Australia Players (W)


EAC Windsor (Tasmania)
T Windsor (Horsham)
WA Windsor (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
E Windus (Ballarat)
P Winen (South Queensland Country Colts)
H Wines (Knox Grammar School, Sydney)
Wingrove (Melbourne Medical School)
FW Wingrove (Victoria)
J Wingrove (Newcastle, Newcastle Colts, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
T Wingrove (Kookaburras)
W Wingrove (Hunter River)
S Wink (Coonawarra)
Winkfield (umpire)
J Winkleman (Richmond, Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
Jamie Winkler (Australian Capital Territory)
Justin Winkler (Australian Capital Territory)
CH Winnall (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
MH Winneke (Richmond)
Winner (Australian Services)
G Winney (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales Over-40s)
W Winnicott (Geelong)
CM Winning (Balmain)
CS Winning (Australian Imperial Forces)
NF Winning (Fitzroy)
SE Winning (New South Wales Colts)
W Winning (umpire)
I Winpenny (Charlestown)
CL Winser (South Australia)
J Winslade (Adelaide University)
JA Winson (South Australia Women Second XI)
BS Winsor (Old Boys)
G Winsor (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s)
Winter (umpire)
A Winter (University of Tasmania)
AB Winter (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AN Winter (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
C Winter (umpire)
G Winter (North, Tasmania)
GD Winter (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
GJ Winter (South Australia)
JL Winter (Cricket Australia XI)
M Winter (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
MP Winter (Australian Capital Territory)
N Winter (Tea Tree Gully)
NP Winter (Melbourne Renegades, Northern Districts, South Australia)
S Winter (Sandy Bay)
V Winter (South Australia Women)
H Winter-Irving (Alderley Edge, Footscray Edgewater, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s, Victoria Under-23s)
M Winter-Irving (Footscray Edgewater)
M Winter-Irving (Victoria Country)
J Winters (Raiders)
K Winterton (Victoria Women)
P Winterton (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
B Wintle (Crusaders)
BA Wintle (University)
G Wintle (South)
R Wintle (Scarborough, Western Australia Under-19s)
BJ Winton (Brisbane Under-19s, South Coast-West Moreton)
BJ Winton (Queensland Under-19s)
H Winton (Gold Coast Dolphins)
MA Winton (Fitzroy-Doncaster, Hawthorn-Monash University)
S Winton (Toombul District)
S Winton (Toombul)
S Winton (Gold Coast Dolphins)
P Wirth (Mandurah)
J Wirz (umpire)
G Wisden (umpire)
JB Wisden (umpire)
Wisdom (New England)
SG Wisdom (Northern Territory Invitation XI)
Wise (Hobart Town)
AB Wise (South Australia, Victoria)
AB Wise (Adelaide University)
C Wise (Leongatha Cricket Association)
K Wise (South Australia Under-19s Women)
L Wise (Northern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
P Wise (Northern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
S Wise (Victoria Under-19s)
S Wise (Bankstown Third XI)
C Wisely (New South Wales North Coast)
A Wiseman (South Australia Women)
B Wiseman (umpire)
BJ Wiseman (Western Australia Country)
BJ Wiseman (South Mandurah)
C Wiseman (Randwick)
P Wiseman (New Town)
P Wiseman (South)
Wishart (umpire)
Wishart (Claremont-Nedlands)
B Wishart (Claremont-Nedlands, Claremont-Nedlands Second XI)
B Wishart (Swanbourne)
E Wishart (South)
E Wishart (Richmond)
M Wishart (umpire)
MF Wishart (Prahran, Richmond)
PW Wishart (Western Australia)
SJ Wishart (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
SJ Wishart (Lindisfarne)
W Wishart (Sutherland)
WK Wishart (Western Australia)
J Wisniewski (Tasmania Under-17s)
K Wisniewski (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
GE Wissett-Warner (Western Suburbs)
R Witcher (Victoria Country)
A Witcombe (Old Carey)
E Witheridge (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
P Witherly (St George Third XI)
C Withers (Sydney University)
C Withers (Penrith, Penrith Third XI)
H Withers (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
J Withers (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
JS Withers (Northern Territory Under-17s)
M Withers (Middle Park)
P Withers (Sydney Metropolitan)
P Withers (Alan Kippax XI)
T Withers (Old Essendon Grammarians)
CF Withington (Footscray, Hawthorn-East Melbourne, St Kilda)
R Withoos (Queensland Under-17s Women)
B Withrington (Raminea)
H Withrington (Raminea)
D Witney (Warracknabeal)
B Witschge (Willetton Second XI)
AG Witt (St Kilda)
CP Witt (New South Wales Under-19s, Northern District)
K Witt (Yass)
R Witt (Kelmscott)
R Witte (Northern Territory Under-19s)
A Wittensleger (Bentley)
A Wittensleger (Swan Athletic)
GA Witton (Prahran)
A Witts (Midland-Guildford Third XI)
AC Wivell (Wallsend)
TG Wodak
NE Woellner (University of New South Wales President's XI)
NE Woellner (University of New South Wales, University of New South Wales Third XI)
D Woerner (Northern Territory Under-17s)
JL Woerner (Australia Under-23s Women, South Australia Women)
S Woewodin (Cricket Australia Chairman's XI)
PV Wohlers (Victoria Under-18s Women's Invitation XI)
J Woinarski (Victoria Metropolitan Under-17s)
I Wolfe (Sydney University)
J Wolfe (Daylesford)
MF Wolfe (Western Australia)
O Wolfe (Melbourne University)
T Wolfe (Toongabbie)
H Wolff (Matthew Flinders Anglican College)
H Wolff (umpire)
EG Wollaston (Ballarat)
TC Wollaston (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
WG Wollaston (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Wolley (Tasmania Under-19s)
D Wolseley (Victoria Country)
G Wolstenholme (Hunter Valley)
WS Wolter (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
SJ Womersley (University)
B Wonders (Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
C Wong (Western Australia Women)
K Wong (UTS-Balmain)
K Wong (Balmain)
R Wong (Crookwell)
WK Wong (Australian Capital Territory Women)
Wood (umpire)
Wood (scorer)
Wood (Cumberland)
A Wood (Horsham)
A Wood (Tasmania Under-17s Women, Tasmania Under-19s Women)
A Wood (Nepean)
A Wood (Kingston Saints)
A Wood (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
A Wood (Australia Deaf)
AC Wood (South Melbourne)
ACJ Wood (New South Wales)
AF Wood (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
B Wood (umpire)
B Wood (Southern Districts of New South Wales Second XI)
B Wood (New South Wales Western Districts)
B Wood (umpire)
B Wood (Penrith)
B Wood (Randwick)
BF Wood (New South Wales Second XI)
C Wood (Australian Old Collegians)
C Wood (Queensland Under-15s Women)
C Wood (Ipswich Pioneers)
C Wood (New South Wales Cricket Association)
CC Wood (Tasmania)
CIM Wood (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
CN Wood (Western Australia Second XI, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
CN Wood (Melville)
CN Wood (Fremantle)
D Wood (Western Australia Under-19s)
D Wood (Royal Park and Brunswick)
D Wood (Northcote)
D Wood (Victoria Schools)
DF Wood (North Melbourne)
DJ Wood (Sunraysia Poms)
DM Wood (Auburn, Macquarie University)
DR Wood (Blaydon)
DW Wood (Port Kembla)
E Wood (Illawarra)
EJ Wood (Marion)
G Wood (Northern New South Wales)
G Wood (Beaumaris)
G Wood (North Sydney)
G Wood (St Kilda)
GD Wood (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
GM Wood (Australia, Western Australia)
H Wood (Australia Under-19s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-23s)
HL Wood (South Australia)
HM Wood (Royal Australian Navy)
I Wood (Australia Over-60s)
IJ Wood (University, Victoria Colts)
J Wood (Tamworth)
J Wood (Newcastle)
J Wood (Crookwell)
J Wood (Newtown and Chilwell)
J Wood (Guildford Grammar School)
J Wood (Sturt)
J Wood (umpire)
J Wood (Parramatta Third XI)
J Wood (Queensland Under-17s)
J Wood (Midland-Guildford)
J Wood (Scarborough)
JG Wood (Frankston Peninsula, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s, Victoria Under-23s)
JL Wood
JP Wood (Queensland Under-17s)
JR Wood (New South Wales)
K Wood (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
L Wood (South Esk)
L Wood (Australian Army)
M Wood (New South Wales Far North Coast)
M Wood (Parramatta)
M Wood (Newtown and Chilwell)
M Wood (Gold Coast)
M Wood (Sutherland)
M Wood (South Metropolitan Cricket Association)
M Wood (Parramatta Third XI)
M Wood (Randwick)
MA Wood (New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
MD Wood (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
N Wood (Victoria Women)
N Wood (New South Wales Under-19s)
NA Wood (Australian Cricket Academy)
O Wood (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
OT Wood (Yass)
P Wood (Melbourne Grammar School)
PB Wood (Western Australia)
PD Wood (Nollamara)
R Wood (Tasmania Under-19s Women)
S Wood (Albury and Border Associations)
S Wood (Riverina)
S Wood (umpire)
S Wood (Victoria Country)
S Wood (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
S Wood (West Coast Thunder)
S Wood (Sydney University Third XI)
SA Wood (Victoria Country)
SG Wood (Queensland Under-17s)
SK Wood (Tea Tree Gully)
T Wood (Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association)
T Wood (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
T Wood (Hawkesbury Third XI)
TB Wood (Cumberland, Randwick, Sydney Metropolitan)
TJ Wood (Auburn)
W Wood (New South Wales)
W Wood (umpire)
W Wood (Goulburn)
W Wood (Fitzroy)
P Woodall (Mirboo North)
RM Woodall (Dandenong)
S Woodards (Barossa)
M Woodberry (Tasmania)
G Woodbridge (Penrith)
GA Woodbridge (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
Woodburn (Stawell)
F Woodburn (University)
WJG Woodbury (Victoria)
AJ Woodcock (Australia, South Australia)
D Woodcock (Loganholme)
DJ Woodcock (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
SJ Woodcock (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
Wooden (Singleton)
J Wooden (St George)
PM Wooden (Arbroath United, Carlton, Dundee High School Former Pupils, Hong Kong, New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Under-19s, St George)
WJ Wooden (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
AD Woodford (Fitzroy)
JRH Woodford (South Australia, Victoria, Victoria XI)
PJ Woodford (scorer)
R Woodford (Camberwell)
M Woodforth (Queensland Deaf)
BSA Woodfull (Carlton, South Melbourne)
HTC Woodfull (Melbourne, Prahran, University)
MB Woodfull (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
WM Woodfull (Australia, Victoria)
WT Woodfull (St Kilda)
Woodgate (Western Australia Public Schools)
W Woodgate (Crusaders)
J Woodger (Monaro Cricket Association)
M Woodhams (St Kilda)
T Woodhams (Australia House)
DJ Woodhead (Western Australia)
M Woodhead (Marsden, Newton Aycliffe, South Shields, Washington)
MA Woodhead (Fremantle)
S Woodhead (Rovers)
K Woodhill (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
TA Woodhill (Grange)
Woodhouse (Kalgoorlie (Goldfields Premiers))
Woodhouse (Fancy Dans)
Woodhouse (St Kilda)
G Woodhouse (St Kilda)
P Woodhouse (Richmond)
R Woodhouse (Sydney University)
RE Woodhouse (Melbourne)
S Woodhouse (Mosman-Middle Harbour)
SJ Woodhouse (scorer)
WT Woodhouse (Richmond, South Melbourne, St Kilda)
J Wooding (umpire)
J Wooding (Melbourne Grammar School)
J Wooding (Victoria Country Under-17s)
K Wooding (Nyah District)
K Woodland (Heyfield)
J Woodley (Swan Valley)
MW Woodley (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
P Woodley (North Melbourne)
R Woodley (Northern New South Wales Under-19s)
DP Woodman (Victoria Country)
GR Woodman (umpire)
J Woodman (Coomoora)
RJ Woodman (Valley)
V Woodman (umpire)
FD Woodriff (Nepean)
FH Woodriff (Nepean)
D Woodruff (scorer)
JC Woodruff (Port Melbourne)
KP Woodruff (St Kilda)
L Woodruff (Tasmania Under-17s Women, Tasmania Under-19s Women)
PWH Woodruff (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
T Woodruff (Bentley)
Woods (Royal Australian Artillery)
Woods (Sydney Juniors)
Woods (New South Wales)
Woods (Midland-Guildford)
B Woods (North, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
B Woods (New South Wales)
BD Woods (Western Australia Country)
BJ Woods (Ringwood)
BR Woods (Ringwood)
C Woods (New South Wales Country Second XI)
D Woods (New South Wales Country)
D Woods (Midland-Guildford)
DP Woods (South Brisbane)
E Woods (Albury)
E Woods (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
G Woods (Ballarat)
G Woods (South)
G Woods (scorer)
H Woods (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
H Woods (Williamstown)
J Woods (Western Australia Country)
J Woods (Northcote)
JA Woods (Tasmania)
JD Woods (Willetton)
JD Woods (Fremantle, Fremantle Second XI)
K Woods (West Wyalong)
L Woods (New South Wales Country, Newcastle, South Australia Under-19s)
L Woods (New South Wales Country)
M Woods (New South Wales XI Women)
M Woods (Royal Australian Navy)
MS Woods (Launceston, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
N Woods (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
N Woods (South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-19s)
N Woods (Yass)
N Woods (Southern Tablelands)
N Woods (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-15s Women)
N Woods (Australian Aboriginal Women)
NA Woods (Australian Capital Territory)
P Woods (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
PR Woods (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Colts, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, St Kilda)
R Woods (umpire, referee)
R Woods (New South Wales Under-17s, Riverina)
R Woods (North West Sydney Hurricanes)
R Woods (umpire)
RA Woods (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
RF Woods (Rockhampton)
RG Woods (University)
RG Woods (Goulburn)
SM Woods (Prahran)
SMJ Woods (Australia, Cambridge University, England, Gentlemen of the South, Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset)
T Woods (Southern New South Wales B)
T Woods (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
W Woods (Albert Cricket Club, Armidale)
JJ Woodstock (Maryborough)
Woodward (Newington College)
CH Woodward (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
E Woodward (Orange)
G Woodward (Australian Capital Territory Under-16s)
G Woodward (New South Wales XI)
KJ Woodward (Balcatta)
L Woodward (Port Melbourne)
OG Woodward (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
S Woodward (Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy)
RW Woodyard (Queensland Country, South Queensland Under-17s)
T Woolard (Newcomb and District)
M Woolbridge (Keilor)
Woolby (Bendigo)
AH Woolcock (South Australia)
C Woolcock (Gosnells)
C Woolcock (High Wycombe)
GF Woolcock (Australian Country XI)
S Woolcock (referee)
Woolcott (Manly)
LW Woolcott (St Kilda, University)
A Wooldridge (Queensland Under-19s Women)
A Wooles (umpire)
HV Woolf (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
I Woolf (Crusaders)
LR Woolf (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
LS Woolf (Victoria)
S Woolf (Coburg)
F Woolff (umpire)
CG Woolford (South Australia Country)
G Woolford (Australian Country XI)
TJ Woolford (West Torrens)
G Woollaston (Ballarat)
FB Woolley (Tasmania)
HT Woolley (Tasmania)
R Woolley (Tasmania Under-19s)
RD Woolley (Australia, Tasmania)
S Woolley (South Launceston)
R Woollston (Newcastle)
B Woolmer (Newcastle Colts)
B Woolmer (Western Suburbs)
BA Woolmer (Merewether, New South Wales Country, New South Wales Second XI, Newcastle)
GR Woolmer (New South Wales)
S Woolmer (Newcastle Under-19s)
T Woolnough (Cheltenham)
A Woolridge (Queensland Under-19s Women)
RJ Woolridge (umpire)
R Woolston (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
S Woolway (Queensland Women)
M Woosnam (Western Australia Women)
T Wooster (North Sydney)
Wootten (Benalla)
Wootton (Benalla)
AW Wootton (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
HS Wootton (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Prahran)
JD Wootton (Western Australia Country)
JR Wootton (Victoria)
L Wootton (University)
R Wootton (Richmond)
RJ Wootton (Carlton)
SE Wootton (Victoria)
J Worburn (Illawarra)
TR Worcester (Pinjarra)
CR Worden (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
W Worden (Waratah Fourth XI)
Z Worden (Northern Territory Under-17s)
CW Wordsworth (New South Wales, Otago)
T Wordsworth (Astley and Tyldesley)
C Workman (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
J Workman (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-17s, Parramatta Third XI)
JA Workman (Australian Services)
G Worland (Manly)
T Worland (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales Over-40s)
G World (Collingwood)
G Worley (New South Wales North West Zone)
N Wormald (scorer)
SF Wormald (Nollamara)
S Wormersley (Melbourne University)
Worrall (Maryborough)
DJ Worrall (Australia, Gloucestershire, Melbourne Stars, South Australia)
J Worrall (Australia, Victoria)
L Worrall (Bairnsdale)
J Worrell (Dandenong)
P Worsfold (Western Australia Under-17s)
W Worsley (Tasmania Country)
Wortell (Bendigo)
AR Worth (Sandgate-Redcliffe)
GP Worth (umpire)
PD Worth (Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland, South Queensland Colts, Sunshine Coast Gympie)
W Worth (Royal Australian Air Force)
Worthington (Queensland I Zingari)
Worthington (Midland-Guildford)
AFB Worthington (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
G Worthington (scorer)
K Worthington (Western New South Wales)
L Worthington (Western Australia Women)
M Worthington (Midland-Guildford)
M Worthington (Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association)
M Worthington (Lake View)
M Worthington (Geelong City)
MT Worthington (Footscray Edgewater, Geelong)
PC Worthington (Western Australia)
S Worthington (Rovers)
J Worthley (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
JD Worthley (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
S Worthley (South Australia Under-19s)
W Worthy (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
RW Wortmeyer (umpire)
DS Wotherspoon (New South Wales Country Colts, New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Second XI, New South Wales Under-19s, North Sydney)
K Wotton (Moss Vale)
P Wotton (Balmain)
P Wotton (Northern District)
RCA Wotton (Hawkesbury, New South Wales Western Districts, Northern New South Wales, Western New South Wales)
SJ Wotton (Strathfield)
NJ Wozniak
Wragg (Western Australia Public Schools)
S Wragg (Manly Masters)
J Wragge (Australian Old Collegians)
DG Wraith (University)
J Wrankmore (umpire)
J Wrankmore (umpire)
Wray (Geelong)
AP Wray (Melbourne University, Prahran, Victoria Under-17s)
G Wray (Dapto)
G Wray (Port Kembla)
TF Wray (Victoria)
Wren (39th Regiment)
AJ Wren (Collingwood)
CW Wren (scorer)
H Wren (Candelo, Wagga Wagga)
W Wren (Candelo)
WA Wriedt (North Melbourne)
BA Wrigglesworth (Australian Old Collegians, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Victoria Country)
C Wrigglesworth (Sale)
GJ Wrigglesworth (Bundalaguah)
IA Wrigglesworth (Marylebone Cricket Club, Victoria)
J Wrigglesworth (Maghull, Sale, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
LG Wrigglesworth (Bundalaguah)
ND Wrigglesworth (Australian Old Collegians, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
TD Wrigglesworth (Bundalaguah, Carlton, Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Victoria Country, Victoria Under-17s)
Wright (High Wycombe)
Wright (Inglewood)
Wright (umpire)
Wright (Orange)
Wright (Maryborough)
Wright (Sydney University)
A Wright (Brisbane)
A Wright (Queensland)
A Wright (New South Wales Catholic Colleges)
A Wright (Randwick)
AW Wright (South Australia)
B Wright (Queensland Women)
B Wright (New South Wales Country, Parkes)
B Wright (Traralgon Cricket Association)
B Wright (Western Australia Country)
B Wright (Warragul Cricket Association)
B Wright (Southern)
B Wright (Rockingham-Mandurah, Rockingham-Mandurah Second XI)
B Wright (Westfield School, Sydney)
B Wright (Joondalup-Kinross)
B Wright (Traralgon and District)
B Wright (Imperials)
BH Wright (Victoria)
BJ Wright (Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Second XI, Western Australia Country, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
BJ Wright (Western Suburbs, Western Suburbs Third XI)
BJ Wright (Adelaide Northern Districts)
BJ Wright (Ingle Farm District One)
BJ Wright (Adelaide Northern Districts)
BM Wright (scorer)
BM Wright (Australian Army, Australian Defence Force)
C Wright (scorer)
C Wright (South Australia Under-19s)
C Wright (Yarraville)
C Wright (New South Wales)
C Wright (Gosford and Wyong Under-16s)
CD Wright (Essendon)
CDB Wright (Bohemians)
CF Wright (Coolgardie)
CJ Wright (Melbourne)
CV Wright (South Australia Country)
D Wright (Lara)
D Wright (Cheltenham)
D Wright (Clarence)
D Wright (Sunshine Coast Under-14s)
DE Wright (Western Suburbs Third XI)
DG Wright (Glamorgan, Northamptonshire, Scotland, Somerset, Sussex, Tasmania, Victoria, Wellington, Worcestershire)
DG Wright (Carlton, South Melbourne)
DI Wright (umpire)
DWR Wright (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
E Wright (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
E Wright (Tasmania Country)
E Wright (umpire)
E Wright (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
FJ Wright (Victoria)
G Wright (New South Wales Colts)
G Wright (New South Wales Country)
G Wright (South Brisbane)
G Wright (Newcastle and Illawarra)
G Wright (Balmain)
G Wright (Sydney Central)
G Wright (Kingsley-Woodvale)
G Wright (umpire)
G Wright (Queensland Under-15s Women)
G Wright (Illawarra)
G Wright (Petersham)
GB Wright (Northern New South Wales)
GJ Wright (South Australia)
GV Wright (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
H Wright (Fremantle, Western Australia)
HL Wright (Victoria)
HT Wright (Queensland)
I Wright (Victoria Country)
I Wright (Warrnambool)
IE Wright (scorer)
J Wright (Tasmania Second XI)
J Wright (umpire)
J Wright (Illawarra)
J Wright (Melbourne Grammar School)
J Wright (Clarence)
J Wright (Carlton)
J Wright (Australian Services Cricket Association President's XI)
J Wright (Australian Army)
JE Wright (scorer)
JF Wright (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
JM Wright (umpire)
JM Wright (North Melbourne)
JP Wright (Keysborough)
K Wright (New South Wales Under-17s Women)
K Wright (Balmain)
K Wright (Royal Australian Navy)
K Wright (Manly)
KJ Wright (Australia, South Australia, Western Australia)
LE Wright (Australia Under-23s Women, Australian Capital Territory Women, Tasmania Women)
M Wright (umpire)
M Wright (Victoria Country)
M Wright (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
M Wright (Southern)
M Wright (St Kilda)
MB Wright (Cricket Australia XI)
MD Wright (Metropolitan Team)
MJ Wright (Adelaide Northern Districts)
N Wright (Queensland Country)
N Wright (Southern)
N Wright (Orange)
NE Wright (scorer)
NG Wright (umpire)
OR Wright (Prahran, South Melbourne)
R Wright (Northern Territory Invitation XI)
R Wright (Yarraville)
RJJ Wright (umpire)
RR Wright (South Australia)
RR Wright (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
S Wright (Victoria Blue Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-19s Women)
S Wright (Traralgon Cricket Association)
S Wright (Riverina)
S Wright (Croydon)
S Wright (Wollongong)
S Wright (Glengarry)
S Wright (Heywood)
SD Wright (New South Wales Country)
T Wright (umpire)
T Wright (New South Wales Far North Coast)
T Wright (Essendon, Footscray Edgewater, Victoria Under-19s)
T Wright (Crusaders)
T Wright
T Wright (umpire)
V Wright (Northern Districts of New South Wales, Northern New South Wales)
W Wright (Maryborough)
W Wright (Riverina)
W Wright (Southern Tablelands)
WF Wright (Essendon)
WG Wright (Queensland Under-19s)
WG Wright (Northern Suburbs)
JR Wrigley (Essendon, Victoria Country, Victoria Country Cricket League, Victoria Second XI)
DK Wrixon (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
S Wu (University of Notre Dame)
J Wuetschner (Tasmania Under-17s Women, Tasmania Women)
L Wulf (Victoria Country)
K Wulff (Balcatta)
K Wulff (Subiaco-Floreat)
KR Wulff (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
J Wulffe (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant B)
L Wundenberg (South Australia Under-19s Women)
SC Wundke (Cheshire, South Australia)
WK Wunhym (Collingwood)
F Wunsch (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s Women)
K Wust (South Melbourne)
A Wyatt (Manly Masters)
A Wyatt (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AA Wyatt (Oxford University, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
AE Wyatt (New South Wales)
B Wyatt (Leongatha Cricket Association)
C Wyatt (Municipal and Shires Under-21s)
CL Wyatt (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
D Wyatt (Pulteney Old Scholars)
G Wyatt (umpire)
G Wyatt (Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association)
I Wyatt (umpire)
J Wyatt (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-19s)
JN Wyatt (Casey-South Melbourne, Victoria Under-17s, Warragul Cricket Association)
K Wyatt (Western Suburbs)
K Wyatt (Petersham)
R Wyatt (Manly, Warringah)
R Wyatt (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
R Wyatt (Bankstown and Canterbury)
T Wyatt (Leongatha Cricket Association)
TP Wyatt (Gepps Cross)
R Wyborn (New South Wales Women Second XI)
L Wyche (scorer)
AE Wyeth (umpire)
B Wyeth (Randwick)
ERH Wyeth (Queensland)
GA Wyeth (Gosnells, Wanneroo, Western Australia Second XI)
I Wyeth (umpire)
EF Wykes (umpire, referee)
M Wykes (New South Wales Country Women)
P Wyld (umpire)
R Wyld (Sunraysia Poms)
DW Wyles (North Melbourne)
KS Wyles (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
Wylie (Australian National University)
BG Wylie (Woodville South)
DJ Wylie (Clarence, South, Tasmania Cricket Association)
JD Wylie (Frankston Peninsula, Victoria Under-19s)
T Wylie (New Town, Tasmania Colts)
DR Wyllie (Western Australia Country)
GL Wyllie (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
JA Wyllie (Western Australia Country)
PA Wyllie (Western Australia Country)
PA Wyllie (Halls Head)
B Wyman (Prospect)
GA Wyman (South Australia Colts, South Australia Country, South Australia Under-19s)
Wynd (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
E Wynd (Camberwell)
J Wynd (Bundalaguah)
J Wynd (South West)
J Wynd (Victoria Country Under-17s)
RE Wynd (Victoria Under-15s Women)
Wyndham (Newcastle)
Wyndham (East Melbourne)
C Wyndham (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
H Wyndham (Carlton, East Melbourne, St Kilda, University)
R Wyndham (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
A Wynn (Randwick-Petersham Third XI)
C Wynn (umpire)
GF Wynn (Australian Capital Territory)
M Wynn (Subiaco Marist)
P Wynn (Sydney University)
C Wynne (Ballarat, Victoria)
LA Wynne (Victoria)
L Wythes (Rockingham-Mandurah, Rockingham-Mandurah Second XI)
A Wyver (Tasmania Under-19s)
I Wyver (Australian Cricket Society)
IM Wyver (Clarence, South, Tasmania Colts)
R Wyver (Clarence)
E Wyvil (Queensland Under-18s Women)
E Wyvill (Queensland Under-18s Women)
E Wyvill (Queensland Under-18s Women)
J Wyvill (scorer)
K Wyvill (Queensland Women)





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