bengal Under-25s, Bihar Under-16s, Bihar Under-19s, Bihar Under-22s)
MA Chakraborty (Jharkhand Women)
P Chakraborty (scorer)
P Chakraborty (umpire)
PB Chakraborty (Bengal)
PN Chakraborty (Assam Under-16s, Assam Under-19s)
R Chakraborty (Bihar Under-14s, Bihar Under-17s, Bihar Under-19s, Jharkhand Under-19s, Jharkhand Under-22s)
R Chakraborty (Hyderabad Under-15s)
R Chakraborty (Suburban Club)
R Chakraborty (Madhya Pradesh Women)
RG Chakraborty (Tripura Women)
S Chakraborty (Tripura)
S Chakraborty (India Women)
S Chakraborty (Assam Under-19s)
S Chakraborty (Jharkhand Women)
S Chakraborty (Bihar Schools, Bihar Under-15s)
S Chakraborty (Victoria Sporting Club)
S Chakraborty
SA Chakraborty (Bengal Under-16s)
SD Chakraborty (Tripura Under-15s)
SG Chakraborty (Assam)
SH Chakraborty (Tripura Women)
SM Chakraborty (Tripura)
SS Chakraborty (Assam Under-15s)
SS Chakraborty (Bengal Under-16s, Bengal Under-19s)
T Chakraborty (Orissa)
T Chakraborty (Tripura Under-16s, Tripura Under-19s, Tripura Under-22s)
TS Chakraborty (Vidarbha)
U Chakraborty (India Women)
C Chakraburtty (East Zone Schools)
A Chakraburty (Bengal Schools)
D Chakraburty (Calcutta University)
K Chakradar Rao (Andhra)
PD Chakradev (Uttar Pradesh Under-16s)
YPVS Chakradhar (The Progress High School, Hyderabad)
Chakrapani (Vidarbha Schools)
P Chakrapani (City Montessori School, Lucknow)
Chakravarthi (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
S Chakravarthi (Assam)
Chakravarthy (Madurai University)
A Chakravarthy (Bengal Under-22s, Calcutta University)
A Chakravarthy (Bihar Schools, Bihar Under-22s)
AK Chakravarthy (Bangalore University)
BK Chakravarthy (umpire)
CS Chakravarthy (Social Cricketers)
G Chakravarthy (Calcutta University)
K Chakravarthy (Bihar)
K Chakravarthy (Andhra Under-16s)
K Chakravarthy (Calcutta University)
KS Chakravarthy (Hyderabad)
P Chakravarthy (Patna University)
R Chakravarthy (Hyderabad Under-19s)
S Chakravarthy (Hyderabad Schools, Hyderabad Under-15s)
S Chakravarthy (Rajasthan Under-15s)
S Chakravarthy (Patna University)
S Chakravarthy (Patna University)
T Chakravarthy (Assam Under-22s)
V Chakravarthy (Andhra Under-19s)
DL Chakravarti (Madras)
K Chakravarti (Calcutta University)
M Chakravarti (Karnataka Schools, Karnataka Under-15s)
NC Chakravarti (Saugar University)
P Chakravarti (Allahabad University)
S Chakravarti (Vikram University)
S Chakravarti (Hyderabad Cricket Association B XI)
Chakravarty (Vikram University)
B Chakravarty (Bihar)
B Chakravarty (Bihar University)
B Chakravarty (Calcutta University)
D Chakravarty (Maharashtra Schools)
K Chakravarty (Bihar Schools)
R Chakravarty (Assam)
R Chakravarty (Jabalpur Under-18s)
S Chakravarty (Assam Schools, Assam Under-15s)
K Chakravorty (Meghalaya Women)
S Chakravorty (Bihar, East Pakistan Greens)
R Chakrawarty (Manipur Under-16s)
D Chakri Reddy (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur)
G Chal (Punjab Under-16s)
MA Chalam (Benares Hindu University)
V Chalam (Kerala University)
SN Chaleen (Malappuram Under-22s)
N Chaleens (Nilambur Cricket Academy, Presidents Cricket Club, Perintalmanna)
KN Chalke (Mumbai Under-16s, Polly Umrigar XI)
Chalpe (Nagpur University)
Chamal Lal (Punjab University)
Chaman (Punjab University)
Chaman Lal (Punjab)
Chaman Lal (Jamnagar, Western India States)
Chamanlal (Guru Nanak Dev University)
Chaman Lal (Lahaul and Spiti Under-16s)
KS Chamanlal (Punjab, Uttar Pradesh)
M Chamanlal (Eastern Punjab, Northern Punjab, Patiala and Eastern Punjab States Union, Punjab)
CR Chamarajendran (Andhra)
P Chamle (Shivneri Lions)
Champa (Poona University)
P Champavat (scorer)
AH Champion (Roshanara Club)
V Chamundeswaranath (Andhra)
Chanasyar (Pioneer Cricket Club)
Chanchal Singh (Rajputana)
Chanchal Singh (Delhi Women)
AA Chand (umpire)
G Chand (Eastern Punjab Schools)
H Chand (Mandi Under-16s)
K Chand (Loyola High School Under-16s)
K Chand (Eastern Punjab Schools)
K Chand (North Zone Schools)
K Chand (Rajasthan Schools)
K Chand (Hindus)
M Chand (Rajasthan Under-19s)
M Chand (Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s, Railways Schools)
M Chand (Madras Schools)
P Chand (Punjab Under-16s)
P Chand (Northern Punjab Schools)
P Chand (Bal Bhavan, Mohinder Lal Amarnath Cricket Academy Under-19s, Youth Service Centre, Youth Service Centre Under-19s)
R Chand (Rajasthan Schools)
R Chand (Kerala Schools)
S Chand (Himachal Pradesh Under-16s)
S Chand (Southern Punjab Schools)
S Chand (Aligarh Muslim University)
S Chand (Punjab Under-16s)
S Chand (scorer)
S Chand (DAV Public School, Sector 8, Chandigarh)
T Chand (Delhi Under-22s)
U Chand (Delhi, Delhi Daredevils, India A, India Under-23s, Rajasthan Royals)
V Chand (Vigneswara Arts and Sports Club)
A Chanda (Dakshin Kalikata Sansad)
P Chanda (Meghalaya Women)
PP Chanda (Meghalaya Under-16s)
R Chanda (Railways)
R Chanda (umpire)
RM Chanda (Bengal, Railways)
S Chanda (Bengal)
SP Chanda (Assam Under-15s)
TK Chanda (Tripura)
UR Chanda (Meghalaya Under-19s)
PR Chandak (Vidarbha Under-16s)
V Chandak (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology)
D Chandal (Sikkim Under-16s)
Chandamra (Star Friends Nattukal)
Chandan (CAV Inter College)
Chandan (St Joseph's Public School, King Koti)
Chandan (St Anthony's High School, Himayatnagar)
A Chandan (scorer)
C Chandan (scorer)
V Chandan (Air Sahara)
V Chandan (Delhi Under-16s, Delhi Under-19s)
V Chandan (scorer)
V Chandan (Oasis Cricket Club)
KVSP Chandana (Andhra Women)
V Chandana (Andhra Women)
Chandandeep Singh (Assam Under-15s, Assam Under-16s)
A Chandani (Subodh Public School, Jaipur)
A Chandanshive (umpire)
Chandan Singh (Jharkhand Under-17s, Jharkhand Under-22s, Jharkhand Under-25s)
Chandan Singh (Vidarbha Under-19s)
Chandan Singh (Jharkhand Under-16s)
Chandan Singh (Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning In Management)
A Chandar (South Zone Universities)
S Chandar (North Zone Schools)
B Chandarana (Madhya Pradesh Under-16s, Madhya Pradesh Under-19s)
Chandawadkar (Poona University)
S Chandekar (Jabalpur University)
S Chandekar (selected for Veer Marathi)
SS Chandekar (Vidarbha Under-19s, Vidarbha Under-22s)
VR Chandekar (Vidarbha Under-19s)
A Chandel (Bal Bhavan, Bal Bhavan Under-19s)
A Chandel (Kiddys Corner A)
A Chandel (Hamirpur Under-16s)
AK Chandel (Sikkim Under-22s)
DD Chandel (Sikkim Under-16s)
J Chandel (umpire)
M Chandel (Ujjain Women)
MU Chandel (Sikkim Under-19s)
N Chandel (Himachal Pradesh Under-16s, Himachal Pradesh Under-19s)
S Chandel (Himachal Pradesh)
S Chandel (Gwalior Under-13s)
S Chandel (Jabalpur Under-15s)
T Chandel (Himachal Pradesh Under-19s)
K Chandela (Himachal Pradesh Under-19s)
G Chandelkar (Goa Under-19s)
B Chander (India Under-15s)
H Chander (Northern Punjab Schools)
J Chander (Delhi, Southern Punjab)
J Chander (Hyderabad Under-19s)
K Chander (umpire)
K Chander (Haryana)
K Chander (North Zone Under-19s)
P Chander (Northern Punjab Schools)
P Chander (DRS International School, Hyderabad)
R Chander (Northern Punjab Schools)
R Chander (Punjab Under-19s Women)
S Chander (Karnataka Under-19s)
S Chander (Northern Punjab Schools)
S Chander (Delhi Schools)
S Chander (Punjab Under-16s)
VA Chander (Mysore University)
VR Chander (Mysore)
Chanderraj (South Zone Schools)
Chanderraj (Osmania University)
Chandersekhar (Rajasthan University)
H Chandgaonkar (Goa Under-16s)
V Chandha (Sikkim Under-22s)
Chandhu (Genuine Cricket Club)
RH Chandi (Sardar Vallabhai Vidyapeth University)
Chandika (umpire)
A Chandila (Haryana, Rajasthan Royals)
D Chandila (Haryana Under-19s)
M Chandila (Haryana Under-19s)
Chandini (Cannanore Under-19s Women)
Chandiramani Singh (Bihar Under-19s)
N Chandla (Punjab Under-19s Women)
H Chandok (Madhya Pradesh Schools)
R Chandok (Orissa)
S Chandok (Women's Cricket Association of India President's XI)
Chandola (Benares Hindu University)
AN Chandola (Benares Hindu University)
R Chandola (Madhya Pradesh Under-19s)
S Chandole
RR Chandorkar (Bombay, Maharashtra)
VD Chandorkar (Saugar University)
VR Chandorkar (Maharashtra)
A Chandra (Punjabi University)
D Chandra (Bihar)
DH Chandra (Meghalaya Under-16s)
E Chandra (Karnataka Under-19s)
H Chandra (Bihar Schools)
H Chandra (Agra University)
J Chandra (Rajasthan Schools)
J Chandra (scorer)
J Chandra (Don Bosco High School, Hyderabad)
K Chandra (Hyderabad Under-16s, Hyderabad Under-19s)
K Chandra (umpire)
M Chandra (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Sports Club Under-15s)
M Chandra (Wayanad Under-14s)
M Chandra (Wayanad Under-16s)
MN Chandra (Manipur Under-16s, Manipur Under-19s)
OS Chandra (Bengal Under-19s)
P Chandra (Assam Women)
P Chandra (South Zone Schools)
P Chandra (Boston Mission High School, Hyderabad)
R Chandra (Hyderabad Under-22s)
R Chandra (Madras Schools)
R Chandra (North Zone Schools)
R Chandra (Calcutta University)
R Chandra (Punjab University)
S Chandra (Himachal Pradesh)
S Chandra (Sikkim Under-16s, Sikkim Under-19s)
S Chandra (Orissa Under-16s)
S Chandra (Delhi Schools)
S Chandra (Aligarh Muslim University)
S Chandra (Jammu University)
SS Chandra (Karnataka Under-16s)
T Chandra (Karnataka Bulldozers)
US Chandra (Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Uttar Pradesh)
Chandrabati Pal Singh (Bengal Women)
AK Chandrabose (Idukki Under-17s)
M Chandra Bose (Alagappa University)
N Chandra Bose (Force 1, Chennai)
S Chandra Boss (Classic Cricket Club)
V Chandraiah (umpire)
G Chandra Joshi (Bhavan's Vivekananda College)
Chandrakant (umpire)
R Chandrakanta (India Women)
K Chandrakanth (Kerala)
KP Chandrakanth (Hyderabad Under-15s, Hyderabad Under-17s, Hyderabad Under-19s, Hyderabad Under-22s)
S Chandrakar (Chhattisgarh Under-19s)
SM Chandrakar (Madhya Pradesh Under-16s, Madhya Pradesh Under-19s)
Chandra Kishore (Envestnet)
Chandra Kumar (scorer)
K Chandra Kumar (Galaxy Cricket Club)
R Chandra Kumar (Andhra Schools)
S Chandra Kumar (Keshavashire Cricket Club, Young Men's Cricket Club)
G Chandra Lekha (Andhra Women)
Chandra Mohan (Eastern Punjab)
CM Chandramouli (Kerala Under-14s, Kerala Under-15s)
L Chandramouli (Tamil Nadu Districts XI)
PL Chandramouli (Tamil Nadu Women)
S Chandramouli (Tamil Nadu)
S Chandramouli (umpire)





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