England Players (C)


Christopherson (Uppingham Masters)
Christopherson (L Teague's XI)
Christopherson (Holbrook Park)
AD Christopherson (Blackheath)
C Christopherson (The Christophersons)
CW Christopherson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Christopherson (umpire)
Derman Christopherson jun (Blackheath, Rugby School, Southwark Clergy, The Robins)
Derman Christopherson sen (The Christophersons)
Douglas Christopherson (The Christophersons)
DB Christopherson (Band of Brothers)
E Christopherson (Mrs Ashby's XI)
F Christopherson (Uppingham Masters)
H Christopherson (Blackheath)
H Christopherson (Hythe Hill)
HE Christopherson (Uppingham School)
I Christopherson (Elstree School)
I Christopherson (Uppingham School)
J Christopherson (Worcester College, Oxford)
J Christopherson (BGD Rudd's XI)
JC Christopherson (Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Kent)
JC Christopherson (Quidnuncs)
K Christopherson (Blackheath, The Robins)
K Christopherson (Dorking)
L Christopherson (Uppingham Rovers)
M Christopherson (Blackheath, The Robins)
N Christopherson (Blackheath)
N Christopherson (West Kent)
P Christopherson (Kent, Oxford University)
PM Christopherson (Hythe)
R Christopherson (Cross Arrows)
R Christopherson (The Forty Club)
R Christopherson (Spondon)
Sidney Christopherson (Uppingham School, Wimbledon)
Stanley Christopherson (England, I Zingari, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
SD Christopherson (Southwark Clergy)
ChrisTorrisi (Alton)
C Christos (Langley Manor Third XI)
D Christpherson (The Hottentots)
P Christsen (Aston-on-Trent)
Christton (Bishopwearmouth)
S Christudas (Durham City)
S Christudas (Newton Aycliffe)
Christy (Croydon, Reigate Priory)
Christy (Southgate)
Christy (Sevenoaks Vine)
Christy (Gentlemen of West Kent)
Christy (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
A Christy (Surrey)
A Christy (Surrey Club)
AW Christy (Combined Services)
BRF Christy (Eton College, Household Brigade)
CE Christy (Gentlemen of Kent)
E Christy (Brasenose College, Oxford, Oxford University Freshmen, Radley College)
E Christy (Etceteras)
FC Christy (Surrey Club)
G Christy (Bootham School)
G Christy (Chelmsford)
J Christy (Fiskerton Second XI)
L Christy (Selsey)
LM Christy (Chester Boughton Hall)
MG Christy (Felsted Robins, Felsted School, Royal Air Force)
P Christys (Cheadle)
B Chritchley (umpire)
I Chronell (Cheshire County Colts)
LM Chronnell (English Schools Cricket Association North)
A Chryanthou (North Enfield)
A Chrysanthou (North Enfield)
M Chryshamham (British Tamil Cricket League)
C Chryshanthan (Catford and Cyphers, Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
A Chrystal (Oxfordshire Under-13s Women)
A Chrystal (London Clergy)
KH Chrystal (New Brighton)
D Chrystie (Warlingham)
P Chrystys (Lindow)
Chszowski (The Oratory School)
T Chu (scorer)
T Chu (Brighton and Hove Women)
Chua (Wellingborough School)
J Chua (scorer)
Chubb (Old Oakhamians President's XI)
A Chubb (Streetly)
A Chubb (The Royal Hospital School)
B Chubb (Teddington)
BG Chubb (Dulwich College)
EG Chubb (King's College, Cambridge)
EH Chubb (The Leys School)
G Chubb (Wrea Green)
G Chubb (Wrea Green)
G Chubb (Lancashire Over-50s)
GH Chubb (The Leys School)
HW Chubb (Wallasey)
HW Chubb (Liscard)
JE Chubb (The Leys School)
L Chubb (scorer)
LT Chubb (Haileybury College)
P Chubb (umpire)
P Chubb (King's College, Taunton)
T Chubb (Purnell)
A Chubbs (umpire)
DJE Chubbs (Formby, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-25s)
P Chubbs (Formby)
R Chubsama (Roffey)
M Chuchill (Mistley, Mistley)
M Chuck (Long Buckby)
Chuckle (Old Victorians)
D Chudasama (Leicester Grammar School)
I Chudasama (Accrington Fourth XI)
J Chudasama (scorer)
J Chudasama (Bolton Indians, Bolton Indians Second XI, Bolton Indians Third XI)
J Chudasama (Bolton)
J Chudasama (Horley)
J Chudasama (Bolton Third XI)
K Chudasama (Chenies and Latimer)
M Chudasama (Willclare)
M Chudasama (Loughborough Grammar School Under-13s)
R Chudasama (Colston's School Second XI)
A Chuddley (Wood Street Village Second XI)
D Chuddley (Wood Street Village Second XI)
S Chudgar (Datchet Cranbourne Second XI)
ACL Chudleigh (Cranleigh School)
ACL Chudleigh (Cranleigh Second XI)
C Chudleigh (Cranleigh School)
Andy Chudley (Wood Street Village, Wood Street Village Second XI)
Archie Chudley (Wood Street Village, Wood Street Village Second XI)
G Chudley (Isham)
G Chudley (Wellingborough)
G Chudley (Wellingborough School)
H Chudley (Wood Street Village, Wood Street Village Second XI)
M Chudley (Henlow)
M Chudley (Portsmouth Community Women)
P Chudley (Bedfordshire Over-50s, Bedfordshire Over-50s Second XI, Bedfordshire Over-60s)
P Chudley (Wicken)
S Chudley (Old Parkonians)
W Chudley (Northamptonshire Under-15s)
W Chudley (Isham)
W Chudley (Wellingborough School)
W Chudley (Wellingborough)
C Chue (Warwickshire Under-14s)
K Chue (Walmley)
C Chugg (West Buckland School)
D Chugg (Barnstaple and Pilton, Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
J Chugg (Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
A Chugh (Dunlop Coventry)
A Chugh (RMCC)
R Chugh (Old Leightonians)
R Chugh (IBM Hursley Third XI)
A Chughtai (South Loughton)
A Chughtai (Chaldon CMO)
A Chughtai (Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s, Lancashire Under-17s)
A Chughtai (Monton and Weaste)
M Chughtai (Bromley Town)
M Chughtai (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
Z Chughtai (Chaldon CMO)
S Chughti (Chalfont St Peter)
Z Chugtai (Indian Gymkhana)
A Chugthai (Lancashire Under-17s)
AS Chuhan (Nomads)
C Chum (West Yorkshire Regiment)
J Chumbley (Leicestershire Second XI)
J Chumbley (Burley)
R Chumbley (Burley)
JR Chumeley (Hampshire Second XI)
B Chumley (South Loughton)
J Chumley (Forest Ramblers)
J Chumley (Burley)
J Chumley (New Forest Club Cricket Association)
R Chumley (South Loughton)
D Chuna (Bryanston School)
L Chunara (William Hulme Grammar School)
Chung (Kelly College)
A Chung (Bexleyheath, Bexleyheath Second XI)
C Chung (Birkdale School, Sheffield)
I Chung (Edmonton)
Y Chung (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Chung-Faye (St Mary's College, Southampton)
C Chuniall (Shepherds Bush)
C Chunilall (Shepherds Bush)
C Chunnilall (Shepherds Bush)
C Chunnilall (Lord Wandsworth College)
R Chunnoo (Bures and District)
RK Chunnoo (Bures and District)
J Chupasama (Horley)
Church (J Hammond's XI)
Church (Charterhouse School)
Church (Royal Navy Devonport)
Church (47th Regiment)
Church (Merchant Taylors' School)
Church (The King's School, Peterborough)
Church (Sir JP Getty's XI)
A Church (Gravesend, Gravesend Development XI, Gravesend Second XI)
A Church (Hornchurch)
A Church (Redlynch and Hale, Redlynch and Hale Second XI, Redlynch and Hale Third XI)
A Church (scorer)
A Church (Redlynch and Hale Second XI)
A Church (Wiltshire Over-50s, Wiltshire Over-60s)
A Church (Old Tauntonians Third XI)
A Church (umpire)
A Church (Long Buckby)
A Church (Higham Ferrers Town, Irthlingborough Town Second XI)
AJQ Church (Felsted School)
AM Church (Royal Navy)
B Church (Tillingham)
B Church (Gloucestershire Over-50s, Gloucestershire Over-60s, Gloucestershire Over-60s Second XI)
B Church (HF Jollye's XI)
C Church (Southam Second XI)
C Church (Twickenham Women)
C Church (Overbury)
C Church (Rolls Royce Second XI)
C Church (Wymeswold Second XI)
C Church (scorer)
CA Church (umpire)
CH Church (Oxford University Authentics)
D Church (Falkland)
D Church (scorer)
D Church (Ringmer)
D Church (Stratford-upon-Avon)
D Church (Hythe and Dibden)
D Church (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
DHQ Church (Felsted School)
DJ Church (Sussex)
DJ Church (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
E Church (Timperley)
EJ Church (Blackheath Proprietary School)
F Church (New Brighton)
F Church (University College, Oxford)
F Church (Warwick School)
FS Church (Cheshire)
FS Church (Timperley)
FT Church (Cambridgeshire)
G Church (Antlers)
G Church (Long Buckby)
G Church (North Maidenhead)
G Church (North Maidenhead)
G Church (North Maidenhead Second XI)
G Church (umpire)
G Church (Redlynch and Hale Third XI)
G Church (Olton)
GA Church (Lancing College)
H Church (Marlborough College)
H Church (Marylebone Cricket Club)
H Church (scorer)
H Church (Ipswich and East Suffolk)
H Church (Leigh)
I Church (Three Bridges)
J Church (East Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Church (Astley and Tyldesley Collieries)
J Church (scorer)
J Church (East Hertfordshire)
J Church (Weston-super-Mare)
J Church (Ashurst, Ashurst)
J Church (Esso Fawley)
J Church (Redlynch and Hale Second XI, Redlynch and Hale Third XI)
J Church (Astley and Tyldesley)
J Church (Hurst)
JC Church (Lansdown)
JR Church (Fawley, Fawley Fourth XI, Fawley Second XI)
K Church (Hindley St Peters Second XI)
L Church (scorer)
L Church (scorer)
L Church (Long Buckby)
L Church (Southam Second XI)
L Church (West Haddon and Guilsborough)
LG Church (DR Jardine's XI)
M Church (Three Bridges)
M Church (Hornchurch)
M Church (scorer)
M Church (Stanford-le-Hope)
M Church (Great Waltham)
M Church (Ashford Town Fourth XI)
M Church (Stanford-le-Hope)
M Church (Bluemantles)
M Church (London County)
M Church (umpire)
M Church (Stanford-le-Hope)
MJ Church (Gloucestershire, Worcestershire)
MJ Church (Sir JP Getty's XI)
MJ Church (Middlesex Second XI)
MR Church (Keble College, Oxford, Lancing College, Lancing College Second XI)
N Church (Keynsham)
N Church (Epping)
N Church (Spye Park)
P Church (Norfolk)
P Church (Frocester)
P Church (Thornbury)
P Church (Deddington)
P Church (Sussex Over-60s Third XI, Sussex Over-70s)
P Church (Buntingford)
P Church (Sussex Over-50s)
P Church (Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, Crosby)
P Church (Wymeswold Second XI)
P Church (St Phillips)
PC Church (Hurstpierpoint College)
R Church (Essex Second XI)
R Church (Bootle)
R Church (Keble College, Oxford)
R Church (Cornwall Under-13s Women, Cornwall Under-15s Women)
R Church (Redlynch and Hale, Redlynch and Hale, Redlynch and Hale Second XI, Redlynch and Hale Third XI)
R Church (Taunton School)
R Church (Chesterfield and Sheffield Women, Derbyshire Under-13s Women, Derbyshire Under-15s Women, Derbyshire Under-17s Women, Sheffield Transport Women)
R Church (Chelmsford)
R Church (Devon Over-50s)
RCH Church (The Forty Club)
RCS Church (umpire)
RCS Church (The Forty Club)
S Church (Kent Junior Women, Kent Women Second XI)
S Church (Middleton Stoney)
S Church (Seaton)
S Church (Devon Dumplings)
S Church (The Forty Club)
SR Church (Glamorgan and Wales Academy, Newport)
T Church (Old Tauntonians and Romsey Academy)
T Church (umpire)
THR Church (Honourable Artillery Company)
V Church (Royal Navy Women)
W Church (Southampton Police)
W Church (Downside Wanderers)
W Church (Old Walcountians)
W Church (Wymondham College)
W Church (Downside School)
WC Church (Chelmsford, Southend-on-Sea)
WJ Church (Hatfield House)
WS Church (Christ Church, Oxford, East Hertfordshire, Harlequins, Harrow School, Hertfordshire, I Zingari, Oxford University, Perambulators, South Essex, The Easter Club, University College, Oxford)
E Churchely (Kent Over-50s)
Churcher (AC Delco)
A Churcher (Buckinghamshire Young Amateurs)
AE Churcher (Bromsgrove School)
AE Churcher (Shobrooke)
B Churcher (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
C Churcher (Hertfordshire Over-60s)
DG Churcher (City of London School)
G Churcher (Farndon Second XI)
J Churcher (RP Goodchild's XI)
JG Churcher (Cambridgeshire Colts South)
JI Churcher (St Edward's School, Oxford)
JL Churcher (Royal Air Force Uxbridge)
L Churcher (Sussex Women, Sussex Women Second XI)
O Churcher (Devon Women)
R Churcher (CUACO, CUACO Second XI, Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
SC Churcher (Cornwall, Cornwall Under-21s, Falmouth, St Austell)
T Churcher (Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
T Churcher (Thoresby Park, Thoresby Park Second XI)
T Churcher (Thoresby Park Second XI)
S Churches (Cheddar)
S Churches (Charlton Kings)
Churchhouse (Cambridge St Giles)
B Churchhouse (Fylde Second XI)
Churchill (Chipperfield)
Churchill (Devon)
Churchill (East Harptree)
Churchill (West Sussex)
Churchill (Nottingham)
Churchill (King's College, Cambridge)
Churchill (Staff College, Sandhurst)
Churchill (Royal)
Churchill (Royal Artillery Devonport)
Churchill (Bethany School)
Churchill (Teddington Town)
Churchill (Droitwich)
Churchill (Orpington Women)
Churchill (Bromyard)
Churchill (Wellesley House School)
Churchill (Marlow Park)
Churchill (Colfe's School)
Churchill (San Francisco Seaman's Institute)
Churchill (Brixham Second XI)
Churchill (Hightown Second XI)
A Churchill (Tavistock)
A Churchill (Fylde, Fylde Second XI)
A Churchill (Embley Park School)
A Churchill (Rainhill Third XI)
A Churchill (Mayor of Waltham Forest's XI)
A Churchill (Chipperfield Second XI)
AJ Churchill (Essex Cricket Board)
B Churchill (Doncaster Town Under-16s)
B Churchill (Chipperfield Second XI)
C Churchill (Worcester College, Oxford)
C Churchill (Bentley)
C Churchill (Barnards Green Third XI)
C Churchill (Dorchester Casuals)
C Churchill (Fylde Second XI)
D Churchill (Bohemians)
D Churchill (Bristol Schoolmasters)
D Churchill (Clifton Colts)
D Churchill (Bristol and District)
D Churchill (Gidea Park and Romford)
DA Churchill (scorer)
E Churchill (Loughborough University)
E Churchill (Mudeford Third XI, Mudeford Under-15s)
ES Churchill (Lichfield)
F Churchill (Gentlemen of Shropshire)
F Churchill (HD Egerton's XI)
F Churchill (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
F Churchill (Eton College Second XI)
FR Churchill (Devon Club and Ground)
G Churchill (Gidea Park and Romford Second XI)
GJF Churchill (Club Cricket Conference, Gidea Park and Romford)
GS Churchill (Wimbledon)
GS Churchill (Chiswick House)
GS Churchill (Richmond)
GS Churchill (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge)
H Churchill (Bedfordshire)
H Churchill (Tunbridge Wells and District)
H Churchill (Deddington)
HC Churchill (Marlborough College)
HG Churchill (Beaumont College)
HJ Churchill (Beaumont College)
J Churchill (Trinity College, Cambridge, Trinity College, Cambridge Second XI)
JD Churchill (Coventry)
K Churchill (Wiltshire Women, Wootton Bassett Ladies)
L Churchill (Barnards Green Third XI)
M Churchill (Mistley, Mistley, Mistley Second XI)
M Churchill (TF Harrison's XI)
M Churchill (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Churchill (Officers of the Aldershot Division)
M Churchill (Portsmouth Garrison)
M Churchill (Knickerbockers)
M Churchill (Horsham)
M Churchill (Gentlemen of Neighbouring Counties)
M Churchill (Bethany School)
M Churchill (Cambridge Granta)
M Churchill (Purton Exiles Women)
M Churchill (EW Hornung's XI)
M Churchill (Spalding Grammar School)
M Churchill (Eton Ramblers)
M Churchill (Dorset Under-13s Women, Dorset Under-15s Women)
M Churchill (Aldershot Division, Chichester, Dorset, East Hants Club, Gentlemen of Dorset, Royal Military College Sandhurst, Southern Division)
MH Churchill (Free Foresters)
MJ Churchill (Marylebone Cricket Club, Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells Fourth XI, Tunbridge Wells Second XI, Tunbridge Wells Third XI)
N Churchill (Kent Junior Women)
O Churchill (Doncaster Town Second XI, Doncaster Town Under-16s)
O Churchill (Doncaster Town)
P Churchill (Monmouthshire)
PG Churchill (Birkenhead St Mary's)
PJ Churchill (Old Blundellians)
PR Churchill (Wellington College)
R Churchill (Orleans Club)
R Churchill (Lyndhurst)
R Churchill (National Physical Laboratory Teddington, National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI)
R Churchill (WH Grenfell's XI)
R Churchill (Quidnuncs)
R Churchill (Berkshire Gentlemen)
R Churchill (Eltham College)
SW Churchill (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Churchill (Droitwich Spa)
T Churchill (Worcestershire Cricket Association)
T Churchill (South Newton)
T Churchill (Fylde Second XI)
T Churchill (Robincroft)
T Churchill (Mistley Second XI)
T Churchill (Dorset Under-13s Women, Dorset Under-15s Women, Dorset Under-17s Women)
W Churchill (Berkshire)
W Churchill (Minehead)
W Churchill (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WBH Churchill (Downside School)
WH Churchill (England XI)
WM Churchill (Eton Ramblers)
JH Churchill-Baxter (East Gloucestershire, Gentlemen of Breconshire, Welsh Etceteras)
RD Churchill-Browne (Boyne Hill, Henley, Hertfordshire, Marlow)
A Churchill-Coleman (West Haddon)
A Churchill-Coleman (Kettering Town)
O Churchill-Coleman (West Haddon)
WV Churchill-Longman (Lancing College)
C Churchley (Whitstable Second XI)
C Churchley (East Sutton)
C Churchley (Selsdon)
C Churchley (Abinger)
E Churchley (umpire)
E Churchley (scorer)
E Churchley (umpire)
E Churchley (Whitstable Second XI)
E Churchley (umpire)
J Churchley (Longstanton Grasshoppers)
S Churchley (Astwood Bank)
S Churchley (British Fire Service)
E Churchly (umpire)
C Churchman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School, National Physical Laboratory Teddington, National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI)
C Churchman (Lensbury)
CR Churchman (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Churchman (Chelmsford Clergy)
J Churchman (Middlesex Under-13s)
J Churchman (Worcestershire Club and Ground)
J Churchman (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
J Churchman (Chaldon CMO)
NJ Churchman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School, Hertfordshire Young Cricketers, National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
P Churchman (Doncaster Town Second XI)
P Churchman (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
R Churchman (Dumbleton, Worcestershire Cricket Board)
R Churchman (Hatherley and Reddings)
SN Churchman (Euxton Second XI)
TF Churchman (Club Cricket Conference)
TF Churchman (Alexandra Park)
Churchouse (Winchester Women)
Churchouse (Little Baddow)
C Churchouse (Sedbergh School Under-14s B)
M Churchouse (King's College, Taunton)
P Churchouse (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
P Churchouse (Ockley)
PK Churchouse (Old Oakhamians)
PK Churchouse (Oakham School)
T Churchouse (Dorset Women)
Churchward (Richmond)
AW Churchward (Dover, Folkestone, Gentlemen of Kent, Gore Court, Kearsney)
D Churchward (Canterbury Second XI)
D Churchward (Beverley Second XI)
J Churchward (Loughborough Carillon)
K Churchward (Sussex Second XI, Sussex Under-25s)
N Churchwood (scorer)
E Churchyard (Crompton Parkinson)
EB Churchyard (Lord Cornwallis' XI)
J Churchyard (Durham School Second XI)
H Churm (Flixton Second XI)
J Churm (Dunstall)
J Churm (Walsall)
L Churm (Somerset Second XI)
N Churm (Portsmouth Bohemians)
E Churms (Shropshire Women)
LH Churms (Bedfordshire Development XI, Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s, Buckingham Town, Highfield, Highfield, Huntingdonshire Under-15s, Old Netley and Highfield, Potton Town, South Wilts)
Churn (West Yorkshire)
H Churn (Bloxwich)
H Churn (Flixton Second XI)
J Churn (Potton Town)
L Churns (Southampton Solent University)
L Churns (Highfield)
T Churns (Highfield)
C Churnside (Giggleswick School)
J Churnside (Players of Northumberland)
Lord Churston (Torquay)
Churton (Wolverhampton)
Churton (Dock Battalion Officers)
Churton (Dorset Rangers)
A Churton (Paultons)
BH Churton (Leeds Grammar School)
CHB Churton (Warwick School)
CN Churton (Grimston Park)
D Churton (Old Amplefordians)
D Churton (Hythe and Dibden)
DRH Churton (Cambridge University)
ET Churton (Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Oriel College, Oxford)
H Churton (Wolverhampton)
HL Churton (Boughton Hall)
HN Churton (Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Langton Wold, University College, Oxford)
JA Churton (Shrewsbury School)
RH Churton (Army, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
RT Churton (York)
WAV Churton (Cheshire, Shrewsbury School)
WAV Churton (Boughton Hall)
WH Churton (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
A Churton-Taylor (St Ronan's Preparatory School)
A Chutani (Wollaton, Wollaton Second XI, Wollaton Third XI)
Chute (Basingstoke)
Chute (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AH Chute (Basingstoke and North Hants)
CF Chute (University College School)
DW Chute (Eton College, Gentlemen of North Hampshire, Odiham, University College, Oxford, Wells Theological College)
ER Chute (Ashbourne, Brasenose College, Oxford, Eton College, Gentlemen of Hampshire, Gentlemen of North Hampshire, Norfolk and Norwich Club)
LB Chute (Eton College, Gentlemen of North Hampshire, I Zingari)
N Chute (Bromley Second XI)
S Chute (Bristol and District)
TD Chute (Essex, Eton College, Gentlemen of North Hampshire)
TD Chute (A Monnington's XI)
Chuter (Causton's)
A Chuter (Northamptonshire Second XI)
A Chuter (Cambridgeshire Colts)
A Chuter (Chelmsford)
C Chuter (umpire)
M Chuter (Sherborne School)
N Chuter (Kew)
P Chuter (Frensham Fourth XI, Frensham Third XI)
P Chuter (Frensham)
P Chuter (scorer)
P Chuter (Churt Third XI)
P Chuter (umpire)
PH Chuter (Cranleigh School)
R Chuter (Frensham, Frensham Second XI)
S Chuter (Alfriston)
S Chuter (Kent Women Second XI)
W Chuter (Cranbrook School)
W Chuter (Upminster, Upminster, Upminster Second XI)
W Chuter (Essex Cricket League Divisions One to Three)
R Chynoweth (umpire)
D Cialini (Longstanton Grasshoppers)
N Ciano (Winchester Krakatoa Simmarians)
A Ciantar (Lytham Second XI)
N Ciappi (Bury St Edmunds Second XI)
Ciaran Singh (Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Second XI)
R Ciarbella (Langford)
A Cicchirillo (Droylsden)
J Ciccone (Dover College)
P Cichocki (Snibston Grange Second XI)
M Cielieski (Nomads)
M Ciesielski (Mansfield Nomads)
N Ciesiolka (Ropley)
C Cikoja (Camden)
CE Cilderari (Richmond)
Cilliers (Royal Army Physical Training Corps)
E Cilliers (Thruxton)
E Cilliers (Great Durnford)
E Cilliers (Crown Taverners)
JF Cilliers (Crawley Nayee)
S Cilliers (Finchley)
E Cima (King's College, Taunton)
M Cima (Sherborne School A XI)
J Cime (Kaleidoscopes, Knowle)
V Cimmino (Crowthorne Second XI)
E Cinderey (Ross-on-Wye)
AP Cinningham (Leatherhead)
JC Cinningham (Liverpool)
E Cinquini (Ratcliffe College)
S Ciprian (St Lawrence Second XI)
AB Cipriani (Crystal Palace, Incogniti)
AB Cipriani (WJ Seton's XI)
BB Cipriani (Crystal Palace)
L Circuit (Wycombe Abbey School, Wycombe Abbey Women)
AJL Circuitt (Westminster School)
CML Circuitt (Westminster School)
GJ Circuitt (Westminster School)
GLM Circuitt (Westminster School)
RWP Circuitt (Norfolk)
Ciric (Gentlemen of Bransford)
Ciric (Fox)
C Cirkel (Hertfordshire Women)
J Cirkel (scorer)
M Cirrone (Isle of Wight Under-15s Women)
S Ciscon (Richmond Legbreakers)
Z Cisotti (Horsham, Horsham Third XI)
Z Cissoti (Horsham Third XI)
Z Cissotti (Horsham, Horsham Third XI)
C Cist (King's College, Taunton)
City (St George's Rifles)
City (Peckham)
JK City (Bishop's Stortford, Clapton, Middlesex)
JK City (Castle)
S Cival (Bloxham School)
G Civil (Bloxham School)
N Civil (Holcot Arcadians)
N Civil (Bloxham School)
N Civil (The Forty Club)
O Civil (Beckenham Second XI)
SP Civil (Bloxham School)
TH Civil (Bloxham School)
Civile (Mitcham)
A Civitis (Sheffield University)
PLF Ciylur (umpire)
T Ciziuka (Glossop Second XI)
Cj Trueman (Ilkeston Rutland Second XI)
Cj Trueman (Ilkeston Rutland Second XI)
D Claasen (Lincolnshire Under-17s)
D Claasen (Grimsby Town)
J Claasen (Oxford Second XI)
D Claason (Grimsby Town Third XI)
H Claassen (Oakfield Third XI)
J Claassen (Oxford)
M Claassen (Redbourn)
R Claassen (Kimbolton)
W Claassen (Oakfield Third XI)
M Claassens (Army Women)
A Clabburn (Ipswich Grammar School)
S Clabburn (Lowestoft Town)
S Clabburn (Lowestoft Town)
S Clabburn (Brooke)
W Clabburn (Ipswich Grammar School)
K Claber (Wootton Bassett Ladies)
R Claber (Rudgwick)
A Clabon (Wisbech Grammar School)
F Clabrough (Didsbury Second XI)
F Clabrough (Didsbury)
H Clabrough (Didsbury Second XI)
AVC Clacey (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Clacey (WE Thompson's XI)
T Clacey (Berkshire Over-50s, Berkshire Over-50s Second XI)
T Clacey (Farley Hill)
T Clacey (Berkshire Over-50s Second XI, Berkshire Over-60s, Berkshire Over-60s Second XI)
T Clacey (Stratfield Turgis and Hartley Wespall)
Clack (King's School, Bruton)
Clack (King's School, Grantham)
Clack (Royal Army Pay Corps)
A Clack (King's School, Bruton)
AR Clack (Mill Hill School)
DS Clack (RD Pearsall's XI)
J Clack (New Ash Green)
J Clack (Downend)
J Clack (Claverham)
J Clack (Old Tiffinians)
J Clack (Dorset Rangers)
L Clack (Sidcup Second XI)
LE Clack (The Forty Club)
NW Clack (Alleyn Old Boys)
SM Clack (King's School, Bruton)
T Clack (Barnards Green, Barnards Green Third XI)
W Clack (Bath Cricket Association)
NH Clackson (City of London School)
S Clackson (Andover Second XI, Andover Third XI)
S Clackson (Andover, Andover Second XI)
P Clackworthy (umpire)
R Clackworthy (St Just)
M Clacton (umpire)
AV Clacy (Worksop College, Worksop College Second XI)
AVC Clacy (Old Cuthbertians)
AVC Clacy (SY Holloway's XI)
AVC Clacy (Old Worksopians)
T Clacy (Farley Hill)
Claddish (Sparkhill)
S Cladish (WJ Evans' XI)
T Cladish (Sparkhill)
O Clador (Banbury)
ES Claff (London Fire Service)
L Claffey (Flixton Second XI, Flixton Third XI)
L Claffey (Flixton, Flixton Second XI, Flixton Third XI)
RM Claffey (Shropshire)
T Claffey (Billesdon)
T Claffey (New Brighton)
W Claffey (Welshpool)
A Clague (Neston Under-16s)
AJ Clague (East Lancashire, East Lancashire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Clague (Marlborough Blues)
R Clague (Royal Corps of Signals)
R Clague (Royal Corps of Signals)
Z Claigh (Denton Second XI)
A Clain (South Hampstead)
A Clain (Harborne)
A Claine (Harborne)
Clair (Hampshire)
DS Clair (Old Owens)
J Clair (Birkenhead Victoria)
S Clair (Staff College, Sandhurst)
SF Clair (Old St Edwards)
ST Clair (Liverpool)
ST Clair (Archdales)
Claire (Brackley Women)
Claire (Royal Armoured Corps)
Claire (Royal Armoured Corps)
J Claire (Ibstock Town)
L Claire (Aldershot Women)
C Claireaux (Suffolk Seniors)
C Claireaux (Suffolk Over-70s)
S Clair Ford (Formby)
R Clairnes (Ockley)
S Clakre (scorer)
Clamp (Leicestershire Club and Ground)
Clamp (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Clamp (Burton-on-Trent)
Clamp (Burton)
Clamp (Ardingly College Second XI)
A Clamp (scorer)
A Clamp (Wath)
AJ Clamp (Ardingly College)
D Clamp (Uxbridge Casuals Second XI)
D Clamp (Hartshorne)
E Clamp (Trentside, Trentside Second XI)
E Clamp (Walmley Fourth XI, Walmley Third XI, Walmley Under-19s)
F Clamp (Nuneaton Cricket Association)
F Clamp (Nuneaton)
FT Clamp (Cambridge Granta Fourth XI, Cambridge Granta Second XI, Cambridgeshire Under-13s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s, Cambridgeshire Under-17s)
G Clamp (scorer)
H Clamp (Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
J Clamp (Colts of England, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Clamp (Burnley, Church)
J Clamp (Darwen)
J Clamp (Nottinghamshire Colts)
J Clamp (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
J Clamp (Nottingham Commercial Club)
L Clamp (Penn)
M Clamp (Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
M Clamp (Quarndon Second XI)
M Clamp (scorer)
R Clamp (Loughborough Grammar School)
R Clamp (Bootle Second XI)
S Clamp (Quarndon, Quarndon Second XI)
S Clamp (Penzance)
S Clamp (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
S Clamp (Baddesley Colliery)
S Clamp (Freasley)
T Clamp (The Stage)
T Clamp (Wymeswold, Wymeswold Second XI)
M Clampin (ME Hide's XI)
MC Clampin (Elmstead)
T Clampin (Rushden Town, Rushden Town Second XI)
E Clampson (Wilnecote)
J Clan (Leeds Grammar School)
Clancey (Enfield)
M Clancey (Enfield)
P Clancey (Shrewton)
Clancy (Enfield)
Clancy (Leeds City Police Band)
A Clancy (Backworth)
A Clancy (Reading University)
A Clancy (Chard)
AE Clancy (Stanley)
B Clancy (Kimblesworth)
C Clancy (Heywood)
H Clancy (East Hertfordshire Women)
J Clancy (Bilsthorpe)
K Clancy (scorer)
L Clancy (Nomads)
L Clancy (Uppingham School)
l Clancy (Bilsthorpe)
LJ Clancy (Liverpool University)
M Clancy (Enfield, Enfield Second XI)
M Clancy (Kidmore End)
M Clancy (Kidmore End Second XI)
P Clancy (Shrewton)
S Clancy (Heckington)
T Clancy (Enfield)
T Clancy (University of Southampton)
T Clancy (Berkshire Over-50s Second XI)
W Clancy (Enfield)
S Clandran (Crown Wood)
D Clane (umpire)
C Clanfield (Ropley)
D Clanfield (R Wild's XI)
Clanmorris (I Zingari)
Lord Clanwilliam (Old Etonians)
A Claperton (The Forty Club)
Clapham (Pleasington Second XI)
Clapham (Tamworth and District Cricket League)
Clapham (Halifax Secondary School)
Clapham (Wolseley)
Clapham (St Mary's College, Southampton)
Clapham (Hedon)
Clapham (Bradford Grammar School)
Clapham (Tamworth)
Clapham (Merton College, Oxford)
Clapham (Moseley Ashfield)
A Clapham (Sandhurst, Sandhurst Second XI)
A Clapham (umpire)
A Clapham (Wokingham, Wokingham Second XI)
A Clapham (Bedale)
AC Clapham (Ampleforth College)
C Clapham (scorer)
C Clapham (Cambridgeshire)
C Clapham (Langtons)
C Clapham (Ampleforth College)
CM Clapham (Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Young Amateurs)
D Clapham (Lyndhurst and Deanery Third XI)
D Clapham (Ashfield)
DC Clapham (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
DC Clapham (Moseley)
DL Clapham (Moseley Ashfield)
E Clapham (Manchester Clifford)
EL Clapham (Westminster School)
G Clapham (Farnham, Rowledge, Rowledge Second XI)
J Clapham (Lowerhouse, Lowerhouse Second XI)
J Clapham (Hebden Bridge)
J Clapham (Hampton and Solihull)
J Clapham (Hambledon)
J Clapham (Chigwell School)
J Clapham (Wortley)
J Clapham (Brentham)
JR Clapham (Staffordshire)
JS Clapham (Keighley, Otley)
K Clapham (Hythe and Dibden, Hythe and Dibden Second XI)
M Clapham (Tynemouth)
M Clapham (Trojans, Trojans)
M Clapham (Kynoch)
M Clapham (Sandhurst, Sandhurst Second XI)
M Clapham (Sparsholt)
M Clapham (Channel Islands Over-50s)
P Clapham (Essex Second XI)
R Clapham (Gedling Colliery)
R Clapham (Barnt Green)
R Clapham (Hertfordshire Young Amateurs)
R Clapham (Hyson Green Carrington Caribs Second XI)
R Clapham (Gedling Colliery Third XI)
R Clapham (Gedling Colliery Second XI)
S Clapham (Hambledon)
S Clapham (Romany)
T Clapham (Chigwell School)
Z Clapham
Z Clapham (Cambridgeshire Under-13s Women)
AC Clapin (Sherborne School)
J Claplin-Rogers (Radley Rangers)
M Clapman (Channel Islands Over-50s)
Clapp (umpire)
Clapp (Burnham-on-Sea)
Clapp (Royal Artillery)
Clapp (Rossall School)
Clapp (Midland Counties Colts)
A Clapp (Middlezoy)
A Clapp (Barton-on-Sea Colts)
AE Clapp (Somerset)
AR Clapp (Devon, Tavistock, Tavistock Ramblers)
CW Clapp (East Gloucestershire)
DA Clapp (Hampshire, Sussex, Sussex Cricket Board)
DA Clapp (Sussex Martlets)
GT Clapp (Hurstpierpoint College, St John's College, Hurstpierpoint)
I Clapp (Burnham-on-Sea)
I Clapp (Bedhampton)
I Clapp (North Devon Second XI)
I Clapp (Coombe Manor)
J Clapp (Old Honitonians)
J Clapp (Seaton)
J Clapp (Devon Dumplings)
O Clapp (Barton-on-Sea Colts)
P Clapp (Burnham-on-Sea)
R Clapp (Loughborough College)
R Clapp (Coggeshall Town)
R Clapp (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
R Clapp (Old Dunstonians and CUACO, Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI)
R Clapp (Burnham-on-Sea)
R Clapp (Tavistock Ramblers)
R Clapp (The Bedouin Cricket Club)
R Clapp (Weston-super-Mare)
RA Clapp (Merton College, Oxford)
RJ Clapp (Somerset)
RM Clapp (Merton College, Oxford)
S Clapp (Bridgwater, Bridgwater Second XI)
S Clapp (Chipping Sodbury)
S Clapp (Middlezoy)
S Clapp (Colston's Collegiate School)
W Clapp (Exeter University, Malden Wanderers, Reed's Choughs, Taunton)
FR Clappen (Hurstpierpoint College)
G Clappen (All Saints' School, Bloxham Third Division)
Clapperton (Stansted Hall and Elsenham)
A Clapperton (Cumberland, Cumbria Over-50s)
A Clapperton (North Lancashire and District Cricket League)
I Clapperton (Wiltshire Under-13s Women)
JF Clapperton (Magdalen College School, Oxford, Magdalen College School, Oxford Second XI)
RH Clapperton (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
RH Clapperton (Magdalen College School, Oxford Second XI)
TJM Clapperton (Northamptonshire)
G Clappison (Northumberland Colts)
P Clappison (Hornsea)
TL Clappison (Pocklington School)
W Clapshall (St Oswald's)





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