England Players (C)


Chaudhary (Rota)
A Chaudhary (Deando Ruxley)
A Chaudhary (Hamilton Lions)
A Chaudhary (Chilwell)
A Chaudhary (Ace Cricket and Sports Club)
AS Chaudhary (STM Cricket Club)
BU Chaudhary (Newham)
C Chaudhary (Northwood Second XI)
H Chaudhary (Catford and Cyphers)
H Chaudhary (Horley)
H Chaudhary (Crawley)
J Chaudhary (Ardleigh Green)
K Chaudhary (Southampton Warriors)
K Chaudhary (BCS Grosvenor)
M Chaudhary (North Maidenhead)
M Chaudhary (Wimbledon)
M Chaudhary (Cove, Cove Second XI)
M Chaudhary (Boyne Hill)
M Chaudhary (Wallington)
M Chaudhary (Wandgas)
M Chaudhary (Old Hamptonians)
M Chaudhary (Walthamstow)
M Chaudhary (Cookham Dean)
MS Chaudhary (Whalley Range Second XI, Whalley Range Third XI)
N Chaudhary (Gravesend Second XI)
R Chaudhary (Wythenshawe)
S Chaudhary (Little Baddow, Pulborough)
S Chaudhary (Ipswich)
S Chaudhary (AJ Sports)
S Chaudhary (Twickenham)
u Chaudhary (Chaldon CMO)
U Chaudhary (Berkshire County Sports)
T Chaudhery (Chalfont St Peter)
U Chaudhray (Pakistan Centre)
A Chaudhrey (Burnham Second XI)
D Chaudhrey (Chiswick and Whitton)
F Chaudhrey (Burnham Second XI)
R Chaudhrey (Burnham)
S Chaudhrey (Burnham, Burnham Second XI)
A Chaudhri (Worksop College)
H Chaudhri (Wanstead)
H Chaudhri (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
Y Chaudhri (Edmonton)
A Chaudhry (Hertfordshire Development XI, Stanmore, West Herts)
A Chaudhry (Khalsa)
A Chaudhry (Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI, Kent Under-13s, Kent Under-14s, Kent Under-15s, Kent Under-17s)
A Chaudhry (Asian)
A Chaudhry (Ace Cricket and Sports Club, Asian)
A Chaudhry (Hinckley Town)
B Chaudhry (Wycombe House)
B Chaudhry (Smethwick, Smethwick Second XI)
B Chaudhry (Walmley, Walmley Second XI)
C Chaudhry (Durham University Second XI)
D Chaudhry (Smethwick)
D Chaudhry (Walmley, Walmley Second XI)
D Chaudhry (Aston Manor)
E Chaudhry (Bledlow Ridge)
F Chaudhry (Great Houghton, Old Northamptonians Third XI, Overstone Park)
F Chaudhry (Burnham Second XI)
F Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
F Chaudhry (Standard Second XI)
FT Chaudhry (Kidlington)
G Chaudhry (Middlesex Over-50s)
G Chaudhry (Kempton)
G Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
H Chaudhry (William Hulme Grammar School)
H Chaudhry (Woodley, Woodley Second XI)
H Chaudhry (Wellsway School)
J Chaudhry (Ardleigh Green)
JA Chaudhry (Hertfordshire, St Albans)
K Chaudhry (Kidmore End)
M Chaudhry (Weoley Hill)
M Chaudhry (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-60s)
M Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
M Chaudhry (Sinjungrammarians)
M Chaudhry (King Edward's Camp Hill Grammar School)
M Chaudhry (Great Houghton, Old Northamptonians, Old Northamptonians Third XI, Overstone Park)
M Chaudhry (Boyne Hill)
M Chaudhry (Moseley Fourth XI, Moseley Third XI)
M Chaudhry (Elstead, Elstead Second XI)
MA Chaudhry (Warwick Second XI, Warwick Third XI)
MU Chaudhry (Old Tiffinians)
N Chaudhry (Incogniti, Purley, Surrey Academy, Surrey Second XI, Surrey Under-13s, Surrey Under-14s, Surrey Under-15s, Surrey Under-17s)
N Chaudhry (Berkshire Under-13s, Berkshire Under-15s)
N Chaudhry (Whitgift Mitres)
N Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
O Chaudhry (Nuneaton)
O Chaudhry (Coventry Schools)
O Chaudhry (Ambleside, Ambleside Second XI)
O Chaudhry (King Henry VIII School, Coventry)
R Chaudhry (St Albans)
R Chaudhry (Burnham Second XI)
R Chaudhry (Club Cricket Conference President's XI)
S Chaudhry (Berkshire Under-13s, Berkshire Under-15s, High Wycombe)
S Chaudhry (Sidcup Second XI)
S Chaudhry (Indian Gymkhana)
S Chaudhry (Burnham Second XI)
S Chaudhry (Great Houghton, Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
S Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
S Chaudhry (BCS Grosvenor Second XI)
S Chaudhry (Stretford Second XI)
S Chaudhry (Berkshire County Sports)
S Chaudhry (Newham)
S Chaudhry (Spalding)
T Chaudhry (Clifton)
T Chaudhry (Stragglers of Asia)
U Chaudhry (Chaldon CMO)
W Chaudhry (Hertfordshire Development XI, Hertfordshire Under-17s, Stanmore, West Herts)
W Chaudhry (Coventry and North Warwickshire Third XI)
W Chaudhry (Coventry and North Warwickshire Colliery)
W Chaudhry (Newbury)
Chaudhuri (City of London School)
K Chaudhuri (Mill Hill School)
N Chaudhuri (East Grinstead)
N Chaudhuri (Ansty Women, Guildford Women, Purley Women, Surrey Under-17s Women, Surrey Under-19s Women, Surrey Women, Sussex Under-13s Women, Sussex Under-15s Women)
N Chaudhuri (Sussex Martlets)
N Chaudhuri (Club Cricket Conference Women)
R Chaudhuri (umpire)
R Chaudhuri (Sussex Martlets)
S Chaudhuri (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
R Chaudhury (umpire)
S Chaudhury (Rota)
W Chaudhury (Bournville Second XI)
S Chaudoir (Somerset Over-60s, Somerset Over-60s Second XI)
S Chaudor (Somerset Over-60s)
Chaudray (Richmond Town)
G Chaudray (The Stage)
M Chaudray (Notts Unity Casuals, Notts Unity Casuals Second XI)
M Chaudray (Leycett)
T Chaudray (Chalfont St Peter)
A Chaudrey (Hertfordshire Under-13s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
A Chaudrey (Sonning)
J Chaudrey (Honourable Artillery Company)
K Chaudrey (Maidenhead and Bray Third XI)
M Chaudrey (Cookham Dean)
N Chaudrey (Incogniti)
Y Chaudrey (Sulhamstead and Ufton Second XI)
MU Chaudri (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
R Chaudri (Lordswood, Lordswood Second XI)
R Chaudri (umpire)
R Chaudri (East Grinstead)
R Chaudro (umpire)
J Chaudron (Claverley)
Chaudry (Bat and Ball)
A Chaudry (East Essex)
A Chaudry (Illston Abey)
A Chaudry (Bickley Park)
A Chaudry (Farnham Royal Second XI)
A Chaudry (Barking)
A Chaudry (Watford Town)
A Chaudry (Wembley)
AA Chaudry (Beaconsfield, Cross Arrows, Free Foresters, Hertfordshire, Honourable Artillery Company, Middlesex Cricket Board, Radlett, Romany, St Albans, Watford Grammar School)
B Chaudry (Hainault and Clayhall)
B Chaudry (Wycombe House)
C Chaudry (Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
D Chaudry (Middlesex Over-50s Second XI)
D Chaudry (Castle Bromwich Third XI)
E Chaudry (Burton)
F Chaudry (Peppard)
F Chaudry (Southern Railway and Kenley)
F Chaudry (Southern Railway and Kenley)
H Chaudry (Kimberley Institute, Kimberley Institute Second XI, Kimberley Institute Third XI, Kimberley Institute Under-19s, Nottinghamshire Cricket Academy, Nottinghamshire Under-14s, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
H Chaudry (scorer)
H Chaudry (Hem Heath Second XI)
I Chaudry (Radlett)
I Chaudry (Asian)
J Chaudry (Aztecs)
K Chaudry (Denton St Lawrence Second XI)
K Chaudry (Dauntsey's School)
K Chaudry (Woodley)
M Chaudry (Boyne Hill)
M Chaudry (Cookham Dean)
M Chaudry (Leycett)
M Chaudry (Frimley Third XI)
M Chaudry (Whittingham and Goosnargh Second XI)
Mahmood Chaudry (Kashmir)
Masood Chaudry (Kashmir)
N Chaudry (Croydon Schools Cricket Association)
S Chaudry (Frenchay)
S Chaudry (Camden)
S Chaudry (Rainbow, West Indian Cavaliers, West Indian Cavaliers Second XI, West Indian Cavaliers Third XI)
S Chaudry (Stretford, Stretford Second XI)
S Chaudry (Farnham Royal Second XI)
S Chaudry (Dauntsey's School)
S Chaudry (Hainault and Clayhall Second XI)
S Chaudry (Kimberley Institute)
S Chaudry (Sidcup Second XI)
SA Chaudry (Farnham Royal Second XI)
T Chaudry (Bolton)
T Chaudry (Chalfont St Peter)
T Chaudry (Bromley Second XI)
T Chaudry (Essex Over-50s Second XI)
U Chaudry (Old Hill Women)
M Chaudury (King Edward's Camp Hill Grammar School)
A Chauehary (Hampton Hill)
M Chaufferier (The Forty Club Eastern Counties)
Chauffeurier (The 63 Club)
Chauffoner (Royal Air Force Fighter Command)
AC Chauffourier (Club Cricket Conference)
M Chauffourier (Lyndhurst)
M Chauffourier (The Forty Club)
MCH Chauffourier (Cambridgeshire, Club Cricket Conference)
MCH Chaufourier (The Forty Club)
S Chaugdal (Chalfont St Peter)
Chaughan (Ashurst)
J Chaughan (Friends)
M Chaughan (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s)
S Chaughtai (Chalfont St Peter)
R Chaughton (The Forty Club)
S Chaugtai (Chalfont St Peter)
S Chaugtal (Chalfont St Peter)
A Chauhad (Portsmouth and Southsea)
Chauhan (Solihull)
Chauhan (Camp Hill Old Edwardians Second XI)
Chauhan (Chigwell School)
Chauhan (Sussex University)
Chauhan (Loughborough Grammar School)
Chauhan (Nottingham High School)
Chauhan (Abbots Langley Second XI)
Chauhan (Royal Engineers)
A Chauhan (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
A Chauhan (Ashurst)
A Chauhan (Aldwick)
A Chauhan (Portsmouth and Southsea Second XI)
A Chauhan (Warwickshire Under-13s Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women)
A Chauhan (Plumtree Second XI)
B Chauhan (Barnet B's)
B Chauhan (Major Langland's XI)
C Chauhan (Bedfordshire Under-17s)
C Chauhan (Illston Abey)
C Chauhan (Felbridge and Sunnyside)
C Chauhan (Cambridge NCI, Cambridge NCI Second XI)
C Chauhan (Cambridge NCI Chairman's XI)
C Chauhan (Rodmersham)
C Chauhan (Waresley)
D Chauhan (Camp Hill Old Edwardians Second XI)
D Chauhan (Ram)
D Chauhan (Army Under-25s)
D Chauhan (Royal Logistic Corps)
H Chauhan (Old Brockleians, Old Elthamians, Old Elthamians Granby)
H Chauhan (Purley)
H Chauhan (Bedfordshire Development XI, Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s)
H Chauhan (Middleton-on-Sea)
I Chauhan (Walmley)
I Chauhan (Saltaire)
J Chauhan (Valley End)
J Chauhan (Leicester Banks)
J Chauhan (Barrow Town, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-13s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-16s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
J Chauhan (Hampton School)
J Chauhan (Major Langland's XI)
J Chauhan (Kibworth Third XI)
J Chauhan (Leicester Banks)
J Chauhan (Downham Town)
J Chauhan (Eastcote Fourth XI)
J Chauhan (Brentwood Second XI)
J Chauhan (Friends)
K Chauhan (Four Oaks Saints Fifth XI)
K Chauhan (Aston Unity, Aston Unity Second XI)
K Chauhan (Felbridge and Sunnyside)
K Chauhan (Radcliffe-on-Trent, Radcliffe-on-Trent Second XI, Radcliffe-on-Trent Third XI)
K Chauhan (Lenton and Willoughby, Lenton and Willoughby Second XI)
M Chauhan (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-13s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s, Leicestershire and Rutland Under-15s)
M Chauhan (Ashurst)
M Chauhan (Army Under-25s)
M Chauhan (Syston Town, Syston Town Second XI)
M Chauhan (Northwood)
M Chauhan (Darley Abbey)
MM Chauhan (Billesdon)
N Chauhan (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-14s)
N Chauhan (Moseley Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women, Warwickshire Under-17s Women)
N Chauhan (Albury)
N Chauhan (Stansted)
N Chauhan (Worcestershire Under-14s)
N Chauhan (Astwood Bank Third XI)
N Chauhan (Barnt Green)
N Chauhan (Holmesdale Second XI)
P Chauhan (Grayswood, Grayswood Second XI, Grayswood Third XI)
R Chauhan (Club Cricket Conference Under-25s)
R Chauhan (BAC-EE Preston, BAC-EE Preston Second XI)
R Chauhan (Chigwell School)
R Chauhan (Bramcote, Bramcote Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s, Plumtree, Plumtree Second XI, Plumtree Third XI)
R Chauhan (Datchet Second XI)
R Chauhan (West Indian Cavaliers Second XI)
S Chauhan (Oxford University)
S Chauhan (Loughborough Town)
S Chauhan (Timperley)
S Chauhan (Cambridgeshire Under-25s)
S Chauhan (Cambridge NCI, Cambridge NCI Second XI)
S Chauhan (umpire)
S Chauhan (Lutterworth)
S Chauhan (Leicestershire Young Cricketers)
S Chauhan (Roehampton)
S Chauhan (Penwortham Third XI)
S Chauhan (Cambridge Granta Third XI)
S Chauhan (Hardwick and Caldecote)
S Chauhan (Eastcote, Eastcote Fourth XI)
S Chauhan (Harrow St Mary's)
S Chauhan (Kirkby Portland)
S Chauhan (Dronfield Woodhouse)
SB Chauhan (Hinckley Town, Hinckley Town Second XI)
SK Chauhan (Worcestershire Second XI)
T Chauhan (Loughborough Town)
T Chauhan (Illston Abey)
U Chauhan (Leicester Banks)
V Chauhan (Aston Unity)
V Chauhan (Plumtree Second XI)
W Chauhan (umpire)
YS Chauhan (Adjutant General's Corps, Army, Army Under-25s, Combined Services Under-25s, Free Foresters)
Z Chauhan (Bolton Indians, Bolton Indians Second XI, Bolton Indians Third XI)
c Chaulton (Porthill Park Second XI)
Chaumeton (Repton School Second XI)
J Chaumeton (Rowledge, Rowledge Second XI)
J Chaumeton (Royal Grammar School, Guildford)
JB Chaumeton (Bishop's Stortford College)
J Chaunan (Downham Town)
T Chauncey (Old Walcountians)
Chaundry (Queen's College, Birmingham)
Chaundy (Handsworth Wood Second XI)
C Chaundy (Highcroft)
D Chaundy (Cranleigh)
G Chaundy (Walmley Women, Walmley Women Second XI, Warwickshire Under-13s Women, Warwickshire Under-15s Women, Warwickshire Under-17s Women)
G Chaundy (Walmley Third XI)
G Chaundy (Walmley Fourth XI)
L Chaundy (Walmley Fourth XI, Walmley Third XI)
P Chaundy (West Malvern)
MK Chaunkria (Gravesend Second XI)
M Chaurley (Crook, Crook Second XI)
T Chauthry (Frenford)
A Chavan (Hertfordshire Under-14s)
N Chavan (Epping)
N Chavan (Teddington Town)
P Chavan (Massey Ferguson, Massey Ferguson Second XI)
S Chavan (Wilton)
AD Chavasse (Wolverhampton)
CF Chavasse (Staffordshire)
CH Chavasse (Wolverhampton)
H Chavasse (Dudley)
H Chavasse (Stourbridge)
JH Chavasse (Dudley)
KG Chavasse (Dulwich College)
RG Chavasse (Sherborne School)
TH Chavasse (Walsall)
Chavda (Bessborough)
D Chavda (Essex University, Essex University Second XI)
G Chavda (Hatfield Hyde)
G Chavda (North Mymms, North Mymms)
J Chavda (Bessborough)
J Chavda (Bessborough Second XI)
N Chavda (Surrey Deaf Brown Caps)
N Chavda (Harrow St Mary's)
N Chavda (Nottinghamshire Deaf)
N Chavda (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
P Chavda (Northwood)
S Chavda (Orsett, Orsett)
S Chavda (Orsett and Thurrock)
SD Chavda (Alfreton, Bessborough, Middlesex Second XI, Middlesex Under-15s, Middlesex Under-17s, North Mymms, Stainsby Hall)
V Chavda (Old Edwardians Third XI, Solihull Blossomfield, Solihull Blossomfield Second XI)
Chave (Sidmouth)
Chave (Huish's Grammar School, Taunton)
D Chave (Clyst St George)
D Chave (Brentham)
D Chave (Dorking)
E Chave (Uppingham School)
E Chave (South Hampstead)
J Chave (West Junior Women)
L Chave (Cambridgeshire Under-25s)
M Chave (Great Shelford)
R Chave (Dorking)
J Chawda (Sulhamstead and Ufton Third XI)
Chawdersakeram (High Wycombe Second XI)
N Chawdray (Incogniti)
N Chawdrey (Incogniti)
A Chawla (Whitgift School)
M Chawla (Chingford, Chingford Second XI)
N Chawla (Coombs Wood)
P Chawla (Horspath)
S Chawla (Blackheath Wanderers City of London Second XI)
H Chawner (Redditch)
P Chawner (umpire)
W Chawner (Cambridge University Long Vacation Club Next XXII)
FGL Crawshay (Norfolk, Oxfordshire, The Forty Club)
M Chaydri (Sawley and Long Eaton Park)
B Chayne (Brondesbury)
E Chayne (Elstree)
L Chayney (No 30 Balloon Barrage)
H Chayter (Kidderminster)
Chaytor (Kidderminster)
Chaytor (Durham)
AC Chaytor (Derby School)
AK Chaytor (Worcestershire Second XI)
AK Chaytor (The King's School, Worcester)
B Chaytor (Wargrave Wanderers)
BR Chaytor (The King's School, Worcester)
FC Chaytor (Elstree School Masters)
HJ Chaytor (Stratford-upon-Avon, Worcestershire)
HJ Chaytor (Durham School)
HJ Chaytor (J Elgood's XI)
HJ Chaytor (Jesus College, Cambridge, Kidderminster)
HJS Chaytor (Thame Town)
JDG Chaytor (Free Foresters)
JDG Chaytor (H Ashton's XI)
JDG Chaytor (JH Doggart's XI)
JDG Chaytor (HJ Enthoven's XI)
JG Chaytor (TC Lowry's XI)
JGD Chaytor (Perambulators)
JH Chaytor (King Edward VII School, Sheffield Masters)
L Chaytor (Houghton Colliery Welfare)
L Chaytor (Littletown Second XI)
L Chaytor (Peterlee)
P Chaytor (Peterlee Second XI)
P Chaytor (Littletown Second XI)
Chaz (Chesham Third XI)
Chbat (Ratcliffe College)
R Chea (Catford Wanderers, Catford Wanderers Second XI)
R Chea (Bromley Common, Bromley Common Second XI)
R Chea (Catford Wanderers)
R Chea (umpire)
Cheadle (Denstone Wanderers)
Cheadle (Wolverhampton Pickwick)
D Cheadle (Pickwick Second XI)
H Cheadle (Louth)
J Cheadle (Hem Heath)
J Cheadle (Staffordshire Academy)
J Cheadle (Staffordshire Development XI)
J Cheadle (Stone, Stone SP)
L Cheadle (Denstone Wanderers, Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s, Stone, Stone SP)
L Cheadle (North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League Development XI)
L Cheadle (Dulwich)
M Cheadle (Porthill Park A)
MC Cheadle (Kings Heath)
N Cheadle (Rolleston Second XI)
P Cheadle (League Cricket Conference)
P Cheadle (Staffordshire Under-17s)
P Cheadle (Stone)
P Cheadle (Stone SP)
PM Cheadle (Denstone Wanderers, Frankston Peninsula, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Second XI, Staffordshire Under-19s, Stone)
RGL Cheadle (Sussex Second XI)
RGL Cheadle (Surrey Second XI)
S Cheadle (King Edward VI College, Stourbridge)
S Cheadle (Rode Park and Lawton)
W Cheadle (Leeds, Leeds Clarence)
W Cheadle (Nottinghamshire Colts)
WB Cheadle (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
Cheakman (Bolton Co-op)
C Cheal (Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s, Durham Under-17s, Ryhope)
D cheal (Barcombe)
H Cheal (Dorset Under-15s)
HHO Cheal (Sherborne Pilgrims)
R Cheal (Reading)
R Cheal (Langley Park)
R Cheal (Langley Park Second XI)
S Cheal (Dunmow)
S Cheal (Langley Park Second XI)
W Cheal (Lingfield)
W Cheal (Hastings)
A Cheale (Billericay Veterans)
C Cheale (Ryhope)
H Cheale (Steyning)
Cheales (Butterflies)
AE Cheales (Lincolnshire, Marlborough College)
C Cheales (AE Cheales' XI)
CB Cheales (Lincolnshire, Marlborough College)
CB Cheales (Marylebone Cricket Club)
EA Cheales (Gosberton)
HJ Cheales (Eton College, King's College, Cambridge)
JP Cheales (Lincolnshire, Marlborough College, Skegness and Visitors, Wiltshire)
M Cheales (AE Cheales' XI)
MP Cheales (Marlborough College)
RAE Cheales (Dean Close School, Gloucestershire Gipsies, Old Decanians, South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
RD Cheales (Harrow School)
A Cheama (Old Bedfordians)
Cheamley-Smith (Epsom)
Cheatan (Harwich and Dovercourt)
G Cheate (Gloucestershire Second XI)
S Cheaten (Winchester College)
H Cheater (Hampshire Colts, Romsey Social)
N Cheater (Sherborne School A XI)
Cheatle (Solihull School)
Cheatle (Birmingham City Officials)
Cheatle (Birmingham United Colleges)
Cheatle (Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
CEG Cheatle (Jesus College, Cambridge)
D Cheatle (Burton and District)
EJ Cheatle (Chester Road)
ER Cheatle (Derbyshire Under-13s Women, Derbyshire Under-15s Women, Derbyshire Under-17s Women)
N Cheatle (Tutbury)
N Cheatle (Sidmouth)
RGL Cheatle (Surrey, Sussex)
RGL Cheatle (Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk's XI)
GC Cheatr (Burnley Single)
S Cheavins (Hull)
S Cheavins (Hull Town Second XI)
TH Cheavins (Peterborough)
P Chebra (Checkendon)
P Chechani (North Baddesley)
J Chechiak (Bournemouth Second XI)
S Check (Kent Junior Women)
M Checkefield (Oxford University Authentics)
Checketts (Dartford Grammar School)
F Checketts (All Saints' School, Bloxham Past)
F Checketts (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
J Checketts (Lloyds Bank, Birmingham)
L Checketts (Pershore)
M Checketts (Hartley Country Club)
R Checketts (Hartley Country Club, Hartley Country Club Second XI)
R Checketts (Hadleigh)
R Checketts (Dartford Grammar School)
TJ Checketts (Army, Army Under-25s, Old Wellingtonians, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Sandhurst Wanderers)
AO Checkfield (Wye College)
Checkland (W Wright's XI)
CAV Checkland (Leicestershire, Norwood Club)
Checkley (Grannies)
Checkley (SJ Clark)
AL Checkley (Nottinghamshire)
C Checkley (Bloxwich)
E Checkley (Southwell Second XI)
HP Checkley (Glastonbury)
J Checkley (Army, Army Under-25s, Longparish, National Fire Service, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
JA Checkley (Nuneaton, Nuneaton Cricket Association, Warwickshire Club and Ground, Warwickshire Colts)
JA Checkley (Warwickshire Country Areas)
LC Checkley (Reading)
MO Checkley (Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Third XI)
A Checklin (Syston Town Second XI)
M Checklin (scorer)
N Checklin (Highway, Highway Second XI, Highway Third XI)
N Checklin (Highway Spartans, Highway Spartans Second XI)
AE Checksfield (Tonbridge School)
AG Checksfield (Wye College)
AO Checksfield (Wye College)
M Checksfield (Havant)
MFJ Checksfield (Free Foresters, Oxford University)
M Chedgey (Apperknowle)
M Chedgey (Grassmoor Works)
T Chedgey (Apperknowle)
T Chedgey (Hundall)
A Chediak (Dorset Colts)
J Chedick (Dorset Colts)
Chedlar (Allhallows School)
M Chedvankar (Indian Gymkhana)
Chedzoy (Huish's Grammar School, Taunton Tone House Seniors)
C Chedzoy (Taunton Deane)
M Chedzoy (York University Third XI)
M Chedzoy-Wilkins (Bishops Lydeard)
J Cheeck (Ventnor)
A Cheek (Medina)
A Cheek (Purleigh)
C Cheek (Ickwell)
C Cheek (Purleigh)
J Cheek (Southern Premier Cricket League)
J Cheek (Isle of Wight Cricket Board)
J Cheek (Isle of Wight Cricket Academy)
JR Cheek (Hampshire Under-13s, Hampshire Under-14s, Hampshire Under-15s, Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight Under-13s, Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s, Isle of Wight Under-21s, Ventnor, Ventnor Second XI, Ventnor Sunday XI)
H Cheem (Tennyson)
Cheema (Marston Green)
Cheema (Pickwick)
A Cheema (Cheshire Under-15s)
A Cheema (Heaton Mersey)
A Cheema (Cambridge NCI)
A Cheema (Lye)
B Cheema (Long Ditton)
B Cheema (Bedford School)
B Cheema (Maidenhead and Bray)
B Cheema (Surrey County Cricket League)
D Cheema (Long Ditton)
F Cheema (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI)
F Cheema (Daisy Hill)
G Cheema (Fordhouses)
G Cheema (Wolverhampton Second XI)
H Cheema (Wolverhampton Women)
H Cheema (South Loughton)
H Cheema (Aztecs)
I Cheema (Daisy Hill)
J Cheema (Fordhouses)
J Cheema (Acle)
K Cheema (Ford Sports Club)
M Cheema (Burridge)
M Cheema (Crewe)
P Cheema (Kempton)
R Cheema (Berkshire Under-17s)
R Cheema (scorer)
R Cheema (Boyne Hill)
R Cheema (Cuckney Second XI, Cuckney Third XI)
R Cheema (Maidenhead and Bray)
R Cheema (Burnham Third XI)
S Cheema (East Essex)
S Cheema (Loughton)
S Cheema (Ilford)
S Cheema (Long Ditton)
S Cheema (Ilford Second XI)
S Cheema (Burnley Belvedere, Burnley Belvedere Second XI)
SR Cheema (Bishop's Stortford, Bishop's Stortford Third XI)
T Cheema (Bury Second XI, Bury Third XI)
T Cheema (East Haddon, East Haddon Second XI)
U Cheema (Littleover Centurions)
W Cheema (North Maidenhead Second XI)
Z Cheema (London Lions)
Z Cheema (London Lions)
Z Cheema (Great Horkesley)
MJ Cheeny (umpire)
B Cheeper (Clare)
M Chee Quee (Hightown, Liverpool, South Sydney)
R Chee Quee (Liverpool and District Cricket Competition)
AWRN Cheer (Worksop College)
CNJ Cheer (Boston, Bourne, Georges River, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Development Squad, Sleaford)
JR Cheer (Boston, Georges River, Kirkburton, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Lincolnshire Under-19s, Maffra, Sleaford, Woodhall Spa)
WRN Cheer (Worksop College)
F Cheere (Croxton Park, Huntingdonshire)
GM Cheere (Huntingdonshire)
Cheers (3rd South Lancashire Regiment)
Cheers (3rd South Lancashire Regiment Officers)
Cheers (3rd South Lancashire Regiment Officers)
B Cheers (3rd South Lancashire Regiment)
F Cheers (Neston)
W Cheers (3rd South Lancashire Regiment)
D Cheesbrough (Ribblesdale Cricket League)
D Cheesbrough (Great Harwood)
M Cheesbrough (Bexley Fourth XI, Bexley Second XI, Bexley Third XI)
M Cheesbrough (Great Harwood)
T Cheesbrough (Castell Alun)
Cheese (No 4 Balloon Centre)
Cheese (Royal Air Force Balloon Command)
D Cheese (Old Elizabethans)
D Cheese (Hythe and Dibden)
K Cheese (Brasted Invicta)
P Cheese (Great Bedwyn)
T Cheeseborough (Bradford)
T Cheeseborough (Brymbo Second XI)
A Cheesebrough (Lowerhouse)
M Cheesebrough (Bexley)
S Cheesebrough (Lord Wandsworth College)
Cheeseman (Burgess Hill)
Cheeseman (Shoreham)
A Cheeseman (Langleybury, Langleybury Second XI)
A Cheeseman (Brooksbottom)
B Cheeseman (scorer)
C Cheeseman (Mansfield Second XI)
C Cheeseman (Mansfield Second XI)
D Cheeseman (Rodmersham, Rodmersham Second XI)
D Cheeseman (Flitwick)
D Cheeseman (Gravesend Second XI)
D Cheeseman (Bethany School)
D Cheeseman (Hampshire Hogs)
G Cheeseman (Horsham)
G Cheeseman (North Mymms Second XI)
HH Cheeseman (Windsor Home Park)
I Cheeseman (North Mymms Second XI)
J Cheeseman (Chobham)
J Cheeseman (Torrisholme Second XI)
L Cheeseman (Cambridge Granta, Cambridge Granta Second XI)
L Cheeseman (scorer)
LJ Cheeseman (umpire)
M Cheeseman (Gore Court, Gore Court Second XI)
M Cheeseman (Civil Service Women)
M Cheeseman (Tilford Second XI)
N Cheeseman (Rodmersham, Rodmersham Second XI)
O Cheeseman (Great Totham)
P Cheeseman (CH Adderley's XI)
P Cheeseman (Elstead, Elstead Second XI)
R Cheeseman (Gravesend Second XI)
R Cheeseman (Edwinstowe Second XI)
R Cheeseman (Shirebrook)
R Cheeseman (Ollerton Colliery)
R Cheeseman (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI)
S Cheeseman (Gentlemen of East Surrey, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex Colts)
S Cheeseman (Linton Park)
S Cheeseman (Ripley)
T Cheeseman (Bedford School, Old Bedfordians)
T Cheeseman (Wells Cathedral School)
W Cheeseman (umpire)
WE Cheeseman (Association of Surrey Cricket Clubs)
WI Cheeseman (H Brougham's XI)
Z Cheeseman (Chobham)
Z Cheesemonger (Wednesbury)
ID Cheeseright (National Association of Young Cricketers, Yorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
N Cheeseright (Gloucestershire Young Cricketers)
NB Cheeseright (Claverham, English Schools Cricket Association, Gloucestershire Second XI, Gloucestershire Under-25s, Marylebone Cricket Club Schools, National Association of Young Cricketers South)
Cheesewright (King's School, Grantham Under-15s)
Cheesewright (Hemel Hempstead Town Second XI)
AGF Cheesewright (Trent College)
ASF Cheesewright (Trent College)
C Cheesewright (Clapham)
F Cheesewright (Beaconsfield)
F Cheesewright (Ardingly College)
FG Cheesewright (Chingford)
FV Cheesewright (Chingford)
HS Cheesewright (Spalding)
JA Cheesewright (Felixstowe)
N Cheesewright (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
S Cheesewright (Hemel Hempstead Town)
P Cheesley (Royal Artillery)
Cheesman (Henfield)
Cheesman (Town Malling)
Cheesman (Hurst)
Cheesman (Brighton)
AD Cheesman (umpire)
BEF Cheesman (Berkshire)
BEF Cheesman (Romany)
C Cheesman (Kent Colts)
E Cheesman (Romany)
G Cheesman (Professional Colts of Kent)
G Cheesman (Sussex Over-50s Second XI)
G Cheesman (Association of Kent Cricket Clubs Juniors)
H Cheesman (Burgess Hill)
K Cheesman (Civil Service Women, West Junior Women, West Women, West Women A)
L Cheesman (Guildford Women)
M Cheesman (Betteshanger)
M Cheesman (Betteshanger Second XI)
M Cheesman (Wrecclesham, Wrecclesham Second XI)
N Cheesman (umpire)
N Cheesman (Rodmersham Second XI)
P Cheesman (umpire)
P Cheesman (Hurstpierpoint College)
P Cheesman (Betteshanger)
P Cheesman (Betteshanger Second XI)
R Cheesman (United England Eleven)
R Cheesman (Brighton)
S Cheesman (Linton Park)
S Cheesman (Young Gentlemen of Surrey)
T Cheesman (Kent)
T Cheesman (Gravesend)
T Cheesman (Gravesend)
TRC Cheesman (Bedford School, Old Bedfordians)
W Cheesman (South Down Wanderers)
WI Cheesman (Merchant Taylors' School)
WRR Cheesman (Gentlemen of Sussex)
A Cheesmen (Portsmouth Amateurs)
K Cheeson (The Forty Club)
FE Cheeswright (Brixton)
FG Cheeswright (Highams Park)
M Cheeswright (The Forty Club)
C Cheetah (Beverley Town)
DW Cheetall (umpire)
Cheetam (CM Loader's XI)
Cheetam (Haileybury Hermits)
Cheetham (Bradford and Saltaire)
Cheetham (Small Heath)
Cheetham (Heaton Mersey)
Cheetham (Royal Air Force Hawarden)
Cheetham (Reigate Pilgrims)
Cheetham (Romany)
Cheetham (Leeds Grammar School, Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
Cheetham (123rd Officer Cadet Training Unit Royal Artillery)
Cheetham (Ardingly College)
Cheetham (Worksop College)
Cheetham (Manchester Grammar School)
A Cheetham (Sparkhill)
A Cheetham (Ormskirk)
A Cheetham (Lostock Second XI)
A Cheetham (scorer)
A Cheetham (Mobberley)
A Cheetham (Cuckney, Cuckney Fourth XI, Cuckney Second XI, Cuckney Third XI)
AJ Cheetham (Uppingham School)
AM Cheetham (Northern)
AM Cheetham (Liverpool Pilgrims)
B Cheetham (West Midlands Women)
B Cheetham (Dukinfield, Dukinfield Second XI)
C Cheetham (Berkshire Second XI)
C Cheetham (Mansfield and Pleasley)
C Cheetham (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI)
C Cheetham (scorer)
C Cheetham (Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, Crosby)
C Cheetham (Cuckney, Cuckney Fourth XI)
C Cheetham (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI)
CJ Cheetham (Northern)
CP Cheetham (Stonyhurst College)
CW Cheetham (umpire)
D Cheetham (Northern, Northern Second XI)
D Cheetham (umpire)
D Cheetham (umpire)
D Cheetham (Dukinfield Second XI)
D Cheetham (Northern Second XI)
D Cheetham (umpire)
D Cheetham (Orrell Red Triangle, Orrell Red Triangle Second XI, Orrell Red Triangle Third XI)
DF Cheetham (Royal Air Force, The Forty Club)
DF Cheetham (Notts Forest)
DF Cheetham (Old Worksopians)
DW Cheetham (umpire)
E Cheetham (Sefton)
FG Cheetham (Heaton Mersey)
FT Cheetham (Heaton Mersey)
G Cheetham (Lytham)
G Cheetham (Nottingham High School)
H Cheetham (Heaton Mersey)
J Cheetham (Old Merchant Taylors)
J Cheetham (Alderley Edge)
J Cheetham (Cheshire Cricket League)
J Cheetham (Astley and Tyldesley, Astley and Tyldesley Third XI)
J Cheetham (Manchester Grammar School Under-13s)
J Cheetham (Killamarsh Juniors Second XI, Killamarsh Juniors Third XI)
J Cheetham (Monton)
JA Cheetham (Brighouse)
JC Cheetham (Rossall School)
JC Cheetham (Bourton Vale)
JD Cheetham (Merchant Taylors' School, Southern Schools)
JE Cheetham (Union Castle)
JG Cheetham (Bourton Vale)
JL Cheetham (Gentlemen)
JS Cheetham (Rochdale)
K Cheetham (Horden)
K Cheetham (Etwall)
M Cheetham (English Universities Unicorns)
M Cheetham (Alderley Edge)
M Cheetham (Dereham)
M Cheetham (South Kelsey)
M Cheetham (Timperley, Timperley Second XI)
M Cheetham (South Manchester)
N Cheetham (Enfield Second XI, Enfield Third XI)
P Cheetham (Eastcote)
P Cheetham (umpire)
P Cheetham (Stalybridge)
P Cheetham (Duffield)
P Cheetham (umpire)
P Cheetham (Freckleton)
P Cheetham (Mobberley)
R Cheetham (Union Foundry)
R Cheetham (Plumtree)
RH Cheetham (Heaton Mersey)
S Cheetham (Berkshire Development XI, Berkshire Under-25s)
S Cheetham (Finchampstead, Finchampstead Second XI, Finchampstead Third XI)
S Cheetham (Barkisland)
S Cheetham (Burnage)
S Cheetham (Fenton Bethel)
S Cheetham (umpire)
S Cheetham (Richmond)
S Cheetham (Durham University)
S Cheetham (Brighouse)
S Cheetham (Berkshire President's XI)
S Cheetham (Betley)
S Cheetham (Winchester College)
SBA Cheetham (Haileybury Hermits)
SP Cheetham (Lancashire, Surrey, Unicorns)
SRA Cheetham (Hampshire Hogs)
SRA Cheetham (Marylebone Cricket Club)
T Cheetham (Sheffield Players Club)
T Cheetham (Hebden Bridge)
T Cheetham (Surrounding Clubs)
W Cheetham (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
W Cheetham (Longsight)
W Cheetham (Southport and Birkdale)
W Cheetham (Timperley Second XI)
D Cheethan (umpire)
P Cheethitin (umpire)
W Cheethman (The Forty Club)
NR Cheevers (Hertfordshire Young Amateurs)
Cheffey (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
GC Cheffey (Dorchester Casuals)
JG Cheffins (Club Cricket Conference, Surrey Second XI)
PJ Cheffins (Bishop's Stortford)
Cheffourier (The Forty Club South)
Cheffy (King Edward VI School, Southampton)
Cheffy (Old Edwardians)
D Cheffy (Old Edwardians)
D Cheffy (Old Edwardians)
R Cheffy (Letchworth Women, Royal Air Force Women)
A Chegwidden (Wanstead)
A Chegwidden (Wanstead)
C Chegwidden (Loughton, Loughton Second XI)
D Chegwidden (Woodford Wells)
T Chegwidden (Mountnessing)
C Chegwin (Cornwall Over-50s)
C Chegwyn (Cornwall Over-50s)
A Chekarie (Kirkham Grammar School)
HJ Chelcroft (Henley)
C Chelford (Brackley)
S Cheliyan (Pak Shaheen, Pak Shaheen Second XI, Pak Shaheen Third XI)





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