Australia Players (W)


JS Wild (Crusaders, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
BD Wilde (Queensland Under-16s, Queensland Under-17s)
J Wilde (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
J Wilde (Crusaders)
JD Wildermuth (Australia Under-19s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Under-23s, Valley)
R Wildes (Melbourne University)
AK Wilds (umpire)
T Wilds (umpire)
Wildsden (Australian Capital Territory)
A Wildsmith (Victoria)
DA Wildsmith (Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
J Wildsmith (Victoria)
D Wildy (South Australia Colts)
W Wileman (Newcastle)
A Wiles (Sydney University)
A Wiles (Swanbourne)
J Wiles (Wayfarers)
L Wiles (Swanbourne)
LJ Wiles (Wayfarers)
RE Wiles (Sydney University)
W Wiles (Broken Hill)
MJ Wiley (Falmouth, Leicestershire Second XI, Prestwich, Western Australia Under-17s)
R Wiley (South Caulfield)
O Wilhelm (Victoria Institute of Sport)
R Wilk (Warragul Cricket Association)
B Wilken (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
J Wilken (Australian Services)
J Wilkenson (umpire)
AE Wilkes (Tasmania)
G Wilkes (umpire)
N Wilkes (Victoria)
S Wilkes (Queensland Under-17s)
Wilkie (Bohemians)
AF Wilkie (Queensland, Tonbridge School)
D Wilkie (Central Gippsland Cricket Association, Yallourn North)
Daniel Wilkie (Victoria)
David Wilkie (Melbourne University)
G Wilkie (Bohemians, Melbourne University)
JW Wilkie (Queensland, Tonbridge School, Tunbridge Wells)
MJ Wilkie (Tasmania A, Tasmania Under-23s, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
R Wilkie (Queensland Country Colts)
RW Wilkie (umpire)
JWS Wilkin (South Australia)
P Wilkin (umpire)
Wilkins (Wagga Wagga)
G Wilkins (Tooleybuc)
P Wilkins (umpire)
P Wilkins (Manly-Warringah)
R Wilkins (Tasmania)
R Wilkins (Tooleybuc)
Wilkinson (Ballarat)
Wilkinson (Wagga Wagga)
Wilkinson (Australian Universities)
Wilkinson (Manly)
Wilkinson (Orange)
Wilkinson (New South Wales)
A Wilkinson (South Australia)
A Wilkinson (Ballarat)
A Wilkinson (umpire)
B Wilkinson (Hay)
CG Wilkinson (scorer)
CJ Wilkinson (North)
DJ Wilkinson (Ashwood)
F Wilkinson (Australia Under-25s Women)
F Wilkinson (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
G Wilkinson (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
H Wilkinson (Dandenong)
JS Wilkinson (Tasmania)
NA Wilkinson (Bundaberg)
R Wilkinson (umpire)
RA Wilkinson (Bundaberg, North Queensland, Queensland Country, South East Queensland)
RB Wilkinson (Victoria)
S Wilkinson (Boisdale-Briagolong)
WA Wilkinson (Victoria)
WE Wilkinson (Melbourne Cricket Club)
AG Wilks (umpire)
M Wilkshire (Northern Territory Under-16s)
B Will (Devonport)
S Will (Petersham)
T Willams (Sale City)
Willan (New England)
A Willard (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
Willaton (scorer)
W Willbrow (Nepean)
D Willcocks (Keilor Park)
M Willcocks (Victoria Under-19s)
RJ Willcocks (Queensland)
CA Willcox (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
J Willcox (Tasmania Under-17s)
I Wille (Molonglo)
W Willesee (University)
Willett (The Ovens)
Willett (Moreton Bay Club)
B Willett (Western New South Wales)
BL Willett (Australia Young Cricketers, Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Australian Schoolboys, Canberra, New South Wales Under-19s)
D Willett (Newcastle, University of Newcastle)
H Willett (Bendigo)
G Willey (Western Australia Country)
Williams (Wagga Wagga)
Williams (Ballarat)
Williams (Maryborough)
Williams (Ballarat)
Williams (Castlemaine)
Williams (Yarra Bend)
Williams (umpire)
Williams (Shoalhaven)
Williams (South Melbourne)
Williams (Officers of the 4th Regiment and Gentlemen Immigrants)
Williams (Bayswater-Morley)
A Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
A Williams (Irby)
A Williams (Tweed District Cricket Association)
AA Williams (Western Australia)
AC Williams (Mosman)
AJ Williams (umpire)
AL Williams (Western Australia Women)
AN Williams (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-19s)
AP Williams (umpire)
AR Williams (Clare County)
B Williams (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s, Tasmania Under-23s)
B Williams (Queensland Country Colts)
B Williams (Campbelltown)
B Williams (Doubleview-Carine)
BA Williams (Australia, Durham, Victoria, Western Australia)
BC Williams (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
BD Williams (South Australia)
BJ Williams (South Australia Under-17s)
BM Williams (South East Queensland)
BO Williams (Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, South Queensland)
BP Williams (Nollamara)
C Williams (Sydney University)
C Williams (New South Wales Junior Union)
C Williams (Northern Territory Under-16s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
C Williams (Victoria Country)
C Williams (Australian Old Collegians, Belmont)
C Williams (Young)
C Williams (Bathurst)
C Williams (Gosford)
C Williams (Sunraysia Poms)
C Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
CD Williams (Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
CD Williams (South Australia)
CH Williams (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
D Williams (Mornington Peninsula)
D Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
D Williams (St George)
D Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
DST Williams (Western Australia)
DW Williams (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
E Williams (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
E Williams (New South Wales Western Districts)
EA Williams (Victoria)
F Williams (Illawarra, Young)
F Williams (AA Mailey's XI)
G Williams (umpire)
G Williams (Queensland Under-17s)
G Williams (Malvern)
G Williams (scorer)
G Williams (Wembley Districts)
G Williams (AA Mailey's XI)
GB Williams (scorer)
GN Williams (referee)
GP Williams (South Australia Country)
H Williams (umpire)
H Williams (Bendigo)
H Williams (Melbourne Juniors)
H Williams (Malvern)
H Williams (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
H Williams (Repton School)
HS Williams (New South Wales Country)
HS Williams (Southern New South Wales)
I Williams (Illawarra)
J Williams (umpire)
J Williams (South Australia Women)
J Williams (Queensland Country)
J Williams (Melbourne Juniors)
J Williams (Geelong)
J Williams (umpire)
J Williams (Ballarat)
J Williams (Sydney Juniors)
J Williams (Benalla)
J Williams (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales Country)
J Williams (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
J Williams (Campbelltown)
J Williams (Strathfield)
J Williams (Australian Transplant XI)
J Williams (Australian Capital Territory Women)
JAS Williams (umpire)
JM Williams (New South Wales Under-16s, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
JN Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
K Williams (Southern New South Wales)
K Williams (umpire)
K Williams (Newcastle)
K Williams (Australian Capital Territory Women, Australian Capital Territory Women Second XI)
K Williams (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
K Williams (Riverina District B)
K Williams (New South Wales Country Second XI)
K Williams (Echuca, Goulburn, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
L Williams (South Australia)
LJ Williams (South Australia Women)
LW Williams (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
M Williams (South Australia Colts)
M Williams (Victoria Country)
M Williams (Echuca)
M Williams (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
M Williams (Manly-Warringah)
M Williams (Ormond)
M Williams (Sydney Grade XI)
M Williams (Beaumaris)
M Williams (Yarraville)
MI Williams (Fairfield-Liverpool)
MR Williams (Australian Aboriginals)
N Williams (Cricket Victoria)
N Williams (Wide Bay)
NJ Williams (Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI)
NL Williams (South Australia)
O Williams (Malvern)
O Williams (Lindfield)
OB Williams (Sydney University)
OC Williams (Victoria, Wellington)
P Williams (North, Tasmania)
P Williams (Victoria Country)
P Williams (Melbourne Cricket Club)
P Williams (Australian Capital Territory)
PD Williams (Victoria)
R Williams (Western Australia Women)
R Williams (Western Australia Women)
R Williams (Broken Hill, New South Wales Country, New South Wales Second XI)
R Williams (Newcastle)
R Williams (umpire)
R Williams (umpire)
R Williams (umpire)
R Williams (Goulburn)
R Williams (Warragul Cricket Association)
R Williams (Victoria Country)
R Williams (Toombul)
RA Williams (North Queensland, Queensland Country)
RC Williams (New South Wales Country)
RD Williams (North Queensland, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s)
RG Williams (South Australia)
RJ Williams (North)
RM Williams (South Australia XI)
RS Williams (umpire)
RS Williams (Crusaders)
S Williams (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
S Williams (Tasmania Under-17s)
S Williams (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
S Williams (Stratford)
S Williams (Leongatha Cricket Association)
S Williams (Australian Old Collegians)
S Williams (umpire)
S Williams (Newcastle Under-19s)
S Williams (Moorabbin)
S Williams (Penrith)
S Williams (New South Wales)
Samantha Williams (Western Australia Women)
Samara Williams (Western Australia Women)
SB Williams (Queensland)
SD Williams (Victoria Institute of Sport)
SG Williams (Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-17s)
SL Williams (Skegness, South Australia Under-19s)
SP Williams (New South Wales Institute of Sport, New South Wales Second XI, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
T Williams (Ballarat)
T Williams (Leongatha Cricket Association)
T Williams (umpire)
T Williams (Balmain)
TG Williams (New South Wales Country, Northern New South Wales)
V Williams (Warracknabeal)
VM Williams (New South Wales)
W Williams (New Town)
W Williams (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
W Williams (Malvern)
W Williams (Australian Indigenous XI)
W Williams (Pennant Hills)
W Williams (Beenleigh-Logan)
W Williams (Queensland)
WE Williams (Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Under-19s)
WH Williams (Williamstown)
WJ Williams (scorer)
WT Williams (umpire)
WT Williams (North, South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Colts)
Y Williams (Victoria Women)
Williamson (Maryborough)
AC Williamson (Newcomb and District)
B Williamson (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
C Williamson (Balcatta)
CJ Williamson (South Australia)
D Williamson (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
H Williamson (Queensland Women)
K Williamson (Victoria Under-19s Women)
NM Williamson (umpire)
S Williamson (Albury and Border Associations)
SA Williamson (South Australia Second XI)
T Williamson (South Australia Country, South Australia Second XI)
T Williamson (Ballarat)
W Williamson (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
CE Willing (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
PC Willing (Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland Colts)
SP Willington (Northern Territory Under-17s)
Willis (Bendigo)
AT Willis (South Australia Country)
C Willis (Western Suburbs)
C Willis (Wesley College, Melbourne)
CB Willis (Victoria)
DC Willis (New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Newcastle Cavaliers)
G Willis (Australia House)
H Willis (Yass)
K Willis (Riverina)
NC Willis (Rockingham-Mandurah, Western Australia Country)
NJ Willis (Grange)
P Willis (New South Wales Mid North Coast)
R Willis (scorer)
R Willis (scorer)
S Willis (Kensington, South Australia Country)
SW Willis (Australia Under-19s, Tasmania A, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s, Tasmania Under-23s, The Hutchins School, Hobart)
T Willis (Riverina)
W Willis (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
WD Willis (umpire)
WS Willis (Sandhurst)
SG Williss (South Australia Country)
AH Willmott (Maryborough)
M Willmott (Keilor)
R Willmott (umpire)
P Willott (New South Wales Country)
AD Willoughby (umpire)
J Willoughby (Tasmania Under-17s)
P Willoughby (Tasmania Under-16s)
R Willoughby (umpire)
R Willox (umpire)
A Wills (Victoria Under-17s)
AD Wills (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
E Wills (Goldfields)
G Wills (Victoria Under-19s)
G Wills (Sydney Juniors)
G Wills (Bendigo)
P Wills (Newcastle Under-19s)
TW Wills (Cambridge University, Gentlemen of Kent, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Victoria)
AJ Willsmore (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
HB Willsmore (South Australia)
Wilmot (Bohemians)
F Wilmot (Hamilton)
N Wilmot (South)
Wilmott (umpire)
Wilshire (Bowral)
Wilson (Victorian Dowling Shield XI)
Wilson (Cumberland)
Wilson (Returned Soldiers)
Wilson (Ballarat)
Wilson (Civilians)
Wilson (Western Australia Country)
A Wilson (Ballarat)
A Wilson (Western Suburbs)
A Wilson (Victoria Juniors Women)
A Wilson (South Australia Under-16s, South Australia Under-19s)
A Wilson (Newcastle)
A Wilson (Newtown and Chilwell)
AC Wilson (Queensland Country)
AG Wilson (South Brisbane)
B Wilson (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
B Wilson (scorer)
B Wilson (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
B Wilson (Tasmania Cricket Association)
B Wilson (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
B Wilson (Australian Old Collegians)
B Wilson (Ormond)
B Wilson (Australian Capital Territory)
B Wilson (Australia Blind)
B Wilson (Australia Blind)
BT Wilson (Northern Territory)
C Wilson (Australia Under-25s Women)
C Wilson (Leongatha Cricket Association)
C Wilson (Swan Athletic)
C Wilson (Ipswich Pioneers)
C Wilson (John Forrest Secondary College and Belfield Senior High School)
C Wilson (Victoria Under-15s Women)
CC Wilson (Combined States Deaf)
CEC Wilson (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
CG Wilson (Otago, Victoria, Wellington)
CJ Wilson (Western Australia Under-17s)
D Wilson (North Queensland Country Under-19s)
D Wilson (Newcastle Cavaliers)
D Wilson (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
DL Wilson (Australia Women, New South Wales Women, Western Australia Women)
DP Wilson (South Brisbane)
E Wilson (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
E Wilson (Albury)
ER Wilson (Australia Women)
G Wilson (Caloundra Invitation XI)
G Wilson (Crusaders)
GA Wilson (Castlemaine)
GJ Wilson (Tasmania)
GL Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Sussex, Victoria)
GP Wilson (Victoria City Colts, Victoria Colts)
GR Wilson (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
H Wilson (Tasmania)
H Wilson (Western Australia)
HO Wilson (Darling Downs, Queensland, Queensland I Zingari)
I Wilson (Sydney University)
J Wilson (South Australia Women)
J Wilson (New South Wales Women)
J Wilson (Victoria Women)
J Wilson (Victoria North East Zone)
J Wilson (North Queensland)
J Wilson (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Wilson (Melbourne Cricket Club)
J Wilson (Leongatha Cricket Association)
J Wilson (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Wilson (Geelong)
J Wilson (scorer)
J Wilson (Sacred Heart Old Collegians)
J Wilson (Victoria Country)
J Wilson (Randwick-Petersham)
JA Wilson (Kalgoorlie (Goldfields Premiers))
JA Wilson (Melbourne)
JB Wilson (Victoria Under-19s)
JC Wilson (New South Wales, Transvaal)
JC Wilson (Western Australia Women)
JFP Wilson (umpire)
JL Wilson (Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria)
JS Wilson (Queensland Country)
JT Wilson (Tasmania)
JW Wilson (Australia, South Australia, Victoria)
JW Wilson (New South Wales)
K Wilson (Australian Capital Territory)
K Wilson (Australian Capital Territory)
K Wilson (Beenleigh-Logan)
K Wilson (Penrith Under-19s)
KC Wilson (North)
KC Wilson (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
L Wilson (South Australia Women)
L Wilson (Illawarra)
L Wilson (Lara)
LA Wilson (Queensland Country, South Queensland)
LB Wilson (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, South Australia Colts)
M Wilson (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
M Wilson (South Australia Country)
M Wilson (Tasmania Under-19s)
M Wilson (Western Australia)
M Wilson (Epping)
ME Wilson (Sydney University)
N Wilson (Australia Women)
N Wilson (Victoria Blue Under-17s Women)
N Wilson (Airport West St Christophers)
N Wilson (Tweed District Cricket Association)
O Wilson (New South Wales Under-15s Women Second XI)
P Wilson (Australia, South Australia, Western Australia)
P Wilson (North East Victoria)
P Wilson (scorer)
P Wilson (Bentley)
P Wilson (Australian Universities)
PVJ Wilson (Victoria Country, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI)
R Wilson (Queensland)
R Wilson (Newcastle)
R Wilson (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
R Wilson (New South Wales Schools Women)
R Wilson (Junee)
R Wilson (Sydney University)
R Wilson (Bayswater)
R Wilson (Randwick-Petersham)
R Wilson (Guildford Grammar School)
RC Wilson (scorer)
RE Wilson (Cricket Contacts Australian XI)
S Wilson (Queensland Country, Victoria Country)
S Wilson (Warrnambool)
S Wilson (Victoria Country)
S Wilson (Riverina)
S Wilson (Croydon)
SC Wilson (Centurions Australia)
SV Wilson (South Australia, Western Australia)
T Wilson (South Australia Women)
T Wilson (South Australia Under-19s)
T Wilson (Fremantle)
T Wilson (scorer)
T Wilson (Scotch College)
TA Wilson (Combined Services)
TG Wilson (Western Australia Country)
W Wilson (Wagga Wagga)
W Wilson (Castlemaine)
WJ Wilson (Victoria)
WR Wilson (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
WY Wilson (Victoria)
Wilton (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
A Wilton (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
AC Wilton (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
GH Wilton (New England)
K Wilton (umpire)
RJ Wilton (North Queensland Colts, North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Colts, Queensland Country Under-19s)
TC Wilton (South Australia Country)
C Wiltshire (Spotswood)
P Wiltshire (scorer)
B Wimbush (Western Australia Women)
L Winch (Geelong)
MA Winch (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
W Winchcomb (umpire)
J Winder (Western Suburbs)
Windeyer (Goulburn)
GD Windley (Sydney Metropolitan)
HC Windley (Ipswich and West Moreton)
CE Window (North Queensland, Queensland Country)
J Windred (North West Sydney)
M Windred (Parramatta)





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