Canada Players (Y)


P Yadav (Scotia Bank)
N Yahya (Royal Bank Stars)
Yarco (Public Schools)
Yardley (Hamilton and District)
E Yardley (St George's Club of Hamilton)
Yarker (Civilians)
Yarker (Kingston)
Yarker (Toronto Cricket Club)
Yarlett (Mount Forrest)
J Yarley (Yorkshire Society)
S Yarro (Public Schools)
Yash (Nova Scotia)
Yasir Khan (Royal Bank Lions)
J Yasseen (umpire)
Yates (Brantford)
Yates (Brantford Over-30s)
Yates (Dufferin Rifles)
Yates (Brantford)
Yates (Work Point Garrison)
Yates (Grimsby)
Yates (King Street Methodist Church)
AR Yates (Brantford)
B Yates (Astrals)
C Yates (Verdun Second XI)
E Yates (Verdun)
E Yates (Sun-Life Insurance Company of Montreal)
E Yates (Montreal Athletic Association B)
G Yates (Manitoba Under-25s)
H Yates (Brantford)
H Yates (WM Small's XI)
HB Yates (Brantford)
HF Yates (Verdun Second XI)
HF Yates (Verdun, Verdun B)
HR Yates (Brantford)
JH Yates (McGill University)
O Yates (Verdun, Verdun B)
O Yates (McGill University, McGill University B)
OS Yates (Mappin and Webb)
P Yates (Verdun Second XI)
R Yates (St George's Club of Hamilton)
D Yathugoda (Canada Women)
Yawar Abbas
Yaxley (St Matthias)
Yaxley (Albion Club of Toronto)
Yaxley (Grace Church)
Yaxley (Church and Mercantile Cricket League)
H Yaxley (Grace Church)
H Yaxley (Grace Church B)
H Yaxley (Albion Club of Toronto)
S Yaxley (Grace Church)
S Yaxley (Albion Club of Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club)
S Yaxley (Yorkshire)
S Yaxley (St Clement's)
S Yaxley (Ontario)
Yeadon (Calgary)
A Yeadon (Alberta)
H Yearwood (Quebec)
Yeattes (Toronto)
WT Yeattes (Toronto Cricket Club B)
Yend (Midland District)
Yeo (Banks and Professions)
Yeo (Rest of Halifax)
Yeoman (Colborne)
HA Yeoman (Oak Bay)
Yeomans (Deseronto)
Yeomans (Orangeville)
Yeomans (Colborne)
CD Yeomans (British Columbia, Cheltenham College)
CD Yeomans (Vancouver)
CD Yeomans (British Columbia Mainland League)
D Yeomans (Vancouver)
F Yeomans (Halifax Wanderers)
T Yeomans (Canada)
Yetman (East Toronto)
Yetman (Grace Church)
Yetman (Old Country)
Yetman (Riverdale)
Yetman (Riverdale B)
Yetman (Old Country Club)
Yetman (Riverdale Second XI)
H Yetman (Kentish Association)
H Yetman (East Toronto)
H Yetman (umpire)
H Yetman (East Toronto)
H Yetman (Parkdale)
H Yetman (Simpson)
H Yetman (Riverdale)
H Yetman (Grace Church)
H Yetman (Broadview)
Yoganand (umpire)
Yonge (Montreal)
York (West Northumberland)
York (Galt)
G York (Cobourg)
JSD York (Victoria)
JWD York (British Columbia, Victoria)
JWD York (Burrards)
JWD York (Vancouver Island)
LSR York (Victoria)
LSV York (Victoria)
LSV York (Victoria)
LSV York (Burrards)
LSV York (Incogniti)
LSV York (Vancouver Island)
LVS York (British Columbia, Canada, Victoria)
LW York (Wanderers)
W York (Vancouver)
W York (Victoria)
Yorke (Galt)
Youens (Riverdale)
Youens (East Toronto)
Youens (Parkdale)
Youens (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Youens (Toronto Plate Glass Company)
Youens (Toronto University)
Youens (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
J Youens (East Toronto, East Toronto Second XI, Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
I Youne (scorer)
Young (Toronto, University of Trinity College)
Young (Toronto)
Young (Galt)
Young (Aurora)
Young (Galt)
Young (Hamilton, Hamilton Second XI)
Young (Napanee)
Young (East Toronto)
Young (Oakville)
Young (Burlington)
Young (Mimico)
Young (London)
Young (Grimsby)
Young (Burlington)
Young (Toronto Church School)
Young (Toronto Junction)
Young (Infantry School)
Young (Montreal Garrison)
Young (County of Simcoe)
Young (EM Watson's XI)
Young (Lakefield College School)
Young (Royal Military College)
Young (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
Young (Burrards)
Young (University of Trinity College)
Young (Trinity College School)
Young (Hamilton and District)
Young (St Andrew's College)
Young (Kappa Delta Lodge)
Young (Rosedale)
Young (St John)
Young (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
Young (Island Aquatic)
Young (Wanderers B)
Young (Wanderers)
Young (Ontario)
Young (Hamilton Second XI)
Young (St John's School of Infantry)
Young (Riverdale)
Young (Lower Canada College Old Boys)
Young (St Cyprian's)
A Young (Bedford Park)
A Young (Rosedale)
B Young (Westmount)
CA Young (Dovercourt)
CS Young (Dovercourt)
CS Young (St Edmund's)
D Young (Bonaventure)
D Young (St John's School of Infantry)
DD Young (Quebec)
ET Young (Mimico)
F Young (Toronto)
F Young (Cowichan)
G Young (Newmarket)
HJ Young (Army and Navy)
HO Young (Lower Canada College, Lower Canada College Juniors)
I Young (scorer)
I Young (St Andrew's College)
J Young (Burlington)
J Young (Paris, Paris Juniors)
J Young (Hamilton Colts)
J Young (St Albans)
JH Young (Belmont, Canada)
JH Young (Victoria)
JI Young (St Andrew's College)
JM Young (Canada, Canada West, Hamilton)
JM Young (Married of Valleyfield)
JT Young (St Andrew's College)
L Young (St Andrew's College)
L Young (St John's Cricket Club of Nova Scotia)
LD Young (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
M Young (St Andrew's College)
MC Young (University of Trinity College)
MCdB Young (Trinity College School)
N Young (St John's Cricket Club of Nova Scotia)
R Young (Winnipeg)
R Young (Burlington)
RD Young (Rosedale)
RD Young (Vancouver)
RD Young (FA Barr's XI)
RS Young (Quebec)
S Young (Bonaventure)
S Young (St Edmund's)
T Young (British Columbia)
T Young (Bedford Park)
T Young (British Columbia)
VS Young (Dovercourt)
W Young (Military Officers of Canada, Province of Canada)
W Young (Toronto)
W Young (Paris)
W Young (Bedford Park)
W Young (Bonaventure)
WH Young (Ontario)
WH Young (Toronto)
A Youngman (Waterloo, Western Ontario)
CG Youngman (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Under-16s)
GC Youngman (Upper Canada College)
J Youngman (Montreal, Waterloo)
LD Young Marshall (Ridley College)
U Yousaf (Hamilton)
M Yousef (George Brown College)
GJ Yoxall (Aurora)
N Yuile (Abingdon School Day Boys)
GHM Yutire (St Marys)
Yvette Singh (Superstars Ladies)





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