Canada Players (V)


R v(a) (St Andrew's College Lower School)
Vail (Hamilton)
AS Vaishnav (Canada Under-15s, Ontario Under-15s)
S Vala (TD Canada Trust)
A Vale (McGill Cricket Club, Montreal, Ontario, Ontario Hospital)
JN Valentine (Canada)
G Valiant (Seaton Village)
Valkberg (University of Trinity College)
v Valkenberg (Forest Club of Ottawa)
Vallance (Highfield School)
A Van (Invicta Next XVI)
van Allan (Chatham, Hamilton)
EH van Allen (Winnipeg)
JR van Allen (Upper Canada College, Western Ontario)
KM van Allen (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Vancarrow (Campbellford)
Vancarrow (Campbellford)
JA Vance (Millbrook)
Vanderbilt (Canada)
Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
Vanderburg (Merritton)
Vanderburg (Lincoln County)
Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
Vanderburg (Welland)
Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
A Vanderburg(a) (Niagara Falls)
C Vanderburg(a) (Niagara Falls)
A Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
FG Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
JF Vanderburg (Niagara Falls)
Vanderburgh (Merritton)
Vanduzer (Grimsby)
van Dyke (East Toronto)
Vandyke (Canadians)
Vandyke (Grimsby)
Vandyke (Grimsby)
A Vandyke (East Toronto, Eastern Ontario, Parkdale)
A Van Dyke (Parkdale)
A Vandyke Tewsmith (East Toronto)
Vango (Strathcona East)
HM Vango (Strathcona East)
B van Homrigh (Millbrook)
R van Homrigh (Millbrook)
Vanhorn (Quinte Club of Picton)
JF van Horn (Bay of Quinté)
van Kaughnet (Toronto)
Vankoughnet (St Albans, St George's Club of Hamilton)
Vankoughnet (St George's Club of Toronto)
Vankoughnet (Bankers of Ontario)
AHS Vankoughnet (Trinity College School, Upper Canada College)
AHS Vankoughnet (Bankers of Ontario, St George's Club of Toronto, Toronto)
van Millingen (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
AH van Straubenzee (Trinity College School)
CC van Straubenzie (Royal Military College)
CJ van Twest (Canada)
Vanvalkenburg (Forest)
van Vankenburg (Forest)
van Velzen (Edmonton)
A Varadarajan (Canada)
D Varbetian (Victoria Park)
L Varbetian (Victoria Park)
N Varbetian (Victoria Park)
A Vardawaj (New Brunswick)
R Varden (Oxford)
R Varden (Whiting)
R Vardoe (Whitney)
Vardon (Trinity College School Masters)
S Vargese (Prince Edward Island)
S Varghese (Prince Edward Island)
EJ Varley (Manitoba)
U Varna (Royals)
RJ Varnold (Whitby)
S Vasantharajen (Southern Ontario Under-16s)
Vasavour (Sawbones)
A Vashi (Mississauga Ramblers Under-17s)
A Vashi (Ontario Reds Under-17s)
A Vashi (Haynes Cup Team D)
R Vashisht (Newfoundland and Labrador)
R Vashist (Newfoundland and Labrador)
A Vasu (University of Concordia)
Vaughan (Broadview)
E Vaughan (Montreal)
J Vaughan (Kentish Association)
J Vaughan (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
JCB Vaughan (Canada)
PH Vaughan (Cowichan)
W Vaughan (Wanderers)
W Vaughan (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Bethune House)
WM Vaughan (Ridley College)
M Vaughn (Vancouver Juniors President's XI)
D Vaux (Aura Lee)
Vavasour (Sawbones)
Vaz (St Andrew's College)
C Vaz (Ontario)
D v Dalton (Peterborough)
Veal (Brussels)
Veal (Lake Lodge School)
Veal (St John)
Veale (Lake Lodge School)
d Veber (Calgary)
N Vediya (JS Woodsworth Senior Public School)
C Veitch (Lindsay)
S Vema (Prince Edward Island)
Venables (Oakwood)
Venables (Burrards)
FC Venables (Toronto)
FG Venables (Gentlemen of Toronto, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club)
FG Venables (Toronto)
FG Venables (Mr Dean's Rosedale XI)
FG Venables (Northern)
FG Venables (Niagara Falls)
FS Venables (Toronto Cricket Club)
FT Venables (Toronto Cricket Club)
GF Venables (Toronto Cricket Club)
K Venkatesh (Confederation College, Thunder Bay)
Vennor (Peterborough)
Verchere (Brantford)
Verchers (Port Elgin)
Verlich (St Andrew's College Lower School)
A Verma (Louise Arbour Secondary School)
A Verma (Southern Ontario Under-17s)
A Verma (Cooksville Warriors Under-19s)
P Verma (New Brunswick)
R Verma (Ontario)
S Verma (Deloitte)
Verner (Riverdale, Riverdale Second XI)
Verner (Riverdale)
Verner (Cosby's XI)
Verner (Lake Lodge School)
d Vernet (St Andrew's College)
Vernon (Canada)
Vernon (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
Vernon (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Vernon (Trinity College School Second XI)
Vernon (Ottawa Valley Cricket League)
Vernon (Shelleys)
Vernon (City of Vancouver)
C Vernon (Victoria)
CE Vernon (Burrards)
F Vernon (Ontario)
HH Vernon (Toronto)
MH Vernon (Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
MH Vernon (Alberta)
FG Verrables (Niagara Falls)
Verrall (Oshawa)
Verrall (Parkdale Juniors)
E Verrall (Incogniti)
E Verrall (Victoria)
D Verrier (Hamilton)
D Verrier (Hamilton and District)
Vesey (Bracebridge)
EA Vesey (Bracebridge)
Vetch (Lindsay)
S Vethanayagam (British Columbia Under-17s)
Vicars (Uxbridge)
Vicars (Ontario)
S Vicars (Great War Veterans Association)
Vicat (Montreal)
Vickers (Toronto Cricket Club)
Vickers (Yorkville)
Vickers (Lambton Mills)
B Vickers (Windsor and District)
C Vickers (Bell Telephone Company)
G Vickers (West Toronto)
H Vickers (Vancouver)
L Vickers (Hamilton and District)
L Vickers (St George's Club of Hamilton)
S Vickers (Vancouver)
S Vickers (Saskatchewan A)
S Vickers (Great War Veterans Association)
WW Vickers (Canada, Canadian I Zingari, Chicago, Gentlemen of Canada, Girard Second XI, Montreal, Ontario, Ontario Association, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
WW Vickers (Upper Canada College Residents)
WW Vickers (Ontario Association)
WW Vickers (City of Toronto)
WW Vickers (Toronto Under-30s)
WW Vickers (H Totten's XI)
WW Vickers (Mr Vicker's Toronto Colts)
L Vickerstaff (Manitoba)
Vickery (Toronto)
HL Vickery (Montreal)
P Victor (Scotia Bank)
Vidal (New Westminster)
Vidal (Burrards)
FH Vidal (Grimsby)
H Vidal (Grimsby)
J Vidal (York Cricket Club Invitation XI)
JH Vidal (Upper Canada College)
N Vidal (Upper Canada College)
NC Vidal (Wanderers)
SC Vidal (Wanderers)
L Vie (Royal Military College B Battery)
J Viera (Bur Oak Secondary School, Markham)
J Vijayakumar (Canadian Invitation XI)
G Vijayan (Nova Scotia)
S Vijayan (Manitoba Under-25s)
A Vijaykumar (Centurions)
Vikram (New Brunswick)
Vinay (New Brunswick)
A Vince (Stratford)
Vincent (Aspdin)
EE Vincent (Calgary)
EE Vincent (Canadians)
T Vincent (Grand Trunk Railway)
HJ Vine (North Vancouver)
SS Vine (North Vancouver)
A Vingle (Central Peel Secondary School)
Vinton (umpire)
N Viplav (Cricket Club of Canada Under-19s)
Virander (Canada B)
A Virdi (British Columbia Under-18s)
R Virk (Scotia Bank)
Vishal (umpire)
K Vishal (Confederation College, Thunder Bay)
J Visser (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
V Vithange (Canada Women)
M Vitty (Surrey)
A Vohra (Ernst and Young, Scotia Bank)
L Voic (Kingston)
Vollmer (St Catharines)
G Vollum (Civics)
Voncus (East Toronto)
Vooght (Upper Canada College Juniors)
RC Vowell (St Andrew's College)





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