England Players (H)


Hussey (Surrey Club and Ground, Surrey Second XI)
Hussey (Army and Navy)
Hussey (Homerton)
Hussey (scorer)
A Hussey (Beaminster)
A Hussey (New Milton, New Milton Second XI, New Milton Third XI, New Milton Under-15s)
A Hussey (Beaumont College)
AS Hussey (Emeriti, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
D Hussey (Clevedon)
D Hussey (Devon Under-13s)
D Hussey (The Forty Club)
DM Hussey (scorer)
E Hussey (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Rest of the Alphabet, White Conduit Club)
E Hussey (Rawtenstall)
F Hussey (Woodford Green)
FP Hussey (Wiltshire Colts)
GE Hussey (scorer)
H Hussey (Derwent Wanderers)
H Hussey (Newton College)
HGL Hussey (Cambridgeshire)
J Hussey (Rugby School)
JA Hussey (Royal Navy)
JA Hussey (Harrow School)
JD Hussey (Clifton College, Devon, Devon Club and Ground, Federated Malay States)
JH Hussey (Stonyhurst College)
JW Hussey (Devon, Gentlemen of Devon, Malvern College)
LTW Hussey (Walsall)
M Hussey (Roe Green Second XI)
MJ Hussey (Oxford University, Oxford University Authentics, Rugby School)
N Hussey (umpire)
N Hussey (The Forty Club)
P Hussey (Langley Manor Second XI)
R Hussey (New Milton Under-11s)
S Hussey (Winscombe)
S Hussey (scorer)
T Hussey (Woodford Green)
T Hussey (HSBC Second XI)
TH Hussey (The Forty Club)
TJ Hussey (Rawtenstall)
VL Hussey (Buckinghamshire Under-13s Women, Buckinghamshire Under-15s Women)
W Hussey (Derwent Wanderers, Glastonbury)
F Hussian (Thornaby)
M Hussian (Five Ways Old Edwardians Women)
N Hussian (Asian)
S Hussian (Asian)
S Hussian (Upchurch Second XI)
Hussnain Shah (Heaton Mersey)
N Hussnan (Knypersley)
C Hustler (Liphook and Ripsley)
R Hustler (Great Melton Women, Norfolk Under-15s Women)
T Hustler (Market Harborough, Market Harborough and District)
J Huston (Upton)
JR Huston (New Brighton, Oxton, Wallasey)
P Huston (Solihull)
A Hustwayte (Loddington and Mawsley)
B Hutch (Millhillians)
K Hutch (umpire)
P Hutch (CF Tufnell's XI)
P Hutchby (Nottinghamshire Over-50s)
J Hutchcraft (Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
KJ Hutchcraft (Huntingdonshire)
J Hutchcroft (Tadkings Women)
D Hutchens (Weymouth)
D Hutchens (Dorset Development XI, Dorset Under-21s)
C Hutcheon (Hemel Hempstead Town)
C Hutcheons (Hemel Hempstead Town)
R Hutcherson (Corringham, Pegasus and Corringham)
G Hutcheson (Epsom College, London Hospital)
J Hutcheson (Totteridge Millhillians)
R Hutcheson (Colne)
T Hutcheson (Berkshire, Berkshire Second XI, Cobham Avorians, Oxford)
T Hutcheson (Camberley)
JD Hutchin (Nonconformist Grammar School, Bishop's Stortford)
Hutchings (Newcastle Emlyn)
Hutchings (Stratford-upon-Avon)
Hutchings (Middlesex Colts)
A Hutchings (Gloucestershire Under-13s Women)
B Hutchings (Grendon and Prims)
C Hutchings (Streetly)
C Hutchings (Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
C Hutchings (MG Griffith's XI)
C Hutchings (Aston Unity Under-16s)
C Hutchings (Bedfordshire)
C Hutchings (Corse and Staunton)
CK Hutchings (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Wanderers)
CPP Hutchings (Ramsbottom Second XI, Ramsbottom Third XI)
D Hutchings (scorer)
E Hutchings (Private Banks)
EJ Hutchings (The Leys School)
FJ Hutchings (Dorset, Southborough)
FV Hutchings (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
Giles Hutchings (Launceston)
Glyn Hutchings (Launceston)
GLR Hutchings (Monmouthshire)
GS Hutchings (Werrington)
I Hutchings (Mitchell's and Butler's)
I Hutchings (Streetly)
I Hutchings (Aston Unity Under-16s)
J Hutchings (Wanstead)
J Hutchings (Royal Navy)
J Hutchings (Gloucestershire Under-13s)
J Hutchings (Canterbury Second XI)
JE Hutchings (Tunbridge Wells)
JGB Hutchings (Giggleswick School)
JS Hutchings (Tonbridge School)
KG Hutchings (Devon)
KL Hutchings (England, Gentlemen, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, South)
KL Hutchings (Aston Unity)
M Hutchings (Shifnal Second XI, Shifnal Third XI)
M Hutchings (Bankfoot)
M Hutchings (Saltash Town)
N Hutchings (Gloucestershire Young Cricketers)
NA Hutchings (Hampshire Second XI, Hampshire Under-25s, National Association of Young Cricketers)
NJ Hutchings (Frocester)
P Hutchings (King Edward's School Birmingham)
PA Hutchings (Somerset Second XI, Taunton School)
PW Hutchings (Cranleigh School, Universities Athletic Union)
R Hutchings (Devon Under-17s, Devon Under-19s)
R Hutchings (scorer)
R Hutchings (Ilminster, Seaton)
RI Hutchings (umpire)
RJ Hutchings (Taunton School)
RM Hutchings (Leicestershire Cricket Board)
RN Hutchings (Army and Navy)
RN Hutchings (Sherborne School)
T Hutchings (Aston Unity Under-16s)
T Hutchings (Riverside Women, Surrey Women Second XI)
WEC Hutchings (Kent, Worcestershire)
Hutchins (Harborne Kingsley)
C Hutchins (Leicester Nomads)
C Hutchins (Streetly)
C Hutchins (Pickwick)
C Hutchins (Cockfosters)
CJA Hutchins (Radley Rangers)
D Hutchins (Dorset Under-17s)
D Hutchins (Hursley Park, Hursley Park Fourth XI)
FL Hutchins (Rugby School)
G Hutchins (Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI)
G Hutchins (Farningham, Farningham Second XI)
G Hutchins (Andover)
GW Hutchins (Middlesex)
H Hutchins (The Node)
HAP Hutchins (Berkhamsted School)
HF Hutchins (Ealing)
HGMC Hutchins (South Shields, Tyneside Wanderers)
HRP Hutchins (Berkhamsted School)
I Hutchins (Streetly)
J Hutchins (Whitehaven)
J Hutchins (Small Heath)
J Hutchins (St John's Wood)
JC Hutchins (West Kent Colts)
JE Hutchins (Bedfordshire)
M Hutchins (Bankfoot, Bankfoot Second XI)
M Hutchins (Chard)
PP Hutchins (Madras, Marylebone Cricket Club)
PP Hutchins (Haileybury College)
R Hutchins (Hinckley Town, Leicestershire Cricket Board, Nuneaton)
R Hutchins (umpire)
R Hutchins (Earl of Winchilsea's XI)
RS Hutchins (Bristol YMCA Second XI)
S Hutchins (Cockfosters)
S Hutchins (Devon Under-15s Women)
T Hutchins (Andover)
W Hutchins (umpire)
William Hutchins (South Woodford, South Woodford)
WC Hutchins (Berkshire)
WE Hutchins (St Paul's School)
Hutchinson (West)
Hutchinson (Cardiff University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
Hutchinson (Bishopwearmouth)
Hutchinson (Carlisle)
Hutchinson (Newark)
Hutchinson (Leeds)
Hutchinson (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Hutchinson (Bedworth Third XI)
Hutchinson (Nunhead)
Hutchinson (South Devon and East Cornwall)
Hutchinson (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
Hutchinson (Leicester City League)
Hutchinson (Royal Artillery E Battery 14th Brigade)
Hutchinson (Stroud)
Hutchinson (Stockton-on-Tees)
Hutchinson (umpire)
Hutchinson (Northern Command)
Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Hutchinson (Rishton)
Hutchinson (Aldershot Division)
Hutchinson (Kidderminster)
Hutchinson (Cheshire Women)
Hutchinson (Fakenham Women)
A Hutchinson (umpire)
A Hutchinson (Long Ditton)
ACC Hutchinson (Merchant Taylors' School)
AH Hutchinson (Oundle School)
AJ Hutchinson (Birkenhead Park)
B Hutchinson (Chessington)
B Hutchinson (Marton, Marton Second XI, Middlesbrough)
B Hutchinson (Redcar)
C Hutchinson (Midhurst)
C Hutchinson (Royal Artillery E Battery 14th Brigade)
C Hutchinson (Free Foresters)
C Hutchinson (University of London)
C Hutchinson (Royton)
C Hutchinson (Lancashire League Women)
CD Hutchinson (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians, Old Hurst Johnians Second XI)
CGL Hutchinson (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
CH Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Artillery)
CH Hutchinson (Priory Park)
CK Hutchinson (Household Brigade)
CW Hutchinson (City of London School)
D Hutchinson (Nettleham)
D Hutchinson (South Northumberland)
D Hutchinson (Halstead)
D Hutchinson (Warrington)
D Hutchinson (Slaithwaite)
DJ Hutchinson (The Rest, West Women)
DP Hutchinson (King's College School, Wimbledon)
E Hutchinson (Durham, Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Hutchinson (Chester-le-Street)
E Hutchinson (East Sussex, Gentlemen of Sussex, Priory Park, West Sussex)
E Hutchinson (Norfolk Women)
EN Hutchinson (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
EW Hutchinson (City of London School)
F Hutchinson (Yorkshire Colts, Yorkshire Second XI)
F Hutchinson (Durham)
FG Hutchinson (City of London School)
FS Hutchinson (Dublin University)
G Hutchinson (Cheshire)
G Hutchinson (Lincolnshire)
G Hutchinson (Burton-on-Trent)
G Hutchinson (umpire)
G Hutchinson (Barnard Castle)
GF Hutchinson (Epsom College)
GH Hutchinson (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Durham XI, W Angus' XI)
GM Hutchinson (Cambridge University)
GP Hutchinson (Alnwick, Durham University, GT Archer's XI, Northumberland)
GR Hutchinson (Blackheath, Blackheath Proprietary School)
GW Hutchinson (Breconshire, Gentlemen of Breconshire, Golden Mile Club, Monmouthshire, South Wales Cricket Club)
H Hutchinson (Eastbourne)
H Hutchinson (Grantham, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Sleaford)
HG Hutchinson (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)
HT Hutchinson (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
HT Hutchinson (Ipswich Grammar School)
I Hutchinson (Kenilworth)
IJF Hutchinson (Middlesex, Shropshire)
J Hutchinson (umpire)
J Hutchinson (Alnwick, Durham, Durham Club and Ground, Northumberland, Tyneside Wanderers)
J Hutchinson (Millhillians)
J Hutchinson (Driffield Town)
J Hutchinson (Liverpool)
J Hutchinson (Bradford Colts)
J Hutchinson (Wiltshire Under-13s)
J Hutchinson (Rotherham)
J Hutchinson (Nottingham)
J Hutchinson (Dulwich College)
J Hutchinson (The Forty Club)
J Hutchinson (Hartlepool)
J Hutchinson (Twickenham Riverside Women)
JB Hutchinson (Northumberland Schools)
JC Hutchinson (Trinity College, Oxford)
JF Hutchinson (Shrewsbury Saracens)
JG Hutchinson (Notts Amateurs)
JH Hutchinson (Eastbourne College)
JH Hutchinson (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
JK Hutchinson (Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys)
JM Hutchinson (Derbyshire)
JM Hutchinson (Shrewsbury Saracens)
JP Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JS Hutchinson (Bowdon, Cheshire, Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire, Hawkstone, Huntley Hall Rangers, Mansfield, Notts Amateurs, Sutton-in-Ashfield)
JV Hutchinson (Shrewsbury School)
K Hutchinson (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Juniors)
K Hutchinson (Durham Under-13s Women, Durham Under-15s Women)
K Hutchinson (umpire)
KN Hutchinson (scorer)
L Hutchinson (Rishton Second XI, Rishton Third XI)
L Hutchinson (scorer)
L Hutchinson (Epsom College)
L Hutchinson (Fair Oak)
LS Hutchinson (Leicestershire)
M Hutchinson (Sussex Second XI)
M Hutchinson (Halesowen, Halesowen Second XI, Halesowen Third XI)
M Hutchinson (Askern Welfare)
M Hutchinson (Knebworth Park)
M Hutchinson (Associated Electrical Industries (Rugby))
M Hutchinson (Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI)
M Hutchinson (Marton, Marton Second XI)
MD Hutchinson (New Brighton)
MR Hutchinson (Club Cricket Conference)
MS Hutchinson (Bristol University)
N Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
NF Hutchinson (Royal Air Force)
P Hutchinson (York University)
P Hutchinson (umpire)
P Hutchinson (Bishop Auckland and District, Crook and District, Darlington)
P Hutchinson (umpire)
P Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Hutchinson (Durham)
P Hutchinson (Cleethorpes)
P Hutchinson (Maltby)
Paul Hutchinson (Oakmere)
Peter Hutchinson (Oakmere)
PJ Hutchinson (Bedfordshire Over-50s)
R Hutchinson (Alnwick, Northumberland, Northumberland Second XI)
R Hutchinson (Rishton)
R Hutchinson (Heywood)
R Hutchinson (Yorkshire Cricket Council)
R Hutchinson (Troubadours)
R Hutchinson (High Wycombe)
R Hutchinson (N Whitfield's XI)
R Hutchinson (Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys)
R Hutchinson (The Forty Club)
RB Hutchinson (Northumberland Schoolboys)
RJ Hutchinson (Private Banks)
RJ Hutchinson (Liverpool Clergy)
RM Hutchinson (The Forty Club)
S Hutchinson (Rishton)
S Hutchinson (Pilgrims)
S Hutchinson (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
S Hutchinson (Durham Under-15s Women, Durham Under-17s Women)
S Hutchinson (North Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association)
S Hutchinson (Northumberland Banks)
S Hutchinson (Durham Over-50s, Northumberland and Durham Over-60s, Northumberland Cricket League)
S Hutchinson (Ansley Sports)
S Hutchinson (Roe Green)
S Hutchinson (Redcar)
S Hutchinson (Bowdon Women)
SC Hutchinson (Castle Park Past and Present)
SR Hutchinson (St Peter's School, York)
T Hutchinson (Free Foresters)
T Hutchinson (North and East Ridings)
T Hutchinson (Lancing College)
T Hutchinson (Halstead)
TA Hutchinson (Lancashire Second XI)
TV Hutchinson (Shrewsbury School)
W Hutchinson (Newmarket)
W Hutchinson (Sunderland and District League)
W Hutchinson (Denstone College)
W Hutchinson (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
W Hutchinson (Rugby School)
WA Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
WE Hutchinson (Norfolk)
WFM Hutchinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WS Hutchinson (Staffordshire)
AM Hutchison (Norfolk Women)
C Hutchison (I Zingari)
CK Hutchison (Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Household Brigade, Marylebone Cricket Club)
CR Hutchison (Free Foresters)
D Hutchison (Sunderland AFC All Stars)
D Hutchison (Barby Second XI)
GC Hutchison (Eton College)
J Hutchison (umpire)
J Hutchison (Barby Second XI)
JO Hutchison (Eton Ramblers)
N Hutchison (Hornchurch Athletic)
OK Hutchison (Household Brigade)
PM Hutchison (Middlesex, Sussex, The Rest, Yorkshire)
R Hutchison (Pudsey St Lawrence Second XI)
RB Hutchison (Dublin University)
S Hutchison (Addington Village, Addington Village Second XI)
T Hutchison (Horspath)
W Hutchison (Small Heath)
W Hutchon (Small Heath Langley)
A Hutcines (Gloucestershire Under-13s Women)
F Huth (Charterhouse School)
H Huth (Gentlemen of the North)
P Huth (Charterhouse School)
GH Huthwaite (Barrow)
B Hutley (Southgate)
C Hutley (Lutterworth Women)
J Hutley (Essex)
Hutson (King's College School, Wimbledon)
A Hutson (umpire)
AM Hutson (Cambridge University)
CE Hutson (Highgate School)
G Hutson (Lincolnshire)
HW Hutson (Cambridge University)
J Hutson (Hartley Country Club, Hartley Country Club Second XI, Kent Under-13s, Kent Under-15s)
M Hutson (Nottinghamshire Juniors, Nottinghamshire Youth)
PN Hutson (CS Smith's XI, Lancashire Second XI, The Rest)
R Hutson (scorer)
Hutt (St Ives)
Hutt (Liverpool)
Hutt (Welbeck College)
C Hutt (Newmarket)
CJ Hutt (Cambridgeshire XI)
ER Hutt (CF Tufnell's XI)
H Hutt (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
J Hutt (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
JG Hutt (Dorset, Dorset A, Somerset Second XI)
JW Hutt (scorer)
WW Hutt (Cambridge Town Club)
J Hutter (Hatherley and Reddings, Poynton)
T Hutter (Poynton)
J Huttert (Poynton)
C Huttley (Hockley)
C Huttly (Surrey Under-15s Women)
P Huttly (Hayes, Hayes Second XI)
Hutton (Driffield Town)
Hutton (Hull)
Hutton (Durham City)
Hutton (Household Brigade)
Hutton (Essex Club and Ground)
Hutton (Fareham)
A Hutton (Lancashire)
AE Hutton (Government, House of Commons)
AE Hutton (Knowle and Dorridge)
AJ Hutton (Gloucestershire Second XI, Royal Navy)
AJ Hutton (Gloucestershire Second XI)
AP Hutton (Trent College)
B Hutton (Northumberland Under-13s)
B Hutton (ECB Midlands Under-17s)
BA Hutton (Nottinghamshire)
BL Hutton (British Universities, Middlesex)
C Hutton (Birmingham)
C Hutton (Aston Rowant)
C Hutton (Ministry of Health Provincial Staff)
CA Hutton (Cheltenham College, Northumberland)
CB Hutton (Bar)
CF Hutton (Cheshire, Harrow School, Liverpool and District)
CR Hutton
CWN Hutton (Shrewsbury School)
D Hutton (umpire)
D Hutton (HSBC Second XI)
DM Hutton (Huyton)
E Hutton (umpire)
E Hutton (Old Cheltonians)
EA Hutton (Staffordshire)
EG Hutton (Hurstpierpoint College, St John's College)
EH Hutton (Bickley Park)
ET Hutton (Gentlemen of Dorset, Winchester Garrison)
EW Hutton (Rossall School)
F Hutton (Brackley, Mansfield Woodhouse)
FJ Hutton (Gentlemen of Lincolnshire)
G Hutton (Bridlington)
G Hutton (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
G Hutton (HSBC)
G Hutton (Shirehampton)
H Hutton (Colts of England, Durham, Durham, Durham Club and Ground, Philadelphia)
H Hutton (Ernest Turner Sports Club)
H Hutton (Eccleshill)
HA Hutton (Rossall School)
HE Hutton (Cheltenham College, EE Bowen's XI, Harrow School, Oxford University)
HR Hutton (Combined Services, Merchant Taylors' School)
J Hutton (umpire)
J Hutton (Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-15s)
J Hutton (Durham Colts)
J Hutton (Hornsea)
J Hutton (Eccleshill)
J Hutton (Lansdown)
J Hutton (Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-15s, Penicuik, South Shields)
J Hutton (Trent College)
J Hutton (Newton-le-Willows)
J Hutton (Egerton)
JA Hutton (Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Northumberland Club)
JE Hutton (Downside School)
JL Hutton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JM Hutton (Army, Public Schools, Sherborne School, The Rest)
JMJ Hutton (South Northumberland)
KC Hutton (King Edward VII School Sheffield)
L Hutton (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, The Rest, Yorkshire)
L Hutton (Darlington, Darlington Second XI, Normanby Hall, Norton)
M Hutton (Evesham)
M Hutton (Warminster)
M Hutton (Cannock)
M Hutton (Bishop's Waltham, Bishop's Waltham Second XI, Bishop's Waltham Third XI)
MJ Hutton (Huyton)
MJ Hutton (Army, Army Under-25s, Combined Services Under-25s)
MJA Hutton (Gloucestershire Second XI)
N Hutton (Neston)
O Hutton (Harrogate)
OR Hutton (Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
P Hutton (Redditch)
P Hutton (Nottingham University)
P Hutton (Downside School)
PM Hutton (St Dunstan's College)
R Hutton (Whitby)
R Hutton (Royal Navy)
RA Hutton (Cambridge University, England, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Under-25s, Transvaal, Yorkshire, Young England)
RG Hutton (Charterhouse School)
RL Hutton (Aldershot Services)
RM Hutton (Trent College)
S Hutton (Durham)
S Hutton (Wiltshire Women)
S Hutton (scorer)
S Hutton (Cambridgeshire Under-15s Women)
S Hutton (Combined Services)
SM Hutton (Hurstpierpoint College)
SP Hutton (Oxford University Authentics)
SR Hutton (Oxford University Authentics)
T Hutton (Durham, Durham Club and Ground, Durham Colts, Gentlemen of Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne)
T Hutton (Durham)
T Hutton (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
T Hutton (Langley Park School)
T Hutton (Lansdown)
T Hutton (Penzance)
T Hutton (Bromley Town Second XI)
W Hutton (WJ Evans' XI)
WA Hutton (Yorkshire Second XI)
WH Hutton (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
WJ Hutton (Gentlemen of Buckinghamshire)
TP Hutton-Attemborough (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
MJC Hutton-Wilson (Sedbergh School)
PTG Hutton-Wilson (Sedbergh School)
H Huws (scorer)





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