England Players (A)


J Ainscow (Bury Third XI)
J Ainscow (Brooksbottom, Brooksbottom Second XI)
JDS Ainscow (Shrewsbury School)
R Ainscow (Shrewsbury Saracens)
T Ainscow (umpire)
Ainscowe (Shrewsbury Saracens)
Ainser (Worksop College Under-14s)
J Ainslee (Packwood Haugh Preparatory School)
Ainsley (Hymers College, Hull)
Ainsley (Portsmouth Grammar School)
A Ainsley (Old Cranleighans)
A Ainsley (scorer)
AMJ Ainsley (Combined Services Under-25s, Royal Navy, Royal Navy Under-25s, United Services Portsmouth, United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
BL Ainsley (Saltburn, Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-13s, Yorkshire Under-14s, Yorkshire Under-15s, Yorkshire Under-17s)
G Ainsley (Preston Nomads)
J Ainsley (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
J Ainsley (Rainham Second XI)
J Ainsley (Old Stacians Second XI)
J Ainsley (Great Chart)
J Ainsley (Braintree College)
J Ainsley (Yeadon)
J Ainsley (Braintree)
L Ainsley (Essex Under-15s Women, Essex Under-17s Women, Essex Women)
M Ainsley (Old Stacians Second XI)
M Ainsley (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
P Ainsley (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
R Ainsley (Braintree)
R Ainsley (Middlesex Cricket Union)
R Ainsley (Braintree College)
R Ainsley (The Forty Club)
R Ainsley (Braintree)
RM Ainsley (Liverpool)
S Ainsley (United Services Portsmouth Second XI)
T Ainsley (umpire)
W Ainsley (Old Stacians Second XI)
W Ainsley (Wells Cathedral School)
Ainslie (Sedbergh School)
Ainslie (Pembroke College, Cambridge)
A Ainslie (Gentlemen of Cambridgeshire)
AC Ainslie (Gentlemen of Somerset)
C Ainslie (Royal Engineers)
C Ainslie (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
D Ainslie (Darwen, Darwen Second XI)
G Ainslie (Darwen, Lancashire Schools)
G Ainslie (Darwen Third XI)
GA Ainslie (I Zingari)
GH Ainslie (Charterhouse School, Northumberland Club)
HC Ainslie (Gentlemen of Somerset)
HS Ainslie (Malvern College)
JA Ainslie (Northumberland Club)
M Ainslie (Hardwick and Caldecote)
MF Ainslie (Liverpool)
MM Ainslie (Gentlemen of Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
MRA Ainslie (The King's School, Worcester)
RA Ainslie (Trent College, Trent College Second XI)
RM Ainslie (Cambridge University Crusaders, Gentlemen of Liverpool)
RM Ainslie (Old Peterites)
RM Ainslie (Liverpool)
RS Ainslie (Dorset, Sherborne School)
T Ainslie (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
W Ainslie (Gentlemen of Somerset)
W Ainslie (Haileybury College)
W Ainslie (Old Peterites)
W Ainslie (Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
W Ainslie (Artists)
WS Ainslie (Royal Naval College Dartmouth)
C Ainslle (Plymouth College)
R Ainslow (Shrewsbury Saracens)
ML Ainsmith (Sussex Martlets Over-40s)
W Ainson (Mudeford Third XI)
C Ainsten (Plymouth College)
Ainsworth (Long Eaton Cricket Association)
Ainsworth (Mill Hill Second XI)
Ainsworth (Rawtenstall)
Ainsworth (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
Ainsworth (Solihull School)
Ainsworth (United Services Portsmouth)
Ainsworth (Uppingham Masters)
Ainsworth (Darwen)
Ainsworth (South Wales Borderers)
Ainsworth (Captain Bowring's XI)
Ainsworth (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
Ainsworth (Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough)
Ainsworth (Catterick Garrison)
Ainsworth (Liverpool)
Ainsworth (Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
Ainsworth (Bowdon Second XI)
Ainsworth (Bacup Second XI)
A Ainsworth (Leicestershire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Second XI)
A Ainsworth (Glossop Second XI)
A Ainsworth (Liverpool)
A Ainsworth (Lancashire Under-16s)
A Ainsworth (Salisbury Wanderers)
A Ainsworth (Stockport)
A Ainsworth (Steeple Langford)
A Ainsworth (The Forty Club)
A Ainsworth (Rugby)
A Ainsworth (Whalley)
A Ainsworth (Lord Wandsworth College)
AC Ainsworth (Skegness)
AR Ainsworth (Derby School)
BL Ainsworth (Marylebone Cricket Club)
BL Ainsworth (Neston)
C Ainsworth (Birkenhead Park, Irby)
C Ainsworth (Dunsfold)
C Ainsworth (Blackheath Second XI, Blackheath Third XI)
C Ainsworth (Stacksteads Second XI)
CG Ainsworth (Royal Navy)
D Ainsworth (Werneth)
D Ainsworth (Church, Church Second XI)
D Ainsworth (Preston)
D Ainsworth (Lancashire Second XI, National Association of Young Cricketers North)
D Ainsworth (Whalley, Whalley Second XI, Whalley Third XI)
D Ainsworth (Manchester and District Cricket Association)
D Ainsworth (Incogniti)
D Ainsworth (Oulton Park)
DE Ainsworth (Bowdon)
DE Ainsworth (Formby)
DE Ainsworth (Timperley)
DL Ainsworth (Timperley)
E Ainsworth (Honourable Artillery Company)
F Ainsworth (Bolton)
F Ainsworth (Accrington)
F Ainsworth (Worsley)
F Ainsworth (Merrie England)
F Ainsworth (Baxenden Third XI)
FJ Ainsworth (Whitgift School)
G Ainsworth (County Club, Northumberland Club and Ground, Northumberland Juniors, Northumberland Second XI)
G Ainsworth (Radcliffe Co-op)
GI Ainsworth (Wellingborough School)
GWB Ainsworth (HDG Leveson-Gower's XI)
H Ainsworth (Bolton, Lancashire Residents, Rossall Rangers)
H Ainsworth (Gentlemen Colts of Lancashire)
H Ainsworth (Formby)
H Ainsworth (Bowdon)
H Ainsworth (scorer)
HB Ainsworth (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
HD Ainsworth (umpire, scorer)
HD Ainsworth (umpire)
HM Ainsworth (Enfield)
I Ainsworth (Woodbank, Woodbank Colts, Woodbank Second XI)
J Ainsworth (East Lancashire)
J Ainsworth (Enfield)
J Ainsworth (Bolton, Bootle)
J Ainsworth (Manchester)
J Ainsworth (Oldham)
J Ainsworth (Rotherham)
J Ainsworth (Timperley)
J Ainsworth (Rhyl)
J Ainsworth (scorer)
J Ainsworth (Stoughton and Thurnby)
J Ainsworth (Haileybury and Imperial Service College Second XI)
J Ainsworth (Glossop)
J Ainsworth (Uttoxeter Second XI)
J Ainsworth (Ormskirk)
J Ainsworth (Houghton and Thurnby, Stoughton and Thurnby Second XI)
J Ainsworth (Illston Abey)
J Ainsworth (Thornton Cleveleys Second XI)
J Ainsworth (Cherry Tree Fourth XI)
James Ainsworth (Ormskirk)
John Ainsworth (Ormskirk)
JE Ainsworth (Newtown Linford)
JL Ainsworth (Europeans, Lancashire)
JL Ainsworth (scorer)
JL Ainsworth (Formby)
JR Ainsworth (Oakham School)
K Ainsworth (Uppingham School)
K Ainsworth (Woodbank Colts)
L Ainsworth (Alvanley)
L Ainsworth (Blewbury and Wallingford)
M Ainsworth (Bacup Second XI, Bacup Third XI)
M Ainsworth (Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough)
MLY Ainsworth (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Worcestershire)
N Ainsworth (CUACO, CUACO Second XI)
N Ainsworth (scorer)
P Ainsworth (Wightwick)
P Ainsworth (Waddington)
P Ainsworth (Ashby Timken)
P Ainsworth (Formby)
PH Ainsworth (Solihull School Second XI)
PT Ainsworth (Bedford Modern School)
R Ainsworth (Denton West)
R Ainsworth (Radcliffe)
R Ainsworth (Bolton School)
RT Ainsworth (Formby)
RW Ainsworth (Nottinghamshire Public Schoolboys)
S Ainsworth (Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Blackheath Third XI)
S Ainsworth (Bradshaw)
S Ainsworth (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
S Ainsworth (Radcliffe)
S Ainsworth (Edgworth)
S Ainsworth (Lancashire and Cheshire Cricket League)
SC Ainsworth (Burghley Park)
T Ainsworth (Blackburn Licensed Victuallers)
T Ainsworth (Sawley and Long Eaton Park)
T Ainsworth (East Lancashire)
T Ainsworth (Royal Air Force Under-25s)
T Ainsworth (Long Eaton, Long Eaton Second XI)
TJ Ainsworth (Formby)
W Ainsworth (Oxfordshire Colts)
W Ainsworth (Leicester)
W Ainsworth (Saddleworth)
W Ainsworth (Blewbury and Wallingford)
WF Ainsworth (Liverpool College)
WF Ainsworth (Liverpool)
WL Ainsworth (Northumberland Club and Ground)
WR Ainsworth (Benwell Hill, County Club, Durham County Juniors, Durham County Schoolboys)
M Ainsworth-Hickman (Aston Women, Aston Women Second XI)
Ainullah Khan (Nuneaton Third XI)
AJC Air (Colchester and East Essex, Mill Hill School)
AJC Air (Old Millhillians)
M Airbanks (Staffordshire Young Cricketers)
Aird (Royal Armoured Corps Officer Cadet Training Unit Sandhurst)
AS Aird (Eton College)
D Aird (Ashford Second XI)
IB Aird (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Aird (Betteshanger)
J Aird (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
J Aird (Betteshanger Second XI)
JB Aird (Christ Church, Oxford, Malvern College)
JR Aird (I Zingari)
L Aird (Berkshire Under-13s Women, Berkshire Under-15s Women)
MH Aird (Harrow School)
P Aird (scorer)
R Aird (Cambridge University, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Aird (The Forty Club)
R Aird (The Forty Club)
R Aird (JH Doggart's XI)
R Aird (GOB Allen's XI)
R Aird (Beeston and Toton Sycamore Third XI)
R Aird (Cross Arrows)
WJ Aird (Derby School, Grasshoppers)
J Aire (Eight Ash Green)
Airey (Walsall)
Airey (CLS Tudor's XI)
Airey (Knickerbockers)
Airey (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
Airey (Wallasey)
Airey (Major Cobb's XI)
Airey (Lancing Rovers)
Airey (Manchester Civil Service)
Airey (Eastham)
B Airey (scorer)
B Airey (Burneside)
B Airey (Kendal)
B Airey (Netherfield)
BB Airey (Aldershot Command)
C Airey (Yorkshire Women, Yorkshire Women Second XI)
C Airey (Civil Service)
C Airey (Woodsetts)
D Airey (Stand, Stand Second XI, Stand Third XI)
D Airey (Wath)
D Airey (The Skinners' School)
D Airey (umpire)
D Airey (Bingham Second XI)
D Airey (Purley-on-Thames Third XI)
EJ Airey (Accrington)
F Airey (Liverpool, Liverpool Second XI)
FH Airey (Birmingham)
G Airey (Attenborough, Attenborough, Attenborough Fourth XI, Attenborough Second XI, Attenborough Third XI)
G Airey (West Bromwich Wednesday)
H Airey (Enfield)
HAD Airey (Worksop College Second XI)
HAD Airey (RA Henniker-Gotley's XI)
HP Airey (Lansdown, Marlborough College, Monmouthshire)
J Airey (Lancing Rovers)
J Airey (Kent Over-60s, Kent Over-60s Second XI, Kent Over-70s)
J Airey (Roan and Lambethans Second XI)
J Airey (Lancing Rovers)
J Airey (Vernon Carus, Vernon Carus Second XI, Vernon Carus Third XI)
J Airey (Cumbria Under-13s Women)
J Airey (Herts and Essex Cricket League)
JR Airey (Lincolnshire)
K Airey (Blackley Women)
L Airey (Bradford Town)
M Airey (Futura Sports Agency)
M Airey (Bingham Second XI)
P Airey (Retford, Retford Second XI)
P Airey (Blyth, Blyth Second XI)
P Airey (The Forty Club)
P Airey (Woodsetts Second XI)
P Airey (Woodsetts)
PR Airey (Bootham School)
R Airey (Manchester University)
R Airey (Burneside)
R Airey (Accrington Fourth XI)
RB Airey (Hampshire)
RB Airey (Aldershot Division)
RB Airey (1st Army Corps)
RM Airey (Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Army Service Corps)
RM Airey (umpire)
RM Airey (Cryptics)
RM Airey (Butterflies)
RM Airey (York Garrison)
RM Airey (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
S Airey (Burneside)
S Airey (Settle)
S Airey (Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
S Airey (scorer)
S Airey (Settle Second XI, Settle Third XI)
S Airey (Ainsdale)
SJ Airey (Lincolnshire, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
TA Airey (Dean Close School)
W Airey (Worcester Park)
W Airey (Northern)
W Airey (Bootle)
W Airey (Attenborough Fourth XI)
WTG Airey (Merton College, Oxford)
Z Airey (Roan and Lambethans Second XI)
Air Hussain (Undercliffe)
Airikkala (Stowe School)
J Airly (Kent Over-60s Second XI)
Airns (Pershore Second XI)
A Airns (Evesham, Evesham Second XI)
A Airns (Evesham Second XI)
N Airody (Little Baddow)
N Airody (Warwick, Warwick Second XI)
AJ Airston (Aston Unity)
EC Airth (The Leys School)
RA Airth (The Leys School)
M Airton (umpire)
T Airton (Stockton)
Airy (Solihull)
BR Airy (King Edward's School, Birmingham Boarders)
G Airy (Repton School, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
O Airy (Trinity College, Cambridge)
Aisbitt (Manchester Grammar School)
GE Aisbitt (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
HJ Aish (Mill Hill School)
HJ Aish (CDA Pullan's XI)
Aisha (Harrow Town)
Aishah Khan (Gunnersbury Women, Gunnersbury Women Second XI)
Aisha Hussain (Bardsey Women)
H Aish-Lyons (Licensed Victuallers' School)
B Aislabie (Epsom, Hampshire, Homerton, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, St John's Wood, Surrey, Sussex)
W Aislabie (Crystal Palace)
P Aislewood (Moreton-in-Marsh)
T Aiston (Cheam)
T Aiston (Cheam Third XI)
A Aistrop (East Anglia Women)
W Aitch (Gentlemen of Kent)
D Aitcherson (Knowle and Dorridge Second XI)
Aitcheson (Worcestershire Second XI)
A Aitcheson (Aldershot Division, Knickerbockers)
JB Aitcheson (Maori Club)
L Aitchinson (Tillside)
Aitchison (The Anglians)
AJ Aitchison (Alder, Alder Second XI)
B Aitchison (Formby)
D Aitchison (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
D Aitchison (Solihull School)
DL Aitchison (Rugby School)
G Aitchison (All Saints' School, Bloxham Captain's XI)
H Aitchison (Northumberland)
H Aitchison (Wallsend)
J Aitchison (Northumberland Juniors)
J Aitchison (North London)
J Aitchison (Old Cholmeleians)
JB Aitchison (Malvern College)
JE Aitchison (Kent)
L Aitchison (Tillside)
LGF Aitchison (Michell House, Rugby School)
SCD Aitchison (Rugby School)
SP Aitchison (Alder, Alder Second XI)
T Aitchison (Northumberland Colts)
T Aitchison (Old Cholmeleians)
TJ Aitchison (Charterhouse School)
WA Aitchison (Cheltenham College)
H Aite (Gentlemen of Surrey, Gentlemen of Surrey Club)
Aithen (Trent College)
B Aithen (umpire)
A Aithew (Worksop College)
Aitken (Kent Second XI)
Aitken (25th Reserve Battalion (the Pals) Manchester Regiment)
Aitken (Warwickshire Knickerbockers)
Aitken (Ironsides)
Aitken (The Forty Club)
Aitken (Royal Engineers Signal Depot, Haynes Park)
Aitken (Harlow Town)
Aitken (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
A Aitken (Gentlemen of West Kent)
A Aitken (Worksop College)
A Aitken (North Eastern Railway Engineers)
A Aitken (Worksop College Second XI)
A Aitken (Old Worksopians)
AA Aitken (Sedbergh School)
APH Aitken (Emeriti, Gentlemen of Suffolk, Norfolk, Somerset Stragglers)
B Aitken (Wanderers)
B Aitken (umpire)
B Aitken (referee)
B Aitken (Warminster)
B Aitken (Harrow St Mary's)
B Aitken (Wiltshire Queries)
B Aitken (Wiltshire Queries)
B Aitken (The Forty Club)
D Aitken (Woodhouses Second XI)
D Aitken (umpire)
D Aitken (Hockerill)
DB Aitken (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DB Aitken (Dover Garrison)
DB Aitken (SH Saville's XI)
DB Aitken (Hampstead)
DE Aitken (Durham University)
DI Aitken (Marlborough College)
E Aitken (Burnley Belvedere Third XI)
EC Aitken (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
EC Aitken (The Mokes)
G Aitken (Southport)
G Aitken (Christ Church Orpington)
GH Aitken (Fettes College, Leighton, Warminster)
GH Aitken (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
GH Aitken (Pyt House)
H Aitken (King's College School, Wimbledon)
H Aitken (South Wilts)
H Aitken (Carshalton)
HL Aitken (Cornwall)
HM Aitken (Oxford University)
IAW Aitken (Trent College)
IR Aitken (Uppingham School)
J Aitken (Oxford University)
J Aitken (Carshalton)
J Aitken (Rishton)
J Aitken (Sevenoaks Vine)
J Aitken (Fenton Hall)
J Aitken (Real Oddies)
J Aitken (Deben Valley)
J Aitken (Wiltshire Over-50s)
J Aitken (Bournemouth Fourth XI)
J Aitken (Shildon Railway Second XI)
JB Aitken (The Leys School)
JWM Aitken (Westminster School)
L Aitken (Elsecar)
M Aitken (Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Second XI)
M Aitken (Woodhouses Second XI)
M Aitken (Long Buckby)
M Aitken (Leeds and Broomfield)
M Aitken (scorer)
M Aitken (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
M Aitken (Sevenoaks Vine)
N Aitken (Reading-Ridgeway Women)
N Aitken (Bagnall)
N Aitken (Bagnall Norton)
P Aitken (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
PR Aitken (Westminster School)
R Aitken (Offham, Offham Second XI)
R Aitken (Sparsholt, Sparsholt Second XI)
R Aitken (Griff and Coton)
R Aitken (scorer)
R Aitken (The Forty Club)
S Aitken (Collingham and Linton)
S Aitken (The Forty Club)
SC Aitken (umpire)
T Aitken (Grimsby)
W Aitken (Saffron Walden Development Squad)
WA Aitken (The Mokes)
WHH Aitken (Cheltenham College, Royal Engineers)
E Aitken-Davies (Devon)
E Aitken-Davies (Somerset Stragglers)
H Aitkenhead (Letchworth, Letchworth Garden City, Old Bedfordians)
L Aitkenhead (umpire)
L Aitkenhead (scorer)
M Aitkenhead (Biddestone)
N Aitkenhead (Bluemantles)
T Aitkenhead (Eccleston)
WP Aitkenhead (Bedford School, Hertfordshire Under-15s, Letchworth, Letchworth Garden City, Old Bedfordians)
GM Aitkens (Laity)
Aitkin (Military)
A Aitkin (umpire)
B Aitkin (umpire)
G Aitkin (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
GH Aitkin (Leighton)
J Aitkin (Shildon Railway, Shildon Railway Second XI)
JC Aitkin (Officers of the Western District)
L Aitkin (Upper Haugh)
M Aitkin (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
M Aitkin (Highgate)
PA Aitkin (St John's School, Leatherhead)
S Aitkin (umpire)
S Aitkin (Kirkstall)
TH Aitkin (Leighton)
A Aiton (Walton-le-Dale, Walton-le-Dale Second XI)
A Aiton (Balderton Second XI)
Aitsch (Sandhurst Wanderers)
N Aiuling (scorer)
N Aiyappa (Desborough Town, Rothwell Town)
A Aiyer (Woking and Horsell)
L Aiynattu (Merseyside Cricket and Cultural Club)
Aiysha Hussain (Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
Aizaz Ahmed (Buckinghamshire Under-14s)
Aizaz Dar (Manningham Mills, Manningham Mills Second XI)
Aizlewood (Derby Express)
AE Aizlewood (Rotherham)
G Aizlewood (Sheffield Bankers)
PGD Aizlewood (Winchester College)
WJ Aizlewood (Rotherham)
Ajab Khan (Attock, Attock Second XI)
Ajab Khan (Burnage, Burnage Second XI)
Ajab Khan (Moseley Fourth XI, Moseley Third XI)
H Ajaib (Warwickshire Under-13s)
H Ajaib (Water Orton)
H Ajaib (Walmley Third XI)
H Ajaib (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
M Ajaib (Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce Second XI)
N Ajaib (Bablake Old Boys Third XI)
R Ajaib (Walsall YMF Second XI)
R Ajaib (Streetly Second XI)
Ajay (Sutton Coldfield)
Ajay (Coventry West Indian Wanderers)
A Ajay (Birkenhead Park)
S Ajay (Maritime, Maritime Second XI)
Ajay Kumar (Purton)
Ajay Kumar (Cambridge NCI)
Ajaypal Singh (Westgate-on-Sea)
Ajay Singh (Bristol West Indians)
Ajay Singh (Dunlop Coventry)
Ajay Singh (Horley)
Ajay Singh (Ace Cricket and Sports Club)
Ajaz (Salford MSJ)
A Ajaz (Madni)
Ajaz Ahmed (Guildford City)
Ajaz Ahmed (Hyson Green Carrington Caribs)
Ajaz Akhtar (Cambridgeshire)
Ajaz Dar (Manningham Mills, Manningham Mills Second XI)
Ajaz Hussain (Old Northamptonians, Old Northamptonians Second XI, Old Northamptonians Third XI)
Ajaz Hussain (Isham)
Ajaz Hussain (Brixworth, Brixworth Second XI)
Ajaz Hussain (Ampthill Town)
Ajaz Khan (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
Ajaz Khan (Illston Abey, Leicester Ivanhoe)
Ajaz Khan (Crawley Eagles, Crawley Eagles Second XI, Crawley Eagles Third XI)
Ajaz Riaz (Notts Unity Casuals, Notts Unity Casuals Second XI)
H Ajez (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
A Aji (Old Monmothians)
AM Aji (Wales Under-13s Women, Wales Under-15s Women, Wales Under-17s Women)
M Ajib (Lowdham)
A Ajit (Bersham)
A Ajith (Blackheath Wanderers City of London Second XI)
Ajit Kumar (Woodford Green)
Ajit Singh (RACS Second XI)
Ajit Singh (Bristol West Indians)
A Ajmad (Cleckheaton Second XI)
Ajmal (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
D Ajmal (Walsall YMF Second XI)
D Ajmal (Bracknell Second XI)
F Ajmal (Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
K Ajmal (Alvaston and Boulton Second XI)
K Ajmal (Hallam)
K Ajmal (Wickersley Old Village)
K Ajmal (Ruddington)
K Ajmal (Stainsby Hall)
M Ajmal (Moseley)
M Ajmal (Waltham)
M Ajmal (Denton)
M Ajmal (Lyndworth)
M Ajmal (Hyson Green Carrington Caribs)
U Ajmal (Littleborough Lakeside)
Ajmal Hussain (Old Emanuel)
Ajmal Hussain (Hamilton Lions)
Ajmal Khan (Sinjungrammarians)
Ajmal Khan (Horsley and Send)
I Ajmall (Woodmancote)
A Ajmani (Colchester and East Essex)
M Ajmaya (Bickley Park Second XI)
Ajmol Hussain (Mansfield Victorious)
B Aka Coles (Car Colston)
I Akalvaya (Gloucester AIW Sports)
Akam (United Services Portsmouth)
Akam (Royal Marines)
D Akam (New Forest Club Cricket Association)
JH Akam (Royal Navy)
RA Akam (Royal Navy)
S Akam (scorer)
A Akash (Nomads)
B Akash (Christ College, Brecon)
J Akatar (Brighouse Second XI)
W Akatar (Rainham, Rainham Second XI)
Akbar (Forest School)
Akbar (Wanstead Second XI)
Akbar (Southgate Second XI)
A Akbar (Cambridgeshire Under-15s)
A Akbar (Antelope)
A Akbar (Berkshire Second XI)
A Akbar (Burnley Grammar School Old Boys)
A Akbar (umpire)
A Akbar (Harrow)
A Akbar (Winchmore Hill)
A Akbar (Grafham and Smithbrook)
A Akbar (Essex Under-14s)
A Akbar (Hyson Green Carrington Caribs Second XI)
A Akbar (Felsted School, Felsted School Second XI)
A Akbar (Accrington Fourth XI)
A Akbar (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
A Akbar (Lowerhouse Third XI)
B Akbar (Moseley)
B Akbar (Ashton-under-Lyne)
F Akbar (Bamville)
F Akbar (Stanfields)
H Akbar (Ward End Unity)
H Akbar (Evesham)
I Akbar (Little Eaton)
I Akbar (Crawley Eagles, Crawley Eagles Third XI)
J Akbar (Batley)
J Akbar (Essex Under-14s, Essex Under-15s)
J Akbar (Asian)
J Akbar (Scholes Second XI)
J Akbar (Wanstead and Snaresbrook, Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
J Akbar (Wanstead)
K Akbar (Wishaw Second XI)
K Akbar (Little Eaton)
M Akbar (Whitefield)
M Akbar (Willoughby-on-the-Wolds)
M Akbar (Nottingham Royals)
M Akbar (Shooters Hill Second XI)
N Akbar (Littleover Centurions)
Q Akbar (Bromley, Bromley Second XI)
R Akbar (Nelson)
R Akbar (West Essex)
R Akbar (Ward End Unity)
R Akbar (Great Harwood)
S Akbar (Godolphin)
S Akbar (Billingham Synthonia, Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI, Stockton, Thornaby)
S Akbar (Middlesbrough Second XI)
S Akbar (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Fourth XI, South West Manchester Second XI, South West Manchester Third XI)
S Akbar (Astley and Tyldesley)
S Akbar (Birmingham Area)
S Akbar (Dorridge)
S Akbar (Woodford Green)
S Akbar (Blackheath Second XI)
S Akbar (C and R Hawks)
S Akbar (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
S Akbar (South Woodford Second XI)
S Akbar (Wanstead Second XI)
S Akbar (Church Second XI)
W Akbar (Norton-in-Hales)
Z Akbar (Church Second XI, Church Third XI)
Akbar Ahmed (Handsworth, Handsworth Second XI, Handsworth Third XI)
Akbar Ahmed (Warwickshire Under-16s)
Akbar Ahmed (Streetly, Streetly Second XI)
Akbar Ali (Lancashire Under-16s)
Akbar Ali (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
Akbar Ali (Hyson Green Carrington Caribs Second XI)
Akbar Ali (Carrington Cavaliers)
Akbar Hussain (Ruddington)
A Akbari (Blackheath, Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI, Blackheath Third XI, Blackheath Under-21s, Catford Wanderers Second XI, Kent Under-17s)
A Akbari (scorer)
B Akbari (Datchet Cranbourne Second XI)
Z Akbari (Walthamstow)
Akbar Khan (Mitcham)
Akbar Mohammad (Cowdrey, Cowdrey Second XI)
Akbar-ur-Rehman (Spring View)
S Akber (South Woodford)
U Akber (Appleby Frodingham Third XI)
R Ake (Dorset Rangers)
Aked (Adlington and Prestbury)
C Aked (umpire)
HL Aked (M Patten's XI)
HLC Aked (Radley College)
J Aked (Barlaston)
K Aked (Universities Athletic Union Ladies)
M Aked (Barlaston)
R Aked (Barlaston)
RD Aked (Sefton)
W Aked (Clubmoor)
Akeeb Iqbal (Smethwick, Smethwick Second XI)
Akeel (Wilcare Fujitsu)
Akeel (Hampton-in-Arden)
M Akeel (Dorridge, Moseley Ashfield, Moseley Ashfield Second XI, Moseley Ashfield Third XI, Old Hill, Old Hill Second XI, West Bromwich Dartmouth, West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
M Akeel (BT Waldringfield)
M Akeel (Chilwell)
M Akeel (Nottingham Badshahs)
M Akeel (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
Akeel Ahmed (Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Second XI)
Akeel Ahmed (Calverhall)
Akeel Ahmed (Baildon Second XI)
Akeel Ali (Ellerslie Second XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
Akeel Haider (Moseley Second XI)
Akeel Hussain (Evesham)
Akeel Hussain (Offchurch)
Akeel Hussain (Pak Bristolians)
Akeel Hussain (Marston Green, Marston Green Second XI)
Akeel Khan (Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s)
Akeel Khan (Manningham Mills Second XI)
Akeel Khan (Tring Park Second XI)
Akeel Khan (Ribblesdale Wanderers)
Akeel Khan (Ribblesdale Wanderers Second XI, Ribblesdale Wanderers Third XI)
Akeel Khan (West Reading Second XI)
Akeel Khan (South East Sunday Cricket League)
Akeeyal Ali (Chilwell)
HT Akef (Warwick School)
Akehurst (Nottingham University)
C Akehurst (Ratcliffe College)
D Akehurst (Surrey Championship)
D Akehurst (Hythe Second XI)
D Akehurst (Epsom)
DS Akehurst (Marylebone Cricket Club)
K Akehurst (Henfield)
P Akehurst (Ratcliffe College)
T Akehurst (Nottingham University)
T Akehurst (Northumberland Under-15s)
T Akehurst (Sussex Junior Festival XI)
JL Akel (scorer)
P Akella (Narborough and Littlethorpe)
R Akenhead (Stragglers of Asia)
B Akent (Honourable Artillery Company)
Aker (Canford School Second XI)
E Akerele (Bloxham School)
G Akerele (Bloxham School)
Akerigg (Kendal)
A Akerman (Sevenoaks Vine Fourth XI, Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
A Akerman (The Skinners' School)
C Akerman (West Wellow Second XI)
DS Akerman (Walthamstow)
EJB Akerman (Oundle School)
HF Akerman (Old Blundellians)
M Akerman (Northwood)
WPJ Akerman (Staff College, Camberley)
M Akeroyd (Surrey Optimists)
a-Kerr (Heywood)
Akers (Warminster)
Akers (Mayor of Derby's XI)
Akers (Colonel Elliott's XI)
Akers (Repton School Staff)
A Akers (Eton Ramblers)
A Akers (scorer)
A Akers (Portsmouth Amateurs)
B Akers (Honourable Artillery Company)
B Akers (Holtwhites-Trinibis)
E Akers (Fiskerton, Fiskerton, Fiskerton Second XI, Fiskerton Second XI)
G Akers (Royal Air Force)
G Akers (Easington Colliery Welfare, Easington Colliery Welfare Second XI)
G Akers (scorer)
G Akers (Waltham Cross Rosedale)
I Akers (Derbyshire County Colts)
I Akers (Woodbridge and Old Woodbridgians)
J Akers (Derby and District Cricket Association, Derbyshire Cricket Association)
J Akers (Derbyshire County Colts)
J Akers (Holbrook Park)
J Akers (The Forty Club)
J Akers (scorer)
J Akers (Ashbourne)
K Akers (Ipswich)
K Akers (English Schools Cricket Association)
M Akers (Chedworth)
R Akers (Woodbridge and Old Woodbridgians)
R Akers (scorer)
R Akers (Allestree, Allestree Second XI)
R Akers (BRSA Enfield)
RL Akers (Solihull School)
RW Akers (Brighton College)
S Akers (Brighton University)
S Akers (Oxfordshire Under-15s, South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
S Akers (Oxford Downs)
S Akers (Oxford Downs Second XI)
S Akers (Gedling Colliery Fourth XI, Gedling Colliery Second XI, Gedling Colliery Second XI, Gedling Colliery Third XI)
S Akers (umpire)
WB Akers (Durham, Durham Colts)
WB Akers (Warwick School)
WD Akers (Warwick School)
Akers-Douglas (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
A Akers-Douglas (Beckenham Public Schools)
G Akers-Douglas (West Kent)
G Akers-Douglas (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
GA Akers-Douglas (Band of Brothers)
I Akers-Douglas (KRM Carlisle's XI)
IS Akers-Douglas (Free Foresters, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
J Akers-Douglas (Newick)
JM Akers-Douglas (Sussex Martlets)
C Akers Jones (Somerset Juniors)
C Akester (Huntingdonshire Under-15s Women)
S Akhalwaya (RMCC Second XI)
S Akhalwaya (Copsewood West Indian Wanderers)
A Akhar (Old Tiffinians)
A Akhbar (Heaton Mersey)
Akhbar Ahmed (Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s, Warwickshire Under-15s)
Akhbar Hussain (Ruddington)
Akhbar Hussain (Thrumpton Second XI)
M Akhdar (Leeds Caribbeans)
M AkhibAhmed (Pak Shaheen Second XI)
Akhill (Old Victorians)
Akhir (Allens Cross)
Akhlaq (Smethwick)
A Akhlaq (Buckinghamshire Under-17s)
A Akhlaq (Writtle)
A Akhlaq (Little Baddow)
A Akhlaq (Wolverton Town)
A Akhlaq (Bletchley Town)
M Akhlaq (Berkswell)
M Akhlaq (Smethwick, Smethwick Second XI)
M Akhlaq (Knowle Village)
R Akhlaq (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
S Akhlaq (Wolverton Town)
T Akhlaq (William Hulme Grammar School)
T Akhlaq (Ruislip)
Akhlaq Ahmed (Denby, Shelley)
Akhlaq Mir (Old Brentwoods)
T Akhlaqu (Ruislip Second XI)
A Akhlaque (RMCC, RMCC Second XI)
A Akhlaque (Attock Second XI, Attock Third XI)
A Akhlaque (Peugeot)
M Akhlaque (Winchmore Hill)
S Akhlaque (Massey Ferguson)
S Akhlaque (Coventry and North Warwickshire Third XI)
S Akhlaque (RMCC)
Z Akhlaque (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
Z Akhlaque (Massey Ferguson)
Z Akhlaque (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
A Akhmadi (Lambley Village, Lambley Village Second XI)
A Akhmed (Pickwick Post and Mail)
A Akhmed (Lyndworth)
M Akhram (Lowdham Second XI)
S Akhram (Great Horton Second XI)





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