Canada Players (L)


Labatt (Toronto)
Labatt (Ashbury College)
HF Labatt (Trinity College School)
HF Labatt (Toronto)
HF Labatt (Trinity College School Old Boys)
J Labatt (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Lace (Island Aquatic)
W Lace (Burrards)
Lacey (Montreal)
Lacey (Quebec)
W Lacey (St Albans)
S Lacoul (University of The Fraser Valley)
N Lacroix (Three Rivers)
Lacy (Montreal)
Ladbrook (Galt)
Ladbrook (Waterloo)
W Ladbrook (Western Ontario)
Lafferty (County of Lanark)
Lafferty (Orillia)
LH Lafferty (Perth)
d la Fosse (HMS Esquimalt and Constance)
D la Fosse (Peterborough)
S La Framboise (Amherstburg)
C Lafromboise (Amherstburg)
N Lahiri (British Columbia Under-19s)
Laidlaw (Toronto Junction Juniors)
Laidlaw (Harriston)
Laidlaw (Rosedale Second XI)
Laidlaw (Toronto University)
Laidlaw (St Andrew's College Masters)
Laidlaw (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
J Laidlaw (Marlborough)
WC Laidlaw (Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
Laight (Strathcona Trinity)
GC Laight (Strathcona Trinity)
Lailey (Military Officers of Canada)
W L'Aime (Great War Veterans Association)
Laing (Whitby)
Laing (Toronto)
Laing (Toronto Colts)
Laing (Riverdale)
Laing (Whitby)
Laing (Paris Juniors)
A Laing (Montreal, Toronto, Upper Canada College, Whitby, Windsor)
F Laing (Essex County)
GF Laing (Trinity College School)
J Laing (Paris Juniors)
JB Laing (Canada, Montreal, Ontario, Toronto, Upper Canada College, Whitby)
JM Laing (Canada, Essex County, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario, Ontario Association, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto Cricket Club Colts, University of Trinity College, Upper Canada College, Western Ontario, Windsor)
JM Laing (Rosedale)
JM Laing (Upper Canada College Old Boys)
JM Laing (Trinity College School)
JM Laing (Windsor)
JM Laing (Toronto and Rosedale)
L Laing (Whitby)
L Laing (Toronto)
L Laing (Trinity College School)
WT Laing (JB Laing and Company)
J Lainston (HE Clark and Company)
Laird (Appleby College)
J Laird (London Asylum)
Laister (St Matthias)
Lake (umpire)
Lake (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
E Lake (Stayner)
M Lake (Royal Society of St George, White Rose, Winnipeg St George's)
T Lakhotia (Deloitte)
R Lakhtaria (scorer)
R Lall (Canada Under-19s)
H Lalloo (Royal Bank Lions)
H Lalon (Riverdale)
La Maler (Young Toronto)
G La Marouand (umpire)
Lamb (Ottawa)
Lamb (Rosedale)
Lamb (Brockton Point)
Lamb (Brockton Point A)
Lamb (Canadian Pacific Railway)
A Lamb (Vancouver Old Boys)
AF Lamb (Brockton Point, Brockton Point A)
FH Lamb (Vancouver)
FW Lamb (Vancouver)
G Lamb (Omemee)
H Lamb (Nelson)
H Lamb (Oxford)
HJ Lamb (Carlton)
BS Lamba (Scotia Bank)
Lambe (Toronto Social Club)
H Lambe (Oxford)
J Lambe (Riverdale)
L Lambe (EM Watson's XI)
L Lambe (Trinity College School Old Boys)
RM Lambe (Old Country Club)
Lambert (Eaton's)
C Lambert (Calgary, St Edmund's)
HM Lambert (Montreal)
JA Lambert (St Edmund's)
P Lambert (St Edmund's)
P Lambert (Toronto Cricket Club)
P Lambert (Eaton's)
Lambton-Sewell (Lord Stanley's XI)
Lament (Rosedale)
Lamont (Rosedale)
Lamont (Mount Forrest)
Lamont (Georgetown)
A Lamont (Harriston)
D Lamont (Harriston)
PS Lampman (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Lampoel (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lamson (Seaton Village)
A Lanae (Father Michael Goetz, Mississauga)
Lanagan (Pointe St Charles)
Lancaster (Lincoln County)
Lancaster (Single of WA Murray and Company)
Lancaster (Grimsby)
Lancaster (WA Murray and Company)
Lancaster (Royal Military College)
EA Lancaster (Dominions Commons)
Land (Parkdale)
I Land (Parkdale)
J Land (Parkdale)
JJ Land (AR McMaster and Brothers)
Lander (Trinity College School)
Lander (Parkdale)
G Landerkin (Members of Parliament)
Lane (Toronto)
Lane (Staten Island Cricket Club, Windsor)
Lane (Sandy Hill)
Lane (Ashbury College)
CF Lane (Montreal Athletic Association)
CP Lane (McGill University)
F Lane (St Alban's School Second XI)
FC Lane (McGill University)
JP Lane (Toronto)
M Lane (Nova Scotia)
M Lane (Bobcaygeon)
S Lane (South Vancouver)
V Lane (Army and Navy)
F Lanford (Island Aquatic)
Lang (Peterborough)
Lang (Windsor)
Lang (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lang (British Columbia Seniors)
A Lang (Upper Canada College)
A Lang (Whitby)
AB Lang (Eastern Canada, Ontario, Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
B Lang (The Forty Club of Canada)
JK Lang (Paris)
JW Lang (Windsor)
L Lang (Whitby)
Langdon (Moose Jaw)
Langdon (Strathcona Trinity)
Langdon (Victoria Park)
G Langdon (Strathcona Trinity)
SG Langdon (Winnipeg Cricket Association)
Lange (British Columbia Juniors)
M Lange (Vancouver Juniors)
Langford (Brampton)
Langford (Parkdale Colts)
Langford (Richmond Hill)
Langford (Royal Military College)
Langford (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
F Langford (Brampton)
H Langford (Brampton)
F Langham (McGill University Second XI)
Langley (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Langley (Lakefield College School Preparatory Fourth XI)
Langley (Peterborough)
Langley (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
Langley (St Matthias)
AE Langley (Victoria)
H Langley (St Matthias)
LG Langley (Eastern Canadian Schools)
WH Langley (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Langmuir (Parkdale Colts)
Langmuir (Toronto City)
Langmuir (Queens Royal Hotel)
Langmuir (Picton)
Langmuir (Trinity College School Second XI)
Langmuir (Trinity College School Masters)
Langmuir (Trinity College School Old Boys Second XI)
Langmuir (Appleby School)
AD Langmuir (Upper Canada College)
F Langmuir (Upper Canada College)
K Langmuir (Trinity College School)
M Langmuir (Niagara Falls)
Langs (Hillfield School)
HR Langslow (Trinity College School)
Langstaff (Ogilvy and Company)
Langstaff (Rosedale)
JS Langstaff (Ogilvy and Company)
L Langstaff (Rosedale, Rosedale Seniors)
LS Langstaff (Ogilvy and Company)
Langton (Toronto University)
Langton (Springfield)
Langton (Ontario Bank)
B Langton (Strathroy)
GT Langton (Hamilton)
KW Langton (Brantford, Hamilton, Hamilton and District, Ontario, Waterloo)
SG Langton (Winnipeg)
T Langton (Hamilton and District)
W Langton (Hamilton and District)
W Langton (St George's Club of Hamilton)
Langtry (Orillia)
Langtry (Toronto Colts)
Langtry (Toronto Church School)
Lannigan (Farrar's XI)
Lannigan (Pointe St Charles)
Lansada (Canada)
Lansford (Brampton)
WF Lanson (Lambton Mills)
R Lanton (Sunderland)
Lapp (East Toronto)
Lapp (Sons of England)
Laraib Khan (Canada Under-15s)
Large (St Stephen)
Large (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Large (University of Trinity College)
H Large (umpire)
G Larimer (Eastern Canada)
R Lariya (Australasia Cricket Academy Under-13s)
Larkin (Toronto Asylum)
Larkin (Rosedale)
Larkin (East Toronto)
Larkin (East Toronto Bachelors)
Larkin (Rosedale)
CJ Larkin (East Toronto)
GA Larkin (East Toronto)
GA Larkin (Rosedale and Toronto)
HJ Larkin (Toronto and Rosedale)
HW Larkin (Rosedale)
JA Larkin (East Toronto)
JA Larkin (Toronto and Rosedale)
Larkins (Toronto)
JW Larmouth (Dovercourt)
WC Larmouth (Dovercourt)
I Larther (Invicta Next XVI)
HA Lartigue (Montreal)
J Lascelles (South Vancouver)
L Lascelles (South Vancouver)
WH Lascelles (Americans)
Lash (Upper Canada College)
Lash (Trinity College School Upper Flat)
N Lash (Canadian I Zingari)
WM Lash (Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
ZA Lash (Ontario)
MG Lashley (Halifax Garrison)
Lashmar (Work Point Garrison)
Lashmere (Veterans of France)
Lasksmar (Veterans of France)
Last (Upper Canada College)
J Latham (Peterborough Second XI)
S Latham (Peterborough Second XI)
V Latham (Quebec Cricket Federation Under-19s)
L Latty (York Cricket Club Invitation XI)
JJ Laud (Victoria)
JJ Laud (Parkdale)
JJ Laud (Beaverwicks)
Lauder (Rosedale)
Lauder (Whitby)
Lauder (St Catharines)
F Lauder (Port Hope)
FH Lauder (Trinity College School)
J Lauder (McMaster's XI)
J Lauder (Parkdale)
T Launders (Toronto Colts)
J Laurie (Hamilton)
J Laurie (Sarnia)
M Lauthra (Clarkson Cavaliers Under-19s)
Lavender (London Asylum)
Lavender (Denman)
EC Laver (Canada, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Cricket Association)
EC Laver (Wanderers, Wanderers A)
Lavery (Lakefield College School Juniors)
Lavie (Kingston)
Lavie (Royal Military College B Battery)
D Lavote (New Edinburgh)
R Lavote (New Edinburgh, Ottawa)
Law (Highland Creek)
Law (Pickering)
Law (Scarborough)
Law (Sunderland)
Law (Ridley College Old Boys)
AW Law (Winnipeg)
J Law (Montreal and District)
J Law (Quebec)
RN Law (umpire)
W Law (Hamilton and District)
Lawder (Upper Canada College Juniors)
E Lawder (St Catharines)
CE Lawdsley (Bracebridge)
Lawler (Ontario County)
Lawler (Whitby)
P Lawler (Port Hope)
T Lawler (Whitby)
Lawless (Old Country)
Lawless (Cobourg)
DI Lawless (Canada, Eastern Canada, Montreal and District Cricket League, Quebec)
JP Lawless (East Toronto)
Lawlor (Ontario)
Lawlor (Uxbridge)
VS Lawn (North Vancouver)
Lawrence (Mainland All-Stars)
Lawrence (Clarksburg)
Lawrence (Civilians)
Lawrence (Peterborough)
Lawrence (Peterborough)
Lawrence (Halifax Garrison)
Lawrence (Burrards)
Lawrence (Denman)
Lawrence (St Edmund's)
AB Lawrence (Victoria)
B Lawrence (Vancouver)
B Lawrence (Victoria)
B Lawrence (Denman)
CI Lawrence (Ottawa)
CL Lawrence (Ottawa)
CW Lawrence (Uniteds)
E Lawrence (Ontario, Toronto)
H Lawrence (Quebec)
L Lawrence (Quebec)
R Lawrence (Denman)
RC Lawrence (St John's School, Montreal)
H Lawrent (Quebec)
Lawson (Thorold)
Lawson (Lambton Mills)
Lawson (Riverdale)
Lawson (Riverdale Second XI)
Lawson (Riverdale)
Lawson (Walmsley's XI)
Lawson (Norway)
Lawson (Rosedale Second XI)
Lawson (Trinity College School Second XI)
Lawson (Royal Military College)
Lawson (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
Lawson (Appleby Juniors)
Lawson (Appleby School)
AS Lawson(a) (St Clement's)
A Lawson (St Clement's)
B Lawson (St Clement's)
D Lawson (White Rose A)
GR Lawson (St Clement's)
H Lawson (umpire)
HC Lawson (Great War Veterans Association)
JF Lawson (Toronto)
LGB Lawson (Moncton)
LGE Lawson (Moncton)
P Lawson (White Rose C)
R Lawson (Winnipeg St George's)
R Lawson (White Rose A, White Rose C)
R Lawson (Telephones)
Lawton (Ontario Association)
Lawton (Toronto)
Lawton (H Totten's XI)
Lawton (Lindsay and District)
R Lawton (Sunderland)
W Lawton (East Toronto)
B Laxton (Victoria)
F Laxton (St Albans)
Lay (Berlin)
K Lay (Alberta)
S Layam (Mississauga Ramblers Under-17s)
Layer (Rosedale)
Layton (Paris)
JW Layton (McGill University)
JW Layton (Invicta)
AL Lazenby (Bonaventure)
FL Lazenby (Bonaventure)
FT Lazenby (Bonaventure)
JT Lazenby (Bonaventure)
LA Lazenby (Bonaventure)
Lazier (Belleville)
Lazier (Picton)
Lazier (Trinity College School Juniors)
EF Lazier (Trinity College School)
H Lazier (Hamilton and District)
H Lazier (Alpha Delta Society)
H Lazier (Alpha Delta Phi)
HF Lazier (Alpha Beta)
HF Lazier (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
J Lazier (Hamilton)
JE Lazier (Trinity College School)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School Under-16s)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School Masters)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School Juniors)
SD Lazier (Trinity College School Bigside Lower Flat)
Lazur (Appleby)
Lea (Players)
Lea (Ridley College)
Lea (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
A Lea (British Columbia Colts)
A Lea (Five Cs)
RV Lea (Five Cs)
WD Lea (Ridley College)
Leach (Royal Military College)
Leach (Owen Sound)
Leach (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Leach (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
Leach (Hamilton and District)
B Leach (Grand Trunk Railway)
B Leach (West Toronto)
E Leach (Strathcona Veterans)
G Leach (Millbrook)
H Leach (Moose Jaw, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
HSC Leach (Montreal)
R Leach (Grand Trunk Railway)
W Leach (United Services)
W Leach (Halifax)
F Leacock (umpire)
SB Leacock (Marlborough)
T Leacock (Alberta Cricket Association President's XI)
Leadbeater (Westville)
Leadbeater (Trinity College School Bethune House)
Leader (Royal Military College)
Leader (Aurora)
HP Leader (Trinity College School)
HP Leader (Port Hope)
HP Leader (Royal Military College)
HP Leader (Peterborough)
OL Leader (Aurora)
S Leadwell (Oakville)
EH Leah (Strathcona Veterans)
Leak (Rosedale)
W Leake (Holy Trinity)
Leaney (County of Lanark)
Leask (Toronto Junction Juniors)
Leask (St Andrew's College Second XI)
G Leask (Selkirk)
H Leask (Orillia High School)
H Leaske (Orillia Single Men)
J Leason (Tuxedo)
Leat (Yorkshire)
F Leat (St David's)
M Leat (H Roberts' XI)
T Leat (St David's)
W Leat (St David's)
Leatham (Montreal)
F Leaver (Victoria)
LeBault (New Westminster)
R Leblanc (Manitoba Cricket Association)
Lech (Peterborough Colts)
Leckie (St Andrew's College)
H Leckie (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
K Leconte (Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School)
Ledger (C Company, Royal Military Infantry School)
Ledger (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Ledger (Parkdale)
Ledger (Rosedale)
Ledger (Rosedale)
Ledger (St Albans, St Albans Second XI)
Ledger (Toronto Cricket Club)
Ledger (Deer Park)
Ledger (Rosedale)
Ledger (Dovercourt)
AC Ledger (Burrards)
B Ledger (St Albans)
G Ledger (Vancouver and Burrards)
H Ledger (Rosedale)
H Ledger (Toronto)
H Ledger (St Albans)
H Ledger (Island Aquatic)
JW Ledger (Canada)
TH Ledger (St Albans)
W Ledger (Ontario Association)
W Ledger (Toronto)
W Ledger (Toronto Cricket Club)
W Ledger (St Alban's School)
W Ledger (St Albans)
WH Ledger (East Toronto, Ontario Association, Rosedale, Toronto)
WH Ledger (Yorkshire Society)
J Ledsham (Wanderers)
Ledyard (Deer Park)
Lee (Port Sandfield)
Lee (Brantford)
Lee (St Stephen)
Lee (Lindsay)
Lee (Bishop Ridley College)
Lee (Gravenhurst)
Lee (Parkdale, Parkdale Colts)
Lee (McCausland and Company)
Lee (Canada Cutlery Company)
Lee (Hochelaga)
Lee (Town)
Lee (Moose Jaw)
Lee (Ridley College)
Lee (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Lee (Ridley College Old Boys)
Lee (Toronto University)
Lee (Rosedale Rovers)
Lee (123rd Battalion)
Lee (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Lee(a) (Ridley College Old Boys)
A Lee (Toronto Cricket Club)
A Lee (Toronto Cricket Club)
A Lee (Newmarket)
AR Lee (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
C Lee (Mimico)
C Lee (Ridley College Old Boys)
F Lee (Evangelia)
FA Lee (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
H Lee (East Toronto)
HC Lee (Toronto Cricket Club)
J Lee (Peterborough Second XI)
J Lee (Niagara Falls)
J Lee (Toronto Zingari)
J Lee (Five Cs)
J Lee (Toronto)
JA Lee (Victoria)
M Lee (Canada Under-19s)
M Lee (Nova Scotia)
N Lee (Canadian Cricket Association Colts, Ontario)
N Lee (Toronto Cricket Club)
R Lee (Orillia)
RC Lee (Toronto Cricket Club)
RC Lee (Ridley College, Ridley College Old Boys, Ridley College Second XI)
RC Lee (Toronto Zingari)
RC Lee (Toronto)
T Lee (Evangelia)
TW Lee (Ridley College)
TW Lee (Niagara Falls)
W Lee (St Stephen)
W Lee (Canada Cutlery Company)
W Lee (Five Cs)
Leedham (Mimico)
A Leeming (Chippawa)
G Leeming (Anglican Clergy)
G Leeming (Five Cs)
R Leenders (Alberta)
F Lees (Crown)
T Lees (Crown)
Leeson (Tuxedo)
M Leeson (Merritton)
EA Leeson-Smith (Manitoba and Northwest)
WJ Leetham (Eastern Association)
F Lefeuvre (Cathedral and New Edinburgh, New Edinburgh)
Lefevre (Lakefield College School)
F Le Fevre (Lakefield Rovers)
F Lefevre (Lakefield College School)
R LeFevre (umpire)
Lefroy (London)
Lefroy (Ridley College Old Boys)
Lefroy (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Lefroy (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
Lefroy (Toronto University)
Lefroy (Toronto)
A Lefroy (London)
A Lefroy (Galt)
AB Lefroy (Port Hope)
AB Lefroy (Millbrook)
E Lefroy (Ridley College Old Boys)
E Lefroy (Ridley College, Ridley College Second XI)
E Lefroy (Toronto Cricket Club)
EB Lefroy (Rosedale)
EB Lefroy (Rosedale)
W Lefroy (Walkerton)
Leggat (Windsor)
Leggat (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors)
Leggat (Lakefield College School Juniors)
J Leggat (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Leggatt (Windsor)
GJ Leggatt (Windsor)
H Leggatt (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors)
JHC Leggatt (Amherstburg)
HJ Legge (Hamilton Juniors)
Leggett (Windsor)
J Leggett (Windsor)
JHC Leggett (Amherstburg)
T Leggo (Hamilton)
JH Leggott (Amherstburg)
H Lehal (British Columbia Mainland League President's XI)
J Lehrie (St Albans)
Leich (Rosedale)
Leidy (Parliament Street)
Leigh (Canada)
Leigh (Halifax Wanderers)
Leigh (Toronto Bankers)
Leigh (Toronto Cricket Club)
Leigh (All Toronto)
Leigh (Sawbones)
Leigh (Next XVIII)
Leigh (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Leigh (Gravenhurst)
Leigh (Old Country)
Leigh (Norway)
Leigh (Bankers of Ontario)
Leigh (Brockton Point)
Leigh (Ridley College Third XI)
C Leigh (Canada, Ontario Association, Parkdale, Toronto)
CH Leigh (Brockton Point)
GR Leigh (Brockton Point, Vancouver, Vancouver Old Boys)
GR Leigh (Vancouver Olbs)
H Leigh (Brockton Point)
PG Leigh (Carlton)
R Leigh (Rest of Victoria Cricket Week)
R Leigh (Vancouver)
R Leigh (Brockton Point A)
RG Leigh (Vancouver Old Boys)
W Leigh (Halifax Wanderers)
Leighton (Rosedale)
A Leighton (Cowichan, Vancouver)
A Leighton (Nanaimo)
A Leighton (British Columbia)
A Leighton (Rest of Victoria Cricket Week)
BH Leighton (Toronto)
C Leighton (Gordon Mackay and Company)
CH Leighton (Toronto)
DA Leighton (Regina)
EH Leighton (Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club)
EH Leighton (All Toronto)
RB Leighton (Toronto Cricket Club)
T Leighton (Toronto)
W Leighton (Toronto Cricket Club)
Leiper (Perth)
R Leish (Hamilton)
Leishman (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Leishman (123rd Battalion)
Leishman (Grace Church)
Leisk (Hamilton)
Leith (Toronto)
H Leleu (Winnipeg St George's)
Le Maishe (Vancouver)
Lemaitre (Toronto Cricket Club)
G LeMarquand (umpire)
LeMay (Aura Lee)
EH Le May (Aura Lee)
H Le May (Aura Lee)
T Le May (St Clement's)
T Le Maya (St Clement's)
Le Mesurier (Toronto)
HV Le Mesurier (Trinity College School)
R le Mesurier (Toronto University)
AH Lemmon (Canada, Gentlemen of Canada, Guelph, London, Western Ontario)
AH Lemmon (London Asylum)
Lemon (Grand Trunk Railway)
Lemon (County of Simcoe)
Lemon (Single of WA Murray and Company)
Lemon (Wellington County)
J Lemon (Meaford)
Lennard (Dundas)
B Lennard (Trinity College School)
SB Lennard (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Lower Flat)
SB Lennard (Trinity College School Bigside Lower Flat)
Lennon (Brougham)
Lennox (Highland Creek)
Lennox (Scarborough)
HF Lennox (Public Schools)
HS Lennox (Ridley College)
NS Lennox (Ridley College)
W Lennox (Ridley College)
W Lennox (Albion Club of Toronto)
O Lentz (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Leo (Parkdale Colts)
Leon (Cheyne Middle School)
Leonard (Kingston)
Leonard (Napanee)
Leonard (Napanee and District)
Leonard (Napanee)
Leonard (Dundas)
Leonard (Trinity College School Old Boys Second XI)
R Leonard (Montreal)
RA Leonard (Napanee)
TR Leonard (Victoria)
H Leopold (McGill University)
DB Lepper (Perth)
R Lercock (umpire)
LeRoy (East Toronto)
LeRoy (Canadians)
Leroy (Rosedale)
Leroy (Toronto)
Leroy (Riverdale)
LeRoy (All North)
LeRoy (Collingwood)
LeRoy (Sons of England)
LeRoy (Beaverwicks)
LeRoy (Lindsay)
LeRoy (Parkdale)
LeRoy (All Toronto)
C LeRoy (Aurora)
D LeRoy (Peterborough)
DJ Le Roy (East Toronto, Eastern Ontario, Meaford)
DJ LeRoy (East Toronto)
DJ LeRoy (Beaverwicks)
J LeRoy (East Toronto)
L Le Roy (Aurora)
Lersman (Brampton)
Lesan (Berlin and Waterloo)
S le Searle-Romeo (British Columbia Under-19s)
Lesene (Telephones)
D Leserve (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Leslie (Carleton Place)
Leslie (Scarborough)
Leslie (Picton)
Leslie (Hamilton and District)
Leslie (Eaton's)
Leslie (St George's Club of Hamilton)
A Leslie (Eaton's)
C Leslie (Winnipeg)
E Leslie (White Rose B)
FB Leslie (High School, Montreal)
G Leslie (Eaton's)
G Leslie (White Rose B)
H Leslie (Kentish Association)
J Leslie (High School, Montreal)
NS Leslie (Hamilton)
NV Leslie (Upper Canada College)
NY Leslie (Upper Canada College)
RY Leslie (Brighton)
Lester (North Vancouver)
Lester (St Edmund's)
C Lester (Toronto Cricket Club)
V Lester (British Columbia, British Columbia Colts)
H Lethaby (Albion Wanderers)
H Lethaby (Wanderers)
H Lethaby (Victoria)
H Lethaby (I Zingari)
H Letherby (Congregationals, Victoria and District)
Lett (Sawbones)
Lett (Essex County)
Lett (Bishop Ridley College, Bishop Ridley College Second XI)
Lett (Guelph)
K Lett (Guelph)
S Lett (Guelph)
T Lett (Alliston)
H Leupold (Montreal)
Leurano (Paris)
CW Leuro (Ottawa)
SH Levey (Toronto Cricket Club)
SH Levey (Toronto Wanderers)
D Levis (Rosedale)
OB Levis (Rosedale)
R Levis (Rosedale)
Levy (Toronto University Second XI)
R Levy (Cosmos)
F Lew-a-King (umpire)
Lewes (Brampton)
Lewes (St Catharines)
Lewin (University of Trinity College)
Lewin (Canada)
Lewin (University of Trinity College)
F Lewin (Incogniti)
P Lewin (Incogniti)
WA Lewin (University of Trinity College)
Lewis (Toronto)
Lewis (umpire)
Lewis (Brantford Under-30s)
Lewis (Civilians)
Lewis (Belleville)
Lewis (Galt)
Lewis (Peterborough)
Lewis (Country)
Lewis (British Columbia Mainland League)
Lewis (St Catharines)
Lewis (ES Clarke's XI)
Lewis (Peterborough)
Lewis (Rosedale)
Lewis (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Preparatory, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Lewis (Manitoba Government Telephones)
Lewis (Silcock's XI)
A Lewis (Canada)
A Lewis (Eastern Canada, Montreal)
A Lewis (Mount Royal)
AG Lewis (Ottawa)
C Lewis (Montreal)
CA Lewis (Ottawa)
CH Lewis (Ottawa)
CW Lewis (Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
DS Lewis (Toronto Ramblers)
EG Lewis (Telephones)
EX Lewis (Mount Royal)
F Lewis (Incogniti)
G Lewis (Montreal)
GA Lewis (Spencers)
H Lewis (Osborne)
K Lewis (Canada)
N Lewis (Quebec)
OB Lewis (Rosedale)
PH Lewis (Trinity College School Masters)
R Lewis (Upper Canada College Boarding House)
T Lewis (Upper Canada College Boarding House)
W Lewis (Oxford)
WAH Lewis (University of Trinity College)
Lewis-Bird (Toronto Cricket Club England)
F Lewis-Bird (Toronto Cricket Club)
J Lexmond (scorer)
Ley (South Vancouver)
Ley (Shelleys)
A Ley (Army and Navy)
D Ley (Cowichan)
VG Ley (Cowichan)
Leyer (Rosedale)
Leymere (County of Simcoe)
Liagat Ali (North Stars)
W Liber (Eaton's)
I Liburd (Canada)
Lickley (Oakwood)
FA Lidbury (Niagara Falls)
Liddell (Toronto)
Liddell (Quebec)
Liddell (Collingwood)
Liddell (umpire)
J Liddell (Montreal, Western Ontario)
RM Liddell (Carlton, Montreal)
T Liddell (Montreal, Upper Canada)
W Liddell (Canada)
Liddle (Stratford)
Liddle (Collingwood)
T Liddle (Stratford)
R Liesk (Hamilton)
Lifton (Incogniti)
GH Lifton (Incogniti)
GW Lifton (Orr's XI)
GW Lifton (Incogniti)
JC Ligertwood (Wanderers, Wanderers B)
Light (United Colleges)
Lightbourn (St Andrew's College Second XI)
Lightbourn (St Andrew's College)
WD Lightbourn (St Andrew's College)
Lightbourne (St Andrew's College)
Lightfoot (Parkdale Juniors)
Lightfoot (Dufferins)
Lightfoot (Parkdale)
C Lightfoot (Parkdale)
C Lightfoot (Parkdale, Parkdale Juniors)
Lighthall (Picton, Quinte Club of Picton)
Lighthall (Quinte Club of Picton)
A Lighthall (Bay of Quinté)
Lightly (Old Country Club)
Ligton (Olympics)
H Lill (Morse Place)
H Lill (East Kildonan)
Lilliman (East Kildonan)
H Lilliman (East Kildonan)
H Lillyman (East Kildonan)
Limon (Burrards)
NM Limon (Burrards)
P Linch (Pioneer)
JE Lind (Parkdale)
WH Lind (St Catharines)
Linden (County of Simcoe)
Linden (Picked Team)
Lindley (St Andrew's College Preparatory)
F Lindley (East Kildonan)
Lindsay (St John)
Lindsay (Osgoode Hall)
Lindsay (Toronto City)
Lindsay (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lindsay (Canadians)
Lindsay (Parkdale)
Lindsay (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
Lindsay (Lake Lodge School)
Lindsay (Trinity College School Fourth XI)
Lindsay (Albion Club of Toronto)
ELC Lindsay (Trinity College School Brent House Littleside)
GGS Lindsay (Toronto Under-30s)
GGS Lindsay (Toronto)
LL Lindsay (Trinity College School)
WLM Lindsay (Toronto)
Lindsey (Toronto University)
Lindsey (Toronto Cricket Club Second XI)
Lindsey (Rosedale)
GGS Lindsey (Canadian I Zingari, East Toronto, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario Association, Parkdale, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto University, Upper Canada College, Victoria)
GGS Lindsey (Nelson)
GGS Lindsey (Osgoode Hall)
GGS Lindsey (Lindsay)
L Lindsey (Toronto University)
L Lindsey (Victoria)
L Lindsey (Parkdale)
P Lindsey (Victoria)
R Line (Royal Military Infantry School)
Lines (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lines (Toronto Cricket Club)
FH Lines (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lingard (United Services)
J Lingard (St George's Club of Toronto)
V Lingari (SNC-Lavalin)
Lingman (New Fort)
Lingman (Toronto Garrison)
Link (Gravenhurst)
A Linley (Bell Telephone Company)
Linn (Albion Club of Hamilton)
J Linnell (umpire)
Linton (Kingston)
Linton (Hamilton)
Linton (Ontario Bank)
Linton (Hamilton and District)
H Linton (East Toronto)
NS Linton (Hamilton)
W Linton (East Toronto)
H Lippett (Old Country Club)
P Lipscombe (Brockton Point)
Lipton (Olympics)
Lissenden (Strathcona East)
G Lissenden (Strathcona Veterans)
APB Lissett (Canada)
Lister (Hamilton)
Lister (Lakefield College School)
Lister (Old Country Club)
Lister (Newmarket)
AA Lister (All Montreal)
H Lister (JS Bowbanks' XI)
HE Lister (Royal Society of St George, St Edmund's, West Toronto, Winnipeg St George's)
JS Lister (Winnipeg A)
W Lister (St Edmund's)
Litchfield (St Jude's)
DM Litchfield (St Jude's)
Lithe (Jarvis Street College)
CR Litter (Anglican Clergy)
Little (United Eleven)
Little (Chatham)
Little (Quebec)
Little (Di Grossi Point)
Little (University of Trinity College)
Little (Toronto University, Toronto University Second XI)
Little (Ottawa)
Little (Quebec Cricket Association)
Little (Appleby)
Little (Appleby School, Appleby School Third XI)
Little (Upper Canada College Under-16s)
Little (Winnipeg A)
Little (Upper Canada College Second XI)
Little (Island Aquatic)
Little (Riverdale)
CH Little (Ottawa Valley)
CH Little (Upper Canada College)
E Little (Parkdale)
ES Little (Wanderers)
G Little (Lindsay)
H Little (Saanich and Strawberry Vale)
H Little (St Matthias)
HM Little (Parkdale, Toronto)
HM Little (Trinity College School)
J Little (Public Schools)
JS Little (Wanderers)
JS Little (Kentish Association)
JW Little (Oakville)
MC Little (Ottawa)
NC Little (Ottawa)
RS Little (Chatham)
WC Little (Canada, Gentlemen of Canada, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, University of Trinity College)
WC Little (Eastern Canada)
D Littlefield (St Jude's B)
Littlejohn (St Matthias)
JEB Littlejohn (AR McMaster and Brothers)
Littleton (Ontario and Victoria)
Littleton (Peterborough)
AH Littleton (Galt)
CJ Littleton (Lindsay)
Livingston (Jarvis Street College)
Livingston (Rosedale Rovers)
Livingston (Rosedale)
Livingston (Grace Church)
A Livingston (Grand Trunk Railway)
EJ Livingston (Toronto)
EJ Livingston (Canadians)
J Livingston (Rosedale and Toronto)
JD Livingston (Canada, Gentlemen of Canada)
MCP Livingston (British Columbia Mainland League)
PJ Livingston (Toronto Cricket Club)
Livingstone (Forest)
Livingstone (Bishop Ridley College)
Livingstone (Bowmanville)
Livingstone (Toronto and Rosedale)
Livingstone (Rosedale)
Livingstone (Toronto Cricket Club)
EJ Livingstone (Toronto)
J Livingstone (Toronto and Rosedale)
R Livingstone (Quebec)
L Liyanage (Ontario Cricket Association Under-19s, Warriors)
Llaver (Wanderers A)
Lloyd (Toronto)
Lloyd (Montreal)
Lloyd (Province of Canada)
Lloyd (Gordon Mackay and Company)
Lloyd (Ottawa Valley Cricket League)
B Lloyd (Defence)
C Lloyd (St James)
DAV Lloyd (Montreal)
DL Lloyd (Albion Club of Chicago)
H Lloyd (Montreal)
H Lloyd (Bishop's College, Lennoxville)
JB Lloyd (Portage la Prairie)
MB Lloyd (Wanderers)
MB Lloyd (Albion)
RW Lloyd (Calgary)
Lloyd-Jones (County of Simcoe, Listowel)
Lloyd-Jones (Brantford)
S Lloyd-Jones (Brantford)
SL Lloyd-Jones (Canadian I Zingari, Ontario Association)
Lloyds (Goulding and Company)
Loates (King's Regiment)
Lobay (Dundas)
Lobb (Norway)
J Loblaw (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Lobly (Dundas)
Lock (London)
CR Lock (Winnipeg St George's)
ER Lock (Congregationals)
ER Lock (Vancouver)
ER Lock (Incogniti)
HT Lock (Congregationals)
Locke (Single of Bracebridge)
ER Locke (Incogniti)
W Locke (Single of Bracebridge)
Lockhart (Bowmanville)
A Lockhart (umpire)
AJ Lockley (Olivet)
C Lockley (Olivet)
R Lockley (Olivet)
Lockwood (Guelph)
Lockwood (Guelph)
Lockwood (Brampton)
Lockwood (Guelph Bankers)
E Lockwood (Trinity College School)
F Lockwood (Canada, Guelph, Hamilton)
H Lockwood (Bankers of Ontario, Montreal)
HS Lockwood (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Bethune House, Trinity College School Bethune House Bigside)
RC Lockwood (Westville)
S Lockwood (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Bethune House, Trinity College School Under-16s)
Lockyer (London)
Lockyer (Saskatchewan)
Lockyer (Niagara Falls)
Lodger (Rosedale)
Loewe (Trinity College School Bethune House)
Loewen (Toronto Cricket Club)
B Loewen (Canada Under-15s)
CJ Loewen (Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
Logan (Trinity College School)
Logan (Northern Canada)
Logan (Galt)
Logan (Riverdale)
Logan (Galt Agricultural College)
Logan (Lindsay)
Logan (Moose Jaw)
Logan (Royal Military College)
Logan (Upper Canada College Under-16s)
Logan (Eaton's)
CJ Logan (Canada, Canadian I Zingari, Cobourg, Hamilton, Ontario, Ottawa, Peterborough, Port Hope, Toronto, Trinity College School, Trinity College School Rovers, University of Trinity College, Whitby)
CJ Logan (Upper Canada College Day Boys)
CJ Logan (Galt)
CJ Logan (Beaverwicks)
CT Logan (Trinity College School)
CT Logan (Trinity College School Rovers)
F Logan (Walmsley's XI)
G Logan (Walmsley's XI)
HS Logan (Canada, Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Logan (Riverdale, Riverdale Second XI)
R Logan (Canada)
T Logan (Riverdale Second XI)
W Logan (West Toronto)
W Logan (Whitney)
Logie (Hamilton)
Logie (Upper Canada College)
Logie (Dundas)
Logie (Toronto Cricket Club)
Logie (Upper Canada College Second XI)
AA Logie (Canada XI)
AC Logie (Public Schools, Toronto)
AC Logie (Toronto Cricket Club)
AC Logie (Upper Canada College)
AG Logie (Upper Canada College Past and Present)
AG Logie (Upper Canada College)
AG Logie (Upper Canada College)
SB Lohmann (Halifax Wanderers)
SB Lohmann (Halifax)
M Lokanan (Toronto and District Cricket Council Board XI, Toronto and District Cricket Council President's XI)
Lokesh (Prince Edward Island)
Lomas (Five Cs)
J Lomas (Vancouver)
P Lomax (Southern California)
Lomb (Gordon Mackay and Company)
London (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
London (Married of WA Murray and Company)
Long (Toronto University)
Long (Upper Canada College)
Long (Peterborough)
Long (Benedicts)
Long (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Long (Aylmer)
Long (Walkerton)
Long (International Securities)
Long (Young Conservatives A)
Long (White Rose B)
FS Long (Calgary)
H Long (Welland)
W Long (White Rose B)
H Longbottom (Rosedale)
Longe (Artillery and Engineers)
Longe (Halifax Garrison)
Longford (Royal Military College)
A Longhurst (Brockton Point)
A Longhurst (Burrards)
E Longhurst (Burrards)
J Longland (Kingsville)
Longley (52nd Regiment, Montreal Garrison)
Longmore (County of Simcoe)
Longmore (Woodstock)
Longson (Galt)
AJ Longstaff (Shelleys)
Loosemoore (Toronto Cricket Club)
HH Loosemoore (Toronto)
Loosemore (Toronto)
Loosemore (Brampton)
Loosemore (Traders' Bank)
Loosemore (Brampton)
Loosemore (Bankers of Ontario)
Loosemore (Toronto)
Loosemore (Lakefield College School Preparatory)
FF Loosemore (Toronto)
H Loosemore (Toronto and Rosedale)
HH Loosemore (Toronto)
T Loosemore (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lord (Toronto)
Lord (Waubausene)
L Lord (Guelph)
R Lord (Public Schools)
RF Lord (AR McMaster and Brothers)
T Lord (Canada, Western Canada)
T Lord (Vancouver Island Vagabonds)
RR Loring (Toronto)
Lorne (Guelph)
EW Loscombe (Trinity College School)
J Loscombe (Toronto)
D Loth (British Columbia Mainland League President's XI)
Lottridge (Hamilton)
MG Lottridge (Hamilton, Trinity College School)
T Louburn (Brampton)
Loucks (United Peterborough and Cobourg)
Loudon (Toronto Plate Glass Company)
Lough (St Andrew's College)
CD Lough (St Andrew's College)
CD Lough (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lougheed (Brampton)
Louisey (Calgary and District Cricket League)
P Louisey (Canada)
Loundes (Rosedale)
J Lounsborough (Upper Canada College)
Lount (Upper Canada College Juniors)
W Louson (Longuevil)
E Louzalin (St Matthias)
B Lovatt (Mount Royal)
Love (Aylmer)
Love (London)
Love (Meaford)
Love (Benedicts)
Love (Georgetown)
Love (Toronto)
Love (Bell Telephone Company)
AR Love (Winnipeg)
C Love (St Thomas)
F Love (Law Students of London)
F Love (London)
FA Love (Defence)
JW Love (Meaford)
S Love (East Toronto)
W Love (Wanderers)
WB Love (Peterborough Second XI)
H Lovegrove (scorer)
J Lovelace (Canada Under-15s, Canada Under-19s, Manitoba, Manitoba Under-25s)
J Lovelace (Prairie Fire)
P Lovelace (Leamington)
Loveland (Parkdale)
Lovell (St Andrew's College)
Lovell (Alberta)
B Lovell (Edmonton and District Cricket League)
L Lovell (Calgary)
W Lovering (St Andrew's College)
Low (Uxbridge)
A Low (Chatham)
C Low (Bankers of Ontario)
W Low (Uxbridge)
GR Lowbridge (Montreal and District Cricket League, Quebec, Staffordshire)
Lowe (St James Cathedral)
Lowe (Canadian Pacific Railway)
Lowe (Young Conservatives B)
R Lowe(a) (White Rose C)
AW Lowe (Winnipeg)
B Lowe (Civics)
D Lowe (Civics)
D Lowe (City of Vancouver)
D Lowe (Shelleys)
F Lowe (White Rose B)
F Lowe (Mimico Old Country Club)
G Lowe (St Matthias)
G Lowe (St Matthias)
HP Lowe (Aspdin)
L Lowe (City of Vancouver)
R Lowe (White Rose B, White Rose C)
W Lowe (White Rose B)
WB Lowe (Trinity College School Fifth XI)
WF Lowe (Wanderers)
WF Lowe (Manitoba)
WF Lowe (Winnipeg St George's)
WJ Lowe (Wanderers)
C Lowell (Galt)
Lowen (Old Country Club)
Lowen (West Toronto)
B Lowen (Sons of England)
CJ Lowen (Peterborough)
Lowens (Old Country Club)
Lowens (Mr Dean's XI)
DT Lowes (Brampton)
J Lownsboro (Upper Canada College)
Lownsborough (Toronto University)
HF Lownsborough (Canada, Canadian I Zingari, Gentlemen of Canada, Toronto, Upper Canada College, Western Ontario)
HF Lownsborough (Toronto and Rosedale Past and Present)
HF Lownsborough (Toronto and Rosedale)
HF Lownsborough (All Toronto)
HF Lownsborough (N Seagram's XI)
HF Lownsborough (Toronto Cricket Club)
J Lownsborough (Upper Canada College)
J Lownsborough (Toronto)
JT Lownsborough (Aura Lee)
JT Lownsborough (Toronto Cricket Club)
W Lowrey (Toronto)
AT Lowry (Victoria)
Lozier (Appleby School)
Lozier (Appleby College)
J LSommerville (Toronto and Rosedale)
Luard (Canada West, Upper Canada)
Luard (Toronto)
Luard (Royal Military College B Battery)
Luard (Ontario Association)
Luard (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
CC Luard (Canada, Royal Military College)
GD Luard (Royal Military College)
Lucas (Parkdale, Parkdale Juniors)
Lucas (Port Hope)
Lucas (Old Country)
Lucas (Chatham)
A Lucas (Canada)
AP Lucas (Rosedale)
D Lucas (Ontario Cricket Association Under-19s)
DB Lucas (Rosedale)
FT Lucas (Canada, Hamilton)
FT Lucas (Canada)
FT Lucas (Trinity College School)
FT Lucas (Royal Military College)
H Lucas (Ontario)
H Lucas (Parkdale)
SF Lucas (Hamilton)
Luch (Goulding and Company)
Lugsdin (Gordon Mackay and Company)
P Luhar (University of Concordia)
CM Luke (Geldard's XI)
LM Luke (Trinity College School)
LM Luke (Trinity College School Juniors)
LM Luke (Trinity College School Bigside Upper Flat)
MC Luke (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
Lumb (Holy Trinity)
S Lumb (Holy Trinity)
W Lumb (Holy Trinity)
Lumbayes (East Toronto Colts)
Lumbers (St Andrew's College, St Andrew's College Juniors, St Andrew's College Lower School, St Andrew's College Old Boys, St Andrew's College Second XI)
Lumbers (St Andrew's College Under-16s)
Lumbers (Grace Church)
Lumbers (St Andrew's College Under-16s)
Lumbers (St Andrew's College Lower School)
Lumbers (St Andrew's College Second XI)
FW Lumbers (Ridley College Old Boys)
H Lumbers (St Albans)
Lumbert (Young Conservatives A)
D Lumley (Saskatchewan)
Lumsden (Trinity College School Second XI)
Lumsden (Lakefield College School)
Lumsden (Lakefield College School)
Lumsden (Lakefield College School)
Lumsden(a) (Trinity College School Second XI)
G Lumsden (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
P Lumsden (Trinity College School Second XI)
Lunan (University of Trinity College)
Lund (Work Point Garrison)
Lundle (Island Aquatic)
Lundy (Peterborough Colts)
Lundy (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
Lundy (Island Aquatic)
G Lundy (Trinity College School Old Boys)
Lushington (Amherstburg Juniors)
W Lusted (East Toronto)
G Lusty (Church of the Resurrection)
A Lutchmedial (Canada Under-19s, Ontario)
M Luthra (Oakville Cricket Academy Under-19s)
M Luthra (Haynes Cup Team A)
Luxford (Paris)
Luxford (Paris)
Lyall (Toronto Cricket Club)
Lyall (Toronto)
Lyall (City Hall)
Lyall (Toronto University)
Lyall (Old Country)
CM Lyall (Parkdale, Parkdale Colts, Rosedale)
CS Lyall (Rosedale)
Lyden (Sarnia)
Lye (Jarvis Street College)
B Lye (Victoria)
E Lye (Canadian I Zingari)
Lyle (Parkdale)
Lyman (Ashbury College)
Lyman (Silcock's XI)
G Lyman (Montreal, St James)
G Lyman (McGill University)
I Lyman (McGill University)
Lynch (McGill University Second XI)
Lynch (Collegiate Institute)
Lynch (Great War Veterans Association)
Lynch (Westville)
Lynch (Upper Canada College)
Lynch (St Cyprian's)
G Lynch (St Matthias)
G Lynch (Olivet)
G Lynch (Grace Church B)
G Lynch (St George's Club of Toronto)
I Lynch (umpire)
J Lynch (McGill University)
J Lynch (McGill University Second XI)
Lyne (Riverdale)
N Lyne (Clarksburg)
Lynes (Toronto Garrison)
Lynn (Parkdale)
Lynn (Rosedale)
Lyon (St Andrew's College)
Lyon (Niagara Falls)
Lyon (Woodstock)
Lyon (Toronto Bankers)
Lyon (H Drope's Mixed Old Boys XI)
Lyon (Trinity College School Masters)
AE Lyon (Rosedale)
F Lyon (Public Schools)
F Lyon (St Andrew's College)
FM Lyon (United Colleges)
FM Lyon (Trinity College School)
FM Lyon (St Andrew's College Old Boys)
GS Lyon (Canada, Canadian International, East Toronto, Eastern Ontario, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario, Ontario Association, Rosedale, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Western Association)
GS Lyon (Nelson)
GS Lyon (City of Toronto)
GS Lyon (Toronto and Rosedale Past and Present)
H Lyon (Felthams)
HR Lyon (Toronto)
WD Lyon (Trinity College School)
WD Lyon (Trinity College School Old Boys Second XI)
Lyons (Rosedale)
Lyons (Niagara Falls)
Lyons (Pointe St Charles)
Lyons (St George's Club of Toronto)
Lyons (Olivet)
A Lyons (St James)
G Lyons (Nelson)
GS Lyons (Rosedale)
W Lyons (Olivet)
Lyster (Victoria, Victoria Second XI)





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