England Players (R)


Robson (umpire)
Robson (Leeds)
Robson (umpire)
Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Robson (Colts of the North)
Robson (Bury St Edmunds)
Robson (English Universities South)
Robson (Whalley)
Robson (Windsor Garrison)
Robson (3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards)
Robson (Forest Wagtails)
Robson (Ashley)
Robson (St Mary's College, Southampton)
Robson (Bedford Modern School)
Robson (Uppingham School)
Robson (St George's College, Weybridge)
Robson (Brookweald)
Robson (Warwickshire Acorns)
Robson (Mitcham)
Robson (Old Westminster Citizens)
Robson (Army Pay Corps)
Robson (Durham University)
Robson (Southborough)
Robson (City of London School)
Robson (King Edward's School, Witley)
Robson (Metropolitan Police Cadet Corps)
Robson (King's College, Taunton)
Robson (Wallasey Under-14s)
Robson (Sale Moor)
Robson (Casey and Robson's Clowns)
A Robson (Benwell, County Club, Northumberland, Northumberland Second XI, Percy Main)
A Robson (Chessington)
A Robson (scorer)
A Robson (Newcastle, Northumberland Under-15s)
A Robson (Cricketers Club of London)
A Robson (Glamorgan Second XI)
A Robson (West Tyne Cricket League)
A Robson (Culgaith)
A Robson (New Milton)
A Robson (Ropley Second XI)
A Robson (Cheltenham)
A Robson (Nailsea)
A Robson (scorer)
A Robson (Buccaneers)
A Robson (Huyton)
A Robson (EJ Jackson's XI)
A Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
A Robson (Constable Burton)
A Robson (Knowle)
A Robson (Felling)
A Robson (National Physical Laboratory Teddington, National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI, National Physical Laboratory Teddington Third XI)
A Robson (National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI)
A Robson (Honor Oak, Honor Oak Second XI)
AG Robson (Surrey, Sussex)
AG Robson (South Northumberland)
AJ Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Morpeth, Northamptonshire Second XI)
AK Robson (Worksop College)
AR Robson (County Club, Dame Allan's School, Fenham, Newcastle, Northumberland Under-19s, Northumberland Under-21s)
AR Robson (Dame Allan's School, Fenham Under-15s)
AS Robson (Frocester, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-17s, Gloucestershire Under-19s)
B Robson (Cheshire)
B Robson (Cheshire Cricket Conference)
B Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Robson (Pagham)
B Robson (Pagham)
B Robson (Nomads)
B Robson (Englefield Green Second XI)
B Robson (Hutton)
BCW Robson (Malvern College)
BH Robson (Durham Colts North)
BJ Robson (The Leys School)
C Robson (Gentlemen of the South, Hampshire, London County, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
C Robson (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Yorkshire Second XI)
C Robson (Gentlemen of Essex)
C Robson (Northumberland Under-17s, Sunderland)
C Robson (Chislehurst and West Kent, Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI, Old Elthamians, Old Elthamians Granby Second XI, Old Elthamians Second XI)
C Robson (South Northumberland)
C Robson (Purbrook)
C Robson (Sporting Press)
C Robson (Berkshire)
C Robson (Baildon)
C Robson (Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI)
C Robson (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s, Cumbria Under-17s)
C Robson (Woodbridge School)
C Robson (Clifton)
C Robson (Bruce Castle School)
C Robson (umpire)
C Robson (South Hants Club)
C Robson (Glasshouses Women)
C Robson (Bilton)
C Robson (Redoubtables Women)
C Robson (Challow and Childrey)
C Robson (Knaresborough, Knaresborough Forest)
C Robson (Crook Town, Durham County Cricket League)
C Robson (The Leys School)
C Robson (Idle, Idle Second XI)
C Robson (Eton Ramblers)
C Robson (Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s)
C Robson (Beccles)
C Robson (AC MacLaren's XI)
C Robson (3rd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry)
C Robson (Newton Tracey Third XI)
C Robson (Langford)
C Robson (Thoresby Park Second XI)
C Robson (East Drayton)
C Robson (Easington Colliery Welfare, Easington Colliery Welfare Second XI)
C Robson (Evenwood, Evenwood Second XI)
C Robson (Old Buckenham Hall)
C Robson (Heyford)
CG Robson (Kent Second XI)
CG Robson (Gravesend)
CGW Robson (Middlesex, Worcestershire)
CHW Robson (Charterhouse School)
CR Robson (Leicester Ivanhoe)
D Robson (umpire)
D Robson (Ashington)
D Robson (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s, Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Cricket Board, Lancashire Under-15s, Lancashire Under-17s, Lytham, Old Rossallians, Rossall School, Workington)
D Robson (Neston)
D Robson (Blackhall)
D Robson (Berwick and District)
D Robson (Ashington)
D Robson (Oxford University Authentics)
D Robson (Clipstone Welfare)
D Robson (Clipstone Welfare Second XI)
D Robson (Blackhall Second XI)
D Robson (Newton Tracey Third XI)
D Robson (umpire)
D Robson (Hurst)
D Robson (St John's Wood)
D Robson (Castleford)
DB Robson (Chester-le-Street)
DH Robson (Bootham School, Bootham School Second XI)
DH Robson (Felsted School)
DN Robson (Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street Midweek XI)
E Robson (London County, Somerset)
E Robson (Hull)
E Robson (Durham Colts (Central County League))
E Robson (Taunton)
E Robson (Ashton-on-Mersey)
E Robson (Dartford)
E Robson (Brooklands Women)
E Robson (Penrith, Penrith Second XI)
E Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Robson (Woodbridge School)
E Robson (St Peter's School, York)
E Robson (Peterlee Second XI)
EC Robson (Timperley)
EF Robson (Buckinghamshire)
EM Robson (Morpeth, Northumberland Juniors, South Northumberland)
EM Robson (Pocklington School Second XI)
F Robson (Durham)
F Robson (Hull and YPI)
F Robson (Ashington)
F Robson (Durham Senior Cricket League)
F Robson (Chester Boughton Hall)
F Robson (Loughborough Town, Loughborough Town Second XI)
F Robson (Hymers College, Hull)
F Robson (DCH Townsend's XI)
FO Robson (Cheam)
FW Robson (Pocklington School, Pocklington School Second XI)
G Robson (umpire)
G Robson (Northumberland)
G Robson (Morley, Morley Second XI)
G Robson (J Southerton's Surrey Colts)
G Robson (Liphook and Ripsley)
G Robson (Raphael)
G Robson (Morley Second XI)
G Robson (Bedford Modern School)
G Robson (Scarborough)
G Robson (Kidmore End, Kidmore End Second XI)
G Robson (Richings Park)
G Robson (Worksop College)
G Robson (Liss)
G Robson (Seacombe)
G Robson (Hurst)
G Robson (scorer)
GA Robson (Scarborough)
GB Robson (Corbridge)
GF Robson (Bowdon)
H Robson (Minor Counties)
H Robson (Tichborne Park Third XI)
H Robson (Morpeth)
H Robson (Northumberland Under-13s Women, Northumberland Under-15s Women)
H Robson (Stanley)
H Robson (Seacombe)
HB Robson (Eton Ramblers)
HD Robson (Broadwater)
HN Robson (I Zingari)
HN Robson (Westminster School)
I Robson (Durham, Durham City, English Schools Cricket Association, National Association of Young Cricketers, National Association of Young Cricketers North, National Cricket Association Young Cricketers, Northamptonshire Second XI)
I Robson (Corse and Staunton)
I Robson (Liverpool)
I Robson (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
I Robson (Horsley and Send)
IE Robson (Huyton)
J Robson (scorer)
J Robson (Normandy)
J Robson (Torrisholme Second XI)
J Robson (Northumberland Club)
J Robson (Northumberland Under-21s, Percy Main)
J Robson (Horncastle)
J Robson (Surrey Women)
J Robson (Royal Navy)
J Robson (Aldershot Division)
J Robson (Bedale)
J Robson (Warminster)
J Robson (Butterflies)
J Robson (Canterbury Second XI)
J Robson
J Robson (Clifton College Masters)
J Robson (Dartford)
J Robson (scorer)
J Robson (Old Westminsters)
J Robson (Heathcoat)
J Robson (Havant Second XI)
J Robson (Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI, Hook and Newnham Basics Third XI)
J Robson (Chigwell School)
J Robson (King Edward's School, Witley)
J Robson (August Flies)
J Robson (Blackheath)
J Robson (Bethany School)
J Robson (Ollerton Colliery)
J Robson (Old Westminsters)
J Robson (scorer)
J Robson (Liverpool Second XI)
J Robson (Northumberland Colts)
J Robson (Castle Eden Second XI)
J Robson (Plumtree Second XI)
J Robson (Chestfield)
JA Robson (Cumberland Juniors)
JB Robson (Morpeth, Northumberland Schoolboys)
JB Robson (The Oratory School)
JC Robson (Repton School)
JD Robson (Alnwick, Northumberland)
JE Robson (The Leys School)
JG Robson (Alnwick)
JH Robson (County Club, Northumberland Club and Ground, Northumberland Second XI, The Forty Club, Westminster School)
JH Robson (Seaton)
JK Robson (Staxton)
JPD Robson (Uppingham School)
JR Robson (Durham School)
JS Robson (Pocklington School)
JS Robson (Durham University)
K Robson (Nottinghamshire Women)
K Robson (Harrow)
K Robson (Cumbria Women)
K Robson (Guildford City)
K Robson (Buttershaw St Paul's Second XI)
K Robson (Hampshire Women)
K Robson (Farnham Over-40s)
K Robson (Guildford Women)
K Robson (scorer)
K Robson (The Forty Club)
KM Robson (Surrey Women)
KM Robson (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
KW Robson (Repton School)
L Robson (The Forty Club)
L Robson (Army)
L Robson (Murton, Murton Second XI)
L Robson (Enfield)
LE Robson (Kent Second XI)
LW Robson (Institute of Chartered Accountants)
M Robson (Wivenhoe Town)
M Robson (Morpeth)
M Robson (Ashby Timken)
M Robson (Huyton)
M Robson (OR Borradaile's XI)
M Robson (Oundle School)
M Robson (Neston)
M Robson (Oxfordshire Under-15s)
M Robson (Warkworth)
M Robson (Alnwick and District Cricket League)
M Robson (Blackhall)
M Robson (Paultons, Paultons Second XI, Paultons Sunday XI)
M Robson (Hook and Newnham)
M Robson (Bedford Modern School)
M Robson (Ashby)
M Robson (Emsworth)
M Robson (umpire)
M Robson (Eastergate)
M Robson (Easington Colliery Welfare)
M Robson (The Forty Club)
M Robson (Tynedale)
M Robson (William Hulme Grammar School)
M Robson (Cumnor)
M Robson (Ashby Timken)
M Robson (Burnmoor)
M Robson (Bath University)
M Robson (Esh Winning)
M Robson (Middleton-on-Sea)
MA Robson (Clifton College)
MC Robson (Durham Academy, Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-17s, Northern Universities, Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite, Nottinghamshire Cricket Academy, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-17s, Sunderland)
ME Robson (Morpeth, Northumberland, St Peter's School, York)
ME Robson (Old Peterites)
MEA Robson (Lancing College)
MJK Robson (Northumberland, Tynedale, Uppingham Rovers, Uppingham School)
MJK Robson (Craven Gentlemen)
N Robson (Woodhall Spa)
N Robson (Folkton and Flixton)
N Robson (umpire)
N Robson (Hampshire Hogs)
N Robson (Strongs)
N Robson (High Wycombe Second XI)
N Robson (Gloucestershire Under-14s)
N Robson (Wells Cathedral School)
N Robson (Bill Quay Second XI)
NER Robson (Bradfield College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
NP Robson (Accrington, Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
OM Robson (Clifton College)
OM Robson (CT Ashton's XI)
P Robson (umpire)
P Robson (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Second XI)
P Robson (Channel Islands Over-50s)
P Robson (Universities Athletic Union)
P Robson (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
P Robson (Northumberland Under-14s)
P Robson (scorer)
P Robson (scorer)
P Robson (High Wycombe Second XI)
P Robson (Newton Heath Second XI)
P Robson (The Forty Club)
P Robson (Bishop Auckland)
P Robson (Liverpool)
P Robson (Hampshire Over-50s, Hampshire Over-50s Second XI)
P Robson (Darlington Railway Athletic)
P Robson (umpire)
P Robson (Scunthorpe Town Fourth XI)
P Robson (Bishop Auckland Second XI)
P Robson (Shildon Railway)
P Robson (Wesley College, Sheffield)
P Robson (Oxford)
P Robson (Channel Islands Over-50s)
P Robson (Birmingham University)
P Robson (Rottingdean)
PA Robson (Gentlemen of Hampshire, Yverdonians)
PA Robson (Lancing College)
R Robson (Berkshire)
R Robson (Durham Coast Cricket League, Durham University)
R Robson (Warminster)
R Robson (Fiskerton)
RE Robson (Northumberland Next XVI)
RES Robson (Malvern College)
RGG Robson (Royal Engineers)
S Robson (Stockton)
S Robson (North and East Ridings)
S Robson (Northumberland Under-15s)
S Robson (Finchley)
S Robson (Surrey Cricket Association)
S Robson (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women)
S Robson (Tynemouth, Tynemouth Second XI)
S Robson (Elstow)
S Robson (Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
S Robson (Redcar)
S Robson (Glasshouses Women)
S Robson (Channel Islands Over-50s)
S Robson (Hursley Park)
S Robson (Worksop, Worksop Third XI)
S Robson (Firbeck Colliery)
S Robson (2/4 Battalions Northumberland Fusiliers)
S Robson (Durham Academy, Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s)
S Robson (Bootham School)
S Robson (Firbeck Colliery Second XI)
S Robson (Worksop Third XI)
S Robson (Redcar Second XI)
S Robson (Culford School)
S Robson (Ormskirk School)
S Robson (Durham University)
S Robson (Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street Second XI)
SA Robson (Cheam)
SD Robson (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
SI Robson (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
SM Robson (Southport Trinity)
T Robson (County Club, Morpeth, Northumberland, Northumberland Club and Ground, Northumberland Second XI)
T Robson (Chignal, Essex Under-19s, Felsted Robins, Old Brentwoods, University of London)
T Robson (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
T Robson (Sedbergh School)
T Robson (Durham City)
T Robson (Bedale)
T Robson (Bentworth)
T Robson (Bedhampton Second XI)
T Robson (Pocklington School)
T Robson (Brentwood School)
T Robson (Channel Islands Over-50s)
T Robson (Heyford)
TC Robson (Tynedale)
TE Robson (Royal Army Pay Corps)
TO Robson (Durham School)
TO Robson (Durham School Second XI)
W Robson (Durham Coast Cricket League)
W Robson (Oxford City)
W Robson (Blyth)
W Robson (Wallsend)
WE Robson (scorer)
WG Robson (Northumberland)
WH Robson (Hampstead)
WH Robson (Stanley)
WH Robson (Farnworth)
WMM Robson (Durham, Durham University, Minor Counties)
M Robson-Knight (Mitcham)
A Roby (St Helens Recreation)
E Roby (St Helens Recreation)
G Roby (National Fire Service)
M Roby (Old Parkonians)
R Roby (England)
R Roby (Hightown)
S Roby (Wadworth)
GW Robyns (Royal Marines)
HWA Robyns (Aston Rowant, Aston Rowant Second XI, Harrow School, Oxfordshire Under-17s)
M Roca (Millhillians)
M Roca (Sonning, Sonning Third XI)
M Roca (Leatherhead)
M Roca (Cornwood)
MD Roca (Formby)
C Rocca (umpire)
FR Rocca (Blackley)
JF Rocca (Blackley)
M Rocca (League Cricket Conference)
N Rocca (Old Elthamians, Old Elthamians Granby Second XI)
P Rocca (Lancashire Cricket Association, Lancashire Over-50s, Milnrow)
P Rocca (Middleton)
P Rocca (Middleton)
P Rocca (Castleton Moor)
P Rocca (Castleton Moor)
P Rocca (Northern Cricket League)
G Rocco (St Edmund's College, Ware)
M Roch (Bath)
M Roch (Somerset Second XI)
PJ Roch (Campsea Ashe)
RO Roch (CF Tufnell's XI)
CD Rocha (High Wycombe Second XI)
Cd Rocha (Marlow Park)
P rocha (Aston Unity)
Roche (Public Schools Wanderers)
Roche (Depot Royal Marines)
Roche (Royal Marines)
Roche (Bethany School)
Roche (Eltham College)
Roche (Cranleigh School)
Roche (Sunday Barbarians)
Roche (Household Brigade)
A Roche (Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
A Roche (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
A Roche (Dorset Rangers)
A Roche (Wye Rustics)
A Roche (Harpenden Second XI)
AKS Roche (Ampleforth College)
AS Roche (Ampleforth College)
B Roche (Wickford, Wickford)
B Roche (Clay Cross Works)
B Roche (Ashover, Ashover Second XI)
C Roche (Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI, Downham and Bellingham, Downham and Bellingham Second XI)
C Roche (Denton St Lawrence, Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
C Roche (Blackheath Wanderers)
C Roche (Littleborough)
D Roche (Wickford)
D Roche (Northop Hall)
D Roche (Addiscombe)
D Roche (Marlow Second XI)
D Roche (Abbots Langley)
DW Roche (Cheltenham College)
EE Roche (Eton College)
ES Roche (Brighton College)
G Roche (Ampleforth College, Ampleforth College Second XI)
G Roche (St Mary's Hall, Stoneyhurst)
H Roche (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
HPF Roche (St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
J Roche (Wickford)
J Roche (Stowe School)
J Roche (Wirral Schools Under-16s)
J Roche (Denstone College)
J Roche (Ashover, Ashover Second XI)
JA Roche (Littleborough)
JBB Roche (House of Commons, Trinity College, Cambridge)
JCB Roche (British Empire XI)
K Roche (Maldon)
K Roche (Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
K Roche (Old Merchant Taylors)
K Roche (Essex Second XI)
K Roche (Droylsden)
L Roche (Blackheath Wanderers)
M Roche (Bapchild, Bapchild Second XI)
M Roche (Wickford, Wickford)
M Roche (Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
M Roche (Paultons)
M Roche (Paultons Sunday XI)
M Roche (Weybridge Vandals)
M Roche (Paultons Second XI)
M Roche (Challow and Childrey)
M Roche (Eltham College)
M Roche (Droylsden)
M Roche (Radcliffe-on-Trent Third XI)
M Roche (University of Southampton)
N Roche (London County)
NJ Roche (Devon, Royal Air Force)
NUV Roche (United Services)
O Roche (Refreshers)
P Roche (Tunbridge Wells)
P Roche (Mumbles)
PAE Roche (Canford School)
PC Roche (Stonyhurst College)
PJ Roche (Essex Under-13s Women, Essex Under-15s Women, Essex Under-17s Women, Harold Wood Women)
PJ Roche (Tonbridge School)
R Roche (umpire)
RJ Roche (Ratcliffe College)
RN Roche (United Services Portsmouth)
S Roche (Free Foresters)
S Roche (Stonyhurst College)
S Roche (Garstang Fourth XI, Garstang Third XI)
TF Roche (Ampleforth College, Ampleforth College Second XI)
VW Roche (Somerset Stragglers)
W Roche (Eighteen of the District)
W Roche (Twenty of the District)
W Roche (Radcliffe-on-Trent Fourth XI, Radcliffe-on-Trent Third XI)
WV Roche (Somerset Stragglers)
J Roche-Kelly (Dublin University)
T Roche-Kelly (Downside School)
PJ Rochell (Bootle)
Rochelle (Royal Artillery)
AM Rochelle-Bates (Bloxwich Women)
E Rochester (Burnham)
J Rochester (Matching Green)
M Rochester (Burnham, Burnham Second XI)
M Rochester (Beaconsfield)
M Rochester (Marlow, Marlow Park)
M Rochester (Farnham Royal)
M Rochester (Berkshire Cricket League)
M Rochester (Datchet)
M Rochester (Datchet Second XI)
M Rochester (Dunstable Town)
MSW Rochester (Free Foresters)
P Rochester (Gregson Lane)
R Rochester (Datchet)
A Rochford (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
B Rochford (Ampleforth College)
C Rochford (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
CE Rochford (Ampleforth College)
CE Rochford (Ampleforth College Second XI)
D Rochford (Dulwich)
E Rochford (St Edmund's College, Ware)
HR Rochford (Ampleforth College Second XI)
J Rochford (Ampleforth College Second XI)
L Rochford (Ampleforth College Second XI)
NP Rochford (Hampshire Second XI)
P Rochford (Gloucestershire)
P Rochford (Surrey Over-60s Third XI, Surrey Over-70s)
P Rochford (The Stage)
P Rochford (Dulwich Second XI)
S Rochford (Ampleforth College, Old Amplefordians)
TC Rochford (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
Rochfort (Knickerbockers)
A Rochfort (Royal Artillery)
C Rochfort (Thatcham Town, Thatcham Town Third XI)
CG Rochfort (Cheltenham College)
H Rochfort (Royal Artillery)
MT Rochfort (Batley, Bingley, Bradford, Holbeck and District, MT Rochfort's Yorkshire Colts, Saltaire, Wakefield)
T Rochfort (Bradford)
CA Rochfort-Boyd (Royal Engineers)
DJ Rochie (West Wittering)
Rock (Millhillians)
Rock (LTCRS)
Rock (Hertfordshire Colts)
Rock (Royal Armoured Corps Centre)
AC Rock (Lansdown)
AC Rock (Captain JH Amory's XI)
AC Rock (Curry Rivel and District)
C Rock (Barking)
C Rock (Barking)
D Rock (Home Office)
D Rock (Rawdon)
D Rock (Rawdon)
D Rock (Copdock and Old Ipswichian)
D Rock (The Forty Club)
D Rock (Roving Reporters)
D Rock (Royal Air Force Senior XI)
DJ Rock (Hampshire)
DJ Rock (Suffolk)
DK Rock (Potters Bar, Potters Bar Second XI)
E Rock (English Residents)
EH Rock (Chislehurst)
G Rock (Heywood)
J Rock (Cheadle Hulme)
J Rock (Carshalton)
JC Rock (Jesus College, Oxford)
JD Rock (Caistor, Caistor Cougars, Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester and East Essex, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk Second XI)
M Rock (scorer)
P Rock (Old Hill)
P Rock (Isle of Wight Under-15s Women)
R Rock (Lowerhouse)
R Rock (Suffolk Over-50s)
R Rock (Barking)
S Rock (The King's School, Worcester)
SJP Rock (Westminster School)
T Rock (Barking, Buckhurst Hill, Essex Over-50s, Herefordshire Over-50s)
T Rock (Old Hill, Old Hill Second XI)
T Rock (Apperley)
T Rock (Keyworth, Keyworth, Keyworth Second XI, Keyworth Under-19s)
T Rock (Barking)
W Rock (Broadmoor)
Rockall (The Forty Club)
B Rockall (Walthamstow, Walthamstow Second XI)
B Rockall (Buckhurst Hill)
C Rockall (Southill Park)
C Rockall (Bedfordshire Over-50s)
D Rockall (Abingdon Vale)
F Rockcliffe (Huyton)
RO Rockcliffe (Liverpool, Mersey Incogniti)
Rocke (Royal Artillery)
Rocke (Kent Club)
Rocke (G Claridge's XI)
Rocke (Malvern College Second XI)
Rocke (Cranleigh School)
AB Rocke (Oxford University, Shropshire)
B Rocke (Wiltshire Queries)
B Rocke (Lansdown)
CA Rocke (Cambridge University, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Rocke (Malvern College Second XI)
DOH Rocke (The Privateers)
K Rocke (Farningham, Farningham Second XI)
K Rocke (Halls)
S Rocke (Oldlands)
S Rocke (Herefordshire Over-50s)
S Rocke (Hem Heath Second XI)
H Rockell (Hayes)
F Rocket (Waterlooville Second XI)
S Rocket (Woodsetts Second XI, Woodsetts Third XI)
S Rocket (Woodsetts)
T Rocket (umpire)
Rockett (Gloucestershire Women)
A Rockett (Axminster Town)
F rockett (Hambledon Third XI)
F Rockett (Blyth)
F Rockett (Waterlooville, Waterlooville Second XI)
J Rockett (Atherton)
J Rockett (Petersfield)
K Rockett (Axminster Town)
K Rockett (Wessex Stags)
M Rockett (Devon Under-13s)
S Rockett (Woodsetts)
S Rockett (Woodsetts Second XI)
T Rockett (umpire)
D Rockey (Sidmouth)
N Rockford (Harthill Second XI)
DL Rockingham (umpire)
Rockley (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Rockley (Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
L Rockley (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fifth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
P Rockley (Kimberley Institute, Kimberley Institute Fourth XI, Kimberley Institute Second XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI)
P Rockley (Eastwood Town Second XI, Eastwood Town Third XI)
S Rockley (Isle of Wight Under-13s, Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
S Rockley (Ryde)
S Rockley (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fifth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
T Rockley (Thoresby Park)
F Rockliff (Stonyhurst College Under-16s)
RA Rockliff (Birkenhead Park, Formby, Liverpool, Mersey Incogniti, Northern, Stoneycroft)
RA Rockliff (Stoneycroft)
RA Rockliff (Wavertree)
RA Rockliff (Formby)
RA Rockliff (Stoneycroft)
Richard A Rockliff (Formby, Ormskirk, Stoneycroft)
Robert A Rockliff (Formby, Ormskirk, Stoneycroft)
Robert A Rockliff (Formby)
FC Rockliffe (HS Altham's XI)
LF Rockliffe (AJ Evans' XI)
TC Rockliffe (AL Hosie's XI)
TF Rockliffe (AL Hosie's XI)
TF Rockliffe (RH Twining's XI)
GB Rockling (Leicestershire Public Schools)
P Rocks (Messingham)
Rocky (Royal Ascot Second XI)
Rocky (Ford Sports Club)
R Rocky (scorer)
DN Rocyn-Jones (Monmouthshire, The Leys School)
G Rocyn-Jones (Epsom College)
HA Rocyn-Jones (Monmouthshire, The Leys School)
O Rocyn-Jones (The Leys School)
Rodale (Shrewsbury School)
W Rodan (Ormskirk)
A Rodatra (Hinstock)
Rodaway (Camelot)
J Rodbard (Wilbrahams)
Rodbert (Royal Artillery)
DN Rodbourne (Old Hurst Johnians, Sussex Martlets)
JE Rodbourne (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
J Rodd (Lords and Commons)
JM Rodd (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
JS Rodd (Tonbridge School)
L Rodd (Woodlands Women)
A Rodda (Troon)
AJ Rodda (Cornwall)
D Rodda (Cornwall)
J Rodda (Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
J Rodda (Kent Cricket League Divisions Three to Five)
J Rodda (University of Southampton)
J Rodda (Kent Representative XI)
KT Rodda (Cornwall, Cornwall Under-17s, Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
P Rodda (Old Whitgiftians)
T Rodda (Newquay)
TWS Rodda (Cambridgeshire Under-17s, Cambridgeshire Under-25s, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Second XI)
W Rodda (Penzance Friday XI)
Roddam (King Henry VIII School, Coventry)
J Roddam (Reading School)
L Roddam (Betteshanger, Betteshanger Second XI)
Rodden (Ormskirk)
Rodden (West Ealing Women Colts)
B Rodden (Downend)
P Rodden (Rishton)
CM Rodder (Nottingham High School)
H Rodder (Southport Civil Service)
EE Roddick (Birkenhead)
F Roddick (Birkenhead)
RR Roddick (Birkenhead)
I Roddin (Romsey Fourth XI)
P Roddin (umpire)
Roddis (Pickwick Second XI)
Roddis (Pickwick)
A Roddis (Matlock)
A Roddis (Pickwick)
A Roddis (Anston, Anston Fourth XI, Anston Second XI, Anston Third XI)
A Roddis (Bolsover, Bolsover Second XI)
A Roddis (Pickwick)
D Roddis (Chaddesley Corbett)
D Roddis (Chaddesley Corbett)
J Roddis (Sefton Park)
M Roddis (National Association of Young Cricketers South)
MW Roddis (Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Colts, Northamptonshire Second XI)
N Roddis (Brockenhurst College)
N Roddis (Hythe and Dibden)
R Roddis (Ashover)
L Roddison (Whitwell)
L Roddison (Whitwell Second XI)
M Roddle (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-13s)
T Rodds (Cornwall)
Roddy (Royal Air Force)
G Roddy (Winsley)
Roden (LN Constantine's XI)
Roden (Mowbray House School)
A Roden (Monmouth)
A Roden (Cookley)
A Roden (Kidderminster Victoria Third XI)
B Roden (scorer)
B Roden (Cumberland and Westmorland Juniors)
B Roden (umpire)
B Roden (Warrington)
C Roden (Morriston)
C Roden (Staffordshire Under-13s Women)
C Roden (scorer)
C Roden (Long Ashton)
CE Roden (Penn Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women, Worcestershire Under-17s Women)
D Roden (Swinton Moorside, Swinton Moorside Second XI, Swinton Moorside Third XI)
D Roden (scorer)
F Roden (Bootle)
F Roden (Royal Ordnance Factory)
F Roden (Bloxwich)
I Roden (Wroxeter and Uppington Second XI)
I Roden (Alkborough Third XI)
K Roden (Morriston)
KS Roden (Dunstable Grammar School)
M Roden (King Edward's School, Birmingham Common Room)
M Roden (Lascelles Hall Second XI)
P Roden (Morriston)
P Roden (umpire)
TAC Roden (Birkenhead School)
TC Roden (Bradfield College, Neston)
Rodenhurst (umpire)
B Rodenhurst (The Forty Club)
W Rodenhurst (Alveley)
Roder (Castle)
Roderick (3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
C Roderick (Abingdon Vale)
GEO Roderick (Shropshire)
HB Roderick (Carmarthenshire, Rugby School)
J Roderick (Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI)
K Roderick (The Forty Club)
M Roderick (Old Merchant Taylors)
S Roderick (Wadebridge)
WB Roderick (Coldstream Guards)
WB Roderick (Liverpool)
G Rodes (Langley Manor Second XI)
R Rodford (Isfield)
Rodger (Kelly College)
A Rodger (Girton)
A Rodger (Kelly College)
A Rodger (Cambridge St Giles)
AC Rodger (St Peter's School, York)
AS Rodger (Cambridge St Giles, Cambridgeshire Over-50s, Cambridgeshire Over-60s)
C Rodger (Maidenhead and Bray, Maidenhead and Bray Second XI)
C Rodger (Old Wellingtonians, Wellington College)
C Rodger (Free Foresters)
C Rodger (Perse School)
CG Rodger (Bradfield College)
D Rodger (scorer)
D Rodger (scorer)
D Rodger (Northwood)
JP Rodger (Kent)
K Rodger (Frogs)
K Rodger (Incogniti)
K Rodger (Woodlands Second XI)
MA Rodger (Benwell Hill, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-17s, Northumberland, Northumberland Development XI)
PJM Rodger (The Leys School)
R Rodger (Westhoughton)
RG Rodger (Cheshire, Scotland)
S Rodger (Bredbury St Marks)
S Rodger (Lord's Taverners)
S Rodger (umpire)
T Rodger (Newcastle Press XII)
W Rodger (Durham University)
WW Rodger (Gentlemen of Kent, Kent)
Rodgers (Derbyshire)
Rodgers (Worksop)
Rodgers (scorer)
Rodgers (Norfolk Colts)
Rodgers (Handsworth Wood Second XI)
Rodgers (Shifnal)
Rodgers (Sheffield University)
Rodgers (Huntingdonshire)
Rodgers (Coleshill)
Rodgers (Uxbridge Casuals Second XI)
Rodgers (Lichfield Second XI)
Rodgers (Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury)
Rodgers (Notts Amateurs)
Rodgers (Warwick School)
Rodgers (Church Eaton Women)
Rodgers (Gravesend County School Old Girls)
Rodgers (Bromyard)
Rodgers (Bromyard)
Rodgers (The Forty Club)
Rodgers (Giggleswick School)
Rodgers (Derby School)
Rodgers (Colfe's School)
Rodgers (The Forty Club)
? Rodgers (Chenies and Latimer Third XI)
A Rodgers (umpire)
A Rodgers (umpire)
A Rodgers (Cheshire Under-13s Women)
A Rodgers (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
A Rodgers (Accrington)
A Rodgers (Chobham)
A Rodgers (Moseley)
A Rodgers (Oldham)
A Rodgers (Roe Green Second XI)
A Rodgers (Bromyard)
A Rodgers (Chesterfield Barbarians)
AH Rodgers (Wadham College, Oxford)
AP Rodgers (Castor and Ailsworth, Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Development XI, Huntingdonshire Under-17s, Huntingdonshire Under-19s, Ketton, Peterborough Town)
APW Rodgers (College House Side)
B Rodgers (Club Cricket Conference)
B Rodgers (Staveley)
B Rodgers (Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
B Rodgers (BAT Sports)
B Rodgers (BAT Sports Fourth XI)
B Rodgers (Wallington)
B Rodgers (Waresley)
BA Rodgers (Lancing Rovers)
BA Rodgers (Lancing College)
BP Rodgers (Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Second XI)
C Rodgers (Wolverhampton)
C Rodgers (Ockbrook School)
C Rodgers (Folkestone Second XI)
C Rodgers (Huyton Second XI, Liverpool Manweb)
C Rodgers (Gray-Nicolls XI)
C Rodgers (Warwickshire Pilgrims)
C Rodgers (The Forty Club)
C Rodgers (Cuckney Second XI)
C Rodgers (Edgworth Second XI)
CCW Rodgers (Bloxham School)
D Rodgers (Gloucestershire and Somerset Second XIs)
D Rodgers (Sheffield United)
D Rodgers (scorer)
D Rodgers (Christleton)
D Rodgers (Wellworthy)
D Rodgers (Coal Aston)
D Rodgers (Wooburn Narkovians)
D Rodgers (Northwood)
D Rodgers (Misterton)
D Rodgers (Wickersley Old Village)
DP Rodgers (Brentham, Club Cricket Conference, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex Second XI)
E Rodgers (umpire)
E Rodgers (Alvechurch and Hopwood)
E Rodgers (Chorleywood)
EC Rodgers (Cambridgeshire)
EH Rodgers (Shrewsbury School)
F Rodgers (umpire)
F Rodgers (Derby School Second XI)
FG Rodgers (Hanley Castle)
G Rodgers (Kenilworth)
G Rodgers (Cambridgeshire Second XI)
G Rodgers (Horley)
G Rodgers (Locks Heath Second XI)
G Rodgers (Malvern College)
GB Rodgers (Malvern College)
GWB Rodgers (Shifnal)
H Rodgers (Junior Rubies)
H Rodgers (Sheffield)
H Rodgers (Pitsmoor)
H Rodgers (Otley)
H Rodgers (St Edward's Martyrs)
I Rodgers (Castor and Ailsworth)
I Rodgers (England Disability XI)
I Rodgers (Hampshire Hogs President's XI)
J Rodgers (Buxton, Gentlemen of Sheffield, Hallam, Hallam and Staveley, Rotherham, Scarborough, Sheffield, Sheffield Players Club, Sheffield Shrewsbury Club, Staveley, Yorkshire Colts)
J Rodgers (Yorkshire Colts)
J Rodgers (umpire)
J Rodgers (Chesterfield, Chesterfield Second XI)
J Rodgers (The King's School, Worcester)
J Rodgers (Metropolitan Police)
J Rodgers (Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Second XI)
J Rodgers (Sheffield Wednesday)
J Rodgers (Darlington Railway Athletic)
J Rodgers (Milford-on-Sea)
J Rodgers (Cawthorne)
J Rodgers (Colwall)
J Rodgers (Cleator)
J Rodgers (Ilford Catholics)
J Rodgers (Darfield)
J Rodgers (Witham)
J Rodgers (Beaconsfield Second XI)
J Rodgers (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s)
J Rodgers (Cornwall Under-13s Women)
J Rodgers (Walsall)
J Rodgers (Kidmore End)
J Rodgers (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
J Rodgers (Grassmoor Works Second XI)
JE Rodgers (Dover)
JG Rodgers (Cambridgeshire)
JH Rodgers (Devon)
JHM Rodgers (Epsom College)
JP Rodgers (Eton College)
JW Rodgers (St Martin's School, York)
K Rodgers (scorer)
K Rodgers (Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-14s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s, Peterborough Town, Peterborough Town Second XI)
K Rodgers (Castor and Ailsworth)
L Rodgers (Old Hill)
L Rodgers (Rowledge, Rowledge Second XI)
L Rodgers (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
L Rodgers (Glapwell Colliery Second XI, Glapwell Colliery Third XI)
L Rodgers (Shirebrook)
L Rodgers (Middlesex County Cricket League)
L Rodgers (umpire)
L Rodgers (Langwith)
M Rodgers (Dover)
M Rodgers (Sutton Coldfield Under-16s)
M Rodgers (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
M Rodgers (Middlesex Under-13s Women)
M Rodgers (Holmesfield)
M Rodgers (Crompton)
M Rodgers (Swinton Moorside Third XI)
M Rodgers (Little Hulton)
M Rodgers (Chesterfield Barbarians)
M Rodgers (Royton)
M Rodgers (Buccaneers)
M Rodgers (Waresley)
M Rodgers (scorer)
M Rodgers (United Services Portsmouth)
MG Rodgers (Malvern College)
MJ Rodgers (Bishop's Stortford, New South Wales Metropolitan Under-19s, Sydney)
N Rodgers (Middleton-on-Sea)
N Rodgers (Wavertree Third XI)
O Rodgers (Redcar)
P Rodgers (scorer)
P Rodgers (Derbyshire Old Juniors)
P Rodgers (Loughborough College)
P Rodgers (umpire)
PB Rodgers (Oakham School)
PB Rodgers (Northamptonshire Amateurs)
PH Rodgers (Blackheath Proprietary School)
PH Rodgers (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
PP Rodgers (CWM Kemp's XI)
R Rodgers (Anston Women)
R Rodgers (scorer)
R Rodgers (Calmore Sports Second XI)
R Rodgers (Bromyard)
R Rodgers (Horley)
R Rodgers (umpire)
R Rodgers (Wooburn Narkovians)
RC Rodgers (Shifnal)
S Rodgers (Lancing Rovers)
S Rodgers (Castor and Ailsworth)
S Rodgers (Ellingham, Ellingham Second XI)
S Rodgers (Hinstock)
SE Rodgers (London University)
T Rodgers (Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
T Rodgers (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
T Rodgers (scorer)
T Rodgers (Glossop)
T Rodgers (Bromyard)
T Rodgers (Lascelles Hall Second XI)
W Rodgers (Stock Exchange)
W Rodgers (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
W Rodgers (King Edward VII School, Sheffield, King Edward VII School, Sheffield Second XI)
O Rodgers-Jones (Marshfield)
AP Rodgerson (Littleborough)
J Rodgerson (Balderton, Balderton Second XI, Balderton Second XI)
P Rodgerson (umpire)
J Rodgett (Pleasington)
J Rodgie (Cookham Dean)
SA Rodgie (North Sydney, Southend-on-Sea)
CHB Rodham (Dover College, Dover College Second XI)
GL Rodham (Durham Colts, Durham County Schoolboys)
JP Rodham (Middlesex Cricket Board)
T Rodham (Cumbria Under-17s)
D Rodhouse (Hurst Second XI)
R Rodighiero (Cheshire Women)
A Rodis (Pickwick)
J Roditi (Stragglers of Asia)
JBK Roditi (Harrow School)
J Roditi Harrow (British Universities)
A Rodker (Gretton)
N Rodley (Didsbury)
S Rodley (Ventnor)
D Rodling (Flamingo)
A Rodman (Didcot)
AN Rodman (Mayfield)
D Rodman (Hampshire Hogs)
GN Rodman (Cheltenham College)
J Rodman (Chippenham)
S Rodman (Newmarket Festival XI)
JF Rodney (Stowe School)
RV Rodney (Royton)
S Rodney (Ventnor)
G Rodney Adams (The Forty Club)
J Rodnight (Buckinghamshire Under-14s)
J Rodnight (Cublington)
W Rodnight (Stragglers of Asia)
W Rodnight (Cublington)
B Rodreguez (Stonyhurst College)
F Rodricks (Star Alvis)
K Rodrigo (Brightlingsea)
K Rodrigo (Bankfoot)
K Rodrigo (Blunham)
K Rodrigo (Bedfordshire)
K Rodrigo (Bedfordshire County Cricket League)
L Rodrigo (Bromyard)
S Rodrigo (Rodmersham)
S Rodrigo (Serendib)
S Rodrigo (Moddershall, Moddershall A)
Rodrigues (Britannia Royal Naval College)
G Rodrigues (Nottinghamshire Young Cricketers)
G Rodrigues (Thurgarton Second XI)
J Rodrigues (Essex Colts, Fives and Heronians)
J Rodrigues (Ellingham)
L Rodrigues (Guildford)
L Rodrigues (Camberley)
N Rodrigues (Whitstable Second XI)
A Rodriguez (Stourport-on-Severn Third XI)
CE Rodriguez (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Rodriguez (Windsor Home Park)
E Rodriguez (Chiswick Park)
ET Rodriguez (Emeriti)
J Rodriguez (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JE Rodriguez (Oscott College)
M Rodriguez (London University, London University I)
MAR Rodriguez (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
SM Rodriguez (Manchester University)
CE Rodriques (FP Howlett's XI)
R Rodriques (Bristol West Indians)
E Rodriquez (Incogniti)
Rodway (South Women)
Rodway (Border Regiment)
Rodway (Crosby and Ground)
A Rodway (Avoncroft)
A Rodway (North Devon)
A Rodway (Lynton and Lynmouth)
AJ Rodway (Old Blundellians)
C Rodway (Ashford Town Second XI)
C Rodway (Pennington Second XI)
DE Rodway (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
EE Rodway (Bournville)
GW Rodway (Birkenhead Park)
GW Rodway (Birkenhead Park Second XI)
H Rodway (Holder's Brewery)
J Rodway (Ashford, Ashford Second XI, Ashford Town, Ashford Town Second XI, St Lawrence and Highland Court)
J Rodway (Crosby)
J Rodway (St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
J Rodway (Sway Fourth XI)
JA Rodway (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Second XI)
JA Rodway (Bangor, Bangor Lawyers)
JR Rodway (Old Blundellians)
K Rodway (Berkshire and Oxfordshire Women, Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire Women, ME Maclagan's XI, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Sussex Women)
P Rodway (Kent Second XI)
P Rodway (St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
P Rodway (Ashford Town Second XI)
PE Rodway (Monkton Combe School, Trowbridge)
S Rodway (Pickwick)
S Rodway (Kingsclere)
T Rodway (Stanton St John Willows)
Rodwell (Copdock)
Rodwell (Somerset Club and Ground)
Rodwell (umpire)
AG Rodwell (Rugeley)
B Rodwell (scorer)
B Rodwell (scorer)
B Rodwell (Nomads Second XI)
BBD Rodwell (Eton College)
BBH Rodwell (Eton College, Eton College Second XI)
BL Rodwell (scorer)
C Rodwell (Morley, Morley Second XI)
C Rodwell (Somerset)
C Rodwell (Hartshead Moor Second XI)
CH Rodwell (Eton Ramblers)
D Rodwell (Horndon-on-the-Hill, Horndon-on-the-Hill)
DE Rodwell (Leamington College)
DG Rodwell (University College School)
E Rodwell (Blackheath Proprietary School)
EH Rodwell (Blackheath Morden)
EH Rodwell (Tunbridge Wells)
EH Rodwell (Gentlemen of West Kent)
G Rodwell (Hartley Wintney)
G Rodwell (Lord Wandsworth College)
GE Rodwell (Leamington College)
H Rodwell (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
H Rodwell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Rodwell (Ipswich Grammar School)
H Rodwell (Esher)
J Rodwell (Colts of England, Leicestershire, Leicestershire, Leicestershire Colts)
J Rodwell (South End)
J Rodwell (Tring Park Second XI)
J Rodwell (Leicester South End)
J Rodwell (Cleethorpes)
J Rodwell (Leicester and District)
K Rodwell (Alleyn's School)
L Rodwell (Essex Club and Ground, Essex Second XI)
L Rodwell (Cleethorpes)
N Rodwell (umpire)
O Rodwell (Bancroft's School)
P Rodwell (Northgate Grammar School)
R Rodwell (umpire)
R Rodwell (umpire)
REH Rodwell (Eton College)
RH Rodwell (Eton College)
S Rodwell (Gosport Borough Fourth XI, Gosport Borough Second XI, Gosport Borough Sunday XI, Gosport Borough Third XI)
S Rodwell (Frinton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea)
S Rodwell (Datchet Cranbourne)
SA Rodwell (umpire)
T Rodwell (Stithians)
W Rodwell (Tring Park)
W Rodwell (Nomads)
W Rodwell (scorer)
W Rodwell (umpire)
WH Rodwell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WH Rodwell (Lord's XI)
WH Rodwell (DL Curling's XI)
L Rodwill (Hampshire Hogs)
V Rodyen (School of Infantry)
A Rodzoch (Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s)
A Rodzoch (Tonge)
A Rodzoch (Greenmount)
Adam Rodzoch (Clifton, Farnworth, Little Lever)
Alex Rodzoch (Clifton, Eagley, Farnworth)
Roe (Bolsover)
Roe (Wisbech)
Roe (Old Edwardians Second XI)
Roe (umpire)
Roe (WG Grace's XI)
Roe (Royal Air Force Wittering)
Roe (Bournemouth School)
Roe (Derby Midland)
Roe (Fareham Second XI)
Roe (Lymington)
Roe (Somerset Dragons)
Roe (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Roe (Worksop College)
Roe (Old Trafford)
Roe (Derby School)
A Roe (Langley Manor)
A Roe (Tichborne Park, Tichborne Park Third XI)
A Roe (Ordnance Survey)
A Roe (Hampshire Wayfarers)
A Roe (Wiseton)
AC Roe (Old Hurst Johnians)
AJH Roe (Merchant Taylors' School)
AP Roe (Norwood Club)
APH Roe (Devon, Private Banks)
B Roe (Towcestrians)
B Roe (Redbourn)
B Roe (Worksop, Worksop Second XI, Worksop Third XI)
B Roe (scorer)
B Roe (Minor Counties South, Somerset)
B Roe (Middlesex Junior Women)
B Roe (Rockware Glass)
B Roe (Pilsley Second XI)
C Roe (Northamptonshire)
C Roe (Chorley, Harpenden)
C Roe (Battersea Ironsides)
C Roe (Stapleford)
C Roe (Royal Ascot)
C Roe (Chipperfield Second XI)
CE Roe (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire County Colts, Derbyshire Under-25s, Tutbury)
D Roe (Driffield Town)
D Roe (High Roding)
D Roe (Bath)
D Roe (Redbourn)
D Roe (Four Oaks Saints)
DM Roe (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Roe (umpire)
E Roe (Old Wykehamists)
E Roe (Morton Colliery)
EB Roe (Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association)
EFJ Roe (Hampshire Hoggets, Hampshire Hogs)
EG Roe (Durham, Durham Colts)
F Roe (The Oratory School)
F Roe (Caterham)
FE Roe (Silwood Park)
FJ Roe (Caterham)
GF Roe (Denstone College)
GH Roe (West Kent)
H Roe (Newborough)
HEA Roe (HEA Roe's XI, TG Freeman's XI)
HEA Roe (King Henry VIII School, Coventry)
I Roe (Three Bridges, Three Bridges Third XI)
I Roe (Bridgnorth)
IT Roe (Little Waltham)
J Roe (Worcestershire Club and Ground, Worcestershire Second XI, Worcestershire Under-25s)
J Roe (Nottingham Commercial Club)
J Roe (Coldstream Guards)
J Roe (Parley Third XI)
J Roe (Beverley)
J Roe (Hertfordshire Under-13s)
J Roe (scorer)
J Roe (Barnstaple and Pilton, Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
J Roe (Beverley)
J Roe (Rugby Second XI, Rugby Third XI)
J Roe (North London)
J Roe (Beverley Town)
J Roe (Birkenhead School)
J Roe (Luddington)
J Roe (umpire)
J Roe (Clayesmore School)
J Roe (Langleybury)
JC Roe (Cambridgeshire Colts North)
JGC Roe (Kent Second XI)
JP Roe (Poulton-le-Fylde)
JPW Roe (Worksop College)
JRW Roe (Worksop College)
JT Roe (scorer)
KJ Roe (Derby School)
KP Roe (Derby School)
L Roe (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
L Roe (Clay Cross Works)
L Roe (Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
LH Roe (Coleshill)
LK Roe (Coleshill)
LT Roe (scorer)
M Roe (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Second XI)
M Roe (Bath, British Police)
M Roe (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
M Roe (Clay Cross Works)
M Roe (Derbyshire Over-50s)
M Roe (Somerset Over-50s)
M Roe (Derbyshire Friars)
M Roe (Bath Mid-Week XI)
M Roe (Southborough)
M Roe (Brooksbottom Second XI, Brooksbottom Third XI)
M Roe (Worksop Third XI)
M Roe (Coal Aston)
M Roe (Stapleford)
M Roe (umpire)
M Roe (Woodsetts Second XI)
M Roe (Woodsetts Second XI)
N Roe (Dorset Under-17s)
N Roe (Roe Green Second XI)
N Roe (Barnstaple and Pilton, Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
N Roe (Fareham Second XI)
N Roe (Brighton Bears)
P Roe (Old Hill)
P Roe (Kenilworth Wardens)
P Roe (umpire)
P Roe (Grassmoor Works)
P Roe (Bungay Grammar School)
P Roe (The Forty Club)
P Roe (Dorset Rangers)
PS Roe (St Peter's School, York)
R Roe (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Roe (Clayesmore School)
R Roe (Poulton-le-Fylde)
R Roe (Fylde)
R Roe (Merton College, Oxford)
REB Roe (Kensington Park, Wellington College)
RL Roe (Sedbergh School)
S Roe (Beverley Town)
S Roe (scorer)
S Roe (Parley Fifth XI, Parley Fourth XI, Parley Third XI)
S Roe (Frenchay)
S Roe (Brooksbottom Third XI)
S Roe (Earls Barton)
S Roe (referee)
S Roe (umpire)
S Roe (Peterborough Town Second XI)
T Roe (Bath, British Police)
T Roe (Wiltshire Police)
T Roe (Duffield)
T Roe (Belper Meadows)
T Roe (scorer)
T Roe (Leiston and District)
V Roe (Yorkshire Cricket Federation Colts)
W Roe (Lewes Priory)
W Roe (Girton)
W Roe (Chiddingly)
W Roe (Hyde Second XI, Hyde Under-13s)
WN Roe (Cambridge University, Somerset)
WN Roe (Buckinghamshire, Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Free Foresters, Hampshire Hogs, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University Authentics, The Forty Club)
WN Roe (Home Park)
Roebarts (Highgate and Hampstead)
HAC Roebeck (Royal Artillery)
A Roeberry (Worcester Norton Taverners)
Roebuck (Hounslow Garrison)
Roebuck (Aldershot Division)
Roebuck (Chatham Division)
Roebuck (Westbury-on-Trym)
Roebuck (Adastral Second XI)
Roebuck (I Zingari)
Roebuck (Somerset Stragglers)
Roebuck (Shenley)
Roebuck (I Zingari)
A Roebuck (Royal Navy Under-25s)
A Roebuck (Burton Joyce Sunday XI)
AD Roebuck (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AW Roebuck (I Zingari)
B Roebuck (Denby)
B Roebuck (The Forty Club)
B Roebuck (Wath)
B Roebuck (Wath Comprehensive School)
B Roebuck (Tunbridge Wells)
C Roebuck (Cawthorne)
C Roebuck (Delph and Dobcross)
C Roebuck (Upton cum Kexby)
C Roebuck (Treeton)
CG Roebuck (Leeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Yorkshire)
CM Roebuck (Durham, Durham University)
D Roebuck (Yorkshire Second XI)
D Roebuck (I Zingari)
D Roebuck (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Roebuck (Lord's Cricket Ground XI)
F Roebuck (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Roebuck (Lascelles Hall)
G Roebuck (Darfield)
G Roebuck (Wath)
H Roebuck (Tunbridge Wells)
H Roebuck (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs)
H Roebuck (Kent Cricket League)
H Roebuck (North-Eastern Electric Supply Company)
H Roebuck (Bromley)
HE Roebuck (Club Cricket Conference, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Middlesex Second XI, Middlesex Young Amateurs)
HE Roebuck (Tunbridge Wells)
J Roebuck (Longridge)
J Roebuck (Penwortham)
J Roebuck (Dalton)
JA Roebuck (Bingley)
JG Roebuck (Durham School)
L Roebuck (Shepherds Bush)
L Roebuck (Oldham)
L Roebuck (Thurcroft Welfare)
M Roebuck (Shepley)
M Roebuck (Marshalls)
M Roebuck (Darfield)
M Roebuck (scorer)
M Roebuck (Lea Park)
P Roebuck (Skelmanthorpe)
P Roebuck (Shepherds Bush)
P Roebuck (Morlands)
P Roebuck (Glastonbury)
P Roebuck (Millfield School)
P Roebuck (Oakham)
P Roebuck (Broadstone)
P Roebuck (Millfield School)
P Roebuck (The Forty Club)
PGP Roebuck (Cambridge University, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire)
PM Roebuck (Cambridge University, Devon, Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset, Young England)
PM Roebuck (Millfield School)
PS Roebuck (Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s)
R Roebuck (Great Oakley)
R Roebuck (Great Oakley)
S Roebuck (Denton, Denton Second XI)
S Roebuck (Denby)
S Roebuck (Ashville College)
S Roebuck (Cawthorne Second XI)
SWJ Roebuck (St Peter's School, York)
T Roebuck (Millfield School)
W Roebuck (Sidmouth)
WJ Roebuck (St Peter's School, York)
Roebuk (Bingley)
Roeder (Gravesend)
J Roeder (Brentwood School, Brentwood School Under-15s)
RC Roehrig (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
C Roelfose (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
F Roenick (Bramcote Second XI)
Roerig (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
B Roerigg (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
R Roets (West Essex)
C Roeves (King's School, Tynemouth)
Rofe (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
A Rofe (Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
A Rofe (Bowdon)
D Rofe (Buckhurst Hill)
A Roff (Road Sea)
A Roff (Wellow and Plaitford)
D Roff (Sprowston)
G Roff (Sprowston)
GM Roff (Essex Second XI, Essex Under-25s, Norfolk, Norfolk Under-25s)
H Roff (City of London School)
J Roff (Eaton Bray)
M Roff (Cheshire Cricket Conference)
M Roff (The Forty Club)
N Roff (Dorset Police)
R Roff (Wellow and Plaitford)
RH Roff (Worcestershire Second XI)
RWP Roff (Monmouthshire)
RWP Roff (Ross-on-Wye)
RWP Roff (Wiltshire)
T Roff (scorer)
T Roff (Wellow and Plaitford)
T Roff (Wellow)
WG Roff (North Wiltshire)
WG Roff (Wiltshire)
WN Roff (scorer)
E Roffe (Wiltshire Under-15s, Wiltshire Under-17s)
E Roffe (South Wilts Third XI)
T Roffe (scorer)
W Roffe (West End)
Roffey (W Barton's XI)
Roffey (Sheffield Next XXII)
Roffey (John Fisher)
D Roffey (Holmesdale, Holmesdale Second XI)
D Roffey (Eltham College)
DB Roffey (Gentlemen of Suffolk, Ipswich and East Suffolk, Marylebone Cricket Club, Suffolk)
G Roffey (Potters Bar)
GW Roffey (Glamorgan, Harrow School, Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey Second XI)
GW Roffey (Incogniti)
J Roffey (Purley)
LAJ Roffey (Lancing College)
P Roffey (Nottingham University)
PG Roffey (Tonbridge School)
PM Roffey (Parsons Green)
S Roffey (Barnsley)
G Roffley (Hayling Island)
A Roga (Ratcliffe College)
M Rogalski (Porthill Park, Porthill Park A)
M Rogalski (Whitmore)
A Rogan (Churt)
AD Rogan (Ainsdale, Fleetwood Hesketh, Formby, Hightown, Lancashire Over-50s)
B Rogan (Cumberland)
J Rogan (Pylewell Park)
J Rogan (Black Sheep)
J Rogan (Roving Reporters)
J Rogan (Tennyson)
JT Rogan (Cambridge University)
O Rogan (Formby)
O Rogan (Formby Second XI)
S Rogan (Knowle Village)
L Roganovic (Cornwall Under-13s Women, Cornwall Under-15s Women)
DK Rogby (Honourable Artillery Company)





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