England Players (S)


Sowerby (Halesowen)
CA Sowerby (Liverpool College, Neston, Universities Athletic Union)
G Sowerby (Timperley)
G Sowerby (Darlington, Darlington Second XI, Thornaby)
H Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
HE Sowerby (Pocklington School)
HJ Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
HS Sowerby (The Forty Club)
J Sowerby (Marlborough College Common Room, Rev J Sowerby's House)
O Sowerby (Barby Second XI)
P Sowerby (Ickwell)
R Sowerby (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
R Sowerby (Durham)
TG Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
TW Sowerby (The Forty Club)
ECW Sowman (Bedford Modern School)
E Sowray (Birstwith Women)
J Sowray (Malton)
J Sowter (Fenner)
U Sowter (Derbyshire)
Veronica Sowton (Worthing Women)
VL Sowton (Sussex Women, Sussex Women Second XI)
Soyaib (Illston Abey)
H Soysa (Acton)
U Soysa (Bowden)
CR Soza (Berkshire)
M Spacey (Bedworth, Bedworth Second XI, Bedworth Third XI)
R Spacey (Bedworth, Bedworth Second XI)
Spackman (Dover Garrison)
CF Spackman (Corsham, Wiltshire)
D Spackman (The Forty Club)
D Spackman (Surrey Over-60s, Surrey Over-60s Second XI)
FG Spackman (Aldenham School)
J Spackman (Norfolk Over-50s)
L Spackman (Wiltshire)
M Spackman (Chester Boughton Hall)
AJH Spafford (CF Tufnell's XI)
G Spafford (Northumberland Schoolboys)
LW Spafford (Universities Athletic Union)
MT Spafford (Trent College)
A Spain (Colchester and East Essex)
G Spain (Gentlemen of Kent)
NB Spain (Northumberland and Durham Women)
R Spain (J Bayley's XI)
S Spain (Highams Park)
T Spain (J Bayley's XI)
W Spain (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
Spalding (Royal Air Force Bomber Command)
Spalding (Combined King Edward's Grammar Schools)
D Spalding (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
DEC Spalding (Trent College)
FL Spalding (Bedford Grammar School)
J Spalding (Kent Second XI)
JR Spalding (The Forty Club)
M Spalding (Davenham)
MS Spalding (Devon)
N Spalding (Hockerill)
R Spalding (High Easter)
AJ Spall (Suffolk)
CE Spall (Cheltenham College)
H Spall (Northumberland Juniors)
M Spall (Solihull School)
R Spall (Newquay)
C Spalton (Lensbury)
JA Spalton (Surrey Second XI, Surrey Young Cricketers)
R Spalton (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
RB Spandler (Combined Services, Royal Air Force)
C Spanner (Cadnam Under-15s)
H Spanswick (Cannock)
JG Spanswick (Kent)
Spanton (Kent Second XI)
C Spanton (Sandwich Town)
JW Spanton (Hereford Cathedral School)
M Spanton (Congleton)
TF Spanton (King's School, Canterbury)
W Spanton (Oxfordshire)
T Sparcy (Aldershot Command)
C Spare (Derbyshire Juniors)
C Spare (Dover)
M Spare (Derbyshire Juniors)
G Spares (Evesham)
Sparey (Durham Light Infantry)
J Sparey (Herefordshire Colts, Herefordshire Under-16s, Old Bristolians Westbury)
J Sparey (Old Elizabethans, Old Elizabethans Second XI)
JB Spargo (Charterhouse School)
HH Sparham (Crystal Palace)
N Sparham (Denby, Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-25s, Marehay, Papplewick and Linby)
N Sparham (Derbyshire Over-50s)
N Sparham (The Forty Club)
O Spark (Burnley Second XI)
RVS Spark (Huntingdonshire, Old Bedfordians, The Forty Club)
Sparke (Surrey)
G Sparke (Chester Boughton Hall, Chester Boughton Hall Second XI)
G Sparke (scorer)
JB Sparke (Bury St Edmunds Grammar School)
T Sparke (Whitstable)
XK Sparke (Cumbria Under-13s Women, Cumbria Under-15s Women)
Sparkes (umpire)
C Sparkes (Hardingham)
D Sparkes (Rainhill)
E Sparkes (Warminster Women)
EF Sparkes (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
G Sparkes (Sussex)
GA Sparkes (Hampshire Colts, Portsmouth Borough)
H Sparkes (Bath Women Second XI)
HW Sparkes (Major E Barbour's XI)
JB Sparkes (Durham, Durham, Sunderland)
KE Sparkes (Essex Second XI, North East Essex Cricket Association Seniors)
L Sparkes (Margate Women)
M Sparkes (Hartley Country Club)
RE Sparkes (Wiltshire Under-17s Women)
WH Sparkes (Monmouthshire)
Sparks (Cambridge University)
Sparks (Storrington and Pulborough)
Sparks (umpire)
A Sparks (Morlands)
A Sparks (Sale)
A Sparks (Wellington)
AB Sparks (Liverpool)
AM Sparks (Marchwiel, North Wales Cricket Association, Northop Hall)
C Sparks (Hardingham)
DA Sparks (Buckinghamshire Young Amateurs)
EA Sparks (Haileybury College)
F Sparks (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
G Sparks (Surrey)
H Sparks (Somerset Women)
HBA Sparks (Hertfordshire)
J Sparks (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey)
J Sparks (Ashby Hastings)
J Sparks (Lancaster)
J Sparks (Easton and Martyr Worthy, Easton and Martyr Worthy Second XI)
J Sparks (Bexleyheath)
J Sparks (Walsall Second XI)
JB Sparks (Royal Navy)
JN Sparks (Royal Navy)
L Sparks (Kendal, Lancaster)
L Sparks (Wigan and District Cricket League Under-15s)
M Sparks (Cheshire Under-17s Women, Chester Boughton Hall Women, Hope Hawks Women)
N Sparks (Ashford, Ashford Second XI)
NG Sparks (Somerset Under-13s Women, Somerset Under-15s Women, Somerset Under-17s Women, Taunton St Andrews Women, Taunton Women)
O Sparks (Burnley Third XI)
P Sparks (Nelson)
P Sparks (Tenterden Second XI)
R Sparks (Ashford, Ashford Second XI)
R Sparks (The Mote, The Mote Second XI)
S Sparks (Lancaster)
WRI Sparks (Haileybury College)
Sparky (Leicestershire Under-15s Women)
A Sparling (Ampleforth College, Old Amplefordians)
E Sparling (Frindsbury Second XI)
I Sparling (Old Hamptonians)
K Sparling (Wivenhoe Town)
R Sparling (Bold Dragoon)
TJW Sparling (Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Merchant Taylors)
WAA Sparling (Ampleforth College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Amplefordians, The Rest)
WSA Sparling (Ishmaelites)
M Sparrey (North Middlesex)
MR Sparrey (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Sparrow (Burnley)
Sparrow (Huntingdonshire)
A Sparrow (St Blazey)
AJ Sparrow (Hampshire)
B Sparrow (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
C Sparrow (Copdock and Old Ipswichian)
C Sparrow (Weekley and Warkton)
E Sparrow (Cambridgeshire Under-13s Women, Cambridgeshire Under-15s Women)
GR Sparrow (Derbyshire)
H Sparrow (Birmingham)
HA Sparrow (East Lancashire, Travellers)
J Sparrow (Essex Cricket Board)
J Sparrow (Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
J Sparrow (The Oratory School)
JWP Sparrow (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-15s, Herefordshire Under-17s, Ludlow and South Shropshire)
L Sparrow (Bromsgrove School, Herefordshire Under-14s, Herefordshire Under-15s, Herefordshire Under-17s)
M Sparrow (Potters Bar)
MJF Sparrow (Saffron Walden)
P Sparrow (Lancaster)
P Sparrow (Ashby Timken)
PLJ Sparrow (British Police, Herefordshire, Ludlow, Ludlow and South Shropshire, Midland Region Police, Shropshire)
R Sparrow (Cambridgeshire, Club Cricket Conference, Kensington, Marylebone Cricket Club, Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Second XI)
R Sparrow (Elmstead, Elmstead Grasshoppers)
RB Sparrow (Tonbridge School)
RW Sparrow (Charterhouse School)
SJ Sparrow (East Lancashire)
T Sparrow (scorer)
T Sparrow (Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s)
T Sparrow (Barnard Castle)
W Sparrow (Shropshire Under-21s)
WG Sparrow (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI)
WJ Sparrow (Travellers)
WJ Sparrow (The Oratory School)
J Sparrowhawk (Old Elthamians Second XI)
A Sparshott (Havant Second XI)
DE Sparshott (Northampton School for Boys)
PJ Sparshott (umpire)
G Spary (Monmouthshire)
MS Spatcher (Halstead, Halstead, Perth)
R Spatcher (Kislingbury Temperance)
J Spaven (Northern)
N Spaven (Northern)
J Spavin (Hagley)
A Spaxman (Acle)
H Spaxman (Thornaby)
Speak (Yorkshire Cricket Council)
C Speak (Eccleston)
D Speak (Lancaster)
ER Speak (St John's School, Leatherhead)
F Speak (Todmorden Second XI)
GJ Speak (Lancashire)
J Speak (Yorkshire Second XI)
J Speak (Great Harwood)
J Speak (Stockport)
M Speak (Haslingden)
MA Speak (Cumberland)
NJ Speak (Durham, Lancashire)
P Speak (Stockport)
S Speak (Loughborough University)
S Speak (Evesham)
S Speak (Loughborough College)
SJ Speak (Lancashire Second XI)
WJ Speak (Nottinghamshire)
B Speake (Quatt)
LH Speake (Lutterworth Women, Warwickshire Under-13s Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women)
RJV Speake (scorer)
SI Speake (Pershore, Pershore Second XI)
A Speakman (Ashbourne)
D Speakman (umpire, scorer)
E Speakman (Huyton)
G Speakman (DCS Compton's XI)
JM Speakman (University College of North Wales)
K Speakman (Sandhurst, Sandhurst Second XI)
LA Speakman (Haileybury College)
NCE Speakman (Felsted School)
R Speakman (Sussex)
W Speakman (Alvanley)
AJM Spear (Chichester Clergy)
B Spear (Cornwall Over-60s)
CA Spear (Dorset)
GE Spear (Monkton Combe School)
JW Spear (Wellingborough School)
MF Spear (England Women)
RA Spear (Dover College)
RNH Spear (King's College School, Wimbledon)
W Spear (Southend-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
W Spear (Sutton Coldfield)
Spearing (High Wycombe)
A Spearing (Paultons, Paultons, Paultons Second XI)
A Spearing (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
HEP Spearing (Hampton Wick Royal)
MH Spearing (Lancing College)
SMH Spearing (Bank of England, British Empire XI, Cheshire, Club Cricket Conference, Epsom, New Brighton)
D Spearman (Lincolnshire Under-17s, Sleaford)
JLE Spearman (Marylebone Cricket Club, South Wales, South Wales Cricket Club)
J Spears (scorer)
LMD Spears (Cambridgeshire Under-13s, Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s, Cambridgeshire Under-17s, Cambridgeshire Under-25s, Oakham School, Sawston)
M Spears (Hammerwich Women)
T Spears (Enville)
Speck (West Kent Wanderers)
JH Speck (Seaford Visitors)
M Speck (Whitchurch)
M Speck (Spen Victoria)
D Spector (umpire)
A Spedding (Durham, Durham County Schoolboys)
C Spedding (Middleton-on-Sea)
C Spedding (Cumbria Under-13s Women, Cumbria Under-15s Women)
GO Spedding (Southwell Clergy)
J Spedding (Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge University)
J Spedding (Newton-le-Willows)
JA Spedding (Cumberland)
TR Spedding (Framlingham College)
AI Speddy (umpire)
M Speddy (umpire)
E Speechley (Peterborough)
HM Speechley (Old Monktonians)
S Speechley (Hampstead)
AJ Speechly (Dulwich College)
Speed (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
AW Speed (Warwickshire)
C Speed (Barnsley)
C Speed (Loddington and Mawsley Women)
C Speed (Taunton)
EBB Speed (Christ's Hospital)
FE Speed (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Speed (Haslingden)
J Speed (Stoke Bruerne)
K Speed (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women, Huntingdonshire Under-15s Women)
RWA Speed (Rugby School)
T Speed (Huyton)
TP Speed (Birkenhead)
W Speed (Chester-le-Street)
WH Speed (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
D Speedy (Sevenoaks Vine Fourth XI)
M Speedy (Cannock)
A Speer (Linden Park, Linden Park Second XI)
A Speer (Army Women)
RGT Speer (Eton College, The Forty Club)
W Speer (Shepherds Bush, Sutton Coldfield)
JW Speet (King Edward VII School Sheffield)
Speight (Stockton and Middlesbrough)
A Speight (Bury)
D Speight (Torrisholme, Torrisholme Second XI)
DA Speight (scorer)
E Speight (scorer)
GE Speight (Giggleswick School)
IWN Speight (Repton School)
J Speight (Derbyshire Over-50s)
K Speight (Yorkshire Second XI)
M Speight (Middlesex Second XI, St Peter's School, York)
MP Speight (Durham, Northumberland, Sussex, Wellington)
R Speight (scorer)
S Speight (Bishop Auckland)
T Speight (Rotherham)
T Speight (Bury)
T Speight (Ramsbottom)
J Speirs (Southport and Birkdale)
J Speirs (Cumbria Under-15s)
K Speirs (Plumpton and East Chiltington)
CC Speke (Eton College)
N Speke (Derbyshire Second XI)
M Spelding (Batley)
A Speller (Great Waltham)
C Speller (Blackheath, Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Kent Under-15s, Kent Under-17s)
C Speller (Roan and Lambethans Second XI)
CS Speller (Eltham College)
E Speller (Waltham Abbey)
J Speller (Banstead, Wimbledon)
J Speller (Waltham Abbey)
J Speller (Spencer)
TRE Spelling (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Cranbrook Lynxes, Wiltshire)
J Spellman jun (Durham Coast Cricket League)
J Spellman sen (Durham Coast Cricket League)
B Spells (Belbroughton, Belbroughton Third XI)
M Spells (Belbroughton, Belbroughton Third XI)
M Spells (Cheadle)
C Spelman (scorer)
GD Spelman (Kent)
J Spelman (Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s)
JM Spelman (Great Witchingham, Minor Counties Under-25s, Norfolk, Norfolk Development Squad, Norfolk Second XI, Norfolk Under-19s, Norfolk Under-21s, Vauxhall Mallards)
JO Spelman (Great Witchingham, Norfolk, Norfolk Development Squad, Vauxhall Mallards, Vauxhall Mallards Second XI)
MC Spelman (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs Under-19s, Kent Over-50s, Kent Over-50s Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Spelzini (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women)
Spence (Royal Field Artillery Officer Cadet Corps)
A Spence (Leicestershire)
A Spence (Beverley Town)
A Spence (Bootle)
APG Spence (Marlborough College)
B Spence (Lincolnshire Over-50s, Lincolnshire Over-60s)
B Spence (Welby)
BL Spence (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
C Spence (Stock)
C Spence (Ashington, Blyth)
C Spence (Surrey Academy, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-17s, Surrey Under-19s)
C Spence (Guildford)
C Spence (Blidworth Colliery Welfare)
CP Spence (Marlborough College)
DS Spence (Clifton College)
G Spence (Durham)
G Spence (Seaton Carew)
H Spence (Glasgow)
H Spence (Geddington, Geddington Second XI)
HL Spence (Clifton College)
J Spence (West Midlands)
J Spence (Yoxall)
J Spence (British High Commission New Delhi, The Bedouin Cricket Club)
J Spence (Rockhampton)
J Spence (Writtle)
JC Spence (Northumberland)
JHA Spence (Oakham School)
JL Spence (Hightown)
JN Spence (Merseyside Cricket Competition)
K Spence (Bracebridge Heath, Hartsholme, Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-14s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
K Spence (Tyneside Senior Cricket League)
K Spence (Cheshire Under-13s Women)
KJ Spence (Lincolnshire Over-50s)
KJH Spence (Worksop College)
L Spence (Kibworth, Kibworth Second XI, Kibworth Third XI)
L Spence (Shepperton Women)
L Spence (Army)
LA Spence (Leicestershire)
M Spence (Golborne)
M Spence (Hungerford)
M Spence (Eckington)
M Spence (Bridgnorth)
M Spence (Derbyshire Under-17s)
M Spence (Clayton West)
MD Spence (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
MKDC Spence (Christ's Hospital)
N Spence (Rastrick)
P Spence (Berkshire Under-13s)
P Spence (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
R Spence (Geddington, Geddington Second XI)
RB Spence (Haileybury College)
S Spence (Walmley, Walmley Second XI)
S Spence (Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
S Spence (Warwickshire and Staffordshire League)
S Spence (Pateley Bridge Women)
W Spence (umpire)
W Spence (North)
W Spence (Bootle)
W Spence (Stanmore)
W Spence (Windsor)
WBN Spence (Wellingborough School)
A Spenceley (Bradford Cricket League)
C Spenceley (scorer)
CM Spenceley (Fakenham, Horsford, Norfolk Development Squad)
G Spenceley (Teddington)
G Spenceley (Fakenham Women, Norfolk Under-15s Women, Norfolk Under-17s Women)
GEE Spenceley (Norfolk Under-13s Women, Norfolk Under-15s Women)
J Spenceley (Surrey Club)
M Spenceley (Old Southendian and Southchurch)
MJ Spenceley (Horsford)
MP Spenceley (Horsford, Norfolk Development Squad, Norfolk Under-13s, Norfolk Under-17s)





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