England Players (S)


Stebbing (Kent Second XI)
FC Stebbing (Portsmouth Borough, Royal Navy, South Hampshire Rovers, United Services Portsmouth)
PE Stebbing (Marlborough College)
BRW Stebbings (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University)
C Stebbings (Hurlingham)
J Stebbings (Hurlingham)
W Stebbings (Exeter University)
W Stebbings (Norwich and Coltishall Wanderers)
E Steck (West Tyne Cricket League)
Stedman (umpire)
Stedman (West Sussex)
A Stedman (Surrey Cricket Association)
A Stedman (BAT Sports)
AJ Stedman (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Stedman (Surrey Cricket Association, Surrey Cricket Board)
C Stedman (Farnham, Surrey Over-50s)
C Stedman (Priory Park)
C Stedman (Storrington)
CM Stedman (Essex Second XI)
D Stedman (Witham)
F Stedman (Ireland, London County, Surrey, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
G Stedman (Storrington)
GA Stedman (Monkton Combe School)
GF Stedman (Club Cricket Conference)
GT Stedman (Woodford Wells)
HCP Stedman (Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club)
HP Stedman (Cambridge University, Etceteras, Gentlemen of Bedfordshire)
J Stedman (Chichester Priory Park, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Stedman (Bedford Town)
JJ Stedman (Surrey Club)
K Stedman (Littlehampton, Clapham and Patching)
M Stedman (Calmore Sports Fourth XI)
MG Stedman (Bedfordshire)
MR Stedman (Marlborough College)
N Stedman (Essex Second XI)
OJ Stedman (Durham Under-17s, South Shields)
P Stedman (Slough)
P Stedman (Hampshire Over-60s Second XI)
RM Stedman (Brighton College)
RP Stedman (Broughton, Cambridge University Next XVI, Southampton)
W Stedman (Gloucestershire Under-17s)
W Stedman (Teddington)
JL Stedman-Jones (Cambridgeshire Under-17s, Oxford University)
Steed (Bowden)
A Steed (Totton and Eling)
A Steed (Desborough Town, Desborough Town Second XI)
DA Steed (Aldenham School)
F Steed (Northumberland Women)
G Steed (Benfleet)
HE Steed (Tonbridge School)
JO Steed (Aldenham School)
K Steed (Desborough Town, Desborough Town Second XI)
MH Steed (Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire Cricket Board)
R Steed (Benfleet)
S Steed (Elton)
W Steed (Desborough Town, Stewarts and Lloyds Corby)
DF Steedman (Wirral Schools Staff)
DNC Steedman (Blundell's School)
F Steedman (New Brighton, New Brighton Colts, New Brighton Schoolboys, New Brighton Second XI, Royal Air Force, Wallasey, Wallasey Grammar School)
C Steedom (Wiltshire Under-21s)
CC Steedon (Calmore Sports, South Wilts, Wiltshire, Winterslow)
L Steedon (Stony Stratford Second XI)
JF Steeds (Bloxham School)
D Steef (Northamptonshire Over-50s)
RH Steegeman (Newark)
RH Steegman (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
Steel (Hambledon Women)
A Steel (Highway, Highway Second XI)
A Steel (Coventry)
A Steel (Monmouthshire)
A Steel (H Crofton's Hampshire XI)
A Steel (Corley Second XI)
A Steel (Herefordshire Under-13s Women)
A Steel (Totton and Eling)
Aaron Steel (Old Wilsonians Second XI)
Andrew Steel (Old Wilsonians Second XI)
Andy Steel (Old Wilsonians Second XI)
AG Steel (Cambridge University, England, Gentlemen, Gentlemen of the North, I Zingari, Lancashire, Liverpool and District, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orleans Club)
AI Steel (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
AJ Steel (Liverpool)
B Steel (Sussex Women Second XI)
C Steel (Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
C Steel (North London)
C Steel (Royal Artillery)
C Steel (Durham Under-13s)
C Steel (Weekley and Warkton)
C Steel (Hartsholme)
C Steel (Glastonbury)
C Steel (Torrisholme)
CE Steel (Eton College)
D Steel (Blaydon)
D Steel (Halstead)
DEC Steel (Rugby School)
DM Steel (Incogniti)
DMA Steel (Buckinghamshire, Cambridge University, Club Cricket Conference, Etceteras, Fettes College, Public Schools, The Rest)
DQ Steel (Cambridge University, Gentlemen of the North, Lancashire, Liverpool and District, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orleans Club)
E Steel (Huntingdonshire Women)
EE Steel (Europeans, Gentlemen, I Zingari, Lancashire, Liverpool and District)
EE Steel (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women)
FL Steel (Bombay, Liverpool, Repton School)
G Steel (Durham Colts North)
GH Steel (Bromsgrove School)
H Steel (Stoke-on-Trent)
H Steel (Neston Women)
HB Steel (Lancashire, Liverpool and District)
HC Steel (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
HF Steel (Suffolk)
I Steel (Ingatestone and Fryerning)
IL Steel (Durham City)
J Steel (Cumberland, Gentlemen of Cumberland, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Steel (Carlisle)
J Steel (Sharnbrook)
J Steel (Cheam, Essex Second XI, Spencer)
JA Steel (Repton School)
JCC Steel (umpire)
JP Steel (Gentlemen of Sussex)
JT Steel (Wellington College)
K Steel (The Forty Club)
K Steel (Army, Army Under-25s)
M Steel (Hampshire Women)
M Steel (Chingford)
M Steel (Newcastle)
MR Steel (Yorkshire Second XI)
N Steel (Harrow)
O Steel (Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University)
R Steel (Durham City, Durham Cricket Board, Hetton Lyons)
R Steel (Hampshire Second XI)
R Steel (Mistley, Mistley)
R Steel (Carlisle)
R Steel (Old Hamptonians)
RC Steel (King's College School, Wimbledon)
ROP Steel (Oxford University Authentics, Rugby School)
SA Steel (Suffolk)
T Steel (Sheffield United)
T Steel (TA Smith's XI)
TS Steel (Durham Club and Ground)
Steele (Surrey Club)
Steele (University of Southampton)
Steele (Old Chelmsfordians)
Steele (Manchester)
Steele (Formby)
Steele (Knowle and Dorridge Second XI)
A Steele (Middlesex Second XI)
A Steele (Somerset Over-50s, Somerset Over-60s)
A Steele (Barlaston)
A Steele (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Steele (Chorley Women Second XI)
A Steele (Great Harwood, Great Harwood Second XI, Great Harwood Third XI)
AD Steele (Herefordshire)
AE Steele (Sparkhill)
AJST Steele (Oxton)
AM Steele (Northumberland Second XI)
AS Steele (Northamptonshire Cricket Board)
B Steele (Birkenhead Park)
B Steele (Huntingdonshire Over-50s)
C Steele (Sussex Home Guard)
CM Steele (Staffordshire Women)
CR Steele (Royal Air Force)
D Steele (Hampshire Under-17s)
D Steele (Hursley Park)
D Steele (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
DA Steele (Gentlemen of the South, Hampshire)
DD Steele (Southport and Birkdale)
DM Steele (The Forty Club)
DS Steele (Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, England, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire)
E Steele (Hampshire Colts)
E Steele (Lancashire Second XI)
E Steele (Derbyshire)
E Steele (West Tyne Cricket League)
E Steele (Cambridgeshire Under-13s Women, Cambridgeshire Under-15s Women)
EB Steele (Eastbourne College)
F Steele (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South)
F Steele (Cambridgeshire Under-15s, Cambridgeshire Under-17s)
F Steele (scorer)
FE Steele (Bishop's Stortford Women, Essex Under-13s Women, Essex Under-15s Women, Essex Under-17s Women)
FF Steele (St Peter's School, York)
G Steele (Birkenhead Park, Oxton)
G Steele (Aston Hall)
G Steele (Northamptonshire Under-13s Women, Northamptonshire Under-15s Women)
GA Steele (Western Command)
GH Steele (Bromsgrove)
GM Steele (Royal Air Force Bomber Command)
H Steele (Somerset Under-13s Women, Somerset Under-15s Women)
H Steele (Wellington College)
HA Steele (Birmingham University, Knowle and Dorridge)
HC Steele (Monmouthshire)
HS Steele (Charterhouse School, Devon)
J Steele (Alderley Edge, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Steele (St Cross Symondians Fourth XI, St Cross Symondians Third XI)
J Steele (Bexley Women)
J Steele (Billingham Synthonia)
JA Steele (Repton School)
JAO Steele (Ormskirk, Wigan)
JD Steele (Southwark Clergy)
JE Steele (Aylesbury, Burghley Park, Marylebone Cricket Club, Rutland)
JF Steele (England Under-25s, Glamorgan, Leicestershire, Natal, Natal B, Young England)
JG Steele (Uppingham)
JR Steele (Church)
JT Steele (Wellington College)
JWJ Steele (Army, Hampshire)
K Steele (scorer)
L Steele (Dalton)
L Steele (Sileby Town Women)
LL Steele (Cheltenham College, Poona)
MA Steele (Wigan)
MV Steele (Staffordshire)
OJ Steele (Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University)
P Steele (Birkenhead Park)
P Steele (Shepherds Bush)
P Steele (Whitstable Second XI)
PM Steele (St Peter's School, York)
R Steele (Gateshead Fell)
R Steele (Old Hamptonians)
R Steele (Seaforth)
R Steele (Shepherds Bush)
R Steele (Mumbles)
RJ Steele (Woodhouse Grange)
S Steele (scorer)
S Steele (Oldham)
S Steele (Staffordshire Under-13s Women)
T Steele (Birkenhead Park)
T Steele (Derbyshire Under-17s)
T Steele (scorer)
T Steele (Staffordshire Under-17s Women)
TA Steele (Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Cricket Board, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-17s, Lancashire Under-19s, Leek, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
TM Steele (Birkenhead Park, Wallasey)
TM Steele (Officers of the Guard)
W Steele (Crompton)
W Steele (Staffordshire)
WH Steele (Staffordshire)
WH Steele (Tunstall)
WJ Steele (Ramsbottom)
WR Steele (Old Merchant Taylors)
GD Steele-Bodger (Rugby, Rugby Meteors, Tamworth)
J Steeles (scorer)
HF Steele-Smith (Epsom College)
A Steels (Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
J Steels (Denton West Second XI)
BL Steemson (Worksop College)
CE Steen (Birkenhead Park, Cheshire, Gentlemen of West Cheshire)
FD Steen (Sedbergh School)
JMD Steen (Christ's Hospital)
C Steenberg (Holmesdale Women)
C Steenhaldt (Kidlington)
A Steenkamp (BAT Sports)
G Steenkamp (Crompton, Lancashire)
D Steep (Oxton)
A Steeper (Haxey)
A Steeples (Derbyshire)
HC Steeples (Harpenden)
R Steeples (Derbyshire)
S Steeples (Wirksworth)
A Steer (Canterbury)
B Steer (Devon Under-13s, Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s)
B Steer (Bovey Tracey)
C Steer (Gentlemen of Sussex)
GD Steer (Royal Navy, The Nore Command)
GP Steer (Monmouthshire)
GP Steer (Shrewsbury School)
IGS Steer (Derbyshire)
JM Steer (Clarendon Park, Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Cricket Association, Leicestershire Juniors, Leicestershire Second XI, Leicestershire Under-25s)
M Steer (Stanmore)
M Steer (umpire)
M Steer (Bapchild)
M Steer (Bapchild Second XI)
P Steer (Beverley, Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
P Steer (Sandford, Sandford, Sandford Second XI)
S Steer (Buckinghamshire Over-50s, Buckinghamshire Over-50s Second XI)
A Steere (Gentlemen of Sussex)
R Steere (Ormskirk, St Helens Recreation)
RC Steere (New Brighton)
A Steers (Yorkshire Over-50s, Yorkshire Over-60s)
D Steers (Derbyshire Under-15s, Staveley Welfare)
E Steers (Sheffield United Ladies, Yorkshire Under-13s Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
JA Steers (Elstow School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Steers (Barkisland)
R Steers (Yorkshire Over-50s)
C Steet (North London)
E Steet (North London)
D Steff (Northamptonshire Over-50s)
D Steff (Grendon and Prims)
E Steff (Northamptonshire Over-50s)
R Steff (Northamptonshire Over-60s)
AQ Steggall (Essex Second XI, Forest School, Hursley Park, Wanstead)
G Steggals (Railways Athletic Association)
J Steggles (Wollaston Second XI)
TT Steiger (Clifton College)
BJ Stein (Devon Under-13s, Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-17s, Plymouth)
CA Stein (Surrey Club, Surrey Club and Ground)
GK Stein (Bedford School)
M Stein (Brondesbury, Middlesex County Cricket League)
M Stein (Millhillians)
PA Stein (Worth School)
SS Stein (Plymouth)
W Stein (Oxford Second XI)
D Steinberg (East Tytherley)
D Steinham (Apperley)
C Steinhobel (Derbyshire Women, Warwickshire Women)
P Steinhobel (Kent Second XI, Kent Under-25s)
D Steinson (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
E Steinson (BAC-EE Preston)
J Steinson (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
EHL Steinthal (All New York, Clifton College, Lancashire Second XI, New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League, Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club A, Staten Island Cricket Club B)
G Stelfox (Timperley)
J Stelfox (Ainsdale)
TT Stelger (Clifton College)
A Stell (Frenchay)
A Stella (scorer)
Stelling (umpire)
A Stembridge (Bapchild)
A Stembridge (Dukesmead Women)
J Stembridge (scorer)
A Stemp (scorer)
D Stemp (Surrey Over-60s Fourth XI, Surrey Over-60s Third XI)
RD Stemp (Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire)
T Stemp (scorer)
AH Stenhouse (Lancing College)
CSR Stenhouse (Birkenhead Park, Bootle, Cheshire A, Oxton)
E Stenhouse (scorer)
M Stenhouse (Birkenhead Park)
P Stenhouse (Cheshire A)
R Stenhouse (Launceston)
S Stenhouse (Oxton)
VD Stenhouse (Deddington)
N Stenmon (Woodhouses)
J Stennell (Hythe and Dibden)
ACL Stenner (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Under-17s)
JMC Stenner (Cambridge University)
L Stenner (umpire)
F Stennett (Bury St Edmunds)
J Stennett (Minehead Women)
JHM Stennett (Birkenhead Park)
SJ Stennett (Cranleigh)
C Stenning (Suffolk Under-13s Women)
FG Stenning (Mote Park)
JK Stenning (Beckenham, Haileybury College, Kent Second XI)
K Stenning (Hurlingham)
P Stenning (Backworth, Morpeth)
S Stenning (Birmingham and District Cricket League, Kenilworth Wardens, Kenilworth Wardens Second XI, Leicestershire Second XI, Loughborough University, Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Marylebone Cricket Club, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Warwickshire Academy, Warwickshire Pilgrims, Warwickshire Second XI, Warwickshire Under-17s)
Stennings (Olinda)
A Stenson (Milford Hall)
G Stenson (Denton Second XI)
J Stenson (Denton, Denton Second XI)
TA Stenson (Denton, Denton Second XI, Denton West)
W Stenson (Bourton Vale)
Stent (HMS Torch and Larnaca)
A Stent (Bexley Fourth XI, Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI, Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
B Stent (Brighton, East Sussex Club, Gentlemen of East Sussex, Gentlemen of Sussex, Hampshire, Petworth, Veteran Gentlemen of Sussex, Winchester College)
C Stent (Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
C Stent (Dartford, Dartford Second XI)
H Stent (umpire)
H Stent (Petworth)
KJ Stent (Hayes Hurricanes Women, Hayes Hurricanes Women Second XI, Kent Under-13s Women, Kent Under-15s Women)
NA Stent (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-25s)
HC Stenton (Gentlemen of Southwell)
JD Stenton (Somerset)
W Stenton (Worksop)
CJ Stephan (Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Shropshire)
S Stephan (Romany)
Stephen (Aldridge)
Stephen (South Woodford)
Stephen (Dawlish)
A Stephen (Barbados Overseas Cricket Association, Barbados Overseas Cricket Association Second XI)
AA Stephen (Household Brigade)
AL Stephen (Household Brigade)
CJ Stephen (Birkenhead Park)
CSM Stephen (Marlborough College)
CT Stephen (Market Bosworth)
DD Stephen (Northumberland Cricket Association, South Northumberland)
IJ Stephen (Uppingham School)
JG Stephen (Old Uppinghamians, Uppingham School)
NK Stephen (Cambridge University)
R Stephen (Leeds University)
S Stephen (Longsight)
Stephens (scorer)
Stephens (Aldershot Division)
Stephens (High Green)
Stephens (Burnley Ramblers)
Stephens (West Bromwich Dartmouth, West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
Stephens (Royal Navy)
Stephens (Hertfordshire, Essex and Middlesex)
Stephens (The Rest)
Stephens (University of Wales Institute Cardiff Women)
A Stephens (Cheltenham Under-16s)
A Stephens (Gentlemen of Dorset)
A Stephens (Lancing College)
A Stephens (Basingstoke and North Hampshire Fifth XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Second XI, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Third XI)
A Stephens (Bournemouth)
Andrew Stephens (Uxbridge)
AC Stephens (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AJ Stephens (Old Elizabethans, Old Elizabethans Second XI, Old Elizabethans Third XI)
B Stephens (umpire)
B Stephens (Lichfield)
B Stephens (Braintree)
BJN Stephens (University Wanderers)
BR Stephens (Coggeshall Town, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Suffolk)
BT Stephens (Liverpool)
BTJ Stephens (Hampshire)
C Stephens (Gentlemen of Berkshire, Reading, Winchester College)
C Stephens (Loughton)
C Stephens (Essex Under-12s, Essex Under-14s, Essex Under-15s)
C Stephens (Lichfield)
C Stephens (Refreshers)
C Stephens (Brentham)
C Stephens (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
C Stephens (Moseley Second XI)
C Stephens (East Woodhay)
CA Stephens (Berkshire)
CJ Stephens (Dafen, Glamorgan Second XI, Wales Minor Counties, Wales Under-16s, Wales Under-17s, Worcestershire Second XI)
CJ Stephens (Birkenhead Park)
CN Stephens (Emanuel School)
CR Stephens (Repton School)
D Stephens (North-East Essex Alliance Cricket Association)
D Stephens (Kidderminster)
D Stephens (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Stephens (Chestfield, Chestfield Second XI)
D Stephens (Cornwall Under-15s)
D Stephens (Wanstead)
D Stephens (Littleborough)
D Stephens (Roe Green)
D Stephens (Hayle)
D Stephens (Cheltenham)
D Stephens (Winchester College)
D Stephens (Redruth)
D Stephens (Redruth)
D Stephens (Ormskirk)
D Stephens (Bobbing Court Second XI)
DL Stephens (Taunton School)
DP Stephens (Camborne, Cornwall, Cornwall Under-21s, Newquay)
E Stephens (South Hampstead)
E Stephens (Gloucester)
EJ Stephens (Gloucestershire)
ET Stephens (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
F Stephens (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Stephens (Lord's Taverners)
F Stephens (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
FG Stephens (Warwickshire)
FGB Stephens (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
FGRB Stephens (Winchester College)
FP Stephens (umpire)
FW Stephens (Somerset County Colts)
G Stephens (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
G Stephens (Holmesdale)
G Stephens (Cheshire)
G Stephens (Thornbury)
G Stephens (Camborne)
G Stephens (Aldershot Division)
G Stephens (Chichester Priory Park)
G Stephens (Redruth)
G Stephens (Lightcliffe Second XI)
G Stephens (Lansdown)
GE Stephens (umpire)
GEB Stephens (Winchester College)
GM Stephens (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs Under-19s, Kent Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells Second XI, Tunbridge Wells Third XI)
GM Stephens (Coggeshall Town, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Gentlemen of Essex)
GR Stephens (St Paul's School)
GW Stephens (Gentlemen, The Rest, Warwickshire)
H Stephens (I Zingari)
H Stephens (Frenchay)
HC Stephens (Berkshire, Camberley, Finchampstead, Guildford, Masuri XI, Minor Counties, Northamptonshire Second XI, Surrey Academy, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-17s, Surrey Under-19s, Unicorns)
HR Stephens (Merchant Taylors' School)
HT Stephens (Cheltenham)
HW Stephens (Winchcombe)
I Stephens (Roe Green, Roe Green Second XI)
J Stephens (Walton-on-Thames)
J Stephens (umpire)
J Stephens (Findon)
J Stephens (Streatham and Marlborough)
J Stephens (Blyth)
J Stephens (Roe Green, Roe Green Second XI)
J Stephens (Loughborough College)
J Stephens (Emanuel School)
J Stephens (Kent Under-13s)
J Stephens (Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI)
J Stephens (Kineton Sports and Social)
Jacob Stephens (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
Jamie Stephens (Tavistock)
JC Stephens (Midlands and North Women, Women's Cricket Association, Yorkshire Women)
JC Stephens (Downside School)
JCJ Stephens (Cornwall)
JH Stephens (Winchcombe)
JJ Stephens (Stroud)
JPRF Stephens (Oxford University)
JR Stephens (Clifton College)
JW Stephens (Blundell's School)
K Stephens (Cheltenham Under-16s)
KG Stephens (North Notts Women, Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women)
L Stephens (Challow and Childrey)
L Stephens (Lincolnshire Over-50s)
L Stephens (Grimsby Town)
L Stephens (Lancing College)
L Stephens (Vernon Carus Women)
L Stephens (Steeple Langford)
M Stephens (Somerset Second XI)
M Stephens (Avorians)
M Stephens (umpire)
M Stephens (Westerham)
M Stephens (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
M Stephens (Folkestone)
M Stephens (Beddington, Brooklands)
N Stephens (Linden Park, Linden Park Second XI)
N Stephens (St Just)
N Stephens (Oxford University Authentics)
NM Stephens (Oundle Rovers, The Rest)
P Stephens (Morecambe)
P Stephens (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
P Stephens (Huyton)
P Stephens (umpire)
PJ Stephens (Cornwall)
PJ Stephens (Westbury-on-Trym)
R Stephens (Wavertree, Wavertree Second XI)
R Stephens (Reigate Priory)
R Stephens (Braintree)
R Stephens (South Devon)
RE Stephens (Gloucestershire Second XI)
RJH Stephens (Clifton College, Royal Navy)
S Stephens (Cheam, Malden Wanderers, Three Bridges)
SL Stephens (Cornwall)
SW Stephens (Emanuel School)
T Stephens (Uxbridge)
T Stephens (Gentlemen of Dorset)
V Stephens (Norfolk, Uppingham School)
WH Stephens (umpire)
Y Stephens (Catford Wanderers Women)
HD Stephens-Clarkson (Old Oakhamians)





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