England Players (S)


Storey (Barclays Bank)
Storey (United England Eleven)
Storey (English Universities North)
A Storey (Glamorgan Colts, Welsh Schools)
A Storey (Twickenham)
A Storey (Beverley)
A Storey (Surrey Over-50s)
A Storey (Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-15s)
A Storey (The Forty Club)
A Storey (Ashford Town Fourth XI, Old Stacians Second XI)
A Storey (Edenfield, Edenfield Second XI, Edenfield Third XI)
A Storey (St Margaret's)
B Storey (Edenfield, Edenfield Second XI, Lancashire Second XI, Rawtenstall)
B Storey (Alnwick, Ashington, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket Association, Northumberland Second XI, Percy Main)
B Storey (Plumtree)
B Storey (Blyth, Percy Main)
B Storey (The Forty Club)
B Storey (Littletown)
BI Storey (Nottingham High School)
C Storey (umpire)
C Storey (Ashington, Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-12s, Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s)
C Storey (Kiveton Park Colliery, Kiveton Park Colliery Second XI)
CD Storey (Milnrow)
CJ Storey (Durham, Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys, Durham Senior Cricket League)
CW Storey (Huntingdonshire)
D Storey (Lancaster University)
D Storey (Tynedale)
D Storey (Northern)
D Storey (Timsbury)
D Storey (Ashford Town Fourth XI, Old Stacians Second XI)
D Storey (Skelmanthorpe)
D Storey (Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s, Seaton Carew)
D Storey (Brandon)
DMB Storey (Old Tonbridgians, Tonbridge School)
E Storey (LK Jarvis' XI)
G Storey (Galleywood)
G Storey (Hampshire Under-13s, Hursley Park, Hursley Park Second XI)
G Storey (Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland)
G Storey (Yorkshire Juniors)
GO Storey (Shrewsbury School)
GV Storey (Colne, Glamorgan Second XI)
H Storey (Surrey Under-13s)
J Storey (Wrenthorpe)
J Storey (Surrey Second XI)
J Storey (Colne)
J Storey (Northumberland Juniors)
J Storey (Royal Engineers)
J Storey (Wales Over-60s, Wales Over-60s Second XI)
J Storey (West Bergholt)
J Storey (Meltham)
J Storey (Combined Services XI)
JG Storey (Army, Army Under-25s)
JP Storey (Heywood, Milnrow, Norden)
K Storey (Cumberland)
K Storey (Kent Under-25s)
K Storey (Staffordshire XI)
K Storey (I Zingari)
K Storey (Northumberland Under-15s Women)
K Storey (Lowestoft Town)
L Storey (umpire)
L Storey (scorer)
L Storey (Meltham)
L Storey (Wiseton)
LC Storey (Milnrow, Monton and Weaste)
M Storey (Hindley St Peters, Hindley St Peters Second XI)
M Storey (Ashington, Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s)
M Storey (Durham Colts (Burnmoor and Sunderland Centres), Durham Secretary's XI)
M Storey (Yorkshire Under-13s Women)
M Storey (Durham Coast Cricket League)
M Storey (Durham Coast Cricket League)
M Storey (Blyth)
M Storey (Welfare Association Apprentices)
M Storey (Long Marston)
M Storey (Seaton Carew)
M Storey (Kettering, Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
M Storey (Spring View)
N Storey (Wednesbury, Wednesbury Second XI)
N Storey (Kenilworth Wardens, Kenilworth Wardens Second XI)
S Storey (Ashington)
S Storey (Nottinghamshire Under-13s)
S Storey (Plumtree)
S Storey (Alnwick)
S Storey (Saltburn)
SJ Storey (Surrey, Sussex)
T Storey (Old Stacians Second XI)
W Storey (Thornaby)
WB Storey (Stonyhurst College)
WH Storey (Northumberland, Northumberland)
D Storff (English Schools Cricket Association)
AC Storie (Northamptonshire, Orange Free State, Oxford University, Scotland, Warwickshire)
B Storie (Gloucestershire Second XI)
AJ Stork (Leicester Arundel)
HS Stork (Kensington Park)
JB Stork (Cambridge University Next XVI, CD Buxton's XI, Gentlemen of Northamptonshire, Liverpool, Northamptonshire)
JH Stork (Bullingdon)
WJ Stork (Leicester Arundel)
A Storm (Bradninch)
G Storm (West Hartlepool)
J Storm (Wilton)
JR Stormonth (Old Blundellians)
PJ Stormonth (Blundell's School, Old Blundellians)
LR Stormonth-Darling (Sir JP Getty's XI)
RD Stormonth-Darling (Radley Rangers)
A Storms (Twickenham Riverside Women)
AJ Storr (National Association of Young Cricketers, Northamptonshire Second XI, Yorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
C Storr (Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
C Storr (Quarndon)
E Storr (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women, Lincolnshire Under-17s Women)
E Storr (Kegworth Town)
JW Storr (Hull)
KM Storr (Birmingham University)
MH Storr (Quidnuncs)
RJ Storr (Durham Second XI, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League, Saltburn)
JJ Storrar (Bath College)
DT Storrie (Public Schools Wanderers, Whitgift School)
JH Storrie (Glamorgan)
FW Storry (Stroud)
H Storry-Deans (Lobsters)
Story (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AH Story (Lincolnshire)
E Story (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
GE Story (Epsom College)
J Story (Tonbridge School)
JB Story (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Scarborough)
JB Story jun (Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, Eton College, Ilkeston, Leicestershire)
JB Story sen (Gentlemen of the North)
L Story (Monton and Weaste)
LF Story (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
M Story (Wiltshire Women)
WF Story (Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire)
DJ Stoter (St Albans Clergy)
Stothard (Hampshire)
A Stothard (Redoubtables Women Second XI)
AL Stothard (Felsted Robins, Felsted School)
N Stothard (Leighton Park School, Parktimers, Reading)
N Stothart (Hyde)
HJ Stother (England Women, Middlesex Women)
M Stother (Middlesex Women)
Stothert (Warwick)
G Stothert (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
N Stothert (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
P Stothert (Lancashire Second XI)
PK Stothert (Lansdown)
PR Stothert (Corsham)
Stott (Free Foresters)
Stott (Sandhurst Wanderers)
A Stott (Cheshire, Lancashire Second XI, Liverpool and District)
A Stott (Golborne)
A Stott (umpire)
AE Stott (Liverpool)
B Stott (Accrington, Enfield)
B Stott (Oldham)
BF Stott (Wellingborough School)
C Stott (Moorlands)
D Stott (Romiley)
D Stott (National Westminster Bank)
D Stott (Caverswall)
DCC Stott (King's College, Taunton)
DS Stott (British Empire XI, Buckinghamshire, Slough, The Forty Club)
E Stott (Isle of Wight Under-15s Women)
EL Stott (Chorley Women, Chorley Women Second XI, Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women, Lancashire Under-17s Women, Lancashire Under-19s Women, Vernon Carus Women)
F Stott (Todmorden)
H Stott (Airedale and Wharfedale Cricket League)
J Stott (Enfield)
J Stott (East Lancashire Second XI)
J Stott (Dorset Under-13s Women)
J Stott (Manchester)
J Stott (Olton and West Warwickshire, Olton and West Warwickshire Second XI)
J Stott (Solihull Blossomfield Second XI)
JB Stott (Bacup)
JR Stott (Burnley, Lowerhouse)
JR Stott (Rugby School)
L Stott (umpire)
M Stott (Oldham)
NK Stott (Denstone College, Old Denstonians)
P Stott (Harrow, Harrow Town)
P Stott (The Forty Club)
PN Stott (Monkton Combe School)
PS Stott (Rossall School)
R Stott (Northwood)
R Stott (Oldham, Rochdale)
R Stott (Church)
R Stott (Mill Hill Second XI)
RK Stott (Castleton)
RM Stott (Chorley Women, Lancashire Under-13s Women)
RW Stott (Old Rugbeians)
S Stott (Illingworth)
T Stott (Sowerby Bridge)
W Stott (Birkenhead Park)
WB Stott (Yorkshire)
K Stottard (North Riding Women)
LRF Stoughton (Middlesex Cricket Board)
AG Stoughton-Harris (Sherborne School)
H Stour (Old Etonians)
ADC Stout (Westminster School)
I Stout (Durham Under-13s Women)
J Stout (Ealing)
L Stout (scorer)
W Stout (Twickenham)
MR Stoute (Sir JP Getty's XI)
B Stovell (Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden Sunday XI)
E Stovell (Cheam)
J Stovell (Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden Second XI, Hythe and Dibden Sunday XI, Hythe and Dibden Third XI)
W Stover (Wrea Green)
A Stoves (Doncaster Town, Doncaster Town Second XI)
A Stoves (The Forty Club North East)
AW Stovold (Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orange Free State)
KMW Stovold (Bourton Vale, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-15s, Gloucestershire Under-17s, Gloucestershire Under-19s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Cheltonians)
L Stovold (Thornbury)
MW Stovold (Gloucestershire)
NA Stovold (Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
NC Stovold (Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
B Stow (Woodhouse Grange)
BG Stow (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
C Stow (Bath)
CG Stow (Shrewsbury School)
CL Stow (King's College, Cambridge)
D Stow (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Universities Athletic Union)
D Stow (Yorkshire Juniors)
D Stow (The Forty Club)
EMK Stow (Clifton College)
JL Stow (Winchester College)
JM Stow (Harrow School)
LJK Stow (Clifton College, Gentlemen of Shropshire, Shropshire)
M Stow (East Grinstead)
M Stow (The Forty Club)
MB Stow (Repton School)
MH Stow (Cambridge University, Gentlemen of the North, Marylebone Cricket Club)
PJ Stow (Beaumont College)
RM Stow (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Shrewsbury School)
RT Stow (Peripatetics)
S Stow (Wivenhoe Town)
VAS Stow (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
AB Stowe (Hallam)
D Stowe (Herefordshire)
D Stowe (Sheffield Collegiate)
D Stowe (The Forty Club)
DP Stowe (Sheffield Collegiate)
I Stowe (Evesham, Worcester City)
JJ Stowe (Middlesex Hospital)
R Stowe (Wivenhoe Town)
S Stowe (umpire)
CG Stowell (Blundell's School)
S Stowell (Surrey Championship)
SR Stowell (Old Tonbridgians, Tonbridge School)
C Stowell-Smith (Upton)
Stoyker (Frinton-on-Sea)
J Stoykovski (Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI)
W Stoyle (Somerset Under-13s)
D Stracey (Royal Navy)
DT Stracey (United Services Portsmouth)
ERA Stracey (United Services Portsmouth)
A Strachan (Bradfield College Under-14s)
DA Strachan (Ashtead, Grasshoppers, London Home Guard, Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Strachan (Northumberland Under-15s Women)
F Strachan (Cheltenham College)
FA Strachan (Mill Hill School)
FAM Strachan (Bickley Park Second XI, Colchester and East Essex, Godmanchester Town, Old Brentwoods)
G Strachan (Gentlemen, Gentlemen of the South, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, Surrey, Surrey Club)
G Strachan (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
H Strachan (West Gloucestershire Club)
HE Strachan (Gentlemen of Devon)
HS Strachan (Surrey Club)
I Strachan (scorer)
J Strachan (umpire)
J Strachan (Bradfield College Under-15s, Bradfield Waifs)
J Strachan (Farnham)
JD Strachan (Merchant Taylors' School)
JH Strachan (Free Foresters)
JH Strachan (Tonbridge School)
JP Strachan (Oxford University, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
JY Strachan (Denbighshire, Wavertree)
L Strachan (Appleton Women)
P Strachan (Charterhouse Friars)
R Strachan (Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Strachan (Newick)
RH Strachan (Rossall School)
T Strachan (Tonbridge School)
WC Strachan (Clapton)
WD Strachan (Glasgow)
S Strachen (Shepperton Women Second XI)
EJ Strachey (Eton College)
RS Strachey (Royal Engineering College, Wells)
W Stradbury (Oxfordshire)
A Stradling (Oakfield)
C Stradling (Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI, Winchester Krakatoa Simmarians)
D Stradling (Somerset Second XI)
P Stradling (Brixworth Second XI)
SA Stradling (Cornwall)
W Stradling (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Devon, Oxfordshire, Somerset Stragglers)
A Straeuli (Cuckfield)
EC Straffon-Lawrence (Norfolk Women)
Strafford (Deptford Unity)
Strafford (Birmingham City Police B Division)
RW Strafford (Merchant Taylors' School)
W Strafford (umpire)
GC Strahan (Hythe, Kent Second XI, King's School, Canterbury)
H Strahan (Winchester College)
HS Strahan (Cirencester)
JH Strahan (EL Wright's XI)
K Strahan (Formby)
N Strahan (Formby)
W Strahan sen (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey, Surrey, Surrey Club)
D Straight (Gentlemen of Essex, Huntingdonshire, Lords and Commons, Southend-on-Sea, Wimbledon)
J Straight (Suttoners, Suttoners Second XI, Suttoners Third XI)
CM Strain (Salisbury Clergy)
H Strain (Taunton St Andrews Women)
J Strain (Pannal Women)
W Straiton (Great Oakley Second XI)
A Straker (scorer)
AC Straker (Cambridge University)
AJ Straker (Bradfield Waifs)
F Straker (Gentlemen of Essex)
G Straker (Dorset Over-50s)
GF Straker (Public Schools, Rugby School)
I Straker (Whitby)
JA Straker (Northumberland Second XI)
JFC Straker (umpire)
JLE Straker (Sutton)
KV Straker (Sutton)
M Straker (Preston Nomads)
N Straker (Ashington)
PJ Straker (Ashington, Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s)
PV Straker (Malvern College)
S Straker (Sparsholt, Sparsholt Second XI)
S Straker (scorer)
T Straker (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-15s)
TJ Straker (Malvern College)
V Straker (London and District Women, South Women, The Cuckoos, The Rest, Women's Cricket Association)
AF Straker-Nesbit (Marylebone Cricket Club Women, Twickenham Women)
C Stranach (Ealing)
PH Stranach (Hurstpierpoint College)
CE Stranack (Cheltenham College)
EC Stranack (Clifton College)
GE Stranack (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
HR Stranack (Charterhouse School)
A Strand (Ashford)
A Strand (umpire)
FE Strand (Wiltshire)
J Strand (Menheniot, Menheniot Looe)
J Strand (Ormskirk)
J Strand (Timsbury)
M Strand (Menheniot)
T Strand (Ashford Second XI)
CA Strang (Arabs, Harrow School)
G Strang (Berkshire Under-13s)
JR Strang (Merchant Taylors' School)
P Strang (Roe Green Second XI)
T Strang (Somerset Over-60s, Somerset Over-60s Second XI)
Strange (Mitcham)
A Strange (Gateshead Fell)
A Strange (Durham Under-15s)
A Strange (Sharnbrook)
AP Strange (Berkshire, Charterhouse School, Hampshire Hogs)
B Strange (Winsley)
CA Strange (Cheshire, Neston)
CE Strange (Clifton College)
D Strange (Haywards Heath)
E Strange (Dulwich)
EA Strange (Herefordshire)
F Strange (Dorset Under-13s)
FG Strange (Berkshire)
GN Strange (King's College School, Wimbledon)
GS Strange (RE Thornton's XI)
J Strange (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Strange (Highgate)
J Strange (Chessington)
JP Strange (Beaumont College)
JS Strange (Windlesham)
K Strange (Vernon Carus Third XI)
LAG Strange (New Brighton)
LW Strange (Commercials)
M Strange (Gateshead Fell)
OG Strange (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-17s, Glamorgan Under-19s, Glamorgan Under-21s, Newport, Wales Minor Counties)
R Strange (Dumbleton, Kenilworth, Kenilworth Second XI)
S Strange (Harrow School)
T Strange (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TV Strange (Oxfordshire)
V Strange (Marylebone Cricket Club)
W Stranger (Spalding)
D Stranger-Jones (Blackheath Fourth XI, Butterflies, Old Westminsters)
JW Strang Steel (Eton Ramblers)
Strangway (Royal Artillery)
G Strangwood (Harborne, Harborne Second XI, Harborne Third XI)
G Strangwood (Leamington Second XI)
C Stranks (Kenilworth Second XI)
M Stranks (Kenilworth Second XI)
R Stranks (Old Emanuel)
C Stratchan (Commonwealth XI)
G Straten (Downside School)
A Stratford (Wiltshire Over-60s)
AH Stratford (London United Eleven, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, United States of America)
C Stratford (Emley Clarence)
CVW Stratford (Gentlemen of Cheshire, Royal Engineers, Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
CW Stratford (Manchester Club, Preston Hall)
D Stratford (Solihull School)
D Stratford (Beddington)
D Stratford (Emley Clarence)
D Stratford (Irthlingborough Town Second XI)
EW Stratford (Herefordshire, Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
F Stratford (umpire)
G Stratford (Olton and West Warwickshire, Olton and West Warwickshire Second XI)
H Stratford (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club)
HB Stratford (HA Brassey's XI)
HVW Stratford (Hampshire, United Services Portsmouth)
J Stratford (Solihull School)
J Stratford (umpire)
M Stratford (Exiles)
M Stratford (The Forty Club)
MG Stratford (Marylebone Cricket Club, Westminster School)
NM Stratford (Marlborough College)
O Stratford (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-15s, Herefordshire Under-17s)
P Stratford (Great Burstead)
P Stratford (umpire)
P Stratford (umpire)
P Stratford (Warwickshire Over-60s)
W Stratford (Free Foresters)
J Stratford-Tuke (Petersfield Third XI)
Strathairn (umpire)
NS Strathairn (Scotland Women, The Rest, Women's Cricket Association)
Lord Strathavon (Gentlemen, Gentlemen of Kent, Hampshire, Kent, Married, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey)
Lord Strathavon (Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey)
DJ Strathern (Kent Second XI)
P Strathern (Charterhouse School)
DM Strathie (Rugby School)
Lord Strathmore (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Straton (Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland)
BI Straton-Ferrier (Harrow School)
B Stratten (Redoubtables Women Second XI)
J Stratten (Dorset Over-50s)
M Stratten (Dorset Under-13s, Dorset Under-14s)
P Stratten (scorer)
Stratton (Folkestone)
Stratton (Burton-on-Trent)
Stratton (Wolverhampton)
Stratton (Bourton Vale)
A Stratton (Redoubtables Women Second XI)
B Stratton (Louth)
B Stratton (Burley, Burley Second XI)
CJ Stratton (Bicester, Free Foresters)
CP Stratton (Wolverhampton)
D Stratton (Huntingdonshire Under-25s)
D Stratton (Yaxley)
G Stratton (Hampshire Second XI)
G Stratton (Durham Colts)
GL Stratton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Stratton (Birmingham Press)
HD Stratton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HW Stratton (Eastbourne)
J Stratton (Somerset Under-13s, Somerset Under-14s, Somerset Under-15s, Somerset Under-17s)
J Stratton (Uppingham Rovers)
J Stratton (Winterslow)
J Stratton (Dorset Over-50s)
JB Stratton (Christ College, Brecon)
JH Stratton (Christ College, Brecon, Monmouthshire, Monmouthshire Club and Ground)
JJ Stratton (St Albans Clergy)
JW Stratton (Oxford University)
M Stratton (Monmouthshire)
O Stratton (Roe Green Second XI)
PC Stratton (Berkshire Boys)
RA Stratton (Cambridge University)
S Stratton (Billingshurst, Horsham)
S Stratton (Birmingham Press)
S Stratton (Dorset Over-50s)
SS Stratton (Birmingham Daily Post, WJ Evans' XI)
WR Stratton (Beckenham, Radley College, Radley Rangers, Trinity College, Oxford)
WV Stratton (Haslingden)
A Straughan (Ashington, Backworth)
R Straughan (Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s, Tynemouth)
AJ Strauss (British Universities, England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Northern Districts, Somerset)
WH Strauss (Devon)
Straw (Ilkeston)
A Straw (umpire)
A Straw (Ibstock Town Women, Sileby Town Women)
CC Straw (Old Leightonians, Saumur)
D Straw (Vauxhall Mallards Second XI)
D Straw (Papplewick and Linby, Papplewick and Linby Second XI, Rolls Royce)
DS Straw (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Straw (Cromer, Guildford, Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s)
HE Straw (English Schools Cricket Association Midlands Under-15s, President's Headmasters' Conference Schools XI)
J Straw (Ilkeston and District)
JH Straw (Derby Midland, Derbyshire)
N Straw (Hampshire Over-50s)
PMH Straw (Old Leightonians)
S Straw (Papplewick and Linby Second XI)
T Straw (Worcestershire)
M Strawbridge (Redlynch and Hale, Redlynch and Hale Second XI)
FM Strawson (Haileybury College, Kent Second XI)
HG Strawson (Artistics)
LV Strawson (Littlehampton)
RA Strawson (Lincolnshire, Lindum)
GFM Stray (Derby School, Derby School Under-15s)
PJ Streadeer (scorer)
PJ Streader (scorer)
PJ Streader (The Forty Club)





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