Canada Players (T)


J Ta (York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto)
K Tabassum (Royal Bank Lions)
LF Taberner (Winnipeg and District)
T Tabish (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
F Tacklebury (Aurora)
Tadbrook (Galt)
Tadbrook (Twin City)
Taha (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Taha Ahmed (Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School)
K Tahir (Alberta, Western Stallions)
M Tahir (Pacific Edge)
Tait (Canada Under-19s)
Tait (Campbellford)
Tait (Picton)
Tait (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
Tait (Aura Lee)
JWS Tait (British Columbia, Canada)
T Tait (Montreal, Peterborough)
T Tait (Hivites)
TS Tait (Bay of Quinté)
F Taj (Cosmos)
Tajuddin Khan (Western Ontario Under-16s)
H Talal (Northern Ontario Under-17s)
H Talal (Ontario Reds Under-17s)
Talbot (Lambton Mills)
ER Talbot (Wingham Board of Education)
N Talbot (West Toronto)
N Talbot (Lambton Mills)
N Talpawala (TD Canada Trust)
D Talwar (Nova Scotia)
D Talwar (Nova Scotia)
J Tamaki (scorer)
Tamblyn (Colborne)
Tamplett (Peterborough)
Tangman (Dundas)
M Tangney (Bobcaygeon)
Tank (Galt)
Tanner (Pickering)
Tanner (Lakefield Rovers)
C Tanner (Lakefield Rovers)
U Tanwir (Deloitte)
A Taploo (Canada Under-19s, Ontario Greens Under-17s)
J Tarbutt (McMaster's XI)
JA Tarbutt (Parkdale)
JA Tarbutt (Beaverwicks)
JA Tarbutt (Mr Heward's XI of Toronto)
JA Tarbutt (AR McMaster and Brothers)
Targe (St Stephen)
F Targett (umpire)
Tariq (Manitoba and Saskatchewan Under-17s)
J Tariq (Deloitte)
O Tariq (University of Waterloo)
S Tariq (Ernst and Young)
Tariq Javed (Canada, Karachi Education Board, Karachi University, Karachi Whites)
Tark (Galt)
A Tassaduk (Trivision-Imperial)
Tassle (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Tate (Campbellford)
Tate (Bell Telephone Company)
Tate (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
D Tate (Vancouver Under-13s)
I Tate (Canada Under-19s, Vancouver Under-13s)
J Tate (Dentonia Park)
JA Tate (Bell Telephone Company)
R Tate (Manitoba)
S Tate (Aura Lee)
W Tate (Victoria)
WR Tate (Manitoba)
JW Tatem (Upper Canada College)
V Tathe (Canada)
JG Tatlow (Royal Military College)
Tatnill (Bracebridge)
Tattersall (Ottawa Valley)
W Tattersall (umpire)
E Tatton (St Chad's)
Taunt (Deer Park)
Taylor (Military Officers of Canada)
Taylor (Toronto Cricket Club)
Taylor (Watford)
Taylor (Riverdale)
Taylor (South West Ontario)
Taylor (Incogniti)
Taylor (St Catharines)
Taylor (Hamilton)
Taylor (Toronto Bankers)
Taylor (Aylmer)
Taylor (The Garrison)
Taylor (Montreal Athletic Association)
Taylor (Riverdale Second XI)
Taylor (Aurora)
Taylor (Mimico)
Taylor (Toronto Wanderers)
Taylor (C Company)
Taylor (Ottawa)
Taylor (Dundas)
Taylor (East Toronto)
Taylor (Parliament Street)
Taylor (Riverdale Second XI)
Taylor (Scarborough)
Taylor (New Fort)
Taylor (Chesley)
Taylor (St Andrew's College)
Taylor (Hamilton)
Taylor (Lakefield Rovers)
Taylor (Trinity College School Second XI)
Taylor (Nanaimo)
Taylor (Halifax Garrison)
Taylor (Trinity College School)
Taylor (St Andrew's College Under-16s)
Taylor (Ottawa Valley)
Taylor (Albion Club of Toronto)
Taylor (Trinity College School Third XI, Trinity College School Under-16s)
Taylor (United Services)
Taylor (Hillfield School)
Taylor (St Andrew's College Second XI)
Taylor (St Andrew's College Lower School)
Taylor (Trinity College School Second XI)
Taylor (Denman)
Taylor (Burrards)
Taylor (Evangelica)
Taylor (Old Country Club)
Taylor (St Barnabas)
A Taylor (Toronto Juniors)
A Taylor (Parliament Street)
A Taylor (Hamilton)
A Taylor (St James)
ABB Taylor (Montreal)
AC Taylor (Montreal)
AG Taylor (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
AG Taylor (Ottawa Valley Cricket League)
C Taylor (Montreal)
C Taylor (United Services)
C Taylor (Halifax)
C Taylor (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Juniors, St Andrew's College Old Boys)
CW Taylor (Halifax, Halifax Wanderers)
DW Taylor (Cowichan)
F Taylor (Canada West, Toronto, Upper Canada College)
FAW Taylor (Halifax, Halifax Wanderers, Ottawa)
FD Taylor (Dundas)
FE Taylor (Oakville)
G Taylor (Quebec)
G Taylor (Vancouver Over-40s)
G Taylor (Scarborough)
G Taylor (Sutton)
G Taylor (HE Clark and Company)
GA Taylor (Victoria)
GB Taylor (Ottawa)
GW Taylor (Cathedral Institute)
H Taylor (Trinity College School)
H Taylor (Peterborough Second XI)
H Taylor (Denman)
HC Taylor (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
HN Taylor (St Catharines)
I Taylor (Manitoba)
J Taylor (Canada Under-19s)
J Taylor (Albion Club of Toronto)
J Taylor (British Columbia Mainland League President's XI)
J Taylor (St George's Club of Toronto)
J Taylor (Sons of England)
J Taylor (St Andrew's College)
J Taylor (St James)
JC Taylor (Trinity College School)
JS Taylor (Trinity College School)
JW Taylor (McGill University Second XI)
JW Taylor (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
L Taylor (Paris Juniors)
LG Taylor (Army and Navy)
MM Taylor (Canada, Eastern Canada, Ontario, The Forty Club of Canada, Toronto Cricket Club)
N Taylor (Northern)
PB Taylor (Ottawa)
R Taylor (Westmount)
R Taylor (Thamesville)
R Taylor (Kentish Association)
S Taylor (Calgary)
S Taylor (Toronto Juniors)
S Taylor (Sons of England)
S Taylor (Chatham)
T Taylor (Albion)
TL Taylor (Toronto)
TL Taylor (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Brent House, Trinity College School Brent House Bigside)
TL Taylor (St Andrew's College)
VK Taylor (Canada, Canadian Cricket Association Colts, Finchley, Ontario, St Lawrence Valley, Toronto Cricket Club)
W Taylor (Parliament Street)
W Taylor (Dundas)
Teague (Military)
Teague (Ridley College)
DF Teague (St Catharines)
DF Teague (Ridley College)
DF Teague (Ridley College Old Boys)
J Teague (Nanaimo)
Teal (St James Cathedral)
N Tearney (Canada Cutlery Company)
Teck (Aura Lee)
Telfer (Watford)
Telfer (St George's Club of Hamilton)
Telfer (Galt)
Telfer (St George's Club of Toronto)
JA Telfer (Mimico)
JH Telfer (Mimico)
JH Telfer (Bankers of Ontario)
JH Telfer (St George's Club of Toronto)
T Telfer (Ajax Cricket Club)
Telford (Durham)
Telford (Owen Sound)
J Telford (Meaford)
T Telford (Galt)
Tellatt (Peterborough)
AJR Tellick (Burrards)
Tempest (Port Hope)
D Tempest (Port Hope)
F Tempest (Montreal)
Temple (Brantford)
Temple (Paris)
Temple (Toronto Cricket Club Second XI)
Temple (Toronto)
Temple (Bankers of Ontario)
Temple (St Andrew's College Lower School)
GC Temple (Toronto)
WG Templer (Kincardine)
Templeton (Essex County)
C Templeton (Eaton's)
H Templeton (St Chad's)
J Templeton (Amherstburg)
J Templeton (St Chad's)
T Templeton (Eaton's)
W Templeton (A Wakefield's XI)
WT Templeton (St Chad's)
Terbayne (Gordon Mackay and Company)
Terrie (Highfield School)
Terry (Rosedale)
Terry (Toronto Zingari)
Terry (Toronto Cricket Club)
Terry (St Andrew's College Lower School)
E Terry (Toronto Cricket Club)
FW Terry (Montreal)
FW Terry (All Toronto)
FW Terry (Mimico Asylum)
FW Terry (All Toronto)
RF Terry (London Asylum)
WT Terry (Ontario Association)
HR Terryn (Toronto Junction)
A Tetu (Canada)
F Tetu (Montreal)
Teviotdale (Single of Bracebridge)
J Teviotdale (Single of Bracebridge)
H Tewari (Vancouver)
S Tewari (Hamilton)
A Tewsmith (Toronto)
H Tewsmith (Toronto)
A Texiera (Ontario)
A Thackray (Yorkshire White Rose)
WS Thain (Moose Jaw)
HT Thaker (Canada Under-17s, Canada Under-19s, Ontario Greens Under-17s, Qasra Cricket Academy Under-15s, Qasra Cricket Academy Under-19s)
N Thandi (Alberta Under-19s)
D Thaper (Canada Under-15s)
S Thapliyal (Alberta)
Z Tharani (Scotia Bank)
R Thatcher (Single of Valleyfield)
Thauborn (Brampton)
Thauborn (Toronto Cricket Club)
Thauburn (Brampton)
G Thayer (Sutton)
A Thell (Waterloo)
A Theobald (Saskatchewan B)
A Theobald (Wanderers)
G Theobald (Pacific)
G Theobald (Pacific)
JJ Theobald (Pacific)
JJ Theobald (Pacific)
JT Theobald (Pacific)
T Theobald (Wanderers)
G Theodore (Manitoba)
GA Thetford (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
Thibado (Berlin)
J Thibault (Canada Cutlery Company)
Thom (Brockton Point)
Thom (Winnipeg)
G Thom (Vancouver Old Boys)
G Thom (Rest of Victoria Cricket Week)
G Thom (Brockton Point, Brockton Point A)
TCS Thom (Ontario)
Thomas (Canada West, Upper Canada College)
Thomas (Yorkton)
Thomas (Edmonton)
Thomas (Ottawa)
Thomas (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Thomas (Work Point Garrison)
Thomas (Quebec)
Thomas (Work Point Garrison)
Thomas (Victoria)
Thomas (Brantford)
Thomas (umpire)
Thomas (Quinte Club of Picton)
Thomas (Rosedale)
Thomas (Victoria)
Thomas (Guelph Bankers)
Thomas (Lakefield Rovers)
Thomas (Public Schools)
Thomas (Brockton Point)
Thomas (University of Trinity College)
Thomas (Hamilton)
Thomas (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Thomas (London Cricket Club)
Thomas (Appleby School)
Thomas (International Securities)
A Thomas (Public Schools)
A Thomas (Ontario)
A Thomas (Prince Edward Island)
AF Thomas (Incogniti)
B Thomas (Eastern Canada, Quebec)
C Thomas (Saanich and Strawberry Vale)
CEH Thomas (St Catharines)
CEH Thomas (Toronto Cricket Club)
D Thomas (Quebec)
D Thomas (Yorkshire)
D Thomas (White Rose A)
DA Thomas (Canada Under-19s)
DA Thomas (Wanderers)
F Thomas (Grand Trunk Railway)
F Thomas (Halifax Wanderers)
F Thomas (St Albans, St Albans Second XI)
G Thomas (Brockton Point)
G Thomas (St David's)
GC Thomas (Rosedale)
H Thomas (Welland)
HD Thomas (Hamilton)
HE Thomas (Work Point Garrison)
HT Thomas (Hamilton)
I Thomas (umpire)
J Thomas (Rosedale)
J Thomas (Lynn Valley)
J Thomas (St David's)
JL Thomas (Peterborough, St John)
JU Thomas (St John)
LE Thomas (Brockton Point)
LH Thomas (Public Schools)
LH Thomas (Burrards)
LR Thomas (Brockton Point, Brockton Point A)
LR Thomas (Vancouver Old Boys)
LR Thomas (Vancouver)
M Thomas (Ottawa)
P Thomas (Public Schools)
R Thomas (Manitoba)
R Thomas (Brockton Point)
SB Thomas (McGill University)
W Thomas (Belleville)
W Thomas (Welland)
W Thomas (St Jude's)
W Thomas (Manitoba Government Telephones)
A Thomas Abraham (Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Mississauga)
Thomason (United Colleges)
EH Thomason (Montreal)
J Thomasos (Alberta)
Thompson (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Juniors, Upper Canada College Under-16s)
Thompson (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
Thompson (St George's Club of Montreal)
Thompson (Grand Trunk Railway)
Thompson (West Toronto)
Thompson (Canadian and Pacific Railroad)
Thompson (Chatham)
Thompson (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Thompson (Strathroy)
Thompson (Strathroy)
Thompson (Riverdale)
Thompson (Riverdale)
Thompson (Galt)
Thompson (Ben Lomond)
Thompson (Rosedale)
Thompson (Surrey)
Thompson (Toronto)
Thompson (Merritton)
Thompson (Orillia)
Thompson (Toronto University)
Thompson (Parkdale)
Thompson (University of Trinity College)
Thompson (City Hall)
Thompson (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Thompson (Islington)
Thompson (Waubausene)
Thompson (St Matthias)
Thompson (Norway)
Thompson (East Toronto)
Thompson (Canadian Pacific Railway)
Thompson (McMaster's XI)
Thompson (St Luke)
Thompson (Royal Military College B Battery)
Thompson (Bracebridge)
Thompson (Shelburne)
Thompson (Collegiate Institute Second XI)
Thompson (Great War Veterans Association)
Thompson (Edmonton Wanderers)
Thompson (St Andrew's College)
Thompson (Westville)
Thompson (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Thompson (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Preparatory)
Thompson (Highfield School)
Thompson (St Catharine's Bankers)
Thompson (St Cyprian's)
Thompson (St Andrew's College Juniors, St Andrew's College Preparatory)
Thompson (Alpha Delta)
Thompson (Upper Canada College)
Thompson (Stellarton)
Thompson (Trinity College School Under-16s)
Thompson (Trinity College School Juniors)
Thompson (Trinity College School Bigside Lower Flat)
Thompson (Eaton's)
A Thompson (St John)
AA Thompson (Sawbones, St John, Toronto University)
AB Thompson (Upper Canada College)
AR Thompson (Upper Canada College)
B Thompson (Saskatchewan)
C Thompson (Western Canada)
C Thompson (Collegiate Institute)
C Thompson (London)
D Thompson (Canada Under-19s)
D Thompson (Gentlemen of Toronto)
D Thompson (Oxford)
D Thompson (Ridley College Second XI, Ridley College Third XI)
DS Thompson (Upper Canada College)
E Thompson (Guelph)
E Thompson (London Asylum)
EA Thompson (Burrards)
EH Thompson (McGill Cricket Club, Montreal, Montreal Athletic Association)
EH Thompson (Quebec)
ES Thompson (St Andrew's College)
FA Thompson (Burrards)
FH Thompson (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
GA Thompson (Ogilvy and Company)
GW Thompson (Burrards)
H Thompson (Rosedale Seniors)
H Thompson (St Matthias)
H Thompson (Scarborough)
H Thompson (Morse Place)
J Thompson (Riverdale)
J Thompson (Surrey)
J Thompson (Parkdale Colts)
J Thompson (Springhill)
J Thompson (Marlborough)
J Thompson (Lansdowne Juniors)
J Thompson (Western Canada)
J Thompson (Oxford)
J Thompson (St Andrew's College)
John Thompson (Port Elgin)
Joseph Thompson (Port Elgin)
JC Thompson (Parkdale Colts)
JDS Thompson (Trinity College School)
JE Thompson (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, Oxford)
JE Thompson (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Second XI)
JSD Thompson (Trinity College School)
JT Thompson (Parkdale Colts)
R Thompson (Ashbury College)
R Thompson (Paris, Paris Juniors)
S Thompson (Chatham)
S Thompson (Great War Veterans Association)
SA Thompson (Burrards)
T Thompson (Dominions Commons)
T Thompson (Ridley College Old Boys)
W Thompson (Canada, Guelph)
W Thompson (Upper Canada College)
W Thompson (Woodstock)
W Thompson (East Toronto, Rosedale, Rosedale Seniors)
W Thompson (Pickwick Club of London)
W Thompson (Oxford)
W Thompson (Scarborough)
W Thompson (Western Canada)
WJ Thompson (Invicta)
WK Thompson (Halifax Wanderers)
WL Thompson (Riverdale)
WS Thompson (Alpha Delta)
WW Thompson (Riverdale)
Thomson (Ottawa)
Thomson (West Toronto)
Thomson (Upper Canada College)
Thomson (Riverdale)
Thomson (Parkdale Colts)
Thomson (Married of Bracebridge)
Thomson (Uxbridge)
Thomson (Rosedale)
Thomson (Bracebridge)
Thomson (Beaumaris)
Thomson (Canadian Pacific Railway)
Thomson (Burrards)
Thomson (Eaton's)
C Thomson (Orville)
C Thomson (Lansdowne)
CA Thomson (Burrards)
DL Thomson (East Toronto, Riverdale)
DS Thomson (Riverdale)
FH Thomson (Winnipeg)
H Thomson (Oxford)
J Thomson (Orville)
J Thomson (Riverdale)
J Thomson (Lansdowne)
John Thomson (Port Elgin)
Joseph Thomson (Port Elgin)
RD Thomson (Alberta, Edmonton)
T Thomson (Port Elgin)
W Thomson (Oxford)
W Thomson (Orville)
W Thomson (Riverdale, Riverdale Second XI)
W Thomson (Lansdowne)
W Thomson (Lansdowne Juniors)
WB Thomson (Orillia)
J Thong (Saskatchewan)
Thorburn (Brampton)
Thorburn (Galt)
JD Thorburn (Sawbones, Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
JD Thorburn (Upper Canada College Old Boys)
YD Thorburn (Toronto University)
Thorley (St Andrew's College Second XI)
Thorn (Watford)
Thorn (Trinity College School)
R Thorn (Canadian Cricket Association Independent Schools All Star XI)
T Thorn (Toronto Junction)
WL Thorn (Three Rivers)
Thornburn (Toronto)
Thornburn (Brampton)
C Thornby (Milton West End)
Thorne (British Columbia Colts)
Thorne (West Toronto)
Thorne (Toronto Junction)
Thorne (West Toronto Junction)
Thorne (Old Country)
Thorne (Ontario Accident)
AH Thorne (St Albans)
AH Thorne (Eaton's)
AH Thorne (Rest of Canada)
AH Thorne (Grace Church)
R Thorne (Eaton's)
WRP Thorne (Ottawa Valley)
WH Thornhill (Trinity)
Thornley (Canada Cutlery Company)
C Thornley (Milton West End)
Thornton (Uxbridge)
Thornton (Toronto Bankers)
Thornton (Toronto)
Thornton (Wanderers)
H Thornton (Uxbridge)
W Thornton (Bankers of Ontario)
WO Thornton (Toronto Bankers)
WO Thornton (Beaverwicks)
Thorp (Great War Veterans Association)
Thorpe (Government House)
Thorpe (Rosedale)
Thorpe (Peterborough)
J Thorpe (Lowell)
J Thorpe (Government House)
PN Thorpe (Manitoba)
RS Thorpe (Montreal)
Threadgold (Brampton)
Threckeld (Toronto Cricket Club)
S Thuraisingam (Canada)
S Thuraisingham (Centurions)
S Thuraisingham (Ontario B)
Thurles (All-Comers)
G Thurling (London Asylum)
J Thurling (London Asylum)
AJ Thurston (Parkdale)
Thyne (Vancouver)
S Tibbets (Shelleys)
Tichbourne (Albion Club of Hamilton)
Tidy (St Andrew's College)
Tidy (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
PC Tidy (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
PC Tidy (Ridley College Old Boys)
PC Tidy (Toronto)
TJA Tiedemann (Pacific)
Tierney (Canada Cutlery Company)
Tiffin (Single of Norway)
WR Tiffin (Listowel)
AE Tiger (New Westminster)
G Tilden (Ridley College Third XI)
Till (East Toronto)
Till (Parkdale)
Till (Ontario County)
AW Till (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, East Toronto Second XI)
G Till (Vancouver)
Tilley (Bishop Ridley College)
Tillitson (Albion Club of Toronto)
O Tillman (Stayner)
Tillotson (St Barnabas)
LA Tilly (Hittites)
Tilson (Old Country)
Tilson (Parkdale)
CHE Tilston (Lower Canada)
W Tilston (St Clement's)
W Tilston (Parkdale)
Timble (umpire)
Timbury (Wanderers)
J Timewell (Manitoba)
JA Timewell (Americans)
C Timm (Invicta)
PJ Timmins (Calgary)
Timms (Alberta)
A Timms (Invicta)
PJ Timms (Calgary)
R Timms (Burrards)
GR Timothy (Halifax, Halifax Garrison, Halifax Independent)
C Timson (Invicta Next XVI)
G Timson (Invicta)
J Tindale (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
Tingman (New Fort)
Tingman (C Company)
Tingman (The Garrison, Toronto Garrison)
J Tingman (Royal Military Infantry School)
Tinhue (Aurora)
P Tinker (Yorkton)
Tinline (Aurora)
Tinling (Hamilton Juniors)
Tinling (Highfield School)
G Tinling (Hamilton)
Tins (Bishop Ridley College)
K Tinto (Canada Under-19s)
J Tinune (Aurora Club Second XI)
Tiplady (62nd Regiment)
Tiplin (Edmonton Wanderers)
WJ Tiplin (Edmonton)
LJ Tipling (Edmonton Wanderers)
A Tipnis (Central Shield)
Tippet (Old Country Club)
GLM Tippet (City of London School, Montreal)
RH Tippet (Trinity College School Juniors)
Tippett (University of Trinity College)
RS Tippett (Trinity College School Masters)
E Tippey (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
J Tiranayake (Team Sherriff)
Tiscombe (Canadian and Pacific Railroad)
Tisdale (Hamilton)
Tisdale (County of Simcoe)
Tisdall (Upper Canada College Second XI)
AGH Tisdall (Cowichan, Victoria)
Tisdell (Port Hope)
S Tittlemier (Canada Women)
A Tiwari (Scotia Bank)
V Tiwari (University of Victoria)
Tj (Quebec)
Tobey (Evangelica)
Tobias (Victoria Athletic Club of Hamilton)
Tobias (Albion Club of Hamilton)
Tobias (County of Simcoe)
Tobin (Welland)
Tobin (Upper Canada College Under-16s)
TF Tobin (Halifax Wanderers)
Toby (Evangelica)
Tod (Toronto Bankers)
Todd (Anglo-Canadians)
Todd (New Fort)
Todd (Upper Canada College Juniors)
Todd (C Company)
Todd (The Garrison, Toronto Garrison)
Todd (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Todd (Upper Canada College Second XI)
C Todd (Canada East)
SP Todd (Guelph)
T Todd (Belleville, Officers of the 43rd and 8th Regiments)
Toland (Lowell)
J Tolmie (Dominions Commons)
B Tom (Prince Edward Island)
HA Tomalin (Victoria)
Tomblin (London Cricket Club)
GF Tomblin (umpire)
Tombroke (The Garrison)
Tomenson (Upper Canada College Preparatory)
DJ Tomkins (North Vancouver)
WH Tomkins (Calgary)
WJ Tomkins (North Vancouver)
Tomlinson (St Barnabas)
B Tomlinson (St James)
W Tomlinson (St James)
W Tomlinson (Albion Club of Toronto)
Tompkins (Canadian Pacific Railway)
A Tompkins (Canadian Pacific Railway)
WJ Tompkins (North Vancouver)
Tonks (Grace Church)
JCD Tonks (Winnipeg St George's)
JD Tonks (Winnipeg St George's)
JED Tonks (Winnipeg St George's)
Tony (Quebec)
Toogood (Orillia)
W Tooker (Picton)
W Toole (Osborne)
AM Toomey (Ottawa)
C Toor (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
S Toor (British Columbia Under-17s)
Topham (Rosedale)
Topliss (Guelph)
B Topp (Bracebridge)
CHB Topp (Single of Bracebridge)
E Topp (Bracebridge)
F Topp (Bracebridge)
JWB Topp (Bracebridge)
RW Topp (Bracebridge)
Toppin (Ben Lomond)
AH Toppin (St James)
J Topping (St Stephen)
Torin (Belleville)
Torney (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
F Torrance (Montreal)
HP Torrance (Upper Canada College)
R Torrance (Brockville)
WF Torrance (Montreal)
CA Torrens (Quebec)
Tossell (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Tossell (Deer Park)
Tossell (East Toronto)
F Tossell (Simpson)
Tossil (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Tossill (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Tothill (Orillia)
RH Tothill (Barrie)
Totten (Hamilton)
Totten (Sawbones)
Totten (Paris)
Totten (Toronto Social Club)
Totten (Toronto)
Totten (Toronto Cricket Club Canada)
A Totten (Toronto)
H Totten (Canada, Canada West, Hamilton, Ontario, Ontario Association, Paris, Toronto, Western Ontario)
H Totten (Toronto Over-30s)
H Totten (Paris)
H Totten (H Totten's XI)
H Totten (Mr Heward's XI of Toronto)
W Totten (Hamilton, Paris)
Tottenham (Meaford)
J Touchman (East Toronto)
J Tourish (Albion Club of Toronto)
F Touseef (New Brunswick)
Tovell (St Andrew's College)
WM Tovell (Eastern Canadian Schools)
WM Towell (Grace Church)
Towers (City of Vancouver)
F Townall (Peterborough Second XI)
C Townley (Pacific)
C Townley (Pacific)
TO Townley (Newmarket, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College, Winnipeg)
Townsend (Toronto)
Townsend (Toronto Social Club)
Townsend (Toronto Cricket Club England)
Townsend (Toronto)
Townsend (Army and Navy)
Townsend (Hamilton)
Townsend (St Edmund's)
Townsend (St Matthias)
A Townsend (Parkdale)
A Townsend (Maple Leaf of Seaton)
A Townsend (St Vital)
AC Townsend (Montreal, Staten Island Cricket Club, Toronto)
G Townsend (Parkdale)
J Townsend (Parkdale)
J Townsend (East Toronto)
J Townsend (Eaton's)
R Townsend (St Edmund's)
S Townsend (Parkdale)
W Townsend (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
W Townsend (Toronto Over-30s)
W Townsend (St George's Club of Toronto)
W Townshend (Montreal Garrison Knickerbockers)
Toy (Regina)
Tracey (Niagara Falls)
Tracey (Newmarket and Aurora)
A Tracey (Aurora)
AG Tracey (Incogniti)
Tracy (Burlington)
A Tracy (Aurora)
AG Tracy (Incogniti)
Traherne (Grimsby)
Trainer (Upper Canada College Second XI, Upper Canada College Third XI)
S Trainer (Rosedale)
Traplin (Lambton Mills)
W Trapnell (Victoria Park)
Trask (Assiniboia)
Travers (Canadian I Zingari)
Travers (Berlin)
Travers (Galt)
Travers (Toronto Cricket Club Second XI)
Travers (Owen Sound)
G Travers (Toronto)
HB Travers (Bankers of Ontario)
HB Travers (Toronto)
HB Travers (Canadian I Zingari)
PO Travers (Montreal and District Cricket League)
Treadgold (Brampton)
Treen (East Toronto)
F Treen (West Toronto)
F Treen (Rowan)
F Treen (Lansdowne)
F Treen (Whiting)
F Treen (Western Canada)
FC Treen (East Toronto, West Toronto)
FS Treen (East Toronto, West Toronto)
J Treen (Whiting)
J Treen (Western Canada)
JW Treen (East Toronto, West Toronto)
L Treen (Western Canada)
R Treen (West Toronto)
T Treen (Whitney)
T Treen (Whiting)
T Treen (Western Canada)
TC Treen (West Toronto)
W Treen (West Toronto)
Tregear (St Cyprian's)
S Tregear (Parkdale)
Tregilius (Nelson)
Tregilius (New Westminster)
J Treivin (Sutton)
AS Treloar (Chicago, Gentlemen of Canada, Mound City, Peninsular Cricket Club)
Tremain (Ashbury College)
Tremaine (United Eleven)
Tremaine (Sarnia)
Tremaine (Royal Military College)
Tremayne (Lambton Mills)
Tremayne (St George's Club of Toronto)
E Tremayne (Mimico)
HE Tremayne (Mimico)
HO Tremayne (Lambton Mills, Mimico, Toronto Junction, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
HO Tremayne (Toronto)
HO Tremayne (St George's Club of Toronto)
J Tremble (Montreal)
Trench (Halifax Garrison)
JT Trench (Ridley College Old Boys)
SP Trench (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys, Ridley College Second XI)
Trenholme (Trinity College School Brent House, Trinity College School Fourth XI, Trinity College School Third XI)
Trent (Vancouver)
Trenton (Rowan)
Tresham (Hamilton)
FL Trethewy (Ridley College Old Boys)
T Trevanon (Windsor)
Trevilick (Canada Cutlery Company)
J Trevise (Chiefs)
Trevithick (Canada Cutlery Company)
W Trewitt (White Rose B)
Tribe (Cobourg)
H Trim (Bell Telephone Company)
C Trimble (Napanee)
C Trimble (Napanee and District)
T Trimble (Chambly, Montreal, Royal Victoria Rifles, West End Club)
LB Trimen (Albion)
LB Trimen (Victoria)
AS Trimmer (Ridley College Old Boys)
AS Trimmer (Ridley College)
CE Trimmer (Winnipeg)
CE Trimmer (Winnipeg St George's)
CH Trimmer (Winnipeg)
E Trimmer (Winnipeg Cricket Association)
JS Trimmer (Ridley College Second XI)
J Trivedi (Ernst and Young)
S Trivedi (Alberta Under-17s, Alberta Under-19s)
S Trivett (Fort MacLeod)
A Trotman (Ontario)
O Trotman (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Trotter (Toronto University)
Trotter (Galt)
Trotter (Paris)
Trotter (City Hall)
Trotter (London)
Trotter (Parkdale Colts)
Trotter (St John's School of Infantry)
Trotter (Galt Agricultural College)
SF Trotter (Winnipeg, Winnipeg B)
SF Trotter (Canada)
W Trotter (Galt)
WH Trotter (Toronto University)
Troughton (Toronto Plate Glass Company)
Trouming (Toronto Colts)
Trouming (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Trounce (Moose Jaw)
FW Trousdell (Canada, Port Hope, Whitby)
Trovell (St Andrew's College)
Trow (Trinity College School Under-16s)
Trower (Pointe St Charles)
DF Trowse (South Australia)
CH Truax (Trinity College School Bethune House, Trinity College School Third XI, Trinity College School Under-16s)
Truck (Brockton Point)
T Trueman (Midland District)
Truman (Midland District)
Trumant (University of Trinity College)
Trumbull (St John)
Trump (Canada Cutlery Company)
J Truong (York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto)
Try (umpire)
Tub (Northern Toronto)
Tubbs (Hamilton)
Tubby (Goulding and Company)
Tuch (Hamilton)
J Tuchman (East Toronto)
Tuck (Orangeville)
Tuck (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Tuck (Aura Lee)
Tuck (Island Aquatic)
G Tuck (Ontario)
H Tuck (Orangeville)
H Tuck (Riverdale)
WS Tuck (Upper Canada College)
Tucker (Grace Church)
Tucker (C Company)
Tucker (Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Tucker (Uxbridge)
Tucker (Merritton)
Tucker (Trinity College School)
Tucker (Victoria)
Tucker (Upper Canada College)
Tucker (Niagara Falls)
Tucker (United Services)
Tucker (Denman)
Tucker (The Garrison)
AJ Tucker (Toronto, Winnipeg)
B Tucker (Upper Canada College)
C Tucker (Sunderland)
C Tucker (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
EJ Tucker (St David's)
EJ Tucker (St James)
EJ Tucker (Grace Church)
ERH Tucker (Western Ontario)
FJ Tucker (St David's)
GS Tucker (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
HJ Tucker (Hamilton, Ontario, Rosedale, St Albans, Toronto)
HJ Tucker (Trinity College School Past and Present)
HR Tucker (Hamilton and District)
HR Tucker (Ridley College)
HR Tucker (Ridley College Old Boys)
HR Tucker (Rosedale)
HS Tucker (Trinity College School Old Boys)
HW Tucker (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys, Toronto Cricket Club)
JR Tucker (Trinity College School)
LJR Tucker (Trinity College School)
T Tucker (Rosedale)
W Tucker (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts)
W Tucker (Rosedale)
WA Tucker (Congregationals)
WA Tucker (Five Cs)
WA Tucker (Burrards)
WE Tucker (Congregationals)
WH Tucker (Ridley College)
WH Tucker (Burrards)
WR Tucker (Wanderers)
G Tuckett (Ridley College Old Boys)
Tuckman (Rosedale)
Tuckman (East Toronto)
J Tuckman (East Toronto)
Tudball (Yorkshire)
Tudball (St Andrew's College Masters)
RJ Tudball (Trinity)
R Tudhall (Trinity)
A Tudhope (Wanderers)
Tudor (Toronto Cricket Club)
C Tufts (Welland)
Tugwell (St Andrew's College Second XI)
R Tulford (Waterloo)
Tulley (Hillfield School)
Tullidge (Vancouver)
Tulloch (Canada)
KE Tulloch (Calgary)
G Tullock (umpire)
Tunbridge (St Cyprian's)
C Tunbridge (Garrett)
E Tunbridge (Oakville)
F Tunbridge (Garrett)
G Tunbridge (Oakville, St Matthias)
G Tunbridge (Garrett)
G Tunbridge (Albion Club of Toronto)
L Tunbridge (Garrett)
S Tunbridge (Garrett)
T Tunbridge (Parkdale)
T Tunbridge (Garrett)
T Tunbridge (Dovercourt)
P Tundell (Waterloo)
M Tung (Bank of Montreal, Loblaw)
R Tung-Shun (New Brunswick)
R Tung-shun (New Brunswick)
CC Tunnard (Albion)
CT Tunnard (Incogniti)
Tunnicliffe (St Vital)
P Tupal (Loblaw)
CH Tupper (Members of Parliament)
Turbayne (East Toronto)
Turbayne (Canadians)
C Turbayne (East Toronto)
E Turbayne (East Toronto)
MJ Turik (Canada Women)
JS Turkington (Great War Veterans Association)
AR Turnball (Ridley College)
B Turnball (Riverdale)
Turnbull (Gordon Mackay and Company)
Turnbull (Peterborough)
Turnbull (Victoria Juniors)
Turnbull (Galt Agricultural College)
Turnbull (Berlin)
Turnbull (Trinity College School Second XI)
Turnbull (Gordon Mackay and Company)
Turnbull (St Andrew's College)
Turnbull (St Andrew's College)
Turnbull (Rosedale)
Turnbull (St John)
Turnbull (Eaton's)
AR Turnbull (Ridley College)
E Turnbull (Riverdale)
G Turnbull (Kentish Association)
J Turnbull (Clinton, Galt, Parkdale, Pickering)
J Turnbull (Gordon Mackay and Company)
JH Turnbull (Trinity College School)
JP Turnbull (Peterborough Second XI)
RG Turnbull (Manitoba, Royal Society of St George, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Junior, Winnipeg St George's)
S Turnbull (Kentish Association)
W Turnbull (Manitoba Cricket Association, Winnipeg St George's)
W Turnbull (Canadian Pacific Railway)
WR Turnbull (St John)
WT Turnbull (Trinity College School Juniors)
WT Turnbull (St Andrew's College)
Turner (Bracondale)
Turner (Sarnia)
Turner (Albion Club of Hamilton)
Turner (McGill and Royal Victoria Rifles)
Turner (McGill University)
Turner (Canada Cutlery Company)
Turner (Owen Sound)
Turner (Newmarket)
Turner (Barrie)
Turner (The Garrison)
Turner (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Turner (Highfield School)
Turner (St Alban's School Third XI)
Turner (Trinity College School)
Turner (Trinity College School Second XI)
Turner (United Services)
Turner (Halifax Garrison)
Turner (Trinity College School Bigside Upper Flat)
Turner (Hamilton)
Turner (Wood Green)
Turner(a) (Halifax Garrison)
A Turner (Invicta Next XVI)
AD Turner (St Chad's)
B Turner (West End Club)
C Turner (Trinity College School)
C Turner (Eaton's)
C Turner (umpire)
CJS Turner (Trinity College School Juniors)
EJ Turner (Manitoba)
F Turner (Hamilton and District, West St Catharines)
F Turner (Invicta)
G Turner (McGill University, Montreal, Royal Victoria Rifles)
G Turner (Halifax, Halifax Garrison)
GH Turner (Hamilton)
GH Turner (Toronto Under-30s)
GH Turner (Toronto)
GS Turner (St Catharines)
HR Turner (Trinity College School)
JJ Turner (Trinity College School)
Turpin (Trinity College School Bethune House, Trinity College School Fourth XI)
Turquand (Appleby College)
S Turrell (Vancouver Under-13s)
Turton (Quebec)
Turton (Ottawa)
Turton (NH Steele's XI)
Turton (Ottawa)
EE Turton (Canada, Eastern Ontario, Ottawa)
P Turton (Ottawa)
Turville (Amherstburg Juniors)
Tushar (Nova Scotia)
Tuxford (London)
A Tuxford (London Asylum)
G Twart (Garrett)
T Twart (Garrett)
Tweedie (Cobourg)
Twigg (Picton)
Twiner (Bracebridge)
Twining (Royal Military College)
CWNC Twite (British Columbia, Cowichan, Okanagan Valley)
GW Twittey (Brockton Point A, Brockton Point B)
Twose (Rosedale)
HN Twynam (Burrards)
WH Twynam (Burrards, Vancouver)
TB Tye (Victoria)
TB Tye (Burrards)
Tyer (St Andrew's College Lower School)
H Tyer (Victoria)
Tyler (Berlin Juniors)
R Tyler (McGill Cricket Club)
C Tynan (Canada Under-19s)
I Tynan (Canada Under-19s)
Tyrell (Upper Canada College)
F Tyrell (Victoria and District)
J Tyrer (Ashbury College Old Boys)
Tyrill (Upper Canada College)
GC Tyrrell (Upper Canada College)
Tyson (Meaford)
Tyson (Nova Scotia)
Tyson (Clarksburg)
AM Tyson (Wiarton)
H Tyson (Clarksburg)
WL Tyson (Clarksburg)
Tytler (Pickering)
Tytler (Toronto)
PB Tytler (Pickering)
TB Tytler (Essex Centre)





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