Australia Players (S)


A Small (Victoria Juniors Women)
C Small (Bankstown, New South Wales Under-19s, New South Wales Under-23s)
C Small (South Australia Women)
G Small (New South Wales Under-16s)
G Small (Waverley)
H Small (New South Wales Colts)
HH Small (Armidale, New England)
J Small (Camden)
J Small (Caulfield Grammar School)
K Small (Tasmania Under-17s)
SM Small (New South Wales, Tasmania)
SM Small (Queensland Colts)
Smallwood (Perth)
B Smallwood (umpire)
D Smallwood (Western Australia Under-17s)
CB Smart (Queensland)
CM Smart (Australian Capital Territory)
CM Smart (Yarraville)
CT Smart (Bundalaguah)
D Smart (Burnie and Yeoman)
DC Smart (New South Wales Far West, New South Wales Western Districts)
G Smart (Geelong)
HWG Smart (South Australia)
LM Smart (South Australia)
PR Smart (Queensland)
JH Smeaton (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
GJ Smede (Illawarra, New South Wales Country)
GL Smedley (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
BJ Smee (University of Newcastle)
N Smee (Alberton)
L Smidt (Illawarra)
K Smit (Nevilles and Cecils)
Smith (Hobart Town)
Smith (Richmond)
Smith (scorer)
Smith (The Ovens)
Smith (New South Wales and Victoria)
Smith (Ballarat)
Smith (Maitland)
Smith (Ararat)
Smith (Castlemaine)
Smith (Tamworth)
Smith (Goulburn)
Smith (Victoria Combined Public and High Schools)
Smith (Clare Invitation XI)
Smith (Yarra Bend)
Smith (Hunter River)
Smith (Shoalhaven)
Smith (New South Wales Western Districts)
Smith (4th Regiment)
Smith (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
Smith (Macquarie University)
Smith (Fremantle)
Smith (Mount Lawley)
Smith (Bayswater-Morley)
Smith (Moreton Bay Club)
Smith (Melbourne Cricket Club)
Smith (Wellington)
Smith (Wellington)
A Smith (South Australia)
A Smith (scorer)
A Smith (Victoria Country)
A Smith (Queensland Under-19s Women)
A Smith (umpire)
A Smith (New South Wales Western Districts and Far West)
A Smith (Hawkesbury)
A Smith (Goulburn)
A Smith (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
A Smith (Bankstown)
A Smith (Southern Districts)
A Smith (Bushy Park)
A Smith (South Launceston)
A Smith (Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne)
A Smith (Scotch College)
A Smith (Tasmania)
AA Smith (Manly)
AC Smith
AC Smith (Australian Capital Territory Women, Berkshire Women, Diamonds, Wellington Women)
AC Smith (Tuart Hill)
AEC Smith (Western Australia)
AJ Smith (Toowoomba)
AJ Smith (Australian Services)
AM Smith (Victoria)
AM Smith (Queensland Under-15s Women, Queensland Under-18s Women)
AMJ Smith (Eastern Suburbs, New South Wales Second XI, Sydney University)
B Smith (Victoria Under-17s)
B Smith (Tasmania Second XI)
B Smith (Cairns Invitation XI)
B Smith (South Australia Country)
B Smith (Goulburn)
B Smith (Upper Hutt)
B Smith (North)
B Smith (Rosedale-Kilmany)
B Smith (umpire)
B Smith (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
B Smith (Ipswich and West Moreton)
B Smith (Western Australia Under-18s Women)
B Smith (Queensland)
BJ Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
BJ Smith (New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s)
BS Smith (New South Wales Combined First Grade)
BW Smith (Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Under-16s, South Queensland, South Queensland Under-17s, South Queensland Under-19s)
C Smith (Australian Capital Territory Women)
C Smith (Southern New South Wales)
C Smith (Riverina)
C Smith (North)
C Smith (Tasmania Under-17s Women)
C Smith (Australian Imperial Forces)
C Smith (Manly)
C Smith (Wayfarers)
C Smith (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
C Smith (Toowoomba)
C Smith (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
CG Smith (Auburn, Macquarie University, North West Sydney)
CJ Smith (Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-19s)
CK Smith (Victoria)
CM Smith (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
CR Smith (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
CR Smith (Queensland)
CS Smith (University of Newcastle)
CT Smith (Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-19s, South Queensland Under-17s, South Queensland Under-19s)
D Smith (Tasmania Colts, Tasmania Under-19s)
D Smith (Victoria Country)
D Smith (South Australia Under-19s)
D Smith (North Eastern District of Victoria)
D Smith (Newcastle)
D Smith (Victoria Under-16s)
D Smith (Traralgon Cricket Association)
D Smith (Rosedale-Kilmany)
D Smith (North Clare)
D Smith (Tasmania Under-17s)
D Smith (Hunter Valley)
D Smith (Northern New South Wales)
D Smith (Riverina)
D Smith (Gordon)
D Smith (Petersham)
D Smith (Macquarie University)
D Smith (Tasmania)
DA Smith (Tasmania)
DBM Smith (Australia, Victoria)
DD Smith (Western Australia)
DJD Smith (Queensland Colts, Wynnum-Manly)
DL Smith (Western Suburbs)
DL Smith (Sydney)
DLR Smith (Basnahira Cricket Dundee, New South Wales, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder)
DR Smith (Tasmania)
DR Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
DT Smith (Bonbeach Tangy)
E Smith (Leeton Women)
E Smith (Gympie, Queensland)
E Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
E Smith (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
E Smith (Cootamundra)
EAG Smith (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
EH Smith (Tasmania)
EJ Smith (Tasmania Women)
F Smith (Ipswich and West Moreton, Northern Rivers Districts)
F Smith (Western New South Wales Country)
F Smith (New South Wales Country)
F Smith (Parkes)
F Smith (Northern New South Wales)
F Smith (Western Australia Under-17s Women)
F Smith (Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association)
F Smith (Manly)
FD Smith (New South Wales Far West, Western New South Wales)
FJ Smith (Riverina)
G Smith (Western Australia Under-17s)
G Smith (Bendigo)
G Smith (Australia Prime Minister's XI)
G Smith (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-19s)
G Smith (Castlemaine)
G Smith (St George)
G Smith (umpire)
G Smith (Illawarra)
G Smith (Manly-Warringah)
G Smith (Newcastle)
G Smith (Bankstown)
G Smith (Bushy Park)
G Smith (St Kevin's College, Melbourne)
G Smith (Northern Territory)
GDJ Smith (Queensland Colts)
GE Smith (Victoria)
GG Smith (umpire)
GJ Smith (Southern New South Wales)
GJ Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
GL Smith (New South Wales)
GP Smith (New South Wales Country)
GS Smith (New South Wales)
GW Smith (Lane Cove)
H Smith (umpire)
H Smith (Benalla)
H Smith (Queensland)
H Smith (Ballarat, Geelong)
H Smith (North)
H Smith (Australian Old Collegians)
H Smith (Manly)
H Smith (Goulburn)
H Smith (Cumberland)
H Smith (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-18s Women)
H Smith (Australians)
HC Smith (Tasmania)
HE Smith (scorer)
HG Smith (Victoria)
HGS Smith (Queensland)
HH Smith (Break o' Day)
HO Smith (Tasmania, Victoria)
HT Smith (Darling Downs)
I Smith (South Australia Under-16s)
J Smith (Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-17s)
J Smith (umpire)
J Smith (Queensland Under-16s)
J Smith (New South Wales Under-17s)
J Smith (Rockingham-Mandurah)
J Smith (Goldfields)
J Smith (Tasmania Under-16s)
J Smith (Leongatha Cricket Association)
J Smith (South)
J Smith (Victoria)
J Smith (Gippsland)
J Smith (Gosford)
J Smith (Australian Capital Territory, Southern Tablelands)
J Smith (Cootamundra)
J Smith (Lara)
J Smith (Mosman)
J Smith (Leopold)
J Smith (St Kevin's College, Melbourne)
JA Smith (umpire)
JA Smith (Royal Australian Air Force)
JD Smith (Adelaide Strikers, South Australia)
JD Smith (Beenleigh-Logan)
JH Smith (New South Wales)
JK Smith (South Australia)
JKO Smith (Melbourne University, Williamstown)
JM Smith (Thomson)
JP Smith (Victoria)
JS Smith (Tasmania)
K Smith (South Australia Women)
K Smith (South Australia Country)
K Smith (Hunter Valley)
K Smith (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
KG Smith (Northern Territory Under-17s)
KG Smith (South)
KM Smith (Australia Women)
KR Smith (South Australia)
L Smith (Australia Under-25s Women, International XI Women, Western Australia Women)
L Smith (Glenorchy)
L Smith (Victoria Country)
L Smith (Young)
L Smith (Southern Tablelands)
L Smith (Georges River)
L Smith (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
L Smith (Royal Park and Brunswick)
L Smith (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
LA Smith (South Australia)
LA Smith (Victoria, Victoria XI)
LHJ Smith (Tasmania)
LL Smith (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
M Smith (Victoria Country)
M Smith (Mount Lawley, Western Australia Under-17s)
M Smith (Sydney University)
M Smith (Western Australia Women)
M Smith (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
M Smith (Western Australia Under-19s Women)
M Smith (Warragul Cricket Association)
M Smith (New South Wales Women)
M Smith (New South Wales Western Districts)
M Smith (Tasmania Under-15s Women, Tasmania Under-17s Women, Tasmania Under-18s Women)
M Smith (South Australia Under-15s Women)
M Smith (Western Australia Under-17s Women)
M Smith (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
MA Smith (umpire, scorer)
MG Smith
MH Smith (South Australia Under-17s)
MJ Smith (South Australia)
MJ Smith (scorer)
MJ Smith (Reynella)
MM Smith (referee)
MR Smith (Bentley)
N Smith (umpire)
N Smith (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
N Smith (Traralgon Cricket Association)
N Smith (Southern Districts)
N Smith (South Australia Under-19s)
NAJ Smith (Queensland Country)
ND Smith (umpire)
NT Smith (umpire)
O Smith (Australia Women)
O Smith (Bathurst)
OS Smith (New South Wales Teachers)
OS Smith (Sydney Teachers)
P Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
P Smith (Leeton Women)
P Smith (Goldfields)
P Smith (South Brisbane)
P Smith (Victoria White Under-17s Women)
P Smith (Riverina and Southern Tablelands)
P Smith (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
P Smith (scorer)
P Smith (UTS-Balmain)
P Smith (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
PE Smith (umpire)
PH Smith (Victoria Colts)
PJ Smith (Victoria)
PJM Smith (Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria Under-23s)
PS Smith (North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Under-19s)
R Smith (umpire)
R Smith (scorer)
R Smith (New South Wales Country)
R Smith (North Queensland Country Under-21s)
R Smith (Northam and Country Districts)
R Smith (Molonglo)
R Smith (Cootamundra)
R Smith (South Australia)
R Smith (Sydney West)
R Smith (Pulteney Old Scholars)
R Smith (St George)
R Smith (Western Suburbs)
R Smith (Western Australia Incogniti)
RC Smith (Northern New South Wales)
RK Smith (South Australia Country)
RL Smith (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
RP Smith (Penrith)
RT Smith (Victoria)
RT Smith (Petersham, Sutherland)
RW Smith (Launceston)
S Smith (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
S Smith (Australian Capital Territory)
S Smith (scorer)
S Smith (Australia Prime Minister's XI)
S Smith (New South Wales Second XI)
S Smith (WJ Scholes' XI)
S Smith (Southern New South Wales)
S Smith (Queensland)
S Smith (Sydney Juniors)
S Smith (Bathurst)
S Smith (Alberton Cricket Association)
S Smith (Australians)
S Smith (Bohemians)
S Smith (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
S Smith (Southern Tablelands)
S Smith (New South Wales Under-17s)
S Smith (Northern Territory Under-17s)
S Smith (Sutherland)
S Smith (Lindfield)
SA Smith (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Colts)
SAJ Smith (Victoria)
SB Smith (Australia, New South Wales, Transvaal)
SB Smith (Canberra)
SD Smith
SJ Smith (Victoria Institute of Sport)
SM Smith (The Rest)
SPD Smith (Australia, New South Wales, Pune Warriors, Sydney Sixers, Worcestershire)
SV Smith (umpire)
SW Smith (umpire)
T Smith (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
T Smith (Bathurst)
T Smith (Victoria Under-16s)
T Smith (South Launceston)
T Smith (Geelong West)
T Smith (Victoria)
T Smith (Caulfield Grammar School)
TA Smith (Victoria Under-19s)
TH Smith (Queensland)
TJ Smith (Sunraysia Aussies)
TV Smith (Manly)
W Smith (Goldfields)
W Smith (scorer)
W Smith (New South Wales Country)
W Smith (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
W Smith (Newcastle)
W Smith (Braidwood)
W Smith (New Lambton XI)
W Smith (Essendon)
WA Smith (North Queensland)
WG Smith (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
WH Smith (London Australian XI)
WHG Smith (Victoria Colts)
WJ Smith (Young)
WM Smith (Queensland Country)
WR Smith (Western Australia)
WR Smith (umpire)
WR Smith (South Australia Second XI)
WW Smith (Goulburn)
Smithers (Immigrants)
J Smithies (Tasmania Under-19s)
V Smithwick (umpire)
L Smoker (University)
AG Smyth (Australia Under-19s, Australian Schoolboys)
NW Smyth (Victoria)
TJ Smyth (Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s, Victoria Under-23s)
WJ Smyth (umpire)
C Smythe (Western Australia Women)
D Smythe (Toowoomba)
J Smythe (Newcastle)
WA Smythe (referee)
Snadden (Bayswater-Morley)
J Snadden (Roleystone Muppets)
JNG Snadden (Western Australia Under-19s)
L Snadden (Roleystone Muppets)
E Snape (Hunter River)
R Snape (Fairfield, Fairfield-Liverpool)
BM Snedden (Crusaders)
JG Snedden (Queensland Country)
RJ Sneddon (Victoria Colts)
G Sneesby (Northern New South Wales)
S Sneesby (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
BJ Snelgrove (South Queensland Under-17s)
Snell (Fancy Dans)
D Snell (umpire)
DT Snell (Box Hill)
F Snell (Northern South Australia)
FJ Snell (Toowoomba)
H Snell (Western Australia Country)
M Snell (Mirboo North)
P Snell (Western Australia Under-19s)
T Snell (New England)
FT Snelling (Queensland Colts)
R Snelling (Melbourne University)
M Snelson (Newcastle City)
Snoad (Maryborough)
H Snook (Scotch College)
Snow (Maryborough)
WR Snow (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
T Snowden (Lismore, New South Wales Far North Coast)
W Snyman (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
Soane (Wellington)
Soane (Orange)
M Soane (Barrier Ranges Cricket Association)
A Soanes (Metropolitan Team)
ACR Soden (North Queensland)
D Sokulsky (Newcastle, Newcastle Colts)
M Solanki (Bentley)
J Sole (Leeton Women)
Soley (Bowral)
C Solly (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
D Solly (Western Australia Under-19s)
T Solly (South Australia Under-17s)
P Solohub (umpire)
Solomon (Bendigo)
AB Solomon (umpire)
C Solomon (Sandhurst)
CM Solomon (New South Wales)
DJ Solomon (Bentley)
G Solomon (Northam and Country Districts, Royal Air Force)
JC Solomon (Victoria City Colts)
L Solomon (Northam and Country Districts)
PM Solomon (umpire)
G Solomons (Illawarra)
D Solway (New South Wales Under-17s)
DJ Solway (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Academy, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
K Solway (Northern New South Wales)
M Solway (Australian Capital Territory Academy, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
PJ Solway (Australian Capital Territory)
D Somerfield (South Australia Country)
MA Somerfield (South Australia Country)
E Somers (umpire)
P Somers (Western New South Wales)
R Somers (Western Australia Institute of Sport Colts, Western Australia Under-19s)
Somerville (United Services)
B Somerville (Georges River)
C Somerville (scorer)
DE Somerville (Illawarra, New South Wales Country)
J Somerville (Newcastle)
WE Somerville (Eastern Suburbs, Sydney University)
I Sommerfield (Queensland Country Under-19s, South Queensland Under-19s)
J Sommerfield (umpire)
P Sommers (New South Wales Central Western Districts, Parkes)
W Sommerville (New South Wales Far North Coast)
K Sonegan (Victoria Country)
M Sooter (Royal Australian Air Force)





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