England Players (W)


Wills (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wills (Nelson)
Wills (Hornchurch)
Wills (Broadwater)
Wills (Bramshill)
Wills (Royal Armoured Corps Officer Cadet Training Unit Sandhurst)
Wills (Coventry Pickwick)
Wills (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
Wills (Brooke)
Wills (King Edward's School, Birmingham Common Room)
Wills (Mosquitoes)
Wills (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Schools Cricket Association Under-16s)
Wills (Kimbolton School)
Wills (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
Wills (Bath Women)
Wills (Captain RH Hawkins' XI)
Wills (Seaford College)
Wills (Allhallows School)
Wills (Sussex)
Wills (Channel Islands Over-50s)
Wills (St John's College, Hurstpierpoint)
Wills (2nd Anti-Aircraft Group, Royal Artillery)
A Wills (Somerset Second XI)
A Wills (umpire)
A Wills (Beddington)
A Wills (Surrey Junior Women, Surrey Schools Women)
A Wills (Alton Women, Surrey Under-15s Women, Surrey Under-17s Women)
A Wills (Pickwick)
A Wills (Rowledge Women)
A Wills (Sussex Under-13s Women, Sussex Under-15s Women)
A Wills (Sandhurst, Sandhurst Second XI)
A Wills (umpire)
AC Wills (Royal Armoured Corps Officer Cadet Training Unit Sandhurst)
ACL Wills (Cambridge University, Northamptonshire)
ACL Wills (WK Harbinson's XI)
ACL Wills (Perambulators)
AJV Wills (Millfield School)
AN Wills (Birkenhead Park)
AO Wills (Gloucestershire Second XI, Mill Hill School, Old Millhillians, The Forty Club)
APS Wills (Combined Services)
B Wills (Gloucestershire Under-13s Women, Gloucestershire Under-15s Women)
B Wills (Reading Second XI)
C Wills (Somerset Under-14s, Somerset Under-15s)
C Wills (Welwyn Garden City)
C Wills (Britannia Works)
C Wills (scorer)
C Wills (Stokeinteignhead)
CF Wills (Cammell Laird)
CP Wills (Harrow School, Trinity College, Cambridge)
CP Wills (Harlequins)
CR Wills (Marlborough College)
CW Wills (Preston on Tees Second XI)
D Wills (Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite)
D Wills (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
D Wills (King's School, Rochester)
D Wills (Troon)
D Wills (Bath)
D Wills (Romsey Third XI)
D Wills (Bath Women)
d Wills (Milnthorpe)
E Wills (The Stoics)
F Wills (Ormskirk)
FA Wills (Southport and Birkdale)
FH Wills (North Durham)
FMN Wills (Mill Hill School)
G Wills (Beaufort Hunt)
G Wills (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Wills (The Forty Club)
G Wills (St John's College, Hurstpierpoint)
GA Wills (Channel Islands Over-50s, Club Cricket Conference, Hampshire Second XI, Jersey Over-50s, Sussex Martlets, Sussex Second XI)
GA Wills (London University)
GF Wills (Incogniti, Sidmouth)
GH Wills (Clifton)
GR Wills (St Helens Recreation)
GS Wills (HM Martineau's XI)
GS Wills (Kingswood School)
GS Wills (Free Foresters)
GS Wills (Littlecote)
H Wills (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
H Wills (Bedfordshire Under-15s Women)
HA Wills (Glamorgan Colts)
HC Wills (Mill Hill School)
HS Wills (Midland Bank)
J Wills (Bedfordshire, Glamorgan Second XI)
J Wills (Sussex Martlets, Sussex Young Cricketers)
J Wills (Newquay)
J Wills (Grampound Road)
J Wills (Slough)
J Wills (Channel Islands)
J Wills (Lancing Rovers)
J Wills (Leicestershire Club and Ground)
J Wills (Locks Heath)
J Wills (Arundel and Shoreham)
J Wills (Sherborne School)
J Wills (Arabs)
J Wills (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
J Wills (Nazeing Common)
J Wills (Old Edwardians Second XI)
J Wills (umpire)
J Wills (scorer)
J Wills (scorer)
J Wills (umpire)
J Wills (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians, The Forty Club)
J Wills (Ipswich Cobnuts)
J Wills (Brooke)
J Wills (Glastonbury)
J Wills (Twickenham Riverside Women)
J Wills (Rowledge)
J Wills (Bath Women)
J Wills (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Wills (Torrisholme, Torrisholme Second XI)
J Wills (Norfolk Over-50s)
J Wills (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Wills (Northern Third XI)
J Wills (Alton Fourth XI)
J Wills (Durham Under-14s)
J Wills (Old Brentwoods Second XI)
J Wills (Crook)
JA Wills (Club Cricket Conference)
JA Wills (Northern)
JE Wills (Norwich)
JF Wills (Liverpool)
JG Wills (Earl of Arundel's XI, Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI)
JH Wills (scorer)
JL Wills (Civil Defence Services, Cornwall, Metropolitan Police)
JL Wills (Metropolitan Police D Division)
JP Wills (Sherborne School)
JR Wills (Leighton Park School, Old Leightonians)
JR Wills (King's School, Bruton)
K Wills (Durham County Schoolboys B)
K Wills (Wolverton Town)
K Wills (umpire)
K Wills (Old Brentwoods)
K Wills (Old Brentwoods Second XI)
K Wills (Upminster)
L Wills (Kidderminster Victoria Third XI)
L Wills (Bath Women)
M Wills (Essex University, Horndon-on-the-Hill, Horndon-on-the-Hill)
M Wills (Gaieties)
M Wills (scorer)
M Wills (Luddington)
M Wills (Band of Brothers)
M Wills (scorer)
M Wills (Pershore Women)
M Wills (Bedfordshire Under-15s Women)
N Wills (Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
N Wills (Fingest)
NJV Wills (Millfield School)
O Wills (St Edward's Martyrs)
O Wills (Somerset Under-13s Women)
O Wills (Cryptics)
O Wills (Gaieties)
P Wills (Worcester Norton Taverners)
P Wills (Northern)
P Wills (Crosby St Mary's)
P Wills (Battersea Ironsides)
P Wills (Isham)
P Wills (Rockliffe Park)
P Wills (Northern Fourth XI)
P Wills (Crook)
PJ Wills (Oakham School)
PJN Wills (Eton Ramblers)
R Wills (Northamptonshire)
R Wills (Bedfordshire Over-50s)
R Wills (New Ash Green Second XI)
R Wills (Alton Fourth XI, Alton Third XI)
R Wills (King Edward's School, Witley)
R Wills (Free Foresters)
R Wills (Northampton Saints)
R Wills (Hinton in the Hedges)
R Wills (Oxton)
R Wills (Horton House Second XI)
R Wills (Grayshott Second XI, Grayshott Third XI)
R Wills (Associated Electrical Industries (Rugby))
RA Wills (Hinckley and District, Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI)
RDJ Wills (Tonbridge School)
RH Wills (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
RJ Wills (Kimbolton School)
RN Wills (Kent Under-25s)
RS Wills (Private Banks)
S Wills (National Fire Service)
S Wills (Wood Lane)
S Wills (Isham, Isham Second XI, Kettering Town)
S Wills (scorer)
S Wills (scorer)
S Wills (The Stoics)
S Wills (The Forty Club)
S Wills (Devon Dumplings)
S Wills (Bassetlaw and District Cricket League)
SA Wills (Surrey Club and Ground)
SPW Wills (Leicestershire Gentlemen, Oakham, Oakham School)
SS Wills (Kingswood School)
SW Wills (Marlborough College)
T Wills (Essex University, Essex University Second XI)
T Wills (Locks Heath)
T Wills (West End)
T Wills (D Savage's XI)
T Wills (The Stoics)
T Wills (Hallam)
W Wills (Arundel and Shoreham)
W Wills (Deddington)
W Wills (AGWI)
C Willsdon (Rhewl)
REH Willsdon (Buccaneers, Sussex Martlets)
REH Willsdon (Old Hurst Johnians)
REL Willsdon (Old Hurst Johnians)
B Wills-Eve (Caldy)
B Willshaw (Cornwall Women)
TR Willshaw (Mason Science College, Birmingham)
W Willshaw (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
W Willshaw (Worcester Nomads)
F Willshee (Ashby Hastings)
Willsher (Peckham)
Willsher (Ravensbourne)
Willsher (Larkhill Garrison)
A Willsher (Hythe and Dibden)
A Willsher (Felbridge and Sunnyside)
A Willsher (scorer)
E Willsher (Oxford University Second XI)
E Willsher (Players Engaged at Oxford University)
E Willsher (Stilebridge)
E Willsher (Canterbury)
E Willsher (F Pilch's England XI)
E Willsher (Bullingdon)
E Willsher (Town Malling)
E Willsher (Hollingbourne)
E Willsher (Earl of Stamford's XI)
E Willsher (G Bennett's XI)
E Willsher (South)
E Willsher (WG Grace's XI)
E Willsher jun (An Eleven)
E Willsher sen (Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Southgate)
F Willsher (Nunhead)
G Willsher (umpire)
G Willsher (Maidstone)
G Willsher (scorer)
GC Willsher (Felsted School)
HR Willsher (Tenterden)
J Willsher (East Bergholt)
JCA Willsher (Bedford Modern School)
L Willsher (Mottisfont B)
M Willsher (Uckfield Anderida)
P Willsher (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)
P Willsher (Calmore Sports)
P Willsher (umpire)
S Willsher (Earls Colne)
W Willsher (Kent)
W Willsher (Maidstone)
W Willsher (Town Malling)
W Willsher (Mote Park)
H Willshere (Metropolitan Police No 3 Division)
Willshire (Turnham Green)
Willshire (Harrow Town)
Willshire (Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
F Willshire (Uxbridge)
G Willshire (umpire)
G Willshire (scorer)
KR Willshire (Portsmouth Grammar School)
P Willshire (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Fourth XI)
L Willsmer (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
S Willsmer (scorer)
LA Willsmere (Glamorgan Nomads)
Willson (Wellingborough School)
Willson (Warwick School Colts)
Willson (Old Aluredians)
A Willson (Southwell)
A Willson (Lord Wandsworth College)
A Willson (Esh Winning Second XI)
A Willson (Southwell Second XI)
AJ Willson (King's College, Taunton)
AJS Willson (Oxfordshire)
BJ Willson (Combined Services)
C Willson (The Forty Club)
C Willson (Bromley Town)
C Willson (Alleyn and Honor Oak)
D Willson (Hull and YPI)
D Willson (Hull)
DE Willson (Old Oakhamians President's XI)
EA Willson (Kent)
EA Willson (Mote Park)
EB Willson (Eton Ramblers)
EK Willson (scorer)
FK Willson (scorer)
H Willson (Sedbergh School)
J Willson (Nottinghamshire Women Second XI)
J Willson (Frensham)
J Willson (Pudsey St Lawrence Second XI)
JH Willson (Warwick School)
JM Willson (Universities Athletic Union)
K Willson (Essex Second XI)
L Willson (Leigh-on-Sea)
L Willson (Bromley Town)
M Willson (Hymers College, Hull)
MW Willson (Scots Fusilier Guards Officers)
PA Willson (Old Cliftonians)
R Willson (East Grinstead, Surrey Under-13s)
R Willson (Caterham School)
R Willson (Oakham School)
R Willson (Caterham)
R Willson (Old Whitgiftians)
R Willson (Waterlooville Third XI)
T Willson (Penzance)
T Willson (Southwell Second XI)
T Willson (umpire)
VF Willson (Bury and West Suffolk)
W Willson (Warwick School)
WEW Willson (Surrey Young Amateurs)
J Willson Fitzgerald (Dorset Rangers)
Wills-Rust (Leicestershire Regiment)
M Willstrop (Old Peterites)
M Willstrop (St Peter's School, York)
M Willstrop (York Wanderers)
M Willstrop (Clifton)
HJ Willway (Keynsham)
R Willway (Bognor Regis)
R Willway (Middleton-on-Sea)
R Willway (University of Southampton)
RD Willway (Sussex Academy, Sussex Development XI, Sussex Under-13s, Sussex Under-14s, Sussex Under-15s, Sussex Under-17s)
S Willway (Mobberley)
J Willworth (Boughton Hall)
Willy (45th Regimental District)
AC Willy (Bradfield College)
C Willy (Middlesex Women Second XI)
D Willy (Dorset Rangers, Hardye's School)
D Willy (Dorchester Casuals)
D Willy (Dorset)
H Willy (Marston Green Second XI)
RJ Willy (King's School, Bruton)
W Willy (Dorset Rangers)
B Willyams (Lords and Commons)
EWB Willyams (Cornwall)
FD Willy St Beale (Dorset A)
Wilman (Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
A Wilman (Surrey Under-14s)
A Wilman (Esher)
D Wilman (Bradford Grammar School)
E Wilman (The Baldons)
H Wilman (The Baldons)
H Wilman (Giggleswick School)
J Wilman (Thornham Second XI)
K Wilman (Bradford Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women, Yorkshire Under-17s Women)
R Wilman (Milnrow)
T Wilman (Ermysted's Grammar School)
Wilmer (The Dandy Fifth)
Wilmer (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
C Wilmer (Oxton)
G Wilmer (Essex Second XI)
GB Wilmer (Felsted School)
S Wilmer (Ashford)
A Wilmington (Ruddington, Ruddington Second XI)
D Wilmington (Barclays Bank)
D Wilmington (Romany)
H Wilmington (Church, Church Second XI)
E Wilmington-Holmes (Ruddington, Ruddington Second XI)
Wilmore (Boxmoor)
A Wilmore (Brentham)
A Wilmore (Nelson, Nelson Second XI, Nelson Third XI)
A Wilmore (Bournemouth)
C Wilmore (Burnley Grammar School Old Boys, Burnley Grammar School Old Boys Second XI)
M Wilmore (Barclays Bank)
M Wilmore (The Forty Club)
O Wilmore (New Milton)
T Wilmore (Bedfordshire Development XI, Bedfordshire Under-15s)
Wilmot (Gentlemen of Kent)
Wilmot (Shugborough)
Wilmot (L to Z)
Wilmot (Lord F Beauclerk's XI)
Wilmot (Butterflies)
Wilmot (Uppingham School Next XXII)
Wilmot (New Forest Club Cricket Association)
Wilmot (St Mary's College, Southampton)
Wilmot (The Kings' School, Peterborough Under-16s)
Wilmot (Charterhouse School)
Wilmot (Ironsides)
Wilmot (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
Wilmot (Durham University)
Wilmot (Wyggeston Grammar School)
A Wilmot (Caton)
A Wilmot (Worcester City)
A Wilmot (scorer)
AA Wilmot (Derbyshire)
AA Wilmot (Northamptonshire)
AF Wilmot (umpire)
AJ Wilmot (Middlesex Hospital)
AJ Wilmot (United Hospitals)
C Wilmot (Langley Manor, Langley Manor Sunday XI)
CM Wilmot (Sandhurst Wanderers, Tonbridge School)
D Wilmot (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
D Wilmot (James Hull Drillers)
D Wilmot (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
DK Wilmot (umpire)
E Wilmot (Lansdown)
E Wilmot (Nailsea)
E Wilmot (Charterhouse School)
E Wilmot (Hereford Cathedral School)
F Wilmot (South Derbyshire)
FW Wilmot (East Grinstead)
FW Wilmot (Sevenoaks Vine)
G Wilmot (umpire)
G Wilmot (Cambridge University, Cambridge University Crusaders)
G Wilmot (Sevenoaks Vine)
G Wilmot (Northaw Place)
G Wilmot (scorer)
GA Wilmot (Wiltshire Colts)
GA Wilmot (Eton Ramblers)
GA Wilmot (R Reynolds' XI)
GE Wilmot (Royal Corps of Signals)
H Wilmot (Hertford College, Oxford)
HC Wilmot (The King's School, Worcester)
HE Wilmot (Brighton College)
HE Wilmot (Monmouth and District)
HG Wilmot (Buckinghamshire)
HS Wilmot (Rugby School, South Derbyshire)
IR Wilmot (umpire)
J Wilmot (scorer)
J Wilmot (Glastonbury)
J Wilmot (Cuckney, Cuckney Second XI)
J Wilmot (Orpington Nomads Women)
J Wilmot (umpire)
JA Wilmot (West Kent)
JE Wilmot (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JR Wilmot (Somerset Women, West Women)
K Wilmot (Warwickshire)
L Wilmot (Bexley Second XI)
M Wilmot (St Marylebone ARP)
N Wilmot (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
N Wilmot (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
P Wilmot (Calmore Wanderers)
R Wilmot (scorer)
R Wilmot (St George's)
R Wilmot (Colwall)
R Wilmot (The King's School, Worcester)
RD Wilmot (scorer)
RHW Wilmot (Hurstpierpoint College)
RYFV Wilmot (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
SC Wilmot (umpire)
T Wilmot (umpire)
T Wilmot (Stony Stratford, Stony Stratford Second XI)
T Wilmot (Bletchley Town)
T Wilmot (Car Colston)
TP Wilmot (Buckinghamshire)
W Wilmot (Derbyshire)
WA Wilmot (Leicestershire, Loughborough)
WA Wilmot (Officers of the Aldershot Division)
Z Wilmot-Amies (Isle of Wight Under-15s Women)
D Wilmot-Sitwell (SJ Nicholls' Gentlemen of Northumberland)
ES Wilmot Sitwell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Wilmot-Sitwell (Derbyshire Friars)
Wilmott (Oxford University Freshmen)
Wilmott (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
Wilmott (Leicester Grammar School)
A Wilmott (Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
A Wilmott (umpire)
AE Wilmott (Charterhouse School)
C Wilmott (scorer)
C Wilmott (Kenilworth)
D Wilmott (Cuckney)
D Wilmott (Bramley, Bramley Second XI)
E Wilmott (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Wilmott (Clacton-on-Sea)
G Wilmott (umpire)
H Wilmott (Clay Cross)
H Wilmott (Morton Colliery)
H Wilmott (Chesterfield)
HC Wilmott (Old Edwardians Association)
J Wilmott (Morlands)
J Wilmott (Staffordshire Under-13s Women, Staffordshire Under-15s Women, Staffordshire Under-17s Women)
J Wilmott (Dukesmead Women)
J Wilmott (Cuckney)
J Wilmott (Roehampton)
JJE Wilmott (Gentlemen of Somerset, North of Scotland, Perthshire)
K Wilmott (Bickley Park, Bickley Park Second XI)
M Wilmott (Somerset Under-13s, Somerset Under-15s, Somerset Under-17s)
M Wilmott (Clay Cross)
M Wilmott (Bedford Town)
N Wilmott (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
N Wilmott (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
N Wilmott (scorer)
N Wilmott (umpire)
N Wilmott (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
P Wilmott (Calmore Wanderers)
T Wilmott (umpire)
Wilmshurst (Stamford School)
Wilmshurst (Southgate Second XI)
CT Wilmshurst (Stamford School)
ER Wilmshurst (Derby School, Derby School Second XI)
J Wilmshurst (Church Eaton)
J Wilmshurst (Bradford and Bingley)
NVB Wilmshurst (Whitgift School)
P Wilmshurst (Southgate Second XI)
RB Wilmshurst (Derby School)
W Wilmshurst (Derby Grasshoppers)
D Wilmslow (Formby Second XI)
RA Wilodon (Wellingborough School)
V Wilox (umpire)
J Wilroy (Old Bedfordians)
A Wilsden (Undercliffe Second XI)
J Wilsden (Warwick School)
R Wilsden (Lords and Commons)
A Wilsdon (umpire)
A Wilsdon (Idle)
A Wilsdon (Undercliffe)
A Wilsdon (Undercliffe Second XI)
AR Wilsdon (Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
D Wilsdon (Kempton)
H Wilsdon (Oxford High School for Boys)
R Wilsdon (Wellingborough School)
Wilsey (Repton School Second XI)
Wilshaw (Gloucestershire Public Schools)
A Wilshaw (Knowle and Dorridge Second XI)
A Wilshaw (Redmarley)
B Wilshaw (umpire)
B Wilshaw (Coal Aston Second XI)
D Wilshaw (Knowle and Dorridge Second XI)
D Wilshaw (Redmarley)
DJ Wilshaw (Gloucestershire Colts, Gloucestershire Second XI)
DJ Wilshaw (Gloucestershire Public Schools)
FT Wilshaw (Staffordshire)
G Wilshaw (Essex University, Essex University Second XI, Essex University Third XI)
G Wilshaw (M Murray's XI)
I Wilshaw (Audley)
J Wilshaw (East Midlands Women)
J Wilshaw (Congleton)
J Wilshaw (Redmarley)
J Wilshaw (Coal Aston Second XI)
P Wilshaw (J and G Meakin)
PJ Wilshaw (Nottinghamshire Cricket Board, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Staffordshire)
R Wilshaw (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gentlemen of Bedfordshire)
RGH Wilshaw (Mill Hill School)
SJ Wilshaw (Gloucester City Winget, Gloucestershire Second XI, Redmarley)
T Wilshaw (Knockin)
T Wilshaw (Ashcombe Park)
B Wilshaw-Phillips (Ashton-under-Lyne)
B Wilsher (Woodborough)
FA Wilsher (Bedfordshire)
G Wilsher (umpire)
J Wilsher (East Bergholt)
J Wilsher (umpire)
L Wilsher (Mottisfont B)
L Wilsher (Oxford University Authentics)
L Wilsher (Terling)
N Wilsher (umpire)
S Wilsher (Ickenham, Ickenham)
S Wilsher (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Wilsher (The John Lyon School)
Wilshin (Stanmore)
D Wilshin (Hastings)
DW Wilshin (Clifton College)
H Wilshin (Bristol United Banks)
JV Wilshin (Uppingham School)
W Wilshin (Bristol United Banks Second XI)
Wilshire (Hythe and Dibden Second XI)
A Wilshire (Mottisfont B)
E Wilshire (Derby School Second XI)
h Wilshire (Radcliffe-on-Trent)
J Wilshire (Twickenham)
J Wilshire (umpire)
R Wilshire (Mottisfont)
S Wilshire (Colston's School)
W Wilshire (Mickleover)
L Wilsnach (Westbury and District)
L Wilsnach (Hallam)
Wilson (Surrey)
Wilson (umpire)
Wilson (Leamington)
Wilson (Bohemians and Wishaw)
Wilson (Royal Air Force)
Wilson (Combined Services Women)
Wilson (William Parker School)
Wilson (Evesham)
Wilson (Gloucestershire Second XI)
Wilson (umpire)
Wilson (Huntingdonshire)
Wilson (Mr Bradshaw's Over-60s XI)
Wilson (Northamptonshire Cricket Association)
Wilson (Macclesfield)
Wilson (Royal Artillery)
Wilson (Colchester Garrison)
Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wilson (Mitcham)
Wilson (Irnham Park)
Wilson (United Master Butchers' Club)
Wilson (Middlesex Clubs)
Wilson (scorer)
Wilson (Gentlemen of Sussex)
Wilson (Manchester)
Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wilson (Cambridgeshire)
Wilson (Quidnuncs)
Wilson (Handsworth Wood)
Wilson (Solihull School)
Wilson (Bullingdon)
Wilson (Minehead)
Wilson (Liverpool)
Wilson (Leicester)
Wilson (Hursley Park)
Wilson (Sunderland)
Wilson (Officers and Privates of the Windsor Garrison)
Wilson (Burnley District XI)
Wilson (Small Heath)
Wilson (Hertfordshire)
Wilson (Royal Air Force)
Wilson (Colne)
Wilson (Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall)
Wilson (Salem)
Wilson (Barnt Green)
Wilson (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Wilson (Ellesmere College)
Wilson (Warwickshire Crusaders)
Wilson (Hoskins and Sewells)
Wilson (Small Heath Langley)
Wilson (King Edward's Camp Hill Grammar School)
Wilson (Earl of Winchilsea's XI)
Wilson (Royal Navy)
Wilson (umpire)
Wilson (The Indian Club)
Wilson (T Burgoyne's XI)
Wilson (St John's Wood)
Wilson (Cambridge University)
Wilson (Malvern)
Wilson (Cambridge KTL)
Wilson (HA Gomes' XI)
Wilson (Redditch Second XI)
Wilson (Acock's Green)
Wilson (Liverpool Physical Training College)
Wilson (Middlesex)
Wilson (Sheffield)
Wilson (Edgbaston)
Wilson (Sutton Coldfield)
Wilson (Old Meeting)
Wilson (Mitchell's and Butler's Second XI)
Wilson (Carshalton)
Wilson (Western Command)
Wilson (Stockton-on-Tees)
Wilson (Bradford and Dalton)
Wilson (Junior Liberals)
Wilson (Warwick School)
Wilson (Colchester Garrison)
Wilson (HP Chaplin's XI)
Wilson (24 MGTC)
Wilson (Ravensbourne)
Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wilson (Middlesex XI)
Wilson (London University Women)
Wilson (School of Gunnery)
Wilson (Bootle)
Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Wilson (Beckenham)
Wilson (Forest School)
Wilson (Middlesex, Middlesex Young Cricketers)
Wilson (Kings Norton)
Wilson (Oakham School)
Wilson (Walsall Second XI)
Wilson (Lancashire Women)
Wilson (St John's Altrincham)
Wilson (C Hornung's XI)
Wilson (Australia Over-60s)
Wilson (Selly Oak)
Wilson (umpire)
Wilson (Worcestershire)
Wilson (H Dods' XI)
Wilson (Darwen)
Wilson (WG Grace's XI)
Wilson (Downside Wanderers)
Wilson (Allestree)
Wilson (Combined Services XI)
Wilson (Oakham)
Wilson (Taunton's School, Southampton)
Wilson (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
Wilson (Royal Navy)
Wilson (New Forest Club Cricket Association, New Forest Club Cricket Association Under-20s)
Wilson (Water Orton)
Wilson (Dulwich College)
Wilson (Evesham Second XI)
Wilson (Old Wallaseyans)
Wilson (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Wilson (scorer)
Wilson (Farnham)
Wilson (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
Wilson (Ratcliffe College)
Wilson (Wellingborough School)
Wilson (Bournemouth Second XI)
Wilson (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Wilson (Officers of the Fourth and Fifth West Yorkshire Regiments)
Wilson (Londesborough)
Wilson (Hythe and Dibden)
Wilson (Master Mariners)
Wilson (East Tytherley)
Wilson (Basingstoke)
Wilson (Tibshelf Colliery)
Wilson (Derby Midland Second XI)
Wilson (Ellingham)
Wilson (Cordridge)
Wilson (Southampton Commercial Travellers)
Wilson (Old Leightonians)
Wilson (Swan Green)
Wilson (Colwall)
Wilson (Kennedy's)
Wilson (Soar Valley)
Wilson (Lee-on-Solent)
Wilson (Birmingham University)
Wilson (Moseley Trafalgar)
Wilson (Lieutenant Graham-Evans' XI)
Wilson (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
Wilson (Wycombe Abbey School)
Wilson (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
Wilson (Danbury)
Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wilson (Civil Service)
Wilson (Oxfordshire Colts)
Wilson (Langdale Hall)
Wilson (Harrowgate College Second XI)
Wilson (CA Partridge's XI, MA Pollard's XI, ME Haddelsey's XI)
Wilson (Worcestershire Club and Ground)
Wilson (Roehampton)
Wilson (Shipston-on-Stour)
Wilson (Wagtails Women)
Wilson (Bromsgrove)
Wilson (Droitwich)
Wilson (Bromyard)
Wilson (Newport)
Wilson (Alexandra Park)
Wilson (Surrey Junior Women, Wallington Women)
Wilson (Monmouthshire)
Wilson (Dartford College of Physical Education Fourth XI, Hildenborough Women)
Wilson (King Edward VI Grammar School, Nuneaton)
Wilson (The Stoics)
Wilson (Royal Air Force Support Command)
Wilson (Falcon)
Wilson (Loughborough University)
Wilson (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Wilson (Sherborne)
Wilson (Kidderminster Early Rising)
Wilson (Bingley)
Wilson (King Edward's School, Witley)
Wilson (University College School)
Wilson (Sutton Coldfield Second XI)
Wilson (Malvern)
Wilson (Bearwood College)
Wilson (Devon Regiment)
Wilson (Bramhall)
Wilson (Coldstream Guards)
Wilson (Holding Battalion Coldstream Guards)
Wilson (Bedford School)
Wilson (3rd Border Regiment)
Wilson (Border Regiment)
Wilson (Dock Battalion)
Wilson (Defence Army Merchant Service)
Wilson (Wallasey)
Wilson (Naval XI)
Wilson (Dock Battalion Non-Commissioned Officers and Men)
Wilson (Western Command)
Wilson (Major Lemonius' XI)
Wilson (Captain Bowring's XI)
Wilson (Old Epsomians)
Wilson (Army Pay Corps)
Wilson (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
Wilson (Ardingly College)
Wilson (Headquarters Staff Northern Command)
Wilson (Old Peterites)
Wilson (HMS Dolphin)
Wilson (Matlock)
Wilson (Old Rossallians)
Wilson (Young Professionals)
Wilson (Lincolnshire Gentlemen)
Wilson (Manchester and District Wednesday Cricket League)
Wilson (Sparsholt Second XI)
Wilson (Royal Air Force)
Wilson (King Edward's Grammar School Five Ways)
Wilson (Officers of Brigade, Woodbury Camp)
Wilson (Northenden)
Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Wilson (Ruislip)
Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday)
Wilson (Sheffield)
Wilson (South Lancashire Regiment)
Wilson (Ripon Reserve Centre)
Wilson (Northenden)
Wilson (King's College, Taunton)
Wilson (Alvaston and Boulton)
Wilson (Grantham Red Cross Hospital Wounded Soldiers)
Wilson (Sherborne School)
Wilson (Bryanston School)
Wilson (Larkhill Garrison)
Wilson (Royal Armoured Corps Centre)
Wilson (Brighton)
Wilson (Oxton)
Wilson (St Bede's College, Manchester)
Wilson (5th Battalion Machine Gun Corps)
Wilson (Northampton Saints)
Wilson (Norwich School)
Wilson (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
Wilson (Bishopwearmouth)
Wilson (Clayesmore Cormorants)
Wilson (Birkdale)
Wilson (Adastrians)
Wilson (Colonel Hancock's XI)
Wilson (Manchester)
Wilson (Agrarians)
Wilson (King Edward's School, Birmingham Under-15s)
Wilson (Manchester)
Wilson (Heathfield)
Wilson (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
Wilson (King's School, Grantham)
Wilson (The XXII)
Wilson (Oxton)
Wilson (Owens College)
Wilson (Rusholme Second XI)
Wilson (Ashby School)
Wilson (Sunderland)
Wilson (Suburban)
Wilson (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Wilson (Belhus Second XI)
Wilson (Blyth)
Wilson (Spalding Grammar School)
Wilson (Officers of Militia)
Wilson (umpire)
Wilson (Sweet Seventeen)
Wilson (Royal Engineers Signal Depot, Haynes Park)
Wilson (Hampstead Second XI)
Wilson (North Middlesex Second XI)
Wilson (Dulwich Second XI)
Wilson (Knebworth Park Second XI)
Wilson (Lincoln Lindum)
Wilson (Dulwich)
Wilson (Ilford Third XI)
Wilson (Middlesex Regiment)
Wilson (Colonel JF Laycock's XI)
Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wilson (Nottingham High School)
Wilson (Sawbridgeworth)
Wilson (Hampton-in-Arden)
Wilson (Eastbourne)
Wilson (Southend-on-Sea)
Wilson (Free Foresters)
Wilson (St Catharine's College, Cambridge)
Wilson (Queen's College, Taunton Second XI)
Wilson (RNE College)
Wilson (Kidderminster)
Wilson (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
Wilson (Bromsgrove School)
Wilson (Warwickshire Old County Cricketers Association)
Wilson (Northampton Saints)
Wilson (Attenborough)
Wilson (Hopwas)
Lieutenant Wilson (5th Border Regiment)
Sergeant Wilson (5th Border Regiment)
Wilson(i) (Northumberland Colts)
Wilson(ii) (Northumberland Colts)





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