England Players (R)


M Roberts (Maesteg Celtic)
M Roberts (HSBC, HSBC Second XI, Midland Bank)
M Roberts (West Women)
M Roberts (Henley, Henley Second XI)
M Roberts (Worcestershire Club and Ground, Worcestershire Second XI)
M Roberts (Colne)
M Roberts (Halesowen)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (Dukinfield, Dukinfield Second XI)
M Roberts (Andover, Andover Fourth XI, Andover Second XI)
M Roberts (Old Mid-Whitgiftian)
M Roberts (Wrea Green)
M Roberts (Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-17s)
M Roberts (Middleton)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (Bewdley)
M Roberts (Surrey Championship Divisions Two to Five)
M Roberts (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
M Roberts (Rushton, Rushton Second XI)
M Roberts (umpire)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (umpire)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-16s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
M Roberts (scorer)
M Roberts (Sileby Town)
M Roberts (Desborough Town)
M Roberts (Kibworth)
M Roberts (North Mymms)
M Roberts (Finedon Dolben, Finedon Dolben Second XI)
M Roberts (Oxfordshire Colts)
M Roberts (Oxton)
M Roberts (Erdington, Erdington Second XI)
M Roberts (St Just)
M Roberts (Bath University)
M Roberts (Lincolnshire Over-50s)
M Roberts (Easingwold)
M Roberts (The Oratory School)
M Roberts (Richmond)
M Roberts (umpire)
M Roberts (Cheadle)
M Roberts (Cheadle)
M Roberts (Ashton-on-Mersey)
M Roberts (Brooklands)
M Roberts (Sale)
M Roberts (Sale)
M Roberts (Merchant Taylors' School)
M Roberts (Thorpe Arnold)
M Roberts (Brighouse)
M Roberts (Derbyshire Under-17s)
M Roberts (Sussex Women Second XI)
M Roberts (Hyde Women)
M Roberts (Hawarden Park Women)
M Roberts (Chestfield Second XI)
M Roberts (Reading, Reading Second XI)
M Roberts (Armitage Bridge)
M Roberts (Rolls Royce)
M Roberts (Cinderford St John)
M Roberts (Wye Second XI)
M Roberts (umpire)
Martin Roberts (Tattenhall)
Michael Roberts (Tattenhall)
MA Roberts (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs Under-19s, Kent Second XI)
MA Roberts (Nelson)
MD Roberts (Oxton)
MDT Roberts (Hampshire, Unicorns)
ME Roberts (Bletchley Town, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Lincolnshire Under-19s, Louth, Market Deeping)
MG Roberts (St Dunstan's College)
MJ Roberts (Buckinghamshire, Minor Counties)
MJ Roberts (Glamorgan and Wales Academy, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-17s, Wales Minor Counties, Wales Under-15s)
MJ Roberts (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
MJ Roberts (Chesterfield, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Development Squad)
ML Roberts (Glamorgan)
ML Roberts (Formby)
MSD Roberts (Club Cricket Conference, Hampshire Second XI, Surrey Second XI)
MV Roberts (Dover College)
N Roberts (Staffordshire)
N Roberts (Carmarthenshire)
N Roberts (Denbighshire)
N Roberts (Water Orton)
N Roberts (Cheshire Under-14s)
N Roberts (Buckinghamshire Cricket Association)
N Roberts (Richmond)
N Roberts (Yorkshire Under-18s)
N Roberts (North Mymms)
N Roberts (Chester Boughton Hall)
NC Roberts (King Edward's School Birmingham, Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s)
NJ Roberts (Bovey Tracey, Glamorgan and Wales Academy, Glamorgan Second XI, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s, Somerset Second XI, St Albans, Surrey Second XI, Sussex Academy, Sussex Second XI, Yorkshire Second XI)
NJ Roberts (London Clergy)
NR Roberts (Loughborough College)
O Roberts (Bacup)
O Roberts (York University Third XI)
O Roberts (Louth)
O Roberts (Deddington)
OL Roberts (Cambridge University, Free Foresters)
P Roberts (Accrington)
P Roberts (Kent Second XI)
P Roberts (Chester Boughton Hall)
P Roberts (Haydock)
P Roberts (Sleaford)
P Roberts (Staines and Laleham)
P Roberts (Bamford Fieldhouse)
P Roberts (National Westminster Bank, Westminster Bank)
P Roberts (Widnes)
P Roberts (Andover Third XI)
P Roberts (umpire)
P Roberts (Farley Second XI)
P Roberts (Hayes)
P Roberts (scorer)
P Roberts (Boughton Hall)
P Roberts (Royal Navy)
P Roberts (Brooklands)
P Roberts (North Warwickshire, North Warwickshire Second XI)
P Roberts (Lancashire and Cheshire Women)
P Roberts (Sibton Park Women)
P Roberts (Bow Green)
P Roberts (Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI)
PMR Roberts (Cheshire, Cheshire Development Squad, Cheshire Under-13s, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s, Toft)
PR Roberts (Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI)
R Roberts (Lancashire)
R Roberts (Surrey Club)
R Roberts (Bacup)
R Roberts (East Hants Club)
R Roberts (Sussex Police)
R Roberts (Dublin University)
R Roberts (Denbighshire)
R Roberts (Old Hamptonians)
R Roberts (Bacup)
R Roberts (Accrington)
R Roberts (Trinity)
R Roberts (Burnley)
R Roberts (Calder Vale)
R Roberts (Gentlemen of Surrey Club, Surrey Club)
R Roberts (Enfield Second XI)
R Roberts (Cornwall Under-15s Women)
R Roberts (Banbury Britannia)
R Roberts (Winchester College)
R Roberts (Staffordshire Under-13s Women, Staffordshire Under-15s Women, Wolverhampton Women)
R Roberts (WG Grace's XI)
R Roberts (Army Women)
RA Roberts (Yorkshire)
RA Roberts (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
RB Roberts (Charterhouse School)
RC Roberts (University College of North Wales)
RCL Roberts (Denbighshire)
RE Roberts (University College of North Wales)
Sir RH Roberts (Surrey Club)
RI Roberts (umpire)
RJ Roberts (umpire)
RJ Roberts (Northop Hall)
RJ Roberts (umpire)
RJ Roberts (Stowe School)
RJ Roberts (Dorothy Opera Company)
RK Roberts (Northumberland Women)
RL Roberts (Friars, Gentlemen of North Wales)
RL Roberts (Stamford School)
RPB Roberts (Tonbridge School)
RT Roberts (Royal Artillery)
RT Roberts (Oxford City)
RW Roberts (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
RW Roberts (University College of North Wales)
S Roberts (Rishton)
S Roberts (Gore Court)
S Roberts (Billericay)
S Roberts (Cleethorpes)
S Roberts (Norwich, Norwich Second XI, West Bromwich Dartmouth, West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
S Roberts (Oxford Downs)
S Roberts (Papplewick and Linby, Papplewick and Linby Second XI)
S Roberts (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
S Roberts (scorer)
S Roberts (Letchworth)
S Roberts (Bury)
S Roberts (Leverstock Green)
S Roberts (umpire)
S Roberts (Wales Under-13s, Wales Under-14s)
S Roberts (scorer)
S Roberts (Ramsbottom)
S Roberts (Royal Artillery)
S Roberts (Kimbolton and Catworth)
S Roberts (The Remnants)
S Roberts (Bapchild)
S Roberts (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
S Roberts (Worcestershire County Cricket League Under-19s)
S Roberts (BAT Sports)
S Roberts (Warrington)
S Roberts (Nelson)
S Roberts (Riverside Women)
S Roberts (Stevenage)
S Roberts (Sawley and Long Eaton Park)
S Roberts (Worcester Nomads)
S Roberts (Todmorden)
S Roberts (Woodhouses Second XI)
S Roberts (Letchworth Women)
S Roberts (Appleton Women)
S Roberts (Downside Wanderers)
S Roberts (Eastnor)
S Roberts (Oxfordshire Over-50s)
S Roberts (Kent Nomads Women)
S Roberts (Cinderford St John)
S Roberts (Old Tauntonians and Romsey Fifth XI)
S Roberts (scorer)
S Roberts (scorer)
Sandra Roberts (Riverside Women)
Shari Roberts (Riverside Women)
SA Roberts (Herefordshire)
SA Roberts (scorer)
SA Roberts (Tonbridge School)
SB Roberts (Denbighshire)
SCG Roberts (Warwickshire Second XI)
SD Roberts (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Under-17s, Glamorgan Under-19s, Wales Minor Counties)
SD Roberts (Acle)
SD Roberts (Worsley)
Sir DTE Roberts (Aldenham School, Hertfordshire)
SL Roberts (umpire)
SL Roberts (Huyton)
SN Roberts (Cambridge University)
SR Roberts (Marylebone Cricket Club)
SS Roberts (Bristol United Banks Second XI)
T Roberts (Norfolk)
T Roberts (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Under-19s, Glamorgan Young Cricketers)
T Roberts (Monmouthshire Under-19s)
T Roberts (Staffordshire)
T Roberts (Keighley)
T Roberts (Burnley, Burnley and District, Burnley Colts, Burnley Ramblers)
T Roberts (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Roberts (Brentham)
T Roberts (Cornwall Over-50s, Cornwall Over-60s)
T Roberts (Leeds)
T Roberts (Bournville)
T Roberts (Aston Park)
T Roberts (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club)
T Roberts (T Roberts' XI)
T Roberts (Northampton Wanderers)
T Roberts (Church)
T Roberts (Bury)
T Roberts (Romiley)
T Roberts (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
T Roberts (umpire)
T Roberts (Dyfed Under-13s)
T Roberts (Towcestrians)
TA Roberts (Denbighshire)
TA Roberts (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Spalding)
TA Roberts (Dulwich College)
TB Roberts (Bootle)
TE Roberts (Berkshire)
TEB Roberts (Cranleigh School)
TG Roberts (University College of North Wales)
TJ Roberts (University College of North Wales)
TJB Roberts (Formby, Hightown, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northern)
TR Roberts (Dunstable Grammar School)
TW Roberts (Bedfordshire, British Universities, Lancashire, Northamptonshire)
V Roberts (Colwall Women, Herefordshire Under-13s Women, Herefordshire Under-15s Women)
V Roberts (Marlborough College)
V Roberts (Hayes)
V Roberts (Sheffield Transport Women)
VE Roberts (Oxford Clergy)
VG Roberts (Haileybury College)
VW Roberts (Warwickshire Second XI)
W Roberts (Norfolk)
W Roberts (umpire)
W Roberts (umpire)
W Roberts (Accrington, Rishton)
W Roberts (Kent Second XI)
W Roberts (Club Cricket Conference)
W Roberts (Central Lancashire League)
W Roberts (Derbyshire County Cricket League)
W Roberts (Married Butchers of Burnley)
W Roberts (Accrington Second XI)
W Roberts (North Mymms)
W Roberts (Gloucester)
W Roberts (Bacup)
W Roberts (The Leys School)
W Roberts (Bacup)
W Roberts (Hall Green)
W Roberts (Harborne Somerville)
W Roberts (umpire)
W Roberts (The Forty Club)
W Roberts (Deal Victoria and Barns Close, Deal Victoria and Barns Close Second XI)
W Roberts jun (Pickwick)
W Roberts sen (Pickwick)
WA Roberts (Cheshire)
WA Roberts (St Paul's School)
WB Roberts (Yorkshire Second XI)
WB Roberts (Worcestershire)
WB Roberts (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
WB Roberts (Gentlemen of Devon)
William Braithwaite Roberts (Lancashire, The Rest)
William Butler Roberts (Lancashire Second XI)
WC Roberts (East Lancashire, Hampshire, Shropshire)
WG Roberts (Rhyl)
WH Roberts (Old Etonians)
WI Roberts (English Schools Cricket Association)
WL Roberts (Hagley)
WR Roberts (Buckinghamshire)
WS Roberts (Hagley)
WWL Roberts (Thornbury)
CD Roberts-Aldridge (Hoghton, Hoghton Second XI)
EC Roberts-Belof (Romany)
B Robertshaw (Illingworth)
D Robertshaw (Sussex Over-50s, Sussex Over-50s Second XI)
DM Robertshaw (National Association of Young Cricketers, National Association of Young Cricketers North)
J Robertshaw (Hebden Bridge)
M Robertshaw (Pudsey St Lawrence, Pudsey St Lawrence Second XI)
MJ Robertshaw (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Cumberland, Marylebone Cricket Club Universities)
O Robertshaw (Heathfield Park)
S Robertshaw (Durham)
T Robertshaw (Haslingden)
T Robertshaw (Lascelles Hall)
TMD Robertshaw (Lancing College)
W Robertshaw (Heathfield Park)
Robertson (Essex Second XI)
Robertson (Colchester Garrison)
Robertson (St Helens Recreation)
Robertson (Manchester)
Robertson (Birmingham University Second XI)
Robertson (Combined Services)
A Robertson (Whitstable, Whitstable Second XI)
A Robertson (Winchmore Hill)
A Robertson (scorer)
A Robertson (Harrogate)
A Robertson (Liverpool Olympus)
A Robertson (Durham Under-14s)
A Robertson (Ealing)
A Robertson (Norwich)
A Robertson (Alnwick and District Cricket League)
A Robertson (Yeadon)
A Robertson (Frogs)
A Robertson (East Lancashire Second XI)
A Robertson (Weaverham)
A Robertson (Bramhall)
A Robertson (Amersham)
A Robertson (Kent Under-15s)
A Robertson (High Halstow, High Halstow Second XI)
A Robertson (Bishop Auckland)
A Robertson (Withnell Fold)
A Robertson (Kearsley)
A Robertson (Pershore)
AA Robertson (Clifton College)
AD Robertson (Dorset)
AD Robertson (Buckinghamshire, Sussex XI, Tonbridge School)
AE Robertson (Devon)
AF Robertson (Winchester College)
AG Robertson (Durham, Durham University)
AJ Robertson (Cambridgeshire)
AM Robertson (Oxford University Authentics, Rugby School, Surrey Young Amateurs)
AWP Robertson (Essex Young Amateurs)
B Robertson (Royton)
BK Robertson (Bath Women Second XI, Somerset Under-15s Women)
C Robertson (Shrewsbury)
C Robertson (Lymington Under-11s)
C Robertson (The Forty Club)
CC Robertson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
CC Robertson (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
CJT Robertson (CEM Wilson's XI)
D Robertson (Cheltenham College)
D Robertson (Alfreton)
D Robertson (Hertfordshire Under-13s)
D Robertson (Orpington, Orpington Second XI)
D Robertson (Eastbourne)
D Robertson (Leckford)
D Robertson (scorer)
D Robertson (Weaverham)
D Robertson (Bradfield College Under-14s, Bradfield College Under-15s)
D Robertson (Berkshire Under-14s)
D Robertson (Ickwell)
DA Robertson (Liverpool)
DG Robertson (City of London School)
DJ Robertson (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Second XI)
DK Robertson (Bradfield College)
DM Robertson (Highgate School)
DS Robertson (New Brighton)
EM Robertson (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
EML Robertson (Rugby School)
F Robertson (Cumberland)
FA Robertson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FA Robertson (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
FB Robertson (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
FCL Robertson (Bradfield College)
FM Robertson (Surrey)
FS Robertson (Richmond)
G Robertson (umpire)
G Robertson (Old Bristolians)
G Robertson (scorer)
G Robertson (Benwell Hill, Northumberland Under-17s)
G Robertson (National Westminster Bank)
G Robertson (Ilkeston Rutland)
G Robertson (Civil Service)
GA Robertson (Cambridge University, Free Foresters)
GC Robertson (E Hirst's XI, Oxford University Next XVI)
GS Robertson (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
GS Robertson (Lutterworth)
H Robertson (Gentlemen of Warwickshire)
H Robertson (Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Middlesex Under-17s)
H Robertson (Uppingham Town)
HA Robertson (City of London School)
HE Robertson (Dulwich College)
HG Robertson (Eton College)
HM Robertson (Lords and Commons)
HMM Robertson (Wellington College)
I Robertson (Bournemouth)
I Robertson (Alnwick)
IA Robertson (Army, Winchester College)
IA Robertson (The Forty Club)
J Robertson (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Orleans Club, South)
J Robertson (Leicestershire Second XI)
J Robertson (Beddington)
J Robertson (Kent Under-13s, Kent Under-15s, Kent Under-17s)
J Robertson (Tynedale)
J Robertson (Casuals)
J Robertson (Sleaford)
J Robertson (Haxey, Lincolnshire Under-13s)
J Robertson (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
J Robertson (Cumberland)
J Robertson (Gentlemen of West Kent)
J Robertson (Finchampstead, Finchampstead Second XI)
J Robertson (Ambleside Second XI)
J Robertson (CAV Athletic)
J Robertson (Belhus)
JA Robertson (Westminster School)
JA Robertson (Hurstpierpoint College)
JA Robertson (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Calmore Wanderers, Tachbury Mount)
JAC Robertson (University College School)
JAR Robertson (Epsom College)
JB Robertson (Somerset Second XI)
JB Robertson (Army, British Army of the Rhine)
JB Robertson (Wellington College)
JB Robertson (Cheltenham College)
JB Robertson (Blackheath Proprietary School)
JB Robertson (Clapton and District)
JC Robertson (Oxford University)
JC Robertson (Cheltenham College, West Kent)
JC Robertson (Wimbledon)
JC Robertson (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Knighton, Knighton, Leicester Ivanhoe)
JD Robertson (Liverpool College)
JDB Robertson (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, The Rest)
JE Robertson (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
JH Robertson (Sedbergh School)
JHD Robertson (The Forty Club)
JK Robertson (Cambridge University Crusaders, Royal Naval College Dartmouth)
JLD Robertson (The Forty Club)
JM Robertson (Eton College)
JM Robertson (Crystal Palace)
JP Robertson (Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
JR Robertson (Gentlemen of Kent)
JR Robertson (The Leys School)
JR Robertson (Blackheath Proprietary School)
JR Robertson (Three Schools)
JS Robertson (Cheltenham College)
JS Robertson (Young Professionals)
K Robertson (East Midlands Women)
K Robertson (Sussex Second XI)
K Robertson (Blackheath Second XI)
K Robertson (Wellington College)
K Robertson (Cambridgeshire Under-15s Women, Cambridgeshire Under-17s Women)
KA Robertson (Brighton College)
L Robertson (Enfield)
L Robertson (Herts and Essex League)
LG Robertson (DR Jardine's XI)
M Robertson (Marlborough College)
M Robertson (Hayes)
M Robertson (Petworth)
M Robertson (Penton Second XI)
M Robertson (Horsham Women, Sussex Under-15s Women, Sussex Under-17s Women)
M Robertson (Hayes, Hayes Second XI)
M Robertson (The Forty Club)
M Robertson (Oldswinford)
MA Robertson (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians Second XI)
N Robertson (South Hampstead)
N Robertson (Ardingly College)
N Robertson (Accrington)
NA Robertson (St Bees School)
O Robertson (Radlett)
P Robertson (Durham County Schoolboys)
P Robertson (The Forty Club)
PA Robertson (Marlborough College)
PC Robertson (Malvern College)
PD Robertson (Blyth)
PN Robertson (Northumberland Schools)
R Robertson (Licensed Victuallers)
R Robertson (Caterham School)
R Robertson (The Oratory School)
RA Robertson (Ashtead, Club Cricket Conference)
RA Robertson (Ardingly College)
RD Robertson (Highgate School)
RDJ Robertson (King Edward's School Birmingham Common Room)
RH Robertson (Oxford University Next XVI)
RHA Robertson (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
S Robertson (Durham, Durham County Cricket League)
S Robertson (Andover)
S Robertson (Wavertree)
S Robertson (Isle of Wight Under-13s, Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
S Robertson (Devon Under-13s Women)
S Robertson (South Woodham Ferrers)
S Robertson (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women, Hertfordshire Under-15s Women)
S Robertson (Weaverham)
S Robertson (Benwell Hill)
S Robertson (Amport, Amport Second XI)
S Robertson (Durham County Juniors)
S Robertson (Nomansland, Nomansland)
S Robertson (Southport and Birkdale Women)
S Robertson (Ryde, Ryde Second XI)
SC Robertson (King's School, Canterbury)
SP Robertson (Benwell Hill)
SP Robertson (scorer)
T Robertson (Thornbury)
T Robertson (Leicestershire Club and Ground)
T Robertson (Lymington)
T Robertson (High Halstow Second XI)
T Robertson (Whitstable Second XI)
T Robertson (Mayfield)
TA Robertson (EM Grace's Gloucestershire XI)
W Robertson (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
W Robertson (The Oratory School)
W Robertson (Royal Engineers)
WB Robertson (Lancashire)
WD Robertson (Old Wellingtonians, Wellington College)
WD Robertson (Liverpool)
WG Robertson (Bootle)
WH Robertson (Marlborough College)
WK Robertson (Norfolk, Oundle Rovers)
WM Robertson (Sherborne School)
WP Robertson (Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Middlesex, South)
WP Robertson (The Oratory School)
HH Robertson Aikman (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI)
WH Robertson-Aikman (Oxford University Authentics)
M Robertson-Fishwick (Irchester)
A Robertson-Fox (Andover Banks, Hyde Ramblers, St Cross, St Cross Second XI)
CC Robertson-Glasgow (Incogniti, Trinity College, Glenalmond)
RC Robertson-Glasgow (Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Harlequins, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Somerset)
RW Robertson-Glasgow (Radley College, Radley College Second XI, Radley Rangers, Surrey Club and Ground, Toronto Cricket Club)
W Robertson-Glasgow (WDK Thellusson's XI)
GB Robertson-Rodger (Malvern College)
JF Robertson-Walker (Oxford University Authentics)
T Robery (Essex Second XI, Loughborough University)
B Robey (scorer)
CJ Robey (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Slough, The Forty Club)
D Robey (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
DA Robey (Berkshire, Slough)
G Robey (Albert and Edmunds Troupe, Cardiff Second XI, Cardiff University Present, Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, London Pavilion, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford Music Hall, The Dandy Fifth, West of Scotland)
G Robey (British Fire Service, Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI, Kent Over-50s, Kent Over-50s Second XI, National Fire Service)
RB Robey (Haileybury College)
VH Robey (Slough)
WTC Robey (Notts Amateurs)
Robilliard (Southern Division)
Robilliard (East Hants Club)
GLC Robilliard (Portsmouth Garrison)
JLC Robilliard (Gentlemen of Hampshire, United Services Portsmouth)
L Robilliard (Royal Marines)
Robin (Channel Islands)
BP Robin (Rossall School)
CJ Robin (Radley College)
P Robin (Millhillians)
JK Robinies (Surrey Women)
Robins (Stafford)
Robins (Kent Women Second XI)
Robins (The Forty Club)
Robins (Royal Air Force)
A Robins (Hampshire Hogs)
A Robins (Luckett)
A Robins (Middlesex Women)
AVC Robins (Eton Ramblers)
B Robins (Plymouth)
B Robins (Luckett)
B Robins (Andover)
C Robins (Brondesbury)
CT Robins (Bishop's Stortford)
CWV Robins (Eton Ramblers, Headmasters' Conference Schools, Middlesex Second XI, Middlesex Under-25s, Old Cliftonians)
D Robins (Somerset Over-60s)
D Robins (Four Oaks Saints)
DH Robins (Warwickshire)
E Robins (Dover College)
F Robins (Free Foresters)
FK Robins (New Brighton, New Brighton Second XI, Wallasey)
G Robins (Sudbury, Suffolk Over-50s, The Forty Club)
G Robins (City of London School)
GB Robins (Cambridgeshire, Suffolk)
GF Robins (Gentlemen of West Norfolk, Norfolk)
GG Robins (Glamorgan)
GL Robins (Cambridge University)
GPM Robins (Cambridgeshire)
GRV Robins (Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Hampshire Hogs, Marylebone Cricket Club)
I Robins (Formby)
J Robins (Stourbridge)
J Robins (Essex Under-13s)
J Robins (Weston Colville)
J Robins (Leeds and Broomfield)
JE Robins (Lancing College, Lancing Rovers)
JW Robins (Clapton)
JW Robins (Devon)
LIO Robins (Tonbridge School)
M Robins (scorer)
M Robins (Earl Shilton Town)
ML Robins (Callington, Cornwall, Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s, Cornwall Under-21s, ECB West Under-17s, Minor Counties, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Werrington)
P Robins (Burslem)
P Robins (Cornwall Under-17s)
P Robins (Brasenose College, Oxford, Radley College)
P Robins (Dorset Under-13s)
P Robins (Kent Over-60s Second XI)
P Robins (RACS Second XI)
PA Robins (Brentwood School)
PDH Robins (Kent Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Warwickshire Second XI)
PF Robins (Dover College)
R Robins (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
RH Robins (The Forty Club)
RVC Robins (Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
RWV Robins (Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, The Rest)
S Robins (Monmouthshire)
S Robins (Tiddington)
S Robins (Oxfordshire Under-15s)
S Robins (Surrey Over-50s)
SC Robins (Gentlemen of Hertfordshire, West Hertfordshire)
SU Robins (Hertfordshire)
T Robins (Taunton St Andrews)
TRV Robins (Eton College)
VG Robins (Stafford)
VH Robins (East Molesey, Stafford, Staffordshire)
VH Robins (The Forty Club)
VI Robins (East Molesey, Stafford)
W Robins (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WB Robins (Suffolk, Uppingham School)
WM Robins (Worcestershire Club and Ground)
WT Robins (Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI)
WVH Robins (Army, Europeans, Madras)





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