Canada Players (C)


Cadiz (Ottawa, Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Caesar (Halifax Wanderers)
TJ Cahalane (Halifax, Halifax Wanderers, Maritime Provinces, Stonyhurst College)
T Cahill (Canada Cutlery Company)
JJ Cainder (Parkdale)
T Cairney (St Edmund's)
H Cairns (Perth)
JD Cairns (Toronto Cricket Club)
WH Cairns (Perth)
W Cakebread (Island Aquatic)
GR Caldwell (Trinity College School)
JB Caldwell (Vancouver)
W Caldwell (Toronto University)
Calendar (West Northumberland)
RG Callender (Canada)
V Cambell (St Edmund's)
O Cambridge (McGill University)
Cameron (Toronto)
Cameron (Upper Canada College)
Cameron (St Marys)
Cameron (Windsor)
Cameron (C Company)
Cameron (Trinity College School)
Cameron (Bracondale)
Cameron (St Andrew's College)
Cameron (Rosedale)
Cameron (East Toronto)
Dr Cameron (East Toronto, Toronto)
R Cameron (a) (East Toronto)
A Cameron (Canada West, Western Ontario)
AB Cameron (Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto University, Upper Canada College, Yorkville)
AR Cameron (Rosedale)
C Cameron (Law Students of London)
D Cameron (Rosedale)
DG Cameron (Bay of Quinté)
DW Cameron (East Toronto, East Toronto Second XI)
DW Cameron (Nelson)
EC Cameron (umpire)
ES Cameron (Montreal)
H Cameron (Winnipeg)
HA Cameron (Bonaventure)
HJ Cameron (St Marys)
HW Cameron (Montreal)
IH Cameron (Sawbones)
JA Cameron (Public Schools, Rosedale)
JH Cameron (East Toronto, University of Trinity College)
K Cameron (Surrey)
KH Cameron (Canada, East Toronto, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario Association, Peterborough, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
LH Cameron (East Toronto)
M Cameron (Ontario)
MC Cameron (Upper Canada College)
R Cameron (Ontario, Toronto Cricket Club)
RM Cameron (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, Nelson, Old Hundred, Old Hundred Second XI, Sawbones, Toronto, West Toronto)
WM Cameron (London, Ridley College, South West Ontario, Waterloo Cricket Club)
Campbell (Montreal)
Campbell (Barrie)
Campbell (Toronto)
Campbell (Midland District)
Campbell (Forest)
Campbell (Vancouver)
Campbell (Halifax Garrison)
A Campbell (Toronto University)
A Campbell (Alliston)
AF Campbell (Northern Canada, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
B Campbell (Great War Veterans Association)
C Campbell (Toronto University)
CA Campbell (Canada)
D Campbell (Eastern Fury, Nova Scotia)
D Campbell (Alexandria)
DC Campbell (Eastern Canada, Ottawa, Quebec)
DF Campbell (Ottawa, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
DJ Campbell (Manitoba and Northwest)
DQ Campbell (Ottawa)
EA Campbell (Toronto, Toronto University, University of Trinity College)
EH Campbell (Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
FC Campbell (Eastern Canada, Ottawa)
G Campbell (Montreal)
H Campbell (Grace Church)
H Campbell (Great War Veterans Association)
H Campbell (Clarksburg)
HJ Campbell (Canada West, Guelph, Montreal, Ontario, Port Hope, Toronto, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College, Victoria)
I Campbell (Toronto Cricket Club)
JD Campbell (Ottawa)
JF Campbell (Great War Veterans Association)
PA Campbell (Ottawa)
R Campbell (Bankers of Ontario, Brockville)
V Campbell (St Edmund's, Yorkshire)
W Campbell (Great War Veterans Association)
W Campbell (Barrie)
WT Campbell (Alberta, Calgary)
M Cane (Victoria)
C Cann (Ajax Cricket Club)
H Cannell (Halifax Wanderers)
S Cannon (Victoria)
Cantin (Newmarket)
Capel (Canada East)
JL Capreol (Hivites)
SR Capreol (St Thomas)
J Capron (Galt)
J Cardwell (Married of Valleyfield)
PB Cardwell (Single of Valleyfield)
W Cardwell (Married of Valleyfield)
Carey (Mainland All-Stars)
Carey (British Columbia, British Columbia Colts)
A Carey (Upper Canada College Present)
DE Carey (Sherborne Pilgrims, Sherborne School)
J Cargo (St Stephen)
E Carlton (Eastern Canada, Gentlemen of Toronto, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club)
Carmichael (St John)
Carmichael (Pacific Squadron)
P Carmichael (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
C Carmody (St Matthias)
H Carnegie (Peterborough)
W Carnegie (Broadview, Parkdale)
Carpenter (Ontario)
Carpenter (Ontario)
F Carpenter (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
FN Carpenter (Rosedale, Toronto)
HV Carpenter (Canada East)
Carr (British Columbia)
ECB Carr (Portage la Prairie)
W Carr (British Columbia)
D Carr-Hilton (British Columbia Colts)
EW Carr-Hilton (Cowichan, Vancouver)
MR Carrie (Territories)
W Carrie (St Matthias)
CK Carrington (Windsor)
E Carrington (Windsor and District)
Carroll (St Stephen)
J Carroll (St Stephen)
M Carron (Chambly)
Carruthers (Toronto)
Carswell (East Toronto)
Carter (Peterborough)
Carter (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
C Carter (Canada)
F Carter (Montreal, St George's Club of Montreal)
F Carter (St Chad's)
G Carter (Eastern Canada, Rosedale, Toronto)
G Carter (Quebec)
G Carter (University of Trinity College)
H Carter (Ontario Hospital)
HB Carter (Ottawa)
R Carter (St Cyprian's)
S Carter (Guelph)
SC Carter (Northwest Territories)
W Carter (Ottawa, Trinity College School)
WC Carter (Dovercourt)
J Carthew (Thamesville)
K Carto (Canada Under-19s)
AB Cartwright (Alberta, Calgary)
JS Cartwright (Trinity College School)
SH Cartwright (Trinity College School)
Carver (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
WB Carvill (St John's Club of New Brunswick)
DE Cary (RC Matthews' Canada XI)
F Case (Upper Canada College)
RP Casement (McGill Cricket Club, Montreal)
G Casey (Canada, Eastern Ontario)
KC Casey (Toronto University)
RW Cashen (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
G Casperd (Canadian Cricket Association Independent Schools All Star XI)
Cassela (Oshawa)
Cassels (Toronto Bankers)
CC Cassels (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
DS Cassels (Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
GC Cassels (Toronto Cricket Club)
HK Cassels (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council, St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Toronto Cricket Club)
LG Cassels (Trinity College School)
P Cassels (Toronto)
A Cassley (Alberta)
G Castanheiro (Toronto and District Cricket Council President's XI)
Castle (Montreal, Upper Canada)
Cattanach (University of Trinity College)
R Cattle (Ontario)
G Catton (WC Greene's XI)
EMP Caunce (Windsor)
Cave (Calgary)
FCB Cave (Vancouver, Winnipeg)
Caven (Sawbones)
K Caverley (Manitoba)
AM Cayley (Trinity College School)
EC Cayley (Trinity College School)
FW Cayley (Toronto)
S Chadah (Scotia Bank)
Chadbourne (Cobourg)
Chadd (Picton)
D Chadd (Bay of Quinté)
B Chadda (New Brunswick)
FAP Chadwick (Guelph)
M Chadwick (Married of Valleyfield)
TAP Chadwick (University of Trinity College, University of Trinity College Second XI)
H Chafer (Brantford)
Chaffee (University of Trinity College)
Chaffee (East Toronto)
Chaffey (Toronto University)
R Chaffey (Welland)
FG Chalk (Rosedale)
SG Chalk (London)
LC Challoner (Saskatchewan)
RL Challoner (Saskatchewan)
D Chalmers (Quebec)
W Chalmers (Berlin)
N Chamarthi (Scotia Bank)
G Chambal (SNC-Lavalin)
Chamberlain (Mainland All-Stars)
Chamberlain (Brantford)
Chambers (Parkdale)
Chambers (Toronto Sons of England)
A Chambers (City Hall, Dufferins)
AG Chambers (Canada, Eastern Ontario, Ontario, Parkdale, Parkdale Juniors, Toronto)
CE Chambers (Dufferins, Old Country, Parkdale, Parkdale Juniors)
D Chambers (City Hall)
FS Chambers (Canada, Parkdale)
H Chambers (Parkdale)
HL Chambers (Woodstock)
J Chambers (City Hall, Old Country, Parkdale)
J Chambers (F Adams' XI)
R Chambers (Paris)
SAG Chambers (Dufferins, Old Country, Parkdale, Parkdale Juniors)
Champion (Guelph)
A Champion (St Matthias)
Chance (Yorkton)
IG Chance (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
L Chance (Ottawa Valley)
Chandler (Mainland All-Stars)
G Chandler (Brantford)
JJ Chandler (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, Government House, Oxford, West Toronto)
W Chandler (British Columbia)
WG Chandler (Public Schools)
K Chandra (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
V Chandwani (Deloitte, Ernst and Young)
FW Chaney (Saskatchewan)
A Chang (Deloitte, Ernst and Young)
C Chang (Western Canada)
A Channa (Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust)
K Chantler (Montreal)
Chapman (Canada, Canada East)
ES Chapman (Manitoba)
FC Chapman (London, London Asylum)
H Chapman (Oxford)
RHH Chapman (Winnipeg)
T Chapman (Kentish Association)
CJD Chappell (Canada)
J Chappell (University of Trinity College)
JW Chappell (Eastern Canada, Ontario, Toronto Cricket Club)
R Chari (scorer)
Charita (New Brunswick)
F Charles (Eastern Canada, Ontario)
J Charles (Vancouver)
K Charles (Ontario)
R Charles (Army and Navy)
CE Charnaud (Great War Veterans Association, Vancouver)
J Charnley (Chicago, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Junior)
PH Charnley (Alberta, Edmonton and District Cricket League, Kentish Association, Manitoba, White Rose, Winnipeg and District)
HM Charter (Cowichan)
Chase (Ontario)
AV Chase (Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council, Winnipeg)
C Chase (Quebec)
EA Chater (Saskatoon)
H Chattergoon (Canada)
A Chatterpaul (Canada, Canada Under-19s)
Chatterton (Cobourg)
S Chaudhary (Alberta)
Z Chaudhary (Alberta, Western Stallions)
S Chaudhry (Ernst and Young, Titans)
M Chaudhury (Alberta, Canada, Canada Under-19s)
Fa Chaudry (Alberta A Under-25s)
Fo Chaudry (Alberta A Under-25s)
U Chaudry (British Columbia Under-18s)
G Chauhan (Royal Bank Lions)
K Chauhan (Ontario Cricket Association Under-19s)
Cheatham (Halifax Garrison)
P Chegondi (Telus)
A Chelsea (Windsor and District)
K Chenthilnathan (Eastern Fury, Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador)
Cheny (Parkdale)
G Cherrington (Albion Club of Chicago)
W Chesley (Essex County (Ontario))
Chester (Toronto Garrison)
W Chester (Windsor)
P Chettiar (umpire)
R Cheung (New Brunswick)
FAG Chevalley (Army and Navy)
Chewett (Toronto University)
S Chhabra (Ernst and Young, SNC-Lavalin)
EL Chicanot (Ottawa)
Child (Pacific Squadron)
EHD Child (Toronto, Yorkshire Society)
A Childs (Broadview)
Chin (Canada)
Chinnick (Napanee)
J Chipman (Ontario)
Chisholm (Meaford)
AD Chisholm (Oakville)
H Chisholm (Oakville)
HK Chisholm (Oakville)
N Chisholm (Meaford)
T Chisholm (Nelson)
E Chittenden (Windsor)
R Chodavarapu (Deloitte)
H Choehtai (Canada)
G Chollerton (Saskatchewan)
HJ Cholmeley (Military Officers of Canada, Royal Military College Sandhurst, Upper Canada)
H Choudhary (University of Victoria)
S Choudhary (Alberta Under-25s)
R Choudhry (HSBC Bank Canada)
S Choudry (Quebec Cricket Federation Under-19s)
A Chowdhury (New Brunswick)
S Chowdhury (York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto)
B Christen (Canada)
G Christian (Saskatoon)
G Christie (Grace Church)
JH Christie (Ottawa)
Christopher (Northern Canada)
F Chrysler (Ottawa)
DR Chumney (Canada)
Church (University of Trinity College)
JG Church (Hamilton)
JJ Churchley (Nanaimo)
S Cladish (Winnipeg Cricket Association)
W Clapperton (Montreal)
CET Clarence (Nanaimo)
Clark (Toronto)
Clark (Yorkton)
Clark (Pickering)
Clark (University of Trinity College)
Clark (St Marys)
Clark (Chatham)
Clark (Port Hope)
Clark (Belleville)
Clark (Stratford)
Clark (Benedicts)
A Clark (Burlington)
CP Clark (St Marys)
DL Clark (Ridley College)
DP Clark (Trinity College School)
HH Clark (Cathedral)
IT Clark (Pickering)
J Clark (St Cyprian's)
J Clark (Bachelors)
JE Clark (St Marys)
JF Clark (Pickering)
JT Clark (East Toronto, Eastern Ontario, Maritime Provinces, Parkdale, Toronto University)
L Clark (Great War Veterans Association)
LG Clark (Broadview)
LH Clark (Listowel)
LJ Clark (Yorkville)
R Clark (Upper Canada, Whitby)
W Clark (Mainland League)
W Clark (St Chad's)
WA Clark (Westmount)
WJ Clark (Pickering)
Clarke (Canada, Toronto)
Clarke (Eastern Ontario, Military)
Clarke (Hamilton)
Clarke (Whitby)
Clarke (St Catharines)
Clarke (The Garrison)
Clarke (Hamilton Juniors)
Clarke (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
Clarke (Montreal Athletic Association)
A Clarke (Toronto Cricket Club)
A Clarke (Yorkshire)
A Clarke (Lieutenant Governor of Ontario's XI)
C Clarke (referee)
CH Clarke (Westmount)
CJB Clarke (Canadian Cricket Association Independent Schools All Star XI)
D Clarke (Quebec)
D Clarke (Castaways)
DG Clarke (West Indian)
DN Clarke (Canada)
GT Clarke (Montreal)
H Clarke (Canada Under-19s)
HA Clarke (Canada, Toronto Cricket Club)
J Clarke (Belleville)
J Clarke (St Marys)
JAP Clarke (Orillia)
JT Clarke (Parkdale)
L Clarke (Montreal)
LE Clarke (Broadview)
LH Clarke (Listowel)
LJ Clarke (Toronto, Toronto University, Winnipeg, Yorkville)
P Clarke (British Columbia)
P Clarke (Toronto Cricket Club)
R Clarke (British Columbia)
R Clarke (Great War Veterans Association)
R Clarke (Mount Royal)
R Clarke (Married of Bracebridge)
RA Clarke (The Garrison)
T Clarke (Toronto Cricket Club)
T Clarke (Winnipeg)
W Clarke (British Columbia Colts, Vancouver Colts)
Clarkson (All-Comers)
M Clarkson (Canada)
CL Clarrett (Toronto)
V Clay (Ontario Hospital)
JS Clayton (Ottawa)
LH Clayton (Ashbury College Old Boys)
RS Clayton (Vancouver)
CL Clegg (Albion)
E Clegg (Peterborough)
R Clegg (Cowichan)
GS Cleghorn (St James Cricket Club)
A Clelland (Meaford, Stayner)
T Clemenson (Stayner)
Clement (Parkdale)
T Clement (Gentlemen of Canada, Rosedale)
Clements (United Peterborough and Cobourg)
Clements (Rosedale)
Cleveland (Seaton Village)
Cliff (Ridley College)
CJ Cliff (Public Schools, Toronto)
GJ Cliff (Ridley College)
Cliffe (St Marys)
Clifford (Calgary)
Clifford (St George's Club of Montreal)
Clifford (The Garrison)
M Clifford (Canada Under-23s)
A Clift (Montreal Rovers)
I Clift (St Andrew's College)
W Clifton (Alliston)
Clinton (New Westminster)
EWP Clinton (Military Officers of Canada)
G Clinton (Ontario Cricket Association)
L Clothier (Essex County (Ontario))
H Clough (Guelph)
Clouse (County of Simcoe)
DR Clouston (British Columbia Colts)
ES Clouston (Bankers of Ontario, Hamilton, Western Ontario)
DK Clowes (New Edinburgh)
J Clowes (Galt and District)
RG Clowes (Galt and District, London)
R Cloy (Vancouver Rowing Club, Western Canada)
GD Clump (Upper Canada College)
THG Clunn (Ottawa)
KL Coad (Manitoba)
Cobb (Calgary and District Cricket League)
Cobbett (The Garrison)
B Cobbett (London)
DN Cobbett (Nanaimo)
RG Cobbold (Regina)
Cobden (Military)
Cobden (All-Comers)
SR Coburn (Bison City, St Catharines, West St Catharines)
T Coburn (Bison City, St Catharines)
Cochran (Halifax)
Cochrane (Nelson)
TJ Cochrane (Halifax Wanderers)
J Cockburn (St Albans)
K Cockburn (Stratford)
HK Cockin (East Toronto, Nelson)
D Cocks (Hudson's Bay)
A Codrington (Canada)
GR Codrington (Canada)
GW Coen (Trinity College School)
SH Coen (St George's Club of Chicago, Trinity College School)
WHS Coen (Carlton, Chicago)
R Colbarn (Burrards)
F Colborne (Dovercourt, St Albans)
J Colborne (Canada, Dovercourt, St Albans)
Colbran (Oakville)
CR Colbran (Great War Veterans Association)
Coldham (Amherstburg)
A Coldham (Amherstburg)
WW Coldham (University of Trinity College, Upper Canada College)
GR Coldwell (Trinity College School, University of Trinity College)
Cole (Oakville)
A Cole (Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
ARH Cole (Ontario)
J Cole (Moose Jaw)
LAS Cole (Cowichan)
Coleman (Vancouver)
C Coleman (Trinity College School)
CL Coleman (Upper Canada College Day Boys, Upper Canada College Past)
EC Coleman (Seaforth, Upper Canada College)
P Coleman (Albion Club of Chicago)
R Coleman (Perth)
RF Coleman (Seaforth)
TF Coleman (Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
TW Coleman (Stayner)
Coles (British Columbia Colts)
Collier (Eastern Ontario)
A Collier (Edmonton)
G Collier (St Matthias)
Collins (Seaton Village)
Collins (East Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club)
Collins (East Toronto)
A Collins (Western Ontario)
AH Collins (Duke of York Rangers, East Toronto, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario, Ontario Association, Quidnuncs, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto University, Upper Canada, Western Ontario)
HS Collins (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, Parkdale, West Toronto)
J Collins (St Thomas)
R Collins (Prince Edward Island)
T Collins (Oxford)
T Collins (East Toronto, East Toronto Colts, West Toronto)
W Collins (Chatham, Chatham Juniors)
HA Collinson (British Columbia)
JA Collinson (Burrards)
JH Collinson (Toronto)
Colon (Saanich and Strawberry Vale)
B Colson (Guelph Juniors)
JH Colson (Guelph Juniors)
JW Colson (Guelph)
F Colston (Montreal)
Colville (Officers of the 43rd and 8th Regiments)
S Comacho (Yorkshire)
JB Comber (St John's Club of New Brunswick)
JH Comber (Lowell)
C Comer (Manitoba Cricket Association B)
Comley (Edmonton)
CF Comley (Vancouver)
F Comley (Montreal)
GF Comley (Montreal)
S Compey (scorer)
J Comrie (Vancouver Colts)
EW Congdon (Trinity College School)
F Congdon (Toronto University)
Conley (Guelph)
Connell (Napanee)
Connell (Upper Canada College)
J Connery (Hochelaga)
Connolly (Listowel)
Connolly (Midland District)
Connolly (Mount Forrest)
RA Connolly (Montreal, Upper Canada College)
Connor (Hamilton)
Connor (St Catharines)
AW Connor (Berlin Juniors)
Connors (St Catharines)
JH Conolly (Canada)
WL Conolly (Port Hope, Upper Canada College)
T Conroy (Single of Valleyfield)
F Considine (Cowichan)
M Constance (St John)
T Contractor (Deloitte, Ernst and Young)
RW Conway (Okanagan Valley)
JD Conyers (Grace Church)
Cooch (East Toronto)
E Cooch (Nelson)
Cook (Anglo-Canadians)
Cook (Ontario)
Cook (Stratford)
J Cook (New Hamburg)
Cooke (London)
Cooke (Saskatchewan)
M Cooke (Toronto Cricket Club)
W Cooke (Regina)
Coombe (Uxbridge)
FH Coope (Burrards)
Cooper (Toronto, Upper Canada)
Cooper (umpire)
Cooper (Toronto)
Cooper (Bracebridge)
Cooper (Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Second XI)
Cooper (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
Cooper (New Fort)
Corporal Cooper (New Fort)
Private Cooper (New Fort)
A Cooper (Ontario Association, Peterborough, Rosedale, Simcoe and Muskoka, Toronto)
CH Cooper (Ontario)
FH Cooper (Burrards)
FHL Cooper (Vancouver Old Boys)
G Cooper (Toronto)
H Cooper (Saskatoon)
HW Cooper (Bonaventure)
J Cooper (Lakefield)
L Cooper (Ontario)
R Cooper (Clevelands)
RC Cooper (Albion)
RE Cooper (The Garrison)
V Cooper (St James Cathedral)
WH Cooper (Canada, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario Association, Rosedale, Toronto, University of Trinity College)
WH Cooper (Ontario, Parkdale, St Albans, Trinity College School)
JC Coote (Eton College, Officers of the 43rd and 8th Regiments)
Cootes (West Indian)
F Copas (Vancouver Old Boys)
GL Cope (Upper Canada College)
Copeland (British Columbia)
A Copp (Hamilton)
M Coppinger (Nanaimo)
T Copus (Amherstburg, Kingsville)
P Corbett (Deloitte, Ernst and Young)
J Corbin (Canada, Quebec)
P Corbin (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
WT Corbishley (Cowichan)
Corby (Belleville)
J Cordle (Canada Under-19s)
D Cordner (Canada, Ontario)
Corkey (Port Hope)
J Cornell (Parkdale)
AC Corner (Portage la Prairie)
J Cornforth (Stratford)
Cornish (Pacific)
J Corpes (Toronto Cricket Club)
LC Corpes (umpire)
W Corrigal (Cobourg, Upper Canada)
Cosby (Toronto)
FL Cosby (Rosedale, Toronto, Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Juniors)
FL Cosby (Toronto Cricket Club)
L Cosby (Toronto Colts)
L Cosby (St James Cathedral)
L Cosby (Young Toronto)
NW Cosby (Queens Royal Hotel, Rosedale, St James Cathedral, Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Juniors)
R Cosby (Toronto Colts)
CS Cosens (Upper Canada College Present)
WC Cosens (Toronto, Upper Canada College)
J Cosgrain (Windsor)
Coste (Amherstburg)
Coste (Quebec)
D Coste (Amherstburg)
L Coste (Canada, Chatham, Eastern Ontario, Gentlemen of Canada, Ontario Association, Ottawa)
Cottings (West Indian)
RJ Cottle (Canada, Canada Under-19s, Ontario)
A Cotton (St John's School of Infantry)
F Cotton (Ottawa)
HJR Cotton (Victoria)
Cottrell (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
Coulson (Guelph)
Coulson (St Matthias)
L Coulson (Yorkton)
K Coulter (Canada Women)
Coulthard (New Westminster)
JL Counsell (Canada, Hamilton, Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto University, Upper Canada College, Upper Canada College Juniors)
J Court (Canada XI)
Courtney (Ontario)
CH Courtney (University of Trinity College)
Cousens (Collingwood)
Cousins (Essex County (Ontario))
WT Cousins (Amherstburg)
Coventon (Toronto Asylum)
D Cowan (umpire)
HD Cowan (Chatham)
RC Cowan (Law Students of London)
H Cowans (Ashbury College Old Boys)
R Cowie (Brantford)
D Cowin (umpire)
Cowley (Yorkton)
Cowley (Guelph)
Cox (Halifax Garrison)
Cox (Edmonton)
Cox (Windsor)
A Cox (Castaways)
C Cox (Canada, Mount Royal, Quebec, Vancouver Rowing Club, Western Canada)
C Cox (Oakville)
C Cox (JB Laing and Company)
EF Cox (St Catharines)
H Cox (Quebec)
H Cox (Mount Royal)
L Cox (Canada)
OL Cox (Halifax, Halifax Garrison, Halifax Wanderers)
RS Cox (Trinity College School)
WT Cox (Amherstburg)
JC Coxworthy (Trinity College School)
Coyne (Mount Forrest)
D Craig (New Edinburgh)
W Craig (Eastern Canada, New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
W Craig (Ottawa Valley)
W Craig (Ottawa)
Craigen (Phoenix Club of Prince Edward Island)
CV Craik (Defence)
Craine (County of Lanark)
HA Crampton (Ottawa)
J Crane (Public Schools)
Cranston (Galt)
B Cranston (Deloitte, Ernst and Young)
Crarer (Alberta)
Craven (Peterborough)
Crawford (Aylmer)
Crawford (Great War Veterans Association)
Crawford (Benedicts)
C Crawford (Kootenay)
G Crawford (Trinity College School)
L Crawford (Kootenay)
M Crawford (Canada Women)
R Crawford (Canada, Northern Districts Under-23s, Poverty Bay)
Creasor (Owen Sound)
Cree (Canadian and Pacific Railroad)
AG Creed (Ontario, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Creelman (Northern Canada)
Creelman (Collingwood)
AR Creelman (Hivites)
WFW Creelman (East Toronto, Simcoe and Muskoka, Toronto, Toronto University)
Creery (Vancouver)
W Creighton (Upper Canada College)
Crerar (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors)
AH Crerar (Upper Canada College)
TH Crerar (Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors, Upper Canada College)
JG Cresswell (East Toronto, Toronto Ramblers)
Crichton (East Toronto)
Crickmore (Eastern Ontario)
J Crickmore (Upper Canada College Past)
J Critchley (Calgary)
Crocker (Toronto)
H Crocker (Sarnia, Upper Canada College)
FE Croft (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
FW Croft (Canada XI)
GB Croft (Americans)
W Croft (Edmonton)
E Croley (Stratford Juniors)
Crombie (St Catharines)
Crombie (Picton)
M Cromwell (Perth)
R Croney (Quebec)
M Cronin (Canada)
S Cronin (Waterloo Cricket Club, Western Ontario)
M Croning (Canada)
R Crony (Montreal District League XI)
Cronyn (Upper Canada)
F Cronyn (London)
H Cronyn (London)
JLC Cronyn (Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
T Cronyn (Upper Canada College Present)
CJ Crookhall (Kingston, McGill University)
Crooks (Northern Canada)
Crooks (St George's Club of Hamilton)
Crooks (Toronto)
A Crooks (Upper Canada College Present)
C Crooks (Upper Canada College Present)
HA Croome (Saskatchewan)
Crosby (East Toronto)
Crosby (All-Comers)
AB Crosby (Riverdale)
AC Crosby (Unionville)
AG Crosby (Riverdale)
JA Crosby (Edmonton)
JW Crosby (Ontario Association)
L Crosby (Upper Canada College)
N Crosby (Upper Canada College)
TW Crosby (Unionville)
WH Crosby (Unionville)
WS Crosfield (Vancouver)
Cross (Quebec)
Cross (The Garrison)
G Cross (St Catharines, West St Catharines)
W Cross (West St Catharines)
R Crosse (Ontario)
WH Crossfield (Vancouver)
Crossley (Toronto Asylum)
RB Crossley (Cathedral)
Crossthwaite (Cobourg, Old Country, Ontario, Upper Canada College, Western Ontario)
Crossthwaite (Hamilton)
Crossthwaite (Stratford)
Crossthwaite (St Marys)
Crossthwaite (Northern Canada)
Crow (Chatham)
A Crow (Niagara Falls)
HS Crowder (Gladstone)
F Crowe (Border Cities)
Crowhurst (Manitoba and Northwest)
Crowley (East Toronto)
D Crowley (Hamilton)
DG Crowley (Ontario)
R Crowther (Montreal)
I Cruise (Phoenix Club of Prince Edward Island)
J Crutwell (Western Association)
WC Cryer (Cowichan)
Cubitt (Darlington)
C Culham (Oakville)
WR Cullen (British Columbia, Canada)
PJ Cullimore (Alberta, Canada, Edmonton, Edmonton and District Cricket League)
J Cullinson (Burrards)
Culverwell (Toronto)
G Culvilier (Bonaventure)
F Cumberbatch (Ontario)
Cumberland (Montreal)
CR Cumberland (Montreal)
C Cumming (Nanaimo)
G Cumming (Ontario)
Cummings (Halifax Garrison)
Cummings (Toronto)
Cummings (County of Simcoe)
Cummings (The Garrison)
G Cummings (Ontario)
S Cummings (Canada, Hamilton, Hamilton Juniors, Ontario, Ontario Association)
AC Cummins (Barbados, Canada, Durham, Surrey, West Indies)
Cunningham (Barrie)
A Cunningham (Alliston)
A Cunningham (Kingston)
W Cunningham (Calgary)
W Cunningham (Winnipeg Wanderers)
GC Curgenven (British Columbia)
GF Currie (Ottawa)
W Currie (Ottawa)
GW Currier (Northwest Territories)
Curtis (Canada East)
Curtis (Military)
Curtis (County of Simcoe)
F Curwain (Winnipeg Wanderers)
R Cussworth (Kentish Association)
J Cuthbert (Grand Trunk Railway)
Cutler (Berlin)
Cutler (Galt)
J Cutler (Berlin, Galt)
Cutten (Guelph)
Cutting (Guelph)
G Cuvilier (Bonaventure)
Cyril (Prince Edward Island)





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