England Players (S)


AW Stansfeld (Europeans, Madras)
BR Stansfeld (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HE Stansfell (Midland Circuit)
Stansfield (Royal Marines)
Stansfield (Wakefield)
Stansfield (Colne)
Stansfield (Rishton)
Stansfield (Dulesgate)
Stansfield (Accrington Second XI)
Stansfield (Todmorden)
A Stansfield (Elton)
A Stansfield (Werneth)
A Stansfield (Todmorden)
AD Stansfield (City of London School)
AF Stansfield (Bootham School)
B Stansfield (Cheshire Cricket Association)
B Stansfield (Skipton)
BR Stansfield (Rawtenstall)
C Stansfield (Bacup)
C Stansfield (Northern)
C Stansfield (Corley Second XI)
D Stansfield (Cumbria Women)
E Stansfield (Rawtenstall)
ES Stansfield (Todmorden, Yorkshire Second XI)
G Stansfield (Todmorden)
GD Stansfield (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Stansfield (Lancashire)
H Stansfield (Rawtenstall)
H Stansfield (Burnley)
H Stansfield (Nelson)
H Stansfield (Todmorden)
H Stansfield (Hebden Bridge)
H Stansfield (Yorkshire)
HA Stansfield (United Services Portsmouth)
HE Stansfield (Surrey, Surrey Club)
HW Stansfield (Dewsbury)
J Stansfield (Rawtenstall)
J Stansfield (Rawtenstall)
J Stansfield (Hanging Heaton)
J Stansfield (Romiley Women)
JC Stansfield (Milnrow, Norden)
JE Stansfield (Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Cricket Board)
JM Stansfield (Todmorden)
K Stansfield (Skipton)
KA Stansfield (Settle)
L Stansfield (Army)
MJ Stansfield (Lowerhouse)
N Stansfield (scorer)
P Stansfield (Burnley)
P Stansfield (Beckenham)
PK Stansfield (Lowerhouse)
R Stansfield (Dorset Second XI)
R Stansfield (Prince Alfred)
R Stansfield (Mudeford)
RR Stansfield (Cambridge University Next XVI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
VR Stansfield (CJ Brune's XI)
W Stansfield (Harrogate)
W Stansfield (Todmorden)
WH Stansfield (Wakefield)
FE Stantial (Forest School)
Stanton (Clifton)
Stanton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Stanton (Durham County Schoolboys)
A Stanton (Coughton)
B Stanton (umpire)
CJF Stanton (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports B, Calmore Sports B Under-13s, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Calmore Sports Under-17s, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling)
CLS Stanton (Monmouthshire)
D Stanton (Essex Over-50s, Orsett)
D Stanton (Aythorpe Roding)
E Stanton (Buckinghamshire Under-15s Women, Buckinghamshire Under-17s Women)
EC Stanton (Marlborough College, Royal Engineers, Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
FG Stanton (Eton Ramblers)
FHG Stanton (Kenilworth, Royal Artillery)
G Stanton (Cheetham Hill, Cheetham Hill Second XI)
GA Stanton (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, The Forty Club)
GC Stanton (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
H Stanton (Belbroughton Women)
HE Stanton (Marlborough College)
HG Stanton (Hastings)
J Stanton (Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
J Stanton (Orsett)
J Stanton (Free Foresters)
J Stanton (Accrington)
J Stanton (Enfield)
JCC Stanton (Norfolk)
JD Stanton (Gentlemen of Oxford Circuit)
JL Stanton (Gloucestershire)
JW Stanton (Clifton, Monmouthshire)
KM Stanton (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports A Under-13s, Calmore Sports B, Calmore Sports B Under-13s, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Calmore Sports Under-11s, Calmore Sports Under-15s, Calmore Sports Under-17s, Totton and Eling)
L Stanton (Belbroughton Women)
M Stanton (Wolverton Town)
MP Stanton (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Totton and Eling)
N Stanton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Stanton (scorer)
N Stanton (Dumbleton)
NE Stanton (Christ's Hospital)
NEG Stanton (Bootle, Sefton)
S Stanton (Worcestershire)
S Stanton (Pelsall)
SF Stanton (Bronze Second XI, Bronze Third XI)
T Stanton (Devon Over-60s)
W Stanton (Islington Amateurs)
W Stanton (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
W Stanton (Harborne Somerville)
B Stanway (Long Sutton, Market Deeping)
GM Stanway (Cumbria Under-13s Women, Cumbria Under-17s Women)
HA Stanway (Kent Second XI)
MR Stanway (Bicester and North Oxford, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Colts)
S Stanway (scorer)
SF Stanway (Buckinghamshire)
M Stanwell (Stainsby Hall)
D Stanwix (Durham Over-50s)
D Stanwix (Barnard Castle)
M Stanwix (Barnard Castle)
R Stanwix (Barnard Castle)
R Stanwoff (Harrogate)
P Stanwood (East Midlands)
G Stanworth (Worsthorne)
G Stanworth (Burnley)
H Stanworth (Worsthorne)
J Stanworth (Lancashire)
R Stanworth (Harrogate)
SA Stanworth (Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-15s, Lancashire Under-17s, Lancashire Under-19s, Middleton, Nottinghamshire Second XI)
AR Stanyard (Essex)
C Stanyard (Glynde and Beddingham)
E Stanyard (Leicestershire Women)
N Stanyard (umpire)
P Stanyard (Monton and Weaste)
P Stanyard (Roe Green)
A Stanyer (Alvis)
D Stanyer (Blackheath Wanderers City of London)
G Stanyer (Sandyford)
M Stanyer (Barlaston)
M Stanyer (The Forty Club)
RT Stanyforth (Army, England, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Yorkshire)
ST Stanyforth (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RL Stanyon (Ainsdale, Ainsdale Second XI, Durham Second XI, Lancashire Under-19s, Merseyside North Under-16s, Merseyside Under-16s, Newcastle, Northern, Northumberland)
G Stapeley (Colts of England, Kent Colts)
KD Staple (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs, Blackheath, Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Bromley, Club Cricket Conference, Cross Arrows, High Halstow, Kent Cricket League, Kent Over-50s, Kent Over-50s Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, RACS)
D Stapleburg (Old Actonians)
R Stapledon (Rugby School)
Stapleford (Aston)
RM Stapleford (Middleton-on-Sea)
PJ Staplehurst (Essex Second XI)
Staples (Chertsey)
Staples (umpire)
Staples (Glamorgan Colts)
A Staples (Nottinghamshire, The Rest)
AJ Staples (Public Schools, St Paul's School)
C Staples (Ashford)
C Staples (Gentlemen of West Kent)
CE Staples (Wimbledon)
CVG Staples (Gentlemen)
D Staples (Upminster)
E Staples (Wiltshire Under-13s Women)
FC Staples (Christ's Hospital)
G Staples (New Milton, New Milton Third XI)
H Staples (Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women, Nottinghamshire Under-15s Women, Nottinghamshire Under-17s Women)
J Staples (Walmer Second XI)
KPS Staples (Kimbolton School)
M Staples (Cambridgeshire)
M Staples (Hurlingham, Walmer, Walmer Second XI)
PHC Staples (Shrewsbury School)
PW Staples (Wellingborough School)
R Staples (umpire)
R Staples (Accrington)
S Staples (Norfolk)
SJ Staples (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire, The Rest)
W Staples (umpire)
A Stapleton (Lewes Priory)
AV Stapleton (Royal Artillery)
E Stapleton (Derbyshire)
F Stapleton (Enfield)
J Stapleton (Nottinghamshire)
J Stapleton (Llandudno Visitors)
J Stapleton (Matlock)
JA Stapleton (Dewsbury)
JF Stapleton (Crompton, Milnrow)
JG Stapleton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Nigeria Europeans, Oxfordshire, Public Schools, Shrewsbury Saracens, Shrewsbury School, The Rest)
K Stapleton (Stewarts and Lloyds Corby Second XI)
M Stapleton (Old Colfeians Second XI)
N Stapleton (Thrapston Women)
N Stapleton (Pegasus and Corringham)
P Stapleton (Buckinghamshire Women)
R Stapleton (Rugby School)
RH Stapleton (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
RJ Stapleton (Felsted School)
S Stapleton (Rishton)
S Stapleton (Middlesex Women, Middlesex Women Second XI, Women's Cricket Association)
T Stapleton (Accrington, Rishton)
T Stapleton (Rushton, Rushton Second XI)
T Stapleton (scorer)
G Stapleton-Smythe (Essex Services)
Stapley (Peckham)
B Stapley (Grimsargh)
E Stapley (Haileybury Hermits)
H Stapley (Charlton Park)
J Stapley (Gore Court)
S Stapley (Kent Colts)
S Stapley (Loddington and Mawsley, Loddington and Mawsley Second XI)
Staply (Middlesex Schools)
G Stapp (Histon)
JA Stappleton (Batley)
J Starbrook (Sussex Women)
Starbuck (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
Starbuck (Narborough)
Starbuck (South Leicestershire)
O Starbuck (Sleaford)
B Stares (Ellingham, Ellingham Second XI, Hampshire Second XI, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Second XI)
C Stares (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Second XI)
J Stares (Gosport Borough)
REJ Stares (The Forty Club)
T Stares (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Second XI, Gosport Borough Sunday XI, Gosport Borough Third XI)
WS Starey (Uppingham Rovers)
Stark (Leicestershire Under-13s Women)
Stark (Shepherds Bush)
A Stark (Northamptonshire Under-15s Women, Oundle Town Women)
EL Stark (umpire)
G Stark (umpire)
G Stark (Northumberland Cricket Association, Tynemouth)
GA Stark (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association)
I Stark (umpire)
J Stark (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex Second XI, Shepherds Bush)
JE Stark (Cambridgeshire)
KJ Stark (Dulwich College)
M Stark (Bishop's Stortford, Bishop's Stortford Third XI, Saffron Walden)
M Stark (St Helens Recreation, St Helens Town)
M Stark (Oundle Town)
M Stark (Haxey)
MMR Stark (Oakham School)
O Stark (Stafford)
R Stark (Lancashire Second XI)
R Stark (scorer)
T Stark (Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Gentlemen)
Starkey (Yeadon)
Starkey (Pudsey)
Starkey (Repton Pilgrims)
Starkey (Otley)
Starkey (Yorkshire United)
Starkey (Oxford University)
Starkey (Andover)
A Starkey (Bexleyheath)
A Starkey (Didsbury Women)
D Starkey (Surrey Second XI)
D Starkey (Rastrick)
D Starkey (Desborough Town, Desborough Town Second XI, Rothwell Town)
EC Starkey (Manchester Garrison)
I Starkey (Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI)
IB Starkey (Desborough Town)
J Starkey (Colts of England, Dewsbury, Ilkley, Leeds, Northumberland Club, Players of Scotland, Wakefield)
J Starkey (Bedworth Third XI)
J Starkey (Bradford, East Lancashire, Pleasington)
JF Starkey (Gentlemen of Warwickshire, Warwickshire)
JG Starkey (Winnington Park)
NW Starkey (Solihull School, Warwickshire Under-13s)
PR Starkey (Repton Pilgrims, Repton School)
RB Starkey (CS Hindley's XI)
RP Starkey (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
SGC Starkey (SH Wood's XI)
SJ Starkey (Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Warwickshire Colts, Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
SM Starkey (Liverpool Clergy, Public Schools, Repton Pilgrims, Repton School, The Rest)
T Starkey (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-14s, Herefordshire Under-15s)
T Starkey (Bournville)
JG Starkey-Smith (Marlborough College)
A Starkie (Preston)
A Starkie (Lowerhouse)
D Starkie (scorer)
F Starkie (Church)
IB Starkie (umpire)
J Starkie (Great Harwood, Great Harwood Second XI, Great Harwood Third XI)
J Starkie (St Blazey)
M Starkie (Lowerhouse, Lowerhouse Colts)
N Starkie (scorer)
N Starkie (Bacup)
N Starkie (Colne Second XI)
S Starkie (Northamptonshire)
S Starkie (Warwickshire Second XI)
T Starkie (Old Hill Second XI)
W Starkie (Bacup)
W Starkie (St Andrew's)
W Starkie (Burnley)
WH Starkie (Gentlemen of Warwickshire)
N Starkins (Old Emanuel)
J Starkis (Alderholt Under-15s)
K Starland (Stand Second XI)
R Starland (Stand Second XI)
GPJ Starley (Wye, Wye Second XI)
K Starley (Wye, Wye Second XI)
L Starley (Wye, Wye Second XI)
Starling (Boreham)
A Starling (Buckinghamshire Under-13s Women, Buckinghamshire Under-15s Women)
A Starling (Woolpit)
AM Starling (England Women, Middlesex Women)
Calum Starling (Allscott)
Carl Starling (Allscott)
Chris Starling (Allscott)
D Starling (scorer)
D Starling (Middlesex Women)
G Starling (Norfolk)
IJ Starling (Exning, Mildenhall, The Forty Club, Worlington)
N Starling (Bedworth)
PE Starling (Huntingdonshire Over-50s)
R Starling (Exning)
S Starling (Tendring)
SJ Starling (Norfolk)
A Starmer (Gentlemen of Northamptonshire, Northampton, Northamptonshire)
A Starmer (Heywood)
A Starmer (Brixworth, Brixworth Second XI, St Crispin and Ryelands)
AW Starmer (Woodhouses, Woodhouses Second XI)
CE Starmer (Leicestershire)
D Starmer (Ashby Timken)
K Starmer (Earls Barton, Earls Barton Second XI)
M Starmer (Ashby Timken)
P Starmer (Ashby Timken)
R Starmer (South Leicestershire League)
R Starmer (Prestwich)
A Starnes (Addiscombe)
JAG Starnes (Haileybury College)
JL Starnes (Merchant Taylors' School)
M Starosolsky (Leicester Taverners)
J Staroszczuk (Todmorden Second XI, Todmorden Third XI)
Starr (Birmingham General Post Office)
A Starr (Cambridgeshire Over-50s)
B Starr (Middlesex Women, Middlesex Women Second XI, West Women)
C Starr (Northallerton, Northallerton Second XI)
D Starr (Middlesex Women)
E Starr (Women's Cricket Association)
E Starr (Boston Spa, Hornsea, Hull)
EG Starr (Leicestershire Women, Northamptonshire Women)
I Starr (Colts and Professionals)
M Starr (umpire)
Mark Starr (Shipley Hall)
Martin Starr (Shipley Hall)
P Starr (Upchurch Second XI)
R Starr (Cambridgeshire Over-50s)
R Starr (Castor and Ailsworth)
T Starr (Shipley Hall)
T Starr (Hope Hawks Women)
W Starr (Bingley)
D Starsky (umpire)
Y Starsmeare (Towcestrians Women)
R Starsmore (Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
J Start (Wimbledon)
SP Start (Cambridgeshire)
D Startford (Emley Clarence)
P Startin (Milford Hall)
G Startup (Denbighshire)
M Startup (Amport)
N Startup (Twickenham Riverside Women)
NL Startup (The Forty Club)
S Startup (Highway)
T Startup (Amport)
M Staskiewicz (Nottinghamshire Under-13s)
C Stassen (Wye)
R Stassen (Wye, Wye Second XI)
A Staszkiewicz (Caythorpe, Caythorpe Second XI)
M Staszkiewicz (Caythorpe, Caythorpe Second XI)
D State (Eckington)
G Staten (Radlett Women)
Statham (Long Eaton Cricket Association)
A Statham (Hinckley Town)
A Statham (Rolleston)
AG Statham (Hinckley Town, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s, Leicestershire Cricket Board, Leicestershire Second XI, Market Harborough)
AJ Statham (Weston-super-Mare Women)
F Statham (Cambridgeshire Under-13s, Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s, Cambridgeshire Under-17s)
GH Statham (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Gentlemen of Suffolk, Suffolk)
J Statham (umpire)
JB Statham (England, Lancashire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
K Statham (Ickwell)
M Statham (Streetly, Streetly Second XI)
N Statham (Denby)
RL Statham (Manchester Grammar School)
A Stather (Lincolnshire)
MR Stathers (Pocklington School)
Staton (Liverpool)
E Statter (Lowerhouse)
B Statton (Redoubtables Women Second XI)
St Aubyn (Gentlemen of Cornwall)
J Staughton (Old Wellingburians)
M Staughton (Podington Second XI)
Staunton (Gentlemen of the North)
Staunton (Forest of Arden)
Staunton (Majilton's Theatrical XI)
BRF Staunton (Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
EG Staunton (Ipswich School)
ES Staunton (Christ's Hospital)
FHG Staunton (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
G Staunton (The Forty Club)
H Staunton (Nottinghamshire)
J Staunton (Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
J Staunton (Brixworth Second XI)
P Staunton (Ashford)
V Staunton (East Gloucestershire)
EL Staunton-Turner (Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women Development XI)
LE Staunton-Turner (Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women Development XI)
Staveley (Richmond)
A Staveley (Rotherham Town)
D Staveley (Cambridgeshire Colts)
J Staveley (Wisbech Town)
KS Staveley (King Edward's School Birmingham)
L Staveley (Rotherham Town)
M Staveley (Surrey)
MS Staveley (Stamford School)
PH Staveley (Rugby School)
T Staveley (Rotherham Town)
WC Staveley (Harrow School, Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
DR Stavert (Radley College, Radley Rangers)
J Stavert (Northern Command)
M Staves (Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
R Staves (Horsham)
R Stavis (Liphook and Ripsley Second XI)
A Stay (High Wycombe)
B Stay (umpire)
WJ Stay (Wolverhampton)
Stayers (Gloucestershire and Somerset Second XIs)
JW Stayner (Bradfield College)
R Stayner (South Northumberland)
TP Stayt (Gloucestershire)
F Stayton (Authors)
MW Staziker (Lancashire)
J Stazrachur (Walsden)
Stead (Huddersfield and District Cricket League)
Stead (Morley)
Stead (Old Trafford)
Stead (Knutsford)
Stead (Worcestershire Club and Ground)
Stead (Bournville)
Stead (Mr Lee's Huddersfield XI)
A Stead (Boston Spa, Bradford, Eccleshill, Heckmondwike, Saltaire, Yorkshire United)
A Stead (Lightcliffe, Lightcliffe Second XI)
A Stead (Pudsey St Lawrence)
A Stead (Sawbridgeworth)
B Stead (Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northern Transvaal, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire)
BF Stead (The Leys School)
CJP Stead (Cockfosters, Hertfordshire, North Mymms, Potters Bar)
E Stead (Morley)
E Stead (Hampshire Under-13s Women)
F Stead (Bradford Cricket League, Keighley and Craven District, Yorkshire Second XI)
F Stead (Morley)
GS Stead (Band of Brothers)
H Stead (Accrington)
J Stead (Colne)
J Stead (Hudson's Hollywood XI)
J Stead (Cockfosters)
J Stead (Barrow)
J Stead (Market Harborough)
J Stead (Lancashire Under-25s)
J Stead (Richmondshire, Richmondshire Second XI)
J Stead (Keighley)
J Stead (Bootle)
JW Stead (St Peter's School, York)
M Stead (Cockfosters)
MD Stead (umpire)
MD Stead (King Edward's School Birmingham Common Room)
N Stead (Rastrick)
P Stead (Northampton Spencer)
R Stead (Rossall School)
R Stead (Lightcliffe, Lightcliffe Second XI)
R Stead (Locks Heath, Locks Heath Second XI)
RA Stead (Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
RP Stead (Norwich Grammar School)
RW Stead (Scarborough, Scarborough Visitors)
RW Stead (Bowdon, Broughton, Manchester)
T Stead (Thirsk)
T Stead (Keighley)
W Stead (Blundell's School)
Steadman (umpire)
Steadman (Brixton Club)
Steadman (Ryde)
Steadman (Old Chelmsfordians)
A Steadman (Hampshire Cricket League)
A Steadman (Prestwich)
A Steadman (Denton West Second XI)
B Steadman (Dorset Club and Ground, Weymouth)
C Steadman (Surrey Under-13s)
D Steadman (Knebworth Park)
D Steadman (Hampshire Under-13s, Hampshire Under-14s)
D Steadman (Prestwich Second XI)
D Steadman (Irchester)
J Steadman (Richmond)
J Steadman (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
JJ Steadman (New Cross Albion, Surrey Club)
JM Steadman (Bedfordshire)
M Steadman (Doncaster Town, Doncaster Town Second XI)
M Steadman (Calmore Sports B Under-13s)
M Steadman (Bedford Town)
N Steadman (Aldridge, Aldridge Second XI)
O Steadman (Durham Under-15s)
O Steadman (South Shields)
P Steadman (Slough)
P Steadman (East Lancashire)
P Steadman (Doncaster Town)
R Steadman (Sway)
R Steadman (Clayhill Dragonslayers)
RA Steadman (Prestwich, Prestwich Second XI)
S Steadman (Midhurst)
T Steadman (Hampshire Collegiate School)
T Steadman (Bashley (Rydal), Bashley (Rydal) Second XI)
W Steadman (Gloucester City Winget, Gloucestershire Under-17s)
W Steadman (Gloucester City)
M Steady (Bablake Old Boys, Bablake Old Boys Second XI)
M Steady (Bablake Old Boys, Bablake Old Boys Second XI, Fillongley Second XI)
C Steam (North Mymms)
A Stean (Leicester Teachers)
D Stean (Leicester Teachers)
O Stean (Leicester Teachers)
J Steane (Barwell)
R Steane (Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
RG Steane (York Civil Service)
M Steans (Egerton Park, Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
D Stear (Ashford District Under-17s)
D Stear (Wye)
G Stear (Club Cricket Conference Under-25s, Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s)
M Stear (Stanmore)
MC Stear (Richmond)
MG Stear (Berkshire)
N Stear (Middlesex Over-50s)
W Stearman (Kent)
W Stearman (Durham Coast Cricket League)
Stearn (Suffolk)
AJS Stearn (Cambridgeshire)
CP Stearn (Oxford University)
J Stearn (Cambridge Town Club)
JS Stearn (Cambridgeshire)
LG Stearn (Lancing College)
M Stearn (Truro)
R Stearn (Cambridgeshire)
T Stearn (Cambridge Town Club, Cambridge Union Club)
WH Stearn (Northamptonshire)
PWS Stearns (Devon, Royal Navy, South Devon)
D Stears (Welbeck Colliery)
S Steatfield (Old Wellingtonians)
D Steather (Bramshaw)





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