England Players (P)


Pateman (Bedford Modern School)
Pateman (Broxbourne)
AS Pateman (Glamorgan Second XI)
CR Pateman (Berkshire)
CS Pateman (Maldon)
G Pateman (Cuckfield)
GJ Pateman (London New Zealand Club)
J Pateman (London New Zealand Club)
JA Pateman (Christ's Hospital)
JW Pateman (Saffron Walden)
K Pateman (Huntingdonshire)
L Pateman (Saffron Walden)
M Pateman (Flitwick)
MJ Pateman (Cambridge and Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, Eaton Socon, Eaton Socon Second XI, Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Development XI, Huntingdonshire Under-17s, Huntingdonshire Under-21s, Peterborough Town, Warringah)
PR Pateman (Scarborough)
R Pateman (umpire)
R Pateman (Parham Park)
R Pateman (Cuckfield)
R Pateman (Hertfordshire Cricket Competition)
R Pateman (scorer)
S Pateman (Burley)
S Pateman (Burley)
S Pateman (Market Deeping)
SE Pateman (Bedford Modern School)
T Pateman (Burley)
TJ Pateman (Scarborough, Yorkshire Under-17s)
W Pateman (Portsmouth)
Paten (Uppingham School)
S Paten (Liverpool School)
Patenall (The Skinners' School)
TH Patenall (Churwell United)
B Patens (Chipperfield)
Paterfield (Bradford Cricket League)
B Paterfield (Brighouse Second XI)
N Paterfield (Brighouse Second XI)
M Paterno (Ide Hill)
A Paternoster (Brook House and Ardingly)
C Paternoster (Brook House and Ardingly)
GA Paternoster (Colchester and District)
I Paternoster (umpire)
I Paternoster (Hartley Country Club)
K Paternoster (Billericay, Billericay Veterans)
K Paternoster (umpire)
KM Paternoster (Billericay)
Luke Paternott (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
Lloyd Paternott (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University)
D Paternotte (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Fifth XI, Gosport Borough Second XI, Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
I Paternotte (umpire)
I Paternotte (Gosport Borough Second XI)
H Paters (scorer)
Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Paterson (FL Popham's XI)
Paterson (H Anderson's XI)
Paterson (North London)
Paterson (20th (Service) Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment)
Paterson (Somerset Stragglers)
Paterson (Bryanston Butterflies)
Paterson (Manchester Clifford)
Paterson (Honor Oak Second XI)
Paterson (Harold Wood)
A Paterson (University College School Old Boys)
A Paterson (Brighton College)
A Paterson (Poynton Women)
A Paterson (Shildon Railway, Shildon Railway Second XI)
A Paterson (Cheshire Under-17s)
A Paterson (Nantwich)
Alastair Paterson (Mochdre Second XI)
Andrew Paterson (Mochdre Second XI)
AB Paterson (Oxton)
AC Paterson (Incogniti)
AC Paterson (Oxton)
AD Paterson (scorer)
AE Paterson (Birkenhead Park)
AES Paterson (Somerset Stragglers)
AG Paterson (MB Dewar's XI)
AGB Paterson (University College School)
AHT Paterson (Marlborough College)
AJ Paterson (Rugby School Second XI)
AJ Paterson (MBU Dewar's XI)
AJ Paterson (The Danes)
AJ Paterson (Incogniti)
AK Paterson (South Northumberland)
AK Paterson (Durham School)
AR Paterson (Oxford University Satellites)
AS Paterson (Chiswick Park)
AWS Paterson (Somerset)
AWS Paterson (Somerset Stragglers)
B Paterson (Cheshire Under-17s, Christleton, University of Southampton)
B Paterson (Cheltenham)
B Paterson (Braunton)
B Paterson (The Forty Club)
B Paterson (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
B Paterson (Old Northamptonians Third XI)
B Paterson (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
B Paterson (Old)
B Paterson (Harvel)
C Paterson (Surrey Colts)
C Paterson (Rockhampton)
C Paterson (Belper Meadows)
C Paterson (Byfleet)
CR Paterson (St Cyprian's School, Eastbourne)
D Paterson (University College School Old Boys)
D Paterson (Bollington)
D Paterson (scorer)
D Paterson (Geddington, Geddington Second XI)
D Paterson (Lechlade)
D Paterson (umpire)
D Paterson (Downham Town)
E Paterson (Northumberland Schoolboys)
E Paterson (Tynedale)
E Paterson (Putney)
E Paterson (Retford Grammar School)
E Paterson (Retford Grammar School Second XI)
EGW Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Paterson (Old Harrovians)
F Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Paterson (Richmond, Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells Fourth XI)
F Paterson (Epsom)
F Paterson (Romany)
FD Paterson (Oxton)
FG Paterson (Huyton)
FG Paterson (Sefton)
FWN Paterson (Bedford School)
G Paterson (Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells Second XI)
G Paterson (Bedford Modern School)
G Paterson (St Cross)
G Paterson (Woodmancote)
G Paterson (Bryanston Butterflies)
G Paterson (Richmond)
G Paterson (Gloucestershire Under-14s, Gloucestershire Under-15s)
GA Paterson (South Northumberland)
GGW Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GK Paterson (Bryanston School)
GM Paterson (Cheltenham College)
H Paterson (South Women, Sussex Women)
H Paterson (Heywood)
H Paterson (EG Snaith's XI)
H Paterson (Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
H Paterson (scorer)
H Paterson (North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
H Paterson (Nottinghamshire Under-14s)
I Paterson (Formby)
J Paterson (Hutton)
J Paterson (City of London School)
J Paterson (Formby)
J Paterson (East)
J Paterson (Colchester and East Essex)
J Paterson (Wellingborough School)
J Paterson (St Paul's School)
J Paterson (Alderholt)
J Paterson (Adwalton)
JA Paterson (Dulwich College)
JAL Paterson (Durham Colts, Northumberland, Northumberland Second XI, South Northumberland)
JER Paterson (Old Hurst Johnians, Sussex Martlets)
JF Paterson (Marlborough College, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
JJ Paterson (Mill Hill School)
JM Paterson (Shrewsbury School)
JS Paterson (Oxton)
JSI Paterson (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
K Paterson (Cheshire Women)
K Paterson (Royal Air Force Western Command)
K Paterson (umpire)
K Paterson (Stamford School)
KR Paterson (Oundle School)
L Paterson (Chislehurst and West Kent)
L Paterson (Rowner Second XI)
L Paterson (Unsworth)
L Paterson (Budleigh Salterton)
LR Paterson (KJ Key's XI)
M Paterson (Walmer)
M Paterson (Westcliff-on-Sea)
M Paterson (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
M Paterson (umpire)
M Paterson (Rainham, Rainham Second XI)
N Paterson (umpire)
N Paterson (Hampshire Over-60s Second XI)
N Paterson (scorer)
N Paterson (Bryanston Butterflies)
N Paterson (Bryanston School)
N Paterson (scorer)
OHL Paterson (Northumberland Colts)
P Paterson (Oakham School)
P Paterson (Dumbleton)
P Paterson (Oxford University Authentics)
P Paterson (Cricket Society)
PFW Paterson (Oxfordshire)
R Paterson (umpire)
R Paterson (Brighton College)
R Paterson (Great Oakley)
R Paterson (Bollington)
R Paterson (Tynedale)
R Paterson (The Forty Club)
R Paterson (Geddington Second XI)
R Paterson (Braunton)
R Paterson (umpire)
R Paterson (Redcar Second XI)
RC Paterson (Uppingham School)
RD Paterson (Neston)
RD Paterson (Clare College, Cambridge)
RFT Paterson (Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club)
RFW Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RG Paterson (Cricket Society, Cross Arrows, Free Foresters, Rudgwick)
RJ Paterson (Northumberland Schoolboys)
S Paterson (Farncombe)
S Paterson (Somerset Stragglers)
S Paterson (Bryanston Butterflies)
SE Paterson (Incogniti)
T Paterson (umpire)
T Paterson (Oldlands)
T Paterson (Wellingborough School)
TA Paterson (Highgate School)
TDS Paterson (The Forty Club)
TS Paterson (Oxton)
WE Paterson (Repton School)
WS Paterson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WS Paterson (Somerset Stragglers)
Y Paterson (Junior C Women, Junior D Women)
Paterson-Fox (Rendcomb College)
N Paterson-Fox (Rendcomb College)
R Paterson-Knight (Alton)
D Pates (Bude)
D Pates (Hythe and Dibden Second XI, Hythe and Dibden Third XI)
J Pates (Hucknall, Hucknall Fourth XI, Hucknall Second XI, Hucknall Third XI)
J Pates (scorer)
M Pates (Civil Service Women)
N Pates (Blunham)
Patey (United Services)
Patey (2nd Battalion South Lancashire Regiment)
Patey (Allhallows School)
Patey (Grantham)
Patey (Limpsfield Strollers)
B Patey (Old Elthamians Granby, Old Elthamians Granby Second XI, Old Elthamians Second XI, Sidcup Second XI)
CA Patey (Exeter)
CG Patey (Allhallows School)
CHB Patey (Incogniti)
D Patey (Oxfordshire Under-13s, Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s, Oxfordshire Under-17s)
D Patey (Thame Town)
D Patey (Lord Williams's School)
E Patey (Norfolk)
G Patey (Ashcott and Shapwick)
G Patey (Thame Town)
HW Patey (Croydon)
J Patey (Kidmore End, Kidmore End Second XI, Kidmore End Third XI)
J Patey (Leighton Park School Governors XI)
J Patey (scorer)
M Patey (Portsmouth and Southsea, Portsmouth and Southsea Second XI, Portsmouth and Southsea Third XI)
MD Patey (Royal Air Force Air Training Corps)
MHR Patey (Dorset, Weymouth College)
R Patey (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club)
S Patey (Ashcott and Shapwick)
TM Patey (Gentlemen of Dorset)
W Patey (Leighton Park School Governors XI)
W Patey (Kidmore End)
W Patey (Kidmore End Second XI)
W Patey (Kidmore End, Kidmore End Second XI)
Path (Eastcote Second XI)
S Path (Burridge Second XI)
B Patha (Sandhurst)
Pathak (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
C Pathak (Felling)
D Pathak (RACS, RACS Second XI)
D Pathak (Star Alvis)
D Pathak (Hymers College, Hull)
D Pathak (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Pathak (Harlow Town)
K Pathak (Oundle Town Women)
M Pathak (Purley-on-Thames, Purley-on-Thames Second XI)
M Pathak (Shinfield)
P Pathak (umpire)
S Pathak (British Universities, Hymers College, Hull, Maghull, Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Pathak (Ilford)
S Pathak (Roding Valley)
S Pathak (umpire)
S Pathak (Whiteleas and Harton Welfare)
M Patham (Penn)
Pathan (Dogmersfield, Dogmersfield Second XI)
A Pathan (Syston Town)
A Pathan (Illston Abey)
A Pathan (Preston)
A Pathan (Leyland Motors)
A Pathan (Harrow St Mary's)
A Pathan (Langtons)
A Pathan (Market Harborough)
Ajaz Pathan (Hinckley Town Second XI)
Asad Pathan (Hinckley Town Second XI)
AK Pathan (Whittingham and Goosnargh)
AK Pathan (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s)
I Pathan (Illston Abey)
I Pathan (Illston Abey)
L Pathan (Windsor)
M Pathan (Penn)
M Pathan (Hinckley Town)
M Pathan (Evesham)
M Pathan (Old Edwardians)
M Pathan (Whittingham and Goosnargh)
M Pathan (Blackburn Northern)
M Pathan (Blackburn Northern Second XI, Blackburn Northern Third XI)
N Pathan (Buckhurst Hill)
R Pathan (Walsden)
S Pathan (Herefordshire)
S Pathan (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
S Pathan (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
S Pathan (RMCC)
S Pathan (Langtons)
S Pathan (Nuneaton)
U Pathasarathi (Nomads)
R Pathasarathy (Woking and Horsell)
D Pathawala (Club Cricket Conference Women)
Pathe (Ratcliffe College)
P Pathey (London Schools Cricket Association)
M Pathicul (Dulwich)
F Pathirage (Broadwater)
K Pathirana (Chignal)
CM Pathiranage (Mansfield Hosiery Mills)
H Pathiranage (Old Elizabethans)
RS Pathirannehelage (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI)
Pathmanathan (Eltham College)
P Pathmanathan (Blackheath Third XI)
N Pathmanathen (Kent Under-14s)
N Pathmanathen (Old Colfeians, Old Colfeians Second XI)
C Pathmarajah (Dartford, Dartford Second XI)
M Pathwary (Royal Logistic Corps)
J Patial (Hayes Fourth XI, Hayes Second XI)
A Patidar (GE Hamble, Hamble Aerostructures Sports and Social Club, Hamble Aerostructures Sports and Social Club Second XI)
A Patidar (GE Hamble)
M Patidar (Channel Islands)
M Patidar (Sidmouth)
R Patidar (Caythorpe, Caythorpe Second XI, Caythorpe Third XI)
S Patidar (Sidmouth)
SSS Patidar (Old Blundellians)
T Patidar (Old Blundellians)
T Patidar (Stragglers of Asia)
M Patidar St Owton (Sidmouth)
D Patience (umpire)
DC Patience (umpire)
M Patience (Hampton School Under-15s)
P Patience (Sundown)
R Patience (Ickenham)
R Patience (Wokingham)
J Patient (Gidea Park and Romford, Gidea Park and Romford Second XI)
N Patient (West Moors)
Patigar (Sidmouth)
A Patil (Coventry and North Warwickshire Colliery)
A Patil (Star Alvis)
A Patil (Gloucester AIW Sports)
A Patil (Knowle)
A Patil (Stapleton)
B Patil (Himani)
D Patil (Bowling Old Lane)
D Patil (Bowling Old Lane)
H Patil (Teddington Town, Teddington Town Second XI, Teddington Town Third XI)
K Patil (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
P Patil (Billericay)
R Patil (Osterley)
S Patil (Dome Mission)
S Patil (Colchester and East Essex)
S Patil (The Bedouin Cricket Club)
V Patil (Old Parkonians)
S Patill (Kempton)
B Patilla (Clay Cross Works)
B Patilla (Clay Cross Works)
A Patilowala (Harrow)
L Patincle (scorer)
B Patinson (Glamorgan Second XI)
R Patki (Caldecote)
GB Patman (Towcester)
A Patmore (Essex Second XI)
A Patmore (Pegasus and Corringham)
AJD Patmore (Marylebone Cricket Club, Norfolk, Norfolk Development Squad, Norfolk Under-19s, Norfolk Under-21s, Sheffield Collegiate, Sheffield Collegiate Second XI, Vauxhall Mallards, Vauxhall Mallards Second XI)
B Patmore (Ordnance Survey Second XI)
B Patmore jun (Chappel and Wakes Colne)
Brett Patmore (Chappel and Wakes Colne)
D Patmore (Rowner)
D Patmore (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
d Patmore (York)
D Patmore (Rowner Second XI)
D Patmore (Burnley Third XI)
FA Patmore (New Brighton)
H Patmore (Vauxhall Mallards Second XI)
J Patmore (Checkley)
ME Patmore (Ipswich School)
RW Patmore (Essex Club and Ground)
S Patmore (Aspenden)
T Patmore (umpire)
T Patmore (Dorset Under-15s)
P Patnaik (Basingstoke and North Hants Fifth XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Fourth XI)
S Patnaik (Salthill)
MCA Patnell (Beccles Town, Lowestoft Town)
V Patni (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
A Patodi (Chingford Second XI)
Paton (1st Battalion Scots Guards)
Paton (Kynoch)
Paton (Wadham House School)
Paton (Stoneleigh)
Paton (South Manchester)
A Paton (scorer)
A Paton (Hayes, Hayes Second XI)
A Paton (Moorfield Second XI)
A Paton (Dulwich College)
A Paton (Bowden)
A Paton (Rendcomb College)
AB Paton (Moorfield)
AL Paton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AW Paton (St Edward's School, Oxford)
B Paton (Knutsford, Knutsford Second XI)
C Paton (Oundle Rovers)
C Paton (Burghley Park)
D Paton (Moorfield Second XI)
D Paton (Merseyside Police)
D Paton (Bishop's Waltham, Bishop's Waltham Second XI, Bishop's Waltham Third XI)
D Paton (Southampton Football Club)
D Paton (Haydock)
D Paton (Moorfield)
D Paton (Stratford Bards Second XI)
DT Paton (Leighton Park School)
F Paton (Gedling and Sherwood)
F Paton (Gedling and Sherwood, Gedling and Sherwood Second XI, Gedling and Sherwood Third XI)
F Paton (Gedling and Sherwood)
G Paton (The Royal Hospital School)
G Paton (Betley)
GC Paton (Cheshire, Gentlemen of West Cheshire, Rock Ferry, Uppingham School)
GC Paton (Liverpool)
GW Paton (Uppingham School)
GW Paton (Liverpool)
J Paton (Chislehurst and West Kent, Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI)
J Paton (Avonside XI, Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI, Warwickshire Over-50s)
J Paton (East Lancashire Third XI)
J Paton (Stockingford and Haunchwood)
J Paton (Stockingford All Association)
J Paton (Shipston-on-Stour)
J Paton (umpire)
James Paton (Stratford Bards Second XI)
John Paton (Stratford Bards Second XI)
L Paton (Dulwich College)
M Paton (St John's Training College, York)
M Paton (Mawdesley)
P Paton (umpire)
PM Paton (GA Morgan's XI)
R Paton (Nonington, Nonington Second XI)
R Paton (Hayes Second XI)
R Paton (Manchester University)
RL Paton (Dulwich College)
RL Paton (Surrey Young Amateurs)
RL Paton (Dulwich)
RM Paton (Uppingham School)
RS Paton (Ardingly College)
S Paton (Hightown)
S Paton (The Becket Roman Catholic School, Nottingham)
S Paton-Rawsthorne (Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women)
J Paton Walsh (Beaumont College)
JCG Paton-Williams (Worksop College)
Patra (Cranfield University)
A Patra (Ibis)
K Patra (Highway, Highway Second XI)
K Patra (Stony Stratford, Stony Stratford Second XI)
K Patra (Old Whitgiftians)
K Patra (Leamington, Leamington Second XI)
K Patra (Notts and Arnold Amateur)
V Patra (Warwick, Warwick Second XI)
V Patra (Liverpool Fourth XI, Liverpool Third XI)
S Patrack (Datchet Fourth XI)
K Patre (Gedling Colliery, Gedling Colliery Second XI)
K Patre (Leamington)
Patrick (umpire)
Patrick (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Patrick (Kenton)
Patrick (Taunton's School, Southampton)
Patrick (Essex Colts)
Patrick (Bolton Grammar School)
Patrick (Free Foresters)
Patrick (Bablake School)
Patrick (Herongate)
Patrick (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Patrick (Herongate)
Patrick (Army Ordnance Depot)
Patrick (Herongate)
Patrick (Uxbridge Second XI)
A Patrick (Town Malling)
A Patrick (scorer)
A Patrick (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University)
A Patrick (Pudsey Congs Second XI)
A Patrick (Town Malling)
A Patrick (umpire)
A Patrick (Bates Cottages)
A Patrick (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI)
A Patrick (Highgate)
A Patrick (Belbroughton Second XI)
B Patrick (Beccles Town)
B Patrick (Suffolk Club and Ground)
C Patrick (Heally Club, Manchester, Rochdale)
D Patrick (Harrogate)
D Patrick (Bramshill)
D Patrick (Martley)
D Patrick (Bedford Club and Ground)
D Patrick (White Waltham Second XI)
D Patrick (Bradfield Second XI)
D Patrick (Cogenhoe)
D Patrick (Ashby Timken)
D Patrick (umpire)
D Patrick (South Normanton)
D Patrick (Bedford)
D Patrick (Mortimer West End)
F Patrick (Bexley)
G Patrick (Bungay Grammar School)
G Patrick (Old Wimbledonians)
G Patrick (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Under-19s)
GA Patrick (Suffolk Grammar Schools)
H Patrick (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s)
H Patrick (Broomleys)
H Patrick (Mortimer West End, Mortimer West End Second XI)
J Patrick (Addington Village)
J Patrick (Town Malling)
J Patrick (Oxford University Authentics)
J Patrick (East Woodhay, East Woodhay Second XI)
J Patrick (scorer)
J Patrick (Taunton's School, Southampton)
J Patrick (Lutterworth Second XI)
J Patrick (scorer)
J Patrick (Hemel Hempstead Town)
JC Patrick (Devon, Winchester College)
JC Patrick (Oakham School, Oakham School Under-16s)
JD Patrick (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JH Patrick (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
K Patrick (Wiltshire Academy, Wiltshire Under-13s, Wiltshire Under-14s, Wiltshire Under-15s, Wiltshire Under-17s)
K Patrick (South Wilts, South Wilts Second XI, South Wilts Third XI)
K Patrick (Dauntsey's School)
K Patrick (Sussex Junior Women)
L Patrick (scorer)
M Patrick (Lansdown)
M Patrick (Penton)
M Patrick (scorer)
M Patrick (Milford-on-Sea)
M Patrick (Romsey)
M Patrick (scorer)
M Patrick (Romsey Second XI)
M Patrick (Herongate)
N Patrick (Scunthorpe Town Fourth XI)
NR Patrick (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
O Patrick (London Itinerants)
P Patrick (Sussex Over-60s Second XI, Sussex Over-70s)
PD Patrick (WD Johnson's XI)
PD Patrick (Mrs Murray's XI)
R Patrick (London University)
R Patrick (Newton Aycliffe, Newton Aycliffe Second XI)
RA Patrick (Ellesmere College)
RC Patrick (Harrow School)
RV Patrick (Worksop College, Worksop College Second XI)
RV Patrick (Old Cuthbertians)
S Patrick (Penton)
S Patrick (Old Tenisonians)
T Patrick (Lansdown)
T Patrick (Marehay)
T Patrick (Saracens)
TW Patrick (Stamford School)
V Patrick (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
V Patrick (Leicester Ivanhoe)
W Patrick (Stoke D'Abernon)
W Patrick (Hampshire Second XI)
W Patrick (Weekley and Warkton, Weekley and Warkton Second XI)
W Patrick (2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles)
WSL Patrick (Eton College)
Patrickson (Botany Bay Second XI)
B Patrickson (Botany Bay)
D Patrickson (Botany Bay)
D Patrickson (Botany Bay Second XI)
J Patrickson (Botany Bay)
Patridge (Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury)
AT Patridge (Leicester Lawyers)
T Patrinos (Sidcup Second XI)
HF Patry (Haileybury College)
JH Patry (Rugby School)
B Patson (Norfolk Under-16s, Norfolk Under-19s)
I Patson (Warwickshire Under-15s Women)
B Patston (Diss Under-15s)
B Patston (Wymondham College)
BJ Patston (Minor Counties, Norfolk, Norfolk Development Squad, Norfolk Second XI, Norwich)
J Patston (Viscount Lewisham's XI)
J Patston (Staffordshire Borderers)
R Patston (Norwich)
B Patstone (Diss Under-15s)
Pattabiraman (South Weald)
R Pattabi-Raman (Nailsea)
N Pattalwas (Abingdon Vale)
Pattan (Old Camdenians)
A Pattan (Langley Manor Third XI)
AN Pattani (Cambridge University, Cambridge University Crusaders, Springfield, Stevenage)
BP Pattani (Downing College, Cambridge)
K Pattani (Trojans)
MA Pattani (Downing College, Cambridge)
R Pattani (Crown Wood)
H Pattar (Seaton Carew)
S Pattaw (umpire)
R Pattel (Middlesex Under-17s)
DW Pattemore (Somerset Second XI)
Patten (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Patten (Oundle Rovers)
Patten (Deanery)
A Patten (Langley Manor Third XI, Langley Manor Under-15s)
A Patten (Hertfordshire Under-13s Women, Hertfordshire Under-15s Women, Hertfordshire Under-17s Women)
A Patten (Michelmersh and Timsbury)
A Patten (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AFL Patten (Durham School)
B Patten (North Runcton, Norwich and Coltishall Wanderers)
B Patten (Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
B Patten (Ashmanhaugh and Barton Wanderers)
C Patten (Hampton Wick Royal, The Stoics)
D Patten (Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI, Tenterden, Tenterden Second XI)
D Patten (Whiteparish)
D Patten (umpire)
D Patten (Romany)
DM Patten (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
DP Patten (Reed's School)
EJK Patten (Mill Hill School)
F Patten (Petersfield)
G Patten (Middlesex Junior Women)
G Patten (Grayshott Fourth XI, Grayshott Second XI, Grayshott Third XI)
GRB Patten (Shropshire)
H Patten (Aylesbury)
H Patten (M Patten's XI)
J Patten (Oxford University)
J Patten (umpire)
K Patten (High Wycombe Second XI)
K Patten (High Wycombe Third XI)
L Patten (Nottingham University)
L Patten (Cambridge Granta Ladies)
M Patten (Lord's Taverners)
M Patten (FW Gilligan's XI)
M Patten (Elton Vale Sports)
M Patten (Badshot Lea Second XI)
N Patten (Nottingham University)
PJM Patten (Gloucestershire Second XI, Radley College)
PJM Patten (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RA Patten (Bradford Grammar School)
S Patten (Knowle)
S Patten (scorer)
S Patten (Old Xaverians, Old Xaverians Second XI)
S Patten (Knowle)
T Patten (Church)
T Patten (Hampshire Hogs)
T Patten (Petersfield)
T Patten (Trojans)
T Patten (Hampshire Under-14s, Hampshire Under-15s)
T Patten (St Cross Symondians Fourth XI)
T Patten (Band of Brothers)
T Patten (Oundle Rovers)
T Patten (umpire)
TE Patten (Oxford University Next XVIII)
TG Patten (scorer)
C Pattended (umpire)
Pattenden (Duke of Dorset's XI)
Pattenden (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
A Pattenden (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI, Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI)
A Pattenden (scorer)
A Pattenden (Ifield)
A Pattenden (Whitstable Second XI)
A Pattenden (Retford, Retford Second XI)
A Pattenden (Kent Over-50s)
A Pattenden (Retford, Retford Second XI)
A Pattenden (Upchurch, Upchurch Second XI)
A Pattenden (North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
C Pattenden (umpire)
D Pattenden (scorer)
E Pattenden (Sussex Colts)
E Pattenden (West Sussex)
EP Pattenden (Sussex)
F Pattenden (Boston)
F Pattenden (Alton Fourth XI, Alton Third XI)
FW Pattenden (Lincolnshire)
JP Pattenden (Shropshire Under-14s)
K Pattenden (Retford, Retford Second XI)
K Pattenden (The Forty Club)
k Pattenden (North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
K Pattenden (North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI)
M Pattenden (Kingsholm)
N Pattenden (Sutton Second XI)
R Pattenden (Sutton, Sutton Second XI)
R Pattenden (scorer)
T Pattenden (East Kent, Kent, West Kent)
W Pattenden (East Kent, Kent)
W Pattenden (Sussex Colts)
C Pattendon (umpire)
C Pattenham (umpire)
T Pattenham (Worcestershire)
D pattenotte (Gosport Borough Second XI)
W Patter-Mackineot (Honourable Artillery Company)
D Pattermore (The Forty Club)
D Pattern (umpire)
J Pattern (Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
JS Pattern (Marlborough College)
M Pattern (Royal Air Force Under-25s)
M Pattern (Badshot Lea Second XI)
P Pattern (Northern Nomads)
L Patternot (Felsted Robins)
D Patternote (Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
D Patternotte (Gosport Borough Second XI)
D Patternotte (Gosport and Fareham)





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