England Players (M)


Mallin (Brookweald)
Mallin (Smethwick)
L Mallin (Chislehurst and West Kent)
L Mallin (Gomersal Second XI)
T Mallin (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
B Mallinder (umpire)
H Mallinder (Rugby School)
H Mallinder (East Haddon)
J Mallinder (Chalfont St Peter)
J Mallinder (Chalfont St Peter Second XI)
AP Malling (Dulwich College)
M Malling (Wiltshire Under-15s Women)
R Mallinger (England Under-19s)
B Mallingson (The Forty Club)
L Mallingson (Bilton)
D Mallins (Mudeford)
G Mallins (Derbyshire XI)
Mallinson (Llangoed)
Mallinson (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
Mallinson (Rugeley)
Mallinson (Royal Marines)
A Mallinson (Holbeck and District)
B Mallinson (The Forty Club)
B Mallinson (Teddington Town Third XI)
D Mallinson (Old Wellingtonians)
D Mallinson (The Forty Club)
D Mallinson (Dorset Rangers)
H Mallinson (Army)
H Mallinson (Dewsbury, Earlsheaton, Lascelles Hall, Mirfield, Ossett, Yorkshire Colts)
H Mallinson (Eastbourne College)
H Mallinson (Thornhill Lees Church Institute)
J Mallinson (Sheffield)
J Mallinson (Old Wellingtonians)
JH Mallinson (St Peter's School, York)
L Mallinson (Bilton)
M Mallinson (Nottinghamshire A)
M Mallinson (Hurlingham)
M Mallinson (Buccaneers)
M Mallinson (Dorset Under-14s, Dorset Under-15s)
MS Mallinson (Marlborough College)
P Mallinson (The Wine Trade)
P Mallinson (Stowe Templars)
PHM Mallinson (Stowe School)
R Mallinson (Copford, Copford Second XI)
R Mallinson (Brockenhurst)
R Mallinson (Wessex Stags)
R Mallinson (The Forty Club)
R Mallinson (G Potter's XI)
R Mallinson (Dorset Rangers)
RAS Mallinson (Sir JP Getty's XI)
RH Mallinson (King's School, Canterbury, Singapore Cricket Club)
RJC Mallinson (Fettes College, Sussex Young Amateurs)
RMC Mallinson (King's School, Canterbury)
RMCC Mallinson (Buccaneers)
S Mallinson (Alvis)
S Mallinson (Nottingham University)
S Mallinson (Brockenhurst)
S Mallinson (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
S Mallinson (The Forty Club)
S Mallinson (United Services Portsmouth)
S Mallinson (Oxted and Limpsfield)
SS Mallinson (The Leys School)
T Mallinson (Middleton)
T Mallinson (Dorset Under-15s)
WP Mallinson (Westminster School)
Mallion (24 MGTC)
A Mallion (Ramsbottom Third XI)
N Mallion (umpire)
H Mallison (Huddersfield)
P Mallison (Hampshire Hogs)
P Mallison (The Wine Trade)
R Mallison (Hampshire Hogs)
RC Mallison (The Forty Club)
G Mallitte (Thornbury)
M Mallius (Felsted School)
P Malliyya (Wembley)
B Malloch (Windsor)
T Malloch (Bolton Percy)
T Malloch (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
Mallock (King's College, Taunton)
B Mallock (Windsor)
Mallon (Follands)
Mallon (Colfe's School)
J Mallon (Follands)
J Mallon (Shotton)
R Mallon (Swindon)
R Mallon (scorer)
R Mallon (Irby)
R Mallon (Shotton)
C Mallons (Petersfield)
F Mallory (Old Amplefordians)
FWJ Mallory (Essex Second XI)
U Mallory (Scarborough)
W Mallory (Hampstead, Old Amplefordians, Scarborough)
WR Mallory (Stowe School)
C Mallott (The Forty Club)
B Mallow (Newport)
D Mallow (Brecon Cricket Club)
AR Mallows (Richmond Town)
C Mallows (Horsham, Leicester Nomads)
C Mallows (Bedfordshire)
C Mallows (Wellingborough Town Second XI)
C Mallows (Crompton)
C Mallows (Petersfield)
C Mallows (Horsham Third XI)
G Mallows (Rugby)
J Mallows (Horsham Third XI)
M Mallows (Ormskirk Grammar School)
S Mallows (Chester Boughton Hall)
Malloy (Crown Taverners Second XI)
A Malloy (Southwick)
B Malloy (umpire)
D Malloy (The Forty Club)
E Malloy (Cumbria Under-15s)
E Malloy (Lymington)
E Malloy (Lymington Third XI)
K Malloy (scorer)
K Malloy (Surrey County Cricket League Division One)
M Malloy (Lymington)
R Malloy (Southwick)
T Malloy (umpire)
Mallpress (TH Hobson's XI)
S Mallu (Leicestershire University Staff)
B Mallwood (Hythe and Dibden)
A Malmier (Colden Common)
K Malmord (Cheetham Hill Second XI)
Malnick (City of London School)
J Malnick (Hampshire Hogs)
G Malo (South Hampshire)
Malone (City of London School)
A Malone (Surrey Optimists)
B Malone (North East Essex Cricket Association Seniors)
B Malone (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
D Malone (Bramshaw, Bramshaw, Bramshaw Third XI)
D Malone (umpire)
D Malone (Street)
D Malone (scorer)
H Malone (Glastonbury)
H Malone (Butleigh)
H Malone (Street)
HC Malone (Bedford Modern School)
HLE Malone (16th Queen's Lancers)
J Malone (Street)
JAE Malone (Actors)
K Malone (Killamarsh Juniors)
M Malone (Walsden)
M Malone (St Helens Recreation)
M Malone (Hampshire Cricket League)
M Malone (umpire)
M Malone (Avonside XI, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Forty Club)
M Malone (Littleborough)
MM Malone (Todmorden)
N Malone (Denton St Lawrence, Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
N Malone (umpire)
P Malone (Rotherham Town)
P Malone (Fair Oak)
P Malone (Kirkstall Educational)
PG Malone (Kirkstall)
S Malone (Lancashire County League, Roe Green)
S Malone (umpire)
S Malone (Deanery)
S Malone (Somerset Under-14s)
S Malone (Lancashire and Cheshire Cricket League)
S Malone (Winton)
S Malone (Gloucestershire Under-15s)
S Malone (Colston's School)
S Malone (The Forty Club)
S Malone (Brislington)
S Malone (umpire)
SJ Malone (Dorset, Durham, Essex, Glamorgan, Hampshire, Minor Counties, Wiltshire)
GB Malone-Lee (Stonyhurst College)
Maloney (Royal Artillery)
Maloney (United Services Portsmouth)
Maloney (2nd British Infantry Division)
Maloney (Manchester Civil Service)
Maloney (Wiltshire Queries)
Maloney (Wiltshire Queries)
A Maloney (umpire)
B Maloney (Ratcliffe College)
B Maloney (Abingdon Vale)
B Maloney (The Forty Club)
BK Maloney (scorer)
C Maloney (Ammanford, Glamorgan Under-17s)
C Maloney (Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI)
C Maloney (Emeriti)
C Maloney (Didsbury Women)
C Maloney (Worcester Park)
C Maloney (Spen Victoria Second XI)
C Maloney (Lymm Oughtrington Park Women)
D Maloney (Stanmore)
D Maloney (Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI)
D Maloney (umpire)
D Maloney (Apollo)
EE Maloney (Club Cricket Conference, Colne)
EM Maloney (Seaton)
G Maloney (Middleton Third XI)
HP Maloney (City of London School)
I Maloney (Ratcliffe College)
J Maloney (Bledlow Village)
J Maloney (umpire)
L Maloney (Teversal)
L Maloney (Teversal Second XI)
M Maloney (Ratcliffe College)
M Maloney (Bishop's Stortford Third XI)
M Maloney (Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI)
P Maloney (Nomads)
P Maloney (umpire)
P Maloney (Wiltshire Under-21s)
P Maloney (Plymouth Civil Service and Roborough)
P Maloney (Teversal)
P Maloney (Wiltshire Queries)
P Maloney (Teversal Second XI)
R Maloney (Wallington)
R Maloney (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
RE Maloney (Durham Senior Cricket League)
S Maloney (Middlesex Over-60s)
T Maloney (Ratcliffe College)
T Maloney (Noak Hill Taverners)
TJ Maloney (Repton School)
C Maloney retd out (Brighouse)
Malony (United Services Portsmouth)
Malony (Downside School)
A Malook (Denton St Lawrence)
R Malook (Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire Development Squad, Denton St Lawrence, Denton St Lawrence Second XI, Urmston)
S Malook (Dullingham)
F Malooq (Aston-on-Trent)
M Malooq (Rolls Royce)
M Malooq (Derbyshire Over-50s)
Z Malooq (Rolls Royce)
Malory (Cheshire)
M Malouf (Wellingborough Old Grammarians)
T Maloy (scorer)
T Maloy (Wolviston Second XI)
WCP Maloy (Bedfordshire)
A Malpani (West Essex)
Malpas (Wednesbury)
A Malpas (Nelson)
G Malpas (Egerton Park)
K Malpas (Hartley Wintney Second XI)
M Malpas (North Maidenhead)
R Malpas (Mid Glamorgan Under-13s)
A Malpass (scorer)
A Malpass (Bury)
A Malpass (Killamarsh Juniors)
D Malpass (Pudsey Congs)
G Malpass (Colston's School)
IS Malpass (Taunton School)
J Malpass (Porthill Park)
J Malpass (Kew)
J Malpass (Newcastle and Hartshill)
P Malpass (Berkshire Under-15s, North Maidenhead, North Maidenhead Second XI)
R Malpass (North Maidenhead)
SA Malpass (Chesterfield, Derbyshire Under-17s, Durham University, Killamarsh, Killamarsh Juniors, Marylebone Cricket Club, Newcastle, Northern Universities, Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite, Sunderland)
Malpus jun (Kentish Town and Hampstead)
Malpus sen (Kentish Town and Hampstead)
J Malsbury (Newbold Verdon)
K Malsbury (Newbold Verdon)
G Malshet (Slough Third XI)
Mal Singh (Cadnam Third XI)
J Malsingh (King's Road Cricket and Social Club)
Malsom (Ombersley)
Malson (Ombersley)
G Malson (Battersea Ironsides)
PH Malson (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
G Malston (Marlborough College)
CR Malt (Trent College)
FD Malt (Cambridgeshire)
R Malt (Morriston)
Maltas (Trent College)
N Maltass (Old Springhillians)
G Maltbey (umpire)
Maltby (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Maltby (Burghley Park)
Maltby (Comp Women)
Maltby (Sherborne School A XI)
AM Maltby (Gentlemen of Monmouthshire, Glamorgan Club and Ground, Monmouthshire)
B Maltby (Cattistock)
C Maltby (Notts Amateurs)
C Maltby (Prestwich)
CL Maltby (Notts Amateurs)
D Maltby (Bentworth)
E Maltby (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
EC Maltby (Aldershot Division, Marylebone Cricket Club, University College, Oxford)
EP Maltby (East Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Maltby (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
FE Maltby (Brighton College)
G Maltby (Derbyshire)
G Maltby (Sheffield United)
G Maltby (umpire)
G Maltby (Canford School)
G Maltby (Ashford Over-40s)
GA Maltby (Derbyshire)
H Maltby (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire)
H Maltby (FGB Ponsonby's XI)
H Maltby (Nottingham)
J Maltby (Somerset Second XI)
J Maltby (Hartlepool)
J Maltby (scorer)
J Maltby (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
J Maltby (Teversal Second XI)
J Maltby (Morton Colliery)
JC Maltby (Preston)
L Maltby (Winnington Park)
L Maltby (Winnington Park Second XI)
N Maltby (Northamptonshire)
N Maltby (Worshipful Company of Skinners)
N Maltby (Sherborne School)
NS Maltby (Bedford Grammar School)
P Maltby (Teversal Second XI)
PB Maltby (Notts Amateurs)
R Maltby (Bedfordshire)
R Maltby (Sawley and Long Eaton Park, Sawley and Long Eaton Park Second XI)
R Maltby (Weymouth Women)
S Maltby (South Wingfield)
S Maltby (Papplewick and Linby Third XI)
SM Maltby (scorer)
W Maltby (Boldon)
W Maltby (Winnington Park, Winnington Park Second XI)
O Maltby-Smith (Blidworth Colliery Welfare, Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
R Maltby-Smith (Blidworth Colliery Welfare)
R Maltby-Smith (Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
A Malte (Datchet Fourth XI)
R Malte (Datchet Fourth XI)
Malthouse (Reed's School)
Malthouse (Uppingham School Under-16s)
J Malthouse (Cotton Institute)
M Malthouse (Clifton Alliance)
M Malthouse (Felling)
R Malthouse (Scarborough)
R Malthouse (Folkton and Flixton)
R Malthouse (Scarborough Beckett League)
S Malthouse (Derbyshire)
TJ Malthouse (Uppingham School)
WN Malthouse (Derbyshire)
Maltin (The Forty Club)
J Maltman (Cheshire A, Didsbury, Poynton)
W Maltman (Orpington Baptist Church)
Malton (West End)
A Malton (scorer)
A Malton (Rushton)
AC Malton (Market Deeping)
CJ Malton (Huntingdonshire)
Harvey Malton (Kings Priory School, Tynemouth)
Henry Malton (Kings Priory School, Tynemouth)
J Malton (Rushton)
R Malton (Yorkshire Under-13s Women)
S Malton (Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s, Market Deeping, Rushton)
S Malton (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
D Maltwood (Wimborne)
Maltz (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
R Malumba (Castleton Moor)
TE Malus (Metropolitan Police No 3 Division)
Malvern (Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, Crosby)
K Malvern (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women)
S Malvernkar (Aston Manor Third XI)
S Malvernkar (Warwickshire Under-14s)
D Malviya (Bolton Indians)
DP Malyn (Colchester Royal Grammar School)
R Malyn (Colchester Royal Grammar School)
Malyon (Enfield)
Malyon (Millfield XI)
D Malyon (Old Chigwellians)
G Malyon (Wickham Park, Wickham Park Second XI)
G Malyon (G Freeland's XXII)
GJ Malyon (Leighton Park School, Old Leightonians)
J Malyon (Matching Green)
N Malyon (Wanstead)
Malzard (Lyndhurst)
L Mama (St Andrew's College, Grahamstown)
M Mama (Millfield School)
HK Mamand (Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
M Mamfield (scorer)
G Mamhiyo (Thames Valley Cricket League)
H Mamillapauy (Twyford and Ruscombe)
AS Mammatt (Charterhouse School, Derbyshire Friars)
AS Mammatt (Charterhouse School)
D Mammen (High Wycombe Second XI)
G Mammen (Merseyside Cricket and Cultural Club)
H Mammipalli (Checkendon)
A Mammood (Dogmersfield)
A Mamoany (Portslade)
M Mamond (Desborough Town)
C Mamone (Battle)
A Mamood (Bearwood College)
H Mamood (Midland Bank)
J Mamood (Dukinfield Second XI)
u Mamood (Sonning Third XI)
Mamoon Rashid (Baildon, Baildon Second XI)
S Mamoud (King Edward's School Birmingham)
P Mamphord (Prestwich Second XI)
M Mamsa (Deane and Derby Second XI)
T Mamtaz (Billingham Synthonia)
T Mamtaz (Billingham Synthonia Second XI)
J Mamuji (Illston Abey, Sileby Town)
J Mamuki (Kibworth)
AH Mamun (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
Z Mamun (Scintilla)
Mamy (Kent Under-15s Women)
CMM Man (Eastbourne College, Kent Second XI)
DM Man (Eastbourne College)
FC Man (Tonbridge School)
M Man (umpire)
N Man (West Reading Second XI)
PM Man (Dover College)
T Man (East Tytherley)
W Man (Richmond)
R Mana (Indian Gymkhana)
Manack (Wroxeter and Uppington)
J Manack (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
J Manack (Bridgnorth)
TJT Manack (Bradfield College)
A Manaf (Nelson Second XI)
H Manaf (Nelson Third XI)
T Managei (Esher, Guildford, Weybridge)
B Managh (Shropshire Over-50s)
B Managh (Shropshire Over-60s)
D Manamperi (Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University)
D Manamperi (Cambridge NCI)
A Manan (Bradfield)
K Manan (Burton)
K Manan (Tutbury)
Manas (Parley)
C Manasseh (Berkshire Under-14s)
D Manasseh (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DC Manasseh (Harrow School, Harrow Wanderers, The Rest)
M Manasseh (Middlesex, Oxford University)
Manater (Riverside Women)
S Manaton (Foster's School)
RS Manatunga (Hardwick and Caldecote)
Manav Singh (Highfield Rangers)
S Manaz (Hampton Hill)
S Manazar (Bedworth Second XI)
Manazar Ali (Pak Shaheen, Pak Shaheen Second XI, Pak Shaheen Third XI)
Manby (King's College School, Wimbledon)
Manby (umpire)
AF Manby (Free Foresters)
AP Manby (Leamington College)
C Manby (umpire)
D Manby (Lincolnshire Second XI, Lincolnshire Under-19s)
D Manby (Nettleham)
DJ Manby (Northop Hall)
EH Manby (Suffolk Club and Ground)
EH Manby (Felixstowe)
GF Manby (Aldenham School)
J Manby (Ashville College)
N Manby (Northamptonshire Amateurs)
C Mancaster (Irlam, Irlam Second XI)
Mance (umpire)
C Mance (Solicitors)
JG Mance (Buccaneers, Old Hurst Johnians, South Wales Hunts)
M Mance (Sussex Martlets)
M Mance (Sussex Martlets)
MD Mance (Old Rossallians)
MJ Mance (Cryptics, Old Hurst Johnians, Sussex Martlets)
MJ Mance (umpire)
I Mancey (Whitchurch)
J Mancey (Paultons, Paultons B)
L Mancey (Paultons Under-13s)
T Manchanayak (Rodmersham)
D Manchanayaka (Sheffield University Staff)
R Manche (Bruce Castle School)
B Manchee (Romsey)
J Manchert (umpire)
Manchester (Army)
R Manchester (Twyford)
W Manchester (Meltham Mills)
A Manchett (Neston Second XI)
D Manchett (Neston)
EJ Manchett (Ramsey)
J Manchett (Neston)
J Manchett (Neston)
NE Manchett (Ramsey)
S Manchie (HS Mills' XI)
Manchip (Taunton School)
M Manchip (scorer)
T Manchip (Old Elthamians, Old Elthamians Granby)
P Mancini (Lees)
J Mancrief (Scarborough Beckett League)
F Mand (Seacombe and District)
U Mandadi (scorer)
U Mandadi (Coleshill Third XI)
D Mandair (Twyford , Twyford)
P Mandair (Halesowen Third XI)
Mandal (Indian High Commission)
R Mandal (Bedfordshire Under-15s)
R Mandal (Kempston Hammers)
S Mandal (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
C Mandale (Dorset Women)
Mandalia (Leicestershire Under-13s Women, Leicestershire Under-17s Women)
D Mandalia (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-13s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s)
D Mandalias (Loughborough Town Second XI)
WA Mandall (GE Ruddle's XI)
WA Mandall (IL Grist's XI)
M Mandanya (Illston Abey)
M Mandapt (scorer)
C Mandaviya (Irthlingborough Town)
Mandeep Singh (Khalsa, Rushton)
Mandeep Singh (Asian)
Mandeep Singh (Old Colfeians Second XI)
S Mandel (Lashings World XI)
A Mandelberg (umpire)
J Mandell (Harpenden)
JS Mandell (York Banks)
Mandelsohn (The Forty Club)
Mander (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
Mander (Trinity School, Croydon)
AJ Mander (Bedfordshire)
B Mander (Monton and Weaste)
C Mander (Malden Wanderers)
C Mander (scorer)
D Mander (Bronze, Bronze Second XI, Bronze Third XI)
DW Mander (Durham Light Infantry, Newcastle Garrison)
G Mander (Offchurch-Lapworth)
G Mander (Stowe School)
G Mander (Chalfont St Peter)
J Mander (Upton cum Kexby)
K Mander (Chalfont St Peter Second XI)
N Mander (Bournemouth University)
NJ Mander (Malden Wanderers, Surrey Under-21s)
P Mander (Old Mid-Whitgiftian)
P Mander (Coventry)
P Mander (Thame Town)
R Mander (Chalfont St Peter)
R Mander (Radyr)
R Mander (Buckinghamshire Under-25s)
RM Mander (Queen's Club)
S Mander (Eton Mission)
T Mander (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
T Mander (Bryanston Butterflies)
D Manderfield (East Haddon, Kislingbury Temperance)
Manders (Ward End Unity)
A Manders (Old Edwardians Association)
A Manders (King Edward's School Birmingham)
A Manders (Sarisbury Athletic Second XI, Sarisbury Athletic Third XI)
A Manders (Old Netley and Highfield, Old Netley and Highfield Second XI)
AEB Manders (Malvern College)
B Manders (Malvern College Colts)
D Manders (Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Second XI)
D Manders (West Junior Women)
EI Manders (Malvern College)
H Manders (Yorkshire Under-13s Women)
L Manders (Edgworth)
R Manders (Weoley Hill)
R Manders (Weoley Hill Third XI)
R Manders (Queen's Club)
V Manders (Castle Bromwich, Castle Bromwich Second XI, Marston Green)
C Manderson (Whiston Parish Church)
HL Manderson (Jesus College, Oxford)
R Manderson (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
J Manderville (Ellingham)
Mandeville (Godalming)
Mandeville (Dumbleton)
Mandeville (Dover College Second XI)
J Mandeville (Ellingham)
A Mandhana (Ruislip Victoria Second XI)
A Mandhu (Norwich)
J Mandhyan (Bronze, Bronze Second XI)
Mandip Singh (Spartans)
M Mandiratta (Old Edwardians Association)
T Mandleberg (Dunstall, Warwickshire Under-17s, Warwickshire Under-19s)
T Mandleburg (Dunstall)
C Mandley (West Women)
G Mandley (Checkley)
G Mandley (Ashcombe Park)
S Mandley (Brading)
T Mandozai (South Loughton)
P Mandra (Worksop College)
Z Mandra (South West Manchester)
A Mandrekar (Chigwell School)
Mandsley (The Forty Club)
Manduell (Giggleswick School)
JP Manduell (Giggleswick School)
R Mandumula (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
R Mandumula (Oxford University Authentics)
Mandwell (Giggleswick School)
J Mandy (Oscott College)
A Mandzuk (Fordhouses)
M Mandzuk (Fordhouses)
A Mane (scorer)
A Mane (West Herts)
A Manedath (Newton Heath, Newton Heath Second XI)
Maneer (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
I Maneer (Buckinghamshire Under-15s Women)
M Maneer (Warwickshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
Kamal Manek (Tutbury)
Kamal Manek (Mansfield Hosiery Mills)
Kunal Manek (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI)
Kunal Manek (Tutbury)
S Manek (Shipley Hall)
Manekshaw (Dover College)
C Manels (Worlington)
C Manels (Worlington)
C Manels (Worlington)
C Manels (Worlington)
V Manen (Gresham's School)
B Manenti (scorer)
BAD Manenti (Roffey, Sydney)
Manering (Derbyshire Colts)
M Maners (Dorset Rangers)
C Manes (Woodbank)
K Manesh (Old Alleynians)
C Manesty (Bullingdon)
C Maney (Derbyshire Friars)
C Manfell (Dorset)
EB Manfield (London and Westminster Bank)
G Manfield (Cheltenham College)
H Manfield (Dulwich College)
M Manfield (Whiteley Village)
SG Manfield (Dulwich College)
WH Manfield (Dorset, Dulwich College, Gentlemen of Dorset, Oxford University Freshmen)
S Manga (Langtons)
V Mangai (Bristol West Indians)
V Mangai (Bristol West Indian and Phoenix)
A Mangakar (scorer)
Mangala (Wivenhoe Town)
J Mangala (Devon League Overseas XI)
S Mangalapally (Club Cricket Conference, Harold Wood)
L Mangalarapu (Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
B Mangaldas (Acton)
S Mangambako (scorer)
T Mangambako (Cheetham Hill Second XI)
Mangan (Claverley)
G Mangan (Ashford Town)
J Mangan (umpire)
J Mangan (Tring Park)
J Mangan (Ibis Mapledurham)
M Mangan (Stourbridge Social)
M Mangan (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
P Mangan (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
P Mangan (Langley Park School)
Mangat (Smethwick)
Mangat (Wolverhampton)
B Mangat (Uxbridge)
B Mangat (Smethwick)
B Mangat (Cookham Dean)
J Mangat (Cookham Dean)
K Mangat (Berkshire Under-16s, Cookham Dean, Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Uxbridge)
K Mangat (Windsor Second XI)
K Mangat (Thame Town)
P Mangat (Cookham Dean)
P Mangat (Uxbridge)
P Mangat (Smethwick)
S Mangat (Berkshire Second XI, Berkshire Under-13s, Berkshire Under-14s, Berkshire Under-15s, Cookham Dean, Cookham Dean Third XI, Uxbridge)
S Mangat (Windsor Second XI)
J Mangay (The Forty Club)
S Mangay (Windsor Second XI)
M Mangell (Prestwich Second XI)
A Mangeot (Ampleforth College)
SE Mangeot (Westminster School)
Manger (Halifax Secondary School)
Manger (Berkswell)
Manger (Worksop College)
A Manger (Horspath Second XI)
A Manger (Horspath)
AL Manger (Leicester Banks)
ASW Manger (Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Over-50s, Oxfordshire Over-60s, Tiddington)
CP Manger (Birkdale)
D Manger (Worksop College)
J Manger (Tiddington Second XI)
JG Manger (Oxfordshire)
JK Manger (Dorset, Wellington College)
P Manger (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
P Manger (Trinity Cricket League)
PJ Manger (Tiddington)
Mangham (Nottingham High School)
Mangham (Green Jackets)
G Mangham (Wadworth)
G Mangham (St Osyth)
H Mangham (Dauntsey's School)
J Mangham (umpire)
J Mangham (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
K Mangham-Dewhurst (Billesdon)
Manghan (Durham Light Infantry)
R Mangineni (Wrea Green)
WJ Mangles (Bradfield College)
J Mangnall (Smethwick Wednesday)
MJ Mangnall (Prestwich Second XI)
MJ Mangnall (Bolton, Bolton Second XI, Bolton Third XI)
L Mangold (Tenterden, Tenterden Second XI)
Mangoletsi (University College Women)
A Mangra (Southampton Community Second XI)
Mangrolia (Bolton School)
J Manhar (North Maidenhead)
G Manhigo (Eversley)
A Manhire (Lexden)
A Manhire (Great Horkesley)
RC Manhire (Rutland)
T Manhire (Grampound Road Second XI, Redruth)
G Manhiyo (Cookham Dean)
G Manhiyo (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Manhiyo (Eversley)
Manhood (Alleyn's School)
W Manhood (Alleyn's School)
Mani (University of Central England)
B Mani (Kerala)
E Mani (Crown Wood)
K Mani (Welford Park Second XI)
M Mani (Highgate School)
P Mani (Clayton and Belgrave Adelaide)
R Mani (Compton and Chandlers Ford Third XI)
S Mani (Sheffield University Staff)
J Maniar (Horton House)
MH Maniar (Brondesbury Casuals)
S Manicks (Old Parkonians)
A Manicom (Portsmouth Civil Service)
A Manicom (Portsmouth Bohemians)
A Manicon (Portsmouth Civil Service)
TG Maniey (Norwich Clergy)
D Manifield (Woodsetts)
D Manifield (Woodsetts Second XI)
Manifold (Highway)
Manifold (King Edward's School Birmingham Third XI)
J Manifold (Liverpool)
M Manifold (Massey Ferguson)
M Manifold (Highway Second XI)
R Manifold (Tamworth, Tamworth Second XI)
C Maniford-Hills (Hatfield Peverel)
T Manihera (Cumbria Under-14s)
R Manik (Orpington Second XI)
V Manikoth (Basildon and Pitsea)
V Manikoth (Hanging Heaton)
V Manikoth (Worksop)
V Manimaran (Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI, Coventry and North Warwickshire Third XI)
V Manimaran (Coventry and North Warwickshire Colliery)
Maninder Singh (Appleby Frodingham)
Maninder Singh (Grimsby Town)
Maninder Singh (Scunthorpe Town Fourth XI)
Maninder Singh (Appleby Frodingham Third XI)
J Maningham (scorer)
G Manipatruni (South Hampstead)
B Manish (Great Horkesley)
M Manish (umpire)
Manish Kumar (Havant Third XI)
B Manistre (Kingswood School)
HWE Manisty (Barnard Castle School)
A Manivannan (Coventry and North Warwickshire Third XI)
A Manivannan (Coventry and North Warwickshire Colliery)
R Manix (umpire)
Manjara (Southampton Community)
Manjinder Singh (Aztecs)
Manjot Singh (Ealing)
Manjot Singh (Sidley)
Manjra (Hayling Island)
A Manjra (Highfield, Highfield)
A Manjra (Trojans)
Z Manjra (South West Manchester)
Z Manjra (Flixton)
S Manjrekar (Bardsey)
DK Manjula (Bedfordshire County Cricket League)
A Manjura (Highfield, Highfield Second XI)
A Mankar (Owmby)
B Mankar (Twyford House)
PM Mankar (Gloucester AIW Sports)
M Mankayi (Old Tauntonians and Romsey, Old Tauntonians and Romsey, Old Tauntonians and Romsey B, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Second XI)
G Mankee (Beacon)
S Mankee (Truro)
S Mankee (Sonning)
S Mankee (Sonning Third XI)
C Mankelow (scorer)
C Mankelow (Reigate Priory)
C Mankelow (Oxted)
G Mankelow (Mogador Wanderers)
J Mankey (St Edmund's Old Boys)
JC Mankey (St Edmund's Society)
JC Mankey (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
S Mankey (Sonning Second XI)
AAP Mankim (Downside School)
M Mankoo (Dogmersfield Under-17s)
AJ Manktelow (Bordon Garrison)
ME Manktelow (Buckinghamshire Women)
P manktelow (East Dean and Friston)
S Manku (Blackheath Fourth XI)
Manland (Milton Abbey School)
Manler (umpire)
F Manler (Frenchay)
Manley (Players of Devon)
Manley (CH Thomas' XII)
Manley (Whalley)
Manley (Borderers)
Manley (South Wales Borderers)
Manley (Border Regiment)
Manley (Chronicle Athletic Club)
Manley (King Edward's School Witley)
Manley (Keble College, Oxford)
A Manley (Ormskirk)
A Manley (Brook, Sydenhurst Ramblers)
A Manley (Southport and District Cricket League)
AF Manley (Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Staffordshire)
AF Manley (Skelmersdale)
AF Manley (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
AH Manley (Shropshire)
B Manley (Army XI)
C Manley (Household Brigade)
CWG Manley (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI)
D Manley (scorer)
E Manley (Hockley Heath)
E Manley (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
E Manley (EA Ostrehan's XI)
E Manley (RC Wilkinson's XI)
E Manley (FS Boissier's XI)
G Manley (Ickenham)
H Manley (Warwick Gentlemen and Crusaders)
HF Manley (Cheshire)
HJ Manley (Edgbaston)
HO Manley (Pleasington)
J Manley (Dorset Under-13s, Dorset Under-14s, Dorset Under-17s)
J Manley (Cleobury Mortimer)
J Manley (Old Hill Women, Quatt Women)
J Manley (Whalley)
J Manley (Nomansland)
J Manley (Canford School)
JH Manley (Edgbaston, Warwick Gentlemen and Crusaders)
JH Manley (Coleshill)
K Manley (Staffordshire Women)
KA Manley (Bishop's Stortford College)
L Manley (Skelmersdale)
L Manley (scorer)
LA Manley (Banbury, Banbury Second XI, Great and Little Tew, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Academy)
M Manley (Unsworth)
M Manley (umpire)
M Manley (scorer)
M Manley (Hartley Wintney)
M Manley (Mossley Hill)
M Manley (Clifton)
MC Manley (Old Bedfordians)
N Manley (Somerset Over-60s, Somerset Over-60s Second XI)
N Manley (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
NW Manley (Jesus College, Oxford)
P Manley (Unsworth)
P Manley (Harrow Town)
P Manley (Middlesex XI)
P Manley (Greenmount)
R Manley (St Helens Recreation)
RJ Manley (Bedford School)
S Manley (Taunton)
S Manley (Knowle Village Second XI)
S Manley (Mossley Hill)
S Manley (Old Tauntonians)
S Manley (Taunton School Invitational XI)
T Manley (Skelmersdale)
T Manley (Mossley Hill)
T Manley (scorer)
W Manley (Burnley Butchers)
WM Manlove (Chesterfield)
L Manlow (Hayes Fourth XI)
T Manlow
AP Manly (Edgbaston, Harborne Vicarage, Leamington College)
B Manly (Chronicle Athletic Club)
F Manly (Selly Oak)
JH Manly (Edgbaston, Harborne Vicarage, Repton School)
P Manly (Unsworth)
M Manmad (BCS Grosvenor Second XI)
Manmander Singh (Wokingham Second XI)
Manmeet Singh (Teddington)
Mann (Vacuumatic)
Mann (Reigate Priory)
Mann (Leamington)
Mann (Northampton Women)
Mann (Hertfordshire)
Mann (Old Brentwoods)
Mann (West Kent)
Mann (Old Edwardians)
Mann (Warwick School Second XI)
Mann (Solihull)
Mann (St John's Wood)
Mann (Royal Artillery)
Mann (Clapham)
Mann (Warwick School, Warwick School Third XI)
Mann (Esher)
Mann (Ratcliffe College)
Mann (Northamptonshire Under-12s)
Mann (Wyggeston Grammar School)
Mann (Royal Army Pay Corps)
Mann (Moseley Olympic)
Mann (Wycliffe)
Mann (West Bromwich Dartmouth, West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
Mann (Shenfield)
Mann (Cotton College)
Mann (Watford Grammar School)
Mann (Kimbolton School)
Mann (Wellingborough School)
Mann (Eastgate)
Mann (Lobsters)
Mann (Old Hill)
Mann (Lunmoor)
Mann (Avoncroft)
Mann (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
Mann (The Forty Club)
Mann (Carmel College)
Mann (Repton School)
Mann (Bourne)
Mann (Headley)
Mann (Royal Marines)
Mann (scorer)
Mann (Warwick School)
Mann (Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School, Bristol)
Mann (Bristol Grammar School)
A Mann (Preston)
A Mann (Surrey Championship Divisions Two to Five)
A Mann (scorer)
A Mann (DL Amiss' Vintage Cricket XI)
A Mann (umpire)
A Mann (Lobsters)
A Mann (High Easter)
A Mann (Martley)
A Mann (Crowborough Women)
A Mann (Glasshouses Women)
A Mann (Basford Mill Second XI)
Adrian Mann (Heanor Town)
Andrew Mann (Heanor Town)
AH Mann (Glamorgan, Warwick School, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
AH Mann (Brighton College)
AL Mann (Giggleswick School)
B Mann (Evesham)
B Mann (Old Parkonians)
B Mann (Norfolk Under-13s, Norfolk Under-17s, Norfolk Under-19s, Old Buckenham)
B Mann (Cambridgeshire Under-13s, Cambridgeshire Under-14s)
B Mann (Wymondham College)
B Mann (umpire)
B Mann (Sportsman)
B Mann (Garboldisham)
B Mann (Great Bromley)
B Mann (Oakfield Parkonians)
C Mann (Durham Cricket Board)
C Mann (England Under-15s, Midlands Schools)
C Mann (Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-14s)
C Mann (Sawbridgeworth)
C Mann (Lichfield Second XI)
C Mann (Beaumont College)
C Mann (Little Lever)
C Mann (Shrewton, Shrewton Second XI)
C Mann (Shrewsbury Saracens)
C Mann (Elsecar)
C Mann (Winterbourne and Hampton Park)
C Mann (Watford Grammar School)
C Mann (Hampton Hill)
C Mann (Beaconsfield Second XI)
C Mann (Folkton and Flixton)
CGH Mann (Marlborough College)
CJ Mann (Malvern College)
CJ Mann (Aston Villa Football Club)
CR Mann (Nomads)
CW Mann (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire)
D Mann (Lowestoft Town)
D Mann (Browns)
D Mann (Henfield)
D Mann (Ditchling)
D Mann (Hadleigh)
D Mann (Northgate Grammar School Old Boys)
D Mann (scorer)
D Mann (Nomads)
D Mann (Richmond Town)
D Mann (Leamington Khalsa Second XI)
E Mann (scorer)
E Mann (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
E Mann (Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI)
E Mann (Chadwell Heath)
E Mann (Wimbush's)
E Mann (Great Bromley)
E Mann (Bancroft's School)
E Mann (Kirby)
EG Mann (Lord's Schools)
EJ Mann (Marlborough College, Middlesex Second XI, Norfolk, Southgate)
EW Mann (Cambridge University, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
EW Mann (Astwood Bank)
EWE Mann (Free Foresters, Harrow School)
F Mann (Pylewell Park, Pylewell Park Second XI)
F Mann (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
F Mann (Clayesmore School)
F Mann (Boughton Hall)
FG Mann (Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South)
FG Mann (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FG Mann (London District)
FG Mann (Lord Porchester's XI)
FLR Mann (United Services Portsmouth)
FN Mann (Buckinghamshire)
FT Mann (Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South, The Rest)
FW Mann (South Manchester Second XI)
G Mann (Denstone College)
G Mann (Old Buckenham)
G Mann (Norfolk Under-13s)
G Mann (Lansdown)
G Mann (Rocklands)
G Mann (Hook and Newnham Basics Third XI)
G Mann (British Airways)
G Mann (Retford)
G Mann (Warrington An XI)
G Mann (Haxey Third XI)
G Mann (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
GLN Mann (Repton School)
GP Mann (Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Second XI, Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
H Mann (Devon)
H Mann (Chelmsford)
H Mann (Sheffield)
H Mann (Mote Park)
H Mann (Leicester Ivanhoe)
H Mann (Buccaneers)
H Mann (Friday Bridge)
H Mann (King's School, Canterbury)
H Mann (Lea Park)
H Mann (Shorncliffe Camp)
H Mann (Cuckfield)
HJB Mann (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University)
HW Mann (Durham Coast Cricket League)
I Mann (umpire)
IR Mann (Cambridge University)
IR Mann (WK Harbinson's XI)
IS Mann (Framlingham College)
J Mann (umpire)
J Mann (Hampshire Cricket Board)
J Mann (Yorkshire Women)
J Mann (Paignton)
J Mann (Nottinghamshire Under-13s, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s)
J Mann (Essex Young Amateurs)
J Mann (Bradford, Ilkley)
J Mann (Caythorpe, Caythorpe Second XI)
J Mann (Andover Fifth XI)
J Mann (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
J Mann (Banstead)
J Mann (Bancroft's School)
J Mann (Kimberley Institute)
J Mann (Holbeck)
J Mann (Saltaire and District)
J Mann (United Services Portsmouth)
J Mann (Buccaneers)
J Mann (Emeriti)
J Mann (Hunningham)
J Mann (Cryptics)
J Mann (Daisy Hill)
J Mann (Bersham)
J Mann (umpire)
J Mann (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
J Mann (Astley and Tyldesley Third XI)
J Mann (Aythorpe Roding)
J Mann (Rowington)
J Mann (Yorkshire Junior Women)
J Mann (Nomads)
J Mann (Staines and Laleham)
J Mann (Bryanston School)
J Mann (Lea Park Second XI)
J Mann jun (Wycombe House)
J Mann sen (Wycombe House)
JED Mann (Cheltenham College)
JEF Mann (Cambridge University)
JEV Mann (Old Georgians, Surrey Under-13s, Walton-on-Thames)
JK Mann (Weymouth College)
JP Mann (Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Middlesex)
JP Mann (Liverpool)
JP Mann (JR Thompson's XI)
JPW Mann (Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire Cricket Board)
JR Mann (Gloucestershire Second XI, National Association of Young Cricketers, National Association of Young Cricketers North, National Cricket Association Young Cricketers)
JR Mann (Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s)
JRK Mann (Ipswich School)
JS Mann (Nottingham High School)
JSsB Mann (Hardingham)
K Mann (The Forty Club)
K Mann (Sibton Park, Sibton Park Second XI)
K Mann (Little Clacton)
K Mann (Harvey Grammar School)
K Mann (umpire)
K Mann (Hambledon)
K Mann (Hayes Fourth XI)
L Mann (Haxey)
L Mann (Haxey Third XI)
M Mann (Wednesbury, Wednesbury Second XI)
M Mann (Gravesend RF, Gravesend RF Second XI)
M Mann (Preston)
M Mann (umpire)
M Mann (Michelmersh and Timsbury Under-11s)
M Mann (Coventry Schools)
M Mann (Rocklands)
M Mann (King's Somborne)
M Mann (Farmers' Club Under-30s)
M Mann (umpire)
MJ Mann (umpire)
N Mann (Hampshire, Rest of the Alphabet, Surrey, West Kent, White Conduit Club)
N Mann (scorer)
N Mann (Roydon)
N Mann (Earley)
N Mann (Honourable Artillery Company)
N Mann (Ruislip Victoria)
N Mann jun (Epsom, Marylebone Cricket Club)
NBF Mann (Sussex XI)
NBF Mann (BD Carris' XI)
O Mann (Bournville, Bournville Second XI)
O Mann (Buccaneers)
P Mann (Barnt Green)
P Mann (Preston)
P Mann (Weybridge)
P Mann (Bablake Old Boys)
P Mann (Sarisbury Green)
P Mann (Coventry District Under-17s)
P Mann (Loughborough University Second XI)
P Mann (Bablake Old Boys Third XI)
PH Mann (St Paul's School)
PML Mann (Cheltenham College)
PR Mann (Bromsgrove School, Hampshire Second XI, Surrey Second XI, Warwickshire Second XI)
R Mann (umpire)
R Mann (Lincolnshire)
R Mann (Doncaster Town, Doncaster Town Second XI)
R Mann (Slough)
R Mann (Nomads, Nomads Second XI)
R Mann (Wembley)
R Mann (Dauntsey's School)
R Mann (The Oratory School)
R Mann (Burnley and Padiham Women, Trafford Metrovics Women)
R Mann (scorer)
R Mann (Winterbourne and Hampton Park Second XI)
R Mann (Kimbolton School)
R Mann (Old Wellingburians)
R Mann (Astley and Tyldesley Third XI)
R Mann (Crown Wood, Crown Wood Second XI)
R Mann (Wellingborough School)
R Mann (Isham)
R Mann (Crowthorne and Crown Wood Second XI, Crowthorne and Crown Wood Third XI)
RD Mann (Cambridge University)
RJ Mann (Cambridge University, Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
RW Mann (St Peter's School, York)
S Mann (Old Swinford Hospital School)
S Mann (Cheshire Women)
S Mann (Kings Heath Second XI)
S Mann (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
S Mann (Norfolk Under-17s, Norfolk Under-19s)
S Mann (British Airways)
S Mann (Middlesex Under-11s Women, Middlesex Under-13s Women)
S Mann (Alvaston and Boulton)
S Mann (Old Buckenham)
S Mann (Worcestershire Under-14s, Worcestershire Under-15s, Worcestershire Under-16s)
S Mann (Surrey Academy, Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-16s, Surrey Under-17s)
S Mann (Lowestoft Town)
S Mann (Old Buckenham)
S Mann (Enville)
S Mann (Andover Fifth XI)
S Mann (Watford Grammar School)
S Mann (Coventry University)
S Mann (Rocklands)
S Mann (Incogniti)
S Mann (Lords and Commons)
S Mann (New Farnley Second XI)
S Mann (Banstead)
S Mann (Star Alvis)
S Mann (Alvaston and Boulton Second XI)
S Mann (Beddington)
S Mann (New Farnley Second XI)
S Mann (Carmel College)
S Mann (New Farnley)
S Mann (Ellesmere)
S Mann (scorer)
S Mann (United Services Portsmouth)
S Mann (City of London Freemen's School)
Sir H Mann (Kent)
SS Mann (Denby, Denby Second XI)
T Mann (Lobsters)
T Mann (Bosham)
T Mann (Great Bromley)
T Mann (Shenfield High School)
T Mann (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
TC Mann (Wye Rustics)
W Mann (Banstead)
W Mann (Hambledon, Hambledon Second XI)
W Mann (Saffron Walden Academy)
W Mann (Hampshire Hogs)
WH Mann (Worcestershire)
WM Mann (Fulbourn)
WM Mann (The Forty Club)
WR Mann (St Peter's School, York)
WR Mann (Old Peterites)
WW Mann (Bexley, West Kent)
R Manna (Indian Gymkhana)
J Mannall (Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI)
O Mannan (Potterne)
P Mannar (Old Parkonians)
C Mannas (North Weald)
D Mannasseh (Marylebone Cricket Club)
V Mannava (Old Basing Third XI)
M Mannegan (Croydon Schools Cricket Association)
Mannering (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Mannering (Esso Fawley)
A Mannering (Weaverham)
A Mannering (Woodmansterne)
C Mannering (Ashford Second XI)
M Mannering (Oxfordshire Under-13s, Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s, Oxfordshire Under-17s)
M Mannering (Cumnor)
MTG Mannering (Abingdon School)
SE Mannering (umpire)
K Mannerings (The Oratory School)
Manners (Cheltenham)
Manners (Lancaster)
A Manners (King Edward's School Birmingham)
A Manners (Malvern College, Malvern College Second XI)
AC Manners (umpire)
AC Manners (scorer)
AG Manners (Winchester College)
B Manners (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
C Manners (Durham Colts)
C Manners (Pocklington School)
CE Manners (C Hornung's XI)
D Manners (Gloucestershire Second XI)
D Manners (Downend)
D Manners (Northumberland Juniors)
DCJ Manners (Army)
E Manners (Durham, Durham Second XI)
EAB Manners (Hampshire Hogs)
EAG Manners (Petersfield)
EAS Manners (Felsted School, Royal Navy)
G Manners (Dorothy Opera Company)
H Manners (Blyth)
HC Manners (Gloucestershire)
HC Manners (Marlborough College)
HJB Manners (Trinity College, Cambridge)
HP Manners (Burton-on-Trent)
HWC Manners (Athenaeum)
J Manners (Middlesbrough)
J Manners (umpire)
J Manners (Household Brigade)
J Manners (umpire)
J Manners (Billingham Synthonia)
J Manners (Thornaby)
J Manners (Billingham Synthonia Second XI)
JC Manners (Cheltenham College)
JE Manners (Free Foresters, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
JE Manners (Wiltshire Queries)
JE Manners (Beckenham Public Schools)
JE Manners (Beckenham)
JE Manners (Wiltshire Queries)
JL Manners (The Forty Club)
JN Manners (Eton College)
Lord Manners (Gentlemen of Warwickshire)
M Manners (scorer)
M Manners (The Forty Club)
M Manners (Newbury Third XI)
MG Manners (Bromsgrove School)
MP Manners (Durham School)
P Manners (Foxton and Babraham)
P Manners (Foxton)
PD Manners (Derbyshire Second XI, Malvern College)
R Manners (S Springall's XI)
RHH Manners (Brasenose College, Oxford)
SJ Manners (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
T Manners (Clifton College)
W Manners (C Hornung's XI)
W Manners (Durham Under-13s)
D Manners-Chapman (Abbotskerswell)
Manners-Smith (Free Foresters)
JHT Manners-Sutton (Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club)
Mannesty (Oldfield)
D Manney (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
DJ Manney (Army)
DJ Manney (British Army of the Rhine)
S Manni (Star Alvis)
J Mannick (Ickenham)
RM Mannick (Middlesex Women)
RV Mannick (Old Hurst Johnians)
S Mannicks (Old Parkonians)
P Mannikar (Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-15s)
Manning (Worcester Regiment)
Manning (Cheltenham)
Manning (Five Ways Old Edwardians)
Manning (Winnington Park)
Manning (Leicester Ivanhoe)
Manning (Bedford Modern School)
Manning (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Schools Cricket Association Under-16s)
Manning (Wellow and Plaitford)
Manning (Peterborough County School)
Manning (Army Air Corps)
Manning (Sherborne School)
A Manning (Pylewell Park)
A Manning (Acton)
A Manning (King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon)
A Manning (New Forest Club Cricket Association)
A Manning (umpire)
A Manning (Penkridge)
A Manning (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
A Manning (Hursley Park Fourth XI)
A Manning (Dover Balloon Barrage)
A Manning (Falkland)
A Manning (Penkridge Second XI)
AGG Manning (Wiltshire Queries)
AH Manning (Bootham School)
AP Manning (Dulwich College)
AW Manning (Devon Dumplings)
B Manning (Sheffield University)
B Manning (Ipswich)
B Manning (Browns)
B Manning (Shobrooke Park)
BA Manning (Rawtenstall)
C Manning (Oxfordshire Under-13s Women)
C Manning (Downe and District)
CA Manning (Northern)
CJ Manning (New College, Oxford)
D Manning (Worcestershire Cricket Board)
D Manning (Devon Under-17s, Devon Under-19s, Worcestershire Under-21s)
D Manning (Tavistock)
D Manning (umpire)
D Manning (Hursley Park, Hursley Park Second XI)
D Manning (Southern Premier Cricket League)
D Manning (Fair Oak)
D Manning (Old Dunstonians)
D Manning (Old Hill)
D Manning (Grays and Chadwell)
D Manning (Devon Under-21s)
D Manning (Ringmer)
D Manning (Shobrooke Park)
D Manning (Old Chigwellians)
D Manning (Crossbatters)
D Manning (Misterton)
D Manning (Crowthorne and Crown Wood Second XI, Crowthorne and Crown Wood Third XI)
D Manning (Hampshire Stragglers)
D Manning (Leycett)
D Manning (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DCD Manning (Chigwell School)
E Manning (English Universities Unicorns)
E Manning (Effingham)
E Manning (Burwell Second XI)
E Manning (King's School, Ely)
EB Manning (Vale of Evesham)
F Manning (Old Colfeians)
FM Manning (Chigwell School)
FM Manning (Old Colfeians)
FW Manning (Bedford Modern School)
G Manning (University of Newcastle)
G Manning (South Wilts)
G Manning (Tynedale)
GF Manning (Stonyhurst College)
GHW Manning (Sherborne School)
H Manning (Nottinghamshire Under-15s Women, Nottinghamshire Under-17s Women, Ransome and Marles Women Second XI)
H Manning (Voluntary Choir Guild)
HE Manning (Harrow School)
I Manning (Herefordshire Under-13s Women)
I Manning (Great Bentley)
J Manning (Mistley, Mistley)
J Manning (Leicestershire Young Amateurs)
J Manning (Bashley (Rydal))
J Manning (Bramshaw)
J Manning (Reading University)
J Manning (Paultons Under-13s)
J Manning (Browns)
J Manning (Bablake Old Boys, Bablake Old Boys Second XI)
J Manning (Association of Surrey Cricket Clubs)
J Manning (The Bunburys)
J Manning (Takeley)
J Manning (Lymington Fourth XI)
J Manning (Somersham Town)
J Manning (Stragglers of Asia)
J Manning (Amport)
J Manning (Browns)
J Manning (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
J Manning (The Stoics)
J Manning (scorer)
J Manning (The Stoics)
J Manning (Paultons Under-17s)
J Manning (Theale and Tilehurst)
J Manning (Old Rossallians)
J Manning (Old Hambledonians)
J Manning (Balcombe)
J Manning (Totton and Eling)
JD Manning (Worthing)
JE Manning (The Forty Club)
JJ Manning (Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Second XI, Worcestershire Second XI, Worcestershire Under-17s)
JM Manning (Old Colfeians)
JS Manning (All Star XI)
JW Manning (Andover, Hampshire Cricket Academy, Hampshire Second XI, Hampshire Under-17s, Hampshire Under-19s, Hampshire Under-21s, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Second XI, Southern Premier Cricket League, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Second XI)
K Manning (Twickenham Riverside Women)
K Manning (Milford-on-Sea Second XI)
K Manning (The Forty Club)
K Manning (Eversley, Eversley Second XI)
K Manning (Sussex Martlets)
L Manning (Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
L Manning (Peterborough Beacon Schools)
L Manning (Oxfordshire Under-13s Women)
L Manning (Peterborough Town Second XI)
LG Manning (Penn Women, Staffordshire Under-13s Women, Staffordshire Under-15s Women, Staffordshire Under-17s Women, Wolverhampton Women)
LHS Manning (Old Rossallians)
M Manning (Hursley Park Fourth XI, Hursley Park Third XI)
M Manning (Cormorants)
M Manning (Purbrook)
M Manning (Old Colfeians)
M Manning (scorer)
ME Manning (umpire)
MJ Manning (Marlborough College)
N Manning (Port Sunlight)
N Manning (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
N Manning (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
N Manning (Suffolk Seniors)
N Manning (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
N Manning (Stacksteads)
N Manning (Suffolk Over-70s)
O Manning (Corley, Corley Second XI)
O Manning (scorer)
P Manning (Moddershall, Moddershall A, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
P Manning (Cheadle)
P manning (Oxfordshire Over-50s)
P Manning (Hartley Wintney)
P Manning (Tiddington)
P Manning (Folkestone Second XI)
P Manning (South Hertfordshire Public Schools)
P Manning (Army Under-25s)
P Manning (Tiddington)
P Manning (Tiddington)
P Manning (Warwickshire Clergy)
P Manning (Andover)
PG Manning (Tiddington)
PGW Manning (Sherborne School)
PWG Manning (The Duck Hunters)
R Manning (Browns)
R Manning (Ipswich)
R Manning (Old Monmothians)
R Manning (Finchley Gunns Women Second XI)
R Manning (Rutland Volunteers)
R Manning (umpire)
R Manning (Newick)
R Manning (Caythorpe Second XI)
R Manning (Ipswich)
R Manning (Belper Meadows)
R Manning (Eye and District)
R Manning (Tiddington Second XI)
R Manning (Sussex Martlets)
S Manning (Staffordshire Under-15s Women)
S Manning (Law Society)
S Manning (Wareham Women)
S Manning (Raunds Town)
S Manning (scorer)
S Manning (Checkendon)
S Manning (Old Leightonians)
T Manning (umpire)
T Manning (scorer)
T Manning (Rainham, Rainham Second XI)
T Manning (Appleby Frodingham)
T Manning (Saffron Walden)
T Manning (umpire)
T Manning (Bournemouth and District Cricket Association)
T Manning (Appleby Frodingham Third XI)
T Manning (Dorset Over-50s)
TE Manning (Northamptonshire)
W Manning (umpire)
W Manning (Devon)
W Manning (Surrey Women Second XI, Wallington Women)
W Manning (Braunton)
W Manning (St John's School, Leatherhead)
W Manning (Amport)
W Manning (Hornby)
W Manning (ME Hide's XI)
WC Manning (Sporting Press)
WE Manning (Glamorganshire Militia Officers)
WJM Manning (Cambridgeshire)
WM Manning (Old Colfeians)
WR Manning (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
WR Manning (The Tramps)
WRD Manning (Cambridgeshire)
WRD Manning (Winnington Park)
Manningham-Buller (Eton Ramblers)
AF Manningham-Buller (Eton Ramblers)
F Manningham-Buller (Eton Ramblers)
G Manningham-Buller (Eton Ramblers)
JM Manningham-Buller (Eton Ramblers)
Mannings (King's College, Cambridge)
EJ Mannings (Vale of Aylesbury)
G Mannings (Hampshire)
G Mannings (South Wilts)
G Mannings (Eashing Park)
O Mannings (Walmer)
S Mannings (Findon)
F Mannings-Spencer (Oxton Women)
Abigail Mannion (Essex Under-19s Women, Loughton Women)
Alexis J Mannion (Essex Women, Hertfordshire Women, Knight Riders)
J Mannion (scorer)
J Mannion (Bledlow Ridge)
M Mannion (Bootle, Formby, Huyton, Leicestershire Club and Ground, Northern, Sefton)
M Mannion (The Forty Club)
R Mannion (Stocksfield)
S Mannion (Stocksfield)
SM Mannion (Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s)
Mannirvair Singh (Khalsa)
Manni Singh (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
L Manniss (Vagabonds Women)
Mannix (Bloxwich)
R Mannix (Sparsholt)
SC Mannix (Bloxwich)
R Mannji (Catford and Cyphers, Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
K Mann-Kler (Syston Town, Syston Town Second XI)
T Mann-Kler (Syston Town)
A Manno (May and Baker)
A Manno (Newham)
WA Mannock (Rossall School)
R Mannouch (St Lawrence and Highland Court Women)
JP Mannox (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Manners-Smith (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Manns (Wednesbury Second XI)
Manns (Waterlooville)
Manns (Droitwich)
D Manns (Foster's School)
G Manns (Roehampton)
G Manns (Wimborne Mid Week XI)
J Manns (Southern Railway and Kenley)
K Manns (Hambledon)
P Manns (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
D Mannshit (Neston)
Mann Singh (Aztecs)
Manny Singh (Worfield)
D Mano (Osterley)
A Manoa (Reading Fourth XI)
R Manock (Eagley)
D Manoharan (Copdock and Old Ipswichian, Copdock and Old Ipswichian Second XI)
G Manoharan (Middlesex Tamils)
H Manoharan (Henley Third XI)
K Manoharan (Middlesex Tamils)
R Manoharasa (Middlesex Tamils)
Manohar Singh (Smethwick)
J Manoj (BAC-EE Preston)
J Manoj (Harris Park)
J Manoj (Illston Abey)
S Manoj (Khalsa)
Manoj Kumar (Old Parkonians)
Manoj Kumar (Wye Second XI)
Manoj Kumar (Newbury)
Manoj Singh (Stansted)
S Manon (Osterley)





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