England Players (C)


Caswell (Oxford Military College)
Caswell (Army)
Caswell (Kimbolton School)
Caswell (Wallington Old Foresters)
Caswell (Wallington Old Foresters)
Caswell (Millfield XI)
Caswell (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Caswell (Kendal)
A Caswell (Kimbolton School)
A Caswell (Mynydd Isa)
A Caswell (Loughborough Grammar School)
B Caswell (Hopwas)
B Caswell (Hopwas)
C Caswell (WD and HO Wills)
C Caswell (Kendal)
C Caswell (Irby)
C Caswell (Hartlepool Second XI)
C Caswell (Caldy)
CG Caswell (Glamorgan Second XI, Swansea)
CH Caswell (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
CJ Caswell (King Edward's School, Birmingham Under-16s)
D caswell (Shenfield)
E Caswell (Bardsey Women)
EGH Caswell (Durham, Gentlemen of Cheshire)
EH Caswell (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
FEG Caswell (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
GN Caswell (W Ward's XI)
J Caswell (Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-16s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
J Caswell (Cannock)
J Caswell (Kimbolton School)
J Caswell (Purley-on-Thames Second XI)
J Caswell (St Albans)
JB Caswell (The Stoics)
JB Caswell (East Grinstead)
JB Caswell (The King's School, Worcester)
K Caswell (Royal Corps of Signals)
LW Caswell (Ashmanhaugh and Barton Wanderers, Beccles Town, Fakenham, Gloucestershire Second XI, Horsford, Houghton Main, Norfolk, Norfolk Development Squad, Norfolk Under-17s, Norfolk Under-19s, Vauxhall Mallards)
M Caswell (Catford and Cyphers, Catford and Cyphers Second XI)
M Caswell (Downham and Bellingham)
M Caswell (Cannock Women)
O Caswell (Lincolnshire Under-14s, Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
O Caswell (Addington Village Second XI, Chislehurst and West Kent Second XI)
O Caswell (Gosport Borough Third XI)
O Caswell (Woodhall Spa, Worcestershire Development XI)
P Caswell (Harefield Fourth XI)
R Caswell (Colne)
R Caswell (Kimbolton School)
RW Caswell (Wellingborough School)
T Caswell (WD and HO Wills)
T Caswell (Lincolnshire Under-15s, Lincolnshire Under-17s, Woodhall Spa)
TP Caswell (The Stoics)
TS Caswell (The Crypt School)
L Caszo (Ashford)
Cat (Bodicote)
CE Cat (Belgrano, Dulwich College, Montevideo)
P Cat (Gloucestershire Over-50s)
J Catala (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
A Catalia (Deddington Women)
C Catanach (Northumberland Over-50s)
Catania (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
FC Catania (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
TC Catania (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
P Catarinella (Hampshire Hogs)
Cataway (Royal Artillery)
M Catcha (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
Z Catcher (City of Ely)
A Catcherside (Ryhope)
A Catcherside (Whiteleas and Harton Welfare)
D Catcheside (RACS Second XI)
GA Catcheside (Royal Grammar School, Newcastle)
GW Catcheside (Leicester Ivanhoe)
HP Catcheside (Benwell)
PH Catcheside (Ratcliffe College)
D Catchesides (RACS Second XI)
C Catchopa (East Grinstead)
M Catchpaul (West End)
Catchpole (Wishaw)
Catchpole (Copdock and Old Ipswichian)
Catchpole (Redoubtables Women)
Catch-Pole (Oakham)
A Catchpole (Hawstead)
B Catchpole (Marske Second XI)
B Catchpole (Marton Second XI)
C Catchpole (Suffolk, The Leys School)
CD Catchpole (Hornsey)
CD Catchpole (North London)
D Catchpole (Leigh-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea Second XI)
D Catchpole (scorer)
D Catchpole (Hornsey)
D Catchpole (Old Southendian and Southchurch)
G Catchpole (King Edward's School, Witley)
H Catchpole (Ipswich School, Suffolk)
H Catchpole (Radley Rangers)
H Catchpole (South Wilts)
H Catchpole (Suffolk Club and Ground)
J Catchpole (Suffolk)
J Catchpole (Sandringham Household)
J Catchpole (Ipswich and East Suffolk)
J Catchpole (Beeston and Toton Sycamore, Beeston and Toton Sycamore, Beeston and Toton Sycamore Second XI, Beeston and Toton Sycamore Third XI)
J Catchpole (Chichester Priory Park)
JR Catchpole (Ipswich School)
L Catchpole (Ipswich School)
M Catchpole (Rutland)
M Catchpole (Birkenhead Park, Birkenhead Park Second XI)
M Catchpole (West End)
N Catchpole (Suffolk)
N Catchpole (Downe and District)
PEM Catchpole (Merchant Taylors' School)
PL Catchpole (Royal Naval School)
R Catchpole (Leigh-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea Second XI)
R Catchpole (Taunton Deane, Usk)
R Catchpole (Ipswich School)
R Catchpole (Somerset Under-13s)
R Catchpole (Queen's College, Taunton)
R Catchpole (Chelmsford, Chelmsford Second XI)
S Catchpole (Cove)
S Catchpole (Chobham)
S Catchpole (West End)
S Catchpole (Cove Fifth XI)
S Catchpole (Framlingham College)
S Catchpole (Huntingdonshire Under-13s Women)
T Catchpole (South Wilts)
VC Catchpole (Suffolk Club and Ground)
W Catchpole (Ipswich and East Suffolk, Suffolk)
W Catchpole (Norfolk Under-13s, Norwich School)
W Catchpole (Happisburgh)
Catchpoll (East Peckham)
Catchpolt (Queen's College, Taunton)
Catchpool (Bristol Venturers)
Catchpool (Bath Venturers)
R Catchpool (Bristol Venturers)
HC Catchside (Oundle School)
WF Catchside (Preston Hall)
R Catell (Erdington)
Cater (North Lancashire and District Cricket League)
Cater (Colonel Elliott's XI)
A Cater (Wellow and Plaitford Under-13s, Wellow and Plaitford Under-13s B)
A Cater (Towcestrians)
A Cater (umpire)
B Cater (Postwick)
B Cater (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
B Cater (Bromsgrove School)
B Cater (Buckingham Town Second XI)
C Cater (Buckingham Town)
C Cater (Buckingham Town Second XI)
CA Cater (Middlesex)
D Cater (Wellow and Plaitford Under-13s)
D Cater (Barby Second XI)
E Cater (Butterflies)
G Cater (Lindfield)
J Cater (Oxton)
J Cater (South Hampstead)
J Cater (Wellow and Plaitford Under-11s)
JA Cater (Banbury, Banbury Second XI, Buckingham Town, Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire Academy, Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Development XI, Southampton Solent University)
JS Cater (Clifton College)
LJ Cater (Denstone College)
M Cater (Boyne Hill Second XI)
P cater (Maldon)
P Cater (Wellingborough Old Grammarians)
P Cater (scorer)
PF Cater (Hurstpierpoint College Under-13s)
R Cater (Bradninch)
S Cater (Yorkshire Women)
S Cater (scorer)
V Cater (Buckinghamshire Over-50s)
W Cater (Oxford University)
W Cater (Royal Artillery)
A Caterall (Tranmere Victoria)
H Caterall (Oxted and Limpsfield)
Caterell (Durham University)
H Caterpole (Radley Rangers)
Cates (Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI)
A Cates (Hook and Newnham Basics, Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI, Southampton Solent University)
F Cates (Towcestrians Women)
S Cates (Hook and Newnham Basics, Hook and Newnham Basics Second XI, Hook and Newnham Basics Third XI)
S Cates (Oundle School)
WJ Cates (Newton Blues)
DA Catesby (Mill Hill School)
EA Catesby (Mill Hill School)
H Catesby (Garston)
MW Catesby (Mill Hill School)
PA Catesby (Mill Hill School)
WA Catesby (Mill Hill School)
WLV Catewell (Berkhamsted School)
FG Cath (Marylebone Cricket Club)
HG Cath (Marylebone Cricket Club, Witham)
HG Cath (London and Southern Counties Conference Southern Area)
HG Cath (Ibis)
HG Cath (Incogniti)
A Cathaersy (Ryhope)
A Cathbrell (umpire)
A Cathcart (scorer)
I Cathcart (Hereford Cathedral School)
J Cathcart (Enfield Third XI)
R Cathcart (4th Battalion King's Royal Rifles)
S Cathcart (Old Tiffinians)
A Catheral (umpire)
D Catheral (Newton Heath, Newton Heath Second XI, Newton Heath Third XI)
C Catherall (Oswestry)
D Catherall (Woodhouses, Woodhouses Second XI)
D Catherall (Royton)
D Catherall (Abergele, Abergele Second XI)
D Catherall (umpire)
E Catherall (Woodhouses, Woodhouses Second XI)
J Catherall (scorer)
J Catherall (Rugby)
JE Catherall (King Edward's School, Birmingham, King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
W Catherall (Nonington Second XI)
A Catherell (umpire)
Cathery (South Lancashire Regiment)
D Cathey (Trentside Third XI)
G Cathey (Cumberland, Derbyshire Second XI)
A Cathill (Minehead)
C Cathin (Wythenshawe Second XI)
BH Cathrick (Hightown Officers Training Corps)
BN Cathrick (Gordon Dormitory)
J Cathrine (Bethany School)
J Cathro
J Catignani (Owmby, Owmby)
J Cation (Ewhurst)
M Cations (Bredbury St Marks)
Catley (Putney)
Catley (Torquay and South Devon Women)
Catley (St Olave's School, York)
A Catley (AJ Webbe's XI)
AW Catley (scorer)
D Catley (Durham Over-60s, Northumberland and Durham Over-60s, Northumberland Over-60s)
G Catley (Barton)
GW Catley (Eton Ramblers)
I Catley (Copford, Copford Second XI)
I Catley (scorer)
I Catley (Cockfosters)
I Catley (Little Bardfield Village)
J Catley (Lensbury)
M Catley (The Forty Club)
MD Catley (Suffolk)
P Catley (Prince's Club and Ground)
RJ Catley (Suffolk)
TM Catley (Suffolk)
W Catley (Wakefield)
W Catley (Eashing Park)
B Catley-Richardson (Lullington Park Second XI)
Catlin (Hertfordshire)
Catlin (Stamford School)
Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club)
Catlin (Welwyn Garden City)
C Catlin (Wythenshawe Second XI)
D Catlin (Kirkby Portland Third XI)
D Catlin (Mitcham)
Dennis Catlin (Mitcham)
Derek Catlin (Mitcham)
J Catlin (Hampstead)
J Catlin (Bedfordshire Under-14s)
R Catlin (Mitcham Second XI)
R Catlin (Catford Wanderers)
W Catlin (New All England Eleven)
Catling (City of London Freemen's School)
Catling (Sawbridgeworth Second XI)
A Catling (Old Xaverians Second XI)
A Catling (Leighton Park School)
A Catling (City of London Freemen's School)
AM Catling (Hurstpierpoint College)
C Catling (Wolverhampton)
C Catling (Staffordshire Under-25s)
D Catling (Suffolk Club and Ground)
D Catling (Teversal Second XI)
E Catling (Charlbury Women)
M Catling (Old Xaverians Second XI)
M Catling (Old Xaverians, Old Xaverians Second XI)
P Catling (Little Clacton)
P Catling (Kirby)
P Catling (Great and Little Tew Second XI)
P Catling (Great and Little Tew)
P Catling (scorer)
R Catling (Great and Little Tew Second XI)
RC Catling (Great and Little Tew)
S Catling (Little Clacton)
S Catling (Great and Little Tew)
T Catling (Rayleigh)
T Catling (Great and Little Tew)
W Catling (Middlesex)
R Catlings (Great and Little Tew)
L Catlon (Broughton)
Catlow (Burnley, Pendle Forest)
Catlow (Colne)
Catlow (Dartmouth Cadets)
Catlow (Royal Naval College Cadets)
Catlow (3rd Cheshire Regiment)
Catlow (Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn)
A Catlow (Heaton Mersey, Lancashire Under-19s)
AE Catlow (Colne)
AS Catlow (Leicester Ivanhoe Second XI)
B Catlow (Wythall)
CS Catlow (Northamptonshire)
D Catlow (Accrington Fourth XI)
DWJ Catlow (Bath, Church, Church Second XI, Church Third XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Development XI, Royal Air Force Support Command Under-25s, Royal Air Force Under-25s, York)
E Catlow (Haslingden)
F Catlow (Burnley Second XI)
G Catlow (Royal Air Force)
H Catlow (Stop and Rest Second XI)
H Catlow (Haslingden)
J Catlow (Pendle Forest)
J Catlow (Nelson)
J Catlow (Burnley)
J Catlow (Accrington)
J Catlow (Royal Air Force)
JH Catlow (Colne)
JT Catlow (Darwen)
L Catlow (Loughborough Students)
LJ Catlow (Copdock and Old Ipswichian, Frinton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea Second XI, Ipswich, Ipswich, Suffolk Development Squad, Suffolk Under-14s, Suffolk Under-15s, Suffolk Under-17s)
M Catlow (Stop and Rest Second XI)
P Catlow (Lowerhouse)
R Catlow (East Lancashire)
R Catlow (Rishton)
S Catlow (Pendle Forest)
S Catlow (Colne)
S Catlow (Nelson)
S Catlow (Burnley Ramblers)
WS Catlow (South Hampstead)
X Catlow (Stop and Rest Second XI)
Y Catlow (Stop and Rest Second XI)
M Catmore (Bocking)
C Catnach (scorer)
C Catnach (Northumberland Over-50s)
C Catnich (scorer)
Cato (Northwood)
A Cato (Gentlemen of Liverpool and District)
C Cato (Thornham)
JRE Cato (Tonbridge School)
M Cato (Cottenham)
N Cato (Saracens All Stars)
S Cato (Galleywood)
S Cato (Brentham)
S Cato (Teddington)
SJ Cato (Oxford University)
SJ Cato (Quidnuncs)
SJ Cato (Arabs)
T Cato (Old Pauline)
T Cato (Finchampstead Fifth XI)
V Cato (Cottenham)
W Cato (Huntercombe)
Cato-Marsh (Liverpool Physical Training College)
Caton (Banbury Britannia)
Caton (Middlesex Colts)
Caton (Giggleswick School)
A Caton (East London)
A Caton (Giggleswick School)
AES Caton (Huntingdonshire, Wellingborough School)
D Caton (Giggleswick School)
G Caton (Bedfordshire)
G Caton (Feniscowles Second XI)
G Caton (Glapwell Colliery Second XI, Glapwell Colliery Third XI)
G Caton (Giggleswick School)
H Caton (East Lancashire, Feniscowles, Feniscowles Second XI, Feniscowles Third XI, Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s)
J Caton (scorer)
M Caton (Nelson, Nelson Second XI, Nelson Third XI)
M Caton (Bramshaw Second XI, Bramshaw Under-15s)
M Caton (Feniscowles, Feniscowles Second XI, Feniscowles Third XI)
M Caton (University of Southampton)
M Caton (YMCA)
N Caton (Dartington and Totnes)
P Caton (Glapwell Colliery, Glapwell Colliery Second XI, Glapwell Colliery Third XI)
T Caton (Caverswall)
N Caton-Robertson (Alphington)
Cator (Hull)
Cator (Bedfordshire)
Cator (Cambridge University)
Cator (South Devon and East Cornwall)
Cator (Clarence Club)
Cator (Bromsgrove School)
Cator (Doncaster)
A Cator (Bromsgrove School, Cambridge University)
B Cator (South Walsham)
CAM Cator (Norfolk)
COF Cator (Quidnuncs)
E Cator (Gentlemen of Norfolk, Norfolk)
E Cator (Bromsgrove School)
J Cator (Warwickshire Pilgrims)
K Cator (Eton Ramblers)
RB Cator (Oxford XI)
S Cator (Bromsgrove School)
W Cator (St John's College, Oxford)
Catrell (The Forty Club)
R Catring (Great and Little Tew)
Catt (Mr Fowler's Over-60s XI)
Catt (Dover College)
A Catt (Warlingham)
AE Catt (Sherborne School)
AW Catt (Kent, Western Province)
E Catt (Lewes Priory)
E Catt (Cuckfield)
ED Catt (Brighton College)
J Catt (Longridge Fourth XI)
M Catt (Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s)
P Catt (Gloucestershire Over-50s)
R Catt (Sutton Coldfield)
RD Catt (Nomads)
T Catt (Kelvedon)
WE Catt (Mote Park)
WR Catt (Chart Sutton)
WR Catt (The Mote)
WR Catt (Mote Park)
D Cattamack (Mullards)
AHA Cattanach (Blackburn Clergy)
D Cattanach (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
W Cattanach (Bramtoco)
D Cattanack (Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
Cattaneo (Hurstpierpoint College)
Cattaway (Larkhill Garrison)
Cattell (Pelsall)
Cattell (Erdington)
Cattell (Wednesbury Second XI)
Cattell (Leeds University)
Cattell (Birmingham United Colleges)
A Cattell (Mermaid Taverners)
AC Cattell (Warwick School)
AF Cattell (Comp Women, East Women, Kent Women, London and District Women, South Women, Women's Cricket Association)
B Cattell (Worcestershire Over-50s)
B Cattell (Worcestershire Over-50s)
BH Cattell (Rugby, Staffordshire)
D Cattell (Middlesex Over-50s Second XI, Middlesex Over-60s)
E Cattell (CH Croft's XI)
EW Cattell (Oakham School)
EW Cattell (Notts Amateurs)
F Cattell (Oakham Amateurs)
F Cattell (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
G Cattell (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
GL Cattell (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
GT Cattell (Ellesmere College)
J Cattell (Beverley, Beverley Second XI, Canterbury, Chestfield, Chestfield Second XI)
J Cattell (Old Edwardians)
K Cattell (Mermaid Taverners)
M Cattell (Solihull School)
M Cattell (Farnham)
M Cattell (Kislingbury Temperance)
M Cattell (Molehill Green)
M Cattell (Farnham)
P Cattell (Kislingbury Temperance)
R Cattell (Aldridge, Aston Manor, Walmley)
R Cattell (Trent College)
R Cattell (Rushden Town Second XI)
RB Cattell (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
RH Cattell (Erdington Second XI, Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
RH Cattell (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
T Cattell (Bishop's Stortford Third XI)
T Cattell (Farnham)
T Cattell (Farnham)
TE Cattell (Ipswich and East Suffolk)
W Cattell (Oakham School)
R Catteral (Bury Grammar School)
Catterall (Barnt Green)
Catterall (Darwen)
A Catterall (Cumberland)
A Catterall (scorer)
A Catterall (Tranmere Victoria)
A Catterall (Great Harwood Second XI, Great Harwood Third XI)
A Catterall (Cherry Tree Second XI, Cherry Tree Third XI)
C Catterall (Accrington, Gentlemen of East Lancashire, Pleasington, Whalley)
C Catterall (Hunningham)
D Catterall (Middlesex Over-60s)
D Catterall (Euxton, Euxton Second XI)
D Catterall (Chorley Third XI)
D Catterall (Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn)
D Catterall (Charnock Richard Second XI)
DA Catterall (Chorley)
DN Catterall (Shropshire, Worcestershire)
E Catterall (East Lancashire)
G Catterall (Preston)
G Catterall (Chester Boughton Hall)
G Catterall (Neston)
J Catterall (Chorley, Chorley Second XI)
J Catterall (Burscough Farmers)
J Catterall (Norcross Second XI)
JB Catterall (scorer)
JCA Catterall (Old Hurst Johnians)
JH Catterall (Shrewsbury School)
JS Catterall (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
JS Catterall (Gentlemen of Worcestershire)
JS Catterall (Cheadle Hulme)
L Catterall (Trojans)
M Catterall (Southam, Southam Second XI, Southam Third XI)
P Catterall (Cheshire Over-50s, Widnes)
P Catterall (Pinner)
P Catterall (umpire)
P Catterall (Cheshire County Cricket League)
P Catterall (Free Foresters)
P Catterall (The Forty Club)
P Catterall (Winnington Park)
R Catterall (umpire)
R Catterall (Ramsbottom Third XI)
R Catterall (Bowdon)
R Catterall (Timperley)
RF Catterall (Giggleswick School Second XI)
S Catterall (Chorley)
S Catterall (Accrington, Gentlemen of East Lancashire, Pleasington, Todmorden, Whalley)
S Catterall (Shrewsbury School)
S Catterall (Lord's XI)
S Catterall (Norcross Second XI)
S Catterall (Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn)
SC Catterall (Lancashire Cricket Board)
SJ Catterall (East Lancashire)
W Catterall (Birmingham Messiah)
Cattermole (The Leys School)
Cattermole (Royal Corps of Signals)
Cattermole (Old Wyvernians)
CA Cattermole (Surrey Association of Cricket Clubs Juniors)
F Cattermole (Marlborough College)
G Cattermole (Surrey Colts)
J Cattermole (Easton)
J Cattermole (Hurlingham Club)
J Cattermole (Stragglers of Asia)
K Cattermole (Hordle Village)
KM Cattermole (Norfolk)
P Cattermole (National Association of Young Cricketers North, Nottinghamshire Juniors, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Youth)
R Cattermole (Clitheroe Fourth XI, Clitheroe Second XI, Clitheroe Third XI)
S Cattermole (Uphill Castle)
S Cattermole (University College School)
P Cattermore (Nottinghamshire Juniors)
R Cattermoul (Romford and District Women)
KM Cattermoule (Trojans)
KM Cattermoule (Bournemouth)
J Cattermull (Hurlingham Club)
J Cattermull (Marlborough College Second XI)
M Cattermull (Hurlingham Club)
M Cattermull (Incogniti)
M Cattermull (Hurlingham Club)
MG Cattermull (East Lancashire, Marlborough College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Cattermull (Hurlingham Club)
R Catterson (Northamptonshire Club and Ground)
R Catterson (Kenilworth)
R Catterson (St Andrew's School, Eastbourne)
Cattle (Driffield)
Cattle (Wingham)
A Cattle (Leckford)
A Cattle (Upper Clatford)
A Cattle (Amport)
G Cattle (Old Accringtonians)
H Cattle (Pocklington School)
J Cattle (Bashley (Rydal) Second XI)
L Cattle (Woodhouse Grange)
R Cattle (Whitburn)
S Cattle (Old Accringtonians)
Cattley (North Northamptonshire Women)
A Cattley (Hull Kingston)
AC Cattley (Surrey)
AC Cattley (Isleworth)
AC Cattley (CFC Clarke's XI)
AC Cattley (Will-o'-the-Wisp)
AC Cattley (Lewes Priory)
AC Cattley (Eton Ramblers)
AL Cattley (scorer)
C Cattley (Esher)
C Cattley (Shillinglee)
C Cattley (North Eastern Railway Engineers)
CA Cattley (Blackheath Proprietary School)
CF Cattley (Oxford University Authentics)
CF Cattley (Eton Ramblers)
CF Cattley (Magdalen College, Oxford)
CF Cattley (FH Turner's XI)
CW Cattley (Eton Ramblers)
F Cattley (Repton School)
GW Cattley (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
GW Cattley (Eton Ramblers)
GW Cattley (Oxford University Authentics)
HJ Cattley (Eton Ramblers)
HT Cattley (Cranleigh)
J Cattley (Torquay and South Devon Women)
JF Cattley (Repton School)
LA Cattley (Repton School Staff)
LA Cattley (Derbyshire Friars)
M Cattley (The Forty Club Eastern Counties)
R Cattley (Sunbury Squires)
S Cattley (Esher)
S Cattley (Isleworth)
S Cattley (CFC Clarke's XI)
SW Cattley (Surrey)
SW Cattley (Broadwater)
SW Cattley (I Zingari)
TF Cattley (Repton School)
W Cattley (Reigate Priory, South Essex, Surrey Club, Wakefield)
W Cattley (Eashing Park)
W Cattley (Northbrook)
Cattlin (Rayleigh)
J Cattlin (Hampstead)
JS Cattlow (St John's College, Oxford)
J Catto (Ardingly College)
J Catto (Neston)
J Catto (Malvern College)
T Catto (Orsett and Thurrock Second XI)
Catton (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Catton (Dartford College of Physical Education Second XI)
B Catton (Andover Second XI)
B Catton (umpire)
B Catton (The Forty Club)
CT Catton (Suffolk Club and Ground)
CT Catton (Ipswich School)
CT Catton (Suffolk Gentlemen)
DE Catton (Giggleswick School)
E Catton (Bishop's Stortford College)
E Catton (Olton)
L Catton (Saltburn)
M Catton (Gore Court, Gore Court Second XI)
M Catton (Godalming)
M Catton (Andover Colts)
ME Catton (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
P Catton (umpire)
P Catton (umpire)
P Catton (umpire)
R Catton (The Forty Club)
RT Catton (Uppingham Town)
P Cattrall (Marylebone Cricket Club Schools)
PJ Cattrall (Free Foresters, King's School, Canterbury, Oxford University Authentics, Public Schools, Southern Schools, Stragglers of Asia)
PJ Cattrall (Arabs)
Cattrell (Leicester Nomads Second XI)
S Cattrell (Tutbury)
M Catturmull (Hurlingham Club)
DJ Catty (Bloxham School)
P Catworthy (umpire)
G Catz (Orsett)
P Catz (Old Merchant Taylors Second XI)
A Cauchi (Berkshire Under-13s Women)
B Cauchi (Marple)
G Caudle (Three Counties Cricket League)
G Caudle (Tewkesbury)
J Caudle (Berkshire, Reading, Reading University)
J Caudle (Old Elizabethans Second XI)
P Caudle (Reman Services, Sentinel)
S Caudle (Wilnecote)
SJ Caudle (Tewkesbury)
VL Caudle (Tewkesbury)
Caudrey (RACD, Ripon)
A Caudwell (Verney Junction)
ES Caudwell (Lancing College Second XI)
G Caudwell (Hucknall Fourth XI, Hucknall Third XI)
G Caudwell (Rolls Royce Second XI)
G Caudwell (Clumber Park)
G Caudwell (SV Hotchkin's XI)
G Caudwell (Hucknall)
J Caudwell (Micklehurst)
J Caudwell (Greenfield)
L Caudwell (Manton Colliery)
LV Caudwell (Bristol Grammar School Masters, Herefordshire)
R Caudwell (Thoresby Colliery, Thoresby Colliery Second XI, Thoresby Colliery Second XI, Thoresby Colliery Third XI)
R Caudwell (Rockware Glass Second XI)
RT Caudwell (Forest School)
S Caudwell (Hucknall, Hucknall Second XI)
B Caufield (Cartworth Moor)
M Caufield (Parley, Parley Fourth XI, Parley Third XI)
M Caufield (Blyth)
T Caufield (Towcestrians)
W Caufield (Cornwood)
A Caugh (GE Hamble)
TA Caughey (Northumberland)
W Caughie (Eaton Bray)
A Caughlin (Findon)
R Caughman (Banbury)
P Caughter (Shepherds Bush)
P Caughtire (Burnley Second XI)
R Caukill (scorer)
S Caukwell (Stokesley)
S Caukwell (Stokesley Second XI)
L Caulard (Kinoulton, Kinoulton Second XI)
B Caulder (umpire)
E Caulder (umpire)
F Caulder (The Forty Club)
S Cauldicott (Old Tauntonians and Romsey)
W Cauldrick (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
Cauldwell (East Anglia Women)
DJ Cauldwell (King Edward's School, Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Second XI)
G Cauldwell (Bolton Second XI)
N Cauldwell (Chester Boughton Hall, Chester Boughton Hall Second XI)
RPO Cauldwell (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
Cauledge (Oundle Rovers)
S Caules (Royal Engineers)
JAT Caulfeild (Eton Ramblers)
Caulferman (Captain RH Hawkins' XI)
Caulfield (Thames Valley Women)
Caulfield (Westminster School)
Caulfield (Hurstpierpoint College)
Caulfield (Staff College, Sandhurst)
A Caulfield (Oakmere Women, Ransome and Marles Women, Twickenham Women)
J Caulfield (Wishaw)
J Caulfield (Eton Ramblers)
J Caulfield (North Mymms)
MA Caulfield (Hampshire Rovers)
N Caulfield (Oxford Nondescripts)
R Caulfield (Sussex Under-17s Women)
T Caulfield (Wishaw)
T Caulfield (Water Orton)
T Caulfield (Aston Manor)
WH Caulfield (Forest School)
L Caulkett (Castle Bromwich Aero)
Caulkin (Royal Insurance)
J Caulkin (Norton-in-Hales)
J Caulkin (Woore)
N Caulson (umpire)
S Caulson (Shoreham Grammar School)
R Caulthery (Sou' Westers)
B Caulton (Marehay)
B Caulton (Marehay Second XI)
B Caulton (umpire)
M Caulton (Sherwood Colliery)
M Caulton (Mansfield Nomads)
M Caulton (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
R Caulton (Sherwood Colliery, Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
R Caulton (Mansfield Nomads)
R Caulton (Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
R Caulton (Sherwood Colliery Second XI)
T Caulton (Derbyshire Colts)
A Caunce (Baxenden, East Lancashire, Ramsbottom)
A Caunce (Walshaw)
A Caunce (Bolton and District Cricket Association Under-18s)
B Caunce (Chorley Women Second XI, Vernon Carus Women)
B Caunce (Croston, Croston Second XI)
D Caunce (Croston, Croston Second XI)
D Caunce (Crompton Second XI)
D Caunce (Crompton)
E Caunce (HSBC, HSBC Second XI)
G Caunce (umpire)
I Caunce (Lancashire Second XI, Oxfordshire Over-50s, Oxfordshire Over-60s)
I Caunce (Oxford Downs)
I Caunce (Mawdesley, Mawdesley Second XI)
I Caunce (Croston)
I Caunce (umpire)
I Caunce (Buckinghamshire Over-60s)
I Caunce (Oxford Downs Second XI)
I Caunce (Oxford Downs)
I Caunce (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
J Caunce (Blackpool)
M Caunce (scorer)
NT Caunce (Cumberland, Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Second XI, Lancashire Under-17s, Lancashire Under-19s, Northern, Ormskirk)
NT Caunce (Liverpool and District Cricket Competition)
P Caunce (Croston)
S Caunce (Croston, Croston Second XI)
S Caunce (Bapchild)
S Caunce (Harpenden Second XI, Harpenden Second XI)
S Caunce (Ormskirk Second XI, Ormskirk Third XI)
T Caunce (Croston, Croston Second XI)
T Caunce (scorer)
TA Caunce (Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s, Southport and Birkdale, Southport and Birkdale Second XI)
WC Caunce (Ormskirk)
G Caunle (umpire)
Caunt (Southgate Second XI)
A Caunt (Morton Colliery)
C Caunt (Wellingborough)
CW Caunt (Grantham)
D Caunt (Holmewood)
D Caunt (Morton Colliery)
D Caunt (Holmewood Second XI)
J Caunt (Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Nottinghamshire Under-15s, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
J Caunt (Northern Police Cricket League)
J Caunt (Nottingham)
J Caunt (Bexley, Bexley Second XI, Blackheath, Blackheath Second XI)
J Caunt (Nottinghamshire Over-50s)
Jason Caunt (Kirkby Portland, Kirkby Portland Second XI, Newstead Abbey and Village, Papplewick and Linby, Papplewick and Linby Development XI)
Joe Caunt (Kirkby Portland, Kirkby Portland Second XI)
JM Caunt (Jersey, Nottinghamshire Cricket Association Under-19s, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
M Caunt (Holmewood, Holmewood Second XI)
M Caunt (Grassmoor Works Second XI)
M Caunt (umpire)
O Caunt (Derbyshire Academy)
P Caunt (Brixworth, Northamptonshire Under-13s, Northamptonshire Under-15s, Old Northamptonians, Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
S Caunt (Northamptonshire Under-15s, Northamptonshire Under-17s, Old Northamptonians, Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
S Caunt (Wellingborough School)
Caunter (I Zingari)
Caunter (Staff College, Sandhurst and Royal Military College, Sandhurst Staff, Staff College, Sandhurst Officers)
Caunter (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
B Caunter (Church)
B Caunter (Byfield Women, Deddington Women)
G Caunter (Abbotskerswell)
G Caunter (Sherborne School)
J Caunter (J Pender's XI)
JE Caunter (Devon, Gentlemen of Devon, Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, Military)
M Caunter (Brixham)
RL Caunter (Cornwall, Uppingham School)
S Caunter (Brixham)
Cauntor (Northern Command)
S Caurara (Help for Heroes XI)
T Cause (Shrewton Third XI)
Causer (Erdington)
Causer (Wolverhampton Grammar School)
A Causer (St Lawrence Second XI)
M Causer (Winshill)
R Causer (Burton-on-Trent Second XI)
S Causer (Tutbury Third XI)
T Causer (Exiles)
W Causer (Netherseal)
A Causey (Bovey Tracey)
A Causey (Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s)
B Causey (Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s)
B Causey (Bovey Tracey)
L Causey (Woking and Horsell)
M Causey (Formby)
MA Causey (Ainsdale)
P Causey (Ainsdale Second XI)
P Causey (Ainsdale)
P Causey (scorer)
P Causey (Ainsdale, Ainsdale Second XI)
S Causey (Bagshot Second XI)
J Causier (Droitwich Spa Second XI)
Causler (Ward End)





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