England Players (Y)


V Yatheesh (Oakfield Parkonians)
J Yatiganania (Gerrards Cross Second XI)
J Yatiganania (Gerrards Cross Third XI)
A Yatliff (Royal Marines)
Yatman (Lincoln's Inn and Temple)
WH Yatman (Winchester College)
W Yaton (Leicestershire Public Schools)
N Yatoo (Old Elthamians Granby Second XI)
A Yau (Torquay)
J Yau (Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s, Devon Under-21s, Torquay)
T Yaughan (The Forty Club)
Yaunas Khan (West Reading Second XI)
Yavar Khan (Bexley, Bexley Second XI, Old Colfeians, Roan and Lambethans, Roan and Lambethans Second XI)
Yavar Khan (University of London)
K Yawar (British Airways, British Airways Second XI)
AH Yawer (Waltham)
Yaxley (Essex)
AM Yaxley (Kew)
FW Yaxley (Norfolk Club and Ground)
S Yaxley (Elvaston)
S Yaxley (Battersea Ironsides)
R Yaylor (Andover Third XI)
D Yazdani (Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI, Old Elthamians Second XI)
D Yazdani (Cheetham Hill)
M Yazdani (Ford Sports Club)
NM Yazdani (Oxford University)
O Yazdani (Cheetham Hill, Cheetham Hill Second XI, Tonge)
TA Yazdani (Eastern Suburbs, Mosman, Mosman Third XI, Sutton)
Yazir Ahmed (Burnley Grammar School Old Boys)
A Yazz (Northumberland Over-50s)
A Ydlibi (Basford Mill, Basford Mill Second XI)
J Ydlibi (Basford Mill Second XI)
M Ydlibi (Basford Mill)
N Ydlibi (Basford Mill Second XI)
Yeabsley (Richings Park)
DI Yeabsley (Devon, Minor Counties, Minor Counties South, Minor Counties West)
M Yeabsley (Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham)
M Yeabsley (Chesham Second XI)
M Yeabsley (Chesham Third XI)
MC Yeabsley (Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s, Chesham)
MI Yeabsley (Cambridge University)
RS Yeabsley (Devon, Middlesex, Oxford University)
Yeadon (Bournemouth School)
Yeadon (Giggleswick School)
Yeadon (Guiseley)
A Yeadon (Yeadon)
A Yeadon (Durham School)
AEN Yeadon (Leeds Grammar School)
D Yeadon (Rothley Park)
E Yeadon (Otley, Yeadon)
GRC Yeadon (Leeds Grammar School)
J Yeadon (Yorkshire)
J Yeadon (Airedale and Wharfedale Cricket League)
J Yeadon (Leeds Pals)
J Yeadon (Yorkshire Cricket Council)
J Yeadon (Wortley)
J Yeadon (Craven Gentlemen)
J Yeadon (Wortley)
J Yeadon (Leeds Pals)
M Yeadon (Yeadon, Yeadon Second XI)
M Yeadon (St Annes Third XI)
MB Yeadon (Cheshire, Denstone College)
SN Yeadon (Leeds Grammar School)
T Yeadon (Guilsborough)
J Yeadson (Britannia Works)
S Yeal (Conqueror Dormitory)
M Yealds (National Association of Young Cricketers South)
W Yeames (Marlborough Blues)
Yeamin (Walthamstow)
S Yeandle (Free Foresters)
M Yearling (Wivenhoe Town)
S Yearling (Wivenhoe Town, Wivenhoe Town)
C Yearn (Cambridgeshire)
Yearning (Guyana)
AE Yearp (Bourton Vale)
T Years (Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
A Yearsley (Firle)
C Yearsley (Northwich)
D Yearsley (Sneyd Colliery)
FA Yearsley (Leicester Banks)
JH Yearsley (Blackheath, St Thomas' Hospital, Surrey Club and Ground)
M Yearsley (Werneth)
P Yearsley (Oakmere)
P Yearsley (scorer)
R Yearsley (Widnes)
R Yearsley (Moorfield)
S Yearsley (Moorfield)
VB Yearsley (Dover College)
Yearwood (School of Infantry)
AJ Yearwood (Dean Close School)
C Yearwood (Eastbourne)
L Yearwood (East Woodhay)
S Yearwood (Berkshire Women, Buckinghamshire Women)
A Yearworth (Mudeford Under-15s)
P Yearworth (Purbrook)
P Yearworth (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Yeates (Montpelier Saturday Club)
Yeates (Spartans)
Yeates (Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley)
Yeates (Old Symondian Ramblers)
Yeates (Trinity School, Croydon)
Yeates (Canford School)
A Yeates (Basingstoke and North Hampshire Fifth XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Fourth XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Third XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Under-17s)
A Yeates (Bedale)
B Yeates (Grannies)
D Yeates (North Leeds)
H Yeates (Grannies)
H Yeates (New Brighton Women)
HW Yeates (Marlborough College)
I Yeates (Falcons)
I Yeates (Down Hatherley)
L Yeates (New Brighton Women)
M Yeates (Market Harborough)
M Yeates (New Brighton Women)
P Yeates (Middleton-on-Sea)
R Yeates (Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI)
R Yeates (Old Aluredians)
S Yeates (Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
S Yeates (Prescot and Odyssey Second XI)
SW Yeates (Great Braxted and Tiptree)
T Yeates (umpire)
T Yeates (Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
T Yeates (Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
T Yeates (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
H Yeatman (Wolverhampton)
HC Yeatman (The Forty Club)
M Yeatman (scorer)
MS Yeatman (Oriel College, Oxford)
RH Yeatman (Surrey)
S Yeatman (The Forty Club)
WO Yeatman (Grantham)
B Yeats (Banstead)
D Yeats (Chelmsford)
D Yeats (umpire)
G Yeats (Surrey Club)
G Yeats (The Rifles)
P Yeats (Harris Park)
S Yeats (Prescot and Odyssey)
S Yeats (Stourport-on-Severn)
WJH Yeats (Eastbourne College)
DGW Yeats-Brown (Old Tonbridgians, Tonbridge School)
R Yeats-Brown (Cowdrey, Cowdrey Second XI)
V Yeats-Brown (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
X Yeats-Brown (Cowdrey, Cowdrey Second XI)
R Yedidi (Clay Cross Works)
A Yee (Wilson's School)
Yeeles (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
G Yeeles (Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Cricket Association, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Under-17s, Market Deeping, Nassington, Peterborough Town, Yaxley)
H Yeeles (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women)
M Yeeles (Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire Under-25s, Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Cricket Association, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Under-17s, Nassington, National Association of Young Cricketers North, Peterborough Town)
D Yeend (Streetly, Streetly Second XI, Streetly Third XI)
M Yeend (Cambridgeshire Colts, Surrey Young Amateurs)
M Yeend (Cryptics)
R Yeend (Tewkesbury)
RE Yeend (British Empire XI, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Second XI, West)
RH Yeend (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
WAJ Yeend (Guildford Clergy)
TH Yehes (Stand Second XI)
EE Yeld (St Peter's School, York)
EE Yeld (Old Peterites)
EE Yeld (B Matthew's XI)
EE Yeld (GF Tendall's XI)
EE Yeld (B Dodsworth's XI)
EE Yeld (SM Toyne's XI)
G Yeld (H Woolsey's XI, M Whittam's XI, PE Lord's XI, St Peter's School, York Masters, St Peter's School, York Masters and Rest)
G Yeld (St Peter's School, York Masters)
G Yeld (T Adams's XI)
GG Yeld (Leicester Ivanhoe, Old Peterites, Ryburn Valley, St Peter's School, York)
PH Yeld (St Peter's School, York)
PH Yeld (Old Peterites)
RB Yeld (Old Oakhamians)
RB Yeld (RK Weatherell's XI)
RK Yeld (St Peter's School, York Masters)
RK Yeld (Old Peterites, St Peter's School, York)
RK Yeld (Old Peterites)
Yeldham (Sherwood Foresters)
Yeldham (Sussex Martlets)
CW Yeldham (HS Altham's Public Schools XI)
RJB Yeldham (Old Wellingtonians, Wellington College)
RJB Yeldham (Berkshire Bantams)
B Yeldon (umpire)
M Yeldon (Winterslow Under-15s)
RES Yeldon (Hightown Officers Training Corps)
T Yeldon (Winterslow Under-15s)
ER Yelf (Heythrop Hunt)
WR Yelf (Isle of Wight)
F Yelin (Eton Ramblers)
G Yell (Nomads)
Yelland (Westbury-on-Trym)
Yelland (The Forty Club)
Yelland (Hightown)
Yelland (Bristol Grammar School)
A Yelland (Launceston)
A Yelland (South Petherwin)
G Yelland (Marshalls)
J Yelland (Bedford Modern School, Bletchley Town)
M Yelland (St Mawgan-in-Pydar)
ND Yelland (Cornwall, Wadebridge)
NG Yelland (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Yelland (Ramsey)
P Yelland (Swinton Moorside)
P Yelland (The Forty Club)
W Yelland (Blyth)
Yellette (Southwell Clergy)
Yellie (Birmingham University Women)
P Yello (Hayle)
AJ Yelloly (Bootham School)
Yellowlees (South Hampstead)
Yellowlees (Romany)
D Yellowlees (Lord's XI)
D Yellowlees (AJB Marsham's XI)
P Yellowlees (Old Westminsters)
R Yellowlees (The Forty Club)
R Yellowley (Durham)
Yelverton (Leeds)
C Yemm (Combined Services Women, Pershore Women, Royal Navy Women)
EW Yemm (Leicestershire Second XI)
Yendall (Lichfield Second XI)
Yendell (St Dunstan's College)
G Yendell (Launceston)
J Yendell (Holybourne)
M Yendle (Christ College, Brecon, Newport)
Yenner (New Cross Albion)
Yeo (United Services Portsmouth)
Yeo (Evesham Women)
Yeo (Minstead Second XI)
Yeo (Royal Navy and Royal Marines)
Yeo (Royal Navy XI)
A Yeo (Horley)
A Yeo (Eton Ramblers)
C Yeo (Okehampton)
CA Yeo (umpire)
D Yeo (Teddington)
E Yeo (Barnstaple and Pilton, Braunton, Exmouth, Torquay)
ET Yeo (North Devon, North Devon)
HA Yeo (Okehampton)
J Yeo (Woodford Green)
J Yeo (Wolverton Town)
J Yeo (Woodford Wells)
KJ Yeo (Mill Hill School)
L Yeo (Wollaston Second XI)
M Yeo (Stoke Bishop)
MR Yeo (Dulwich College, Wellingborough Grammar School)
P Yeo (Launceston)
P Yeo (Lewdown)
RE Yeo (Dorset Women, Wiltshire Women)
S Yeo (Exeter)
S Yeo (scorer)
W Yeo (Sutton Coldfield)
WA Yeo (Eton College, Gentlemen of Cornwall and Devon, Gentlemen of Devon)
Yeoman (umpire)
Yeoman (Taunton's School, Southampton)
Yeoman (Taunton's School Parents)
Yeoman (The Leys School)
Yeoman (York)
A Yeoman (Royal Corps of Signals)
C Yeoman (Castor and Ailsworth)
F Yeoman (Scarborough)
G Yeoman (Ghyll)
GTP Yeoman (St Peter's School, York Masters)
H Yeoman (Surrey Junior Women B)
HA Yeoman (Rusholme)
J Yeoman (umpire)
J Yeoman (scorer)
M Yeoman (Read Second XI)
M Yeoman (The Forty Club)
SF Yeoman (North Riding, Scarborough)
T Yeoman (Scarborough)
TC Yeoman (York Law)
TR Yeoman (Durham University)
W Yeoman (Escrick Park)
WF Yeoman (Neston)
WG Yeoman (St Peter's School, York)
WG Yeoman (GF Tendall's XI)
WG Yeoman (Old Peterites)
Yeomans (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
Yeomans (Old Edwardians)
Yeomans (Fox)
A Yeomans (Sussex Under-13s)
A Yeomans (Atherton)
A Yeomans (Hyde)
A Yeomans (Seaford)
A Yeomans (Derbyshire Advertiser)
AS Yeomans (Derby School)
C Yeomans (South Woodham Ferrers)
C Yeomans (Perranarworthal)
C Yeomans (Birlingham)
C Yeomans (scorer)
CR Yeomans (St Peter's School, York)
CR Yeomans (York and District Clergy)
D Yeomans (umpire)
D Yeomans (Rolls Royce)
D Yeomans (Abbots Bromley)
D Yeomans (Tenbury Wells)
D Yeomans (Derbyshire Over-50s)
DE Yeomans (AE Boyse's XI)
DL Yeomans (Old Peterites)
DM Yeomans (Clifton Village, Denby, Derbyshire Friars, Derbyshire Premier League, Northamptonshire Second XI, Rolleston, Spondon, Tutbury)
DM Yeomans (Staffordshire Under-21s)
DS Yeomans (Cheltenham College)
F Yeomans (Loughborough)
F Yeomans (Evesham)
F Yeomans (umpire)
G Yeomans (Glapwell Colliery Third XI)
J Yeomans (Burton Latimer Women)
J Yeomans (scorer)
J Yeomans (Teversal)
J Yeomans (Teversal Second XI)
L Yeomans (Great Eccleston)
L Yeomans (Burton Latimer, Burton Latimer Second XI)
M Yeomans (Romsey)
P Yeomans (Matlock)
P Yeomans (Weoley Hill Second XI, Weoley Hill Third XI)
PR Yeomans (Brentwood School)
S Yeomans (Arthington)
SC Yeomans (Oundle School)
T Yeomans (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
T Yeomans (Southgate)
T Yeomans (King Edward's Camp Hill Grammar School)
WG Yeomans (Old Peterites)
Yeomen (Chandlers Ford)
D Yeomens (Derbyshire Friars)
D Yeow (Leicester Ivanhoe, Leicester Ivanhoe Second XI)
C Yerbergh (Fantasians)
CAG Yerburgh (Eton College)
ER Yerburgh (Cambridge University Crusaders, Sleaford, Suffolk)
FR Yerburgh (Rossall Rangers)
RE Yerburgh (Civil Service, Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Richmond, Sleaford)
RGE Yerburgh (Eton College)
AL Yerbury (FTK Wilson's XI)
J Yerbury (Holmesdale)
JW Yerbury (I Zingari)
B Yerby (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University)
M Yerby (Old Stacians)
P Yerby (Dorset Under-17s)
B Yerdon (umpire)
A Yerlett (Little Stoke, Stone)
AR Yerlett (Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite)
D Yerrakalva (Dukesmead Women)
D Yerrakalva (Killamarsh Juniors)
J Yerral (Ashford, Ashford Second XI)
R Yerrall (Ashford Town Fourth XI, Ashford Town Third XI)
J Yerrell (Surrey Cricket League)
C Yertserver (Chenies and Latimer)
Yesuf Ahmed (Scunthorpe Town Fourth XI)
N Yet In Database (Hatherleigh)
M Yetton (Middlesex Women)
N Yetton (Suffolk Colts)
S Yetton (scorer)
WR Yetton (Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Suffolk Colts)
O Yeu (Old Bedfordians)
C Yeulett (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
O Yew (Hornsey)
O Yew (Bedford School)
OJ Yew (Old Bedfordians)
J Yewale (Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
GA Yewdall (Bradford Grammar School)
K Yewdall (Devon Under-13s Women)
ME Yewdall (Bradford Grammar School)
R Yewdall (Filleigh Second XI)
JRC Yglesias (Lancing College)
JRC Yglesias (Jesters)
JRC Ygleslas (Lancing College)
K Yhomas (scorer)
A Yhub (Holborough Anchorians)
S Yiba (West Herts)
FW Yielder (Bishop Auckland, Durham, North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
R Yielder (Northumberland Banks)
RW Yielder (Durham University)
W Yielder (Greenside)
Yiend (Royal Artillery School of Artillery)
Yiend (Larkhill Garrison)
F Yiend (Cheltenham)
G Yiend (scorer)
H Yiend (Wrekin College)
M Yiend (Hatherley and Reddings)
R Yiend (Bromsgrove School)
W Yiend (Durham, Durham Club and Ground, Gentlemen of Durham)
R Yih (Shepperton Women)
A Ykhlef (Driffield Town)
K Ymar (South West Manchester Second XI, South West Manchester Third XI)
HW Yockney (Hurstpierpoint College, St John's College)
TCE Yockney (Lansdown, Wiltshire)
WA Yockney (Corsham, Lansdown)
WA Yockney (Somerset Stragglers)
WE Yockney (Wiltshire)
Yoemans (Fox)
N Yoemans (Thame Town)
D Yoganantham (Bromley Town, Bromley Town Second XI)
S Yoganantham (Middlesex Tamils)
D Yoganathan (Old Whitgiftians)
M Yoganathan (Chiddingfold)
T Yoganathan (Middlesex Tamils)
V Yogaraj (Westgate-on-Sea)
Yogarajah (St Dunstan's College)
P Yogasandiran (umpire)
J Yogesh (Scunthorpe Town Fourth XI)
Yogesh Kumar (Peugeot Talbot)
Yogi (Walsall)
Yogi (Aztecs)
Yogi (Stragglers of Asia)
Y Yogi (University of Southampton)
Yohaan (Croydon Schools Cricket Association)
B Yok (Nomads)
A Yokes (Old Whitgiftians)
AB Yolland (Rossall School)
JN Yolland (Rossall School)
P Yolland (Allhallows College)
RH Yolland (Bromley)
R Yoller (Horley)
Yomans (Astwood Bank)
C Yonall (Greenford)
H Yonas (Bowling Old Lane Second XI)
P Yondel (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
S Yong (Metropolitan Police Bushey)
S Yong (Cambridge NCI Women)
Yonge (Warrington)
Yonge (Somerset)
Yonge (Winchester Commoners)
Yonge (Lord Ward's XI)
Yonge (Bachelors of Cambridge)
Yonge (Formby)
CD Yonge (Oxford University)
D Yonge (King's College, Cambridge)
D Yonge (Maidenhead)
E Yonge (Somerset Second XI)
G Yonge (I Zingari)
G Yonge (W Ward's XI)
G Yonge (Hon Captain Liddell's XI)
G Yonge (E Coleridge's XI)
G Yonge (Eton Masters)
G Yonge (CWW Fitzwilliam's XI)
G Yonge (C Coleridge's XI)
G Yonge (South Hants Club)
G Yonge (Magdalen Club)
GE Yonge (Gentlemen, Oxford University, South)
GE Yonge (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
JE Yonge (King's College, Cambridge)
JF Yonge (R Grimston's XI)
LV Yonge (Shrewsbury School)
RU Yonge (St John's School, Leatherhead)
VC Yonge (Storrington)
WEV Yonge (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
WEV Yonge (Alvechurch)
WK Yonge (Dulwich)
WW Yonge (South Wilts)
J Yonuie (Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
A Yonus (Bankfoot Second XI)
Yorath (Putney)
Yorath (South Wales Borderers)
B Yorath (scorer)
C Yorath (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
D Yorath (Somerset Over-50s, Somerset Over-60s, Somerset Over-60s Second XI)
D Yorath (The Forty Club)
D Yorath (scorer)
E Yorath (Hertfordshire Under-15s Women, Hertfordshire Under-17s Women)
EW Yorath (Monmouthshire, Northamptonshire)
HWF Yorath (Glamorgan)
THB Yorath (Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club)
WL Yorath (Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales Cricket Club)
T Yore (Littlebourne Second XI)
York (Leicester City League)
York (Royal Navy)
York (WD Johnson's XI)
York (Officers of Regiments Encamped in Holderness)
York (Shiplake College)
A York (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
A York (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
A York (Atherstone Town, Atherstone Town Second XI)
A York (Hope Hawks Women)
A York (Hinckley Amateur)
Alan York (Great Oakley, Great Oakley Second XI, Northampton Spencer)
Ashley York (Great Oakley)
AE York (Buccaneers)
C York (Eton College)
C York (Great Oakley)
C York (Surrey Under-13s)
C York (scorer)
C York (Great Oakley)
C York (Hutton)
C York (Sheldon Marlborough)
C York (Northamptonshire Over-50s)
D York (Bedfordshire Under-14s, Bedfordshire Under-15s)
D York (Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
DL York (Shropshire)
G York (umpire)
GA York (scorer)
I York (Buccaneers)
J York (Raunds Town)
J York (Dorset Under-13s, Dorset Under-14s, Dorset Under-15s)
J York (Glastonbury)
J York (Milford-on-Sea)
J York (Wellingborough Town, Wellingborough Town Second XI)
J York (scorer)
J York (Cooper, Corah and Sons)
J York (Northampton Spencer)
Jack York (Sutton)
James York (Sutton)
K York (Northamptonshire Women)
K York (Club Cricket Conference Under-24s, Middlesex Over-50s, Mill Hill, Richmond)
L York (Leicestershire Second XI)
L York (WD Johnson's XI)
M York (Bramshaw)
M York (Lindfield)
M York (Barton Town)
MA York (umpire)
MD York (Stamford Youth XI)
N York (Derbyshire Grammar Schools)
R York (Sefton, Thornton Heath)
R York (Sonning)
RE York (Aston Villa Football Club)
S York (Beacon)
S York (Grays and Chadwell)
S York (Singlehurst)
S York (Northamptonshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
S York (scorer)
Steve York (Raunds Town, Raunds Town Second XI)
Stuart York (Raunds Town, Raunds Town Second XI)
SA York (Glamorgan Second XI, Usk Cricket Club)
SA York (Monmouthshire Colts)
SE York (Buckinghamshire)
T york (Bungay)
T York (scorer)
T York (Prior Park College)
Yorke (Nuneaton)
Yorke (1st Battalion Scots Guards)
Yorke (Beechfield Unity)
Yorke (Wirksworth Grammar School)
Yorke (Royal Armoured Corps)
Yorke (Depot Royal Armoured Corps XI)
Yorke (Royal Fusiliers)
A Yorke (Beacon)
A Yorke (Hampshire Over-50s, Hampshire Over-50s Second XI, Hampshire Over-60s, Hampshire Over-60s Second XI)
A Yorke (The Forty Club)
A Yorke (Hurstpierpoint College)
A Yorke (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars)
A Yorke (Bentworth)
A Yorke (Fantasians)
AW Yorke (Birkenhead School)
C Yorke (Army, Army Under-25s)
D Yorke (Midlands Club Cricket Conference A)
D Yorke (Birmingham Public Parks Cricket Association)
D Yorke (Bridgnorth)
DGD Yorke (Leeds Grammar School)
E Yorke (Middlesex Women Second XI)
E Yorke (Dorset Rangers)
GC Yorke (Repton School)
GJ Yorke (Gloucestershire)
GL Yorke (Shrewsbury School)
H Yorke (Dorothy Opera Company)
I Yorke (Derby School)
J Yorke (Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
J Yorke (Milford-on-Sea)
J Yorke (Wilnecote)
J Yorke (Worcester Nomads)
J Yorke (Surrey Optimists)
J Yorke (Derby School)
JB Yorke (Hayter's Oxford XI)
JR Yorke (Eton College, Oxford University)
K Yorke (scorer)
K Yorke (Clay Cross Works)
N Yorke (Waresley)
N Yorke (Army)
N Yorke (Dorset Rangers)
P Yorke (Loughborough College, Sefton)
P Yorke (Barnards Green, Barnards Green Third XI)
P Yorke (Surrey Optimists)
R Yorke (Lord Coventry's XI)
R Yorke (Lords and Commons)
R Yorke (Stoke Bruerne)
R Yorke (Sonning)
RE Yorke (Smethwick Second XI)
S Yorke (Bluemantles)
S Yorke (Sefton)
VW Yorke (Gloucestershire)
M Yorke-Long (Radley Rangers)
RA Yorke-Long (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
A Yorker (Lincolnshire)
C Yorke-Starkey (Highgate School)
CTS Yorke-Starkey (Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, North Middlesex)
C York-Starkey (North Middlesex)
Yosar (Bretton)
Yosh (Liphook and Ripsley Second XI)
M Yosuf (Wycombe House)
Youd (Ratcliffe College)
Youd (Bancroft's School)
CM Youd (Ardingly College)
EF Youd (Oxton)
PE Youd (Oxton)
Youdale (Giggleswick School)
WW Youdale (Epsom College)
D Youdan (Brighton University Second XI)
TG Youdan (Denstone College)
TG Youdan (Denstone College Under-15s)
TR Youdan (Denstone College)
G Youdell (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
H Youdon (Brighton and Hove Women)
KA Youds (New Brighton)
KA Youds (Ormskirk)
PM Youds (Ramsey)
S Youds (Whitchurch)
S Youds (Middlewich)
T Youds (Peppard Third XI)
P Youel (Barnsley, Barnsley Second XI)
Youens (Hillingdon)
D Youens (Walmer Second XI)
G Youens (Ealing)
G Youens (Ealing Dean United)
PW Youens (King Edward VII School Sheffield)
H Yougman (Cranbrook Lynxes)
H Youis (Oldham)
CT Youldon (Chester-le-Street, Durham Academy, Durham Second XI, Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-17s, Northern Universities, Northumberland, Sunderland)
DK Youldon (Sunderland)
J Youle (Sheffield)
JS Youle (Felsted School)
JS Youle (Free Foresters)
R Youle (Haileybury Hermits)
R Youler (Horley)
A Youles (Welby)
A Youles (Billingborough)
A Youles (Sleaford)
Youll (Barclays Bank)
JG Youll (Northumberland Over-50s)
JJ Youll (St Peter's School, York, The Rest)
JJ Youll (Old Peterites)
M Youll (Northumberland, Warwickshire)
O Youll (Marylebone Cricket Club)
O Youll (Romany)
OS Youll (Northumberland)
OS Youll (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Youlle (Yorkshire Second XI)
A Younas (Rotherham Town)
A Younas (Bankfoot Second XI)
A Younas (Norton Oakes)
A Younas (Cheetham Hill)
A Younas (Daisy Hill)
H Younas (Bowling Old Lane Second XI)
I Younas (Elland, Slaithwaite)
I Younas (Shelley)
J Younas (The Forty Club)
K Younas (Baxenden)
K Younas (Whalley)
M Younas (Bournville, Solihull Municipal)
M Younas (South Shore, South Shore Second XI)
M Younas (Himley Third XI)
R Younas (Windhill)
S Younas (Purley, Wimbledon)
S Younas (Studley)
S Younas (Old Whitgiftians)
M Youne (umpire)
A Younes (Bankfoot Second XI)
C Younes (Appleby Frodingham, Castleford, Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-13s, Yorkshire Under-15s, Yorkshire Under-17s, Yorkshire XI)
C Younes (English Schools Cricket Association North Under-15s)
C Younes (Methley)





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