England Players (L)


Leigh (Gentlemen of Berkshire)
Leigh (Norfolk Colts)
Leigh (St Paul's Lozells)
Leigh (Liverpool)
Leigh (Free Foresters)
Leigh (Burnley District XI)
Leigh (Household Brigade)
Leigh (Liverpool Physical Training College)
Leigh (Lynwood Old Boys)
Leigh (Shirley)
Leigh (University College School)
Leigh (Heaton Mersey)
Leigh (Moseley Ashfield)
Leigh (Queens)
Leigh (Grasshoppers)
Leigh (Rochdale)
Leigh (Kent Colts)
Leigh (16th Queen's Lancers)
Leigh (King Edward VII School Sheffield)
Leigh (The Forty Club)
Leigh (Northenden)
Leigh (Kersal)
Leigh (Christ Church, Oxford)
Leigh (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
Leigh (Lytham)
Leigh (Rusholme)
A Leigh (scorer)
A Leigh (Linden Park, Linden Park Second XI)
A Leigh (Stockport)
A Leigh (Shipley Hall)
A Leigh (Oxford University)
A Leigh (Oxford University Second XI)
A Leigh (Cambridge Perambulators)
A Leigh (Tunbridge Wells)
A Leigh (Wildernesse)
A Leigh (Birkenhead St Mary's Second XI)
A Leigh (Heanor Town)
A Leigh (Burnham Fourth XI)
A Leigh (Eastwood Town, Eastwood Town Second XI)
AE Leigh (Band of Brothers, Brasenose College, Oxford, Butterflies, Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Shropshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Rugby School)
AJ Leigh (Kent Invicta Women, Kent Women Second XI)
B Leigh (Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association Under-15s)
B Leigh (Royal Navy)
B Leigh (Woodford Green)
B Leigh (English Schools Cricket Association North)
B Leigh (Birkenhead St Mary's Second XI)
B Leigh (Collingham and Linton)
B Leigh (Dorset)
B Leigh (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
B Leigh (Bryanston School)
B Leigh (scorer)
B Leigh (Bryanston Butterflies)
BJ Leigh (Norfolk)
C Leigh (Southampton Union)
C Leigh (Kent Colts)
C Leigh (Eastwood Town Third XI)
C Leigh (Huntingdon and District)
C Leigh (Shirley)
C Leigh (Denton West Second XI)
C Leigh (2nd Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers)
C Leigh (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
C Leigh (English Residents)
C Leigh (Harefield Third XI)
C Leigh (Everton Second XI)
C Leigh (Huntingdon and District Second XI)
CB Leigh (Earlestown)
CE Leigh (Bramshill)
CM Leigh (umpire)
CP Leigh (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
CS Leigh (I Zingari)
CS Leigh (The Forty Club)
CTB Leigh (Old Cheltonians)
D Leigh (Walmley, Walmley Second XI, Walmley Third XI)
D Leigh (Home Office)
D Leigh (umpire)
D Leigh (I Zingari)
DJ Leigh (Cheshire)
DJ Leigh (Macclesfield)
DP Leigh (University College School)
E Leigh (Colts of England, Kent Colts)
E Leigh (HA Brassey's XI)
EA Leigh (Free Foresters)
EA Leigh (Bowdon)
EB Leigh (Bihar)
EB Leigh (Rugby, Worcestershire)
EC Leigh (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
F Leigh (Woodbank, Woodbank Second XI)
F Leigh (Bournville)
F Leigh (High Legh)
F Leigh (New Brighton)
FD Leigh (Athenaeum, Trinity College, Cambridge)
FJ Leigh (Kaleidoscopes)
G Leigh (Denton West, Denton West Second XI)
G Leigh (Downend)
G Leigh (Lords and Commons)
G Leigh (House of Commons)
G Leigh (St Alkmunds)
G Leigh (Effingham)
GB Leigh (Lancashire Colts)
GB Leigh (Earlestown)
GB Leigh (Earlestown Second XI)
GH Leigh (Earlestown)
GHC Leigh (Gentlemen of Warwickshire, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club)
GHC Leigh (Warwickshire)
GS Leigh (The Forty Club)
GS Leigh (Earlestown)
H Leigh (I Zingari)
H Leigh (C Letherbarrow's Empire XI)
H Leigh (The Forty Club)
H Leigh (Liverpool and District)
H Leigh (LN Constantine's XI)
H Leigh (Neston)
HB Leigh (Burton-on-Trent)
HEM Leigh (The Leys School)
HML Leigh (St Bees School)
HML Leigh (Preston)
HW Leigh (Northern)
HW Leigh (Southport, Southport and Birkdale)
HW Leigh (Ormskirk)
HW Leigh (Marylebone Cricket Club)
I Leigh (Colne)
I Leigh (Bolton School)
J Leigh (Lancashire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Leigh (Preston)
J Leigh (Curdridge, Curdridge Sunday XI)
J Leigh (Neston)
J Leigh (Purton Exiles and Swindon NALGO Women, Purton Exiles Women)
J Leigh (Blythe Women)
J Leigh (Southport and Birkdale)
J Leigh (Normanby Park Second XI)
J Leigh (Berkshire Cricket League)
J Leigh (Verwood)
J Leigh (Haigh)
J Leigh (Bryanston School)
J Leigh (Little Hulton)
JCL Leigh (Trent College)
JCT Leigh (Marlborough College)
JF Leigh (Cirencester)
JG Leigh (I Zingari)
JG Leigh (Christ Church, Oxford)
JH Leigh (Marylebone Cricket Club, The Forty Club)
JP Leigh (Wadham College, Oxford)
JR Leigh (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University Authentics)
JR Leigh (Marlborough College)
JR Leigh (Northern Nomads)
JW Leigh (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club)
JW Leigh (Warwickshire Clergy)
K Leigh (The Forty Club)
K Leigh (Sandyford)
M Leigh (umpire)
M Leigh (Little Stoke)
M Leigh (Ormskirk)
M Leigh (Denton West Second XI)
M Leigh (Denton Second XI)
M Leigh (Berkshire and Hampshire Over-70s)
M Leigh (Twyford and Ruscombe)
M Leigh (Normanby Park, Normanby Park Second XI)
N Leigh (King William's College)
NW Leigh (Birmingham University)
O Leigh (East Lancashire Third XI)
P Leigh (Shirley)
PV Leigh (York)
PV Leigh (St Peter's School, York)
PV Leigh (Old Peterites)
PWRW Leigh (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
R Leigh (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey)
R Leigh (Gentlemen of Warwickshire)
R Leigh (Gentlemen of Staffordshire)
R Leigh (Dorset)
R Leigh (High Legh)
R Leigh (Bexley)
R Leigh (Singlehurst)
R Leigh (Free Foresters)
R Leigh (Southgate)
RC Leigh (The Butterflies)
RH Leigh (Epsom College)
RJE Leigh (Radley College)
RS Leigh (Marlborough College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Leigh (Centurions)
S Leigh (Hollinwood)
S Leigh (umpire)
S Leigh (Oulton)
SA Leigh (Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
T Leigh (Liverpool, Oxford University)
T Leigh (Formby)
T Leigh (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
T Leigh (University College, Oxford)
TA Leigh (New Brighton, New Brighton Second XI)
W Leigh (Whalley)
W Leigh (New Brighton)
WH Leigh (Marylebone Cricket Club, Stoneleigh)
Z Leigh (Langley Manor B Under-13s)
Z Leigh (Langley Manor Under-15s)
CF Leigh-Bennett (St Paul's School)
TN Leigh-Bennett (Buckinghamshire, Shrewsbury School)
TN Leigh-Bennett (NS Mitchell-Innes' XI)
PL Leigh-Bovill (Bury and West Suffolk)
E Leigh-Breese (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
PL Leigh-Breese (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
RL Leigh-Breese (Bury St Edmunds)
Leigh-Clare (Sherborne School)
GL Leigh-Clare (Sherborne School)
RL Leigh-Clare (Sherborne School, Surrey Second XI)
J Leigh-Howarth (Portsmouth and Southsea Second XI)
R Leigh Ibbs (Authors, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Devon)
H Leigh-Lye (Newbold Revel)
C Leigh-Pemberton (Lancing College)
C Leigh-Pemberton (Marlborough College)
DWG Leigh-Pemberton (Band of Brothers, Kent Second XI)
R Leigh-Pemberton (Radley Rangers)
W Leigh-Pemberton (Band of Brothers)
J Leigh-Shepherd (scorer)
W Leigh-Smith (Eastbourne, South Saxons)
G Leigh-Spencer (Jesus College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
Leighton (Walsall)
Leighton (Old Bristolians)
Leighton (Greenwich Pensioners with One Arm)
Leighton (Highgate and Hampstead)
Leighton (Walsall)
Leighton (Worcester City)
Leighton (Bromyard)
Leighton (Bearwood College)
Leighton (Failsworth Co-op)
A Leighton (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Second XI)
A Leighton (CA Bernard's XI)
A Leighton (Coleshill)
A Leighton (scorer)
A Leighton (Ambleside)
A Leighton (Aston Ingham)
A Leighton (Hemel Hempstead Town, Hemel Hempstead Town Second XI)
A Leighton (Southport and Birkdale)
A Leighton (Birkdale)
A Leighton (Purley)
AF Leighton (Hertfordshire)
AF Leighton (Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Imps)
AF Leighton (AWMS Griffin's XI)
AL Leighton (Old Westminsters)
B Leighton (Herefordshire Under-13s, Shropshire Under-14s)
C Leighton (Ilford Catholics)
C Leighton (Aston Ingham)
C Leighton (Barby Second XI)
C Leighton (Mill Hill School)
C Leighton (Aston Ingham)
C Leighton (Chingford)
CM Leighton (Northumberland Juniors)
CR Leighton (Haileybury and Imperial Service College)
D Leighton (Ashton-under-Lyne)
D Leighton (Hyde)
D Leighton (Hyde)
D Leighton (St George's College, Harrogate)
E Leighton (Dudley, Walsall)
E Leighton (St Paul's School)
EW Leighton (Dulwich College)
F Leighton (umpire)
F Leighton (Wrecclesham)
F Leighton (umpire)
F Leighton (Wrecclesham Second XI)
G Leighton (Ilford Catholics)
G Leighton (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-14s, Herefordshire Under-15s)
G Leighton (Colwall)
G Leighton (Herefordshire Second XI)
G Leighton (Shoreham Grammar School)
George Leighton (Bromyard)
Greg Leighton (Bromyard)
GH Leighton (Leeds)
GWB Leighton (Herefordshire, Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-15s, Herefordshire Under-17s, Ombersley, Pencombe)
J Leighton (Lansdown, Somerset)
J Leighton (Three Counties Cricket League)
J Leighton (Walsall)
J Leighton (Bollington)
J Leighton (Kidderminster)
J Leighton (Heywood's House, Oakham School)
J Leighton (Cowplain)
J Leighton (Bromyard)
J Leighton (Potters Bar)
JC Leighton (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Durham XI)
JP Leighton (Durham University)
JWD Leighton (Herefordshire, Worcestershire Second XI)
M Leighton (Incogniti, North London)
M Leighton (Barnes Wild Geese)
M Leighton (Highgate)
MW Leighton (Monkton Combe School)
N Leighton (Wolverhampton Wergs)
N Leighton (Pencombe)
N Leighton (Astwood Bank Women)
P Leighton (Aston Ingham, Lashings World XI)
P Leighton (Denmead)
P Leighton (Cowplain)
P Leighton (Adastrians)
P Leighton (Blackheath)
P Leighton (Newcastle and Hartshill)
PL Leighton (Westminster School)
R Leighton (Birmingham, Walsall)
R Leighton (IBM Hursley)
R Leighton (Ampfield Second XI)
R Leighton (Barnes Wild Geese)
S Leighton (Warlingham)
T Leighton (Lansdown, Somerset)
T Leighton (Brighouse)
T Leighton (Butleigh)
T Leighton (Yorkshire Cricket Council)
W Leighton (Caterham)
S Leighton-Porter (Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
A Leighton-Young (Old Parkonians)
R Leihgar (Butterflies)
R Leihgar (Guards)
J Leiman (Flitwick)
J Leiman (Bedfordshire County Cricket League)
Leiper (Dartford Women)
AD Leiper (Chigwell School)
DA Leiper (Arnold, Notts and Arnold Amateur, Old Chigwellians, Woodford Wells)
HM Leiper (Chigwell School)
JH Leiper (Chigwell School)
JM Leiper (Essex)
KN Leiper (Club Cricket Conference Women)
R Leiper (Woodford Wells Second XI)
RJ Leiper (Essex)
T Leiper (Newcastle)
T Leiper (Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
WA Leiper (Woodford Wells)
WGL Leiper (umpire)
BF Leir (Weymouth College)
L Leisching (Huyton)
Leishman (Kimbolton School)
Leishman (Leeds Press)
AWD Leishman (Westminster School)
K Leishman (Hampton Women)
R Leishman (Sale)
R Leishman (Farmers' Club Under-30s)
S Leishman (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women, Huntingdonshire Under-15s Women, Huntingdonshire Under-17s Women)
A Leister (Compton Dundon)
F Leistikow (Old Felstedians)
S Leitan (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
H Leitch (Eton Ramblers)
M Leitch (Westfield Saints)
W Leitch (Basford Mill)
C Leith (Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-16s)
C Leith (Wellington College)
CGJ Leith (Wimbledon)
CGJ Leith (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Leith (Cambridge University)
JM Leith (Trinity College, Cambridge)
L Leith (Middlesex Under-15s Women)
M Leith (West Midlands Women)
M Leith (St Andrew's College, Grahamstown)
O Leith (The Forty Club)
WRG Leith (Exeter University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, Old Wellingtonians, Surrey Academy, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-17s, Wellington College, Wimbledon)
R Leivars (Anston Fourth XI, Anston Third XI)
Leivers (Oundle School Under-16s)
Leivers (Oundle Rovers)
B Leivers (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
C Leivers (Notts and Arnold Amateur, Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI)
C Leivers (Oundle Rovers)
G Leivers (Nottinghamshire Colts)
G Leivers (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
O Leivers (Nottinghamshire Colts)
O Leivers (Colts of England, Northamptonshire, Oldham, Staffordshire)
O Leivers (Nottinghamshire Colts)
S Leivers (Notts and Arnold Amateur, Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI)
P LeJames (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
E Lejeune (Durham)
Leland (Women's Cricket Association)
Leland (OM Andrews' XI)
Leland (MA Pollard's XI)
Leland (JE Partridge's XI)
Leland (ME Maclagan's XI)
A Lelarde (Malvern College)
P Lele (Cambridge Granta Second XI, Hertford)
A Lelean (Roehampton)
G Lelean (The Cuckoos)
T Lelean (Roehampton)
Lelen (Will-o'-the-Wisp)
J Lelen (Brighton Brunswick)
JN Lelen (Newton College)
J Leleu (Bluntisham)
J Leleu (Sporting Press)
A Lelew (TCG Sandford's XI)
J Lelew (Sporting Press)
C Le Lievre (Channel Islands)
FWS le Lievre (Blackheath)
S Lelievre (Warlingham Under-18s)
G Lelle (Margate)
J Lelliot (Bishop Gore School)
A Lelliott (Three Bridges, Three Bridges Third XI)
J Lelliott (Gore Court Second XI)
T Lelliott (Three Bridges, Three Bridges Third XI)
M Lellman (Taplow)
A Lello (Hem Heath)
A Lello jun (Wedgwood)
A Lello sen (Wedgwood)
CP Lello (Cornwall)
D Lello (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s, Hayle)
E Lello (scorer)
G Lello (Silverdale)
J Lello (St Catharine's College, Cambridge)
M Lello (Hayle)
M Lello (Cornwall Under-14s)
P Lello (Cornish Crusaders)
F Lelu (Northbrook)
G Lem (Tring Park, Tring Park Second XI, Tring Park Third XI)
S Lem (Moulton Seas End)
S Lem (Stamford Town)
K Lemaire (Caton)
B Le Maistre (scorer)
B Le Maistre (Church Eaton)
C Le Maistre (Church Eaton)
SJJS Le Maistre (Old Peterites)
W Le Maistre (Brighton College)
Leman (Nottingham High School)
DA Leman (Gentlemen of Surrey)
DC Leman (Charterhouse School, Old Carthusians)
G Leman (Haileybury College)
G Leman (Barnes)
G Leman (Barnes Wild Geese)
GD Leman (Haileybury College)
H Leman (Chigwell School)
H Leman (Sherborne School)
JH Leman (Chigwell School)
LH Leman (Norfolk)
RC Leman (Aldershot Division, Preston, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
RC Leman (Charterhouse School)
T Leman (Nottingham High School)
TN Leman (Chigwell School)
H Lemanski (Wells Cathedral School)
M Lemanski (Wells Cathedral School)
GF Lemanton (Christ Church, Oxford)
Lemar (Stevenage Women)
B Lemar (Wolverhampton Ladies)
R Lemar (Hayes Hurricanes Women, Kent Under-17s Women, Kent Under-19s Women)
AW Lemarchand (Malvern College)
EE Le Marchand (Marylebone Cricket Club Women, Pershore Women, Worcestershire Under-13s Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women, Worcestershire Under-17s Women, Worcestershire Women)
FP Lemarchand (Devon)
FP Lemarchand (Malvern College)
S Le Marchand (Worcestershire Under-13s Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women, Worcestershire Under-17s Women, Worcestershire Women)
SJ Le Marchand (Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Somerset Women)
Le Marchant (Portsmouth Corinthians)
le Marchant (Peripatetics)
EHC Le Marchant (Harrow School)
M Le Mare (Somerset Under-13s, Somerset Under-15s, Somerset Under-17s, Thornbury)
M Lemare (Backwell)
D Lemarinel (Burscough, Mawdesley)
D Le Marquand (Chudleigh)
D Lemarquand (Chudleigh)
R le Marquand (Warwickshire Club and Ground, Warwickshire Second XI)
A Lemarquer (Selsey)
M LeMarshall (St George's Guild)
H Le Masurier (Farncombe)
J Le Masurier (Burton Latimer, Irthlingborough Town, Loddington and Mawsley)
GN Le May (Framlingham College)
RS Le May (Bangkok, Kent Second XI)
W LeMay (Bounders)
W Lemay (Canford School)
EO Le Messurier (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
W Le Messurier (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
Le Mesurier (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
LeMesurier (umpire)
CB Le Mesurier (Royal Artillery)
F Le Mesurier (Royal Artillery)
J Le Mesurier (JJ McCully's XI)
J Le Mesurier (Elstree School Masters)
JM Le Mesurier (Old Hurst Johnians Second XI)
N Le Mesurier (B Godley's XI, K Robertson's XI)
PN Le Mesurier (AP Singleton's XI)
TM Le Mesurier (Kensington Park)
JE Le Mesurier Halliley (Gentlemen of Suffolk, Sherborne School)
G Lemin (Radcliffe)
T Lemken (scorer)
Lemkin (Command Depot, Heaton Park)
C Lemm (Theale and Tilehurst)
D Lemm (Annfield Plain)
J Lemm (scorer)
M Lemm (Norden)
AB Lemmey (Bangor, Colwyn Bay, Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sydenhurst Ramblers)
H Lemming (Surbiton)
C Lemmings (Victoria Park)
M Lemmings (Bideford Littleham and Westward Ho!)
M Lemmings (Beaford)
Lemmon (Sussex)
Lemmon (St John's Wood)
Lemmon (Sussex Colts)
A Lemmon (umpire)
A Lemmon (Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
A Lemmon (scorer)
BR Lemmon (Ealing, Essex Schools Under-15s, Essex Second XI, Essex Under-25s)
CP Lemmon (Culford School)
CP Lemmon (Norfolk Young Amateurs)
CW Lemmon (Addiscombe)
D Lemmon (Locks Heath Second XI)
EW Lemmon (Addiscombe)
G Lemmon (St John's School, Leatherhead)
G Lemmon (umpire)
H Lemmon (Addiscombe)
M Lemmon (Isleham)
MA Lemmon (Histon)
NJ Lemmon (Worsley)
P Lemmon (umpire)
W Lemmon (Bury)
W Lemmon (Burnley)
W Lemmon (Addiscombe)
Lemmy (Twyning)
BA Lemmy (Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Lemney (Little Aston Stragglers)
A Lemoine (Hollingbourne, Hollingbourne Second XI)
HM Lemoine (Hertfordshire)
HM Lemoine (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Lemoine (Hollingbourne Second XI)
D LeMoir (Norfolk Over-60s, Norfolk Over-60s Second XI)
D LeMoir (Wisbech Town Second XI)
DA LeMoir (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Over-60s)
Lemon (St John's Wood)
Lemon (Acock's Green)
Lemon (Grenadier Guards)
Lemon (Bristol University and Friends Women)
Lemon (Hampshire Colts)
Lemon (Nettlefolds)
Lemon (scorer)
Lemon (Oakham School Under-16s)
Lemon (Ducklings)
Lemon (OM Andrews' XI)
Lemon (West Yorkshire Regiment)
Lemon (2nd West Yorkshire Regiment)
Lemon (V Straker's XI)
Lemon (EA Snowball's XI)
Lemon (GA Morgan's XI)
Lemon (Royal Armoured Corps)
A Lemon (Harborne)
A Lemon (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts)
B Lemon (King's School, Bruton)
B Lemon (Oakham)
BT Lemon (Essex Second XI)
C Lemon (Barnoldswick, Barnoldswick Second XI, Barnoldswick Third XI)
D Lemon (Free Foresters)
D Lemon (Locks Heath, Locks Heath Second XI)
D Lemon (Trowbridge)
DI Lemon (Wandering Crows)
F Lemon (umpire)
F Lemon (Warrington An XI)
G Lemon (North Abingdon)
I Lemon (Sanderstead, Sanderstead)
J Lemon (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-25s)
J Lemon (umpire)
J Lemon (Clay Cross)
J Lemon (King's School, Bruton)
J Lemon (North Runcton)
J Lemon (Sidcup Second XI)
J Lemon (Alvechurch and Hopwood)
J Lemon (North Abingdon)
J Lemon (Barnoldswick, Barnoldswick Second XI, Barnoldswick Third XI)
J Lemon (Oakham)
J Lemon (Morton Colliery)
JP Lemon (Cadnam Third XI)
L Lemon (Haileybury Hermits)
M Lemon (Leighton Buzzard Town)
M Lemon (Bere Regis)
MW Lemon (Fordham, Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
P Lemon (Abingdon Vale, Clay Cross)
P Lemon (umpire)
P Lemon (North Runcton)
R Lemon (Southern Command)
RC Lemon (King's College School, Wimbledon)
RR Lemon (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
S Lemon (Hockerill)
S Lemon (Barnoldswick)
S Lemon (Barnoldswick Second XI)
SM Lemon (Colne, Nelson)
SR Lemon (Clitheroe, Clitheroe Third XI, Colne, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-21s, Nelson)
A Lemond (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AW Le Monde (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Lemonius (EC Hornby's XI)
Lemonius (Dock Battalion)
Lemonius (Dock Battalion Officers)
Lemonius (Major Lemonius' XI)
GM Lemonius (Liverpool)
GM Lemonius (Liverpool)
A Lemont (Waterlooville)
Lempriere (Incogniti)
CC Lempriere (Radley College)
GP Lempriere (Dean Close School)
HP Lempriere (Caernarvonshire)
LR Lempriere (Haileybury College)
WC Lempriere (Dean Close School)
B Lenahan (umpire)
F Lenahan (Portsmouth University Second XI)
A Lenard (Sidcup)
WJ Lenard (J Burgess' XI)
L Lench (Chiswick and Whitton)
M Lench (Aldenham School, Harefield, Harefield Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Lench (Chiswick and Whitton)
T Lench (Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
T Lench (Derbyshire Cricket Board)
T Lench (Kidsgrove)
BJ Lendon (Christ's Hospital)
GS Lendon (Clergy Orphan School Canterbury)
RJ Lendon-Smith (Tonbridge School, Yellowhammers)
DR Lendrum (Felsted School)
G Lendrum (West Wittering)
HL Lendrum (Royal Military Academy Woolwich, St Paul's School)
JF Lendrum (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
PS Leneghan (Giggleswick School)
A Leneham (Egham Roses)
B Lenehan (umpire)
B Lenehan (Anston Fourth XI, Anston Third XI)
B Lenehan (Killamarsh Juniors Second XI)
C Lenehan (umpire)
J Lenehan (St Mary's College, Crosby)
R LeNeve-Foster (Shrewsbury School)
Leney (Tonbridge)
Leney (Gentlemen of Kent)
Leney (Royal Air Force (Uxbridge))
B Leney (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FB Leney (Kent)
FB Leney (Mote Park)
H Leney (Kent)
H Leney (Town Malling)
H Leney (Mote Park)
P Leney (Ashford)
R Leney (umpire)
RJB Leney (Uppingham School)
A Leng (Dauntsey's School)
D Leng (Nomads)
D Leng (Chiddingfold)
D Leng (Dean Close School)
D Leng (Hampshire Hogs)
D Leng (Follies Farm Old Spots)
F Leng (Havant)
H Leng (The XXII)
I Leng (umpire)
KM Leng (England Women, Super Strikers, Yorkshire Women)
P Leng (Harden)
P Leng (Harden)
T Leng (Great Ayton, Great Ayton Second XI)
T Leng (scorer)
W Leng (Birkdale)
WHM Leng (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
WS Leng (King William's College)
SJ Lengfield (Cuckfield)
M Lengo (Ramsdell Second XI)
AP Lenham (Swindon, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Club and Ground)
G Lenham (Sussex Martlets)
L Lenham (Sussex Under-25s)
LJ Lenham (Sussex)
NJ Lenham (Sussex)
S Lenham (Sussex Under-14s)
F Lenhardt (Glodwick, Werneth)
L Lenhardt (Werneth)
P Lenhart (Werneth)
C Lenigan (The Forty Club)
B Lenihan (umpire)
B Lenihan (Harthill Second XI)
C Lenihan (umpire)
C Lenihan (Sibton Park Women)
G Lenihan (umpire)
J Lenihan (Monton and Weaste)
J Lenihan (Lancashire Under-15s)
L Lenihan (Colchester and East Essex)
N Lenihan (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
P Lenihan (Harlow)
A Lenkowski (Ramsbottom Second XI, Ramsbottom Third XI)
EV Lenn (London Clergy)
Lennard (Fawley)
A Lennard (Brooklands)
B Lennard (Hartlepool)
C Lennard (Mitcham)
C Lennard (Oxton)
D Lennard (Buckingham Town)
D Lennard (Alderley Edge)
ES Lennard (Uppingham School)
EW Lennard (Leighton Park School)
H Lennard (Wilderness Park)
H Lennard (A Hobday's XI)
HAHF Lennard (Bullingdon, Eton Ramblers)
I Lennard (Leeds University)
JB Lennard (Bootle)
JM Lennard (R Howard's XI)
R Lennard (Portsmouth Bohemians)
R Lennard (Woodcote)
S Lennard (Gloucestershire Under-19s, Gloucestershire Young Cricketers)
S Lennard (Merlin)
SF Lennard (Leighton Park School)
WLA Lennard (Uppingham School)
P Lennard Payne (Somerset Stragglers)
P Lennard-Payne (The Forty Club)
PC Lennard-Payne (Somerset Stragglers)
D Lenney (Bacup)
I Lenney (Army Under-25s)
I Lenney (Army Cricket Association President's XI)
J Lenney (Ashtead)
CM Lennie (Cheshire, Stockport)
D Lennie (scorer)
M Lennie (Civil Service)
N Lennie (Civil Service)
H Lenniox-gordon (Chagford)
A Lennon (scorer)
AA Lennon (Norwich Grammar School)
CAM Lennon (Hornsey Second XI)
E Lennon (Felsted School Women)
G Lennon (Wales Under-13s, Wales Under-14s)
J Lennon (The Oratory School)
J Lennon (Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Hagley)
J Lennon (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Second XI)
J Lennon (The Forty Club)
JW Lennon (Downside School)
K Lennon (Penzance)
K Lennon (Northern Second XI)
M Lennon (Mobberley)
M Lennon (South West Manchester)
M Lennon (Biddestone)
M Lennon (Trowbridge)
O Lennon (Birstwith Women)
P Lennon (umpire)
P Lennon (Hertfordshire Over-50s Second XI)
V Lennon (scorer)
W Lennon (Crewe)
Lennox (Officers of Regiments Encamped in Holderness)
Lennox (Shrewsbury School)
Lennox (Alexandra Park)
A Lennox (2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards)
A Lennox (I Zingari)
A Lennox (Windsor Garrison)
A Lennox (Shopwyke Strollers)
A Lennox (Alexandra Park)
Lord AG Lennox (Knickerbockers)
C Lennox (Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey, White Conduit Club)
C Lennox (Beckenham, Beckenham Second XI)
D Lennox (Peugeot)
D Lennox (Peugeot Talbot)
D Lennox (scorer)
D Lennox (Redbourn)
F Lennox (Household Brigade)
F Lennox (Falkland Second XI)
F Lennox (Falkland, Falkland Second XI)
F Lennox (Falkland Third XI)
Lord F Lennox (Household Brigade)
FG Lennox (I Zingari)
FW Lennox (Blaydon)
G Lennox (Marlow)
G Lennox (I Zingari)
G Lennox (Harrow Wanderers)
G Lennox (North Riding Asylum)
G Lennox (Eton College)
GK Lennox (Rishton)
HG Lennox (I Zingari)
IS Lennox (Buckinghamshire)
J Lennox (Cockfosters)
J Lennox (Harvington)
J Lennox (Wallsend)
J Lennox (Evesham)
JSH Lennox (Old Alleynians)
M Lennox (Bishop's Castle)
M Lennox (Rayleigh)
R Lennox (Harrow Wanderers)
R Lennox (Alexandra Park)
Lord S Lennox (Marylebone Cricket Club)
SF Lennox (Colchester and East Essex Women, Essex Under-13s Women, Essex Under-15s Women, Essex Under-17s Women)
WH Lennox (Liverpool)
WK Lennox (Dunchurch Hall)
JN Lennox Cook (Oxford University Authentics)
D Leno (Hungerford, Hungerford Second XI)
C Lenoir (Thornton Cleveleys, Thornton Cleveleys Second XI)
G Lenoir (Thornton Cleveleys Second XI)
P Lenon (umpire)
R Lenorad (Cambridgeshire Colts)
B Le Noury (West Bridgfordians Fourth XI, West Bridgfordians Third XI)
B Le Noury (scorer)
P Le Noury (West Bridgfordians Fourth XI, West Bridgfordians Third XI)
T Le Noury (West Bridgfordians Fourth XI, West Bridgfordians Second XI, West Bridgfordians Third XI)
GH Lenox-Conyngham (Gonville and Caius College Long Vacation Club)
J Lenssen (Downend)
Lent (Reigate Pilgrims)
J Lent (Fleet)
J Lent (Fleet Second XI)
M Lent (Fleet Second XI)
S Lent (Andover Fifth XI)
S Lent (Fleet, Fleet Second XI)
S Lent (The Forty Club)
R Lenthall (Macknade)
AE Lentham (Eton Ramblers)
Lenton (Over)
Lenton (University College School)
A Lenton (Bedworth, Bedworth Second XI, Corley, Corley Second XI)
A Lenton (Foxton)
A Lenton (Attleborough)
A Lenton (Ambleside Second XI)
AMB Lenton (Brighton College)
B Lenton (umpire, scorer)
B Lenton (Cumbria Under-17s)
C Lenton (Southam, Southam Second XI)
CH Lenton (Blair Lodge School, Lincolnshire)
CH Lenton (Captain NC Cockburn's XI)
D Lenton (Paultons, Paultons, Paultons B, Paultons Second XI, Paultons Third XI)
D Lenton (Fair Oak Fourth XI, Fair Oak Second XI)
E Lenton (JW Marsh's XI)
ES Lenton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
ES Lenton (Notts Amateurs)
G Lenton (Huyton Recreation)
H Lenton (Horncastle, Liverpool)
J Lenton (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
K Lenton (Letchworth Women)
K Lenton (Hitchin Women)
M Lenton (Old Whitgiftians)
N Lenton (Waresley)
NPJ Lenton (Notts Amateurs, Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
PH Lenton (Middlesex Hospital)
R Lenton (umpire)
R lenton (scorer)
RD Lenton (Cambridge Town Club, Cambridge Union Club)
RD Lenton (Old Hurst Johnians)
T Lenton (Paultons Third XI)
T Lenton (Verwood)
W Lenton (Horncastle, Lincoln)
W Lenton-Brook (St Bees School)
D Lentz (Ropley Second XI)
M Lentz (Ropley, Ropley Second XI)
Lenwicke (Winchester Garrison)
C Lenygon (King's College, Taunton)
CH Lenygon (Somerset Under-17s)
M Lenygon (Devon Under-13s, Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s, Exeter)
M Lenygon (Exmouth)
NE Lenygon (Allhallows School)
N Lenyon (Old Honitonians)
A Leo (Port Sunlight)
S Leo (scorer)
P Leo Faulkner (Bluemantles, Manx Cats)
A Leon (Southgate)
A Leon (Aston Rowant)
A Leon (Stowe Templars)
A Leon (Stowe School)
A Leon (Ventnor)
A Leon (The Gemini)
AT Leon (Bersham)
D Leon (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
H Leon (Lewdown)
T Leon (Ventnor)
WA Leon (Law Society)
Leonard (Berkshire)
Leonard (Hungerford Park)
Leonard (Old Grammarians)
Leonard (Old Bristolians)
Leonard (Northop Hall)
Leonard (Brockenhurst County High School)
Leonard (Loughborough Grammar School)
Leonard (Alderley Edge)
Leonard (Hordle Village)
Leonard (Nottingham University)
Leonard (King's School, Chester)
Leonard (King Henry VIII School Coventry)
Leonard (Royal Artillery School of Artillery)
Leonard (Brooklands Third XI)
A Leonard (Eckington, Eckington Second XI)
A Leonard (Sawston)
A Leonard (Plymouth Civil Service and Roborough)
A Leonard (Bloxham School)
A Leonard (Kidmore End)
AW Leonard (Highgate School)
BA Leonard (Cambridgeshire)
C Leonard (Holmesdale, Holmesdale Second XI)
C Leonard (Northamptonshire Under-14s)
C Leonard (Wimbledon)
C Leonard (Uppingham School)
C Leonard (Dulwich)
C Leonard (Eastergate)
C Leonard (Brondesbury)
C Leonard (Broad Oak Second XI)
CH Leonard (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Kenilworth, Kenilworth Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Warwickians, Warwick School)
D Leonard (Westhoughton)
D Leonard (Mobberley)
D Leonard (Darcy Lever)
D Leonard (The Forty Club)
D Leonard (Alderley Edge)
D Leonard (Surrey Cricket League)
D Leonard (Winchester Krakatoa Simmarians)
DJ Leonard (The Leys School)
E Leonard (Durham Under-13s Women, Durham Under-15s Women)
EE Leonard (Flax Bourton, Flax Bourton Second XI)
F Leonard (New Brighton Colts)
FT Leonard (Huyton)
G Leonard (Littleport Town)
G Leonard (Formby, Huyton)
G Leonard (Prestatyn)
G Leonard (Prestatyn Second XI)
G Leonard (Wollaton)
GJ Leonard (The Oratory School)
GR Leonard (Weymouth College)
HS Leonard (St Peter's School, York, St Peter's School, York Second XI)
HT Leonard (Army)
I Leonard (Colehill)
J Leonard (Littleport Town)
J Leonard (Christ Church, Oxford)
J Leonard (Surrey Cricket League)
J Leonard (Clacton-on-Sea)
J Leonard (Eckington)
J Leonard (Mobberley)
J Leonard (Darcy Lever)
J Leonard (Cambridge NCI)
J Leonard (Cublington)
JD Leonard (Hymers College, Hull)
JD Leonard (Hymers College, Hull Second XI)
JW Leonard (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
L Leonard (Surrey Young Amateurs)
L Leonard (Scholes)
M Leonard (Stapleton)
M Leonard (Old Bristolians Westbury)
M Leonard (Mobberley)
M Leonard (Alder)
M Leonard (Wythenshawe, Wythenshawe Second XI, Wythenshawe Third XI)
M Leonard (Bristol Grammar School)
M Leonard (Broad Oak, Broad Oak Second XI)
MJ Leonard (umpire)
N Leonard (Warwickshire Imps)
P Leonard (umpire)
P Leonard (Durham Senior Cricket League, Felling, North East Premier League, Northern Universities, Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite)
P Leonard (Durham Under-15s)
PFJ Leonard (The Leys School)
R Leonard (Old Bristolians Westbury)
R Leonard (Sawston)
R Leonard (Old Bedfordians)
R Leonard (Fylde)
R Leonard (Water Orton)
R Leonard (Weybridge Vandals)
R Leonard (The Forty Club)
R Leonard (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
RFW Leonard (Sherborne School, Singapore Cricket Club)
RFW Leonard (Liverpool)
RGI Leonard (Bedford School)
RH Leonard (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
RH Leonard (Pocklington School, Pocklington School Second XI)
RL Leonard (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
RW Leonard (Gloucestershire Second XI)
RWF Leonard (Liverpool)
S Leonard (Bristol Grammar School)
S Leonard (Ramsbottom)
S Leonard (Stapleton)
S Leonard (County Alliance of Cricket Clubs)
S Leonard (Old Bristolians Westbury)
S Leonard (Adlington)
S Leonard (Puttenham and Wanborough)
SJ Leonard (Leighton Park School)
SW Leonard (Eton College)
T Leonard (Frome)
T Leonard (Horton House, Horton House Second XI)
T Leonard (St Peter's School, York Masters)
T Leonard (Yelverton Bohemians)
T Leonard (scorer)
T Leonard (Ampleforth College Second XI)
T Leonard (Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
TH Leonard (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
WJ Leonard (Wellingborough School)
WJ Leonard (J Burgess' XI)
Z Leonard (Kidmore End)
Z Leonard (Kidmore End Chairman's XI)
P Leonard Payne (Somerset Stragglers)
FT Leonards (umpire)
HG Leonard-Williams (Lancing College)
R Leonce (Real Oddies)
C Leondiou (Writtle)
R Leone (Marshalls Second XI)
T Leon-Fernandez (Warwick)
KK Leong (Sefton)
KS Leong (Taunton School)
P Leopard (Royal Air Force)
D Leoren (Christ's College, Cambridge)
C Leotaud (Beaumont College)
A Le Page (Thespian Thunderers)
A Le Page (Millfield School Under-15s)
AL Le Page (Marlborough College)
G Le Page (Channel Islands)
O Lepage-Dean (Camden)
A Le Pair (Orpington)
J Lepar (Lancing College)
G Lepard (Brockenhurst College)
Lepcha (Adjutant General's Corps)
PR Lephoi (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
L Lepine (Gravesend)
GA Lepingwell (Merchant Taylors' School)
MJ Lepingwell (Merchant Taylors' School)
RA Lepingwell (Merchant Taylors' School)
JH Le Pla (Hurstpierpoint College)
CE Le Poer Trench (Dean Close School)
JC Lepp (Harrow School, National Association of Young Cricketers North)
W Leppan (University of Southampton)
Leppard (Brighton, Hurst and Henfield)
AG Leppard (Priory Park)
C Leppard (Old Suttonians)
J Leppard (Cambridge University)
J Leppard (West Grinstead)
J Leppard (English Schools Cricket Association Under-15s)
K Leppard (Essex Second XI, Essex Under-25s, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
K Leppard (East Midlands Women Second XI)
K Leppard (Mears Ashby Women)
M Leppard (Stokenchurch)
R Leppard (Waterlooville Second XI, Waterlooville Third XI)
R Leppard (Waterlooville)
S Leppard (Falconhurst)
S Leppard (Stokenchurch)
CWR Lepper (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GL Lepper (Vale of Aylesbury)
JH Lepper (Aylesbury)
Leppert (Bournemouth Sports)
Leppington (Uppingham School)
Leppington (Royal Army Pay Corps)
JS Leppington (Uppingham School)
N Leppington (Gentlemen of Staffordshire)
R Leppington (Free Foresters)
RS Leppington (Uppingham School)
RS Leppington (Uppingham Rovers)
S Leppington (Gentlemen of Staffordshire)
WD Leppington (Uppingham Rovers, Uppingham School)
A Leppitt (Blackfield)
A Leppitt (North Baddesley)
le Preux (Leicester Ivanhoe)
J Le-Preux (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
AL Le Quesne (scorer)
J Le Quesne (Wilton)
J Le Quesne (scorer)
L Le Quesne (scorer)
PL le Quesne (scorer)
J Lequesno (scorer)
S Lerche-Thomsen (Bradfield College)
A Leresche (Broughton)
G Leresche (Kersal, Kersal Second XI)
MJ Le Resche (Solihull School)
P Leresche (Kersal Second XI)
PE Leresche (GS Napier's XI)
L Lerigo (Pateley Bridge Women)
M Lerigo (Ramsdell, Ramsdell Second XI)
SD Lerigo (Billericay, Essex Cricket Board, Essex Second XI, Hampshire Second XI, Leicestershire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-25s)
H Lerm (Castleton Moor)
R Lerman (Sarisbury Athletic)
CR Lermit (King's School, Canterbury)
A Lermont (Waterlooville Second XI)
O Lernay (Wellow and Plaitford A Under-13s)
M Leropoulos (Old Elthamians Granby)
S le Rous (Great Witchingham)
C Le Roux (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H le Roux (Parktimers)
M Le Roux (Old Colfeians)
M Le Roux (Wallington)
P Le Roux (National Westminster Bank)
R le Roux (Cross Arrows)
S le Roux (British Police, Castleford, Great Witchingham)
Leroy (Wagtails Women)
FR Leroy (Whalley Range, Whalley Range Second XI)
FR Leroy (Whalley Range Second XI)
H Le Roy (Eton College)
LSF Leroy (Cranleigh School)
A Lerpiniere (Northchurch)
Lerry (Metal Box Company)
Lerry (Old Elizabethans)
EF Lerry (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
A Lervill (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Lerwall (Sandhurst Wanderers)
O Lerway (Wellow and Plaitford, Wellow and Plaitford A Under-13s, Wellow and Plaitford Second XI, Wellow and Plaitford Under-15s)
ATD Lerwell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Lerwell (Wiltshire Over-60s)
T Lerwell (The Rifles)
RA Lerwick (Liverpool)
Lerwill (Green Jackets)
ATD Lerwill (Army, Army Under-25s, Hong Kong, Incogniti, Marylebone Cricket Club, Millfield School, Royal Army Service Corps, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Stragglers of Asia, Wiltshire Over-50s, Wiltshire Over-60s)
J Lerwill (Middleton, Middleton-on-Sea, Stragglers of Asia)
JAW Lerwill (Christ's Hospital)
JAW Lerwill (Royal Army Service Corps)
OWD Lerwill (Army, Army Under-25s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Armoured Corps, Stragglers of Asia)
Les (umpire)
N Les (umpire)
G Le Saux (Fields in Trust XI)
Leschallas (Eton Ramblers)
A Leschallas (Eton Ramblers)
A Leschallas (The Gemini)
Alex Lascelles (Eton Ramblers)
AGP Leschallas (Band of Brothers, Eton Ramblers)
AJ Leschallas (I Zingari)
Andrew Lascelles (Eton Ramblers)
GR Leschallas (Mote Park)
GR Leschallas (Eton Ramblers)
JRPP Leschallas (Eton Ramblers)
PP Leschallas (Brasenose College, Oxford)
EP Lescher (Formby)
EP Lescher (Southport and Birkdale)
EP Lescher (Stonyhurst College)
SC Lescher (Stonyhurst College)
SGH Lescher (Stonyhurst College)
N Le Seelleur (Worth School)
A le Serve (Old Whitgiftians)
P Lesferenc (Buckinghamshire Over-50s)
A Leshallas (The Gemini)
H Lesham-Green (Hampstead)
DPC Le Shirley (umpire)
CA Lesiak (Coggeshall Town)
N Leski (Bowdon)
C Lesley (Redoubtables Women)
P Lesley (Bracknell)
Leslie (I Zingari)
Leslie (Royal Engineers)
Leslie (Oxford University (Eton College and Harrow School))
Leslie (Royal Armoured Corps Officer Cadet Training Unit Sandhurst)
Leslie (Tanat Side Wanderers)
Leslie (West Ham High School)
Leslie (Poltimore College)
Leslie (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
A Leslie (Germany, Norwich)
A Leslie (Oxford University Authentics)
A Leslie (Lytham)
A Leslie (Dover)
A Leslie (Stragglers of Asia)
AF Leslie (Clifton College, Royal Engineers)
AFS Leslie (Carlton, Eton College, Scottish Universities)
AH Leslie (Dinnington and District)
C Leslie (Lords and Commons)
C Leslie (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
C Leslie (Lea Park)
C Leslie (Redoubtables Women)
C Leslie (KDV Reichwald's XI)
CE Leslie (Notts Amateurs)
CFH Leslie (England, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Oxford University)
CFH Leslie (Butterflies)
CP Leslie (Oxford University)
D Leslie (Seaham Harbour)
D Leslie (scorer)
DG Leslie (Felsted School)
DSA Leslie (D School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
F Leslie (Purbrook Second XI)
F Leslie jun (Portsmouth Community Second XI)
F Leslie sen (Portsmouth Community Second XI)
G Leslie (Burnham)
GAJ Leslie (King William's College Second XI, Sind, South Hampshire Rovers, United Services Portsmouth)
GF Leslie (Queen's Club)
H Leslie (JR Bridger's XI)
J Leslie (Oxford University)
J Leslie (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
J Leslie (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
J Leslie (Essex Second XI, Essex Under-25s)
J Leslie (Northampton)
J Leslie (Gentlemen)
J Leslie (SCB Ponsonby's XI)
J Leslie (WP Bolland's XI)
J Leslie (Windsor Garrison)
J Leslie (South Hetton)
J Leslie (The Forty Club)
J Leslie (Walthamstow)
JC Leslie (Gentlemen of Sussex, Marylebone Cricket Club)
JD Leslie (Hurstpierpoint College)
JEC Leslie (Hastings, Windmill Hill)
JH Leslie (JH Leslie's XI)
JH Leslie (Authors)
JH Leslie (Sheffield Scouts)
JWM Leslie (Wellington School)
K Leslie (Bembridge School)
KW Leslie (City of London School)
L Leslie (Pocklington School)
L Leslie (Pocklington School)
M Leslie (Grays and Chadwell, Stanford-le-Hope)
M Leslie (Ratcliffe College)
M Leslie (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
M Leslie (R Poulton's XI)
M Leslie (Redoubtables Women)
M Leslie (Ryde School)
MC Leslie (Haileybury and Imperial Service College)
OEH Leslie (Rugby School)
P Leslie (Reading School)
PN Leslie (Sherborne School)
R Leslie (Essex)
R Leslie (scorer)
R Leslie (Eton Ramblers)
S Leslie (scorer)
T Leslie (Old Etonians)
T Leslie (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
T Leslie (Surrey Over-60s, Surrey Over-60s Second XI)
T Leslie (Ross-on-Wye)
TA Leslie (Marlborough Blues)
TD Leslie (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
W Leslie (Bishop's Stortford College)
W Leslie (Stevenage)
WE Leslie (Cheltenham College)
RH Leslie-Jone (Southern Command)
FA Leslie-Jones (Bromsgrove School)
KM Leslie-Smith (Cheltenham College)
LC Leslie Smith (Rugby School)
LC Leslie-Smith (Rugby School)
STS le Soysa (Forest School)
JP Lesquereux (Northgate Grammar School)
Less (Southall)
Lessar (Shirley Park Second XI)
Lessels (Burnley Fourth XI)
EHP Lessen (Oundle School)
Lesser (Shirley Park Second XI)
NA Lesser (Formby)
A Lessey (Orpington, Orpington Second XI)
VO Lessey (Felsted School)
BC Lessiter (Cornwall, Sussex Second XI, Sussex Under-25s)
Lesson (Lincoln University)
A Lesson (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Cricket Association)
B Lesson (Woodhouses, Woodhouses Second XI)
PG Lesson (RP Nelson's XI)
Lest (Tividale)
NJ Le Stelleur (Worth School)
Lester (Bloxwich)
Lester (Dudley Second XI)
Lester (Banbury Britannia)
Lester (48th MU)
Lester (Bloxham School)
Lester (Wednesbury)
Lester (Royal Air Force)
Lester (Royal Air Force Polebrook)
Lester (Stowe School)
Lester (Warwickshire Second XI)
Lester (Lincoln University)
Lester (Ombersley)
Lester (Walsall YMF)
Lester (Milton Abbey School)
Lester (Bootham School)
Lester (Bootham School)
Lester (Sidmouth)
Lester (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Lester (Norcross)
A Lester (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
A Lester (Somerset Under-13s)
A Lester (Longparish)
A Lester (Wednesbury)
A Lester (Fylde)
A Lester (Fylde Second XI)
A Lester (Norcross Second XI)
A Lester (Old Dalby)
A Lester (Long Whatton)
AN Lester (Lloyds Bank, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
AN Lester (Lloyds Bank, Birmingham)
B Lester (Fylde, Fylde Second XI)
B Lester (Chatham)
C Lester (umpire)
C Lester (Norcross, Norcross Second XI)
C Lester (Mitcham)
C Lester (Eastcote)
C Lester (Dulwich)
C Lester (Barby Second XI)
C Lester (Huddersfield)
C Lester (Weybridge)
C Lester (Loughborough Town)
C Lester (Sutton Bonington Second XI)
CC Lester (Cambridge University Women)
CW Lester (Bradfield College)
D Lester (Hungerford Second XI)
D Lester (Stand Third XI)
D Lester (Eltham College)
D Lester (Harrow Wanderers)
DJ Lester (Beddington)
E Lester (Middlesex)
EI Lester (Yorkshire)
F Lester (Bloxwich)
F Lester (Chipping Sodbury)
F Lester (umpire)
F Lester (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
FBG Lester (FT Higgins' XI)
G Lester (Leicestershire)
G Lester (Brighton University)
G Lester (umpire)
GE Lester (Beddington)
GH Lester (City of London School)
GML Lester (Gentlemen of Dorset, Sherborne School)
HW Lester (Kingswood School)
J Lester (Edenfield)
J Lester (Earl Shilton Town)
J Lester (Nuneaton Second XI)
J Lester (scorer)
J Lester (Nomads)
J Lester (Wednesbury)
J Lester (Edenfield Second XI, Edenfield Third XI)
JA Lester (Corinthian Football Club)
JB Lester (Oxford University Next XVI)
JBG Lester (Dorset, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sherborne School)
L Lester (Somerset Under-13s, Somerset Under-14s, Somerset Under-15s, Somerset Under-17s)
L Lester (Nailsea)
M Lester (Northamptonshire Second XI)
M Lester (Linden Park, Linden Park Second XI)
M Lester (Malmesbury, Wiltshire Under-17s)
M Lester (Middlesex County Cricket League)
M Lester (Nuneaton Second XI)
M Lester (The Forty Club)
M Lester (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Lester (The Forty Club)
M Lester (Old Bedfordians)
M Lester (Ilfracombe)
M Lester (The Forty Club)
M Lester (Hinckley Amateur)
M Lester (Long Whatton)
MR Lester (Bedford School, Bedfordshire, Enfield, Middlesex Cricket Union, Norfolk Over-50s)
MR Lester (Bedford School)
N Lester (Bradshaw)
N Lester (Banbury, Oxfordshire Colts)
N Lester (Cogenhoe)
NM Lester (scorer)
P Lester (Nuneaton)
P Lester (Long Whatton Second XI)
P Lester (Coventry Craven)
P Lester (umpire)
PP Lester (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Second XI)
PT Lester (Warwickshire)
R Lester (Shropshire Under-15s, St George's)
R Lester (Topcroft)
R Lester (The Forty Club)
R Lester (Nailsea)
R Lester (Holmewood)
R Lester (Milton Abbey School)
S Lester (Nuneaton, Nuneaton Second XI, Nuneaton Third XI)
S Lester (Rowley Regis)
S Lester (Bloxwich)
S Lester (scorer)
SEI Lester (scorer)
SG Lester (Bloxham School)
T Lester (Leeds)
T Lester (Leamington Second XI)
T Lester (Pool)
TA Lester (Minor Counties, Oxfordshire)
TD Lester (Army Lions, D School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
TJ Lester (Lancashire, Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University)
TR Lester (Essex Second XI, Thurrock)
W Lester (Dudley)
W Lester (Burton and District)
WE Lester (Nuneaton)
WF Lester (King Edward VI Grammar School Nuneaton)
LV Lester-Garland (Sherborne School)
WC Lester-Smith (Bloxham School)
EC L'Estrange (Rossall School)
EH L'Estrange (Clifton College)
GF L'Estrange (Clifton College)
MG L'Estrange (Oxford University)
PH L'Estrange (SR James' XI)
P Le Sueur (Bloxham and District)
Lesurier (High Roding)
J Lesworthy (Canford School)
H Le Tall (Lincoln)
W Le Tall (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Lincoln)
C Le Tan (Cambridge University Crusaders)
M Letang (umpire)
M Letang (umpire)
Letby (Sleaford)
Letby (Melton Mowbray)
Letby (Norfolk and Norwich Club)
Letby (York)
A Letby (Yorkshire Colts)
J Letby (Grantham, Stamford, Uppingham, York)
R Letby (Bradford, Gentlemen of Yorkshire, York, Yorkshire, Yorkshire)
R Letby (York)
R Letby (York)
W Letby (Boston Spa)
D Letch (umpire)
HP Letch (Essex Women)
I Letch
I Letch (Billesdon)
ID Letch (Billericay, Essex Development XI, Essex Second XI, Essex Under-19s, Wickford, Wickford)
B Letcher (Donnington)
HB Letcher (Cardiff, Gentlemen of Glamorgan, Glamorgan, Swansea)
S Letcher (Royal Grammar School, Lancaster)
WJ Letcher (Cornwall)





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