England Players (K)


Kitchener (Royal Air Force Polebrook)
Kitchener (Archdales)
D Kitchener (Royal Navy)
E Kitchener (Amersham Fourth XI, Amersham Third XI)
FG Kitchener (Hampshire)
FG Kitchener (Ormskirk)
H Kitchener (Bedfordshire)
S Kitchener (scorer)
TB Kitchener (Kimbolton School)
W Kitchener (umpire)
W Kitchener (umpire)
W Kitchener (Amersham Fourth XI)
A Kitchener-Barratt (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Kitchener-Smith (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
T Kitchener-Smith (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
S Kitchenham (scorer)
I Kitchenman (Colne)
R Kitchens (Rowner)
A Kitcher (Parham Park)
C Kitcher (Lymington)
C Kitcher (Pylewell Park)
C Kitcher (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports B, Calmore Sports B Under-13s, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Calmore Sports Under-11s, Calmore Sports Under-15s, Calmore Sports Under-17s, Calmore Sports Under-19s)
C Kitcher (Bashley (Rydal))
C Kitcher (Pylewell Park Sunday XI)
C Kitcher (Pylewell Park)
CL Kitcher (Pylewell Park)
CM Kitcher (Pylewell Park)
D Kitcher (Swan Green)
D Kitcher (Parham Park)
D Kitcher (Lyndhurst, Lyndhurst Second XI)
G Kitcher (Wellow and Plaitford Second XI)
G Kitcher (West Wellow Second XI)
K Kitcher (Milford-on-Sea)
K Kitcher (Lymington Second XI)
K Kitcher (Exbury Second XI)
K Kitcher (Exbury)
K Kitcher (Bartley)
L Kitcher (scorer)
M Kitcher (Pylewell Park, Pylewell Park Second XI)
N Kitcher (Milford-on-Sea)
N Kitcher (Foster's School)
S Kitcher (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports B, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)
S Kitcher (Calmore Sports)
S Kitcher (umpire)
T Kitcher (Sarisbury Athletic, Sarisbury Athletic Second XI, Sarisbury Athletic Third XI, Sarisbury Athletic Under-17s)
J Kitcherside (Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI)
Kitchin (Army Pay Corps Section 2)
CE Kitchin (Bradfield College)
DH Kitchin (Westminster School)
EH Kitchin (Bradfield College)
EH Kitchin (Liverpool)
F Kitchin (Trentham Park, Wolverhampton)
FD Kitchin (Hightown and Northern Hockey XI)
G Kitchin (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Fifth XI, Gosport Borough Second XI)
G Kitchin (Gosport Borough Fifth XI, Gosport Borough Fourth XI, Gosport Borough Second XI, Gosport Borough Third XI)
JA Kitchin (Kent Second XI)
JC Kitchin (Berkhamsted School)
K Kitchin (umpire)
RB Kitchin (Liverpool College)
RT Kitchin (Paddington ARP)
Kitching (Hinckley Town)
Kitching (Harborne Kingsley)
Kitching (St George's)
Kitching (Hull Athaneum Second XI)
Kitching (Harborne)
Kitching (West Mercia Police)
Kitching (Archbishop Holgate's School, York)
AL Kitching (Kingswood School)
CS Kitching (St Olave's School, York)
D Kitching (Dunnington, Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s, United Services Portsmouth)
D Kitching (Marton, Marton Second XI)
D Kitching (Darfield)
D Kitching (Hinckley Town)
D Kitching (United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
DA Kitching (Dover Balloon Barrage)
EW Kitching (Gentlemen of the North)
G Kitching (High Halstow, High Halstow Second XI)
G Kitching (Sidcup Second XI)
G Kitching (Walmer Second XI)
G Kitching (St George's)
I Kitching (Nuneaton)
J Kitching (Tonbridge School)
J Kitching (Blackheath Proprietary School)
J Kitching (Army Pay Corps)
J Kitching (B Dodsworth's XI)
J Kitching (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
J Kitching (SM Toyne's XI)
JPS Kitching (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
JPS Kitching (York and District Clergy)
JW Kitching (York Banks)
K Kitching (Darfield)
K Kitching (umpire)
KE Kitching (Suffolk Under-13s Women, Suffolk Under-15s Women)
M Kitching (Iden)
N Kitching (Leighton Park School)
NB Kitching (Blackheath Proprietary School)
NS Kitching (King Edward VI College Stourbridge)
OJ Kitching (The King's School, Worcester)
PN Kitching (Radley College)
PN Kitching (Beckenham Public Schools)
R Kitching (Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
R Kitching (Nottingham High School)
R Kitching (Brigg Grammar School)
T Kitching (United Services Portsmouth)
T Kitching (Redditch Third XI)
TH Kitching (Huddersfield)
W Kitching (South of England Club Cricket Conference)
W Kitching (Blackheath Proprietary School)
Kitchingman (Stockport)
D Kitchingman (St Dunstan's College)
GD Kitchingman (Felsted School)
M Kitchingman (St Dunstan's College)
P Kitchingman (Old Dunstonians, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
P Kitchingman (Kent Over-60s Second XI)
Kitchiny (Nottingham High School)
Kitchon (Red House Preparatory School)
A Kite (East Woodhay, Easton and Martyr Worthy)
A Kite (Worcestershire Women)
AE Kite (Bury St Edmunds Grammar School)
B Kite (King's School, Rochester)
C Kite (Somerset Second XI)
ER Kite (Oxford University Women)
K Kite (Devon Dumplings)
K Kite (Devon Dumplings and Devonshire and Dorsetshire Regiment)
L Kite (Gore Court, Gore Court Second XI)
M Kite (Boreham)
M Kite (umpire)
PA Kite (scorer)
R Kite (Leeds Grammar School)
R Kite (Thatcham Town)
T Kite (Astwood Bank Women)
PSJ Kitlery (Eton College)
Kitley (Headley)
R Kitley (Headley)
RJ Kitley (The Forty Club)
RJ Kitley (Headley)
R Kitley Jnr (Headley)
R Kitley Snr (Headley)
C Kitscha (Buntingford)
H Kitsell (Noakes and Company Metallic Cask Works)
R Kitsinger (umpire)
Kitson (Army and Navy)
Kitson (London University)
Kitson (Officers of the Western District)
Kitson (Dorset)
Kitson (Staff College Sandhurst and Royal Military College Sandhurst Staff, Staff College Sandhurst Officers)
Kitson (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
Kitson (Manchester and District Cricket Association)
Kitson (Green Jackets)
Kitson (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Kitson (Stragglers of Asia)
AK Kitson (Forest School)
BM Kitson (Southwark Clergy)
CG Kitson (umpire)
CH Kitson (Forest School)
D Kitson (Ashford Town Second XI)
D Kitson (Woodsetts Second XI)
DL Kitson (Somerset)
DP Kitson (Dorset)
E Kitson (Kidlington)
EB Kitson (Romsey Social)
F Kitson (Northamptonshire)
F Kitson (Dorset)
F Kitson (Blenheim Park)
FC Kitson (Stourbridge Second XI)
FJ Kitson (Berkshire)
FP Kitson (Sherborne School)
G Kitson (St John's Training College, York)
J Kitson (Devon, Gentlemen of Devon)
J Kitson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Kitson (Shropshire Under-17s)
J Kitson (University Hall)
J Kitson (Bradford)
J Kitson (scorer)
J Kitson (RACS Second XI)
J Kitson (Shrewsbury Saracens)
Jarrad Kitson (Woodsetts Second XI, Woodsetts Third XI)
Jarrad Kitson (Woodsetts)
Joseph Kitson (Woodsetts Second XI, Woodsetts Third XI)
Joseph Kitson (Woodsetts)
JB Kitson (Cornwall)
JF Kitson (Oxford University)
JR Kitson (Glamorgan Under-25s, Kidlington, Wales, Wales Minor Counties)
K Kitson (Christ Church Beckenham)
MW Kitson (Bournemouth, Dorset, Dorset Under-17s, Wimborne, Wimborne and Colehill)
N Kitson (South Wilts)
P Kitson (Cheadle Hulme)
R Kitson (Gentlemen of Devon)
R Kitson (Lane Head)
R Kitson (Huddersfield New College)
R Kitson (Gomersal, Gomersal Second XI)
R Kitson (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
R Kitson (Gentlemen of Dorset)
R Kitson (Buccaneers)
RI Kitson (Rugby School)
RJ Kitson (Hampshire Hogs, Sherborne Pilgrims, Stragglers of Asia)
SJ Kitson (East Anglia Women, England Women)
TER Kitson (Royal Naval College Dartmouth)
W Kitson (umpire)
WD Kitson (Wakefield Grammar School)
WH Kitson (South Devon and East Cornwall)
WH Kitson (Gentlemen of Devon)
WH Kitson (scorer)
WT Kitson (Haileybury College)
M Kitson-Harris (Hartley Country Club, Hartley Country Club Second XI)
Kitt (J Hammond's XI)
Kitt (Bryanston Butterflies)
BM Kitt (Cornwall, Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s, Nottinghamshire Cricket Board, Nottinghamshire Cricket Board Academy, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-17s, St Austell)
C Kitt (Callington)
CH Kitt (Callington, Cornwall)
DA Kitt (Worplesdon and Burpham)
GE Kitt (Suffolk Club and Ground)
GE Kitt (Felixstowe)
I Kitt (Worplesdon and Burpham)
R Kitt (Worplesdon and Burpham)
M Kitten (scorer)
PG Kitteringham (Hertfordshire Colts)
A Kittermaster (Peterborough)
AR Kittermaster (Shrewsbury School)
DB Kittermaster (Shropshire)
FJ Kittermaster (Shrewsbury School, Shropshire)
FR Kittermaster (Royal Military Academy Woolwich, Rugby School)
FR Kittermaster (Frogs)
FW Kittermaster (Coventry, Leamington)
HJ Kittermaster (Rugby School)
MR Kittermaster (Rugby School)
N Kittermaster (Pylewell Park)
NT Kittermaster (Rugby School)
PFS Kittermaster (Rugby School)
WA Kittermaster (Windsor)
HS Kitto (Archbishop Holgate's School, York)
J Kitto (South Devon)
R Kitto (Plymouth College)
RC Kitto (Edinburgh, Llandovery, Llandovery College, Loretto School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
TP Kittoe (Butterflies, Old Westminsters)
M Kitton (Congleton)
Richard Kitton (Congleton)
Rowan Kitton (Congleton)
B Kitt-Osborne (English Schools Cricket Association South and West Under-15s)
N Kittow (CFL)
RRT Kittow (Blundell's School)
EV Kittridge (Cranleigh School)
Kitts (Bearwood College)
D Kitts (South Wingfield)
R Kittson (Gomersal Second XI)
PM Kitwood (Framlingham College, Lincolnshire)
W Kitwood (Lincolnshire)
JA Kitzinger (Cheshire Women)
R Kitzinger (Marylebone Cricket Club)
RC Kitzinger (Bowdon, Bramhall, Dorset, Farnham, Marylebone Cricket Club, North Perrott, Toft)
RW Kitzinger (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Kivi (Sefton Park)
Kiwi (South Hants Club)
Kiy (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
I Kiy (Wiltshire Queries)
I Kiy (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
I Kiy (Army Air Corps)
I Kiy (Devizes)
P Kiy (Axminster Town)
P Kiy (Wessex Stags)
AA Kiyani (Streetly)
AA Kiyani (Marston Green)
AA Kiyani (Dunlop Coventry)
N Kiyani (Fives and Heronians)
N Kiyani (Forest School)
N Kiyani (North Maidenhead Second XI)
O Kiyani (West Reading Third XI)
S Kiyani (Great Harwood Second XI, Great Harwood Third XI)
S Kiyani (Southampton Community)
W Kiyani (Aston)
W Kiyani (Aston Second XI)
A Kizis (Bury St Edmunds)
AJ Kizis (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Under-17s)
AJE Kizis (Suffolk Cricket Association, Suffolk Under-25s)
J Kizsley (Stockton)
L Kjestrup (New Zealand Air Force Women)
V Kkumar (Wokingham Oaks and Acorns)
DP Klackan (Felsted School)
J Klair (Shropshire Under-14s, Shropshire Under-15s)
S Klanovich (Lightcliffe Second XI)
J Klapper (King Edward VI Aston School, Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Coldfield Second XI, Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s, Warwickshire Under-17s)
J Klapper (Cheadle)
J Klapper (Bristol University)
J Klapper (Rockhampton)
V Klarfeld (LTCRS)
F Klassen (Norwich)
L Klatt (Hampshire Women)
LM Klatt (Surrey Women)
Kleft (Clifton Victoria Second XI)
J Klegweg (Eversley)
J Klegwes (Eversley)
M Kleimveldt (Salesbury)
A Klein (Cambridge University)
A Klein (Wanderers)
B Klein (Kimbolton School)
CC Klein (Westminster School)
F Klein (Addington Village Second XI)
F Klein (Chiddingly)
JD Klein (Sir JP Getty's XI)
K Klein (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley)
KW Klein (Cumberland Juniors)
M Klein (Huntingdonshire Colts, Kimbolton School, Oakham School)
N Klein (Sussex Under-13s, Sussex Under-15s)
N Klein (Wisborough Green)
P Klein (Cheltenham)
P Klein (scorer)
S Klein (Harold Wood, Harold Wood)
B Kleine (Oakham School)
K Kleine (Coventry Schools)
S Kleingeld (Thatcham Town)
S Kleinkeld (Thatcham Town)
RG Kleinschmidt (Bourne)
G Kleinveldt (Brighton Brunswick)
GR Kleinveldt (East Grinstead, Hampshire Second XI, Uxbridge)
M Kleinveldt (Wolverhampton)
MC Kleinveldt (umpire)
Kleinwort (Stowe School Under-16s)
C Kleisel (Oxford University)
Kleiser (Bromsgrove Martlets)
Kleiser (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
C Kleiser (Bromsgrove Martlets)
CW Kleiser (Bromsgrove School)
CW Kleiser (The Forty Club)
CW Kleiser (umpire)
M Kleiser (Bromsgrove Martlets)
MP Kleiser (Bromsgrove School)
W Kleiser (Christ College, Brecon)
WB Kleiser (Mumbles)
K-Lennox (Dunchurch Hall)
G Klenveldt (Hampshire Second XI)
S Kler (Bridge Trust Old Boys)
D Klerk (Theydon Bois)
C Kletta (Alderholt Under-15s)
Kleyweg (Surrey Optimists)
J Kleyweg (Eversley)
J Kliber (Bognor Regis)
JA Kliber (Club Cricket Conference Under-25s, Essex Academy, Essex Development XI, Essex Under-17s, Gidea Park and Romford, Shenfield, Shenfield, St Austell)
JI Kliber (Shenfield)
M Klien (Kimbolton School)
P Kligerman (Copford, Copford Second XI)
P Kligerman (Stourbridge Third XI)
CS Klimche (The Forty Club)
A Klimcje (National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI)
Klimcke (The Forty Club)
Klimcke (The Forty Club)
Klimcke (Reed's School)
A Klimcke (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
A Klimcke (The Forty Club)
A Klimcke (Reed's School)
CS Klimcke (The Forty Club)
S Klimcke (The Forty Club)
T Klimcke (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
T Klimcke (Reed's School)
T Klimcke (Jack Frost XI)
T Klimcke (The Forty Club)
L Kliminster (Tewkesbury)
S Kliminster (Tewkesbury)
Klimke (The Forty Club)
A Klimke (National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI)
CS Klimke (The Forty Club)
S Klimke (The Forty Club)
A Klimov (Warborough and Shillingford)
Klimpcke (The Forty Club)
CS Klincke (The Forty Club)
R Kline (Finchampstead)
P Klingels (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI, Old Brockleians)
P Klingels (The Forty Club)
A Klingenberg (West Chiltington and Thakeham)
P Klingerman (Gentlemen of Essex)
P Klinkenberg (Millfield School)
T Klinker (Glossop Second XI)
FP Klinkhardt (Brighton College)
A Klinton (The Forty Club)
K Klintworth (St John's School, Leatherhead)
A Kloeden (Oxford University Women)
T Klomp (Kent Women)
T Klomp (Folkestone Women)
C Klompas (Long Sutton)
P Klopper (Alder)
WA Klopper (Oxford University)
B Klosterman (Leverstock Green)
RL Klosz (Dunstable Grammar School)
Klune (Olton)
H Klus (St James's Montefiore)
HJ Klus (Brighton College)
M Klus (Hartley Country Club, Hartley Country Club Second XI, New Ash Green, New Ash Green Second XI)
E Klyne (umpire)
SC Klyne (scorer)
RG Knabbe (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Knacke (Fawley, Fawley Second XI, Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
MB Knaepel (Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Godmanchester Town Third XI, Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
RB Knaepel (Godmanchester Town Second XI, Godmanchester Town Third XI, Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-14s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
R Knagg (umpire)
Knaggs (Royal Naval Air Service, Howden)
Knaggs (Pocklington School)
A Knaggs (Lords and Commons)
CRD Knaggs (Epsom College)
GR Knaggs (Pocklington School)
H Knaggs (Durham University)
K Knaggs (St Cross Symondians Fourth XI)
KJ Knaggs (Tonbridge School Second XI)
KM Knaggs (Hampshire Under-13s Women, Hampshire Under-15s Women, Hampshire Under-17s Women, St Cross Women)
M Knaggs (Fair Oak Fourth XI, Fair Oak Third XI)
P Knaggs (Yarm, Yarm Second XI)
R Knaggs (Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI)
W Knaggs (Hornsea)
M Knan (Highfield Second XI)
Knapman (King's College, Taunton)
Knapman (Embley Park School)
AD Knapman (Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Knapman (Fives and Heronians)
C Knapman (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Second XI)
C Knapman (Devon Young Cricketers)
C Knapman (West Junior Women)
CJ Knapman (Durham University Second XI, Middlesex Second XI)
CJ Knapman (Middlesex Second XI)
GB Knapman (Devon)
GB Knapman (Devon Dumplings)
J Knapman (Allhallows School)
L Knapman (Ottery St Mary)
M Knapman (North Devon Second XI)
N Knapman (Canford School)
R Knapman (Devon Under-17s, Devon Young Cricketers)
R Knapman (Reed's School)
S Knapman (Fives and Heronians)
S Knapman (Lords and Commons)
S Knapman (Epsom)
T Knapman (Old Honitonians)
Knapp (umpire, scorer)
Knapp (Peckham)
Knapp (Gentlemen of Cornwall)
Knapp (Newport Pagnell)
Knapp (Sneyd Park)
Knapp (Sarisbury Athletic Sunday XI)
Knapp (West Chiltington)
Knapp (A Twenty-Two)
Knapp (Kingswood School)
A Knapp (Barclays Bank (London Branch Managers Club))
AE Knapp (umpire)
B Knapp (umpire)
B Knapp (Sarisbury Green)
BR Knapp (Cranleigh School)
C Knapp (Hampshire Cricket League)
C Knapp (94th Regiment)
C Knapp (Sarisbury Athletic)
C Knapp (Chenies and Latimer)
CM Knapp (Herefordshire)
D Knapp (Sulhamstead and Ufton Second XI, Sulhamstead and Ufton Third XI)
D Knapp (scorer)
DHL Knapp (Bedford School, Berkshire)
E Knapp (Newport Pagnell)
EMM Knapp (Gloucestershire)
FCH Knapp (Wadham College, Oxford, Yorkshire Second XI)
FH Knapp (Cambridge University Next XXII)
G Knapp (Rendcomb College)
GA Knapp (Lancing College)
H Knapp (Gresham's School)
H Knapp (Kettering Town, Kettering Town Second XI)
HN Knapp (Weymouth College)
J Knapp (Gentlemen of East Sussex)
J Knapp (Bedminster)
JW Knapp (Middlesex)
L Knapp (scorer)
M Knapp (North Staffordshire University)
M Knapp (King's College, Cambridge)
M Knapp (Highfield, Highfield)
N Knapp (Dartford, Dartford Fourth XI, Dartford Second XI)
N Knapp (Eastergate)
R Knapp (An Eleven)
S Knapp (Gloucestershire Under-17s)
S Knapp (Bedminster)
S Knapp (Bledlow Ridge)
S Knapp (Rendcomb College)
SS Knapp (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
T Knapp (G Robey's XI)
T Knapp (Albert and Edmunds Troupe)
T Knapp (Southampton Football Club)
TH Knapp (Army, Berkshire, Free Foresters)
TL Knapp (Lancing College, Lancing College Second XI)
WF Knapp (New All England Eleven)
WF Knapp (Old Carthusians)
WK Knapp (Oxford City)
D Knapper (Barnards Green Third XI)
G Knapper (Incogniti)
G Knapper (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JG Knapper (Cross Arrows, Marylebone Cricket Club)
L Knapper (Betley)
J Knappett (Nottingham University)
J Knappett (Roydon)
J Knappett (Earlham)
JPT Knappett (British Universities, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Unicorns, Worcestershire)
P Knappett (Cross Arrows, Middlesex Cricket Board, Middlesex Over-50s, Middlesex Over-50s Second XI, Middlesex Over-60s)
PG Knappett (Christ's Hospital)
R Knappett (Cross Arrows)
S Knappett (ECB Schools)
Knapton (Canford Cygnets)
A Knapton (Canford Cygnets)
AS Knapton (Canford School)
B Knapton (Alkborough Third XI)
C Knapton (Worcestershire Under-13s, Worcestershire Under-14s)
CS Knapton (Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire A, Lincolnshire Second XI, Lincolnshire Under-25s)
D Knapton (umpire)
H Knapton (Huddersfield and District Cricket League)
J Knapton (Lincolnshire County Colts, Lincolnshire Second XI)
J Knapton (Barton Town)
JJF Knapton (St Peter's School, York)
JSF Knapton (Yorkshire Cricket Federation Juniors)
K Knapton (umpire)
M Knapton (umpire)
M Knapton (Normanby Park)
M Knapton (umpire)
M Knapton (Normanby Park Second XI)
N Knapton (Lincolnshire Women)
N Knapton (Cleethorpes)
R Knapton (Gloucestershire Second XI)
S Knapton (Alkborough)
S Knapton (Alkborough Third XI)
Knatchbull (Gentlemen of Sussex)
Knatchbull (Royal Artillery)
Knatchbull (Marlborough College)
HE Knatchbull (Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxford University, Suffolk)
J Knatchbull (Royal Artillery)
N Knatchbull (South Wilts)
W Knatchbull (Gentlemen of Hampshire, Great Marlow, I Zingari, South Wilts, Veteran Gentlemen of Hampshire)
W Knatchbull (Peripatetics)
W Knatchbull (Kingscote)
CM Knatchbull-Hugessen (Cambridge University, Kent)
E Knatchbull-Hugessen (I Zingari, Smeeth Paddocks)
WW Knatchbull-Hugessen (Gentlemen of Kent, Kent)
Kneale (Chester Boughton Hall)
A Kneale (Cumbria Under-17s Women)
C Kneale (Windsor Great Park)
CM Kneale (scorer)
E Kneale (Eton Ramblers)
EJ Kneale (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Kneale (Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
J Kneale (Caythorpe Second XI)
J Kneale (Combined Services)
L Kneale (scorer)
LT Kneale (Liverpool, Liverpool Second XI)
LT Kneale (The Forty Club)
P Knechtli (Hurlingham Club)
PLC Knechtli (Hurlingham, Sherborne Pilgrims)
S Knechtli (Hurlingham Club)
SRC Knechtli (Cornflowers, Hurlingham, I Zingari, Sherborne Pilgrims)
Knee (Cheltenham)
B Knee (Frome)
MV Knee (Wiltshire)
PLC Knee (King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI, Old Edwardians Third XI)
SR Knee (Old Vigornians, The King's School, Worcester)
H Kneebone (Clifton)
JM Kneebone (St Paul's School)
RMT Kneebone (Clifton)
Kneen (Liverpool Institute)
TP Kneen (Haileybury College)
S Kneeshan (Beverley Women)
Kneeshaw (Beverley Women)
D Kneeshaw (Yorkshire Cricket Federation Under-19s, Yorkshire Juniors)
J Kneeshaw (Colchester Cavaliers)
C Knel (scorer)
A Knell (Hurstpierpoint College)
G Knell (Chestfield)
J Knell (umpire)
J Knell (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women, Huntingdonshire Women)
JF Knell (Kirby)
W Knell (Civil Service Crusaders)
Kneller (Birkenhead Park)
Kneller (Hampshire Colts)
Kneller (Gosport Borough)
A Kneller (Seaford)
A Kneller (Glynde and Beddingham)
AH Kneller (Hampshire)
C Kneller (Old Etonians)
E Kneller (Surrey Championship)
R Kneller (Beckwithshaw)
P Knetchli (Sherborne School)
S Knetchli (Cornflowers)
E Knew (Leicestershire Young Cricketers)
GA Knew (Leicestershire)
GF Knew (Leicestershire)
A Knezevic (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Knezevic (Old Bristolians Westbury)
P Knght (Wiltshire Over-50s)
AE Kngiht (Egerton Park)
Knibbs (Junior Liberals)
A Knibbs (Waresley)
A Knibbs (umpire)
A Knibbs (Lyndhurst)
A Knibbs (Olivers Battery, Olivers Battery)
A Knibbs (Lyndhurst Second XI)
C Knibbs (Hardington and West Coker)
H Knibbs (Wellingborough School)
H Knibbs (Horton House Second XI)
J Knibbs (Hyde)
J Knibbs (Shipton-under-Wychwood Second XI)
J Knibbs (Chard)
J Knibbs (Burford School)
JK Knibbs (Cheshire, Cheshire Under-17s)
M Knibbs (Waresley)
P Knibbs (Waresley)
P Knibbs (Waresley)
PJ Knibbs (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women, East Anglia Women, Hertfordshire Women)
R Knibbs (Wellingborough School)
S Knibbs (Hardington and West Coker)
S Knibbs (Horton House Second XI)
T Knibbs (Wellingborough School)
T Knibbs (Horton House, Horton House Second XI)
W Knibbs (Brunel University)
W Knibbs (Horton House, Horton House Second XI)
W Knibbs (Wellingborough School)
Knibbsa (Lyndhurst)
G Knicks (Sudbrook Colts)
B Knife (Harefield Second XI)
E Knife (Reading)
J Knife (Harefield, Harefield Second XI)
T Knife (Harefield Second XI)
W Knifeton (Formby)





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