England Players (S)


Siddons (King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
Siddons (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
Siddons (Solihull School)
Siddons (Aston Avenue)
Siddons (Duke of York's Royal Military School)
A Siddons (Nottinghamshire)
AW Siddons (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
AW Siddons (Old Edwardians Association)
I Siddons (Union Foundry)
PM Siddons (Oakham School)
R Siddons (Shipley Hall)
S Siddons (scorer)
N Siddoutam (Hetairoi)
M Siddown (Beverley Women)
Z Siddqi (Louth)
A Siddquen (Asian)
Siddqui (Rossall School)
P Siddron (Lincolnshire Senior Women)
Siddu (Leicestershire Academy)
M Side (Blackheath Third XI)
R Sideaway (PE Murray-Willis' XI)
Sidebotham (Heaton Mersey)
Sidebotham (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
GR Sidebotham (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
J Sidebotham (Cheshire)
JF Sidebotham (Shrewsbury School)
JT Sidebotham (Hertford College, Oxford)
P Sidebotham (Blackpool)
W Sidebotham (Offchurch)
Sidebottom (Hornsey)
Sidebottom (Bradford)
Sidebottom (Hale Barns)
Sidebottom (Leeds)
Sidebottom (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
Sidebottom (William Hulme Grammar School)
Sidebottom (Middlesex Under-20s Women)
Sidebottom (Amersham Second XI)
Sidebottom (Heaton Mersey Second XI)
A Sidebottom (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orange Free State, Yorkshire)
A Sidebottom (Radcliffe-on-Trent Fourth XI, Radcliffe-on-Trent Second XI, Radcliffe-on-Trent Third XI)
D Sidebottom (Amersham)
D Sidebottom (Amersham Second XI)
E Sidebottom (Radcliffe-on-Trent Fourth XI, Radcliffe-on-Trent Third XI)
F Sidebottom (Durham)
G Sidebottom (Bury Third XI)
G Sidebottom (Southport Alexandra)
G Sidebottom (Aston Villa Football Club)
H Sidebottom (Surrey Junior Women)
J Sidebottom (Herriard Third XI)
J Sidebottom (Bugbrooke)
J Sidebottom (Heaton Mersey)
J Sidebottom (SY Holloway's XI)
JA Sidebottom (Giggleswick School)
JHC Sidebottom (Durham, Huntingdonshire)
KB Sidebottom (Marlborough College)
L Sidebottom (Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Worcestershire, Worcestershire)
M Sidebottom (St John's Foundational School, Leatherhead)
P Sidebottom (umpire)
P Sidebottom (Flixton)
P Sidebottom (umpire)
P Sidebottom (Amersham Second XI)
RJ Sidebottom (England, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire)
T Sidebottom (North Derbyshire Colts)
T Sidebottom (Bugbrooke, Northampton Saints Second XI, Northampton Saints Third XI)
M Sidegreaves (New Longton)
Sidell (Metropolitan Police Women)
I Sidell (South Walsham)
R Sidell (Acle)
H Sidelsky (Carmel College)
A Sideman (Longparish)
JL Siderfin (Braves, Buckinghamshire Women, England Women, Knight Riders, Somerset Women, Super Strikers, Thames Valley Women, West Women, Wiltshire Women)
P Siderfin (Thames Valley Women)
PM Siderfin (scorer, umpire)
R Siderfin (Abinger)
S Siderfin (umpire)
B Siderway (Old Hill Second XI)
Sides (Tividale)
Sides (Dudley)
Sides (Matlock and District)
Sides (Burghley Park)
D Sides (Everton)
D Sides (Bawtry Second XI)
J Sides (Bawtry Second XI)
T Sides (Oxford College Servants)
WB Sides (Oundle Rovers, Worcestershire)
JF Sideslip (Nottingham High School)
Sideso (St Edmund's College, Ware)
B Sideway (Slough)
Sidey (Leicester Nomads Second XI)
C Sidey (Leicester Nomads Second XI)
CJ Sidey (Leicester Nomads)
CL Sidey (Repton School)
SW Sidford (Trent College)
T Sidford (The Forty Club)
T Sidford (South Wales Hunts)
T Sidford (Collingham and Linton)
T Sidford (South Wales Hunts)
Sidgewick (Milton Abbey School)
P Sidgewick (Milton Abbey School)
R Sidgewick (Richmond)
R Sidgewicke (Richmond)
A Sidgreaves (Penwortham)
A Sidgreaves (British Police)
EH Sidgreaves (Liverpool, Nelson, Ormskirk, Rawtenstall)
H Sidgreaves (The Oratory School)
J Sidgreaves (Preston)
KH Sidgreaves (Ormskirk)
M Sidgreaves (New Longton, New Longton Second XI)
M Sidgreaves (New Longton Second XI)
C Sidgwick (Skipton)
C Sidgwick (Hutton Rudby)
JA Sidgwick (Clare College, Cambridge, Ipswich Grammar School)
JU Sidgwick (Durham School)
P Sidgwick (Milton Abbey School)
R Sidgwick (Jamaica, Yorkshire)
R Sidgwick (Nassington)
R Sidgwick (Richmond)
R Sidgwick (Leeds Clarence)
R Sidgwick (Keighley)
T Sidgwick (Bury and West Suffolk)
W Sidgwick (Hutton Rudby)
G Sidhu (Nottinghamshire Under-14s)
G Sidhu (Kimberley Institute, Kimberley Institute Fourth XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI)
H Sidhu (Reading)
I Sidhu (Ide Hill)
Imogen Sidhu (Suffolk Under-13s Women)
Izzy Sidhu (Suffolk Under-13s Women)
J Sidhu (Walsall, Walsall Second XI)
J Sidhu
K Sidhu (Maltby Second XI)
K Sidhu (Coventry and North Warwickshire Third XI)
M Sidhu (Friends XI)
M Sidhu (North Maidenhead)
N Sidhu (Kempton)
N Sidhu (umpire)
P Sidhu (Sibton Park, Sibton Park Second XI)
P Sidhu (Kimberley Institute)
P Sidhu (Hayes)
P Sidhu (Harvey Grammar School)
P Sidhu (Notts Unity Casuals)
P Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Third XI)
P Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Fourth XI)
P Sidhu (Gedling Colliery)
P Sidhu (Suffolk Under-13s Women)
P Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Fourth XI)
Paldip Sidhu (Kimberley Institute, Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
Paldip Sidhu (West Indian Cavaliers, West Indian Cavaliers Second XI, West Indian Cavaliers Third XI)
Paldip Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Second XI)
Prabdip Sidhu (Kimberley Institute, Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
Prabhdip Sidhu (West Indian Cavaliers, West Indian Cavaliers Second XI, West Indian Cavaliers Third XI)
Prabhdip Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Second XI)
PS Sidhu (Notts and Arnold Amateur)
R Sidhu (Willington)
R Sidhu (Ickenham)
R Sidhu (Acton)
R Sidhu (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI, New Ash Green Second XI)
R Sidhu (Darlington Railway Athletic, Yarm)
R Sidhu (Notts Unity Casuals Second XI)
S Sidhu (Walsall, Walsall Second XI)
S Sidhu (Shepherds Bush)
S Sidhu (Friends XI)
S Sidhu (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI)
S Sidhu (Cobham Avorians)
S Sidhu (Kimberley Institute, Kimberley Institute Fourth XI, Kimberley Institute Second XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI, Kimberley Institute Under-19s)
T Sidhu (Suffolk Under-14s)
V Sidhu (Kimberley Institute Third XI)
Y Sidhu (Hayes)
A Sidiq (Purley)
I Sidiq (Purley)
A Sidiqi (RMCC Second XI)
A Sidiqi (Leamington Khalsa Second XI)
A Sidiqkhil (MEB Community)
A Sidiqkhil (Berkswell, Berkswell Second XI)
Sidique Khan (Solihull Blossomfield)
Sid Khan (Kidlington)
R Sidle (Birstall Second XI)
J Sidles (Netherseal Colliery)
Sidley (Junior Liberals)
AL Sidley (Haslingden)
J Sidley (Dorset A)
J Sidley (Dorchester Casuals)
R Sidley (Haslingden Second XI, Haslingden Third XI)
R Sidley (Harrow Wanderers)
RJ Sidley (Butterflies)
RJL Sidley (Harrow School)
T Sidley (Dorchester Casuals)
C Sidley-Adams (Minehead)
B Sidlow (Walsden)
C Sidlow (Denbighshire)
C Sidlow (Sefton)
G Sidlow (Nomansland)
Sidney (5th Northumberland Fusiliers)
A Sidney (I Zingari, Royal Artillery)
A Sidney (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
A Sidney (Sevenoaks Vine)
A Sidney (Doncaster Town Second XI)
A Sidney (Eton Ramblers)
B Sidney (umpire)
C Sidney (Wisbech)
FS Sidney (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Sidney (Radley College)
JS Sidney (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Sidney (I Zingari)
P Sidney (Prince's Club and Ground)
P Sidney (Eton Ramblers)
R Sidney (umpire)
R Sidney (Sutton Coldfield)
S Sidney (Berkshire)
T Sidney (DHW Humfrey's XI)
TS Sidney (Incogniti, Marylebone Cricket Club)
TS Sidney (IL Grist's XI)
TS Sidney (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WS Sidney (Marylebone Cricket Club, Ne'er-do-wells)
H Sidney-Smith (The Forty Club)
B Sidney-Wilmot (scorer)
B Sidney-Wilmot (Kings Priory School, Tynemouth)
B Sidney-Wilmot (South Northumberland, South Northumberland Second XI)
HM Sidney-Wilmot (County Club, England Amateur XI, Morpeth, Northumberland, South Northumberland, West Lothian)
R Sidney-Wilmot (South Northumberland Second XI)
RC Sidney-Wilmot (Bloxham School)
RD Sidney-Wilmot (Northumberland Under-15s)
Sidoli (Shrewsbury School Second XI)
S Sidoli (Club Cricket Conference Women)
R Sidosia (Nomads)
A Sidu (Old Swinford Hospital School)
R Sidu (Old Swinford Hospital School)
V Sidu (Reading)
W Sidway (Durham County Cricket League)
B Sidwell (Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s)
B Sidwell (City of London Freemen's School)
C Sidwell (Hillingdon Manor)
D Sidwell (Leicestershire Young Amateurs, Leicestershire Young Cricketers)
D Sidwell (King Edward VI Grammar School, Nuneaton)
D Sidwell (Hampshire Second XI)
D Sidwell (Tring Park Third XI)
E Sidwell (Leicester Temperance)
H Sidwell (Chester Boughton Hall Women)
J Sidwell (Enderby)
J Sidwell (J Pettipher's XI)
J Sidwell (Maidenhead and Bray)
J Sidwell (Maidenhead and Bray)
K Sidwell (Surrey Junior Women B)
M Sidwell (Hinckley Town)
O Sidwell (Tring Park, Tring Park Second XI)
P Sidwell (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
P Sidwell (St John's School, Leatherhead)
PA Sidwell (Old Johnians)
R Sidwell (Bedworth Third XI)
S Sidwell (Hook Norton)
T Sidwell (Lord's Taverners)
TE Sidwell (Leicestershire)
W Sidwell (Aston Unity)
W Sidwell (Leicester Temperance)
WT Sidwell (Rugby)
WT Sidwell (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
NL Sidwick (Somerset Under-15s Women)
D Siebel (Dover College)
Siebert (Southill Park)
D Siebert (Southill Park)
J Siebert (Bedford Town)
J Siebert (Southill Park)
RP Siebert (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
T Siebert (Allhallows College)
AE Sieckell (CC Goodway's XI)
E Sieckell (Castle Bromwich Aero)
S Sieczkowski (Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Third XI)
RM Siedle (JD Currie's XI, LD Watts' XI)
A Siedlecki (Teversal)
A Siedlecki (Mansfield Fourth XI, Mansfield Second XI, Mansfield Third XI)
A Siefers (Surrey Over-50s, Sutton)
Siefors (Dulwich)
A Siegert (Sudbury Second XI)
P Siegert (Sudbury)
P Siegert (Sudbury)
P Siegert (Sudbury, Sudbury Second XI)
PR Siegert (Sudbury)
CRA Siegle (Dulwich College)
A Siegmed (Hertford Second XI)
AC Siegmund (Hertford)
M Sieler (Ryde School)
P Sieloff (umpire)
M Siemak (Hartley Wintney Second XI)
T Siems (scorer)
A Sienesi (Dorset Rangers)
J Sienesi (Coalpit Heath)
J Sienesi (Bristol YMCA)
J Sienesi (Allhallows College)
T Sienesi (Allhallows College)
J Sienisi (Allhallows College)
S Sieradzki (Cannock)
A Sierant (Horton House)
Sierra (Aston Unity)
Siers (Atherstone Town)
R Sieveright (Nantwich)
CB Sievers (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
CF Sievwright (Wellington College)
RC Sievwright (Nantwich)
A Sievyer (Kent Second XI)
J Siew (The Forty Club)
Sifth Ali (Oakfield Parkonians)
AC Siftly (St Thomas' Hospital)
TH Sifton (Walsall Second XI)
A Sigan (Longsight Second XI)
D Siggerson (King Edward VI College, Stourbridge)
Siggins (Household Brigade)
Siggins (Royal Horse Guards)
D Siggins (Southwell)
J Siggins (Corsham)
Siggs (Guards)
J Siggs (Metropolitan Police Cadet Corps)
LN Siggs (Craven Gentlemen)
M Siggworth (Chippenham)
M Siggworth (Chippenham)
A Sign (Ace Cricket and Sports Club)
D Sign (Hythe and Dibden)
CR Signature (scorer)
M Signey (London University I)
M Signey (The Forty Club)
Signy (The Forty Club)
J Signy (Lancing College, Lancing Rovers)
J Signy (scorer)
M Signy (City of London School)
M Signy (The Forty Club)
M Signy (Old Citizens)
H Sigsworth (Prestwich)
LH Sigsworth (Civil Service, Lancashire Second XI)
M Sigsworth (Newmarket Festival XI)
M Sigsworth (St Peter's School, York)
T Sigsworth (Pickering)
J Sigurdsson (Chislehurst and West Kent)
M Sihan (Loughton)
M Siharan (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
S Sihota (Bridge Trust Old Boys)
SS Sihota (Bridge Trust Old Boys)
D Sihra (Handsworth Women)
H Sihra (Lordswood Second XI, Rainham)
H Sihra (Sidcup Second XI)
K Sihra (Dartford Second XI)
Sikand (Gresham's School)
T Sikandar (Elliot Davis London Cricket League)
T Sikandar (South Asian Select)
U Sikandar (Richmond)
Sikandar Iqbal (Aston-on-Trent)
Sikandar Khan (East Lancashire Second XI)
Sikandar Khan (West Reading, West Reading Second XI)
Sikandar Khan (Billingham Synthonia Second XI)
Sikander (Offchurch-Lapworth)
A Sikander (Ardingly College Select XI)
M Sikander (Blackburn Northern Second XI)
R Sikander (Bolton)
R Sikander (Kingstonian)
S Sikander (Cople)
S Sikander (Nomads)
S Sikander (Waltham)
S Sikander (Harrow)
Y Sikander (scorer)
Sikander Afzal (May and Baker)
Sikander Afzal (Noak Hill Taverners)
Sikander Ali (Vertex)
Sikander Butt (Royton)
Sikander Khan (HSBC)
Sikander Khan (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
Sikander Khan (Shinfield)
N Sikand-Youngs (Wollaton Third XI)
N Sikand-Youngs (Plumtree Second XI, Plumtree Third XI)
Sikanther Syed-Ibraham (Fives and Heronians)
Sikawdar Khan (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
L Sikder Ahmed (Rottingdean)
Sikhander Khan (Massey Ferguson)
P Siki (St Pancras ARP, St Pancras Civil Defence Services)
S Sikkanor (Harrow)
K Sil (umpire)
RJI Silberrad (Wellington College)
H Silburn (Gentlemen of Pocklington)
J Silburn (St Margaret's)
W Silburn (Gentlemen of Pocklington)
M Silby (William Parker School)
RDK Silby (WJ Thompson's XI)
Silcock (Bishop's Stortford)
Silcock (Players XI)
Silcock (Bishop's Stortford)
Silcock (Prescot)
A Silcock (umpire)
A Silcock (Todwick)
A Silcock (Weston)
B Silcock (Warrington)
B Silcock (Northern)
D Silcock (Surrey Cricket League)
D Silcock (Lea Park)
D Silcock (Maori Club)
F Silcock (Upton)
F Silcock (Bishop's Stortford)
F Silcock (Suburban Clubs)
F Silcock (WG Grace's XI)
F Silcock (Players of Essex)
F Silcock (Timperley Second XI, Timperley Third XI)
F Silcock (Thorndon Hall)
Frank Silcock (London United Eleven)
Fred Silcock (Bishop's Stortford)
HC Silcock (Huyton Second XI)
HG Silcock (Huyton Second XI)
HO Silcock (Huyton)
J Silcock (Bishop's Stortford, Chelmsford, Essex, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Milton Hall Club, New All England Eleven)
J Silcock (Rickling Green)
J Silcock (Players of Essex)
J Silcock (East Hertfordshire)
L Silcock (Oxton Second XI)
M Silcock (Fordham)
M Silcock (Farnsfield, Farnsfield Second XI, Farnsfield Third XI)
M Silcock (Beaulieu)
M Silcock (Warrington)
MP Silcock (Bradfield Waifs)
P Silcock (Holmesfield)
P Silcock (umpire)
P Silcock (The Stoics)
PW Silcock (Dauntsey's School, Free Foresters)
R Silcock (Huyton)
T Silcock (Huyton)
T Silcock (Weston)
W Silcock (Lancashire)
W Silcock (Leyland)
W Silcock (2nd Derbyshire Volunteer Battalion)
WRK Silcock (St Catharine's College, Cambridge)
A Silcocks (umpire)
S Silcott (Copsewood West Indian Wanderers)
D Silcox (Swindon)
R Silcox (Limpsfield)
Sile (Pioneer Corps)
Silence (Eastleigh Corinthians)
Silence (British Rail Institute (Eastleigh))
D Silence (Worcestershire Under-14s, Worcestershire Under-15s)
Silibury (Sarisbury Green)
Silk (Springfield)
Silk (Old Edwardians Second XI)
Silk (Lode Lane Wanderers)
Silk (Water Orton Second XI)
Silk (The Farmers' Club)
Silk (Carmel College)
Silk (Plymouth Argyle Football Club)
A Silk (Galleywood)
B Silk (Moddershall Women)
C Silk (Kidderminster Second XI)
CHP Silk (St John's School, Leatherhead)
D Silk (Teddington)
D Silk (Chobham)
D Silk (Marlborough Blues)
DRW Silk (Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset)
G Silk (Isle of Wight Under-15s Women)
G Silk (Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Worcestershire Over-50s)
G Silk (Bishop's Stortford College)
J Silk (Brighton College)
J Silk (Preston Nomads)
J Silk (Old Brightonians)
J Silk (Sussex Martlets)
J Silk (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Silk (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
JC Silk (Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Second XI, Old Edwardians Third XI)
JD Silk (Surbiton)
M Silk (Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI, Hornsey, Sandwich Town, Sandwich Town Second XI)
M Silk (Easebourne)
M Silk (Oakley Second XI)
M Silk (Chobham)
P Silk (Old Edwardians)
PB Silk (Oundle School)
PJ Silk (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
R Silk (Old Elizabethans)
R Silk (Preston Nomads)
R Silk (Brighton and Hove Women)
RH Silk (Devon Women, Sussex Women)
S Silk (Water Orton)
S Silk (University College School)
S Silk (Chippenham, Corsham)
S Silk (Water Orton Second XI)
S Silk (Potterne)
S Silk (Mitchell's and Butler's)
S Silk (Warminster)
S Silk (The Farmers' Club Under-30s)
W Silk (Holt and Grimley)
R Silka (Mill Hill School)
A Silkin (Public Schools)
SC Silkin (Cambridge University, Glamorgan)
SC Silkin (Surrey Young Amateurs)
SC Silkin (AH Brodhurst's XI)
SC Silkin (Perambulators)
SC Silkin (Etceteras)
SC Silkin (NWD Yardley's XI)
A Silkstone (Great Canfield)
C Silkstone (Anston, Anston Fourth XI, Anston Second XI, Anston Third XI)
C Silkstone (Halifax Cricket League)
C Silkstone (scorer)
HT Silkstone (Rusholme Second XI)
M Silkstone (Great Canfield)
Sill (Belbroughton)
Sill (Bournville)
Sill (Ratcliffe College)
AW Sill (umpire)
J Sill (Weymouth College)
J Sill (Saltburn)
J Sill (Ratcliffe College)
J Sill (Saltburn Second XI)
J Sill (scorer)
JP Sill (Boughton Hall)
K Sill (Bournville)
LP Sill (Boughton Hall)
M Sill (Ferndown Wayfarers)
S Sill (Bournville)
B Sillah (United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
Sillar (Rockley House School)
AWM Sillars (Tonbridge School)
C Sillars (The Forty Club)
RJK Sillars (Bedminster, Club Cricket Conference, East Molesey, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Sutton)
AF Sillem (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AF Sillem (Eastbourne College)
AF Sillem (Eton Ramblers)
R Sillem (Cestrian Club)
RO Sillem (Free Foresters)
RO Sillem (The Googlies)
S Sillem (Esher)
S Sillem (Artists)
S Sillem (Eton Ramblers)
PO Sillen (Eastbourne College)
Sillence (Eastleigh)
Sillence (The Oratory School)
A Sillence (Knights Valley)
A Sillence (Witney Mills)
D Sillence (Worcestershire Under-14s)
D Sillence (The Oratory School)
E Sillence (Clapton and District)
E Sillence (Bembridge)
F Sillence (Eastleigh)
F Sillence (Hampshire Colts)
J Sillence (South Wilts)
J Sillence (Winterslow)
J Sillence (Waterlooville)
M Sillence (The Oratory School)
R Sillence (South Wilts Third XI)
RJ Sillence (Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire)
B Sillett (referee, scorer, umpire)
J Sillett (Billingshurst)
P Sillett (St Neots)
W Sillett (umpire)
WJ Sillett (Wallingford Grammar School)
A Silley (Stewarts and Lloyds Corby Third XI)
GA Silley (St George's Hospital)
T Silley (Whiteparish Second XI)
A Sillie (Trinity College, Oxford)
A Sillifant (Launceston)
D Sillifant (Launceston)
D Sillifant (Holsworthy)
J Sillito (Royal Corps of Signals)
Sillitoe (Royal Marines)
Sillitoe (United Services)
C Sillitoe (Welshpool)
FG Sillitoe (Royal Marines)
J Sillitoe (Bishop's Stortford Third XI)
M Sillitoe (Little Bardfield Village)
Sills (Pate's Grammar School)
Sills (Thornbury)
Sills (Oakham School)
Sills (The Forty Club)
Sills (Camden)
Sills (The Forty Club)
A Sills (FK Jerwood's XI)
A Sills (JW Haywood's XI)
A Sills (J Burgess' XI)
B Sills (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fifth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI)
CC Sills (Oakham School)
E Sills (Old Oakhamians)
E Sills (Oakham School)
E Sills (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
ES Sills (J Burgess' XI)
FC Sills (Old Oakhamians)
FC Sills (Oakham School)
G Sills (Grantham)
G Sills (Abington)
G Sills (Bures and District)
G Sills (St John's College, Cambridge Second XI)
GG Sills (Oakham School)
GG Sills (Sir Arthur Hazlerigg's XI)
GJ Sills (AT Hill's XI)
GJ Sills (JW Marsh's XI)
GJ Sills (Oakham)
GJ Sills (WF Neilson's XI)
GT Sills (DHW Humfrey's XI)
GT Sills (IL Grist's XI)
GT Sills (AT Hill's XI)
GT Sills (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GT Sills (JW Marsh's XI)
GT Sills (Oakham)
GT Sills (Old Oakhamians)
GT Sills (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
GT Sills (HW Fitch's XI)
M Sills (Welbeck Colliery, Welbeck Colliery Third XI)
M Sills (Portishead)
M Sills (Cuckney Second XI)
M Sills (Norton Second XI)
M Sills (Chipperfield)
R Sills (Buckinghamshire Women)
R Sills (Addington Village Second XI)
R Sills (Wellow and Plaitford Under-15s)
RJT Sills (Bedford Modern School)
TB Sills (Derby School)
TM Sills (Bradfield Waifs, Cambridgeshire)
TM Sills (The Forty Club)
TT Sills (The Forty Club)
W Sills (Eastwell, Grantham, Irnham Park)
Silman (Birmingham Press)
Silman (Wycliffe)
Silman (Junior Liberals)
Silman (Phoenix)
E Silman (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
JE Silman (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
L Silman (scorer)
TE Silman (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
TE Silman (Chadwick Manor)
Silmore (Winchmore Hill)
A Silodia (Exiles)
Silsbury (Sarisbury Green)
C Silsbury (Sarisbury Green)
A Silsby (Wollaston, Wollaston Second XI)
B Silsby (umpire)
Silson (Kersal)
E Silson (Ben Rhydding Women)
W Silto (Wiltshire Under-19s)
W Silton (Wiltshire Under-25s)
Silva (Newham)
Silva (Astley Bridge)
Silva (Herne Bay College Second XI)
Silva (Blackrod)
A Silva (Bedhampton)
A Silva (Waterlooville, Waterlooville Second XI)
A Silva (umpire)
AD Silva (Chalfont St Peter Second XI)
AR Silva (Guisborough)
B Silva (East Prawle)
D Silva (Hayes, Hayes Second XI)
D Silva (Astley Bridge)
d Silva (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
d Silva (Herne Bay College Second XI)
D Silva (Leicestershire Second XI)
D Silva (Aldershot)
D Silva (Forest School)
D Silva (Hardye's School)
d Silva (Staff College, Camberley)
D Silva (umpire)
D Silva (South Hants Touring Club)
D Silva (Southgate)
D Silva (Southgate Third XI)
DD Silva (Harrow St Mary's)
E Silva (East Molesey)
H Silva (Rotherham Town)
H Silva (St Annes)
H Silva (Astley Bridge)
H Silva (Worsley)
H Silva (Bracebridge Heath)
H Silva (Lincolnshire)
I Silva (Rotherham Town)
Id Silva (Oxton)
J Silva (Glapwell Colliery Third XI)
J Silva (West Herts)
J Silva (Badshot Lea, Badshot Lea Second XI)
JV Silva (Oxford University Authentics, Shropshire)
K Silva (Barnet)
M Silva (West Herts)
M Silva (West Herts)
MD Silva (Wembley)
OMPS Silva (Berkshire)
P Silva (Winchmore Hill)
P Silva (Barnet)
R Silva (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Harefield)
R Silva (Harrow Town)
R Silva (Middlesex Tamils)
RD Silva (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
RD Silva (umpire)
S Silva (Worcestershire Second XI)
S Silva (Clacton-on-Sea)
S Silva (Merrow)
S Silva (Hardwick and Caldecote)
S Silva (Castleton Moor)
S Silva (Bracebridge Heath)
S Silva (Eagley)
SD Silva (Astley Bridge)
SD Silva (umpire)
SHM Silva (Treeton)
T Silva (Fakenham)
T Silva (Chris Gayle Academy)
T Silva (Middlesex Tamils)
T Silva (East London Leagues XI)
TD silva (Lingfield)
U Silva (Serendib)
VD Silva (Rainhill Second XI)
VD Silva (Rainhill Second XI)
WD Silva (Chalfont St Peter Second XI)
D Silvanus (Westinghouse)
WEB Silva-White (Durham School)
Silver (Malvern)
Silver (54th TB Royal Engineers)
Silver (Bishopshalt School)
Silver (Huish's Grammar School, Taunton Brendon House Juniors)
Silver (Rowington)
A Silver (Maidenhead and Bray)
A Silver (Cheltenham College)
A Silver (Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
A Silver (Goring-on-Thames)
A Silver (Woodcote)
A Silver (Bedhampton)
AE Silver (Houses of Parliament Staff)
AJC Silver (umpire)
B Silver (Hampshire Cricket League)
B Silver (scorer)
B Silver (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-13s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-16s)
B Silver (Houghton and Thurnby, Stoughton and Thurnby Second XI)
B Silver (Hinckley Town)
BA Silver (Rowledge)
C Silver (umpire)
CF Silver (Reading School)
DM Silver (Whitgift School)
F Silver (All Saints Hospital)
J Silver (Guards)
J Silver (Badshot Lea Second XI)
JC Silver (Sheffield University)
L Silver (Enfield)
L Silver (Manchester)
L Silver (Knutsford, Knutsford Second XI)
M Silver (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
M Silver (Old Northamptonians Fourth XI, Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
MJ Silver (Cheltenham College, Old Cheltonians)
NJ Silver (Cheltenham College)
P Silver (Rowledge, Rowledge Second XI, Rowledge Third XI)
S Silver (Bexley, Bexley Second XI, Dartford, Dartford Second XI, Essex Second XI, Kent Cricket League, Leicestershire Second XI, Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Silver (Upchurch)
S Silver (Essex XI)
T Silver (Rowledge)
C Silvera (scorer)
H Silverberg (Notts Forest)
H Silverberg (WF Curtis' XI)
HD Silverberg (Nottinghamshire Club and Ground, Nottinghamshire Second XI)
H Silverburg (Notts Forest)
A Silverman (Middleton Stoney)
R Silverman (Surrey Junior Women)
R Silverman (Winchester College)
SH Silverman (City of London School)
A Silverson (Rownhams St Johns)
J Silverstand (Ollerton Colliery)
Silverstein (Bedford Modern School)
Silverstone (City of London School)
H Silverstone (Epsom)
EC Silverthorn (Private Banks)
CE Silverthorne (Private Banks)
R Silverthorne (Broadwater)
S Silverthorne (St Swithin's)
O Silverton (Old Leysians)
F Silvertop (The Oratory School)
H Silvertop (The Oratory School)
Silverwood (London Community Cricket College)
A Silverwood (National Fire Service)
C Silverwood (Haverhill)
CEW Silverwood (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mashonaland Eagles, Middlesex, Yorkshire)
CEW Silverwood (PCA Masters XI)
HF Silverwood (Felsted School)
J Silverwood (East Midlands Women)
K Silverwood (EL Donnison's XI)
K Silverwood (Overton Second XI)
N Silverwood (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
N Silverwood (Clifton Village, Clifton Village Second XI, Gedling Colliery)
N Silverwood (Belvoir)
N Silverwood (Bottesford, Bottesford Second XI)
R Silverwood (Burnley, Lowerhouse)
S Silverwood (scorer)
S Silverwood (Bottesford, Bottesford Second XI)
S Silverwood (umpire)
T Silverwood (Colne)





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