England Players (M)


Matfon (Wingham)
Matford (Wingham)
V Math (Christ College, Brecon)
Matha (Leeds Schools)
J Mathai (Friends)
ELA Mathais (Clifton College)
P Mathais (The Forty Club)
S Mathan (Maritime, Maritime Second XI)
D Matharod (Middlesex Premier Cricket League)
A Matharu (Romany)
A Matharu (Indian Gymkhana)
A Matharu (Indian Gymkhana)
B Matharu (Wednesbury)
D Matharu (Aston Manor)
I Matharu (Kenilworth, Kenilworth Second XI)
P Matharu (Wednesbury)
R Matharu (Ickenham)
S Matharu (Aston Unity)
S Matharu (Idle)
S Matharu (Brighouse)
T Matharu (Epsom)
T Matharu (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Matharu (Surrey Over-50s)
TS Matharu (Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Mathcham (Blackfield)
JP Mathe (Cranbrook School)
A Mathenson (Loughborough Grammar School Under-13s)
Mather (Islington Amateurs)
Mather (Manchester)
Mather (Chester Boughton Hall)
Mather (36th Regiment)
Mather (Lancashire Women)
Mather (Cestrian Club)
Mather (Uppingham)
Mather (BAT Sports B)
Mather (London University Women)
Mather (Timperley Women)
Mather (Reed's School)
Mather (Hymers College, Hull)
Mather (Durham School)
Mather (Sherborne School)
Mather (Eccles)
Mather (Manchester Grammar School)
A Mather (Longsight)
A Mather (scorer)
A Mather (Norton Lindsey and Wolverton, Norton Lindsey and Wolverton Second XI)
A Mather (St Cross Symondians Third XI)
A Mather (Romiley Women)
A Mather (Warwick School)
A Mather (Hampshire Hogs)
A Mather (Bury, Bury Second XI, Bury Third XI)
A Mather (St Cross Symondians Fourth XI)
AD Mather (Denton Second XI)
AN Mather (Canford School, Oxford University)
B Mather (Wells Theological College)
B Mather (Ampfield and North Baddesley)
C Mather (Sporting Press)
C Mather (New Longton Second XI)
C Mather (Edgworth)
C Mather (Firbeck Colliery, Firbeck Colliery Second XI)
C Mather (New Longton, New Longton Second XI, New Longton Third XI)
C Mather (Clumber Park, Clumber Park, Clumber Park Second XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
C Mather (Bolton and District Cricket Association Under-18s)
C Mather (Worksop Fourth XI)
CJ Mather (Durham School)
CL Mather (Liverpool)
D Mather (Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
D Mather (Accrington)
D Mather (Kearsley)
D Mather (Farnsfield, Gedling Colliery, Gedling Colliery, Gedling Colliery Fourth XI, Gedling Colliery Second XI, Gedling Colliery Second XI, Gedling Colliery Third XI)
D Mather (Hull and YPI)
D Mather (Oxton)
D Mather (BAT Sports, BAT Sports Second XI)
D Mather (Liverpool)
D Mather (High Wycombe, High Wycombe Second XI)
D Mather (Shepherds Bush)
D Mather (Leigh)
D Mather (Denton Second XI)
D Mather (Farnworth Social Circle)
D Mather (Western Cricket League)
D Mather (Adel)
D Mather (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Mather (Earl of Arundel's XI)
D Mather (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
D Mather (Cheshire County Colts)
D Mather (Leeds Schools)
D Mather (William Hulme Grammar School)
DET Mather (Denstone College)
DP Mather (Oxford Universities, Oxford University)
DW Mather (umpire)
E Mather (North Shields)
E Mather (umpire)
E Mather (Cheltenham College)
E Mather (Liverpool)
E Mather (17th (Service) Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment)
E Mather (17th Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment Non-Commissioned Officers and Men)
E Mather (17th Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment)
E Mather (Huyton)
EN Mather (Uppingham School)
FA Mather (Rugby School)
FG Mather (Huntley Hall Rangers)
G Mather (Bournemouth, Chingford, Chingford Second XI, Southern Premier Cricket League)
G Mather (Sale Moor, Sale Moor Second XI)
G Mather (Church)
G Mather (Ramsbottom)
G Mather (Sporting Press)
G Mather (King Edward's School, Birmingham Under-15s)
G Mather (Woodhouses)
GL Mather (Hertfordshire Stags)
GR Mather (Somerset Stragglers)
HA Mather (Broughton)
HD Mather (Essex Second XI)
HJ Mather (Lancing College, Suffolk)
HP Mather (Ardingly College)
HS Mather (Sussex Home Guard)
HS Mather (Alton Towers, Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Huntley Hall Rangers)
HS Mather (Forest School)
HS Mather (The Forty Club)
HS Mather (Sussex Martlets)
HS Mather (5th Sussex Battalion Home Guard)
HS Mather (Sussex Martlets)
HS Mather (Hackwood Park)
I Mather (umpire)
I Mather (Liverpool)
J Mather (Westcliff-on-Sea)
J Mather (North Shields)
J Mather (Cheshire)
J Mather (Northumberland Club)
J Mather (Oxton)
J Mather (Warwick School)
J Mather (Hertfordshire Over-50s, Hertfordshire Over-50s Second XI)
J Mather (Backworth)
J Mather (Cuckney Second XI)
J Mather (Cockington Corinthians)
J Mather (Edgworth)
J Mather (Wirral Schools Under-16s)
J Mather (Great Witchingham)
J Mather (scorer)
J Mather (Timperley, Timperley Second XI)
J Mather (North Mymms, North Mymms)
J Mather (North Mymms, North Mymms Second XI)
J Mather (North Mymms)
J Mather (Magdalene College, Cambridge)
JD Mather (North Mymms, North Mymms Second XI)
JH Mather (Broughton)
JR Mather (Marylebone Cricket Club)
K Mather (North Mymms)
K Mather (St Edmund's College, Ware)
L Mather (South Wingfield)
L Mather (Bowden)
LE Mather (Western)
M Mather (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI, Warwickshire Second XI)
M Mather (Horsford)
M Mather (Stockport)
M Mather (Sale Moor Second XI)
M Mather (scorer)
M Mather (Astley and Tyldesley Third XI)
M Mather (Bowden)
M Mather (William Hulme Grammar School)
M Mather (Worsley)
M Mather (Hyde)
MG Mather (Liverpool)
N Mather (Sale Moor)
N Mather (Swarkestone)
N Mather (Oxford University Authentics)
N Mather (Ambleside)
N Mather (Cambridge NCI)
O Mather (Wirral Schools)
P Mather (England Women)
P Mather (Hindley St Peters)
P Mather (The Forty Club)
P Mather (North West Counties Cricket League)
P Mather (West Lancashire Cricket League)
P Mather (Lancashire Over-50s)
R Mather (Gentlemen of Sussex)
R Mather (Sale Moor Second XI)
R Mather (Lords and Commons)
R Mather (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
R Mather (Middlesex Under-13s Women, Middlesex Under-15s Women)
R Mather (St Andrews)
RJ Mather (Winchester College)
RLS Mather (Blundell's School)
S Mather (Farnworth, Gore Court, Old Anchorians)
S Mather (Westcliff-on-Sea)
S Mather (Chester Boughton Hall Women)
S Mather (scorer)
S Mather (Richmondshire, Richmondshire Second XI)
S Mather (Kearsley)
S Mather (Idle Second XI)
S Mather (Idle Second XI)
S Mather (Idle)
S Mather (Idle Second XI)
S Mather (Winchmore Hill Second XI)
T Mather (umpire)
T Mather (Wigan)
T Mather (Longsight)
T Mather (Cheadle)
T Mather (Berkshire Under-15s)
T Mather (Atherton)
T Mather (Allhallows School)
T Mather (Thatcham Town Third XI)
T Mather (Timperley Second XI)
T Mather (Blackrod)
TA Mather (Liverpool, Liverpool Olympus)
TC Mather (Cheshire)
TJ Mather (Liverpool)
TP Mather (Highfield)
W Mather (Sevenoaks Vine)
W Mather (Pendleton)
WA Mather (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WA Mather (Lancashire Second XI)
Mathers (umpire)
Mathers (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
Mathers (Leeds Schools)
Mathers (Yorkshire College)
A Mathers (Hampshire Hogs)
AB Mathers (Old Rossallians)
D Mathers (Blackpool)
HS Mathers (Dulwich)
J Mathers (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Mathers (Stockport)
JD Mathers (Old Rossallians)
JH Mathers (Craven Gentlemen)
JH Mathers (Old Rossallians)
KL Mathers (Leicestershire Women)
M Mathers (Rossall School)
S Mathers (Idle Second XI)
SC Mathers (Attleborough)
K Mather Sartorius (St Edmund's College, Ware)
Matheson (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
Matheson (Wellingborough School)
Matheson (Sidmouth)
Matheson (Bootham School Second XI)
Matheson (Bootham School Second XI)
A Matheson (Old Albanians)
AF Matheson (Ipswich School)
AH Matheson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AJ Matheson (St Albans School)
BE Matheson (Lancing Rovers)
BE Matheson (Chiswick Park)
BM Matheson (The Oratory School)
BN Matheson (Affiliated South American Banks)
CB Matheson (Gentlemen of Carmarthenshire)
CB Matheson (RH Twining's XI)
CIA Matheson (Cheltenham College)
CIA Matheson (Free Foresters)
CM Matheson (Eton College)
CW Matheson (Eton Ramblers)
D Matheson (Rugby School)
D Matheson (Warwick Ramblers)
D Matheson (Rugby School Second XI)
E Matheson (Warwickshire)
E Matheson (Eastbourne)
E Matheson (Incogniti)
F Matheson (Clergy Orphan School Canterbury)
F Matheson (Fields in Trust XI)
G Matheson (Free Foresters)
HF Matheson (Christ Church, Oxford)
HF Matheson (Eastbourne College)
IMA Matheson (Winchester College)
J Matheson (Knickerbockers)
J Matheson (Royal Engineers)
J Matheson (Queen Anne's School, Caversham)
KG Matheson (CNB Hurt's XI)
KGT Matheson (RT Peel's XI)
T Matheson (Gentlemen of Carmarthenshire)
WO Matheson (Manchester)
Mathew (United Amateurs)
Mathew (Rowington)
Mathew (Royal Artillery)
Mathew (The Oratory School Second XI)
Mathew (The King's School, Worcester)
Mathew (Bolton School)
A Mathew (Great Horkesley)
B Mathew (Bexleyheath Second XI)
B Mathew (Wythenshawe Second XI)
CG Mathew (Lancing College, The Forty Club)
CL Mathew (Dulwich College)
EG Mathew (Lancing College)
H Mathew (Norton)
H Mathew (Radlett Women)
HC Mathew (Dover College)
J Mathew (Solent Rangers Second XI)
JC Mathew (Beaumont College)
M Mathew (Free Foresters)
MCG Mathew (Royal Naval School)
N Mathew (Basingstoke and North Hants, Basingstoke and North Hants Fourth XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Third XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Under-17s)
P Mathew (Winchester Women)
P Mathew (Harrow Town)
P Mathew (Stamford School)
P Mathew (Harlow)
S Mathew (Stowmarket)
S Mathew (Newbury)
T Mathew (The Oratory School)
T Mathew (Grimsargh Second XI)
DH Mathewes (Stamford School)
T Mathew-Jones (Neston, Neston Second XI, Oxton)
Mathewman (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry)
D Mathewman (scorer)
W Mathewman (Brixham)
Mathews (Sleaford, Spalding)
Mathews (Downham Market)
Mathews (East Hants Club, Irnham Park)
Mathews (Cornwall and Devon)
Mathews (Worcester Regiment)
Mathews (Gentlemen of Somerset)
Mathews (Isle of Thanet)
Mathews (Kinver)
Mathews (Oldfield)
Mathews (Bishop's Stortford)
Mathews (Arcadians)
Mathews (Belvedere)
Mathews (Crosswells Langley)
Mathews (Pickwick Second XI)
Mathews (Uppingham School Second XI)
Mathews (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
Mathews (Tettenhall College)
Mathews (6th Regiment)
Mathews (Women's Cricket Association)
Mathews (Kidderminster)
Mathews (2nd Lincolnshire Regiment)
Mathews (Huish's Grammar School, Taunton Brendon House Juniors)
Mathews (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Mathews (Alleyn's School)
Mathews (Beswick Co-op)
Mathews (Durham School)
Mathews (Sherborne School)
Mathews (Manchester Grammar School)
Mathews (Gresham's School)
Mathews (King Edward's School, Birmingham Second Class)
Mathews (Sheffield Grammar School Second XI)
Mathews (St Anthony's School, Eastbourne)
Mathews (Royal Corps of Transport)
A Mathews (Rowner)
A Mathews (Aston Hall)
A Mathews (Lancashire Under-13s Women B)
A Mathews (Yateley, Yateley Fourth XI, Yateley Second XI)
A Mathews (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
A Mathews (Blaydon Second XI)
AB Mathews (Bromsgrove)
ADG Mathews (Glamorgan Club and Ground)
AR Mathews (Dauntsey's School)
AT Mathews (The Forty Club)
B Mathews (Totton and Eling Third XI)
B Mathews (Shelton)
B Mathews (Hanley Castle and Upton)
B Mathews (Oakleigh Wanderers)
B Mathews (Sentinel)
Bailey Mathews (Ackworth)
Brodie Mathews (Ackworth)
BF Mathews (Perse School)
BWB Mathews (Southwark Clergy)
C Mathews (Old Wykehamists)
C Mathews (Merseyside Police)
C Mathews (Tettenhall College)
CB Mathews (Felsted School)
CB Mathews (Cheltenham College)
CCR Mathews (Hampshire Hogs)
CL Mathews (Eton Ramblers)
CS Mathews (Mid-West District)
D Mathews (Knickerbockers)
D Mathews (Wiltshire Over-60s)
D Mathews (Ackworth)
D Mathews (Totton and Eling Third XI)
D Mathews (Downside School)
D Mathews (Hopwood)
D Mathews (Hethersett and Tas Valley)
DD Mathews (Woodbridge School)
DE Mathews (Radley College)
DH Mathews (Stamford School)
DM Mathews (Felsted School)
E Mathews (Oxford University)
E Mathews (Butterflies)
E Mathews (Beechwood)
E Mathews (Oxfordshire Under-16s)
E Mathews (Hertfordshire)
EA Mathews (Leeds Clarence)
F Mathews (Malton)
FAH Mathews (Royal Corps of Signals)
FC Mathews (Scarborough)
FJ Mathews (Surrey)
G Mathews (Hanley Castle and Upton)
G Mathews (Pegasus and Corringham)
GE Mathews (Oakham)
GW Mathews (Wiltshire)
H Mathews (Warwickshire Second XI)
H Mathews (Mitchell's)
H Mathews (Beverley Women)
H Mathews (Coventry Colliery)
HF Mathews (Perse School)
HJ Mathews (Brighton College Masters)
HJ Mathews (Birmingham Civil Service)
HS Mathews (Brighton College)
HS Mathews (Preston)
I Mathews (umpire)
I Mathews (Chiddingly)
I Mathews (The Forty Club)
IN Mathews (Oxford University Authentics)
IR Mathews (Bromsgrove School)
J Mathews (Bootle, Hurstbourne Park, Reading)
J Mathews (Walmley Second XI)
J Mathews (Worcestershire Young Cricketers)
J Mathews (Bradfield College)
J Mathews (Olton)
J Mathews (Deal Victoria and Barns Close Second XI)
J Mathews (Craven Gentlemen)
J Mathews (Craven Gentlemen)
J Mathews (Hopwood)
J Mathews (Neston Under-16s)
J Mathews (The Forty Club)
JD Mathews (The Forty Club)
JH Mathews (Forest School)
JK Mathews (Sussex)
JK Mathews (Worthing)
JK Mathews (Sussex Home Guard)
JK Mathews (5th Sussex Battalion Home Guard)
JK Mathews (Sussex Martlets)
K Mathews (Clay Cross Works)
K Mathews (Pegasus and Corringham)
KPA Mathews (Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
L Mathews (Wiltshire Under-13s)
L Mathews (Barton Town Fourth XI)
L Mathews (Dorset Under-25s)
LHS Mathews (Oxford University)
LS Mathews (GE Bromley-Martin's XI)
LW Mathews (Eton College)
LW Mathews (Eton Ramblers)
M Mathews (Highgate)
MG Mathews (The Forty Club)
MJA Mathews (Oxford University)
MM Mathews (Buccaneers, Club Cricket Conference, Dulwich, Sussex, Sussex Cricket Association, The Forty Club)
N Mathews (Potters Bar Second XI)
N Mathews (Worksop, Worksop Second XI, Worksop Third XI)
NF Mathews (Dudley Wayfarers)
NL Mathews (Smethwick, Warwickshire Heathens, Warwickshire Imps, Wayfarers)
OM Mathews (King Edward's School, Birmingham Common Room)
OM Mathews (University College School)
OM Mathews (Colchester and East Essex)
P Mathews (Dorset)
P Mathews (Nomads)
P Mathews (Rye)
P Mathews (Newton College)
P Mathews (Devon Colts)
P Mathews (Horley)
P Mathews (Newark Ransome and Marles Second XI)
PBM Mathews (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
PW Mathews (Knickerbockers)
R Mathews (Worcestershire Under-15s)
R Mathews (Shropshire Women)
R Mathews (St Edward's Martyrs)
R Mathews (Hanley Castle and Upton)
R Mathews (The Forty Club)
R Mathews (Hampshire Hogs)
R Mathews (Windsor Second XI)
R Mathews (Sherborne Pilgrims)
R Mathews (Beverley Women)
RJ Mathews (Romany)
RT Mathews (The Forty Club)
S Mathews (Normandy Women)
S Mathews (Kynoch)
S Mathews (Nelson)
S Mathews (Bradfield College)
S Mathews (Shelton)
S Mathews (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
S Mathews (Hampton School)
S Mathews (The Forty Club)
SP Mathews (Bishop's Stortford)
T Mathews (Laity, Warwickshire, Wellingborough)
T Mathews (Worcestershire Under-13s)
T Mathews (The Forty Club)
T Mathews (scorer)
T Mathews (Hanley Castle and Upton)
TCH Mathews (Felsted School)
TG Mathews (Felsted School)
TG Mathews (Douai School)
W Mathews (Godalming, Hampshire, Married, Suffolk, Surrey)
W Mathews (Margate)
W Mathews (Hillingdon)
W Mathews (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s)
W Mathews (Ibstock and Swepstone)
WJ Mathews (Bromsgrove School)
J Mathewson (Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street Midweek XI, Chester-le-Street Second XI, Durham Over-50s, Newcastle)
J Mathewson (Oxford University)
J Mathewson (Weston-super-Mare)
J Mathewson (Durham City Second XI)
R Mathewson (Chester-le-Street Midweek XI, Chester-le-Street Second XI)
S Mathewson (Old Buckenham)
A Mathey (Original English Lady Cricketers Reds)
J Mathhews (scorer)
Mathias (Sherborne School Day Boys)
Mathias (Culcheth Hall)
Mathias (Wythenshawe Second XI)
A Mathias (Formby, Formby Second XI)
A Mathias (Hightown)
A Mathias (Bootle)
A Mathias (Rothley Park)
C Mathias (Oxton)
C Mathias (Quatt Women)
C Mathias (Dorset Police)
C Mathias (Oxton Second XI)
D Mathias (Richmondshire)
D Mathias (Trent College)
DGL Mathias (Colston's School)
DH Mathias (Clifton College)
F Mathias (Sir Robert Peel's XI)
FL Mathias (Clifton College)
FW Mathias (Glamorgan, Wales)
G Mathias (Wythenshawe Second XI)
G Mathias (The Forty Club South West)
GVA Mathias (Clifton College)
H Mathias (Ockbrook School)
HB Mathias (Eton College)
HS Mathias (Roysse's School, Abingdon)
J Mathias (Tamworth)
J Mathias (Lawrenny)
J Mathias (Colston's School)
J Mathias (Eton College)
L Mathias (Ockbrook School)
LS Mathias (Roysse's School, Abingdon, Roysse's School, Abingdon Second XI)
M Mathias (Oxton)
ORE Mathias (Benwell, Derbyshire Colts, Derbyshire County Colts, Derbyshire Second XI, Old Amplefordians)
P Mathias (Marlborough, Wiltshire Cricket Association, Wiltshire Over-50s, Wiltshire Over-60s)
P Mathias (The Forty Club)
P Mathias (South Wales Hunts)
P Mathias (scorer)
R Mathias (Christ College, Brecon)
R Mathias (Billericay, Billericay Veterans)
R Mathias (Bristol and District)
R Mathias (Eton Manor Second XI)
RD Mathias (Clifton Colts)
RW Mathias (Clifton College, Oxford University Authentics)
RW Mathias (Earl Vane's XI)
S Mathias (Glamorgan Club and Ground)
T Mathias (Beaconsfield Second XI)
T Mathias (Allsorts)
O Mathick (Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Under-19s)
H Mathie (Uxbridge)
WS Mathie (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
G Mathiesom (umpire)
Mathieson (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
A Mathieson (Four Oaks Saints, Four Oaks Saints Second XI, Walmley, Walmley Second XI, Walmley Third XI, Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-17s)
A Mathieson (King Edward VI Aston School)
AE Mathieson (Lancing College)
AH Mathieson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
BE Mathieson (Lancing College, Publishers)
BE Mathieson (Lancing Rovers)
C Mathieson (Oxton)
G Mathieson (umpire)
GF Mathieson (Rugby School)
H Mathieson (All Saints)
HF Mathieson (Midlands Schools)
J Mathieson (Birkenhead Victoria)
MJ Mathieson (Suffolk Women)
TASO Mathieson (Harrow School)
Mathieu (Warwick School)
M Mathieu (Emeriti)
PC Mathieu (Stonyhurst College)
P Mathievanan (Tadley Hobos)
M Mathimannan (Rainham, Rainham Second XI)
Mathisen (umpire)
AH Mathison (Cambridge KTL, Marylebone Cricket Club, Trinity College, Cambridge)
AH Mathison (Cranleigh)
C Mathison (M Law's XI)
G Mathison (umpire)
T Mathius (Middlesex Junior Women)
K Mathivannan (Helston)
L Mathivathanan (Bexleyheath Second XI)
A Mathiyazhagan (Wythenshawe Second XI)
A Mathone (Kew Third XI)
F Mathos (The Stoics)
K Mathotage (Oxford Downs Second XI)
D Mathrua (Aston Manor)
H Mathson (Bluntisham)
Mathu (umpire)
Mathur (Shinfield, Shinfield Second XI)
Mathur (Harpenden Second XI)
A Mathur (Tunbridge Wells)
A Mathur (St George's)
A Mathur (Simon Jacot de Boinod's XI)
A Mathur
A Mathur (Berkshire Under-14s, Berkshire Under-15s)
A Mathur (Harpenden, Harpenden Second XI)
A Mathur (Purley-on-Thames)
H Mathur (Shinfield)
H Mathur (umpire)
HJ Mathur (Lancing College)
J Mathur (Northumberland Club)
K Mathur (Waltham St Lawrence, Waltham St Lawrence Second XI)
M Mathur (Purley-on-Thames, Purley-on-Thames Second XI, Purley-on-Thames Third XI)
M Mathur (Northwood Town)
N Mathur (Crown Taverners, Crown Taverners Second XI)
N Mathur (Harwich and Dovercourt)
T Mathur (Dulwich Second XI)
D Mathura (Littlehampton, Clapham and Patching)
D Mathura (Middlesex Over-50s)
D Mathura (Crouch End Calthorpe Second XI)
D Mathura (Highgate)
Mathurin (Incogniti)
M Mathurin (Marlow)
N Mathurin (Cosmopolitan Athletic)
R Mathurin (Cosmopolitan Athletic)
S Mathurin (Cosmopolitan Athletic)
S Mathusan (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
DG Mathwin (Southport and Birkdale)
DG Mathwin (Southport)
H Mathwin (Cambridge University)
LG Mathwin (Southport)
W Mathwin (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club)
J Mathys (Deal Victoria and Barns Close)
J Mathys (Grampound Road)
Y Matichen (Barnet)
A Matik (Chiswick and Latymer)
I Matik (Lowdham)
U Matin (Knowle Village)
P Matison (Crompton)
Matiullan (Refugee Cricket Project)
A Matjaszek (Wellesbourne)
L Matjaszek (Wellesbourne)
Matkin (Sarisbury Athletic)
C Matkin (Oakham)
C Matkin (IL Grist's XI)
R Matkin (The Forty Club)
SB Matkin (SH Evershed's XI)
J Matkins (Bexley, Bexley Fourth XI, Bexley Second XI, Bexley Third XI)
J Matkins (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
S Matkins (scorer)
Matkovich (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
J Matler (Clumber Park Third XI)
A Matless (Royal Corps of Signals)
P Matless (Catterick Combined Services)
P Matless (Royal Corps of Signals)
R Matless (Royal Corps of Signals)
R Matless (Catterick Combined Services)
CH Matley (Timperley, Timperley Second XI)
Matlin (St Albans Second XI)
B Matlock (Hindhead Second XI)
H Matlock (Sheffield Bankers)
W Matlock (Burnley Under-30s)
A Matloob (Aston-on-Trent)
A Matloob (Aston-on-Trent)
A Matloob (Heaton)
J Matloob (Cople)
S Matloob (Aston-on-Trent)
Matloob Khan (Edenfield, Enfield, Enfield Second XI, Enfield Third XI)
B Maton (Calmore Sports)
C Maton (Beaulieu, Beaulieu Under-15s)
J Maton (Mottisfont B, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Second XI, Totton and Eling Third XI, Totton and Eling Under-17s)
L Maton (AWE Tadley, AWE Tadley Second XI)
LJ Maton (Gentlemen of Wiltshire, Rugby School, South Wilts)
N Maton (Calmore Sports)
R Maton (Calmore Sports)
W Maton (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports)
L Matovu (Hambledon, Hambledon Second XI)
B Matravers (Long Whatton Second XI)
C Matravers (Minehead Women)
C Matravers (Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women)
G Matravers (umpire)
H Matravers (Minehead Women)
K Matravers (Minehead Women)
N Matravers (Ilton)
Matraves (Royal Artillery Devonport)
R Matsa (Sulhamstead and Ufton Second XI, Sulhamstead and Ufton Third XI)
C Matsal (Trojans)
Matsen (Movement Control)
B Matsey (Petersfield)
A Matson (Writtle)
BN Matson (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
H Matson (St Edmund's)
JRM Matson (Harrow School)
L Matson (Barking and Dagenham Under-13s)
L Matson (Rodmersham)
M Matson (Surrey Over-60s Third XI)
Matt (Metropolitan Police Bushey)
Matt (Holkham)
B Matt (Steeple Langford)
E Matt (Isle of Wight Under-13s)
S Matt (Caythorpe Second XI)
T Matt (The Stoics)
W Matt (Lewdown)
V Matta (Khalsa)
F Mattar (St Catharine's College, Cambridge)
R Mattar (Brooklands Second XI)
W Mattazar (Maidenhead and Bray)
Matt Bampton (Old Tauntonians and Romsey, Old Tauntonians and Romsey, Old Tauntonians and Romsey A, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Academy, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Fourth XI, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Second XI, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Third XI, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-13s, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-15s, Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-19s)
I Matteen (Old Hill)
Matten (The Forty Club)
C Matten (Club Cricket Conference, Kent Second XI, Surrey Second XI)
C Matten (St Dunstan's College)
C Matten (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Matten (The Forty Club)
E Matten (Bristol University)
E Matten (Dulwich)
E Matten (London Schools Under-15s)
J Matten (Sandford Second XI)
JS Matten (Sandford)
M Matten (The Forty Club)
P Matten (The Forty Club)
PW Matten (umpire, referee)
W Matten (umpire)
Matterface (Nuneaton Town)
C Matterson (Somerset Stragglers)
C Matterson (J Lang's XI)
CAK Matterson (United Hunts)
NNH Matterson (Eton Ramblers)
P Matterson (Havant)
RH Matterson (CJ Huskinson's XI)
T Matterson (United Hunts)
WO Matteson (Manchester)
WO Matteson (Cheltenham College)
D Mattews (umpire)
F Mattews (Driffield)
J Mattews (umpire)
J Mattews (Richmond)
D Mattey (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)
GB Mattey (Mill Hill School)
J Mattey (Yateley Fourth XI)
S Mattey (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Matthams (Wymeswold, Wymeswold Second XI)
S Matthas (Idle Second XI)
J Matthee (Waterlooville)
S Mattheka (Fakenham)
I Matthens (umpire)
A Mattheson (Crabbs Cross Second XI)
K Mattheson (Astwood Bank)
Matthew (The King's School, Worcester)
A Matthew (Marton Second XI)
A Matthew (Middlesbrough Second XI)
A Matthew (Wokingham Second XI)
B Matthew (Kibworth, Kibworth Second XI, Kibworth Third XI)
B Matthew (scorer)
B Matthew (Stourbridge)
B Matthew (scorer)
B Matthew (Hindhead, Hindhead Second XI)
B Matthew (Sussex Under-14s, Sussex Under-15s)
CJ Matthew (Tonbridge School)
D Matthew (scorer)
E Matthew (Wootton Bassett Ladies)
H Matthew (Universities Athletic Union Ladies)
J Matthew (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
JS Matthew (Merchant Taylors' School)
L Matthew (Wellingborough School)
N Matthew (Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI)
N Matthew (Finchampstead)
N Matthew (The Forty Club)
P Matthew (Stamford School)
S Matthew (Kibworth, Kibworth Second XI, Kibworth Third XI)
S Matthew (Sileby Town)
S Matthew (Sileby Town Second XI)
S Matthew (Langtons)
T Matthew (Ashmanhaugh and Barton Wanderers)
T Matthew (Haywards Heath)
T Matthew (scorer)
GM Matthew-Landown (Royal Artillery)
C Matthewman (Cawthorne)
JR Matthewman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
W Matthewman (Brixham, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s)
Matthew Morgan (Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)





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