England Players (J)


B Jeacock (Dulwich)
G Jeacock (Oxfordshire Under-13s, Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s)
M Jeacock (Oxfordshire Academy, Oxfordshire Under-13s, Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s, Oxfordshire Under-17s)
P Jeacock (Horspath)
P Jeacock (Oxfordshire Over-50s)
PA Jeacock (Oxfordshire)
A Jeacocke (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Air Force, Surrey)
B Jeacocke (Dulwich)
J Jeacocke (Honor Oak)
D Jeaffreson (Marlborough Blues)
H Jeaffreson (Middlesex Women Second XI)
HG Jeaffreson (Charterhouse School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
NH Jeaffreson (Hurstpierpoint College)
WR Jeakings (Bedfordshire)
JR Jeakins (Bedfordshire)
Jeal (Wem)
A Jeal (Roffey)
C Jeal (Kent Women Second XI)
J Jeal (Portchester)
M Jeaneaux (St Mary's University College)
A Jeanes (Staplegrove)
D Jeanes (Somerset Under-13s Women)
M Jean-Jacques (Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire)
Jeanne (Usk Cricket Club)
DB Jeans (Bath and Wells Clergy)
GF Jeans (Hampshire Second XI)
J Jeans (Sussex Women Second XI)
M Jeans (West Moors)
OW Jeans (Cranleigh School)
RH Jeans (King's School, Canterbury)
W Jeans (Old Wykehamists)
L Jeanton (Old Brockleians)
D Jeary (Happisburgh)
TGP Jeary (Club Cricket Conference, Dulwich, Dulwich College)
JH Jeaves (North Middlesex)
Jeavons (King Edward's School Birmingham Third XI)
AF Jeavons (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University)
C Jeavons (Surrey Over-70s)
D Jeavons (Kidderminster Victoria)
D Jeavons (Halesowen, Halesowen Second XI)
E Jeavons (Milford Hall Women)
EP Jeavons (Worcestershire)
FRS Jeavons (Charterhouse School)
M Jeavons (Staffordshire Under-15s)
M Jeavons (Halesowen, Halesowen Second XI)
P Jeavons (scorer)
R Jeavons (scorer)
S Jeavons (Shropshire Under-17s)
S Jeavons (Milford Hall)
V Jeavons (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
W Jeavons (Burnley, Lowerhouse)
W Jeavons (Dudley Second XI)
R Jeavons-Fellows (umpire)
H Jeayes (North Middlesex)
WA Jeayes (Merchant Taylors' School)
K Jebbett (Sussex Women)
K Jebbett (Folkestone Women)
H Jeboult (Taunton)
A Jebson (Yorkshire Second XI)
B Jebson (Kirkburton, Kirkburton Second XI)
F Jebson (Yorkshire Second XI)
J Jebson (Huddersfield and District Cricket League)
S Jebson (Huddersfield and District Cricket League)
D Jeckells (Wormingford)
J Jecketts (Cannock Women)
AM Jee (Gentlemen of Norfolk, Norfolk)
EA Jee (Old Harrovians)
JF Jee (Leicestershire Second XI, The Forty Club)
M Jee (Newdigate)
REG Jeeps (Bedford Modern School, Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire Young Amateurs)
V Jeet (Kings Heath)
JT Jeeves (Bingley, Keighley)
P Jeeves (Warwickshire)
T Jeeves (Hertfordshire)
HA Jeewajee (Pudsey St Lawrence, Pudsey St Lawrence Second XI)
EA Jefcoate (East of England Club Cricket Conference)
Jefcock (Sheffield)
J Jeff (Kent Women Second XI)
JA Jeff (Aldenham School)
RL Jeffcoate (Liverpool College)
Jeffcock (Sheffield)
C Jeffcock (Sheffield)
C Jeffcock (Thame Town)
C Jeffcock (Oxfordshire Under-17s)
A Jeffcote (Freasley)
E Jeffcote (Nuneaton)
F Jeffcote (Freasley)
A Jeffcott (Freasley)
S Jeffcott (Freasley)
R Jeffels (Lechlade)
PF Jefferey (Eastbourne College)
Jefferies (Kaleidoscopes)
Jefferies (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
Jefferies (Royal Artillery)
Jefferies (Northamptonshire)
Jefferies (Gloucestershire Women)
A Jefferies (Billingshurst)
B Jefferies (umpire)
B Jefferies (Gloucestershire Under-17s)
CN Jefferies (Wiltshire)
EW Jefferies (Monmouthshire)
G Jefferies (Belhus)
H Jefferies (Gloucestershire)
H Jefferies (Bromsgrove)
HL Jefferies (Leighton, Westbury)
HL Jefferies (Wiltshire)
J Jefferies (Stony Stratford Second XI)
O Jefferies (Belhus)
P Jefferies (Kings Heath, Moseley Ashfield)
P Jefferies (Cheadle Hulme Ladybridge)
P Jefferies (Aston Manor)
R Jefferies (Sussex Under-16s)
R Jefferies (Tunbridge Wells Fourth XI)
R Jefferies (Thrapston)
S Jefferies (Farningham, Farningham Second XI)
S Jefferies (Exiles)
S Jefferies (Maldon)
W Jefferies (Frenchay)
WH Jefferies (Bromsgrove)
WL Jefferies (Westbury)
WL Jefferies (Leighton)
B Jefferis (Old Southendian and Southchurch)
Jeffers (Leeds University)
A Jeffers (Hawks, Hawks)
C Jeffers (Gloucestershire Second XI)
CS Jeffers (Combined Services, Malaya, Royal Air Force)
D Jeffers (Hawks, Hawks)
T Jeffers (Kings Heath)
Jefferson (Middlesex Women Second XI)
A Jefferson (Northampton Saints, Northampton Saints Second XI, Northampton Saints Third XI)
C Jefferson (Caistor, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-15s)
C Jefferson (Eppleton)
CD Jefferson (Chester Clergy)
D Jefferson (Haslingden)
E Jefferson (Leicestershire Women)
H Jefferson (Airedale and Wharfedale Cricket League)
H Jefferson (Whitehaven)
HG Jefferson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HJ Jefferson (Old Carthusians)
J Jefferson (Army)
JAD Jefferson (Royal Fusiliers)
JH Jefferson (Liverpool)
JJD Jefferson (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
L Jefferson (Caistor, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-14s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
M Jefferson (Herefordshire Under-14s, Herefordshire Under-15s)
M Jefferson (Eppleton)
MF Jefferson (Malvern College)
PM Jefferson (Godmanchester Town, North Runcton)
R Jefferson (Whitehaven)
RI Jefferson (Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Minor Counties, Minor Counties North, Norfolk, Surrey)
S Jefferson (Millhillians)
TW Jefferson (Cheshire, Oxton)
WD Jefferson (Ripon)
WI Jefferson (British Universities, Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Essex, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire)
Z Jefferson (Fylde Coast Women)
A Jeffery (South Wilts, South Wilts Third XI)
A Jeffery (Bickley Park)
A Jeffery (Northampton)
A Jeffery (Surrey Home Guard)
AR Jeffery (Northampton School for Boys)
BA Jeffery (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Oxford University)
C Jeffery (Cambridge University)
C Jeffery (St Minver)
C Jeffery (Harborne)
CJ Jeffery (Skipton)
D Jeffery (Bexley Fourth XI)
D Jeffery (St Minver)
DG Jeffery (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians, Sussex Martlets, The Forty Club)
DJ Jeffery (United Services)
E Jeffery (Gore Court Second XI)
G Jeffery (scorer)
G Jeffery (Cornwall)
G Jeffery (Launceston)
GE Jeffery (Cambridge University, Sussex)
GM Jeffery (Public Schools)
HB Jeffery (Cheltenham College, Pembroke College, Cambridge Second XI)
HJ Jeffery (Essex Women)
HWJ Jeffery (Leicestershire)
JR Jeffery (Wellington College)
JW Jeffery (Epsom College)
L Jeffery (Eastbourne, Rugby School, Windmill Hill)
L Jeffery (Oxford University Women)
LTR Jeffery (Elstow School)
M Jeffery (Worcestershire Under-13s)
M Jeffery (Old Hill, Old Hill Second XI, Old Hill Third XI)
P Jeffery (Thornton Heath)
P Jeffery (Cumberland Juniors)
PE Jeffery (St John's School, Leatherhead)
R Jeffery (Shropshire)
R Jeffery (Purley-on-Thames, Purley-on-Thames Second XI)
R Jeffery (Thrapston)
S Jeffery (Middlesex Women)
T Jeffery (Alvaston and Boulton)
W Jeffery (Addington Village, Addington Village Second XI)
WTW Jeffery (Herefordshire, Ross)
AF Jefferys (Staffordshire Borderers)
GB Jefferys (Southern Universities)
H Jefferys (scorer)
B Jeffkins (scorer)
TW Jefford (Sheffield)
S Jeffree (Wokingham, Wokingham Second XI)
Jeffrey (The 63 Club)
Jeffrey (Madeley)
A Jeffrey (Wiltshire Over-50s)
A Jeffrey (Hampstead)
A Jeffrey (Eastcote)
A Jeffrey (The Forty Club)
A Jeffrey (Haslingden)
AR Jeffrey (Northampton School for Boys)
C Jeffrey (Keighley)
D Jeffrey (Radcliffe)
D Jeffrey (Little Waltham)
D Jeffrey (Sheffield University)
E Jeffrey (Formby)
G Jeffrey (scorer)
G Jeffrey (Durham County Schoolboys A)
GA Jeffrey (Bickley Park)
H Jeffrey (North West Durham League)
IME Jeffrey (Woodford Wells)
J Jeffrey (Bishop's Stortford)
J Jeffrey (Rawtenstall)
J Jeffrey (St Buryan)
J Jeffrey (Eastcote)
J Jeffrey (Oundle Town, Oundle Town Second XI)
J Jeffrey (English Universities Midlands)
J Jeffrey (Haslingden)
JM Jeffrey (Harborne)
JP Jeffrey (Northumberland, Northumberland Second XI)
JRM Jeffrey (Conqueror Dormitory)
JW Jeffrey (Burnley)
K Jeffrey (scorer)
M Jeffrey (Holmesdale, Holmesdale Second XI)
M Jeffrey (Old Hill)
M Jeffrey (Hull)
M Jeffrey (Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI)
P Jeffrey (Teddington)
P Jeffrey (Thornton Heath)
S Jeffrey (Cumbria Under-15s Women, Cumbria Under-17s Women, Cumbria Women)
T Jeffrey (Hawks, Hawks)
V Jeffrey (Hampset)
W Jeffrey (Derbyshire Cricket Association)
WAH Jeffrey (Shropshire)
WG Jeffrey (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Second XI)
Jeffreys (Hertford College, Oxford)
AH Jeffreys (Radley College)
B Jeffreys (Farnham)
C Jeffreys (Keighley)
C Jeffreys (Handsworth Wood)
DM Jeffreys (Taunton School)
E Jeffreys (Formby)
FS Jeffreys (Blundell's School)
FW Jeffreys (Hurstpierpoint College)
GM Jeffreys (Carmarthenshire)
H Jeffreys (Warwickshire Second XI)
HJ Jeffreys (scorer)
J Jeffreys (Normandy Women)
JR Jeffreys (Alnwick, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket League)
M Jeffreys (Herefordshire Under-14s)
M Jeffreys (Speldhurst)
MGC Jeffreys (Eton College, Public Schools, Southern Schools)
MW Jeffreys (Marlborough College)
RB Jeffreys (The Leys School)
RV Jeffreys (Bryanston School)
V Jeffreys (Glamorgan Colts)
J Jeffrie (Eastcote)
Jeffries (umpire)
Jeffries (Frocester)
Jeffries (North Warwickshire)
Jeffries (New Oscott)
Jeffries (Derby Midland)
Jeffries (Royal Artillery)
Jeffries (Household Brigade)
Jeffries (Stoke Bruerne)
A Jeffries (Billingshurst)
B Jeffries (Glastonbury)
B Jeffries (Bristol University)
B Jeffries (Old Hamptonians)
B Jeffries (Ashford Women)
BR Jeffries (Minor Counties South, Minor Counties West, Oxfordshire)
GA Jeffries (Portsmouth Grammar School)
H Jeffries (Grenadier Guards)
HN Jeffries (scorer)
I Jeffries (West Chittington and Thakeham)
J Jeffries (Kings Heath)
J Jeffries (Westminster Bank)
J Jeffries (Sussex Women Second XI)
J Jeffries (Sussex Women Second XI)
Jon Jeffries (Great Eccleston Second XI)
Jon Jeffries (Great Eccleston)
Joseph Jeffries (Great Eccleston, Great Eccleston Second XI)
JF Jeffries (Bournville)
LAK Jeffries (Denby, Derbyshire Second XI, Durham Second XI, Lancashire Second XI, Leicestershire Second XI, Wirksworth and Middleton, Worcestershire Second XI, Yorkshire Academy)
M Jeffries (Enfield)
M Jeffries (Burnley)
M Jeffries (Menheniot Looe)
MGC Jeffries (Eton College)
R Jeffries (Nottingham)
R Jeffries (Walsall)
S Jeffries (Ardleigh Green, Ardleigh Green)
S Jeffries (Sussex Women)
S Jeffries (Oxfordshire)
T Jeffries (Moseley)
TA Jeffries (Free Foresters, Northamptonshire Club and Ground, Northamptonshire Second XI)
W Jeffries (Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire)
W Jeffries (Brislington)
W Jeffries (Radlett)
WH Jeffries (Bromsgrove)
L Jeffryes (Herefordshire Under-13s Women)
Jeffs (St Cuthbert's Grammar School)
B Jeffs (Highfield, Highfield)
B Jeffs (umpire)
I Jeffs (Atherstone Town, Atherstone Town Second XI)
L Jeffs (Houghton Main)
M Jeffs (Warwickshire Under-15s)
G Jeftha (Hampshire Cricket League)
N Jeganathan (Middlesex Tamils, Radlett)
V Jeganathan (Middlesex Tamils, Stragglers of Asia)
A Jeggo (Rowledge, Rowledge Second XI, Rowledge Third XI)
B Jeh (Highfield)
MPW Jeh (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
F Jehangir (Braywood)
H Jehangir (Yorkshire Cricket Board)
JL Jekyll (Forest School)
ND Jekyll (Forest School)
R Jelbert (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Newquay)
HFD Jelf (Derbyshire)
HG Jelf (Oxford University)
RH Jelf (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
WW Jelf (Leicestershire)
AC Jelfs (Lincolnshire)
B Jelfs (umpire)
EC Jelfs (Banbury Central)
HR Jelfs (Kent Women)
L Jelfs (Brewood, Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
S Jelfs (scorer)
B Jellands (umpire)
RG Jellard (St Edward's School, Oxford)
WB Jellett (Dulwich College)
C Jelley (Exmouth, Sandford, St Just)
C Jelley (The Forty Club)
G Jelley (umpire)
GM Jelley (Berkhamsted School)
JD Jelley (Southwark Clergy)
M Jelley (Coventry)
M Jelley (Alfreton, Morton Colliery)
M Jelley (Berkhamsted School)
N Jelley (Langtons)
N Jelley (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Leicestershire Gentlemen, The Forty Club)
R Jelley (Leicester Ivanhoe)
AG Jellicoe (Isle of Wight)
D Jellicoe (Neston)
FGG Jellicoe (Hampshire, Oxford University)
GA Jellicoe (Cheltenham College)
HW Jellicoe (Haileybury College)
JJ Jellicoe (Neston)
Jellie (Westbury-on-Trym)
M Jelliman (Brigstock)
D Jelly (West Women)
I Jellyman (Fordham)
S Jelonek (Hook and Newnham Basics)
WM Jelt (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
F Jemildar (Portsmouth, Portsmouth Second XI)
M Jemildar (Portsmouth)
M Jemmeson (Sedgefield)
R Jemmett (Betteshanger)
WFB Jemmett (Huntingdonshire)
G Jemmot (Hawks)
E Jemmott (Hawks)
I Jemmott (Astley Bridge Women, Lancashire Under-13s Women, Lancashire Under-15s Women Development XI)
T Jemmott (Woodbank, Woodbank Second XI)
T Jemmott (scorer)
V Jemmott (LC Stevens' XI)
E Jemmotte (Hawks)
J Jemmotte (Barbados Overseas Cricket Association, Barbados Overseas Cricket Association Second XI, Catford and Cyphers Second XI, Hornsey)
J Jemmotte (Hawks)
A Jempson (Sidcup)
D Jempson (Town Malling)
J Jempson (Rye)
B Jenden (Wellow and Plaitford Under-11s)
I Jenions (Wavertree)
Jenkin (Southampton Institute)
A Jenkin (Werrington)
A Jenkin (scorer)
A Jenkin (Stoughton and Thurnby)
A Jenkin (Leicester Ivanhoe)
A Jenkin (Werrington)
B Jenkin (Cornwall)
B Jenkin (Werrington)
B Jenkin (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-16s, Cornwall Under-17s)
B Jenkin (Hayle)
BR Jenkin (Warwickshire Second XI)
D Jenkin (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-16s, Cornwall Under-17s, Troon)
DI Jenkin (Cornwall, Cornwall Over-50s, Troon)
E Jenkin (Penzance and District)
EC Jenkin (Civil Service)
J Jenkin (Old Grammarians)
K Jenkin (Cornwall Under-17s)
K Jenkin (Hayle)
K Jenkin (Troon)
KR Jenkin (Hurstpierpoint College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Hurst Johnians, Sussex Martlets, Sussex Second XI, Sussex Young Amateurs)
M Jenkin (Camborne)
M Jenkin (Redruth)
M Jenkin jun (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s, Troon)
M Jenkin sen (Troon)
MP Jenkin (Cornwall)
N Jenkin (BAT Sports, BAT Sports Second XI, Lymington, Lymington Second XI, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Second XI, Totton and Eling Third XI)
PM Jenkin (Bishop Auckland, Sunderland)
R Jenkin (Suffolk Over-60s)
RC Jenkin (Rugby, Warwickshire Second XI)
S Jenkin (Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s, Troon)
S Jenkin (Cornwall Under-15s)
S Jenkin (Troon)
S Jenkin (Lymington, Lymington Second XI)
S Jenkin (Totton and Eling Second XI)
S Jenkin (Dorset Over-50s)
T Jenkin (Copdock and Old Ipswichian, Suffolk Second XI)
W Jenkin (Hayle)
E Jenkings (The Forty Club)
Jenkins (umpire)
Jenkins (Peterborough)
Jenkins (Frome)
Jenkins (Kings Heath)
Jenkins (West Sussex)
Jenkins (Bath College)
Jenkins (Rugby)
Jenkins (Aston Campbell)
Jenkins (Ariel Works)
Jenkins (Clifton High School)
Jenkins (Young Professionals)
Jenkins (Western Command)
Jenkins (Beaumont College)
Jenkins (Shepherds Bush)
A Jenkins (umpire)
A Jenkins (Pembrokeshire Young Cricketers)
A Jenkins (Benfleet)
A Jenkins (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s, Hertfordshire Under-17s, Letchworth)
A Jenkins (Solihull Municipal, Solihull Municipal Second XI)
A Jenkins (Cornwall Under-17s)
A Jenkins (University College School Old Boys)
A Jenkins (Clarence Club)
A Jenkins (Southern Cricket League)
A Jenkins (scorer)
A Jenkins (Surrey Women)
A Jenkins (Marshfield)
AA Jenkins (Park House)
AC Jenkins (Durham University)
AGV Jenkins (Repton School)
AJ Jenkins (Bedfordshire)
AL Jenkins (Pershore)
AR Jenkins (Glamorgan, Oxford University, Oxford University Authentics, Wiltshire)
AT Jenkins (Bedminster Next XXII)
AV Jenkins (Blackley)
AW Jenkins (umpire)
AW Jenkins (Hinckley Town)
B Jenkins (Chestfield, Chestfield Second XI)
B Jenkins (University College School Old Boys)
B Jenkins (Penzance and District)
B Jenkins (Almondbury Wesleyan, Broad Oak)
BH Jenkins (scorer)
C Jenkins (Glamorgan Second XI)
C Jenkins (United Services)
C Jenkins (Hurlingham)
C Jenkins (Free Foresters)
C Jenkins (Derbyshire Women, West Women)
C Jenkins (Riverside Women)
C Jenkins (West Women)
CA Jenkins (New Brighton)
CE Jenkins (Brasenose College, Oxford, Oxford University Authentics)
CEE Jenkins (Lancing College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
CGL Jenkins (Tonbridge School)
CH Jenkins (Glamorgan Colts)
CJL Jenkins (Old Hurst Johnians)
CP Jenkins (Burridge)
CP Jenkins (Gosport Borough, Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
D Jenkins (Kirkham and Wesham)
D Jenkins (Cornwall Over-50s)
D Jenkins (Bexleyheath Second XI, Old Elthamians Granby)
D Jenkins (Claverham)
DC Jenkins (Clifton College, Durham University)
DG Jenkins (Bedfordshire, Bexleyheath, The Forty Club)
DJ Jenkins (Headmasters' Conference Schools, Old Merchant Taylors)
DM Jenkins (Cheltenham College)
DW Jenkins (Gentlemen of Carmarthenshire)
DW Jenkins (CT Weatherby's XI)
E Jenkins (Glamorgan Under-17s)
E Jenkins (Western Command)
E Jenkins (Ashbourne)
E Jenkins (King Edward's School Birmingham)
E Jenkins (Haileybury College)
E Jenkins (The Forty Club)
E Jenkins (The Forty Club)
E Jenkins (Barkisland)
E Jenkins (Worcestershire Second XI)
EAP Jenkins (Winchester College)
EB Jenkins (Christ College, Brecon)
EC Jenkins (Civil Service)
EL Jenkins (Cumberland, Oundle School)
EL Jenkins (Hereford City, Herefordshire)
EV Jenkins (Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Jenkins (St John's School, Leatherhead)
FHMB Jenkins (Dunstable Grammar School)
FM Jenkins (The Forty Club)
G Jenkins (Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s)
G Jenkins (Winchester College)
G Jenkins (Kibworth)
G Jenkins (Forest School)
G Jenkins (Highgate)
G Jenkins (Chester Boughton Hall)
GLG Jenkins (The Forty Club)
GNV Jenkins (Radley College)
GP Jenkins (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
GR Jenkins (Corringham, Essex Second XI, Essex Under-19s, Llandovery College, Pegasus and Corringham, West Essex)
GR Jenkins (Coleshill)
H Jenkins (Glamorgan)
H Jenkins (Ynysygerwn)
H Jenkins (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Under-17s)
H Jenkins (Upminster, Upminster)
H Jenkins (London University I)
H Jenkins (Bristol and District Cricket Association)
H Jenkins (St Helens)
H Jenkins (Ammanford)
HC Jenkins (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Welsh Universities)
HE Jenkins (Park House)
HG Jenkins (Sherborne School)
HM Jenkins (Malvern)
HR Jenkins (Cambridge University Crusaders, Harrow School)
I Jenkins (Gentlemen of South Wales)
I Jenkins (Heyford)
IG Jenkins (Haslingden)
IR Jenkins (Cardiff, Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Glamorgan and Wales Academy, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-17s, Harrow School, Harrow Wanderers, Marylebone Cricket Club, South Wales Hunts, Wales Minor Counties, Wales Under-15s)
J Jenkins (Monmouthshire)
J Jenkins (Overstone Park, Overstone Park Second XI)
J Jenkins (Oxford)
J Jenkins (Huntingdonshire, St Ives)
J Jenkins (Cheltenham, Cheltenham Under-16s)
J Jenkins (Birmingham)
J Jenkins (Old Whitgiftians)
J Jenkins (Moseley)
J Jenkins (University College of North Wales)
J Jenkins (Bourton Vale)
J Jenkins (Oxford Second XI)
J Jenkins (Bournemouth)
J Jenkins (scorer)
J Jenkins (Aston)
J Jenkins (The Forty Club)
J Jenkins (Northamptonshire Over-60s)
J Jenkins (Hitchin Women)
J Jenkins (Brigstock)
JA Jenkins (Kings Heath)
JB Jenkins (Gentlemen of Shillinglee, Shillinglee)
JBA Jenkins (Eton College, Eton Ramblers, I Zingari)
JC Jenkins (Northamptonshire Over-50s)
JC Jenkins (Tonbridge School)
JCG Jenkins (Gloucestershire Second XI, The Forty Club)
JD Jenkins (Devon, Devon Over-50s)
JG Jenkins (Beaumont College)
JGF Jenkins (Canford School)
JHC Jenkins (Sherborne Pilgrims)
JLW Jenkins (Bromsgrove School)
JM Jenkins (Oundle School)
JM Jenkins (Bristol YMCA Second XI)
JMA Jenkins (Hampshire Hoggets, Hampshire Hogs)
JR Jenkins (King Edward's School Birmingham)
JW Jenkins (Lancing College)
K Jenkins (Somerset Second XI)
K Jenkins (Bedfordshire Over-50s)
K Jenkins (Mitcham Second XI)
KR Jenkins (umpire)
L Jenkins (Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, Household of the Marquis of Bute, South Wales Cricket Club)
L Jenkins (scorer)
L Jenkins (Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s)
L Jenkins (Wolverhampton Ladies)
L Jenkins (Hertfordshire Under-15s)
L Jenkins (Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
L Jenkins (Newton-le-Willows)
L Jenkins (scorer)
L Jenkins (Loughton Women, Waltham Forest Women)
LJP Jenkins (Kent Cricket Board)
M Jenkins (South Wales and Monmouthshire Cricket League)
M Jenkins (scorer)
M Jenkins (Taunton St Andrews)
M Jenkins (Clevedon)
M Jenkins (Hampton-in-Arden)
M Jenkins (Sidmouth)
M Jenkins (Ormskirk, St Helens Recreation)
M Jenkins (Wales Under-15s)
M Jenkins (Sheldon Marlborough, Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
M Jenkins (Corringham, Pegasus and Corringham)
M Jenkins (Gosport Borough)
M Jenkins (Seaton)
M Jenkins (Wales Under-15s)
M Jenkins (Portsmouth and Southsea)
M Jenkins (Leamington Second XI)
M Jenkins (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
M Jenkins (Farnham Royal)
M Jenkins (Dorridge Second XI)
M Jenkins (Amersham)
M Jenkins (Buckinghamshire Women)
M Jenkins (Old Elthamians)
MJP Jenkins (Radley College)
NS Jenkins (Keble College, Oxford)
O Jenkins (Kings Heath)
OS Jenkins (Gentlemen of Carmarthenshire, Marlborough College)
P Jenkins (Somerset Second XI, Somerset Under-25s)
P Jenkins (Wiltshire Under-17s)
P Jenkins (Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI, Sidcup, Sidcup Second XI)
P Jenkins (Bexleyheath, Old Wilsonians, Old Wilsonians Second XI)
P Jenkins (Portsmouth)
P Jenkins (Thatcham Town)
P Jenkins (Burridge)
P Jenkins (Basildon and Pitsea)
P Jenkins (The Forty Club West)
P Jenkins (Duffield)
P Jenkins (Clevedon)
PE Jenkins (Wales Minor Counties)
R Jenkins (Neath Tertiary College)
R Jenkins (Gloucestershire Colts)
R Jenkins (scorer)
R Jenkins (Letchworth)
R Jenkins (Leamington)
R Jenkins (Ampfield Second XI)
R Jenkins (Great Western Railway Club)
R Jenkins (Wales Under-15s Women)
R Jenkins (Hurlingham)
R Jenkins (scorer)
R Jenkins (St John's School, Leatherhead)
RBA Jenkins (Brighton College)
REA Jenkins (Fareham, Gentlemen of Shropshire, Rossall School, Ryde, Shropshire)
RHJ Jenkins (Cambridge University)
RL Jenkins (Bath, Glastonbury, Somerset Second XI, Somerset Under-13s, Somerset Under-15s, Somerset Under-17s)
RL Jenkins (Millfield School)
RMA Jenkins (North East Essex Cricket Association, Rest of Essex)
RNR Jenkins (Rugby School)
RO Jenkins (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, The Rest, West, Worcestershire)
RP Jenkins (Oriental Club)
RP Jenkins (Haileybury College)
S Jenkins (Irlam, Irlam Second XI)
S Jenkins (Cornwall Under-13s)
S Jenkins (St Paul's)
S Jenkins (Park House)
S Jenkins (Ammanford)
S Jenkins (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
S Jenkins (Preston)
S Jenkins (Pershore)
SH Jenkins (Staffordshire Clubs)
SHG Jenkins (Wales Minor Counties)
SP Jenkins (Somerset Cricket Board)
SR Jenkins (Bangor, Bryn-y-Neuadd, University College of North Wales)
SS Jenkins (Royal Navy)
T Jenkins (Glamorgan Under-17s)
T Jenkins (Radlett)
T Jenkins (Bedworth)
T Jenkins (Collycroft)
T Jenkins (Shepperton Women)
T Jenkins (Calne)
T Jenkins (St James's Montefiore)
TA Jenkins (umpire)
TAJ Jenkins (Eton College)
TE Jenkins (Cardiff, Hertfordshire, Middlesex Second XI)
TE Jenkins (Knebworth Park)
TH Jenkins (Aston Unity, Aston Unity Second XI)
TI Jenkins (Glamorgan, Glamorgan Club and Ground, Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Second XI)
TK Jenkins (Glamorgan, Glamorgan Colts, Welsh Schools)
TW Jenkins (St Peter's School, York)
VGJ Jenkins (Glamorgan, Oxford University)
VJ Jenkins (Christ College, Brecon)
W Jenkins (Sussex)
W Jenkins (South Eastern District)
W Jenkins (Clifton)
WD Jenkins (Christ College, Brecon)
WG Jenkins (University College of North Wales)
WH Jenkins (Ashford, Brighton College, Gentlemen of Kent, West Gloucestershire Club)
WH Jenkins (Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University)
WHP Jenkins (Banbury, Bicester, Broughton, Deddington, Free Foresters, Shenington, Upton House, Warwickshire)
WJ Jenkins (Monmouthshire)
WLT Jenkins (Glamorgan)
WM Jenkins (Hurstpierpoint College)
WS Jenkins (Sunderland)
WT Jenkins (Monmouthshire)
WW Jenkins (Monmouthshire)
Jenkinson (Southport)
Jenkinson (Wisbech)
Jenkinson (Chester Road)
Jenkinson (Royal Air Force)
A Jenkinson (University College School Old Boys)
A Jenkinson (Langley Manor A Under-13s)
B Jenkinson (Bradford Cricket League)
B Jenkinson (Beverley)
B Jenkinson (Morley Second XI, Woodlands Second XI)
B Jenkinson (The Mote, The Mote Second XI)
B Jenkinson (Barnsley)
B Jenkinson (Army)
CJ Jenkinson (The Leys School)
CV Jenkinson (Essex)
D Jenkinson (Lincolnshire)
D Jenkinson (Loughborough College)
DG Jenkinson (University of East Anglia, Witham)
DJ Jenkinson (Eton College)
EG Jenkinson (Haileybury College)
FE Jenkinson (Buckinghamshire Under-13s)
G Jenkinson (Army, Army Under-25s)
G Jenkinson (Broughton)
H Jenkinson (Haslingden)
H Jenkinson (Blackpool Women)
H Jenkinson (Fylde Coast Women)
I Jenkinson (Loughborough College)
J Jenkinson (Staffordshire Under-17s)
J Jenkinson (Bloxwich)
J Jenkinson (Mansfield Woodhouse)
J Jenkinson (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
J Jenkinson (Denstone College)
J Jenkinson (Milford Hall)
JCL Jenkinson (Eton College)
JR Jenkinson (umpire)
L Jenkinson (Warwickshire Under-15s)
L Jenkinson (BAE Warton)
L Jenkinson (Ashby Hastings)
L Jenkinson (Lytham)
L Jenkinson (Middleton Cheney Women)
L Jenkinson (Brackley Women, Byfield Women)
M Jenkinson (Canterbury, Canterbury Second XI)
M Jenkinson (Didsbury)
P Jenkinson (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
P Jenkinson (Thornton Cleveleys Second XI)
P Jenkinson (Kenilworth Second XI)
R Jenkinson (Lincolnshire)
R Jenkinson (Thornton Cleveleys, Thornton Cleveleys Second XI)
R Jenkinson (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI)
R Jenkinson (Loughborough College)
RG Jenkinson (The Leys School)
S Jenkinson (Milford Hall)
S Jenkinson (Walsall)
SD Jenkinson (Staffordshire, Stone)
T Jenkinson (Blackpool Services)
WR Jenkinson (Sheffield Collegiate)
EH Jenkis (University College School)
Jenks (St Paul's Lozells)
Jenks (Handsworth Wood Second XI)
Jenks (Kinver)
H Jenks (West Women)
M Jenks (West Women)
MDC Jenks (Charterhouse School)
R Jenks (Shropshire Under-13s Women)
TH Jenks (Bohemians)
WG Jenks (Handsworth Wood, Olton, Warwickshire Club and Ground)
JP Jenkyn (Winchester College)
O Jenkyn-Jones (Middlesex Under-14s)
WA Jenkyn-Jones (Stowe School)
H Jenkyns (Monmouthshire)
C Jenn (Devon Under-17s, North Devon)
O Jenna (BAT Sports)
R Jenna (Cheshire Under-15s)
WJ Jennaway (Rutland)
C Jennens (Aston Park)





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