Hong Kong Players (M)


KR Macaskill (Hong Kong)
C McAssey (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
C McAulsan (Hong Kong Cricket Association Under-19s)
DE McCusker (Hong Kong Under-19s Women, Hong Kong Women)
Macdonald (Kowloon)
Macdonald (British Forces Hong Kong)
B MacDonald (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
BG McDonald (Independents)
N Macdonald (Royal Hong Kong Police)
AP McEwen (Hong Kong)
D MacFarland (Hong Kong University Social Club)
R McGregor (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Rowan McGregor (Australian Cricket Society, Hong Kong, Marylebone Cricket Club, Stragglers of Asia, Sydney University, Sydney West)
Machin (Commander British Forces XI)
S McIlwraith (Hong Kong Women)
I McInnes (Hong Kong)
Mackay (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
AJ Mackay (2nd Battalion Royal Regiment)
SS McKechnie (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
A Mackenzie (umpire)
DH Mackenzie (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cricket Club)
G Maclean (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
GF Maclean (Hong Kong Cricket Club Next XXII)
GF MacLean (Hong Kong)
K McLean (Hong Kong)
RDO MacLeay (Arabs, Durham University, Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Hampshire Colts, Hong Kong)
K Macleod (scorer)
TJ McMahon (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
McMaster (Attorney General's Chambers)
K McNamara (scorer)
RM Macpherson (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
AH Madar (Hong Kong)
A Mahroof (Independents)
Mahroof Hussain (Hong Kong Under-17s)
Y Mahtani (Hong Kong Under-15s, Hong Kong Under-19s, University of London)
EW Maitland (Hong Kong, Yokohama)
F Maitland (Hong Kong)
HR Makin (Hong Kong)
Malik (Vagabonds and Pakistan Association)
D Mallinson (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Malloy (Attorney General's Chambers)
V Manglani (Hong Kong Under-15s)
A Manglik (Hong Kong Under-19s)
AS Manglik (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Manjado Singh (Hong Kong Premier League)
Manjinder Singh (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Under-19s)
Manjinder Singh (Pakistan Association of Hong Kong)
FD Markham (Cheltenham College, Hong Kong)
A Marks (scorer)
A Maroof (Combined Hong Kong Development Squad and Hong Kong Dragons XI)
AT Marrin (Hong Kong Under-15s)
AT Marrin (Hong Kong Dragons)
C Marsden (scorer)
JP Marsden (Hong Kong, Surrey Second XI)
S Marsden (Kowloon)
F Marshall (Old Shanghailanders)
I Marshall (Hong Kong)
I Marsham (Little Sai Wan Invitation XI)
M Marzook (Hong Kong)
Ma Sze Wun (Hong Kong Under-19s Women)
WAH Maxwell (Hong Kong)
C Maynard (Hong Kong Saturday XI)
Mayne (Hong Kong)
M Mazook (Hong Kong)
Mehtab (Pakistan Association of Hong Kong)
M Mellowes (umpire)
H Mellows (umpire)
T Menogue (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
M Menon (Hong Kong Under-16s)
T Mercer (Hong Kong)
C Merriman (British Forces Hong Kong)
M Merry (Hong Kong University)
C Metcalf (Combined Services, Hong Kong)
JW Middleton (Hong Kong, Kowloon)
Miles (Hong Kong)
A Miles (Hong Kong Women)
NT Miles (Emeralds, Lancashire Thunder, Middlesex Women, Otago Women, Sapphires, Surrey Women)
R Miles (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
GM Mills (Old Shanghailanders)
Ming (Combined Hong Kong Development Squad and Hong Kong Dragons XI)
AR Minu (Hong Kong)
AT Minu (Hong Kong Old Stagers)
EJR Mitchell (Hong Kong)
EJR Mitchell (Hong Kong Old Stagers)
P Mitchell (Hong Kong)
Moazzam Ayub (Hong Kong Under-19s)
HS Moberley (Hong Kong)
S Mohamed (Hong Kong Cricket Association President's XI)
Mohammad Ikram (Hong Kong Under-15s)
Mohammad Zubair (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cricket Association)
B Mohammed (Independents)
Mohammed Hussain (Hong Kong Under-19s)
Mohsan Khan (Pakistan Association of Hong Kong)
Mohsin Khan (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Under-16s)
Mohsin Khan (Hong Kong A)
P Molloy (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
R Montgomery (Hong Kong Women)
Moore (Visitors to Hong King)
B Moore (umpire)
GR Moore (Hong Kong)
M Moore (Hong Kong Cricket Club Next XXII)
A Morgan (umpire)
J Morgan (Hong Kong)
WM Morgan (Hong Kong Cricket Club Next XXII)
B Morley
B Morley (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cricket Club)
GE Morrell (Hong Kong)
Morris (Attorney General's Chambers)
P Morris (Hong Kong University Social Club)
Muhammad Khan (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Under-19s)
Muhammad Khan (Kowloon)
R Mulchandani (Hong Kong Cricket Association Under-19s)
RW Mulready (Hong Kong)
G Mumford (Hong Kong)
Munir Dar (Gujranwala, Hong Kong)
Munir Hussain (Hong Kong)
R Munn (umpire)
L Munro (Hong Kong Cricket Association President's XI)
Mustafa Iqbal (Hong Kong)
PC Myatt (Hong Kong)
Myers (umpire)





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