England Players (R)


Ridout (United Amateurs)
A Ridout (umpire)
C Ridout (Somerset Under-15s)
C Ridout (Hayes Hurricanes Women, Hayes Hurricanes Women Second XI, Kent Under-17s Women)
CAS Ridout (Sherborne School)
D Ridout (Hayes Hurricanes Women Second XI)
DL Ridout (Sherborne School)
EM Ridout (Catford Wanderers)
M Ridout (Saffron Walden Women)
R Ridout (Walsden)
L Ridoutt (Isle of Wight Under-13s)
AE Ridsdale (Incogniti, Littlehampton, Sussex Second XI, Wellington College)
B Ridsdale (Gentlemen of Kent)
CJ Ridsdale (Forge Valley)
E Ridsdale (Oxton Women)
EA Ridsdale (Incogniti, Littlehampton, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex Second XI)
EH Ridsdale (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Ridsdale (West Hartlepool)
S Ridsdale (Durham Under-15s Women)
SOB Ridsdale (Oxford University)
W Ridsdale (Cheltenham)
WB Ridsdale (Crystal Palace)
C Ridsdill-Smith (Haileybury Hermits, Suffolk)
L Ridson (Baildon Second XI)
D Ridwood (Yorkshire Over-60s)
D Ridyard (Northamptonshire Second XI)
NB Rifaat (United Hospitals)
M Rifai (Tring Park)
Rifan Faiz (Old Parkonians)
Rifaqat Ali (Bowling Old Lane Second XI)
HA Riffat (Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s)
A Riffique (Yorkshire Under-15s)
GR Rigali (Bristol University, Goatacre, Swindon, Wiltshire)
SJ Rigaud (Exeter College, Oxford)
Rigby (Kings Heath Second XI)
A Rigby (Crompton)
A Rigby (Eccleston)
A Rigby (Shropshire Under-13s, Shropshire Under-14s)
A Rigby (New Victoria)
A Rigby (Beaumont College)
B Rigby (Solihull)
C Rigby (Chester Boughton Hall)
C Rigby (Merseyside Cricket Competition)
C Rigby (Bacup)
CE Rigby (Crystal Palace)
D Rigby (Dorset Women)
D Rigby (Keele University)
D Rigby (North Staffordshire College, North Staffordshire University)
D Rigby (umpire)
D Rigby (Euxton, Euxton Second XI, Euxton Third XI)
D Rigby (Army Women)
DK Rigby (Marylebone Cricket Club, St Paul's School)
E Rigby (Longsight)
E Rigby (Liverpool)
EW Rigby (King Edward's School Birmingham, King Edward's School Birmingham Second XI)
F Rigby (Accrington)
F Rigby (Hampton-in-Arden)
F Rigby (St Helens Recreation)
F Rigby (Bootle)
G Rigby (Crompton)
G Rigby (Berkshire Under-13s, Berkshire Under-14s, Berkshire Under-15s)
G Rigby (Burslem)
G Rigby (Sandyford)
GH Rigby (Haileybury College)
H Rigby (Huyton)
HC Rigby (Cheshire, Ellesmere College)
HJ Rigby (Harborne)
HP Rigby (Cheshire)
HS Rigby (Harborne Somerville Second XI)
J Rigby (St Helens)
J Rigby (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
J Rigby (Liverpool)
J Rigby (Burnley Single)
J Rigby (Hightown)
J Rigby (Vernon Carus, Vernon Carus Second XI)
JJ Rigby (Ampleforth College)
K Rigby (Cheshire)
K Rigby (scorer)
K Rigby (Chorley Women, Chorley Women Second XI)
K Rigby (Rushden Town Second XI)
L Rigby (Essex Under-17s Women)
M Rigby (Worcestershire Second XI)
M Rigby (Freckleton, Freckleton Second XI)
MA Rigby (Felsted Robins, Felsted School)
MJ Rigby (Lytham)
MK Rigby (umpire)
N Rigby (Lytham)
O Rigby (Woodbank Second XI)
OL Rigby (Church, Haslingden, Lancashire Under-15s)
P Rigby (Cheshire)
P Rigby (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
P Rigby (umpire)
P Rigby (Clayton West)
R Rigby (umpire)
R Rigby (Slough)
R Rigby (Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI)
R Rigby (St Helens Recreation)
RH Rigby (The Oratory School)
RL Rigby (Ormskirk)
S Rigby (Altofts)
S Rigby (Crompton)
SL Rigby (Rugby School)
T Rigby (Fleetwood Hesketh)
W Rigby (Chesterfield)
W Rigby (East Lancashire)
B Rigden (Berkshire and Oxfordshire Women)
E Rigden (Berkshire and Oxfordshire Women, ME Hide's XI)
F Rigden (Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Sussex Women)
G Rigden (ME Maclagan's XI)
J Rigden (Macknade, Macknade Second XI)
L Rigden (Macknade, Macknade Second XI)
N Rigden (Gentlemen of Sussex)
R Rigden (Macknade)
S Rigden (Berkshire and Oxfordshire Women)
WG Rigden (Gentlemen of Sussex)
WG Rigden (Brighton College)
Rigg (Knowle and Dorridge)
Rigg (Yardley)
A Rigg (Norton)
A Rigg (Keswick)
A Rigg (Cumberland)
D Rigg (Colne)
G Rigg (Spondon, Spondon Second XI)
HA Rigg (Haileybury College)
J Rigg (Derbyshire Under-13s, Spondon, Spondon Second XI)
J Rigg (Burnley and Padiham Women)
JC Rigg (Yorkshire Second XI)
N Rigg (Derbyshire Under-13s, Derbyshire Under-14s, Derbyshire Under-15s, Derbyshire Under-17s, Spondon, Spondon Second XI)
N Rigg (Lingfield)
R Rigg (Dome Mission)
RTA Rigg (Trent College)
S Rigg (Super Strikers)
S Rigg (Brighton and Hove, Preston Nomads)
S Rigg (Bradford Colts)
SE Rigg (Cheshire)
WP Rigg (St John's School, Leatherhead)
T Riggall (Penzance)
T Riggall (Paul)
B Riggott (Quarndon)
Riggs (Purley)
Riggs (Combined Services XI)
C Riggs (umpire)
SC Riggs (Army)
TC Riggs (Woodbridge School)
CJW Righton (King Edward's School Birmingham)
EG Righton jun (Worcestershire)
EG Righton sen (Worcestershire)
EJ Righton (Old Decanians)
H Righton (Ebrington)
J Righton (Bapchild)
SL Righton (Wakefield Clergy)
Rigler (Royal Air Force)
Rigley (Royal Grammar School, Lancaster)
Rigley (Grimsby)
CH Rigley (Nottingham High School)
R Rigley (Leeds)
W Rigley (Derbyshire)
P Rignell (Wiltshire Under-25s)
M Rihan (Weston-super-Mare)
HE Rihll (Devon Colts)
LWT Rihll (Forest School)
CJ Rika (Development of Excellence XI, England Under-19s, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, National Cricket Association Young Cricketers, Northamptonshire County Colts, Northamptonshire Second XI, Northland)
P Rikash (Denton Second XI)
A Rikh (Beaumont College)
V Rikh (Beaumont College)
A Rikins-Green (Horsham)
S Rikson (Haileybury Hermits)
Riley (Sheffield)
Riley (Bolsover)
Riley (Nelson)
Riley (Ripon)
Riley (Derbyshire Second XI)
Riley (Ilkeston)
Riley (Blackburn)
Riley (Hurstbourne Park)
Riley (Yorkshire)
Riley (Surrey Club and Ground)
Riley (T Thornber's XI)
Riley (Enfield Second XI)
Riley (Salem)
Riley (Burnley)
Riley (Bingley)
Riley (Bootle)
Riley (Bacup)
Riley (Padiham)
Riley (Hall Green)
Riley (Wolseley)
Riley (Essex Under-13s)
Riley (umpire)
A Riley (umpire)
A Riley (Derbyshire Under-25s)
A Riley (Colne, Nelson)
A Riley (Nelson)
A Riley (Haslingden)
A Riley (Mexborough)
A Riley (Sussex Police)
A Riley (Acomb)
A Riley (Shropshire Under-13s, Shropshire Under-14s)
A Riley (Burnley)
A Riley (Accrington)
A Riley (Shifnal, Shifnal Second XI, Shifnal Third XI)
A Riley (Stonyhurst College)
A Riley (The Leys School)
A Riley (Nelson)
A Riley (Cuckney Second XI, Cuckney Third XI)
AE Riley (Rawtenstall)
AEN Riley (Kent, Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University, Marylebone Cricket Club)
AJ Riley (umpire)
AJ Riley (scorer)
AP Riley (Burnley)
ASJ Riley (Radley College)
B Riley (Royal Air Force Bomber Command)
B Riley (East Lancashire)
B Riley (Derbyshire Under-13s Women)
B Riley (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
C Riley (North Wales)
C Riley (Hertfordshire Under-21s, Knebworth Park)
C Riley (Royal Grammar School, Lancaster)
C Riley (St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
C Riley (Oxton Women)
C Riley (Horton House Second XI)
CJ Riley (East Lancashire, Leigh, Orrell Red Triangle)
CJ Riley (East Lancashire Cryptics)
CM Riley (umpire)
D Riley (Burnley, Lancashire Second XI)
D Riley (Church Second XI, Church Third XI)
D Riley (Ramsbottom Third XI)
D Riley (Edmonton)
D Riley (Tring Park)
D Riley (Longparish)
D Riley (The Forty Club)
D Riley (Marske)
D Riley (Chester Boughton Hall)
D Riley (Nidderdale Cricket League)
D Riley (Bromley Town Second XI)
DC Riley (Stamford School)
DI Riley (England Young Cricketers, Kent Club and Ground, Kent Second XI, Kent Under-25s, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, St Peter's School, York)
DJ Riley (scorer)
DL Riley (Burnley)
DL Riley (Colne)
DM Riley (Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s)
E Riley (Leicestershire)
E Riley (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
E Riley (Enfield)
E Riley (Captain Harwood's England XI)
EA Riley (umpire)
EA Riley (Houghton Main)
EE Riley (Haslingden, Lincolnshire)
EJ Riley (Belvedere)
EM Riley (East Women, Kent Women, Women's Cricket Association)
G Riley (Burnley, Burnley and District)
G Riley (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
G Riley (Alfreton Colliery)
G Riley (Staffordshire)
G Riley (Burnley)
G Riley (St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
GN Riley (King's School, Canterbury)
GW Riley (Enfield)
GW Riley (Pickwick)
GW Riley (Belvedere)
H Riley (Leicestershire)
H Riley (Yorkshire)
H Riley (Derbyshire Under-25s)
H Riley (Lincolnshire)
H Riley (Burnley)
H Riley (Nelson)
H Riley (Accrington)
H Riley (Milford Hall Women, Staffordshire Under-15s Women)
HL Riley (Green Jackets)
J Riley (Worcestershire)
J Riley (Nottinghamshire)
J Riley (Church)
J Riley (scorer)
J Riley (Enfield)
J Riley (Nottinghamshire Colts)
J Riley (Hayes Hurricanes Women, North Riding Women, Pool Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women, Yorkshire Under-17s Women, Yorkshire Under-21s Women, Yorkshire Women)
J Riley (Guisborough)
J Riley (Barrow)
J Riley (Maldon)
J Riley (Wimbledon)
J Riley (East Lancashire)
J Riley (umpire)
J Riley (Blackwell Colliery)
J Riley (Rolls Royce)
J Riley (Sandiacre Town)
J Riley (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
J Riley (Todmorden Second XI)
J Riley (Bacup)
J Riley (Rawtenstall)
J Riley (Haslingden)
J Riley (Burnley)
J Riley (Nelson)
J Riley (Burnley)
J Riley (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
J Riley (umpire)
J Riley (Northern)
J Riley (Enfield)
J Riley (Yeadon, Yeadon Second XI)
J Riley (Marske)
J Riley (Sonning)
J Riley (Broadbottom)
JB Riley (Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire Club and Ground, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Public Schools, The Rest, Wellingborough Masters)
JCW Riley (Cambridge University)
JH Riley (Denstone College, Norfolk)
JH Riley (Burnley)
JH Riley (Yorkshire United)
JK Riley (Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-25s)
JL Riley (Rossall School)
JP Riley (Yorkshire Juniors)
JS Riley (Cumberland)
JT Riley (Lowerhouse)
JW Riley (Enfield)
JW Riley (Canford Cygnets, Canford School)
K Riley (BAC-EE Preston)
K Riley (Moseley)
K Riley (Hightown)
K Riley (Bristol West Indians)
K Riley (Fleetwood)
K Riley (Kibworth Third XI)
KN Riley (Bootle)
L Riley (Staffordshire)
L Riley (Flowery Field, Flowery Field Second XI)
L Riley (Denton West, Denton West Second XI)
L Riley (Dukinfield, Dukinfield Second XI)
L Riley (Baxenden, Walshaw)
LJC Riley (Radley College)
M Riley (Yorkshire)
M Riley (West Women)
M Riley (BAC-EE Preston)
M Riley (Derbyshire Friars, English Schools Cricket Association)
M Riley (Loughborough College)
M Riley (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Grammar Schools)
M Riley (Nutbrook, Shipley Hall)
M Riley (Hartshead Moor, Hartshead Moor Second XI)
M Riley (The Forty Club)
M Riley (Oxfordshire Over-50s)
MJ Riley (Uppingham School)
MJB Riley (Cheshire)
MR Riley (Atherstone Town Second XI)
MS Riley (Cheshire, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools)
N Riley (York University)
N Riley (Cherry Tree, Cherry Tree Second XI, Cherry Tree Third XI)
N Riley (The Forty Club)
N Riley (Roan and Lambethans Second XI)
N Riley (Bexley Fourth XI)
NA Riley (Ramsbottom)
P Riley (Burton-on-Trent)
P Riley (Barrow)
P Riley (Yorkshire Juniors)
P Riley (Kimberley Institute)
P Riley (Women's Royal Army Corps)
PG Riley (Sutton Valence School)
PK Riley (Nottinghamshire Cricket Board)
PM Riley (Beaumont College)
PT Riley (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Second XI, Old Edwardians Third XI)
R Riley (Northamptonshire Second XI)
R Riley (Bacup)
R Riley (scorer)
R Riley (Bracebridge Heath)
R Riley (East Lancashire)
R Riley (Enfield)
R Riley (Church)
R Riley (Burnley)
R Riley (Rawtenstall)
RJ Riley (scorer)
S Riley (Cambridgeshire Under-25s)
S Riley (Junior England Women, Lancashire Women, West Junior Women)
S Riley (Liphook and Ripsley)
S Riley (Bootle)
S Riley (Christ Church College, Oxford)
S Riley (scorer)
S Riley (umpire)
T Riley (Lowerhouse)
T Riley (Tutbury)
T Riley (Mirfield)
T Riley (English Universities Unicorns)
T Riley (umpire)
T Riley (Winchmore Hill)
T Riley (umpire)
T Riley (umpire)
T Riley (Colwall)
TJ Riley (Herefordshire)
TMN Riley (Gloucestershire, Warwickshire)
TR Riley (umpire)
V Riley (Essex Over-60s)
W Riley (Nottinghamshire)
W Riley (Worcestershire)
W Riley (York)
W Riley (Morecambe)
W Riley (Burnley Butchers)
W Riley (Moseley)
W Riley (Lancaster)
W Riley (Nelson Second XI)
W Riley (Burnley)
W Riley (Morpeth)
W Riley (Enfield)
WB Riley (Colne)
WH Riley (Accrington, East Lancashire)
WJ Riley (Huyton)
WM Riley (Gentlemen)
WN Riley (Cambridge University, Leicestershire)
WW Riley (Hull)
JM Riley Green (Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women, Vernon Carus Women)
TSMS Riley-Smith (Chester Boughton Hall, Harrow School, Heartaches)
R Rillard (Bootle)
S Rimal (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
GA Rimbault (Army, Europeans)
A Rimell (Worcester City)
AGJ Rimell (Cambridge University, Hampshire)
MJ Rimell (Charterhouse School, Oxford University, Oxford University Authentics)
Rimington (Lord Hawke's XI)
GA Rimington (Cumberland, Highgate School, Incogniti, Marylebone Cricket Club)
JC Rimington (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
MF Rimington (Cumberland, Highgate School)
RGW Rimington (Royal Tank Corps)
W Rimmell (Mottisfont A)
A Rimmer (Addington Village, Addington Village Second XI)
A Rimmer (Oxton)
A Rimmer (Southport and Birkdale)
A Rimmer (Huyton)
A Rimmer (St Helens Recreation)
A Rimmer (Dorset Over-50s)
AJ Rimmer (Downside School)
AM Rimmer (Oxford Clergy)
C Rimmer (scorer)
C Rimmer (Huyton)
D Rimmer (Haydock)
D Rimmer (Southwell)
D Rimmer (Haileybury Hermits)
D Rimmer (Exeter)
DM Rimmer (scorer)
FA Rimmer (Lancashire Second XI, Liverpool and District)
G Rimmer (umpire)
HM Rimmer (Sussex Second XI)
J Rimmer (Derbyshire)
J Rimmer (umpire)
J Rimmer (Haydock)
J Rimmer (Dorset A, Dorset Academy, Dorset Under-15s, Dorset Under-17s)
J Rimmer (Dorset Cricket League)
J Rimmer (Exeter University)
JA Rimmer (Haslingden)
JS Rimmer (Formby, Mersey Incogniti, Ormskirk)
K Rimmer (St Erme)
KH Rimmer (Liverpool College)
L Rimmer (Colne)
LA Rimmer (Fleetwood Hesketh)
LI Rimmer (Birkenhead Park)
M Rimmer (Downside Wanderers)
MC Rimmer (Sutton)
MG Rimmer (Addington Village, Addington Village Second XI, Fleetwood Hesketh)
NA Rimmer (Colne)
ND Rimmer (Crosby St Mary's, Derbyshire Second XI, Fleetwood Hesketh, Leyland, Liverpool and District Cricket Competition)
P Rimmer (Cheshire Under-15s)
P Rimmer (Oulton Park)
PA Rimmer (Liverpool and District)
PH Rimmer (Southport and Birkdale)
PR Rimmer (Wrekin College)
R Rimmer (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
RE Rimmer (Southport and Birkdale)
RN Rimmer (St Peter's School, York)
S Rimmer (Lancashire Second XI)
S Rimmer (Liverpool)
S Rimmer (Cheshire Under-13s, Cheshire Under-14s, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s)
S Rimmer (Nantwich)
SJ Rimmer (Fleetwood Hesketh, Gerrards Cross, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-25s, Liverpool and District Cricket Competition, Southport and Birkdale)
Scott Rimmer (Ainsdale, Fleetwood Hesketh)
Shaun Rimmer (Fleetwood Hesketh)
T Rimmer (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
TH Rimmer (Southport and Birkdale)
V Rimmer (Burnley)
W Rimmer (Mottisfont A)
EW Rimmington (umpire)
G Rimmington (Ockbrook and Borrowash, Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
J Rimmington (scorer)
JC Rimmington (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Young Amateurs)
R Rimmington (Prestatyn)
S Rimmington (Yorkshire Second XI)
S Rimmington (Camberley)
SJ Rimmington (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Rimmington (Shipley Hall)
N Rinch (The Forty Club)
M Rind (Old Grammarians)
WL Rind (Rossall School)
DM Rines (JM Allan's XI)
A Ring (Bromley, Bromley Second XI)
A Ring (Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
AHD Ring (Marlborough College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
AJ Ring (University College School)
FF Ring (Gloucestershire Colts)
G Ring (England)
J Ring (East Kent, Hampshire, Kent, Oldfield, White Conduit Club)
J Ring (Aythorpe Roding, Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Second XI)
J Ring (North Runcton, Stow)
J Ring (Maghull)
JA Ring (Maghull)
JA Ring (New Brighton)
NT Ringdahi (University College School)
NT Ringdahl (University College School)
B Ringer (Great Witchingham)
G Ringer (Berkshire Over-50s)
R Ringer (Isle of Wight Over-50s)
S Ringer (The Forty Club)
CL Ringham (March Town)
CW Ringham (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Oundle School)
PL Ringham (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Over-60s, Cambridgeshire Over-50s, Cambridgeshire Over-60s)
R Ringham (Oundle School)
M Ring-Hrubeshova (Surrey Under-13s Women, Surrey Under-15s Women)
M Ringin (Water Orton)
D Ringland (Denton)
Ringrose (Sheffield United)
BJ Ringrose (Cheltenham College, Downend, Gloucestershire Academy, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-13s, Gloucestershire Under-14s, Gloucestershire Under-15s, Gloucestershire Under-17s)
CE Ringrose (Treeton Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
CEL Ringrose (Free Foresters, Oxford University)
E Ringrose (Shropshire)
GD Ringrose (Wellington College)
M Ringrose (New Brighton)
MJ Ringrose (Great Oakley, Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Cricket Association)
TS Ringrose (Oundle School)
W Ringrose (Scotland, Yorkshire)
W Ringrose Voase (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Ringrow (Huntingdonshire)
PJ Ringwood (Norfolk)
R Ringwood (Cambridge Town and County Club, Cambridge Town Club, Cambridge Townsmen)
P Rinke (North Runcton)
Rintoul (Twickenham)
Rintoul (Peckham)
C Rintoul (The Oratory School)
EV Rintoul (Oakham School)
S Rintoul (Felbridge and Sunnyside)
SWD Rintoul (Dorset)
KV Riordan (Beaumont College)
RD Riordan (38th Regiment)
R Ripa (Burwell Second XI)





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