Canada Players (O)


Oakden (Rosedale)
Oakden (Olivet)
FS Oakden (Olivet)
Oakes (Parkdale)
Oakley (Calgary)
WJ Oakley (Brandon)
E Oakman (Victoria)
T Oakman (Victoria)
AJL Oates (Burrards)
D Oates (Vancouver Rowing Club)
Oatt (Owen Sound)
J Oatt (All North)
J Oatt (Owen Sound)
O'Brian (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
O'Brian (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI, Ridley College Third XI)
O'Brian (Toronto University)
O'Brian (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Third XI)
O'Brien (Collingwood)
O'Brien (Upper Canada College)
O'Brien (Halifax Wanderers)
CL O'Brien (Upper Canada College)
G O'Brien (Trinity College School Old Boys)
J O'Brien (Manitoba Cricket Association B)
J O'Brien (Trinity College School Old Boys)
J O'Brien (Hudson's Bay)
TC O'Brien (McGill University)
C O'Bryan (Halifax Wanderers)
O'Connor (Berlin)
O'Connor (McCausland and Company)
O'Connor (Married of WA Murray and Company)
O'Connor (WA Murray and Company)
O'Connor (Durham)
HJ O'Connor (Walkerton)
TS Oddy (New Westminster)
Odell (Burlington)
Odium (Canadian Pacific Railway)
E Odium (East Kildonan)
F Odium (East Kildonan)
O'Donnell (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
E O'Donnell (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
O'Donovan (New Westminster)
Odwaine (Artillery and Engineers)
J O'Flaherty (Montreal)
M of Lansdown (Government House)
O'Flynn (Kappa Delta Lodge)
O'Flynn (St Catharines Present)
FM O'Flynn (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
FM O'Flynn (St Catharines)
JH O'Flynn (Hamilton and District, Nondescripts, St Catharines)
JH O'Flynn (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
JH O'Flynn (Niagara Peninsular XI)
JR O'Flynn (Ridley College)
Ogden (London)
Ogden (Dufferin College)
Ogden (Guelph)
Ogden (Toronto Cricket Club England)
Ogden (Upper Canada College)
Ogden (Toronto and Rosedale)
Ogden (Niagara Falls)
A Ogden (Waterloo)
AI Ogden (Upper Canada College)
AL Ogden (Toronto and Rosedale Past and Present)
AL Ogden (Upper Canada College)
C Ogden (Bankers of Ontario)
CP Ogden (Upper Canada College Non Residents)
ER Ogden (United States of America)
ER Ogden (Toronto Social Club)
ER Ogden (Bankers of Ontario)
GW Ogden
L Ogden (Charterhouse School, Gentlemen of Canada, Hittites, Toronto)
L Ogden (Province of Canada)
L Ogden (St George's Club of Toronto)
S Ogden (Quebec)
W Ogilbie (J Angus' XI)
Ogilvie (Traders' Bank)
Ogilvie (Royal Military College)
J Ogilvie (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Lower Flat)
WW Ogilvie (Abingdon School)
AT Ogilvy (Ogilvy and Company)
AT Ogilvy (Ogilvy and Company)
IGP Ogle (British Columbia Juniors)
WM Ogle (Trinity College School Masters)
O'Grady (Upper Canada College)
O'Hara (Ottawa)
GC O'Hara (Saskatchewan)
J O'Hara (Moose Jaw)
J O'Hara (Saskatchewan)
WF O'Hara (Chatham)
O'Laughlin (Bytown)
HT Oldacre (Public Schools)
Oldfield (Norway)
Oldfield (Riverdale)
Oldfield (East Toronto)
Oldfield (Rosedale)
Oldfield (North Toronto)
Oldfield (Northend)
Oldfield (North End)
Oldfield (Rosedale Second XI)
Oldfield (Toronto)
H Oldfield (Riverdale)
HA Oldfield (Peterborough)
Oldham (Wanderers)
F Oldham (Western Ontario)
O'Leary (Riverdale)
O'Leary (Riverdale Second XI)
O'Leary (North End)
GM O'Leary (Riverdale)
RR Oliphant (scorer)
Oliver (Western Ontario)
Oliver (Kingston)
Oliver (Brantford)
Oliver (East Toronto)
Oliver (Great War Veterans Association)
Oliver (Canadian Pacific Railway)
Oliver (Willows Camp)
Oliver (South Vancouver)
H Oliver (Paris)
H Oliver (Brantford)
HJ Oliver (South Vancouver)
J Oliver (Maple)
JA Oliver (East Toronto Second XI)
JR Oliver (Essex Centre)
P Oliver (Congregationals)
S Oliver (South Vancouver)
O'Loughlin (Birch Cliff)
K Omar (Prince Edward Island)
T O'Meara (London Asylum)
W Omer (West Toronto)
Omer Khan (British Columbia)
Omer Khan (University of Victoria)
Omerod (Seaton Village)
Omerod (Highland Creek)
D Omerod (St Matthias)
J Omerod (Oxford)
T Omerod (Holy Trinity)
O'Neal (White Rose B)
O'Neil (Paris)
O'Neil (St Andrew's College Masters)
A O'Neil (Invicta)
E O'Neil (White Rose B)
W O'Neil (London Asylum)
O'Neill (City of Toronto)
A O'Neill (Invicta)
G O'Neill (Toronto, West New Brighton)
GL O'Neill (Vancouver)
SE O'Neill (Toronto Cricket Club)
Onion (Civics)
Onslow (Galt)
Onslow (Trinity College School Juniors)
C Onslow (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
C Onslow (Old Country Club)
CO Onslow (Trinity College School Juniors)
J Onslow (British Columbia Under-19s)
J Oostenhoff (Canadian Cricket Association Colts)
Openshaw (Bracebridge)
Oppe (Ashbury School)
Oppe (Ashbury College)
J Oppe (Ashbury College Old Boys)
OFA Oram (Astrals)
Orbinski (Ottawa Valley Cricket League)
PM Orbinski (Ottawa Valley)
PM Orbinski (Ottawa)
PM Orbrinski (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
DA Orchard (Trinity College School Masters)
FG Orchard (Trinity College School Masters)
G Orchard (Geldard's XI)
O'Reilly (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors)
O'Reilly (University of Trinity College Second XI)
O'Reilly (Holy Trinity)
O'Reilly (Hamilton)
E O'Reilly (Hamilton)
EE O'Reilly (Westmount)
EP O'Reilly (Hamilton)
H O'Reilly (Holy Trinity)
K Orie (Vancouver Rowing Club)
C Orme (Ottawa)
L Orme (Ottawa)
D Ormond (umpire)
J O'Rourke (Great War Veterans Association)
Orr (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
Orr (Ancaster)
Orr (Berlin)
Orr (McGill University Second XI)
Orr (Maple)
Orr (Appleby Juniors)
Orr (Appleby School)
DMM Orr (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
DMM Orr (Grace Church)
DW Orr (Toronto Cricket Club)
HR Orr (Oak Bay)
HR Orr (Orr's XI)
TH Orr (Evanston, Ridley College, South West Ontario)
TH Orr (Trinity College School Bigside Upper Flat)
Orris (Yonge Street)
Orton (Upper Canada College)
T Orton (Wanderers)
R Osborn (Westmount)
Osborne (Military, The Garrison)
Osborne (County of Simcoe)
Osborne (Westmount)
Osborne (Quebec)
Osborne (Appleby School)
Osborne (Trinity College School Old Boys)
B Osborne (Westmount)
HC Osborne (Brantford Under-30s, Trinity College School Old Boys)
JE Osborne (Trinity College School Old Boys)
JK Osborne (Brantford Over-30s)
JP Osborne (Grimsby)
JP Osborne (Ridley College Old Boys)
JW Osborne (Brantford Under-30s)
N Osborne (York Cricket Club Invitation XI)
R Osborne (Westmount)
W Osborne (Trinity College School Old Boys)
W Osborne (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors)
W Osborne-Smith (Canada East)
H Osbourne (Alberta)
Oscar (Toronto)
J Oscar (Canada West)
J O'Shea (British Columbia Mainland League)
Osier (Toronto)
Osier (Cobourg)
G Osier (Roach's Point)
H Osinde (Canada, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
H Osinde (North Stars)
D Oslear (umpire)
Osler (West Northumberland)
Osler (Toronto Church School)
Osler (Young Toronto)
Osler (Trinity College School)
Osler (University of Trinity College Second XI)
Osler (Peterborough)
Osler (Trinity College School Second XI)
Osler (Trinity College School Juniors)
Osler (Trinity College School Littleside)
Osler (Appleby School)
Osler(a) (Trinity College School Second XI)
B Osler (Roach's Point)
CR Osler (Eastern Canadian Schools)
CR Osler (Trinity College School Brent House, Trinity College School Under-16s)
ER Osler (Canada, Cobourg, Northern Toronto, Whitby)
GF Osler (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
GF Osler (Trinity College School)
GF Osler (Trinity College School)
GS Osler (Public Schools)
GS Osler (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
GS Osler (Geldard's XI)
GS Osler (Trinity College School Juniors)
H Osler (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
HF Osler (Trinity College School)
PC Osler (Trinity College School Juniors)
PF Osler (Trinity College School Juniors)
PS Osler (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Brent House, Trinity College School Brent House Littleside, Trinity College School Third XI, Trinity College School Under-16s)
RF Osler (Trinity College School)
RF Osler (Trinity College School Old Boys Second XI)
RF Osler (Trinity College School Juniors)
PC Osler Mnr (Trinity College School Juniors)
Oslier (Ridley College)
Osman Khan (MariGail)
GF Ostler (Ridley College)
Otley (Toronto)
K Otteley (Alberta)
Otter (North Toronto)
Ottley (United Services)
Ottley (St Cyprian's)
EJ Ottley (Toronto Cricket Club)
EJ Ottley (Rosedale)
K Ottley (Canada)
W Ough (Aurora)
W Ough (Aurora Club Second XI)
Oughten (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Second XI)
BO Oughten (Upper Canada College)
AR Oughtred (McGill University)
JR Oughtred (McGill University)
N Oughtred (McGill University)
WR Oughtred (McGill University)
A Outar (New Brunswick)
M Outar (New Brunswick)
Outerbridge (Civilians)
Outerbridge (Upper Canada College)
L Outerbridge (Toronto University)
Outhet (E Boynton's XI)
J Ouwai (Winnipeg RAF Club)
JB Ouwai (Astrals)
Ovais Khan (Royal Bank Lions)
Over (Riverdale)
AC Over (Norway)
G Over (Woodbine)
HS Over (Single of Norway)
SH Over (Norway, Woodbine)
WP Over (Norway)
WR Over (Married of Norway)
Overend (Naramata)
G Overson (Brantford)
Owais Khan (George Brown College)
Owen (Montreal)
Owen (Picton)
Owen (St Albans)
Owen (Trinity College School)
Owen (Trinity College School Under-16s)
Owen (Trinity College School Littleside)
Owen (Eaton's)
AF Owen (Nanaimo)
CC Owen (Toronto University)
D Owen (Alpha Delta)
DRG Owen (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys)
RD Owen (Trinity College School)
Owens (Dufferin College)
Owens (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
J Owens (Felthams)
W Owens (London Asylum)
W Owens (Felthams)
R Oxby (Manitoba)
E Oxlee (St George's Club of Toronto)
L Oxlee (St George's Club of Toronto)
Oxley (Rosedale)
Oxley (Single of WA Murray and Company)
Oxley (WA Murray and Company)
H Oxley (Halifax Wanderers)
S Oxley (Grace Church)
A Oyer (Parkdale)
J Ozard (Island Aquatic)
W Ozard (Manitoba)





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