England Players (H)


Horton (Sidmouth)
Horton (Aston)
Horton (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
Horton (Wednesbury)
Horton (Aston Unity Second XI)
Horton (Salters Club)
Horton (Earlswood)
Horton (Asbury)
Horton (Dorridge)
Horton (King Edward's School Birmingham Third XI)
Horton (Old Silhillians)
Horton (Royal Air Force)
A Horton (Isle of Wight Under-13s)
A Horton (umpire)
AB Horton (Shrewsbury School)
AG Horton (Stonyhurst College)
AT Horton (Richmond)
B Horton (umpire)
B Horton (Bloxwich Women)
B Horton (The Mote Ladies)
C Horton (Chesshire Gibson Cricket League, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Warwickshire Second XI, Wolverhampton)
C Horton (Billericay)
C Horton (Oxfordshire)
C Horton (Cornwood)
CJ Horton (Atherstone Town, Atherstone Town Second XI)
CM Horton (Derbyshire Women, Diamonds, Emeralds, Nottinghamshire Women, Super Strikers, Western Australia Women)
D Horton (Malmesbury)
D Horton (Hemel Hempstead Town)
DA Horton (Oxford University)
DC Horton (Eastbourne College)
DK Horton (Tonbridge School)
E Horton (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
E Horton (St Cross Women)
EW Horton (Stratford-upon-Avon)
H Horton (Hampshire, Worcestershire)
HT Horton (Ashfield, Warwickshire Imps)
J Horton (Worcestershire)
J Horton (umpire)
J Horton (Malvern College)
J Horton (Wye, Wye Second XI)
J Horton (Nottingham University)
J Horton (Staffordshire)
J Horton (Bradninch, Devon Under-17s, Plympton)
J Horton (Halesowen, Halesowen Second XI)
J Horton (Worcestershire)
J Horton (Derbyshire Friars)
J Horton (Solihull School)
J Horton (Coventry A)
J Horton (Derbyshire Cricket Association)
J Horton (Sefton Park)
J Horton (Beaumont College)
J Horton (Cannock Women)
J Horton (Nottinghamshire Colts)
JD Horton (Stamford School)
JE Horton (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Second XI, Glamorgan Second XI)
JP Horton (King Edward's School Birmingham)
JR Horton (Devon Women)
L Horton (Leeds and Broomfield Women Second XI)
M Horton (Collingham)
M Horton (Blackpool)
M Horton (Isle of Wight Under-13s, Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
ME Horton (Old Cheltonians)
MJ Horton (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northern Districts, The Rest, Worcestershire)
N Horton (Delph and Dobcross)
P Horton (Channel Islands, Jersey)
P Horton (Surrey Over-50s, Surrey Over-50s Second XI)
P Horton (Staplegrove)
PC Horton (Wiltshire)
PJ Horton (Lancashire, Lancashire Cricket Board, Matabeleland Tuskers)
PS Horton (Repton School)
R Horton (Gloucestershire)
R Horton (Neston)
R Horton (Lowestoft Town, Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Horton (Olton)
R Horton (Claverham)
RGL Horton (Bedfordshire)
RJ Horton (Cornwall)
RJ Horton (Monkton Combe School)
RL Horton (Worth School)
S Horton (umpire)
SE Horton (Stourbridge Second XI)
SV Horton (Bristol United Banks Second XI)
T Horton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire)
T Horton (HW Bainbridge's XI)
T Horton (Goatacre)
V Horton (Egham)
W Horton (King Edward's School Birmingham)
W Horton (Stratford-upon-Avon)
WHFK Horton (Europeans, Middlesex)
WRM Horton (Solihull School)
WS Horton (Sherborne School)
WT Horton (Olton)
AA Horve (King's College School, Wimbledon)
MD Horwell (Cornwall, Cornwood, Werrington)
G Horwitz (Bedford County School)
Horwood (East Cornwall)
Horwood (Deritend Conservatives)
C Horwood (Sussex)
C Horwood (Gloucestershire Under-14s, Gloucestershire Under-15s, Gloucestershire Under-17s, Knowle)
D Horwood (Pinner)
H Horwood (Gentlemen of Sussex)
J Horwood (umpire)
J Horwood (West Midlands Women)
J Horwood (scorer)
J Horwood (Oxfordshire Under-15s)
L Horwood (umpire)
P Horwood (Hartley Wintney, Hartley Wintney Second XI)
PA Horwood (Wellington College)
AJ Hose (Glamorgan Second XI, Hampshire, Hampshire Cricket Academy, Hampshire Second XI, Hampshire Under-13s, Hampshire Under-17s, Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s, Isle of Wight Under-21s, Kent Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Northamptonshire Second XI, Ventnor, Ventnor Second XI, Ventnor Sunday XI, Weybridge)
C Hose (Huntingdonshire Under-25s)
C Hose (GB Studd's XI)
JJ Hose (Hampshire Second XI, Hampshire Under-25s, Lymington, Ventnor, Ventnor Sunday XI)
R Hose (scorer)
SR Hose (Southwark Clergy)
HMC Hosegood (The Leys School)
JB Hosegood (Sherborne School)
L Hosegood (The Leys School)
R Hosegood (The Leys School)
HR Hosein (Derbyshire)
R Hosein (Wirksworth and Middleton)
R Hosein (Moseley Ashfield, Moseley Ashfield Second XI, Old Edwardians Second XI, Old Edwardians Third XI)
RW Hosen (Minor Counties)
J Hosfield (Bournville Triplex)
M Hosfield (Bournville Triplex)
D Hosford (York University Third XI)
Hosgood (Women's Cricket Association)
AL Hosie (Bengal, Europeans, Europeans and Parsees, Europeans in the East, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, South)
LG Hosier (Hertfordshire)
MJ Hosier (Bloxham School)
PT Hosier (Marlborough College, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Under-19s)
S Hosier (Chew Magna)
Hosken (Troubadours)
A Hosken (Minster)
C Hosken (Marylebone Cricket Club)
CCF Hosken (Highgate School)
H Hosken (The Leys School)
JC Hosken (Oundle School)
JF Hosken (Norfolk)
N Hosken (Minster)
RF Hosken (Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Gentlemen of Warwickshire, Merchant Taylors' School)
RL Hosker (Merchant Taylors' School)
A Hoskin (Southgate)
A Hoskin (Luckett)
C Hoskin (Great Ayton)
ERS Hoskin (scorer)
I Hoskin (St Just)
J Hoskin (Luckett)
J Hoskin (Skegness)
KW Hoskin (Berkhamsted School)
M Hoskin (Rawtenstall)
M Hoskin (Hertfordshire Under-13s, Hertfordshire Under-14s)
WW Hoskin (Gloucestershire, Oxford University)
A Hosking (Paul)
A Hosking (Ludgvan)
A Hosking (Old Dunstonians, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
A Hosking (Sussex Women)
B Hosking (University of Surrey)
GA Hosking (Cheshire, Rossall School)
J Hosking (Ludgvan)
K Hosking (Mysore)
KFG Hosking (Cornwall)
KV Hosking (Devon, Devon Over-50s)
R Hosking (Ludgvan)
REF Hosking (Cornwall)
S Hosking (Cornwall)
S Hosking (Falmouth)
S Hosking (Camborne)
T Hosking (Ludgvan)
W Hosking (Eaton Bray)
WG Hosking (City of London School)
Z Hosking (Women's Cricket Association)
BL Hoskings (Cornwall Under-13s Women, Cornwall Under-15s Women)
C Hoskings (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s)
DJ Hoskings (Cornwall, Cornwall Under-17s, Grampound Road, Grampound Road Second XI)
Hoskins (Glamorgan Second XI)
Hoskins (Durham)
Hoskins (Liverpool)
Hoskins (Olton)
Hoskins (United Services Portsmouth)
Hoskins (Pickwick)
Hoskins jun (Benenden)
Hoskins sen (Benenden)
A Hoskins (Cambridge University Women)
C Hoskins (Gloucestershire Second XI)
C Hoskins (Leicestershire)
C Hoskins (Hertfordshire Under-14s)
C Hoskins (Grampound Road)
CF Hoskins (Handsworth Wood)
CT Hoskins (Balliol College, Oxford, Brecon, Breconshire, Eton College, Gentlemen of Breconshire, Monmouthshire)
D Hoskins (umpire)
E Hoskins (umpire)
FC Hoskins (Westminster School)
GF Hoskins (Bromsgrove School)
HJ Hoskins (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Leicester)
J Hoskins (Sarisbury Athletic, Sarisbury Athletic Second XI, Stirlands)
J Hoskins (Rowner)
K Hoskins (Nottinghamshire Club and Ground)
M Hoskins (Bugbrooke)
MG Hoskins (Stamford School)
P Hoskins (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs)
P Hoskins (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI)
PD Hoskins (Formby)
R Hoskins (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs, Kent Second XI)
S Hoskins (Brighton and Hove Women, Horsham Women, Sussex Under-17s Women)
W Hoskins (Players of Hampshire)
W Hoskins (Bexley Second XI)
WR Hoskins (Christ College, Brecon)
Hoskinson (Wishaw)
C Hoskyns (Leicestershire, Shugborough)
E Hoskyns (Haileybury College)
JC Hoskyns (Cambridge University)
BE Hoskyns-Abrahall (Repton School)
JNL Hoskyns-Abrahams (Sherborne School)
A Hoslin (The Oratory School)
R Hosmer (East Kent, Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, West Kent)
FJ Hosp (Dulwich College)
AH Hossack (Cambridge University)
FA Hossack (Durham University)
JJ Hossack (Tyneside Senior Cricket League)
P Hossack (Ipswich School)
A Hossain (Wolverton Town)
M Hossain (Rottingdean)
MT Hossain (Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI)
U Hossain (Swardeston)
T Hossan (Beaconsfield)
CH Hossell (Oxford University, Oxford University Authentics)
GL Hossell (Aston Unity)
JJ Hossell (Warwickshire)
JJ Hossell (Aston Unity, Aston Unity Second XI)
M Hossell (Sheffield United)
H Hossier (Handsworth Wood)
TR Hossier (Handsworth Wood)
W Hoste (Clifton College)
G Hosten (Highgate)
F Hostler (Durham University)
S Hoswell (Roe Green Second XI)
TH Hosyns (Epsom College)
G Hotbower (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TE Hotchin (English Schools Cricket Association)
NS Hotchkin (Cambridge University, Europeans, Middlesex)
AE Hotchkiss (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
E Hotchkiss (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
J Hotchkiss (Surrey Women Second XI)
O Hotchkiss (Beckwithshaw)
Hotham (EW Vyse's Team)
Hotham (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Hotham (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
AG Hotham (Hampshire)
CE Hotham (Wadham College, Oxford)
FW Hotham (Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset)
J Hotham (Chorley)
JA Hotham (Stowe School)
S Hotham (Royal Navy)
A Hother (Scaynes Hill)
M Hothers (BAC-EE Preston)
D Hothersall (Baxenden)
J Hothersall (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
M Hothersall (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
TE Hothersall (Enfield)
M Hothi (Slough)
P Hothi (Slough)
S Hothi (Wightwick and Finchfield)
S Hothi (Burnham)
N Hott (Longstanton Grasshoppers)
J Hottinger (Northamptonshire Under-17s)
R Hotum (Royal Artillery)
G Houchen (Littlehampton, Clapham and Patching)
G Houchen (Middleton-on-Sea)
E Houchin (Buckinghamshire)
Houcke (Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence Second XI)
ME Houcke (Bristol West Indians, Frenchay, Gloucestershire Cricket Board, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-19s, Gloucestershire Under-21s, Old Cliftonians)
JC Houdret (Beaumont College)
E Hougasian (Walton-on-Thames)
A Hough (Warwickshire Second XI)
A Hough (Nuneaton, Nuneaton Under-16s)
A Hough (Nuneaton, Nuneaton Second XI)
A Hough (Roe Green)
A Hough (Longridge Second XI)
AM Hough (Clifton)
CH Hough (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Hough (Twickenham)
D Hough (Clifton)
E Hough (Rolls Royce)
E Hough (Dingle Second XI)
E Hough (umpire)
EL Hough (Carlisle, Cumberland)
FE Hough (Cheshire)
G Hough (Dulwich)
GD Hough (Kent)
GF Hough (Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Gentlemen of Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Uppingham Rovers, Uppingham School, Warwickshire)
GL Hough (Neston)
I Hough (umpire)
J Hough (Leamington)
J Hough (Knutsford)
J Hough (Bollington)
JB Hough (Cumberland, Gentlemen of Sheffield, Repton School, South Derbyshire, The Lambs)
JH Hough (Uppingham Rovers)
JT Hough (FER Fryer's XI)
K Hough (Birkenhead Park)
L Hough (umpire)
M Hough (Cuckfield)
P Hough (Wiltshire)
R Hough (Cheshire Under-17s)
R Hough (Derbyshire Under-13s Women, Ockbrook and Borrowash Women)
R Hough (Bollington, Macclesfield)
R Hough (London University)
RJ Hough (Winchester College)
T Hough (Odiham and Greywell)
T Hough (Arnold)
WS Hough (Shrewsbury School)
DO Hougham (King Edward's School Birmingham)
H Hough-Monson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Houghston (Cambridgeshire Over-50s)
JR Hough-Thomson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Houghton (Ealing)
Houghton (Timperley)
A Houghton (Astwood Bank, Astwood Bank Second XI, Redditch, Redditch Second XI)
AL Houghton (Worcestershire Women)
AS Houghton (Isleham)
AV Houghton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Worcestershire, Worcestershire Club and Ground)
BC Houghton (Isleham)
BG Houghton (Isleham)
C Houghton (Civil Service Women)
C Houghton (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
C Houghton (Cambridgeshire Over-50s)
CC Houghton (St Peter's School, York)
D Houghton (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Todmorden)
D Houghton (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
D Houghton (umpire)
D Houghton (scorer)
D Houghton (Old Edwardians Second XI)
D Houghton (Burscough, Lancashire Cricket Board, Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s, Lancashire Under-17s)
E Houghton (Ickenham)
E Houghton (Bramshaw Under-11s)
E Houghton (The Forty Club)
EJ Houghton (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
EJW Houghton (Bromsgrove School, Stratford-upon-Avon, Worcestershire)
F Houghton (Church)
FW Houghton (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
FX Houghton (Stonyhurst College, Woodford Wells)
G Houghton (Bexley, Bexley Fourth XI, Bexley Second XI, Bexley Third XI)
G Houghton (Crabbs Cross Second XI)
G Houghton (Old Wellingburians)
GD Houghton (Birmingham Schoolmasters)
GD Houghton (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
H Houghton (Astwood Bank)
H Houghton (Warminster)
HN Houghton (Bury)
J Houghton (Crewe)
J Houghton (Church)
J Houghton (Hungerford)
J Houghton (Whitstable)
J Houghton (Formby)
J Houghton (Highgate School)
J Houghton (Havering-atte-Bower)
J Houghton (East Haddon)
JFK Houghton (Felsted School)
JK Houghton (Cheshire, Northwich)
JW Houghton (Egerton Park)
L Houghton (Bramshaw Under-11s)
L Houghton (Middlewich)
L Houghton (Trojans Third XI)
Len Houghton (South Hetton)
Liam Houghton (South Hetton)
LW Houghton (Berkhamsted School)
M Houghton (Banstead)
M Houghton (Havering-atte-Bower)
M Houghton (Ockley)
MT Houghton (Berkhamsted School)
N Houghton (Brackley Women, Brackley Women Second XI)
O Houghton (Trojans, Trojans, Trojans Third XI)
P Houghton (St Just)
PA Houghton (Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire A, Lincolnshire Colts, Lincolnshire Second XI, Lincolnshire Under-19s, Lincolnshire Under-25s)
PJ Houghton (Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Skegness)
PR Houghton (Hightown)
R Houghton (Burnley)
R Houghton (Westhoughton)
R Houghton (Addiscombe)
R Houghton (Fordham)
R Houghton (Euxton, Euxton Second XI, Euxton Third XI)
RM Houghton (Birkenhead Park, Irby, Lancashire Cricket Board, Liverpool and District Cricket Competition, Sefton, Sefton Park)
S Houghton (scorer)
S Houghton (St Helens Recreation)
S Houghton (Bedfordshire Over-50s)
S Houghton (Nuneaton)
S Houghton (Monkton Combe School)
S Houghton (Warrington)
S Houghton (Wanstead)
S Houghton (Sheffield United Ladies)
S Houghton (Flowery Field)
S Houghton (Treeton Women)
SG Houghton (Army, Army Development XI, Army Under-25s, Cambridgeshire, Cheltenham, Club Cricket Conference, Combined Services Under-25s, Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Honourable Artillery Company, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, South Wilts, Stragglers of Asia)
T Houghton (Crabbs Cross Second XI)
W Houghton (Aldenham School)
WE Houghton (Warwickshire)
WN Houghton (Gentlemen of Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Oakham School, Old Oakhamians, Warwickshire Second XI)
C Houlbrook (Gloucestershire Under-17s Women)
D Houlbrook (Whitwell)
S Houlbrook (Spen Victoria Second XI)
A Houlden (Wellingborough Old Grammarians)
AE Houlden (Bristol Aeroplane Company)
BT Houlden (Southgate)
C Houlden (Wellingborough Old Girls)
C Houlden (Rowner Second XI)
DA Houlden (Northamptonshire Women)
P Houlden (scorer)
AC Houlder (Tonbridge School)
AF Houlder (Rossall School)
CH Houlder (Cambridge Granta, Cambridge Granta Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Houlder (Wimbledon)
JS Houlder (Cambridge Granta, Cambridge Granta Second XI, Cross Arrows)
M Houlder (Essex Under-14s, Essex Under-15s, Felsted School)
TG Houlder (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports A Under-13s, Calmore Sports B, Calmore Sports Fourth XI, Calmore Sports Second XI, Calmore Sports Third XI, Calmore Sports Under-13s, Calmore Sports Under-15s)
J Houldey (Bickley Park Second XI)
Houlding (Market Drayton Farmers)
T Houlding (Pendle Forest)
D Houldridge (Sheriff Hutton Bridge)
Houldsworth (Longsight)
AP Houldsworth (Army, Army Under-25s)
FC Houldsworth (umpire)
H Houldsworth (Enfield)
H Houldsworth (Burnley)
J Houldsworth (Church)
J Houldsworth (Clitheroe, Clitheroe Second XI, Clitheroe Third XI)
JW Houldsworth (Burnley, Sheffield)
M Houldsworth (Clitheroe)
M Houldsworth (Ben Rhydding Women)
P Houldsworth (Enfield)
P Houldsworth (Great Harwood)
PD Houldsworth (Manchester University)
SPT Houldsworth (Malvern College, Officials)
W Houldsworth (Burnley)
W Houldsworth (Universities Athletic Union Ladies)
WH Houldsworth (Lancashire)
J Houlihan (Kibworth Third XI)
Houlker (SJ Sparrow's XI)
Houlker (East Lancashire)
F Houlker (Enfield)
J Houlker (Pleasington)
J Houlker (Accrington)
J Houlker (East Lancashire)
P Houlker (Burnley)
T Houlker (Blackburn, East Lancashire)
Houlsby (The Mandarins)
D Houlston (Shifnal Second XI)
H Houlston (Gentlemen of Shropshire)
A Hoult (Ashby Hastings)
EW Hoult (Sedbergh School)
J Hoult (North West Durham League)
JG Hoult (King Edward's School Birmingham)
LP Hoult (Royal Air Force, West of Scotland)
R Hoult (Lancashire League Women)
G Houlton (Lancashire)
H Houlton (Lancashire Second XI)
J Houlton (Burridge, Burridge Second XI)
P Houlton (Jolly Sailor)
R Houlton (Reigate Priory)
S Houlton (Burridge Fourth XI)
SM Houlton (Huyton)
G Houmark (Boldon, Durham Senior Cricket League)
Houness (Kent)
Hounsam (Woolwich)
FG Hounsell (Shaftesbury Grammar School)
G Hounsell (Twickenham Riverside Women)
J Hounsell (Twickenham Riverside Women)
RCH Hounsell (scorer)
RO Hounsell (umpire)
W Hounsell (Hampshire)
E Hounsfield (Repton School)
FRC Hounsfield (Trent College)
JJ Hounsfield (Gentlemen of Sheffield, Rotherham)
KW Hounsfield (Beccles School)
RE Hounsfield (Repton School)
TD Hounsfield (Derbyshire)
TP Hounsfield (Sheffield Clergy)
Hounslow (Four Oaks Saints)
I Hounslow (Wishaw)
M Hounslow (Norwich)
B Hounsome (Brighton and Hove, Brighton and Hove Third XI, Sussex Under-14s, Sussex Under-15s)
G Hounsome (United Services Portsmouth, United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
G Hounsome (Cormorants)
J Hounsome (United Services Portsmouth)
JT Hounsome (Benwell Hill, Northumberland, Northumberland Cricket League)
Hounson (Andover)
JH Hourd (Berkshire, Southall)
R Hourd (Southall)
T Hourd (Eastwell)
B Housam (Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
S Housam (Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
EF Housden (King's School, Canterbury)
IM Housden (Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s, Huntingdonshire Under-17s)
J Housden (Kempston Hammers)
NJ Housden (Cambridgeshire)
P Housden (Loughborough Town)
A House (Berkshire Second XI, Berkshire Under-14s, Berkshire Under-15s, Berkshire Under-17s, Finchampstead, Finchampstead Second XI)
A House (Gorran)
A House (A Grimsdell's XI, Hoddesdon and District)
B House (Hartley Wintney)
B House (Ilminster)
BH House (Somerset)
C House (Limpsfield Chart)
D House (Dorset Club and Ground)
D House (Broughton, Broughton)
EH House (Dorset, Sherborne School)
EH House (Dorset)
F House (Birmingham Press)
G House (The Forty Club)
HGM House (St John's School, Leatherhead)
HH House (Sherborne School)
J House (Purley-on-Thames)
James House (Chessington, Ilminster, Old Emanuel)
Josh House (Ilminster)
JR House (Whitgift School)
KH House (Dorset)
M House (Somerset Second XI, Somerset Under-25s)
M House (Slough)
M House (Gorran)
M House (Goatacre)
M House (New Milton)
M House (Cinderford St John)
MA House (Bournemouth, Bournemouth Second XI, Dorset, Dorset Under-17s, Dorset Under-21s, South Wilts, South Wilts Second XI)
MH House (Rugby School)
MM House (Whitgift School)
P House (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire)
P House (Chadwell Heath)
R House (Yoxall)
R House (Hoddesdon and District)
S House (Trojans)
S House (Somerset Women)
T House (Dorset Under-14s)
TJ House (Dorset Women)
WH House (Melksham)
WJ House (British Universities, Cambridge University, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sussex)
J Houseago (Wicken)
N Houseden (Kent Second XI)
DM Housego (Gloucestershire, Khelaghar Samaj Kallyan Samity, Middlesex, Mountaineers, Partex Sporting Club)
ES Household (Hertfordshire)
M Houselander (Bexleyheath)
Houseley (umpire)
G Housell (Twickenham Riverside Women)
T Housely (Central Lancashire League)
Houseman (Hipperholme Grammar School)
C Houseman (Lensbury)
CW Houseman (St Helens)
D Houseman (Staffordshire)
EO Houseman (Derbyshire)
FO Houseman (East Gloucestershire, Marlborough College)
HD Houseman (Marlborough College)
IJ Houseman (Yorkshire)
LW Houseman (Lancashire Second XI)
K Housham (Marshalls)
Housley (Birmingham)
B Housley (Hightown)
C Housley (Rugby School)
D Housley (Moddershall)
D Housley (Staveley Welfare)
E Housley (National Fire Service)
H Housley (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Notts and Derby Border League)
M Housley (Highfield)
R Housley (Nottinghamshire)
R Housley (Highfield)
Housman (Woolwich)
D Houson (Eccleston)
Houston (Household Brigade)
A Houston (Essex Second XI)
AC Houston (Cross Arrows)
B Houston (Wye, Wye Second XI)
BW Houston (Bracebridge Heath, Bracebridge Heath Second XI, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Development Squad)
D Houston (Lincolnshire Development Squad)
G Houston (Long Sutton, Old Northamptonians, Old Northamptonians Second XI)
IC Houston (East Lancashire, East Lancashire Wanderers)
J Houston (Ilminster)
JC Houston (East Lancashire)
K Houston (Sessay)
M Houston (Blackpool, Lancashire Cricket Board, Northern Cricket League)
R Houston (Epsom College)
RHF Houston (Northumberland)
T Houston (Bromley Common Second XI, Old Colfeians, Old Colfeians Second XI)
WT Houston (Old Colfeians)
B Houston-Black (Cambridgeshire Under-17s Women)
EH Houstoun (Bradfield College)
B Houten (Fleetwood)
L Houtmeyers (Shepperton Women)
D Hovard (Chipping Norton)
PC Hovell (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
FJ Hovey (Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI, Old Edwardians Third XI)
H Hovey (Hampshire Under-13s, Hampshire Under-14s, Hampshire Under-15s, Hampshire Under-17s, Havant, Havant Second XI)
M Hovey (Old Edwardians)
M Hovey (Bedhampton, Bedhampton Second XI)
GO Hovil (Sedbergh School)
GR Hovington (Green Howards)
H Hovvels (Durham)





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