England Players (G)


Gladstone (Islington Albion)
Gladstone (Brixham Second XI)
Gladstone (Eton Ramblers)
C Gladstone (Norwood Exiles)
D Gladstone (Langley Park, Langley Park Second XI)
EO Gladstone (Devon)
F Gladstone (Western)
G Gladstone (Battersea Ironsides)
HJ Gladstone (Government, House of Commons, Lords and Commons)
J Gladstone (Bootham School)
JA Gladstone (Reigate Priory)
JE Gladstone (Bullingdon)
JE Gladstone (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
JM Gladstone (Merton College, Oxford)
M Gladstone (Garstang Third XI)
M Gladstone (Langley Park, Langley Park Second XI)
ME Gladstone (Essex Young Amateurs)
N Gladstone (Essex Young Amateurs)
NWH Gladstone (Eton College, Eton College Second XI)
P Gladstone (scorer)
R Gladstone (Liverpool)
RF Gladstone (Old Cheltonians, Phoenix)
T Gladstone (University College School)
TM Gladstone (Charterhouse School)
Gladwell (Upton)
AJ Gladwell (Nottingham High School)
D Gladwell (scorer)
G Gladwell (Leicestershire Second XI, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Warwickshire Second XI)
G Gladwell (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
S Gladwell (Hadleigh)
W Gladwell (South Essex)
W Gladwell (Civil Service)
W Gladwell (Ipswich Second XI)
Gladwin (Derbyshire Grammar Schools)
Gladwin (Wherwell)
Gladwin (Tonbridge County School)
Gladwin (Oatlands Park)
Gladwin (Highgate School)
A Gladwin (Derbyshire County Colts)
B Gladwin (Ockbrook and Borrowash)
B Gladwin (Derbyshire Premier League)
B Gladwin (Derbyshire Over-50s)
BK Gladwin (Chesterfield, Chesterfield Second XI, Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-25s)
C Gladwin (Derbyshire, England, Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Gladwin (Derbyshire, Essex, Suffolk)
C Gladwin (Southport and Birkdale Women)
C Gladwin (Notts Collieries)
D Gladwin (Blyth Second XI)
D Gladwin (Linden Park Second XI)
E Gladwin (Brondesbury)
E Gladwin (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Gladwin (Old Cholmeleians)
F Gladwin (umpire)
J Gladwin (Derbyshire)
J Gladwin (Linden Park)
J Gladwin (Harlow Town)
J Gladwin (Harlow Town Chairman's XI)
JPA Gladwin (Bromsgrove School)
K Gladwin (Bletchley Town)
K Gladwin (Hildenborough Women)
M Gladwin (Stort)
N Gladwin (Hertfordshire)
N Gladwin (Sawbridgeworth)
O Gladwin (Milton Abbey School)
P Gladwin (scorer)
PJ Gladwin (The Crypt School)
R Gladwin (Ribblesdale Wanderers, Ribblesdale Wanderers Second XI)
R Gladwin (Morley, Morley Second XI)
R Gladwin (Wherwell Second XI)
R Gladwin (Local War Industries)
RT Gladwin (Wycliffe College)
T Gladwin (Towcestrians)
W Gladwin (Essex, Southend-on-Sea)
A Gladwyn (Wherwell)
E Gladwyn (Old Cholmeleians)
R Gladwyn (Wherwell)
R Gladwyn (Wherwell Second XI)
J Glague (Neston Under-17s)
A Glain (Cheetham Hill Second XI)
M Glainger (Ashton-under-Lyne)
E Glaisby (North Riding Asylum)
E Glaisby (JC Walker's XI)
E Glaisby (J Walker's XI)
E Glaisby (York Law)
E Glaisby (York)
EH Glaisby (Denstone College)
G Glaisby (JC Walker's XI)
F Glaiser (JA Chatterton's XI)
Glaisher (St George's Rifles)
D Glaister (Kent Second XI)
H Glaister (Tichborne Park)
HB Glaister (St Albans)
HC Glaister (City of London School)
J Glaister (Hampshire Under-13s Women, Hampshire Under-15s Women)
J Glaister (scorer)
M Glaister (Ashington, Blyth, Kent Second XI, Northumberland)
W Glaister (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire, Marlborough College)
W Glaister (Castle Eden, Castle Eden Second XI)
B Glakamary (Stourport-on-Severn Women)
Glamis (W Ward's XI)
Glamis (Gentlemen)
Glamis (West Hertfordshire)
Glamis (Household Brigade)
Lord Glamis (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Glamorgan (Cranleigh)
Glancey (Royal Engineers)
Glancey (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Glancey (Bluemantles)
Glancy (Royal Engineers)
B Glancy (Offham)
C Glancy (Heywood)
JE Glancy (Oxted)
P Glancy (Oxted and Limpsfield)
P Glancy (Oxted)
TF Glancy (Royal Engineers)
C Glandfield (Rushton, Rushton Second XI)
R Glands (Mitcham)
RV Glands (Ibis)
RV Glands (Ibis)
JMS Glandy (Timperley)
H Glanert (King Edward VII School, Sheffield, King Edward VII School, Sheffield Second XI)
Glaney (Royal Engineers)
Glaney (Liverpool)
C Glanfield (Alton)
C Glanfield (Ropley, Ropley Second XI)
EB Glanfield (University College School Old Boys)
EB Glanfield (Cryptics)
EB Glanfield (University College School Old Boys)
EB Glanfield (Incogniti)
ER Glanfield (Incogniti)
G Glanfield (Alton)
G Glanfield (scorer)
GP Glanfield (Bar, Marylebone Cricket Club)
GP Glanfield (Pinner)
GP Glanfield (GP Glanfield's XI)
H Glanfield (Ropley, Ropley Second XI)
H Glanfield (Hambledon, Hambledon Second XI)
IB Glanfield (Incogniti)
J Glanfield (The Forty Club)
KB Glanfield (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Glanfield (Rowington, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI, Warwickshire Imps)
M Glanfield (Avonside XI)
MJ Glanfield (The Forty Club)
S Glanfield (Redoubtables Women)
SOC Glanfield (Warwickshire Under-13s Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women, Warwickshire Under-17s Women)
TJM Glanfield (Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon Second XI, Warwick School)
S Glantz (Denbighshire)
D Glanvill (Farley)
D Glanvill (Rugby Third XI)
E Glanvill (Aldbourne)
T Glanvill (Farley, Farley Second XI)
Glanville (Cirencester)
Glanville (South Devon and East Cornwall)
Glanville (Cornwall)
Glanville (JG Boothby's XI)
Glanville (Oxford University)
Glanville (Dartford College of Physical Education)
Glanville (Dorset Police)
A Glanville (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley)
A Glanville (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
C Glanville (St John's School, Leatherhead)
D Glanville (Checkley)
D Glanville (Staffordshire Under-17s)
d Glanville (Bryanston Butterflies)
DW Glanville (Repton School)
E Glanville (Aylesbury, Oxford City)
E Glanville (Oxford College Servants)
E Glanville (Kent Women)
EW Glanville (Oxford City, Oxfordshire)
EW Glanville (HD Egerton's XI)
G Glanville (Oxford College Servants)
GW Glanville (Oxfordshire)
H Glanville (Bloxham School)
H Glanville (Harborne Somerville Second XI)
I Glanville (Farnham Common Third XI)
j Glanville (Cove Academy, Cove Fifth XI)
JL Glanville (Cornwall)
M Glanville (Cadnam, Cadnam Second XI, Cadnam Sunday XI)
P Glanville (Hayle)
R Glanville (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
R Glanville (scorer)
RC Glanville (Gentlemen of Cornwall and Devon, Merton College, Oxford)
T Glanville (Farley Under-13s)
T Glanville (Gidea Park and Romford)
TC Glanville-Wallis (Cambridge University Women)
Glanys (Trafford Metrovics Women)
C Glapworth (Oxfordshire Light Infantry)
J Glare (St Ambrose College)
C Glas (Burridge Third XI)
HE Glasborow (Christ's Hospital)
Glasby (Dibbens)
Glasby (Reading University Second XI)
M Glasby (Bramshaw Under-15s)
M Glasby (Warwickshire Under-13s Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women)
T Glasby (Guildford)
RDS Glascodine (Lancing College)
P Glascott (Crowborough)
GV Glase (Incogniti)
H Glasebrook (Clayesmore Cormorants)
A Glasford (Birmingham Public Parks Cricket Association)
R Glasford (Ipswich Select XI)
T Glasford (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
Glasgow (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
C Glasgow (Royton)
J Glasgow (Richmondshire Second XI)
P Glasgow (The Forty Club)
P Glasgow (Old Victorians)
RH Glasgow (Hitchin)
S Glasgow (Barrow)
S Glasgow (Kelvedon and Feering)
Glasham (Uppingham School Under-16s)
Glaskie (Carmel College)
J Glaskin (Royal Engineers)
D Glasock (umpire)
T Glasock (Kenilworth Wardens, Kenilworth Wardens Second XI)
DE Glason (Reading University)
C Glasper (Marylebone Cricket Club London North)
CK Glasper (Bickley Park, Ealing, Marylebone Cricket Club)
TJ Glasper (Ashington)
Glaspool (Sparsholt)
Glass (Lichfield Garrison)
Glass (Sherwood Foresters)
Glass (Esso Fawley Third XI)
Glass (Olympus)
Glass (Beckhampton)
Glass (Reed's School)
Glass (Royal Corps of Transport)
Glass (Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
A Glass (Bapchild, Bapchild Second XI)
A Glass (Wiltshire)
A Glass (Gore Court, Gore Court Second XI)
A Glass (Durham Colts, Normanby Hall, North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
A Glass (H Harris' Wiltshire XI)
A Glass (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AA Glass (Cheltenham College)
ACL Glass (Downside School)
AE Glass (scorer)
B Glass (Brentwood Women, Essex Women)
C Glass (Burridge Women)
C Glass (Warkworth)
C Glass (Aston Unity)
D Glass (Lymington)
D Glass (Kidmore End, Kidmore End Third XI)
D Glass (umpire)
DJC Glass (Coldstream Guards, Free Foresters, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University Authentics, Rossall School)
DJC Glass (The Mote)
E Glass (Kidmore End, Kidmore End Second XI, Kidmore End Third XI)
EC Glass (Cheltenham College)
F Glass (St John's College, Oxford)
F Glass (Kaleidoscopes, Warminster)
F Glass (Herefordshire Under-13s)
F Glass (Lansdown)
F Glass (Farley)
F Glass (Herefordshire Under-13s Women)
G Glass (Overton Second XI)
HP Glass (Baddesley Colliery)
HPL Glass (Derbyshire Friars)
J Glass (Midhurst)
K Glass (Fawley Second XI, Fawley Third XI)
K Glass (Sway, Sway Second XI)
K Glass (Esso Fawley Second XI)
K Glass (Exbury Second XI)
K Glass (Hythe and Dibden)
K Glass (Canterbury)
L Glass (S Springall's XI)
M Glass (Caterham)
M Glass (Whalley Range)
N Glass (Dinton, Dinton)
N Glass (Chaddesley Corbett)
O Glass (Ashby Timken)
P Glass (Sandford)
P Glass (Midhurst)
P Glass (Sandford)
PH Glass (Downside School)
PH Glass (Downside Wanderers)
PJ Glass (Downside Wanderers)
R Glass (Sandford, Sandford, Sandford Second XI)
RA Glass (Cheltenham College)
RA Glass (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
RH Glass (Sheffield Collegiate)
S Glass (umpire)
S Glass (scorer)
S Glass (Kempsey)
T Glass (Overton Second XI, Overton Third XI)
T Glass (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
TOW Glass (Norwich Clergy)
TOW Glass (Magdalene College, Cambridge)
WM Glass (Surrey Club and Ground)
AOL Glassberg (Old Parkonians)
R Glassberg (S McMurray's XI)
R Glassberg (Highgate)
RLN Glassberg (Ardleigh Green, Ardleigh Green, Broxbourne, Old Parkonians, Winchmore Hill)
JJ Glassborough (Brighton College)
DC Glassborow (Leamington)
IJ Glassborow (Brighton College)
Glassborrow (Royal Air Force Gaydon)
M Glassbrook (Bury St Edmunds)
M Glassbrook (Stansted Hall and Elsenham)
M Glassbrook (Great Shelford)
M Glassbrooke (Stansted Hall and Elsenham)
T Glass Burgess (Leigh Academies Trust)
T Glass-Burgess (Leigh Technology Academy)
T Glass-Burgess (Dartford, Dartford Second XI)
T Glass-Burgess (Leigh Academies Trust)
DJ Glasscock (St John's School, Leatherhead)
J Glasscock (Chingford Second XI)
R Glasscock (Cambridge Town Club)
K Glasscoe (Leverstock Green)
CA Glasse (Todmorden)
J Glassen (Winterbourne and Hampton Park)
A Glassey (Timperley Second XI)
D Glassey (Lancashire Under-25s, Liverpool)
D Glassey (Highfield)
FA Glassey (Timperley)
HK Glassey (King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
JA Glassey (Timperley Second XI)
JC Glassey (Timperley Second XI)
R Glassey (Oakham School, Old Oakhamians)
TA Glassey (Timperley, Timperley Second XI, Timperley Third XI)
W Glassey (Leicestershire Club and Ground)
A Glassford (Birmingham Public Parks Cricket Association)
J Glassford (Warwickshire)
J Glassford (Copdock Second XI)
J Glassford (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
R Glassford (Ipswich and East Suffolk)
I Glassington (scorer)
J Glassington (Purley)
SI Glassington (Purley, Surrey Second XI)
Glassock (Greenwich Pensioners with One Leg)
Glassock (Norfolk and Suffolk)
T Glassock (Swanage)
A Glasson (Chiddingfold Second XI)
D Glasson (Lord Wandsworth College)
DE Glasson (Reading)
J Glasson (Southern Cricket League Young Cricketers)
J Glasson (Farnham)
J Glasson (Combined Services)
MJ Glasson (Wiltshire)
R Glasson (Hitchin)
Glasspool (Imperial Sports)
A Glasspool (Sway Third XI)
B Glasspool (Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden Sunday XI)
E Glasspool (Calmore Sports Fourth XI)
G Glasspool (Cranleigh)
J Glasspool (Sparsholt Second XI, Sparsholt Third XI)
N Glasspool (Sparsholt)
S Glasspool (Camelot)
R Glass Retired (Sandford)
V Glasswell (Harlow Over-50s)
Glastonbury (Blossomfield)
A Glastonbury (Water Orton, Water Orton Second XI)
A Glastonbury (Aston Manor Third XI)
D Glastonbury (Solihull Blossomfield)
D Glastonbury (Water Orton, Water Orton Second XI, Water Orton Third XI)
D Glastonbury (Warwickshire Over-50s)
D Glastonbury (scorer)
D Glastonbury (Knowle and Dorridge Fourth XI, Knowle and Dorridge Third XI)
H Glastonbury (Water Orton Second XI, Water Orton Third XI)
H Glastonbury (scorer)
H Glastonbury (Aston Manor Second XI, Aston Manor Third XI)
H Glastonbury (Knowle and Dorridge Second XI, Knowle and Dorridge Third XI)
H Glatman (Uppingham School)
HA Glatman (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
D Glaudy (The Forty Club)
Glauert (Sheffield Grammar School Second XI)
S Glave (Cayton)
H Glaves (Aston Hall Third XI)
JA Glaves (St Peter's School, York)
PS Glaves (Forge Valley, Scarborough)
C Glavin (Brook Walton)
J Glavin (The Stage)
M Glavin (Clayesmore Cormorants)
R Glavin (Clayesmore Cormorants)
R Glavin (Clayesmore School)
M Glawfield (The Forty Club)
N Glay (The Forty Club)
EBF Glaysher (Suffolk Grammar Schools)
EC Glaysher (Suffolk Grammar Schools)
R Glaysher (Liphook and Ripsley, National Association of Young Cricketers)
RS Glaysher (Astley and Tyldesley, Astley and Tyldesley Collieries, Burscough)
F Glayzer (Ormskirk)
I Glayzer (Ormskirk Grammar School)
I Glayzer (scorer)
I Glayzer (Ormskirk Grammar School, Ormskirk School)
IM Glayzer (Ormskirk)
J Glayzer (Ormskirk School)
JA Glayzer (Ormskirk, Ormskirk Second XI)
M Glayzer (Ormskirk School)
MS Glayzer (Ormskirk)
MS Glayzer (Liverpool and District Cricket Competition)
MS Glayzer (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Glayzer (Ormskirk, Ormskirk Second XI)
B Glazby (Ordsall Bridon Second XI)
Glaze (Worcester Nomads)
Glaze (Royal Grammar School, Worcester)
J Glaze (Eversley Second XI)
S Glaze (Eversley, Eversley Second XI)
W Glaze (Stourbridge Second XI)
Glazebrook (Lieutenant Graham-Evans' XI)
Glazebrook (Clayesmore Cormorants)
D Glazebrook (Halls, Halls Second XI)
D Glazebrook (Sandhurst Wanderers)
D Glazebrook (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
EC Glazebrook (Birkenhead Park, Birkenhead Park Second XI)
FK Glazebrook (Neston)
H Glazebrook (Clayesmore Cormorants)
HB Glazebrook (Neston)
JR Glazebrook (Rugby School Second XI)
S Glazebrook (Halls Second XI)
WR Glazebrook (Neston)
Glazer (Carmel College)
J Glazer (Alveley)
LD Glazer (Air Training Corps (Middlesex))
MS Glazer (Liverpool and District Cricket Competition)
N Glazer (Ormskirk Second XI)
A Glazerbrook (Wendover)
Glazier (Hampshire)
Glazier (Thorne)
Glazier (Ormskirk Grammar School)
A Glazier (Old Colfeians)
A Glazier (Old Colfeians Second XI)
BE Glazier (Old Hurst Johnians)
D Glazier (Gore Court Second XI)
J Glazier (Sprowston)
J Glazier (Alveley)
J Glazier (Cropredy)
J Glazier (Middlesex Under-20s Women)
James Glazier (Anston Second XI)
Jim Glazier (Anston, Anston Second XI)
M Glazier (Hastings and St Leonards Priory)
M Glazier (Hastings)
N Glazier (Bapchild)
N Glazier (Bapchild Second XI)
P Glazier (Cardiff University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
A Glazin (Clare)
D Glazon (Carmel College)
N Glazyer (The Forty Club)
J Glbee (Stradbroke)
S Glchrist (Gloucestershire Under-12s)
A Gleadall (Derbyshire Academy, Derbyshire Under-13s, Derbyshire Under-14s, Derbyshire Under-15s, Derbyshire Under-17s, Derbyshire Under-19s, Eckington)
AF Gleadall (Derbyshire)
B Gleadall (Eckington Second XI)
J Gleadall (Marshalls)
L Gleadall (Broad Oak Second XI)
L Gleadall (Beckenham Second XI)
L Gleadall (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
M Gleadall (Rose Leisure Youth XI)
N Gleadall (Catford Wanderers)
M Gleadell (Rose Leisure Youth XI)
Gleadon (Hartfield)
Gleadow (City of London School)
H Gleadow (Ranks)
J Gleadow (Law Society)
J Gleadowe (St Gluvias)
H Glean (Army, Royal Corps of Signals)
P Gleannie (Broadhalfpenny Brigands)
J Gleasure (Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s)
JM Gleasure (Burnley, County Club, Gaieties)
Gleave (Manchester Clifford)
Gleave (Wallasey Battalion Cheshire Volunteer Regiment)
Gleave (Manchester Clifford Second XI)
AI Gleave (Barkisland, Cardiff University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Cumberland, Delph and Dobcross, Dukinfield, Flowery Field, Gloucestershire, Sully Centurions)
AL Gleave (City of London School)
B Gleave (Old Colfeians)
B Gleave (umpire)
B Gleave (scorer)
BR Gleave (Trojans)
BR Gleave (Queen's College, Taunton)
D Gleave (Hindley St Peters, Hindley St Peters Second XI)
D Gleave (New Brighton)
D Gleave (Daisy Hill)
D Gleave (Bolton and District Cricket Association Under-18s)
D Gleave (Calverton, Calverton Second XI)
DR Gleave (Trojans)
DV Gleave (Wallasey Grammar School)
E Gleave (Rydal Dolphins)
E Gleave (Sheffield Wednesday)
E Gleave (Catford)
EJ Gleave (Neston)
F Gleave (Manchester Clifford)
GM Gleave (Huyton, Prescot)
J Gleave (Gregson Lane)
J Gleave (Irlam, Irlam Second XI)
J Gleave (High Legh)
J Gleave (Hightown)
J Gleave (Channel Islands Over-50s)
JB Gleave (Radley College)
JGM Gleave (Ipswich School)
N Gleave (Kent Under-13s, Nonington, Nonington Second XI)
N Gleave (Bluemantles, Free Foresters, St Edward's Martyrs, Stragglers of Asia)
P Gleave (umpire)
P Gleave (Barnstaple and Pilton, Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
R Gleave (Lancashire Over-50s)
RHF Gleave (Old Colfeians)
S Gleave (Royal Exchange Assurance)
T Gleave (Church)
T Gleave (King Edward's School, Witley)
T Gleave (Chiddingfold)
T Gleave (Rowledge)
T Gleave (Chippenham)
TJ Gleave (Neston)
W Gleave (Winnington Park Third XI)
W Gleave (United Services)
WS Gleave (Catford Wanderers)
WS Gleave (Catford)
Robert Gleave (Ashton-under-Lyne)
B Gleaves (Quiver Club)
C Gleaves (Dalton)
F Gleaves (Cleveland)
K Gleaves (Staffordshire)
R Gleaves (Cumbria Women)
Ray Gleave (Ashton-under-Lyne)
P Gledall (Sileby Town)
Gledhill (Harrow Town)
Gledhill (22nd Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment (Pals))
Gledhill (Ilkley Grammar School)
Gledhill (Manchester Grammar School)
A Gledhill (Todmorden)
A Gledhill (Gentlemen of Shropshire, Harrow)
A Gledhill (Lancaster, Teddington)
A Gledhill (Kenilworth, Kenilworth Second XI, Knowle and Dorridge, Warwickshire Over-50s)
A Gledhill (Holmfirth)
A Gledhill (Dulwich)
A Gledhill (Todmorden Third XI)
A Gledhill (Armitage Bridge)
A Gledhill (Steeton)
A Gledhill (Offord)
A Gledhill (The Forty Club)
B Gledhill (Todmorden Second XI, Todmorden Third XI)
B Gledhill (Sidmouth)
B Gledhill (Armitage Bridge)
B Gledhill (Nuneaton, Nuneaton Fifth XI, Nuneaton Second XI, Nuneaton Third XI)
B Gledhill (Warwickshire Under-14s)
C Gledhill (scorer)
C Gledhill (Flowery Field, Flowery Field Second XI)
Daniel Gledhill (Nuneaton Fifth XI)
David Gledhill (Nuneaton Fifth XI)
E Gledhill (FM McRae's XI)
EJ Gledhill (English and Welsh Universities)
F Gledhill (Rossall School, Yorkshire Second XI)
FA Gledhill (Littleborough)
FL Gledhill (Hightown)
I Gledhill (scorer)
I Gledhill (Eastergate)
J Gledhill (Heckmondwike)
J Gledhill (umpire)
J Gledhill (Golcar)
J Gledhill (Haslington)
J Gledhill (scorer)
J Gledhill (Crook Second XI)
J Gledhill (Manchester Grammar School)
JG Gledhill (King's Road Cricket and Social Club)
K Gledhill (Cheshire Under-15s Women)
KD Gledhill (Penn Women, Worcestershire Under-13s Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women)
L Gledhill (RACS, RACS Second XI)
M Gledhill (Kenilworth Second XI)
M Gledhill (Kenilworth)
O Gledhill (Steeton)
P Gledhill (Todmorden)
PS Gledhill (Worksop College)
R Gledhill (Gloucestershire Over-50s)
S Gledhill (Royal Navy)
S Gledhill (Twickenham Riverside Women)
S Gledhill (Kingsbridge)
T Gledhill (Alsager, Cheshire A, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s, Kirkheaton, Kirkheaton Second XI, Middlewich)
T Gledhill (Haslington)
T Gledhill (Crook Second XI)
T Gledhill (Mainsforth Second XI)
T Gledhill (Rockliffe Park)
TM Gledhill (Wakefield Grammar School)
V Gledhill (Royal Air Force Women)
W Gledhill (Primrose Hill Second XI)
W Gledhill (Wem)
J Gledhill-Carr (Colfe's School)
T Gledhorn (Kingswood School)
F Gledow (Falmouth)
D Gledson (Denton West, Denton West Second XI)
J Gledson (Denton West)
P Gledson (Denton West, Denton West Second XI)
P Gledson (Hyde)
K Gledstone (IBM South Hants)
Gledwin (umpire)
T Gledwin (Hampshire Cricket Academy)
T Glee (Thornton)
Gleed (Motcombe House)
AA Gleed (St Michaels)
B Gleed (Royal Naval College, Greenwich)
M Gleed (Waresley)
RD Gleed (Honourable Artillery Company)
W Gleed (Hurstpierpoint College, St John's College, Hurstpierpoint)
W Gleed (Royal Naval College, Greenwich)
C Gleehorn (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
J Gleerum (Old Leightonians)
Gleeson (Hightown)
Gleeson (South Lancashire Regiment)
Gleeson (Cansfield High School, Wigan Under-14s)
A Gleeson (Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI)
B Gleeson (umpire)
C Gleeson (Hightown)
D Gleeson (Cambridgeshire Over-50s)
D Gleeson (Linton Village)
D Gleeson (Forton Women)
D Gleeson (Uckfield Anderida)
D Gleeson (Harlow Town)
D Gleeson (Harlow Town Chairman's XI)
E Gleeson (Royal Air Force Women)
E Gleeson (Royal Air Force Women)
EJ Gleeson (Leicestershire Second XI)
G Gleeson (Royal Air Force Women)
G Gleeson (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
J Gleeson (Linton Village)
J Gleeson (Stansted Hall and Elsenham)
J Gleeson (Wooburn Narkovians)
J Gleeson (Colston's School)
K Gleeson (scorer)
K Gleeson (Harlow Town)
M Gleeson (Stourport-on-Severn)
M Gleeson (St Edmund's College, Ware)
M Gleeson (Stourport-on-Severn Third XI)
M Gleeson (Middlesbrough)
N Gleeson (Hightown)
P Gleeson (Linton Village)
P Gleeson (Warwickshire Over-60s)
RJ Gleeson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire, Rangpur Riders)
S Gleeson (Oxford Women Second XI)
S Gleeson (umpire)
S Gleeson (scorer)
S Gleeson (Boldon CA, Boldon CA Second XI)
T Gleeson (Crook)
T Gleeson (Southport and Birkdale)
V Gleeson (Blackpool Women)
D Glegg (Household Brigade)
DH Glegg (Eton Ramblers)
HG Glegg (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
JB Glegg (Cheshire)
JB Glegg (Shropshire)
JB Glegg (Eton College)
M Glegg (Bohemians and Wishaw)
P Glegg (Bohemians and Wishaw)
TJ Glegg (Eton Ramblers)
W Glegg (Staffordshire Borderers)
WB Glegg (Cheshire)
JA Gleghorn (Barby, St Mary's University College, Twickenham)
L Gleghorn (Bishop Auckland)
NW Gleghorn (Durham Senior Cricket League)
S Gleghorn (Bishop Auckland)
S Gleghorn (Tudhoe, Tudhoe Second XI)
T Gleghorn (Kingswood School)
TA Gleghorn (Barby, Coventry and North Warwickshire)
W Gleig (Walton)
W Gleiger (WJ Page's Team)
TS Glemster (Hurstpierpoint College)
Glen (Oundle School)
Glen (St Peter's School, York)
Glen (Eppleton)
A Glen (Junior Diamonds, Sessay Women, Yorkshire Under-13s Women, Yorkshire Under-15s Women, Yorkshire Under-17s Women, Yorkshire Women Second XI)
AR Glen (Old Alleynians)
B Glen (Launceston)
B Glen (scorer)
B Glen (Baildon)
BS Glen (Durham Women, Yorkshire Women)
C Glen (Alleyn's School)
C Glen (The Forty Club)
D Glen (Durham, Durham Colts, Durham Second XI)
D Glen (Browns)
DG Glen (Oundle School)
DMH Glen (Durham City, Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys)
G Glen (Nottinghamshire Over-50s)
I Glen (Forest Hill)
I Glen (Bristol Grammar School)
ITC Glen (Durham, Durham Second XI, Rossall School)
J Glen (Bulkington)
J Glen (Bishop's Stortford)
J Glen (umpire)
J Glen (umpire, referee)
JP Glen (The Forty Club)
L Glen (Stapleton)
M Glen (Emmbrook and Bearwood)
MJ Glen (St Peter's School, York)
S Glen (England Women's Development Programme Under-15s Team Two)
W Glen (Aston Unity)
A Glencross (Guildford Women)
A Glencross (Merrow)
B Glencross (Cumberland Juniors, Cumberland Schoolboys)
GPN Glencross (Radley College)
J Glencross (South Women)
JPN Glencross (Exeter College, Oxford)
JS Glencross (Guildford Women, Surrey Under-15s Women, Surrey Under-17s Women)
L Glendall (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
J Glendenen (Marske)
JD Glendenen (Cumberland, Durham)
J Glendenin (Yorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
Glendenning (Evesham)
Glendenning (Bedford College Women)
D Glendenning (Leighton Buzzard Town Second XI)
GE Glendenning (The Leys School)
J Glendenning (Ravenshead)
J Glendenning (Newstead Abbey and Village Second XI, Newstead Abbey and Village Third XI)
K Glendenning (Nottinghamshire Cricket Board, Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League, Wollaton, Wollaton Second XI)
R Glendenning (Coventry Ramblers)
RC Glendenning (British Broadcasting Corporation)
T Glendenning (Tynedale)
A Glendhuys (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Glendining (Evesham)
BCS Glendinning (Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s, Cumbria Under-17s, Durham Academy, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-16s, Penrith, Penrith Second XI)
BWSC Glendinning (Cumbria Under-17s, Penrith, Penrith Second XI)
C Glendinning (Burnley and Padiham Women)
C Glendinning (Ghyll Second XI)
C Glendinning (Chelmarsh)
E Glendinning (Lockwood)
G Glendinning (Barnards Green Third XI)
GR Glendinning (The Leys School)
GS Glendinning (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Glendinning (Burnley and Padiham Women)
J Glendinning (East Lancashire)
JG Glendinning (umpire)
KA Glendinning (St John's School, Leatherhead)
O Glendinning (Mill Hill School)
P Glendinning (Coventry Ramblers)
R Glendinning (South Loughton)
R Glendinning (umpire)
R Glendinning (South Loughton)
T Glendinning (Tynedale)
WA Glendinning (scorer)
Z Glendinning (Cumbria Under-15s Women)
Glenfield (Torquay Women)
C Glenfield (Rushton)
I Glenfield (Hambledon Second XI)
A Glenhill (Lancaster)
Glen Hussain (Ward End Unity)
D Glenin (Whitgift School)
O Glenin (Southern Railway and Kenley)
Glenister (E Swanborough's XI)
Glenister (London Pavilion)
C Glenister (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
CE Glenister (Royal Navy)
D Glenister (Sutton Valence School)
DJ Glenister (Christ's College, Cambridge, Clifton College)
G Glenister (Hurstpierpoint Village)
GE Glenister (GE Glenister's XI)
GE Glenister (MA Pitcher's XI)
J Glenister (Ashford, Ashford Second XI)
M Glenister (Old Buckenham)
O Glenister (Bedford Modern School)
W Glenister (Bedfordshire Under-14s, Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s)
WM Glenister (Saffron Walden)
Glenn (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
Glenn (Olton Second XI)
Glenn (Kidderminster Early Rising)
Glenn (Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
Glenn (Trent College)
A Glenn (Pannal Women)
A Glenn (Kirkby Portland Second XI)
B Glenn (Pannal Women)
CT Glenn (Retford Grammar School, Retford Grammar School Second XI)
D Glenn (Moddershall Women)
DF Glenn (Heartaches)
E Glenn (Aston Unity)
F Glenn (Alleyn's School)
G Glenn (Newcastle-under-Lyme School)
G Glenn (Moddershall A)
G Glenn (Kirkby Portland, Kirkby Portland Second XI)
GR Glenn (Old Hurst Johnians)
H Glenn (Derbyshire Women)
HM Glenn (Derbyshire Women)
I Glenn (Denby Second XI, Denby Third XI)
J Glenn (Maldon, Walthamstow, Wandering Crows)
J Glenn (Pannal Women)
J Glenn (scorer)
L Glenn (Denby, Denby Second XI)
L Glenn (Sileby Town)
L Glenn (Sileby Town Second XI)
M Glenn (Derbyshire)
M Glenn (Lawrence Sheriff School)
M Glenn (Bradfield College, Bradfield Waifs)
M Glenn (umpire)
M Glenn (Upper Clatford)
M Glenn (Derbyshire County Cricket League)
M Glenn (Barby, Barby Second XI)
M Glenn (Denby)
M Glenn (Denby)
P Glenn (National Association of Young Cricketers North)
P Glenn (Heartaches)
P Glenn (Derbyshire Over-50s)
P Glenn (Royal Household)
P Glenn (Derbyshire Over-50s)
PJ Glenn (Denby, Denby Second XI)
R Glenn (Moddershall, Moddershall A)
R Glenn (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
S Glenn (Derbyshire Women, Loughborough Lightning)
S Glenn (Hymers College, Hull)
S Glenn (Exeter)
T Glenn (Stony Stratford)
T Glenn (St Bede's School)
T Glenn (Laughton)
T Glenn (Chard)





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