England Players (S)


Shorrock (Kent Juniors)
A Shorrock (East Lancashire)
A Shorrock (Walton-le-Dale, Walton-le-Dale Second XI)
A Shorrock (Norcross Second XI)
AE Shorrock (Weaste Second XI)
B Shorrock (Church)
B Shorrock (Oswaldtwistle Immanuel, Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Second XI)
C Shorrock (Barnes)
C Shorrock (Giggleswick School)
D Shorrock (Civil Service)
DA Shorrock (Burnley)
E Shorrock (Lower Darwen)
FS Shorrock (East Lancashire)
H Shorrock (Darwen)
HL Shorrock (East Lancashire)
JC Shorrock (East Lancashire)
N Shorrock (Rishton Second XI)
N Shorrock (Lower Darwen)
P Shorrock (Salesbury, Salesbury Second XI)
R Shorrock (Derbyshire Under-15s Women)
A Shorrocks (East Lancashire)
C Shorrocks (Fleetwood)
E Shorrocks (Somerset)
E Shorrocks (Taunton)
E Shorrocks (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
J Shorrocks (scorer)
J Shorrocks (Pershore Second XI)
J Shorrocks (Wigan)
M Shorrocks (scorer)
M Shorrocks (Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Wigan)
MW Shorrocks (Wigan)
P Shorrocks (Gravesend Second XI)
R Shorrocks (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
R Shorrocks (umpire)
Short (T Mellish's XI)
Short (Northern Counties Women)
Short (Kent Young Amateurs)
Short (Springfield)
Short (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Short (The Forty Club)
Short (Bramshill)
Short (Moseley Olympic)
Short (Southwell Clergy)
Short (Incogniti)
Short (Durham Cricket Association)
Short (Old Denstonians)
Short (Dartford Grammar School)
Short (Royal Artillery)
Short (South Manchester)
A Short (Cove, Cove Second XI)
A Short (Winchester College)
A Short (Cricket Society, Jesters)
A Short (Derbyshire Juniors)
A Short (Duffield)
A Short (University of Surrey)
A Short (Magdalen Club Next XVI)
A Short (The Forty Club)
A Short (Harrow School)
A Short (Afghan Appeal XI)
A Short (Milford-on-Sea Under-15s)
A Short (Hertford, Hertford Second XI)
A Short (scorer)
A Short (Weekley and Warkton)
A Short (Wellington)
A Short (Himley Third XI)
A Short (Dorking)
AD Short (scorer)
AD Short (Mitchell's and Butler's Second XI)
AHG Short (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
B Short (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs)
B Short (British Transport Club (Southampton))
B Short (Eastleigh Corinthians)
B Short (Dyrham and Hinton)
B Short (Derbyshire Over-60s)
B Short (Mavericks)
BM Short (Old Lantonians)
C Short (Desborough Town)
C Short (Whiteparish)
C Short (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
C Short (Old Cheltonians)
C Short (Sinjungrammarians)
C Short (scorer)
C Short (Millfield School Second XI)
C Short (Banstead)
CB Short (Cranleigh School)
CH Short (Aldershot Division, Incogniti, Royal Military College Sandhurst, Westminster School)
CH Short (St Paul's School)
D Short (scorer)
D Short (Denstone Wanderers)
D Short (Southampton)
D Short (Southport and Birkdale)
D Short (Lewes Priory Second XI)
D Short (scorer)
DJ Short (Hampstead Civil Defence Services)
DJ Short (Hampstead ARP)
DVH Short (Malvern College)
E Short (Surrey Over-60s, Surrey Over-60s Fourth XI, Surrey Over-60s Second XI, Surrey Over-60s Third XI)
E Short (Berkswell Third XI)
E Short (Sherborne School A XI)
EA Short (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Short (Harrogate)
F Short (Milford-on-Sea Under-15s)
FE Short (Worcestershire Under-13s Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women, Worcestershire Under-17s Women)
FH Short (Civil Service)
FJE Short (Wellington College)
FM Short (Denstone College)
G Short (Old Cheltonians)
G Short (Old Chelmsfordians)
G Short (Hawarden Park Women)
G Short (March Town)
G Short (Barton Town, Barton Town Academy, Barton Town Fourth XI)
G Short (scorer)
G Short (Wisbech Grammar School)
G Short (umpire)
G Short (Thoresby Park Second XI)
G Short (scorer)
GE Short (Malvern College)
GT Short (Bath Cricket Association)
H Short (Barton Town, Barton Town Fourth XI)
H Short (Purley)
HS Short (Durham Colts, Haileybury College)
I Short (Goldsborough)
I Short (umpire)
J Short (Durham, Durham Colts, Sunderland)
J Short (Middlesex Second XI)
J Short (Warminster)
J Short (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
J Short (Halls)
J Short (Billingshurst)
J Short (Wolviston)
J Short (Gentlemen of Devon)
J Short (Reading School)
J Short (Steeple Langford, Steeple Langford Second XI)
J Short (scorer)
J Short (South Newton)
J Short (Newcastle and Hartshill)
J Short (Atherton)
J Short (M Beer's XI)
J Short (The Forty Club)
J Short (Dauntsey's School)
J Short (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Short (Astwood Bank Third XI)
JD Short (Derbyshire)
JD Short (Suffolk Club and Ground)
JF Short (Old Malvernians)
JFE Short (Club Cricket Conference, Free Foresters, Malvern College)
JH Short (Civil Service)
JL Short (Denstone College)
JR Short (London Playing Fields Association)
JS Short (West Bromwich Albion Football Club)
JW Short (Durham)
JWS Short (Tynedale)
K Short (Kent Under-15s, Macknade, Whitstable, Whitstable Second XI)
K Short (umpire)
K Short (Sidcup)
L Short (Horley Women)
L Short (Potters Bar)
L Short (West Wittering)
M Short (Cove, Cove Second XI)
M Short (Gumley)
M Short (Acle)
M Short (Hightown)
M Short (Cambridge Granta Ladies)
M Short (Abbotskerswell)
M Short (Romany)
M Short (umpire)
M Short (Peartree)
NEV Short (Radley College)
NR Short (Liverpool Clergy)
O Short (Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s)
O Short (Hawley)
O Short (Crown Taverners)
O Short (Wisbech Grammar School)
P Short (Exeter University, Somerset Under-19s)
P Short (Exeter, Taunton St Andrews)
P Short (Somerset Under-21s)
P Short (Great Oakley)
P Short (West Meon)
P Short (Isham)
P Short (Wellington)
P Short (South Northumberland)
PDB Short (Army, Barbados Wanderers, Royal Artillery, The Forty Club)
PP Short (Bradfield College)
R Short (Somerset Second XI)
R Short (Farningham, Farningham Second XI)
R Short (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
R Short (Reading University)
RG Short (Kent Second XI, Kent Under-25s, National Association of Young Cricketers)
RL Short (Cambridge University)
S Short (Channel Islands, Jersey)
S Short (Tynedale)
S Short (Abbotskerswell)
S Short (West Bromwich Albion Football Club)
S Short (South Devon)
S Short (Eton Ramblers)
T Short (Finchley Gunns Women Second XI, Middlesex Under-13s Women, Middlesex Under-15s Women, Middlesex Under-17s Women)
T Short (Cambridge Granta Second XI, Cambridge Granta Third XI)
T Short (Wellingborough School)
T Short (Sway Fourth XI)
T Short (Crosby St Mary's, Crosby St Mary's Second XI)
T Short (Overstone Park)
TD Short (Denstone Wanderers)
TH Short (Bedfordshire)
VA Short (Cranleigh School)
W Short (Rothwell Town Second XI)
WB Short (Newcastle Garrison)
WC Short (Mitchell's and Butler's)
WRG Short (Cheshire, Oxton, Oxton Second XI, Stowe School)
G Shortell (scorer)
G Shortell (umpire)
A Shorten (Callington, Cornwall Under-19s, Cornwall Under-21s)
B Shorten (Liphook and Ripsley, Old Mid-Whitgiftian)
BS Shorten (Stragglers of Asia)
D Shorten (Copdock and Old Ipswichian, Suffolk, Suffolk Under-25s)
D Shorten (Ipswich Cobnuts)
J Shorten (Callington)
J Shorten (Cornwall Under-21s)
M Shorten (Callington)
P Shorten (South Walsham)
Shorter (Birmingham University Second XI)
Shorter (Bearsted)
Shorter (English Schools Cricket Association)
Shorter (Sutton Valence School)
A Shorter (Penkridge)
A Shorter (Wombourne)
A Shorter (Himley, Warwickshire Colts)
A Shorter (umpire)
A Shorter (Wombourne Second XI)
AD Shorter (scorer)
AJ Shorter (King Edward's School Birmingham)
B Shorter (Penkridge)
B Shorter (Wombourne, Wombourne Second XI)
B Shorter (Enville)
C Shorter (Cleobury Mortimer)
D Shorter (Worcestershire Cricket Association Under-19s, Worcestershire Second XI, Worcestershire Under-25s)
D Shorter (Midlands Club Cricket Conference Under-21s)
D Shorter (Wallingford)
D Shorter (Cleobury Mortimer)
DCB Shorter (Durham School)
DJ Shorter (Himley, Himley Under-16s)
F Shorter (Crystal Palace)
F Shorter (Sporting Press)
G Shorter (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
G Shorter (Cleobury Mortimer)
G Shorter (Goldsborough)
HV Shorter (Bradford Grammar School)
J Shorter (Hollingbourne)
J Shorter (Royal Army Pay Corps 33rd Detachment)
KA Shorter (scorer)
KH Shorter (scorer)
R Shorter (scorer)
RN Shorter (Essex)
RS Shorter (Bromley Common)
RW Shorter (Shillinglee)
S Shorter (Himley)
S Shorter (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Shorter (Cleobury Mortimer)
T Shorter (Hucknall Torkard)
TJ Shorter (Hertford)
Shortes (Liverpool College)
D Shorthose (Trent College)
Shorthouse (Hall Green Second XI)
Shorthouse (scorer)
Shorthouse (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
Shorthouse (Trent College)
Shorthouse (Suburban)
Shorthouse (Ombersley)
B Shorthouse (Kings Heath)
B Shorthouse (Odiham and Greywell)
D Shorthouse (Geddington, Geddington Second XI, Rothwell Town, Rothwell Town Second XI)
D Shorthouse (Coseley Wellington)
G Shorthouse (Wadebridge)
HJ Shorthouse (Hall Green)
I Shorthouse (umpire)
I Shorthouse (Sleaford)
I Shorthouse (Adjutant General's Corps, Royal Army Physical Training Corps)
J Shorthouse (Wilnecote)
J Shorthouse (Geddington Second XI)
L Shorthouse (North Warwickshire, North Warwickshire Second XI)
T Shorthouse (Combined Services Under-25s, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Development XI, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
T Shorthouse (Duchess of Rutland's XI)
TIL Shorthouse (Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-14s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Sleaford)
Shorting (Ealing)
CEN Shorting (Ludlow and South Shropshire)
GED Shorting (The King's School, Worcester)
H Shorting (Ipswich Grammar School)
WL Shorting (Worcestershire)
WL Shorting (Ashfield)
WL Shorting (Broadwater)
Shortland (Southborough)
Shortland (Larkhill Garrison)
B Shortland (Gillingham)
D Shortland (Aldridge)
D Shortland (Aldridge)
EJ Shortland (The Forty Club)
H Shortland (Wiltshire Queries)
K Shortland (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
K Shortland (Dauntsey's School)
M Shortland (Leicester Ivanhoe, Leicester Ivanhoe Second XI)
M Shortland (Allhallows School)
N Shortland (umpire)
NA Shortland (Warwickshire)
NA Shortland (P Cranmer's XI)
NJ Shortland (Formby)
P Shortland (Great Totham)
WC Shortland (East Hill)
MJ Shortland-Jones (Suffolk Club and Ground)
H Shortman (Bloxwich)
HB Shortman (Bloxwich)
R Shortman (Essex Cricket League)
BN Shorto (Incogniti)
DB Shorto (King Edward's School Birmingham Masters)
J Shorto (Totton and Eling Third XI, Totton and Eling Under-15s)
RR Shorto (Downside School, Free Foresters, Royal Navy)
RR Shorto (Incogniti)
J Shortoe (Totton and Eling Third XI)
J Shorton (Totton and Eling Under-15s)
T Shorton (Lostock Second XI)
W Shortridge (Kelvedon and Feering)
M Shorts (Pinner)
A Shortt (Horley)
A Shortt (Banbury Second XI, Banbury Third XI)
AO Shortt (Durham School)
AS Shortt (Northern)
AS Shortt (Formby)
E Shortt (Durham School)
WED Shortt (Charterhouse School)
M Shotbolt (Flitwick)
S Shotbolt (Shirebrook)
G Shotham (Southern Cricket League)
CD Shott (Christ's Hospital, London Home Guard)
CD Shott (Sir Walter Lawrence)
P Shott (Essex Second XI)
P Shott (The Forty Club)
P Shott (The Stoics)
P Shott (Adastrians)
Shotter (Handsworth Heathfield)
Shotter (Solihull School)
A Shotter (Theale and Tilehurst)
BW Shotter (Eashing Park)
G Shotter (Midhurst)
HA Shotter (Wimborne Grammar School)
JEC Shotter (Cambridge University Crusaders)
M Shotter (Singlehurst)
R Shotter (Godalming)
R Shotter (Chiddingfold)
RW Shotter (Godalming)
D Shottin (Monmouthshire)
Shotton (Dalton)
Shotton (Nottingham High School)
Shotton (William Hulme Grammar School)
C Shotton (Norden)
G Shotton (Hambledon, Hampshire Cricket Association, Hampshire Under-25s, Southern Cricket League)
G Shotton (Havant)
G Shotton (Hambledon)
G Shotton (The Forty Club)
H Shotton (Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland, Tyneside Wanderers)
I Shotton (Linden Park, Linden Park Second XI)
J Shotton (Alnwick, Northumberland, Percy Main)
J Shotton (Deanery)
M Shotton (Northumberland Under-17s, Swalwell)
MW Shotton (Durham Senior Cricket League)
R Shotton (Godalming)
R Shotton (Swalwell)
S Shotton (scorer)
W Shotton (Yorkshire)
W Shotton (Yorkshire Colts)
Z Shotton (Offenham)
C Shottowe (Forest School)
Shoubridge (Players of Liverpool and District)
Shoubridge (Players of Liverpool)
TE Shoubridge (Liverpool and District, Sussex)
A Shough (Christ College, Brecon)
B Shough (Hungerford)
H Shoukat (Aston-on-Trent)
U Shoukat (Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
Shoukat Ali (Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
Shoukat Khan (North Maidenhead Second XI)
Z Shoukhat (Todmorden)
B Shoukla (Oakham)
R Shoukla (Oakham)
J Shouksmith (umpire)
JA Shouksmith (St Peter's School, York)
JA Shouksmith (Old Peterites)
D Shoulder (Barton)
J Shoulder (Durham City, Durham University)
T Shoulder (Esh Winning)
K Shoulders (Arundel, Sussex Academy, Sussex Under-13s, Sussex Under-14s, Sussex Under-15s, Sussex Under-16s, Sussex Under-17s)
K Shoulders (Middleton-on-Sea)
M Shoulders (Arundel)
M Shoulders (scorer)
C Shouldham (Bullingdon)
L Shouldham (Kelso)
R Shoulep (Middleton Stoney)
Shouler (Oakham School)
Shouler (Colwall)
Shouler (Middleton Stoney)
A Shouler (Oakham School)
JR Shouler (Oakham School)
M Shouler (Colwall, Worcestershire Over-50s)
R Shouler (Bloxham School)
Shove (Birmingham Inland Revenue)
Shovelbottom (Lombard)
Shoveler (Bridge Hill)
MJ Shoveller (Camberley, Essex Second XI, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire Second XI)
J Shovelton (Adlington)
K Shovelton (umpire)
P Shovelton (Adlington)
R Shovelton (Enfield)
R shovelton (Great Harwood, Great Harwood Second XI)
R Shovelton (Great Harwood Third XI)
T Shovelton (Adlington)
Shovlar (Orsett)
N Show (Roydon)
RA Show (The Forty Club)
D Showan (Surrey Schools Women)
SM Showan (scorer)
C Showbrook (Devon Women)
Showcross (Command Depot, Heaton Park)
Showell (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
C Showell (Sparsholt)
D Showell (Holmesdale, Holmesdale Second XI, Kew, Walsall Second XI, Walsall Under-16s)
D Showell (The Weald)
D Showell (British Universities Sports Association Wanderers)
J Showell (Nottinghamshire Colts)
M Showell (Highway, Highway Second XI, Solihull Blossomfield, Water Orton)
S Showell (Highway Second XI)
C Showers (Buccaneers)
CJ Showers (Marylebone Cricket Club, South)
CJ Showers (Surrey Club)
OB Showers (Marylebone Cricket Club)
SA Showers (Surrey Club)
D Showler (Kimblesworth)
J Showler (St Lawrence and Highland Court, St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
J Showler (Simon Langton Grammar School)
JR Showler (Oakham School)
W Showler (North London Balloon Barrage)
Shoyab (Atlantis)
Shozab Haider (Aston Manor, Aston Manor Second XI)
D Shrapnell (Taunton School)
S Shrastha (Woodcote)
N Shrayaan (Old Leightonians)
Shreaton (Nottinghamshire Juniors)
R Shreaves (Bedford Modern School)
W Shreaves (Wood Green)
C Shreck (Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League)
CE Shreck (Cornwall, Kent, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire, Wellington)
M Shree (British Airways)
? Shreedhar (Old Basing)
A Shreedharan (Lincolnshire Development Squad)
A Shreedhaven (Lincolnshire Development Squad)
Shreef (Royal Corps of Signals)
G Shreerson (St Paul's School)
Shreeve (Moseley Ashfield Second XI)
A Shreeve (Barton Town, Barton Town Fourth XI)
C Shreeve (Norfolk Over-50s)
CM Shreeve (Norfolk)
F Shreeve (Trentside)
FC Shreeve (Cheshire)
H Shreeve (Moseley Ashfield Second XI)
J Shreeve (Durham Coast Cricket League)
Shreeves (Bedford Modern School)
M Shrehorn (Milford Hall)
S Shrestha (Blackheath Fourth XI)
S Shrestha (Morecambe)
S Shrestha (West Reading)
S Shrestha (West Indian Cavaliers)
Suman Shrestha (Wollaton)
Suman Shrestha (West Indian Cavaliers Second XI)
Sunil Shrestha (Wollaton)
Sunil Shrestha (West Indian Cavaliers Second XI)
S Shrestma (2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles)
A Shrewbury (W Wright's Nottinghamshire XI)
R Shrewsberry (Bradninch)
Shrewsbury (Woodhouse Grove School)
A Shrewsbury (Notts Castle)
A Shrewsbury (W Wright's Nottinghamshire XI)
A Shrewsbury jun (Nottinghamshire)
A Shrewsbury sen (England, Nottinghamshire, Single, The Rest)
GP Shrewsbury (Bradfield College)
I Shrewsbury (Southwell)
JDF Shrewsbury (Sefton)
JFD Shrewsbury (Sefton)
R Shrewsbury (scorer)
R Shrewsbury (Bradninch)
SB Shrewsbury (Old Leightonians)
T Shrewsbury (St Minver)
TW Shrewsbury (Gloucestershire)
W Shrewsbury (Nottinghamshire)
W Shrewsbury (United North of England Eleven)
W Shrewsbury (Nottingham Commercial Club)
A Shreyah (Christ's College, Finchley)
P Shreyhane (umpire)
P Shreyhayne (Northumberland Over-60s)
Shri (Roding Valley)
DC Shriazi (Oxfordshire)
Shridhar Kumar (Hertford)
Shrieves (Hewell)
G Shrieves (Bletchley Town)
CM Shrikirishnan (Slough Second XI)
G Shrikrishna (Slough Second XI)
D Shrimali (Ruislip Orientals)
Shrimpton (Redditch)
Shrimpton (Derbyshire Colts A)
Shrimpton (Deanery)
Shrimpton (Combined Services XI)
Shrimpton (Command Signals)
Shrimpton (St Mark's)
Shrimpton (St Dunstan's College)
C Shrimpton (Kent Second XI)
C Shrimpton (Bournville Second XI)
CH Shrimpton (Leighton Park School, Old Leightonians)
E Shrimpton (Hampshire)
E Shrimpton (Ordnance Survey)
F Shrimpton (Old Alleynians)
F Shrimpton (Astericks)
G Shrimpton (Redditch and District)
HJD Shrimpton (Gloucestershire)
I Shrimpton (Chestfield Second XI)
J Shrimpton (All Saints)
J Shrimpton (Dinton)
KRW Shrimpton (Wellingborough School)
M Shrimpton (Fyfield)
N Shrimpton (Enfield, Incogniti, Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Shrimpton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Shrimpton (Law Society)
R Shrimpton (Cumnor)
R Shrimpton (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
T Shrimpton (Deanery)
TM Shrimpton (St Dunstan's College)
W Shrimpton (King Edward's School Birmingham)
A Shrindal (Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI)
R Shringarpure (Pak Shaheen)
? Shrini (Old Basing)
S Shritharan (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
S Shrivastav (Midsomer Norton)
A Shrivastava (HSBC Second XI)
M Shrivastava (Solihull Blossomfield Second XI)
P Shrivastava (Purton)
M Shrive (Hythe and Dibden Second XI)
N Shrive (Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden Sunday XI, Hythe and Dibden Third XI)
NI Shrive (Fawley)
W Shrive (Kettering)
J Shrives (Stragglers of Asia)
T Shrives (Reigate Priory)
T Shrives (Guildford)
T Shrives (Stragglers of Asia)
SJ Shroeder (Denstone College)
J Shroeer (Spencer Women)
Shroff (Harrow Town)
Shroff (Harrow St Mary's)
T Shroff (Harrow St Mary's)
J Shrolts (umpire)
J Shropshall (Four Oaks Saints Second XI)
D Shropshire (scorer)
R Shropshire (Suffolk Club and Ground)
W Shropshire (Sudbury, Suffolk Under-19s)
W Shropshire (Lords and Commons)
W Shropshire (Kingsclere)
S Shrouder (Rochdale)
SJ Shrouder (Denstone College, Ormskirk)
aS Shrrgill (Nuneaton Third XI)
D Shrubb (Wokingham Second XI)
HG Shrubb (Bystock)
J Shrubb (Lindford Second XI)
JPC Shrubb (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JPC Shrubb (Hampshire Hogs)
N Shrubb (Salthill)
O Shrubb (Willingdon)
D Shrubsall (umpire)
J Shrubsall (Havant, Havant Second XI, Havant Third XI)
J Shrubsall (Portsmouth Second XI)
Shrubsell (Portsmouth Third XI)
G Shrubshall (Channel Islands)
Shrubshole (Town Malling)
Shrubsole (Town Malling)
A Shrubsole (Braves, Emeralds, England Women, Rubies, Somerset Women)
A Shrubsole (Bath)
H Shrubsole (Somerset Under-15s Women)
IP Shrubsole (Bath, Wiltshire)
J Shrubsole (Somerset Under-25s)
L Shrubsole (Somerset Women)
O Shrubsole (Dorset Under-13s, Dorset Under-14s, Dorset Under-15s, Dorset Under-17s)
O Shrubsole (Parley)
T Shrubsole (umpire)
Shuaib Ali (Griff and Coton)
Shuaib Nasir (BCS Grosvenor, BCS Grosvenor Second XI)
Shuard (Worcestershire Schools)
A Shuard (scorer)
H Shuard (Cambridgeshire Women, Combined Universities Women, East Anglia Women, Women's Cricket Association)
H Shuard (Cambridge and District Women)
M Shuban (Old Edwardians)
Shuck (Ombersley)
Shuck (Ombersley)
D Shuck (Ombersley)
L Shuck (Ombersley)
M Shuck (Cookley)
S Shuck (Cutnall Green)
Shuckburgh (Malvern College Second XI)
CG Shuckburgh (Dunchurch Hall)
CGS Shuckburgh (Warwickshire)
CGS Shuckburgh (NM Ford's XI)
CGS Shuckburgh (TJR Dashwood's XI)
E Shuckburgh (Ipswich Grammar School)
GG Shuckburgh (Dunchurch Hall)
GGS Shuckburgh (Anti-Aircraft XI)
JG Shuckburgh (The Leys School)
V Shuckla (Stragglers of Asia)
WH Shucksmith (Yorkshire Young Cricketers)
WH Shucksmith (Sedbergh School)
D Shuffe (scorer)
DJF Shuffe (East Bierley, Idle, Marylebone Cricket Club, Spen Victoria, Woodlands, Woodlands Second XI, Yeadon)
DJF Shuffe (Marylebone Cricket Club North and North East)
Shuffle (Olton)
Shufflebotham (Solihull School)
A Shufflebotham (Newton-le-Willows)
A Shufflebotham (St Margaret's)
B Shufflebotham (Almondbury Wesleyan)
D Shufflebotham (Bristol YMCA)
DH Shufflebotham (Cambridge University)
DH Shufflebotham (Quidnuncs)
JN Shufflebotham (Christ College, Brecon)
M Shufflebotham (scorer)
T Shufflebotham (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TA Shufflebotham (Glamorgan Second XI, The Forty Club)
B Shufflebottom (Yorkshire Under-15s)
D Shufflebottom (Broadbottom)
L Shufflebottom (Flowery Field, Glossop, Glossop Second XI)
L Shufflebottom (Broadbottom)
Shuffleworth (Rutland)
SJ Shuffrey (All Saints' School, Bloxham Second Division, All Saints' School, Bloxham Second XI)
Shugar (Brighton)
G Shugar (Brighton)
Shugrue (Royal Navy Under-25s)
R Shugrue (Royal Navy Under-25s)
Shuhaib Khan (Ace Cricket and Sports Club)
U Shuja (Rockingham Colliery)
Shujaat (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
J Shujaat (RMCC)
Shujaat Ali (Ilford)
M Shujaddin (Chalfont St Peter)
Shujat Khan (Warlingham)
M Shujauddin (Chalfont St Peter)
J Shujhat (RMCC)
S Shujuddin (Chalfont St Peter)
S Shujuh (Chalfont St Peter)
Shukat (North Maidenhead Second XI)
N Shukat (Epping)
S Shukat (Wembley)
S Shukat (Brondesbury)
A Shuker (Derbyshire)
A Shuker (Aston Unity)
H Shuker (Wolverhampton)
H Shuker (Bramshaw)
JWM Shuker (Staffordshire)
M Shuker (Bramshaw)
N Shuker (Enfield)
T Shuker (Swindon)
T Shuker (Brockhampton Second XI)
Shukhat Ali (Peterborough Town)
A Shukia (Harwich and Dovercourt)
Shukla (Shrewsbury Saracens)
A Shukla (Solihull)
B Shukla (The Forty Club)
B Shukla (Oakham)
BK Shukla (Fleetwood Hesketh)
BK Shukla (Southport and Birkdale)
BK Shukla (Southport Trinity)
BK Shukla (Ainsdale)
C Shukla (Oakham)
P Shukla (Leicester Banks)
R Shukla (Oakham)
S Shukla (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
S Shukla (Manchester University)
S Shukla (Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s)
S Shukla (Crawley)
T Shukla (Barnet B's)
T Shukla (Barnes)
V Shukla (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
V Shukla (Asian)
V Shukla (Colchester Cavaliers)
V Shukla (Ace Cricket and Sports Club)
A Shuklar (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
C Shukoya (The Forty Club West)
M Shul (Colwall)
FN Shuldham (AG Barrett's XI)
FQ Shuldham (Somerset Stragglers)
NL Shuldham (Eton Masters)
WFQ Shuldham (Rajputana and Bombay Baroda & Central India Railways, Somerset)
R Shulkins (County Borough of Bournemouth Employees Association)
C Shulman (Portsmouth)
K Shulman (scorer)
M Shult (Hampshire Hogs)
M Shultz (The Forty Club)
A Shulver (Brixworth, Brixworth Second XI)
S Shulver (New Ifield)
GH Shum (Australian Aboriginals, Gentlemen of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Northumberland Club, Tynemouth, Winchester College)
P Shumake (Sonning Fourth XI, Sonning Third XI)
H Shumann (Flashmen)
Shumbwood (Bramshill)
Shumraiaz Khan (Finchley)
GH Shum-Storey (Australian Aboriginals, Gentlemen of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Northumberland Club, Tynemouth, Winchester College)
H Shum-Storey (Free Foresters)
R Shum-Storey (Oxford University Next XVIII)
D Shunker (Romany)
DG Shurben (Northumberland)
GR Shurben (Durham Second XI)
J Shurben (Durham County Juniors)
J Shurben (Sunderland)
E Shureshkumar (Middlesex Over-50s)
R Shurety (Suffolk Over-50s)
RH Shurety (Ipswich School)
B Shurlock (Cumbria Under-19s)
A Shurmar (Shinfield)
D Shurmer (Hartlepool)
D Shurmer (Hartlepool Second XI)
J Shurmer (Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
M Shurmer (scorer)
MH Shurmer (scorer)
R Shurmer (Gloucestershire Under-15s, Gloucestershire Under-17s)
R Shurmer (Great and Little Tew Second XI)
RRL Shurmer (Great and Little Tew)
Shurr (St John's College, York)
Shurya (Smethwick)
C Shuster (Royal Household)
J Shut (Yorkshire Academy)
Shute (Staff College Sandhurst)
Shute (Knowle)
Shute (Aldershot Division)
Shute (Neston)
A Shute (Dorset Rangers)
AB Shute (School of Gunnery)
C Shute (Devon Over-50s)
C Shute (Timsbury)
CA Shute (Dorset Rangers)
CD Shute (2nd Battalion The Rifle Brigade)
CD Shute (Dorset Rangers)
JAB Shute (Chadwick Manor, Sutton Coldfield)
JAB Shute (Knowle)
JV Shute (Dorset)
JV Shute (Oxton)
JV Shute (Dorset Rangers)
JV Shute (Dorset Regiment)
K Shute (Beaulieu)
Shuter (Wolverhampton)
Shuter (Blackheath)
C Shuter (Winchester College)
C Shuter (Whiteley Village)
C Shuter (umpire)
G Shuter (Coggeshall Town)
J Shuter (England, Gentlemen, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, Surrey)
J Shuter (Northbrook)
J Shuter (Esher)
J Shuter (Blackheath)
J Shuter (Whiteley Village)
J Shuter (Orleans Club)
LA Shuter (Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey)
LA Shuter (Blackheath)
LA Shuter (Gentlemen of Surrey)
LA Shuter (Bexley)
LA Shuter (West Kent)
LR Shuter (Gatton Park, Marylebone Cricket Club)
LRA Shuter (CE Lucas' XI)
LRWA Shuter (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Shutes (Newport)
K Shutes (Dorset Rangers)
Shutler (New Forest Club Cricket Association Under-20s)
Shutler (Brockenhurst County High School)
Shutler (R Parry's XI)
A Shutler (The Forty Club)
A Shutler (Bransgore Second XI)
C Shutler (Nomansland)
C Shutler (Hyde)
G Shutler (Hyde Second XI)
H Shutler (Ellingham)
J Shutler (umpire)
J Shutler (Ellingham, Ellingham Second XI, Ellingham Third XI)
JN Shutler (The Forty Club)
JN Shutler (The Forty Club)
JN Shutler (umpire)
JN Shutler (The Forty Club)
JW Shutler (The Forty Club)
L Shutler (Incogniti)
M Shutler (Hyde, Hyde Second XI)
M Shutler (Bransgore Second XI)
M Shutler (Hyde)
M Shutler (Bransgore)
M Shutler (Hyde Second XI)
M Shutler (Hyde)
N Shutler (Bootle)
N Shutler (The Forty Club)
S Shutler (Exbury)
V Shutler (Stragglers of Asia)
Shutt (Mr Strutt's XI)
Shutt (Lowerhouse)
Shutt (Northern)
A Shutt (Worcestershire)
A Shutt (Lowerhouse)
A Shutt (Colne)
A Shutt (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
A Shutt (The Leys School)
AD Shutt (Bradford Grammar School)
C Shutt (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
D Shutt (Sheffield United)
D Shutt (Newick)
F Shutt (Sparkhill Second XI)
GE Shutt (Burnley, Nelson)
H Shutt (Hampshire)
H Shutt (Colne)
H Shutt (Lowerhouse Second XI)
H Shutt (Cumberland)
J Shutt (Lowerhouse Second XI)
J Shutt (Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-17s, Yorkshire Under-19s)
J Shutt (Elsecar)
J Shutt (Wath)
J Shutt (Castleford)
L Shutt (Sheffield Collegiate, Sheffield United)
L Shutt (Alnwick and District Cricket League)
L Shutt (Yorkshire Under-17s)
M Shutt (Colne)
N Shutt (Colne)
O Shutt (Sparkhill Second XI)
R Shutt (Sheffield United)
R Shutt (Wickersley Old Village)
R Shutt (Bronze Second XI, Bronze Third XI)
R Shutt (Broughton)
R Shutt (Radcliffe)
R Shutt (Coal Aston)
T Shutt (Burnley, Lancashire Second XI, Lowerhouse, Rishton)
T Shutt (Liverpool and District)
T Shutt (Lowerhouse Second XI)
T Shutt (Colne)
T Shutt (Colne)
T Shutt (Southwick)
TH Shutt (Burnley)
WA Shutt (Burnley, Lancashire Second XI)
WH Shutt (Lowerhouse)
F Shutte (Portsmouth Borough)
R Shutte (Isle of Wight Cricket Board)
D Shuttle (Buckinghamshire Over-60s Second XI)
J Shuttle (Winchmore Hill (Penn))
JCE Shuttle (Amersham, Beaconsfield, Marylebone Cricket Club)
JCE Shuttle (Cross Arrows)
J Shuttler (Ellingham Second XI)
J Shuttler (Ellingham)
L Shuttler (Incogniti)
P Shuttler (Steeple Langford)
Shuttlewick (London University)
Shuttlewood (Leicester)
J Shuttlewood (Warminster)
M Shuttlewood (Slinfold)
Shuttleworth (Christ's College, Finchley)
Shuttleworth (Yorkshire Colts)
Shuttleworth (Preston)
Shuttleworth (Burnley District XI)
Shuttleworth (Yardley)
Shuttleworth (Border Regiment)
Shuttleworth (Coleshill)
Shuttleworth (Chorley)
Shuttleworth (Command Signals)
Shuttleworth (Dorridge)
Shuttleworth (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Shuttleworth (Cromford Meadows)
Shuttleworth (Handsworth Wood)
Shuttleworth (Worksop College)
Shuttleworth (Shrewsbury School)
Shuttleworth (Yardley)
Shuttleworth (The Forty Club)
Shuttleworth (Green Jackets)
Shuttleworth (New College, Oxford)
Shuttleworth (Silcoates High School)
A Shuttleworth (Darwen, Rossall School)
A Shuttleworth (Yardley)
A Shuttleworth (Free Foresters)
A Shuttleworth (Leyland Fourth XI)
AC Shuttleworth (WS Blackshaw's XI)
AG Shuttleworth (William Hulme Grammar School)
AG Shuttleworth (Repton Pilgrims)
AJ Shuttleworth (Bradford Grammar School)
B Shuttleworth (Enfield)
C Shuttleworth (Todmorden)
D Shuttleworth (umpire)
D Shuttleworth (scorer)
D Shuttleworth (Ongar)
D Shuttleworth (Eagley)
D Shuttleworth (Band of Brothers)
D Shuttleworth (Northern Police Cricket League)
D Shuttleworth (Bradfield College)
D Shuttleworth (umpire)
D Shuttleworth (Parley)
DA Shuttleworth (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Second XI)
DA Shuttleworth (Bradford Grammar School)
DG Shuttleworth (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
DS Shuttleworth (The Rest)
E Shuttleworth (Northamptonshire Under-13s Women)
E Shuttleworth (Yorkshire Cricket Federation Juniors)
E Shuttleworth (Lindal Moor)
E Shuttleworth (Bradford Grammar School)
ECA Shuttleworth (Blundell's School)
EHS Shuttleworth (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
EJA Shuttleworth (Repton School)
F Shuttleworth (Timperley)
F Shuttleworth (Timperley)
F Shuttleworth (Timperley Third XI)
FE Shuttleworth (Rossall School)
G Shuttleworth (Denby Dale)
GD Shuttleworth (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
GD Shuttleworth (Worksop College)
GM Shuttleworth (Cambridge University)
GM Shuttleworth (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GM Shuttleworth (York Wanderers)
GM Shuttleworth (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Shuttleworth (Sunderland)
H Shuttleworth (Radley Rangers)
H Shuttleworth (Yardley)
HS Shuttleworth (Astwood Bank Women, Warwickshire Under-17s Women, Worcestershire Under-17s Women)
J Shuttleworth (National Westminster Bank, Westminster Bank)
J Shuttleworth (Berkswell)
J Shuttleworth (Colne)
J Shuttleworth (Berkswell Third XI)
J Shuttleworth (Ponteland)
J Shuttleworth (Coal Aston)
J Shuttleworth (Bolton and District Cricket Association)
J Shuttleworth (Bolton League)
J Shuttleworth (Boston)
J Shuttleworth (Loddington and Mawsley)
J Shuttleworth (Leyland Fourth XI)
JR Shuttleworth (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
K Shuttleworth (England, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
K Shuttleworth (umpire)
K Shuttleworth (Radcliffe)
K Shuttleworth (Stockport)
KC Shuttleworth (Forest School)
L Shuttleworth (Yardley)
L Shuttleworth (Yardley)
LHC Shuttleworth (Merchant Taylors' School)
M Shuttleworth (London University)
M Shuttleworth (St Osyth)
M Shuttleworth (Silsden)
M Shuttleworth (Sandiacre Town, Sandiacre Town Second XI)
M Shuttleworth (The Forty Club)
M Shuttleworth (Leyland Fourth XI, Leyland Third XI)
M Shuttleworth (Four Oaks Saints Women)
N Shuttleworth (St Osyth)
N Shuttleworth (Ongar)
N Shuttleworth (Southport and Birkdale)
N Shuttleworth (St Osyth)
N Shuttleworth (St Osyth)
OC Shuttleworth (Eton College Under-15s, Eton Ramblers, Sussex Second XI, Sussex Under-19s, Sussex Young Cricketers)
OC Shuttleworth (Eton Ramblers)
P Shuttleworth (South Wingfield)
P Shuttleworth (Marple)
P Shuttleworth (Sandiacre Town Second XI)
P Shuttleworth (Derbyshire Under-17s)
PA Shuttleworth (Army, Army Under-25s, Combined Services Under-25s)
PA Shuttleworth (Army Cricket Association President's XI)
PA Shuttleworth (Worksop College)
R Shuttleworth (Bacup)
R Shuttleworth (Yardley)
R Shuttleworth (East Bierley Second XI)
RI Shuttleworth (Benwell, Northumberland Cricket League, Ponteland)
RI Shuttleworth (Formby)
RJ Shuttleworth (Leeds University)
RR Shuttleworth (Rawtenstall)
S Shuttleworth (Ambergate)
S Shuttleworth (South Wingfield)
W Shuttleworth (Enfield)
W Shuttleworth (East Lancashire Second XI)
W Shuttleworth (The King's School, Worcester)
W Shuttleworth (Eagley, Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s)
N Shutt-Nullis (Cannock Women)
G Shutton (Portsmouth Grammar School)
S Shuvo (Epping)
J Shweerson (Public Schools Wanderers)
M Shwellier (Surrey Under-19s)
s Shyam (Chesham Fourth XI)
V Shyam-Shundar (Yarm)
S Shyan (Romany)
A Shylam (Chesham Fourth XI)
R Shylendra (Chesham)
R Shylendra (Chesham Second XI, Chesham Third XI)
PF Shyles (umpire)
A Si (Nomads)
D Si (Nomads)
D Sia (Clanfield)
M Siad (Great Horton)
M Sialvi (Hayes Second XI, Sidcup Second XI)
M Sialvi (Hindley St Peters)
M Sialvi (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI)
MI Sialvi (Loughton, Woodford Green)
MI Sialvi (Gravesend Second XI)
R Sialvi (Harrow)
Z Sialvi (Loughborough Town)
Z Sialvi (Nomads)
Z Sialvi (Loughborough Town Second XI)
R Sialvia (Harrow)
H Siam (Ford Sports Club)
S Siam (Scintilla)
A Sibal (Southam Second XI)
DJK Sibal (Ilton)
N Sibal (Star Alvis, Star Alvis Second XI)
B Sibanda (Barking)
F Sibary (Garforth)
HS Sibary (Ardingly College, Ardingly College Second XI)
W Sibastian (BWIA Cavaliers)
A Sibay (Haileybury and Imperial Service College)
TFJ Sibbald (Hurstpierpoint College)
Sibbert (Dunstall)
M Sibbert (University of Staffordshire)
Sibbet Hussain (Old Hamptonians)
D Sibbles (Somerset Second XI)
FM Sibbles (Lancashire, The Rest)
FM Sibbles (Lowerhouse)
A Sibblies (Norley Hall)
B Sibbons (Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
J Sibbons (Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans, Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
S Sibbons (Boxted)
J Sibbring
B Sibby (East Sussex Cricket League)
G Siberry (Sheffield University)
P Siberry (Landore)
F Sibert (Nottingham)
F Sibert (Nottinghamshire Colts)
M Sibert (Sawley and Long Eaton Park, Sawley and Long Eaton Park Second XI)
Sibeth (Oscott College)
Sibet Hussain (Burnham, Farnham Royal, Ford Sports Club)
Sibet Hussain (Ilford)
DM Sibey (Haileybury and Imperial Service College)
H Sibia (Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-15s)
H Sibia (Indian Gymkhana)
S Sibiya (Winscombe)
S Sibiya (Littlehampton, Clapham and Patching)
Sibley (Hertfordshire)
Sibley (Border Regiment)
Sibley (Hardye's School)
Sibley (Alma)
Sibley (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
Sibley (Lancashire and Cheshire Royal Garrison Artillery)
A Sibley (Hertfordshire Under-13s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
A Sibley (Somerset Under-13s Women)
A Sibley (Langley Mill United)
A Sibley (Nottingham Trent University Second XI)
A Sibley (umpire)
A Sibley (scorer)
A Sibley (Steppingley)
A Sibley (East Anglia Junior Women)
A Sibley (Newcastle and Hartshill)
A Sibley (Endon)
AJ Sibley (Devon)
B Sibley (scorer)
C Sibley (Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
CA Sibley (Brixworth, Leyland Motors, Rishton)
D Sibley (High Halstow, High Halstow Second XI)
D Sibley (Hertfordshire)
D Sibley (Matching Green)
D Sibley (Herts and Essex League)
Dan Sibley (Epping, Loughton)
Dave Sibley (Epping)
DP Sibley (Surrey)
F Sibley (Blackpool Services)
H Sibley (scorer)
I Sibley (Dorset)
J Sibley (Hertfordshire)
J Sibley (Ashford)
J Sibley (Haileybury Hermits)
J Sibley (Ventnor, Ventnor Second XI)
J Sibley (Goodlass)
J Sibley (Fives and Heronians)
J Sibley (King's Somborne)
J Sibley (Milton)
J Sibley (Romsey Royal Tobys)
J Sibley (Westlands Sports)
J Sibley (King's Somborne)
J Sibley (Loughborough University Women)
J Sibley (Abberton Women)
J Sibley (St John's College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
J Sibley (Dorchester Casuals)
J Sibley (Lulworth Castle)
K Sibley (Dyrham and Hinton)
M Sibley (Hertfordshire Over-60s Second XI)
M Sibley (Hardye's School)
M Sibley (scorer)
MD Sibley (Ibis)
MT Sibley (Old Johnians)
MT Sibley (St John's School, Leatherhead)
N Sibley (Southampton Touring Club)
P Sibley (St John's School, Leatherhead)
P Sibley (Leigh-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea Second XI)
PA Sibley (Old Johnians)
PC Sibley (The Forty Club)
PC Sibley (The Forty Club)
R Sibley (Chappel and Wakes Colne)
R Sibley (Old Owens)
RI Sibley (Chappel and Wakes Colne)
S Sibley (Buckinghamshire Under-14s)
S Sibley (Northamptonshire Under-15s)
S Sibley (Stony Stratford Second XI, Stony Stratford Third XI)
S Sibley (The Forty Club)
T Sibley (Alderley Edge)
T Sibley (Wombourne Second XI)
T Sibley (Steppingley)
WJ Sibley (Hardye's School)
OP Sibley-Harris (Catford and Cyphers, Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
D Sibly (Matching Green)
M Siboto (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Sibray (Maresfield Camp)
CJ Sibree (Clifton College)
J Sibree (Bluemantles)
Sibson (Leicester Ivanhoe)
D Sibson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Sibson (Airedale and Wharfedale Cricket League)
J Sibson (Leicestershire)
J Sibson (Leicestershire Colts)
M Sibson (Bluntisham)
RM Sibson (King Edward's School Birmingham Common Room)
S Sibson (Wyggeston Grammar School)
GTW Sibthorp (Oxford University)
MRW Sibthorp (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire)
G Sibthorpe (Harrow School)
G Sibthorpe (Oxford University)
MW Sibthorpe (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
W Sibthorpe (Lincolnshire)
A Sibun (Thorpe Arnold)
P Sibun (St George's College, Weybridge)
A Siburn (Thorpe Arnold)
H Sice (Hounslow)
CO Sich (Radley College)
HEF Sich (Chiswick House, Radley College)
HH Sich (Radley College)
RL Sich (Radley College)
RL Sich (The Googlies)
RL Sich (Incogniti)
C Sichei (Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors)
OW Sichel (Public Schools)
AL Sick (Incogniti)
Sickle (Sutton Command Depot)
B Sickley (umpire)
R Sicock (Cestrian Club)
A Sid (Yateley Fourth XI)
A Sidall (Bramhall)
AD Sidall (Craven Gentlemen)
Y Sidat (Griff and Coton)
Sidaway (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
BG Sidaway (Buckinghamshire, Slough)
E Sidaway (Dudley)
G Sidaway (umpire)
G Sidaway (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
J Sidaway (Alvechurch and Hopwood)
J Sidaway (Oldswinford)
J Sidaway (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social, Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
J Sidaway (Worcestershire Under-14s)
JL Sidaway (Stourbridge Grammar School)
L Sidaway (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
L Sidaway (Worcestershire Under-14s)
M Sidaway (Oldswinford)
M Sidaway (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
D Sidaway (Berkshire Under-15s)
R Sidaway (Slough)
R Sidaway (Wolverhampton)
S Sidaway (Dudley)
DJ Sidbury (Cheltenham College)
EJ Sidbury (Mitchell's)
A Siddal (Kirkstall)
A Siddal (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Siddal (Whitley Hall)
Siddall (Trent College)
Siddall (Staveley Works)
A Siddall (Harrogate)
A Siddall (North and East Ridings)
A Siddall (Warter)
A Siddall (Bramhall)
A Siddall (Kirkstall Educational)
A Siddall (Kirkstall)
A Siddall (Londesborough Park, Pocklington School, Yorkshire Gentlemen)
A Siddall (Derbyshire Friars)
A Siddall (scorer)
AD Siddall (Trent College)
AD Siddall (Craven Gentlemen)
AO Siddall (Trent College)
AP Siddall (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Marylebone Cricket Club, Pudsey Congs)
B Siddall (Trent College)
CJ Siddall (Yorkshire Cricket Board)
D Siddall (Stoughton and Thurnby)
F Siddall (Trent College)
F Siddall (Civil Service)
FS Siddall (Civil Service, Civil Service Crusaders, Essex Second XI)
FS Siddall (London and Southern Counties Conference Eastern Area)
H Siddall (Gentlemen of Lancashire, Warrington)
H Siddall (South of Lancashire)
HJ Siddall (Yorkshire Second XI)
HR Siddall (Monmouthshire)
J Siddall (Trent College)
J Siddall (Kirkstall Educational)
J Siddall (Kirkstall)
J Siddall (Derbyshire Under-17s)
J Siddall (Bickley Park)
J Siddall (Broughton Fourth XI, Broughton Third XI)
J Siddall (Brigg Town Third XI)
J Siddall (Derbyshire Friars)
JB Siddall (Clifton)
JB Siddall (Herefordshire)
JM Siddall (Trent College)
JO Siddall (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Quarndon)
JO Siddall (Kirkstall)
JS Siddall (Derbyshire Colts)
L Siddall (Glossop Second XI)
M Siddall (Myerscough College)
M Siddall (Blackpool)
P Siddall (The Forty Club)
S Siddall (umpire)
T Siddall (National Hunt Jockeys)
N Siddans (Walmer)
J Siddaway (Worcestershire Under-14s)
M Siddaway (Oldswinford)
M Siddaway (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social, Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
P Siddel (Lancashire Over-60s)
A Siddell (Derbyshire Friars)
C Siddell (Poynton Second XI)
G Siddell (South Shields)
G Siddell (Harborne, Harborne Second XI)
G Siddell (Harborne Third XI)
J Siddell (Emeriti)
J Siddell (Gentlemen of Surrey Club)
A Siddeque (Checkley)
K Siddinfni (Twyford and Ruscombe)
A Siddiq (Werneth)
D Siddiq (Chislehurst and West Kent)
D Siddiq (North Kent Cricket League)
F Siddiq (Paddock)
F Siddiq (Hall Bower)
H Siddiq (Hackney Cricket College)
I Siddiq (Paddock)
I Siddiq (umpire)
M Siddiq (Christleton)
M Siddiq (Middlesbrough)
M Siddiq (umpire)
MS Siddiq (Walsall YMF, Walsall YMF Second XI)
S Siddiq (Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s)
S Siddiq (East Lancashire Second XI, East Lancashire Third XI)
U Siddiq (Paddock)
W Siddiq (Club Cricket Conference)
K Siddiqi (Peterborough Town Second XI)
N Siddiqi (London Lions)
SN Siddiqi (Cambridge University)
U Siddiqi (Derby Congregational)
Q Siddiqt (Manningham Mills Second XI)
Siddique (Totteridge Millhillians Second XI)
A Siddique (Audley, Checkley, Moddershall)
A Siddique (Bowling Old Lane Second XI)
A Siddique (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University)
A Siddique (Denstone Wanderers)
A Siddique (Woodbank Second XI)
A Siddique (Longsight Second XI)
A Siddique (Burnage, Burnage Second XI)
A Siddique (Nelson Second XI)
A Siddique (Cheetham Hill Second XI)
A Siddique (Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
H Siddique (scorer)
H Siddique (Bowling Old Lane Second XI)
H Siddique (Cheadle)
HG Siddique (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University)
K Siddique (Thornham Second XI)
K Siddique (Bacup)
K Siddique (Clitheroe)
K Siddique (Bankfoot, Bankfoot Second XI)
K Siddique (Great Horton Second XI)
K Siddique (Edgworth)
M Siddique (Barlaston)
M Siddique (Boscombe)
M Siddique (Milnrow)
M Siddique (Great Horton, Great Horton Second XI)
M Siddique (Bolton)
M Siddique (British Airways, British Airways Second XI)
M Siddique (Cartworth Moor)
M Siddique (The Forty Club)
M Siddique (Blackburn Northern)
MR Siddique (Kirkheaton)
N Siddique (Bow Green)
N Siddique (Boscombe)
O Siddique (Slough, Slough Second XI)
O Siddique (Burnham Second XI)
O Siddique (Burnham, Burnham Second XI)
Q Siddique (Bristol Asians)
Q Siddique (Great Horton, Great Horton Second XI)
R Siddique (Times Tigers)
R Siddique (Scholes, Scholes Second XI)
S Siddique (Chaldon CMO)
S Siddique (Chalfont St Peter)
S Siddique (Teddington Town)
T Siddique (Southgate)
T Siddique (Highfield)
U Siddique (Burslem, Waltham)
U Siddique (Padiham)
U Siddique (Bignall End)
W Siddique (scorer)
Z Siddique (Ruislip Victoria, Ruislip Victoria Second XI)
Siddique Akbal (Bow Green)
J Siddique-Parkes (Hertfordshire Over-50s Third XI)
A Siddiqui (Ashford)
A Siddiqui (Chesham Fourth XI)
B Siddiqui (Ilford Lions)
B Siddiqui (Harold Wood)
D Siddiqui (West Chiltington)
H Siddiqui (Berkshire Under-15s)
H Siddiqui (Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s, Warwickshire Under-16s)
H Siddiqui (Moseley Second XI, Moseley Third XI)
K Siddiqui (Purley)
K Siddiqui (Old Sinjuns)
M Siddiqui (Highway)
M Siddiqui (Southgate)
M Siddiqui (Rugby, Rugby Second XI)
M Siddiqui (Hawks)
N Siddiqui (Fulwood and Broughton)
R Siddiqui (Totteridge Millhillians)
S Siddiqui (Highway)
S Siddiqui (HSBC Second XI)
S Siddiqui (Old Edwardians Second XI)
SI Siddiqui (Old Edwardians Second XI)
SN Siddiqui (City of London School)
SY Siddiqui (Maruti Suzuki)
Z Siddiqui (Louth)
Z Siddiqui (Ifield)
T Siddiquie (Highfield Second XI)
Siddle (Hetairoi)
A Siddle (Warwick Second XI)
A Siddle (Kirkstall)
A Siddle (Urmston)
CM Siddle (South Northumberland)
E Siddle (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s)
E Siddle (Oakham)
EJW Siddle (Oakham School)
J Siddle (Kirkstall)
J Siddle (Warrington Second XI)
P Siddle (Perse School)
R Siddle (Hampton School)
J Siddle-Poyner (Coleshill Second XI, Coleshill Third XI)
Siddon (Aston Avenue)
E Siddon (Gentlemen of Derbyshire)
N Siddone (Walsall Second XI)





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