England Players (S)


A Singhal (Brasenose College, Oxford)
A Singhal (Pak Shaheen Third XI)
A Singhal (Pak Shaheen Third XI)
Abhinay Singhal (Griff and Coton)
Abhishek Singhal (Griff and Coton)
Singham (Middlesex Tamils)
J Singharajan (Middlesex Tamils)
R Singh Bhatti (Warwick)
A Singh-Brar (Coventry University)
J Singh Dulai (Warwickshire Under-19s)
N Singh-Dwami (Jason Gillespie Cricket Academy)
A Singhe (Indian Gymkhana)
K Singhe (Royal Navy)
R Singhe (Bracknell)
Singhgodia (Hurstpierpoint College)
J Singh-Gohil (Ickenham)
A Singh Harrad (Old Brentwoods)
V Singh-Lubana (Handsworth Third XI)
G Singh Maan (Castlethorpe)
G Singh Mann (Castlethorpe)
A Singh Momi (Bedfordshire Development XI)
A Singh-Nijjar (Bancroft's School)
S Singh-Nijjar (Norton Lindsey and Wolverton)
H Singhpanny (Harrow St Mary's)
D Singh-Parhar (Isham)
D Singh-Parhar (Cromer)
M Singh Rai (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
H Singh-Randawa (Acton)
H Singh Ryatt (Yorkshire Senior Schools)
P Singh-Tiwana (Ruislip)
Singhu (Army Air Corps)
Singineau (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
Singla (Lords and Commons)
N Singla (Histon)
S Singla (Winchester College)
T Singla (Butterflies)
Y Singla (Hayes Fourth XI, Hayes Second XI)
C Single (Ickwell)
C Single (North Middlesex)
GRC Single (Felsted School)
J Singlehurst (The Forty Club)
J Singlehurst (Northamptonshire Amateurs)
J Singlehurst (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
Singleton (Sleaford)
Singleton (Knowle and Dorridge)
Singleton (Trent College)
Singleton (Burnham-on-Sea)
Singleton (Bishop's School Second XI)
Singleton (Hounslow Garrison)
Singleton (Reading University Second XI)
Singleton (Royal Armoured Corps)
Singleton (Beswick Co-op)
Singleton (Royal Armoured Corps Centre)
Singleton (Sou' Westers)
Singleton (Bryanston School)
Singleton (Dorset Police)
Singleton (Botany Bay Second XI)
Singleton (Old Lincolnians)
Singleton (Pembroke College, Cambridge)
A Singleton (Fleetwood)
A Singleton (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
A Singleton (Worcester Magistrates Association)
A Singleton (Welbeck Colliery Fourth XI, Welbeck Colliery Second XI, Welbeck Colliery Third XI, Welbeck Second XI, Welbeck Third XI)
A Singleton (Major Cobb's XI)
A Singleton (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
A Singleton (scorer)
A Singleton (Outcasts Third XI)
A Singleton (Huntercombe)
A Singleton (Redoubtables Women)
A Singleton (Kenton)
A Singleton (Fleetwood Second XI)
A Singleton (Old Accringtonians)
AP Singleton (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Rhodesia, Worcestershire)
AP Singleton (FGH Chalk's XI)
AP Singleton (Derbyshire Friars)
B Singleton (Salisbury Wanderers)
B Singleton (North Leeds)
B Singleton (Swardeston, Swardeston Second XI)
C Singleton (Bridgwater, Somerset Under-17s)
C Singleton (Old Colfeians Second XI)
C Singleton (Blackpool Women)
D Singleton (Great Eccleston Second XI)
D Singleton (West Moors)
D Singleton (Pool)
D Singleton (Old Elizabethans Third XI)
D Singleton (Enfield Third XI)
E Singleton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Singleton (Timsbury)
E Singleton (Poynton)
EH Singleton (Oxford University, Shrewsbury School, Worcestershire, Worcestershire Second XI)
EHS Singleton (RE Luyt's XI)
EJM Singleton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Singleton (Colne, Colne Second XI)
F Singleton (Southwell)
G Singleton (Michael Singleton's XI)
G Singleton (Milnthorpe)
GF Singleton (Old Cuthbertians)
GM Singleton (Free Foresters, Worcestershire)
H Singleton (Holmesfield)
H Singleton (Ripon Grammar School)
H Singleton (Aston Villa Football Club Single)
H Singleton (Aston Villa Football Club)
HL Singleton (Devon Women, Durham Women, Somerset Women)
J Singleton (Newton Bridge)
J Singleton (J Singleton's XI)
J Singleton (Haslingden)
J Singleton (umpire)
J Singleton (scorer)
J Singleton (Old Colfeians Second XI)
J Singleton (North Perrott)
J Singleton (Mansfield Nomads)
J Singleton (Michael Singleton's XI)
J Singleton (Sherwood Colliery)
J Singleton (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
J Singleton (Thoresby Park)
J Singleton (The Forty Club)
J Singleton (University College School)
J Singleton (Whitley Hall)
J Singleton (Huntercombe)
J Singleton (Ollerton Colliery)
J Singleton (Ollerton Colliery)
J Singleton (Morecambe Second XI)
J Singleton (Dorset Rangers)
J Singleton (Bryanston School)
J Singleton (Sou' Westers)
J Singleton (Shirebrook)
J Singleton (Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
J Singleton (Wellow Exiles)
J Singleton (Cryptics)
JF Singleton (Trent College)
JFM Singleton (Army, Royal Artillery)
JR Singleton (umpire)
K Singleton (Blackpool Women, Lancashire Under-13s Women)
K Singleton (Dorset Police)
K Singleton (Milnthorpe)
KM Singleton (scorer)
L Singleton (Lancashire Women)
L Singleton (Monton and Weaste)
L Singleton (Fleet)
L Singleton (Eversholt)
L Singleton (Milnthorpe)
L Singleton (Mansfield Nomads)
L Singleton (Mansfield Nomads)
L Singleton (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
M Singleton (Andover Sixth XI)
M Singleton (Michael Singleton's XI)
M Singleton (umpire)
M Singleton (Holmesfield)
M Singleton (Solihull Municipal Third XI)
M Singleton (Mansfield Nomads)
M Singleton (New Longton Second XI, New Longton Third XI)
M Singleton (Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
MDD Singleton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
MDJ Singleton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oundle Rovers, Oundle School, Southgate, Winchmore Hill)
MDJ Singleton (Durham University)
N Singleton (Berkshire Under-19s)
N Singleton (Guards)
N Singleton (Chelsea Arts Club)
N Singleton (Retford, Retford Second XI)
N Singleton (Ollerton Colliery)
N Singleton (Fulwood and Broughton Third XI)
N Singleton (Sherwood Colliery Third XI)
O Singleton (Dorset Rangers)
P Singleton (Basildon and Pitsea)
P Singleton (Fleet)
P Singleton (Colne, Colne Second XI)
P Singleton (Retford, Retford Second XI)
P Singleton (Bewdley)
P Singleton (Kidderminster Victoria Third XI)
P Singleton (Old Hamptonians)
P Singleton (Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
PR Singleton (Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Support Command Under-25s, Royal Air Force Under-25s, Shropshire, Somerset Second XI)
R Singleton (Chessington)
R Singleton (Liverpool, Ormskirk)
R Singleton (Fulwood and Broughton Second XI, Fulwood and Broughton Third XI)
RJ Singleton (umpire, scorer)
S Singleton (Oxted and Limpsfield)
S Singleton (Croston)
S Singleton (Wellesbourne Second XI)
S Singleton (Michael Singleton's XI)
S Singleton (Froxfield)
S Singleton (Milnthorpe)
S Singleton (Cumberland)
S Singleton (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
T Singleton (umpire)
T Singleton (Oundle Rovers)
T Singleton (Dorchester Casuals)
TN Singleton (Winchester College)
VP Singleton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
W Singleton (Accrington)
W Singleton (Oxted and Limpsfield)
W Singleton (York Revellers)
W Singleton (Walton Second XI)
W Singleton (Oxted)
WH Singleton (Bury St Edmunds Grammar School)
WP Singleton (Solihull School)
WP Singleton (Derbyshire Friars)
WS Singleton (Cumberland)
J Singman (South Hampstead, South Hampstead Second XI)
MS Singodia (Sussex Martlets)
W Singuineau (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
Sinha (Solihull School)
A Sinha (Hinckley Town)
A Sinha (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Sinha (Newbury)
A Sinha (Liphook and Ripsley)
AA Sinha (King's School, Grantham)
AB Sinha (Grantham, King's School, Grantham)
AB Sinha (Marylebone Cricket Club)
ABA Sinha (Warwick School)
AN Sinha (Grantham, King's School, Grantham)
D Sinha (Essex Over-50s Second XI)
D Sinha (Woodford Wells)
D Sinha (Cross Arrows)
D Sinha (Woodford Wells Second XI)
D Sinha (Chinghoppers)
M Sinha (Parley Third XI)
O Sinha (Parley Third XI)
S Sinha (Emmbrook and Bearwood)
S Sinha (Bramcote Second XI)
V Sinha (Cove, Potters Bar)
V Sinha (Aldershot)
V Sinha (King Edward's School, Birmingham Under-15s)
V Sinha (Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s)
M Sinhd (Solihull School)
S Sinhit (Chiswick and Latymer)
Sinker (Trinity College, Cambridge)
E Sinker (Lancashire Under-13s Women B)
N Sinker (Oxford University Authentics)
ND Sinker (Cambridge University)
P Sinker (Old Oakhamians)
PNC Sinker (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
C Sinkins (Hampset)
C Sinkins (Marshfield)
G Sinkins (Bedford Modern School)
Sinkinson (Oldham)
Sinkinson (Derby School)
A Sinkinson (Derby School Second XI)
FG Sinkinson (Worksop College)
J Sinkinson (Milnrow)
NM Sinkinson (Milnrow, Royton)
P Sinkinson (Oldham)
Z Sinkinson (scorer)
Z Sinkinson (Harborne Fourth XI, Harborne Third XI)
W Sinkley (York and Darlington)
V Sinnatamby (Indian Gymkhana)
V Sinnetamby (Indian Gymkhana)
Sinnetemby (Indian Gymkhana)
I Sinniah (Deal Victoria and Barns Close Second XI)
A Sinnin (Cheetham Hill Second XI)
Sinnock (Cosmopolitans)
Sinnock (Lewes Grammar School)
H Sinnock (Gentlemen of Sussex)
HC Sinnock (Brighton College)
HG Sinnock (Eastbourne)
J Sinnock (St Lawrence and Highland Court, St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
S Sinnock (St Lawrence and Highland Court, St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
A Sinnott (Northern)
A Sinnott (Northern, Northern Second XI)
IP Sinnott (Sussex Martlets)
LP Sinnott (Tonbridge School)
Sinovan (Roedean School)
M Sinsbury (Broadwater)
Sinthu (Old Victorians)
JN Sintler (The Forty Club)
CF Sinton (Cricketers Club of London)
ER Sinton (Birmingham University)
KR Sinton (Benwell, Benwell Second XI)
R Sinton (Lancashire Under-15s Women, Lancashire Under-17s Women, Southport and Birkdale Women, Southport and Birkdale Women Second XI)
Siny (CS Dempster's XI)
P Sinyard (Hungerford)
DL Siordet (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
D Sipling (Alkborough Third XI)
J Sipocz (Bacup, Haslingden, Haslingden Second XI, Haslingden Third XI)
J Sipocz (Oswaldtwistle Immanuel, Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Second XI)
P Sipocz (Stop and Rest)
S Sipocz (Accrington Fourth XI, Oswaldtwistle Immanuel, Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Second XI, Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Third XI, Stop and Rest, Whalley Road)
Sippi (London)
R Sippitt (scorer)
A Sippy (North Lancashire and District Cricket League)
A Sippy (Home Counties Cricket League)
B Sippy (Ditchling)
B Sippy (Cryptics)
A Sipson (Kirkby Portland Second XI)
J Sipthorp (Ebrington)
J Sipthorp (Cambridge NCI, Cambridge NCI Second XI)
P Sipthorp (Highgate)
R Sipthorp (Ebrington)
V Siraham (Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University Second XI)
Siraj (Datchet)
Siraj (South Bank University)
Siraj (Atlantis)
Siraj (Holtwhites-Trinibis)
A Siraj (Osterley)
A Siraj (Bedhampton Mariners Third XI)
M Siraj (Church Second XI, Church Third XI)
N Siraj (Ford Sports Club)
S Siraj (Aztecs)
S Siraj (Manchester Area)
W Siraj (Nomads)
Y Siraj (Chilwell)
Z Siraj (Adel)
Siraj Ahmed (Middlesbrough Second XI)
Siraj Hussain (Lightcliffe, Lightcliffe Second XI)
Siraj Hussain (Bowling Old Lane)
Siraj Hussain (Kamand Centre)
S Siraji (Aztecs)
Siraj Khan (Lyndworth, Lyndworth Second XI)
Siraj Khan (Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI)
Siraj Nasir (Ford Sports Club)
Siraj Sajid (Paddock)
Sirat (Refugee Cricket Project)
Siraz (Illston Abey)
M Sircom (Finchley)
M Sircom (umpire)
Y Sirdar (Stratford-upon-Avon)
A Sirensia (CUACO)
K Siresh (Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
AJ Sirett (Metropolitan Police Bromley)
G Sirett (Rowland United)
J Sirett (Cokenach)
O Sirett (Eaton Bray)
M Siriki (Heart of England)
Sirimanna (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
G Sirimanne (Cropredy)
J Sirinivagan (Sonning Fourth XI)
N Sirisena (Hobgoblin Nomads)
E Siriton (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
N Siriwardane (Wembley)
G Siriwardene (Oxfordshire Under-14s)
S Siriwardhane (Hornsey)
D Sirl (umpire)
M Sirot-Smith (Needingworth)
M Sirot-Smith (Sussex Junior Festival XI)
S Sirpal (Hainault and Clayhall Second XI)
SK Sirpal (Hainault and Clayhall, Hainault and Clayhall Second XI)
P Sirrel (The Forty Club)
Sirrell (Robincroft)
E Sirrell (Droitwich Spa)
ET Sirrell (Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI, The Forty Club)
G Sirrell (Walton-on-Trent)
M Sirrell (Allestree)
M Sirrell (Robincroft)
H Sirringhaus (Cambridgeshire Under-17s Women)
J Sirs (Kimbolton School)
Sirshah Ahmed (Old Emanuel)
S Sirwani (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
Sisam (Selly Oak)
W Sisam (Mason Science College, Birmingham)
P Sisediya (English Schools Cricket Association South and West Under-15s)
B Sisk (scorer)
R Sisk (scorer)
RLB Sisk (referee)
M Siskind (Wanstead)
MN Siskind (Essex Second XI)
J Sisley (Broadwater)
JG Sisley (Boughton Hall)
D Sisman (Everton, Everton Second XI)
CE Sismey (Bournemouth)
ON Sismey (Eton College)
G Sismey-Durant (Old Bedfordians)
ME Sismore (Stamford School Town House)
J Sisney-Durant (Old Bedfordians)
A Sisodia (Indian Gymkhana, Middlesex Over-50s)
D Sisodia (Indian Gymkhana)
J Sisodia (Indian Gymkhana)
J Sisodia (Milton Abbey School)
R Sisodia (Indian Gymkhana)
S Sisodia (Kettering Town)
S Sisodia (Walmley Third XI)
S Sisodia (Walmley Fourth XI, Walmley Third XI)
U Sisodia (Gloucestershire Second XI)
U Sisodia (Leicestershire Second XI)
V Sisodia (Atherstone Town, Billesdon, Hinckley Town, Syston Town)
V Sisodia (Shree Sanatan Centre)
V Sisodia (Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
V Sisodia (Indian Gymkhana)
V Sisodia (Shree Sanatan Centre)
B Sisodiya (Kettering Town, Overstone Park, Overstone Park Second XI, Rushton Second XI)
D Sisodiya (Long Buckby)
K Sisodiya (Long Buckby)
P Sisodya (Clifton College)
B Sissen (umpire)
R Sissen (umpire)
W Sissen (Upminster, Upminster)
R Sissing (Bletchley Town)
S Sissodia (Bournemouth Wayfarers)
V Sissodia (Langtons)
Sisson (Bromsgrove Martlets)
A Sisson (Grappenhall)
A Sisson (Royal Air Force Development XI)
A Sisson (Underwood, Underwood Second XI)
A Sisson (Lowdham Second XI)
C Sisson (scorer)
C Sisson (Farnsfield, Farnsfield Second XI, Farnsfield Third XI)
C Sisson (Farnsfield Second XI, Farnsfield Third XI)
D Sisson (Long Sutton)
D Sisson (Grappenhall)
EC Sisson (AAW Mewburn's Durham Colts)
G Sisson (Culgaith)
G Sisson (Madni)
G Sisson (Lowdham, Lowdham Second XI)
G Sisson (umpire)
I Sisson (Carshalton)
J Sisson (Grappenhall)
J Sisson (Combined Services)
J Sisson (Woodley, Woodley Second XI)
J Sisson (Langley Mill United)
J Sisson (Ellerslie Fourth XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
J Sisson (Lowdham, Lowdham Second XI)
J Sisson (Oxton)
JC Sisson (Clifton College)
K Sisson (Teversal Second XI)
K Sisson (Teversal)
M Sisson (Old Southendian and Southchurch)
M Sisson (Ilkeston Rutland, Ilkeston Rutland Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-14s)
M Sisson (Cumberland and Westmorland Eastern Zone)
M Sisson (Underwood, Underwood Second XI)
M Sisson (Nutbrook)
MJ Sisson (Farnsfield, Farnsfield Second XI, Farnsfield Third XI)
NT Sisson (Bromsgrove School)
P Sisson (umpire)
S Sisson (Gresham's School)
T Sisson (Papplewick and Linby, Papplewick and Linby Second XI, Papplewick and Linby Third XI, Papplewick and Linby Under-19s)
T Sisson (Lowdham, Lowdham Second XI)
T Sisson (Madni)
Sissons (London University Women, The Cuckoos)
Sissons (Bedford Modern School Under-16s)
Sissons (Oxford University Authentics)
Sissons (Nottinghamshire Next XXII)
Sissons (Retford Grammar School)
A Sissons (Christleton)
A Sissons (Birmingham City Mental Hospital Winson Green)
A Sissons (King's School, Chester)
B Sissons (Steel, Peech and Tozer)
F Sissons (Retford Grammar School)
G Sissons (Birmingham and District Wednesday Cricket Association)
G Sissons (Birmingham and District Wednesday Cricket Association)
GH Sissons (Horncastle)
GR Sissons (Retford Grammar School)
J Sissons (umpire)
J Sissons (Rydal Penrhos School)
J Sissons (United Services)
J Sissons (West Ham United Football Club)
J Sissons (West Wittering)
J Sissons (Bishop Luffa School)
J Sissons (Thrumpton Third XI)
JT Sissons (Devon)
M Sissons (Tickhill)
N Sissons (Aston Unity, Aston Unity Third XI)
P Sissons (umpire)
R Sissons (Cheshire Under-13s, Cheshire Under-14s)
R Sissons (Lancashire Under-15s)
R Sissons (Blackpool)
R Sissons (Derbyshire County Colts)
RE Sissons (Retford Grammar School)
T Sissons (Dulwich)
T Sissons (Dulwich Public Schools)
T Sissons (umpire)
T Sissons (Lowdham Second XI)
TJ Sissons (East Riding, Heavy Woollen District, Yorkshire Second XI)
WW Sissons (Retford Grammar School)
R Sister (Bethany School)
T Sistern (umpire)
E Sisterson (Alnwick, Ashington, Northumberland)
E Sisterson (umpire)
Siswick (Wakefield)
T Siswick (Bracebridge Heath, Bracebridge Heath Second XI)
Sitampalam (Barnet Second XI)
G Sitaula (Fair Oak Fourth XI)
CH Sitch (House of Commons North)
T Sitch (Old Vigornians)
J Sitham (St George's Hospital)
KC Sitham (United Hospitals)
KC Sitham (St George's Hospital)
T Sithole (Sentinel)
BS Sitisabesan (Serendib)
G Sittampalam (Catford and Cyphers)
G Sittampalam (Barnet)
G Sittampalam (United Hospitals)
J Sittampalam (Barnet)
J Sittanpalam (Barnet)
D Sittol (St Albans West Indians)
D Sittol (S Kirnon's XI)
D Sittol (Stroud Green)
WD Sittwell (Royal Artillery)
D Situ (Tamworth Second XI)
A Situnayake (Tamworth, Tamworth Second XI)
P Situnayake (Tamworth)
D Sitwell (Stainsby)
DW Sitwell (Oakham)
DW Sitwell (Derbyshire Friars)
ES Sitwell (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Friars)
ES Sitwell (Scarsdale)
FH Sitwell (Bullingdon, Christ Church, Oxford, Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Shropshire, Knighton, Ludlow, Ludlow and South Shropshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Radnorshire, Ross Yeomanry Camp Officers, Shropshire, Shropshire Yeomanry Officers)
FH Sitwell (Enville Hall)
GR Sitwell (Hovingham Hall, Scarborough, Scarborough Visitors)
GW Sitwell (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Rutland)
W Sitwell (Malvern College, Royal Artillery)
WHH Sitwell (Free Foresters, Knighton, Ludlow, Ludlow and South Shropshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Radnorshire, Shropshire)
D Sitwin (Longsight Second XI)
Siva (Shepherds Bush)
A Siva (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
K Siva (Carshalton)
S Siva (Middleton Stoney)
S Siva (Nomads)
K Sivagnanasundran (Middlesex Tamils)
A Sivagurunathan (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
A Sivagurunathan (Poplars)
K Sivajoti (Chingford, Chingford Second XI)
K Sivajoti (Chingford Second XI)
K Sivajoti (Mayor of Waltham Forest's XI)
S Sivakanthan (Middlesex Tamils)
Siva Kumar (Waltham St Lawrence, Waltham St Lawrence Second XI)
Siva-Kumar (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
A Sivakumar (Cricket Society)
A Sivakumar (Old Haberdashers)
R Sivakumar (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Fourth XI, South West Manchester Second XI, South West Manchester Third XI)
R Sivakumar (scorer)
K Sivakumaran (Dulwich College, Old Alleynians, Spencer)
R Sivalingam (Serendib)
R Sivalingam (umpire)
R Sivalingam (Crawley Eagles Third XI)
S Sivalingham (Walthamstow)
J Sivanandarajah (Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
S Sivandran (Nomads)
S Sivapalan (Burton)
S Sivapalan (Hertford)
S Sivapathasuntharam (Maritime, Maritime Second XI)
J Sivarajah (Old Parkonians)
M Sivarajah (Rainham Second XI)
N Sivarajah (Barbados Overseas Cricket Association Second XI)
PA Sivarajah (Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Middlesex Under-17s, Northamptonshire Second XI, Southgate, University of Southampton)
M Sivarajan (Beckenham Second XI)
S Sivarajan (CUACO, CUACO Second XI)
S Sivarajeev (Barbados Overseas Cricket Association, Barbados Overseas Cricket Association Second XI)
V Sivaram (Durham University)
K Sivaramakrishnan (University of Southampton)
S Sivaranjan (CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI, Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
Sivas (Highgate School)
S Sivasamy (Kempston Hammers)
T Sivasuthan (Ilford Catholics)
Sivathairns (Edmonton Second XI)
S Sivathas (Walthamstow)
D Sivathasan (Edmonton)
K Sivathasan (Middlesex Tamils)
S Sivathasan (Edmonton)
T Sivathasan (South Woodford, South Woodford, South Woodford Second XI)
T Sivathasan (London Schools Under-16s)
A Sivayoganathan (Nottingham High School)
A Sivayoganathan (Ellerslie, Ellerslie, Ellerslie Second XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
A Sivayoganathan (umpire)
J Sivel (Weston)
A Siven (Thoresby Park)
A Siven (Shirebrook)
CH Sivers (King's College School, Wimbledon)
J Sivers (King's College School, Wimbledon)
L Sivers (Richmond)
LM Sivers (King's College School, Wimbledon)
K Sivetter (The Forty Club)
C Sivewright (Durham School Second XI)
E Sivewright (Cambridge University, Kent, Surrey)
J Sivewright (Gentlemen of Hampshire, Gentlemen of South Hampshire)
JP Sivewright (Durham School Second XI)
K Sivewright (Kimbolton School)
K Sivewright (The Forty Club)
Siveyer (Dartford Grammar School)
Siveyer (Wimborne)
A Siveyer (Bexley Second XI)
D Siveyer (Lincolnshire Under-17s)
G Siveyer (Bexley, Club Cricket Conference, Kent Cricket League, Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Siveyer (Dartford Grammar School)
G Siveyer (Holmesdale)
G Siveyer (Bexley Second XI)
G Siveyer (Bexley)
V Siveyer (Dartford Grammar School)
WTC Siveyor (Army)
Sivier (Southampton Institute)
J Sivier (King's School, Ely)
J Sivier (Fordham)
S Sivier (Hambledon, Hursley Park, Winchester Krakatoa Simmarians)
S Sivier (Paultons)
S Sivier (Southampton Institute)
EW Sivil (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
VR Sivil (King Edward VII School, Sheffield Second XI)
Siviter (Cryptics)
A Siviter (Cannock)
A Siviter (Alvaston and Boulton, Alvaston and Boulton Second XI)
A Siviter (Dudley and District Cricket League)
C Siviter (Free Foresters)
F Siviter (S Whitehouse's XI)
K Siviter (Oxford University)
O Siviter (Himley Fourth XI)
P Siviter (scorer)
G Sivyer (Jer Lane)
A Siwicki (Stourport-on-Severn)
A Siwicki (Kidderminster Second XI)
AR Siwicki (Kidderminster Victoria, Kidderminster Victoria Second XI, Worcestershire Under-17s, Worcestershire Under-21s)
C Siwicki (Kidderminster, Kidderminster Victoria)
C Siwicki (Stourport-on-Severn)
I Sixon (umpire)
Sixsmith (Dowty Staverton)
Sixsmith (Dowty Staverton)
A Sixsmith (Middlesex Women Second XI)
AJ Sixsmith (Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Orrell Red Triangle, Wigan)
E Sixsmith (scorer)
I Sixsmith (Irlam)
P Sixsmith (Orrell Red Triangle)
T Sixsmith (Cayton)
M Siyalwi (Kingstonian)
C Siyanages (Harrow Town)
Siyan Ahmed (Asian)
S Siyath (Norwich)
K Siyodia (Bedfordshire Over-50s, Bedfordshire Over-50s Second XI)
A Size (Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women Development XI)
K Size (umpire)
G Sizemore (Chagford)
B Sizer (umpire)
B Sizer (Caldecote)
C Sizer (Hartley Country Club)
D Sizer (Taunton Deane)
D Sizer (Bournemouth University)
D Sizer (Dorset Development XI, Dorset Under-21s)
D Sizer (Staplegrove)
D Sizer (Bishops Lydeard)
D Sizer (Dorset Select XI)
D Sizer (PR Hall's XI)
J Sizer (North Wheatley with Leverton, North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
J Sizer (North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
R Sizer (umpire)
SA Sizer (Monkton Combe School)
T Sizer (Servicemaster)
A Sizmur (Frimley Third XI)
A Sizmur (Frimley Third XI)
G Sizmur (Chagford)
G Sizmur (Lewdown)
S Sizmur (Chagford)
MA Sizzey (Woodhall Spa)
J Sizzey-Carter (Wisborough Green)
SJ (Weymouth Women)
Sjad (Brunel University)
J Sjölin (scorer)
L Skade (St Ambrose College)
C Skadorwa (Basford Mill, Basford Mill Second XI)
G Skae (Wallasey)
G Skae (Wallasey and New Brighton)
GH Skae (Wallasey)
GH Skae (Newsham)
D Skaife (Eversley)
R Skaife (Ormskirk)
Skaites (Harrow Town)
D Skaith (Knaresborough, Knaresborough Forest)
D Skaith (Sussex Martlets)
SM Skala (Oxford University)
Skan (scorer)
A Skan (Chiddingly)
S Skandamoorthy (Epping)
S Skandamoorthy (Oakfield Parkonians)
A Skane (Brighton College)
R Skane (Portsmouth Grammar School)
R Skani Kamalia (English Schools Cricket Association)
J Skarbeck (South Nutfield)
J Skarbeck (South Nutfield)
J Skaria (Crawley)
K Skaria (Kerala Second XI)
CS Skarratt (Incogniti)
A Skates (Carmel and District, Carmel and District Second XI)
A Skates (Broadbridge Heath)
J Skates (Lensbury)
J Skates (Ibis)
K Skates (Ibis)
R Skates (Stowmarket)
S Skates (Carmel and District)
S Skatha (Ilford Catholics)
A Skea (Boldon, Boldon Midweek XI)
RL Skea (British Empire XI, Middlesex Hospital, United Hospitals)
B Skead (Fulbourn Institute Sports and Social Club)
B Skead (Richings Park)
M Skean (Ampleforth College)
L Skeane (Barwell)
J Skeaping (Marlborough)
Skeates (Wherwell)
G Skeates (Rotherwick Second XI)
GC Skeates (Chigwell School)
HC Skeates (Bohemians)
J Skeates (South Wilts)
N Skeates (Woodford Wells)
R Skeates (Andover Fifth XI, Andover Fourth XI, Andover Under-17s)
R Skeates (scorer)
R Skeates (Hale)
R Skeates (Amport)
R Skeates (Wherwell)
D Skeath (Bedfordshire Over-50s, Bedfordshire Over-50s Second XI)
G Skeats (Vosper Thornycroft Second XI)
K Skeats (Hungerford)
R Skeats (Wherwell)
R Skeats (Andover Fourth XI)
D Skeel (The Forty Club)
S Skeel (Ardingly College)
Skeels (Northgate Grammar School)
CH Skeels (Gentlemen of Norfolk)
H Skeels (Hertfordshire Under-17s Women)
P Skeels (Preston, Preston Second XI)
PB Skeels (Southgate)
MP Skeemer (Cornwood, Devon Under-13s, Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s)
SR Skeemer (scorer)
D Skeen (Cheltenham)
F Skeen (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RG Skeen (Bedford Grammar School)
A Skeet (Luckett)
A Skeet (Luckett)
CHL Skeet (Middlesex, Oxford University)
CHL Skeet (CHL Skeet's XI)
CHL Skeet (GP Glanfield's XI)
EHL Skeet (DJ Knight's XI)
EL Skeet (St Paul's School)
IPH Skeet (Marlborough College, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Club and Ground)
J Skeet (Mistley, Mistley)
J Skeet (Hayling Island, Hayling Island Second XI)
T Skeet (Stowe Templars)
S Skeete (Oxton)
S Skeete (Electricity Sports)
S Skeete (Folkestone)
R Skeets (Amport)
R Skegggs (Knebworth Park)
A Skeggs (Long Melford)
AE Skeggs (Hertfordshire)
C Skeggs (Denmead Second XI)
N Skeggs (Heywood's House, Oakham School)
RC Skeggs (King Edward VII School, Sheffield Second XI)
RJ Skeggs (Hertfordshire, Knebworth Park)
RLD Skeggs (Trent College)
RO Skeggs (Sheffield Collegiate)
S Skeggs (Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans, Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans Second XI)
S Skeggs (Kimble)
VJ Skeggs (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women, Hertfordshire Under-15s Women, Hertfordshire Under-17s Women)
B Skehan (Ampleforth College)
Skehel (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
A Skehez (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
R Skelcher (St Martins)
A Skelding (Leicestershire)
D Skelding (Pedmore)
H Skelding (Walmley Women Second XI)
J Skelding (South Wingfield)
M Skelding (Letchworth Second XI)
S Skelding (Fillongley, Fillongley Second XI)
T Skelding (Tynemouth)
T Skelding (Stourbridge, Stourbridge Second XI)
J Skeldon (Woodsetts Second XI, Woodsetts Third XI)
J Skeldon (Woodsetts)
E Skelham (Ellerslie, Gedling Colliery, Gedling Colliery Second XI, Hyson Green, Hyson Green Carrington Caribs, Hyson Green Carrington Caribs Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s, Notts Unity Casuals, Notts Unity Casuals Second XI, Notts Unity Casuals Third XI)
M Skelham (Uttoxeter Second XI)
J Skelhon (Attleborough)
T Skelhon (Attleborough)
J Skelhorn (Ellesmere)
K Skelhorn (Cheshire Women)
RR Skelhorn (Club Cricket Conference)
GL Skellam (Staffordshire)
GT Skellam (Staffordshire)
D Skellekie (University of Southampton)
E Skellen (Notts Unity Casuals Second XI)
Skellern (Tenbury)
A Skellern (The Forty Club)
Skellett (Old Oakhamians President's XI)
G Skellett (Exton)
R Skellett (Lingfield)
A Skelley (Urmston)
A Skelley (Cheshire Over-60s Second XI)
J Skelley (Urmston)
Skelling (Hardye's School)
Skellington (Nottingham High School)
D Skellington (umpire)
GC Skellington (Nottingham High School)
J Skellington (Cheetham Hill, Cheetham Hill Second XI, Stand, Stand Second XI)
N Skellington (Stand Second XI)
R Skellington (umpire)
Skelly (Hoddesdon)
A Skelly (Cheshire Over-60s, Cheshire Over-60s Second XI)
A Skelly (Northumberland Under-15s Women)
A Skelly (Cheshire Over-70s)
D Skelly (Cawthorne)
J Skelly (Urmston)
LJ Skelly (Cawthorne)
SM Skelly (Swardeston)
W Skelly (Alnwick)
Skelmersdale (Hayter's Oxford XI)
Skelmersdale (Eton College)
Skelmersdale (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Skelmersdale (Harlequins)
Skelmersdale (Moor Park)
Lord Skelmersdale (I Zingari, Lords and Commons, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Skelsey (Farnham Women)
RW Skelsey (Hymers College, Hull Second XI)
J Skelson (Royal Air Force Signals)
R Skelson (Royal Air Force Signals)
WH Skelson (scorer)





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