England Players (W)


Wight (Earlswood)
Wight (Kent Second XI)
Wight (Wellingborough School)
Wight (Allestree)
Wight (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
A Wight (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
A Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
A Wight (The Oratory School)
A Wight (Oundle School)
B Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
C Wight (Great Waltham)
C Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
D Wight (Great Waltham)
D Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
E Wight (Malvern)
EA Wight (Gentlemen of Herefordshire, Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire)
EF Wight (Durham School)
HD Wight (Trent College)
HK Wight (Notts Amateurs)
I Wight (Friern Barnet Royal British Legion)
I Wight (Buckfastleigh Second XI)
JP Wight (Cumberland)
M Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
M Wight (The Oratory School)
M Wight (Wimbledon)
P Wight (umpire)
P Wight (umpire)
P Wight (The Forty Club)
P Wight (St Edmund's College, Ware)
PB Wight (umpire)
R Wight (Letchworth)
R Wight (Oxford University, Oxford University Authentics)
R Wight (Letchworth Garden City)
RDH Wight (King Edward's Grammar School Five Ways)
RM Wight (Cambridge University, Gloucestershire)
THT Wight (Denstone College, Denstone College Second XI)
THT Wight (Staffordshire Club and Ground)
Wightman (Hinckley Town Second XI)
A Wightman (Lord Wandsworth College)
AR Wightman (Simmons and Simmons)
C Wightman (Leicester Ivanhoe)
C Wightman (Stowe Templars)
C Wightman (Hampstead)
D Wightman (umpire)
D Wightman (umpire)
D Wightman (Hampstead)
D Wightman (Birkenhead Park Third XI)
G Wightman (East Lancashire)
HA Wightman (Nottingham High School)
J Wightman (Blaydon, Blaydon Second XI, Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s)
J Wightman (Cambridgeshire Under-13s Women)
J Wightman (Ockbrook School)
JR Wightman (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Burnley, Durham Second XI, Durham Senior Cricket League, Heartaches, Marylebone Cricket Club, North East Premier League, Northumberland, Northumberland Development XI, South Northumberland, South Shields, Worcestershire Second XI)
L Wightman (Ockbrook School)
Q Wightman (Oakham School)
R Wightman (Roan and Lambethans)
R Wightman (Oakham School)
R Wightman (Perse School)
RC Wightman (Old Bedfordians)
RL Wightman (Bedford Grammar School, Bedford School, Old Bedfordians)
RL Wightman (Notts Amateurs)
S Wightman (Nottinghamshire Colts)
s Wightman (Wakefield Thornes)
S Wightman (Central Yorkshire Cricket League)
T Wightman (Ashford, Ashford Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Wightman (Lascelles Hall)
T Wightman (Ashford)
T Wightman (Stowe School)
W Wightman (umpire)
W Wightman (Darley Abbey)
W Wightman (Tamworth and District)
W Wightman (Atherstone)
Z Wightman (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women)
B Wightman Smith (St George's College, Weybridge)
CJ Wightman-Smith (St George's College, Weybridge)
T Wighton (Chard)
Wightwick (Repton School Second XI)
CCB Wightwick (Hurstpierpoint College Masters)
E Wightwick (Old Tiffinians)
J Wightwick (Alford)
JC Wightwick (Aldenham School)
T Wightwick (Malden Wanderers)
A Wigle (Windsor)
TW Wiglesworth (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
J Wigleworth (Didsbury)
Wigley (Olton Cricket Club President's XI)
Wigley (Southampton Solent University)
Wigley (Olton)
Wigley (Windsor)
Wigley (Birmingham)
Wigley (Perry Barr)
Wigley (Acock's Green)
Wigley (Old Silhillians)
Wigley (Sussex Martlets)
Wigley (Shrewsbury)
A Wigley (Windsor)
AD Wigley (Shrewsbury School Second XI)
B Wigley (Olton)
BR Wigley (Barnes, Marylebone Cricket Club, Weybridge)
BR Wigley (Cross Arrows)
C Wigley (Reigate Priory)
C Wigley (Birmingham)
C Wigley (Bomere Heath)
CG Wigley (Dean Close School)
D Wigley (Worcestershire Under-14s, Worcestershire Under-15s)
D Wigley (Olton)
D Wigley (Barnt Green Third XI)
D Wigley (New Milton)
D Wigley (Stoughton and Thurnby Second XI)
D Wigley (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DH Wigley (British Universities, Gloucestershire, Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire)
DJ Wigley (Solihull School)
E Wigley (umpire)
E Wigley (Small Heath Langley)
EH Wigley (Handsworth Wood, Olton, Warwickshire Club and Ground, Warwickshire Colts)
F Wigley (Hampton-in-Arden)
FE Wigley (Coleshill)
FS Wigley (Hurstpierpoint College, Hurstpierpoint College Second XI)
G Wigley (Ravensbourne)
G Wigley (City Ramblers)
H Wigley (Olton)
HM Wigley (Birkenhead Park)
HM Wigley (Manchester Clergy)
HM Wigley (Liverpool Clergy)
J Wigley (Leamington, Leamington Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire Cricket Academy, Northamptonshire Under-14s, Northamptonshire Under-15s, Northamptonshire Under-17s, Southam, Southam Third XI)
J Wigley (Houghton and Thurnby, Houghton and Thurnby Second XI, Stoughton and Thurnby, Stoughton and Thurnby Second XI)
J Wigley (Oswestry Third XI)
J Wigley (Reman Services)
J Wigley (Crossbatters)
JM Wigley (Old Modernians)
K Wigley (Berkshire Bantams)
LWM Wigley (Dean Close School)
M Wigley (Club Cricket Conference)
M Wigley (Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho!, Devon Under-12s, Devon Under-17s)
M Wigley (Beaford)
MD Wigley (Radley College)
MJ Wigley (Old Decanians)
MJOH Wigley (Dean Close School)
P Wigley (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Wigley (Fareham)
P Wigley (Solihull Blossomfield Second XI)
R Wigley (Birmingham)
R Wigley (Shropshire Club and Ground)
R Wigley (Olton)
R Wigley (Barnt Green, Barnt Green Second XI, Barnt Green Third XI)
R Wigley (scorer)
R Wigley (Pimperne)
RJ Wigley (King Edward's School, Birmingham, Worcestershire Under-14s, Worcestershire Under-15s)
RS Wigley (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Wigley (Richmond)
T Wigley (The Oratory School)
T Wigley (Blewbury and Wallingford)
T Wigley (Blewbury and Wallingford)
T Wigley (Stroud)
T Wigley (Datchet)
WE Wigley (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
WF Wigley (Sutton)
J Wigmole (Gloucestershire Colts)
Wigmore (Driffield Second XI)
Wigmore (Dibbens)
Wigmore (Royal Air Force and Royal Navy)
Wigmore (Harlow Town)
Wigmore (Hockerill)
A Wigmore (Theale and Tilehurst)
A Wigmore (Jesters)
A Wigmore (Harthill Boys School XI)
BA Wigmore (King Edward's School, Birmingham, Old Edwardians)
C Wigmore (Stamford)
CJ Wigmore (Glamorgan Second XI)
D Wigmore (umpire)
G Wigmore (Woodsetts)
J Wigmore (Stroud)
M Wigmore (Boxmoor)
S Wigmore (Taplow)
W Wigmore (Dunsfold)
A Wignall (Cheshire Under-13s Women)
A Wignall (Whalley Second XI, Whalley Third XI)
A Wignall (King's School, Chester)
DRP Wignall (Guildford Clergy)
EWE Wignall (Gloucestershire)
G Wignall (scorer)
J Wignall (Cheshire Under-14s, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s)
K Wignall (Upminster)
M Wignall (Blackrod)
R Wignall (Ormskirk)
S Wignall (umpire)
S Wignall (umpire)
WH Wignall (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
G Wignaraja (Indian Gymkhana)
Wignell (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
G Wignell (Players Engaged at Oxford University)
WH Wignell (PH Walstell's XI)
J Wigoder (Bryanston School)
Wigram (Gentlemen of Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
Wigram (Household Brigade)
Wigram (Household Brigade)
Wigram (Moor Park)
Wigram (Windsor Garrison)
Wigram (Monkton Combe School)
Wigram (Malvern and District)
A Wigram (Banbury Women)
AJ Wigram (Eton College)
C Wigram (Europeans, Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Wigram (Free Foresters)
CM Wigram (JG Walker's XI)
E Wigram (Leeds Clarence)
E Wigram (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
E Wigram (Worcestershire)
EM Wigram (Orleans Club)
EM Wigram (Esher)
EM Wigram (Oxford University)
GJ Wigram (2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards)
HFJ Wigram (Wellington College)
HJ Wigram (Winchester College)
HJ Wigram (Captain NC Cockburn's XI)
JM Wigram (Old Leightonians)
K Wigram (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
K Wigram (West Kent)
L Wigram (1st Battalion Coldstream Guards)
M Wigram (Old Leightonians)
P Wigram (Southgate)
R Wigram (Gentlemen of Essex, Leeds Clarence)
R Wigram (Incogniti)
SH Wigram (R Grimston's XI)
SR Wigram (Gentlemen of Essex)
TR Wigram (I Zingari)
W Wigram (C Coleridge's XI)
A Wigston (Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
A Wigston (AT Linnett's XI)
H Wigston (Leicester South End)
M Wigston (7th Paratroop Brigade Royal Horse Artillery)
HW Wigun (Bishop's Stortford)
A Wigut (Reading Third XI)
R Wigut (Reading Third XI)
Wigzell (30th Regiment)
G Wigzell (Kent, Lancashire)
G Wigzell (Sevenoaks Vine)
G Wigzell (Canterbury)
G Wigzell (Oxfordshire)
G Wigzell (Bullingdon)
G Wigzell (Mote Park)
G Wigzell (umpire)
Wihl (Hulme Grammar School)
M Wiig (Gloucestershire Second XI, Lansdown, Shepherds Bush)
J Wiilcox (Westcliff-on-Sea)
A Wiiliams (Edgworth)
C Wiilson (Dulwich Second XI)
R Wiinfield (Myddleton House)
A Wijaiyarajah (University of Southampton)
A Wijaiyarajah (Cobham Avorians)
L Wijay (Chelsea Arts Club)
ME Wijayalap (Brightlingsea)
MD Wijayalath (Barbados Overseas Cricket Association, Barbados Overseas Cricket Association Second XI, Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Elthamians Granby)
CK Wijayan (Indian Gymkhana)
K Wijayaratna (Clifton Village Third XI, South Kelsey)
S Wijayaratna (South Kelsey)
S Wijayaratna (Loughborough Town)
D Wijayaratnam (Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
AC Wijayaratne (Indian Gymkhana)
CCZ Wijayaratne (Indian Gymkhana)
S Wijayaratne (Banbury)
R Wijayasiri (Sheffield Collegiate)
R Wijayasiri (Sheffield United)
J Wijayasri (South Loughton)
M Wijdekop (Castell Alun)
Wijegooneratna (Dover College)
Wijegunawardena (Royal Army Service Corps)
V Wijegunawardgne (Spencer)
N Wijekwon (Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
D Wijenardana (Blackrod)
M Wijendra (West Bromwich Dartmouth, West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
M Wijendra (Standard)
S Wijerante (Eastcote Fourth XI)
C Wijerathna (Wivenhoe Town, Wivenhoe Town)
D Wijerathna (Birkenhead St Mary's)
D Wijerathne (Blackheath, Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Blackheath Third XI)
M Wijeratna (Caythorpe)
Wijeratne (Reading Second XI, Reading Third XI)
A Wijeratne (Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI)
A Wijeratne (Mortimer West End, Mortimer West End Second XI)
R Wijeratne (Berkshire Under-15s, Berkshire Under-17s, Bradfield College)
R Wijeratne (Basingstoke and North Hants, Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Third XI)
R Wijeratne (Middlesex Under-19s)
R Wijeratne (Cryptics)
R Wijeratne (Middlesex Academy)
R Wijeratne (Finchley)
R Wijeratne (Middlesex Under-15s)
RS Wijeratne (Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Middlesex Under-17s)
R Sachin Wijeratne (Eastcote, Harrow School, Middlesex Under-17s, Middlesex Under-19s)
Rahul S Wijeratne (Eastcote, Harrow School, Middlesex Second XI, Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Middlesex Under-17s, Middlesex Under-19s)
S Wijeratne (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Essex University, Essex University Second XI)
S Wijeratne (Cryptics)
S Wijeratne (Eastcote)
S Wijeratne (Harrow School)
S Wijesekara (Boyne Hill)
D Wijesekera (Stanmore)
D Wijesekera (Middlesex County Cricket League)
D Wijesekera (Finchley)
L Wijesekera (Bersham)
S Wijesekera (Boyne Hill)
Wijesingha (Mossley Hill)
H Wijesingha (Mossley Hill)
C Wijesinghe (Blackrod)
C Wijesinghe (Leycett)
D Wijesinghe (Alvechurch and Hopwood)
H Wijesinghe (Maritime)
K Wijesinghe (Buckinghamshire Under-17s, Northamptonshire Under-13s, Northamptonshire Under-14s)
K Wijesinghe (Old Northamptonians Third XI, Stony Stratford, Stony Stratford Second XI)
K Wijesinghe (Wythenshawe)
P Wijesinghe (Old Northamptonians Third XI, Stony Stratford, Stony Stratford Second XI)
P Wijesinghe (Wythenshawe)
P Wijesinghe (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
R Wijesinghe (Woodsetts)
R Wijesinghe (Bawtry, Bawtry Second XI)
R Wijesinghe (Glapwell Colliery, Glapwell Colliery Second XI)
R Wijesinghe (Woodsetts Second XI)
S Wijesinghe (Old Northamptonians Third XI)
T Wijesinghe (Worcestershire Second XI)
T Wijesinghe (Finchley)
T Wijesinghe (English Universities South)
T Wijesinghe (Bromley Common)
T Wijesinghe (Ampfield Crusaders)
T Wijesinghe (Knebworth Park)
T Wijesinghe (Cobham Avorians)
R Wijesinha (Trent Polytechnic)
P Wijesiri (Balderton Second XI)
Panduka Wijesiri (Balderton, Balderton Second XI)
Pun Wijesiri (Balderton Second XI)
O Wijesiriwardana (Cleethorpes)
O Wijesiriwardana (Newquay)
O Wijesiriwardena (Newquay)
D Wijesooria (Everton)
N Wijesooriya (Buckhurst Hill)
A Wijesundara (Leicester Teachers)
S Wijesundera (umpire)
A Wijesuraya (Merchant Taylors' School)
Wijesuriya (Northwood)
A Wijesuriya (Middlesex Under-15s)
A Wijesuriya (Merchant Taylors' School)
A Wijesuriya (Hertfordshire Stags)
A Wijesuriya (Hertfordshire Under-17s)
H Wijesuriya (umpire)
KM Wijesuriya (Suffolk)
M Wijesuriya (Montenotte)
S Wijetinga (Middlesex Premier Cricket League)
S Wijetunga (Middlesex Championship)
D Wijetunge (Bexleyheath Second XI)
D Wijewardena (Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s)
K Wijeyawardena (Club Cricket Conference President's XI)
NA Wijeyekoon (Old Edwardians Association)
NA Wijeyekoon (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
R Wijiratne (Eastcote)
S Wijiratne (Eastcote)
D Wijisekera (Middlesex County Cricket League)
T Wijisinghe (Finchley)
Wijisuriya (The Stoics)
Wijitillike (University of Kent)
G Wike (Bury)
p Wike (Marsden Second XI)
W Wike (Bury)
Wikeley (Bryanston School)
JRI Wikeley (Liverpool Clergy)
H Wikelly (Bournemouth Second XI)
R Wikely (Liverpool Clergy)
J Wikes (The Skinners' School)
T Wikiman (Keighley)
R Wikson (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
C Wilan (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Wilay (umpire)
Wilberforce (Northern Command)
Wilberforce (The Oratory School)
FW Wilberforce (St Mary)
WB Wilberforce (Marylebone Cricket Club)
W Wilberfoss (Wetwang)
A Wilbey (Timperley Second XI)
H Wilborn (Hertfordshire, Stanstead)
J Wilborn (Hertfordshire, Stanstead)
A Wilbourn (Great Dalby)
B Wilbraham (Mynydd Isa)
D Wilbraham (Mynydd Isa)
EJ Wilbraham (Eton Ramblers)
HE Wilbraham (Aldershot Division)
HE Wilbraham (Chelford)
J Wilbraham (Sporting Press)
J Wilbraham (Eton Ramblers)
L Wilbraham (Mynydd Isa)
P Wilbraham (Mynydd Isa)
RB Wilbraham (Eton Ramblers)
I Wilbun (umpire)
Wilbur (Apple Growers)
H Wilburn (Mottisfont, Mottisfont, Mottisfont A)
I Wilburn (umpire)
M Wilburn (Michelmersh and Timsbury)
P Wilburn (Essex Women)
R Wilburn (Rochdale)
R Wilburn (Rossall School)
Wilby (Liverpool)
Wilby (Surrey Cricket League)
Wilby (Royal Engineers)
Wilby (Silcoates Old Boys)
A Wilby (Buckinghamshire, Gentlemen of Buckinghamshire)
A Wilby (Oxton, Oxton Second XI)
A Wilby (Rainham Second XI)
A Wilby (Birkenhead School)
A Wilby (Timperley Second XI)
A Wilby (Royal Engineers)
A Wilby (Gore Court)
AH Wilby (The Leys School)
AR Wilby (Army, Army Under-25s)
AR Wilby (Combined Services)
B Wilby (Bardsey Women)
F Wilby (Kent Under-17s Women, Leeds and Broomfield Women, Leeds and Broomfield Women Second XI)
G Wilby (umpire, scorer)
G Wilby (umpire)
G Wilby (umpire)
GI Wilby (Norfolk Colts, Norfolk Young Amateurs)
H Wilby (Yateley)
J Wilby (Norfolk Under-13s, Norfolk Under-15s, Norfolk Under-17s)
J Wilby (Diss)
K Wilby (Yorkshire Wanderers)
M Wilby (Gomersal, Gomersal Second XI)
N Wilby (Stowe Templars)
N Wilby (Parkfield)
N Wilby (Buckingham Town)
R Wilby (Wivenhoe Town)
R Wilby (Buckingham)
RJ Wilby (King's School, Canterbury)
RN Wilby (Buckingham Town)
RP Wilby (umpire)
S Wilby (Gomersal Second XI)
T Wilby (umpire)
T Wilby (Kirkburton Second XI)
W Wilby (Staffordshire)
W Wilby (Norfolk Young Amateurs)
Wilce (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
C Wilce (Snaresbrook)
D Wilce (Ilford)
JK Wilce (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
JR Wilce (Harrow School)
KJ Wilce (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
Wilch (Magdalene College, Cambridge)
LC Wilcher (Wadham College, Oxford)
LE Wilcher (DG Oswald's XI)
Wilcock (Huddersfield)
Wilcock (Sheffield)
Wilcock (Kidderminster)
Wilcock (Royal Grammar School, Worcester Second XI)
Wilcock (Mowbray House School)
Wilcock (Royal Military College of Science)
A Wilcock (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
A Wilcock (St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
A Wilcock (Old Peterites)
A Wilcock (Bootle Fourth XI, Bootle Third XI)
AC Wilcock (Todmorden)
B Wilcock (Frinton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea)
B Wilcock (Lloyds of London)
D Wilcock (BAC-EE Preston)
D Wilcock (Hebden Bridge)
D Wilcock (Giggleswick School)
D Wilcock (Mansfield and District Sunday Cricket League)
D Wilcock (umpire)
D Wilcock (Blidworth Colliery Welfare, Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
D Wilcock (scorer)
D Wilcock (scorer)
D Wilcock (Welbeck Colliery)
D Wilcock (The Country)
D Wilcock (umpire)
F Wilcock (umpire)
G Wilcock (Hampton School)
G Wilcock (Baxenden Third XI)
H Wilcock (Oxton)
H Wilcock (Gloucestershire Club and Ground)
H Wilcock (Northwood)
H Wilcock (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
HG Wilcock (Worcestershire)
HG Wilcock (Giggleswick School)
I Wilcock (Norden)
J Wilcock (Vernon Carus Women)
J Wilcock (Stirlands)
J Wilcock (Rochdale)
J Wilcock (Otley)
K Wilcock (Tavistock)
L Wilcock (Rawtenstall)
L Wilcock (Thoresby Colliery Second XI)
M Wilcock (Manchester Road)
M Wilcock (Hargreaves Arms)
MC Wilcock (Exeter University)
MC Wilcock (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
MC Wilcock (Devon Dumplings)
MI Wilcock (Giggleswick School)
N Wilcock (Alton, Hook and Newnham Basics)
N Wilcock (St Helens Recreation)
N Wilcock (Old Basing)
P Wilcock (Lancaster University Third XI)
P Wilcock (Barrow)
P Wilcock (Furness)
P Wilcock (Loughborough Grammar School)
P Wilcock (Lindal Moor)
PJ Wilcock (Durham Second XI, England Under-19s, English Schools Cricket Association, Kent Second XI, Lancashire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, Rochdale, Worcestershire Second XI)
R Wilcock (Pudsey)
R Wilcock (Old Basing)
R Wilcock (Hook and Newnham Basics)
R Wilcock (scorer)
R Wilcock (Calmore Sports Second XI)
R Wilcock (Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI)
R Wilcock (Hook and Newnham)
R Wilcock (Bedford Modern School)
Richard Wilcock (Hook and Newnham Basics)
Rob Wilcock (Hook and Newnham Basics)
S Wilcock (St Erme)
T Wilcock (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
W Wilcock (umpire)
W Wilcock (St Helens Recreation)
W Wilcock (Whalley Road)
WD Wilcock (Todmorden)
D Wilcock-Billington (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
Wilcocks (Nantwich Nomads)
Wilcocks (Royal Marines)
Wilcocks (Manchester Grammar School)
A Wilcocks (Leicester Lawyers)
E Wilcocks (The Forty Club)
G Wilcocks (South West Manchester)
HR Wilcocks (Bedford Modern School)
J Wilcocks (D Campbell's XI)
JF Wilcocks (Royal Artillery)
JF Wilcocks (Royal Artillery)
JM Wilcocks (Leamington College)
M Wilcocks (Downside Wanderers)
R Wilcocks (Southampton and District Club Cricket Association)
R Wilcocks (Calmore Sports)
R Wilcocks (Antelope)
R Wilcocks (Old Tauntonians)
R Wilcocks (Calmore Sports Second XI)
RC Wilcocks (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Second XI)
RG Wilcocks (Calmore Sports)
RJ Wilcocks (Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)
Wilcockson (St John's College, Hurstpierpoint)
CH Wilcockson (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
D Wilcockson (Hursley Park)
D Wilcockson (Ockley)
DC Wilcockson (Elmstead Grasshoppers)
G Wilcockson (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Second XI)
M Wilcockson (Portsmouth Post Office)
M Wilcockson (Whalley Road)
N Wilcockson (Downside Wanderers)
NH Wilcockson (Downside School)
NP Wilcockson (Elmstead Grasshoppers)
RM Wilcockson (Worksop College)
Wilcox (Cardiff University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
Wilcox (Knowle Village)
Wilcox (Knowle, Knowle Village)
Wilcox (Birmingham Inland Revenue)
Wilcox (Hightown)
Wilcox (Midland Railway)
Wilcox (Warwick School Under-15s)
Wilcox (Allestree)
Wilcox (Aldershot Services)
Wilcox (Surrey Optimists)
Wilcox (Solihull School)
Wilcox (Swanage)
Wilcox (Downside Wanderers)
Wilcox (Flixton)
Wilcox (Westcliff-on-Sea)
Wilcox (Cadbury Foods)
A Wilcox (Millfield School)
A Wilcox (Harlow Town)
A Wilcox (Hampshire Wayfarers)
A Wilcox (Wayfarers)
A Wilcox (Great Eccleston)
A Wilcox (Bourton Vale)
A Wilcox (Kinoulton)
A Wilcox (Westcliff-on-Sea)
A Wilcox (Keyworth)
AGS Wilcox (Gloucestershire)
AJ Wilcox (Evesham)
AM Wilcox (scorer)
AR Wilcox (Cambrian Clerks)
B Wilcox (Toogoods)
B Wilcox (Norfolk Under-14s)
C Wilcox (Abbots Langley Second XI)
C Wilcox (Scunthorpe XI)
CJW Wilcox (St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
CJW Wilcox (GF Tendall's XI)
CPO Wilcox (United Services)
D Wilcox (Teddington Town, Teddington Town Second XI, Teddington Town Third XI)
D Wilcox (Bedford Modern School)
D Wilcox (Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho!)
D Wilcox (Hampshire Second XI)
D Wilcox (Wooburn Narkovians Second XI)
D Wilcox (Bassetlaw and District Cricket League Under-17s)
DR Wilcox (Cambridge University, Essex, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Wilcox (Knowle and Dorridge)
E Wilcox (Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
E Wilcox (Silverdale)
E Wilcox (Knypersley)
E Wilcox (English Schools Cricket Association Midlands Under-15s)
E Wilcox (Audley)
E Wilcox (Hanley Castle and Upton Second XI)
E Wilcox (Kynoch)
EA Wilcox (Worcestershire Academy, Worcestershire Second XI)
F Wilcox (Rootes Group)
F Wilcox (Stow)
F Wilcox (Gresham's School)
FT Wilcox (St Olave's School, York)
FW Wilcox (Gentlemen of Shropshire, Shropshire)
G Wilcox (Westbury)
G Wilcox (Leicester Town Club)
G Wilcox (Birmingham Civil Service)
G Wilcox (Old Alleynians)
G Wilcox (scorer)
G Wilcox (New Brighton XI)
G Wilcox (Nottinghamshire Deaf)
GS Wilcox (Knowle and Dorridge)
GS Wilcox (Knowle)
H Wilcox (Shropshire)
H Wilcox (Hertfordshire Under-14s)
H Wilcox (Bootle)
H Wilcox (Stanmore)
H Wilcox (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
HG Wilcox (Giggleswick School)
HR Wilcox (Bredbury St Marks Women)
I Wilcox (Studley)
I Wilcox (St Helens Recreation)
I Wilcox (Westcliff-on-Sea)
I Wilcox (Accrington Fourth XI)
J Wilcox (Walmer, Walmer Second XI)
J Wilcox (Earl Shilton Town)
J Wilcox (Swarkestone, Swarkestone Second XI)
J Wilcox (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
J Wilcox (Dinton)
J Wilcox (Kibworth, Kibworth Second XI)
J Wilcox (De Montfort University)
J Wilcox (Liverpool Manweb)
J Wilcox (Huyton, Huyton Second XI)
J Wilcox (Liverpool Manweb Second XI)
J Wilcox (Cheshire Lines Second XI)
J Wilcox (Tichborne Park)
J Wilcox (Hampshire Hogs)
J Wilcox (Radcliffe-on-Trent, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Radcliffe-on-Trent Second XI, Wollaton, Wollaton, Wollaton Third XI)
J Wilcox (Collingham and District Third XI)
J Wilcox (Winchmore Hill Second XI)
J Wilcox (umpire)
JE Wilcox (Taunton School)
JE Wilcox (JR Thompson's XI)
JED Wilcox (Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-19s, The Forty Club)
JED Wilcox (Dorset Rangers)
JED Wilcox (Stinchcombe Stragglers)
JED Wilcox (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
JEG Wilcox (Territorial Army)
JF Wilcox (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JF Wilcox (umpire)
JG Wilcox (Whitgift School)
JH Wilcox (King Edward's School, Birmingham, King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
JH Wilcox (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
JWT Wilcox (Cambridge University, Essex)
K Wilcox (umpire)
KTD Wilcox (Westminster School)
KWF Wilcox (Gloucestershire Second XI)
L Wilcox (Rawtenstall Second XI, Rawtenstall Third XI)
L Wilcox (Herefordshire)
L Wilcox (Woodbank Second XI)
L Wilcox (Dorset Women)
LT Wilcox (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
M Wilcox (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
M Wilcox (March Town)
M Wilcox (Northumberland Under-13s)
M Wilcox (umpire)
M Wilcox (Liverpool Manweb Second XI)
M Wilcox (Hampshire Ambulance Service)
M Wilcox (Liverpool Manweb)
M Wilcox (Cheshire Lines Second XI)
M Wilcox (Huyton Second XI)
M Wilcox (Badby)
M Wilcox (Gentlemen of Essex)
M Wilcox (The Forty Club)
M Wilcox (The Forty Club)
M Wilcox (scorer)
M Wilcox (Northumberland Under-16s)
N Wilcox (umpire)
N Wilcox (St Albans Nomads Women, Wagtails Women)
N Wilcox (Tottington St John's Women)
N Wilcox (scorer)
NE Wilcox (East Women, Women's Cricket Association)
O Wilcox (Collingham and District Second XI, Collingham and District Third XI)
O Wilcox (Nottinghamshire Deaf)
P Wilcox (Westhoughton)
P Wilcox (Lancaster University Third XI)
P Wilcox (The Forty Club)
P Wilcox (Millfield School)
P Wilcox (Accrington Fourth XI)
PA Wilcox (Ampleforth College, Derbyshire Club and Ground)
PH Wilcox (Highgate School)
PO Wilcox (United Services)
PO Wilcox (Royal Navy and Royal Marines)
PS Wilcox (Highgate School)
R Wilcox (Wolverhampton)
R Wilcox (Southport and Birkdale, Southport and Birkdale Second XI)
R Wilcox (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
R Wilcox (Catford and Cyphers)
R Wilcox (Dorset Over-50s)
R Wilcox (Surrey Optimists)
RD Wilcox (The Rest)
RRP Wilcox (Eton College)
RT Wilcox (Lichfield Clergy)
RW Wilcox (Wimbledon)
S Wilcox (Farnham Common, Farnham Common Second XI, Farnham Common Third XI)
S Wilcox (GCG Gee's XI)
S Wilcox (North Wheatley with Leverton)
S Wilcox (Crawley)
S Wilcox (Blackheath Second XI)
S Wilcox (Leicester)
S Wilcox (Farnham Common, Farnham Common Second XI)
S Wilcox (Surrey Schools Women, Surrey Women Second XI)
S Wilcox (Meir Heath)
S Wilcox (St Olave's School, York)
SC Wilcox (Wales)
T Wilcox (Nelson Second XI)
T Wilcox (Totton and Eling)
T Wilcox (Harborne)
T Wilcox (Harlow Town)
T Wilcox (Freckleton)
T Wilcox (Hampshire Ambulance Service)
T Wilcox (Bournville)
T Wilcox (Teddington Town Second XI, Teddington Town Third XI)
T Wilcox (Lord Porchester's XI)
T Wilcox (Totton and Eling Third XI)
TA Wilcox (The Forty Club)
TB Wilcox (Clifton Alliance, Gloucestershire Colts)
TB Wilcox (Bristol and District)
W Wilcox (Liverpool Olympus)
W Wilcox (RE Lambton's XI)
W Wilcox (Birmingham Public Parks Cricket Association)
WR Wilcox (Altrincham NALGO)
Z Wilcox (Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s)
A Wilcox-Jones (umpire)
Wilcoxson (Jordans)
J Wilcoxson (Heanor Town)
Wilczck (Bethany School)





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