Australia Players (M)


Morrison (Inglewood)
Morrison (Ararat)
Morrison (Bexley)
Morrison (Narrandera)
A Morrison (Williamstown CYMS)
A Morrison (South Barwon)
B Morrison (Geelong)
BC Morrison (Mosman)
BR Morrison (Northcote, Victoria Country)
CJ Morrison (Collegians)
CR Morrison (umpire)
D Morrison (Western Australia)
D Morrison (Queensland)
E Morrison (umpire)
EJ Morrison (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Queanbeyan)
G Morrison (Sherwood State School)
G Morrison (South Australia)
J Morrison (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
J Morrison (Bundalaguah)
J Morrison (Queanbeyan)
J Morrison (St Kilda)
JC Morrison (Queensland Colts)
K Morrison (umpire)
K Morrison (Western Australia Women)
KD Morrison (Boisdale-Briagolong, Bundalaguah)
KJ Morrison (Essendon)
KL Morrison (Gordon)
L Morrison (Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-19s Women)
LV Morrison (Mildura District, Victoria Country, Victoria Country Colts)
M Morrison (Queanbeyan)
N Morrison (Western Australia Women)
N Morrison (South Launceston)
N Morrison (umpire)
P Morrison (umpire)
R Morrison (Armidale)
SC Morrison (South Australia Women)
SCJ Morrison (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
T Morrison (Queanbeyan)
T Morrison (Swanbourne)
W Morrison (Nollamara)
W Morrison (scorer)
AP Morriss (Derwent, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Morriss (Junee)
JT Morriss (South)
Morrissey (Xavier College, Melbourne)
CV Morrissey (New South Wales)
D Morrissey (Carnegie)
GC Morrissey (University)
JJ Morrissey (University)
L Morrissey (Camberwell)
LJ Morrissey (Penrith)
C Morrow (Victoria Women Second XI)
GTD Morrow (umpire)
M Morrow (New England)
TA Morrow (Auburn, Macquarie University)
L Morsch (umpire)
EC Morschel (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
C Morse (Latrobe)
CL Morse (Tasmania)
EGA Morse (Tasmania)
G Morse (North West Coast)
L Morse (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
T Morse (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
W Morsehead (Carlton)
G Morseshead (Victoria Women)
C Morsillo (New South Wales South Metropolitan Women)
D Mort (Wembley Districts)
D Mort (South Perth Third XI)
Mortimer (United Services)
AB Mortimer (umpire)
D Mortimer (Australia Under-19s, New South Wales Under-19s)
D Mortimer (Campbelltown-Camden)
E Mortimer (Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria)
KL Mortimer (Australia Women, South Australia Women)
L Mortimer (Northern South Australia)
N Mortimer (Cheltenham)
N Mortimer (Coomoora)
N Mortimer (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
W Mortimer (Essendon)
D Mortimore (scorer)
Mortley (Newcastle)
A Morton (Alcopops)
C Morton (Yorke's Peninsula)
C Morton (New South Wales Country)
D Morton (Victoria Country)
DL Morton (Richmond, University)
DR Morton (Australian Capital Territory)
DR Morton (University of New South Wales)
F Morton (South Melbourne)
FL Morton (South Australia, Victoria)
H Morton (Richmond)
HGS Morton (Queensland)
HJ Morton (Claremont-Nedlands, Free Foresters Academy, Northamptonshire Second XI, Southgate, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
M Morton (umpire)
N Morton (New South Wales North Coast)
P Morton (South Queensland Under-19s)
R Morton (Sunraysia Poms)
RM Morton (St Kilda, Victoria Colts)
T Morton (New South Wales Western Districts)
W Morton (Married)
W Morton (Port Melbourne)
D Morvell (Victoria Country)
H Mosbey (South Australia Under-19s Women)
C Mosby (Queensland)
AJ Mosca (Sydney)
J Mosca (Sydney, Sydney Third XI)
T Moscarda (Subiaco-Floreat)
L Moscatellini (Crusaders)
A Moschopoulos (Morley)
C Moscript (Victoria Country Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
A Moseley (New South Wales Country Colts)
BM Moseley (Grange)
W Moseley (Nepean)
Moses (Narrabri)
A Moses (London Australian XI)
H Moses (Australia, New South Wales)
J Moses (London Australian XI)
LACAJ Moses (Royal Australian Air Force)
M Moses (Warwick Greenwood)
V Moses (New South Wales Great Public Schools, Newcastle)
JR Mosey (Barossa, Morpeth, Northumberland, South Australia Country, South Australia Country Youth)
N Mosey (Barossa)
N Mosey (South Australia Under-19s)
N Mosey (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
W Mosey (Brighton)
A Mosley (Randwick)
Mosquito (Australian Aboriginals)
Moss (Brighton)
BR Moss (Calmore Sports, Calmore Sports)
G Moss (Northern South Australia)
G Moss (Gawler)
GT Moss (Camberwell, St Kilda)
J Moss (Berkshire, Derbyshire, Victoria)
J Moss (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
JK Moss (Australia, Victoria)
JK Moss (South Australia Country)
JS Moss (University)
MW Moss (Australian Schoolboys Cricket Club, Carlton, South Melbourne, Victoria Colts)
RB Moss (New South Wales)
S Moss (Parramatta)
S Moss (Cumberland)
SR Moss (Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
SR Moss (Redlands)
T Moss (Morley)
R Mossie (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
S Mossie (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
AB Mossop (Queensland Colts)
AS Mossop (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
AS Mossop (Tea Tree Gully)
KLM Mossop (Queensland)
S Mostyn (New South Wales Under-17s)
J Moszkowski (umpire)
DJ Motschall (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
GA Motschall (Carlton, Ringwood)
Mott (Banks and Law)
A Mott (Swanbourne)
MP Mott (Netherlands, Queensland, Victoria)
R Mott (Bentleigh)
RG Mott (North Melbourne-Geelong, South Melbourne)
SM Mott (Netherlands)
SW Mott (Northcote)
J Motta (CATS)
Motteram (umpire)
VW Mottershead (Queensland Country)
W Motton (Married)
N Mottram (Bonbeach Tangy)
CA Motu (Warnbro Swans)
R Moturu (Canning Districts)
O Mouchemore (Mount Lawley)
T Moughanie (Greenvale, Williamstown CYMS)
T Moughanie (Carlton)
A Mould (Newcastle City)
D Mould (New South Wales Country)
AM Moulden (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
Moulder (Wellington)
J Moulder (Guildford Grammar School)
WN Moulder (Bathurst, Orange)
R Moulds (Sevenhill)
AC Moule (Adelaide University)
FG Moule (St Kilda, Victoria, Victoria Colts)
HO Moule (University)
WH Moule (Australia, Victoria)
JB Moull (Australian Imperial Forces)
B Moulton (South Melbourne)
CJ Moulton (Newcastle)
HOH Moulton (St Kilda)
J Moulton (umpire)
P Moulton (Port Kembla)
R Moulton (umpire)
RC Moulton (St Kilda, University, Victoria Colts)
W Moulton (Bedford Morley)
Mounier (Bathurst)
A Mountford (Joondalup-Kinross)
JR Mouritz (Essendon)
F Mouser (Warrnambool)
FJ Mouser (University)
LN Mowat (Sale)
DD Mowbray (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
SE Mowbray (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
JN Moxey (Sale)
JN Moxey (Australian Defence Force, Royal Australian Air Force)
R Moxley (Australia Blind)
SM Moxley (Queensland and South Australia Women)
R Moxly (Australia Blind)
R Moxly (Queensland Blind)
RSS Moxly (Australia Blind)
H Moxon (New South Wales Western Districts and Far West)
D Moy (Bankstown)
D Moy (Bankstown Third XI)
J Moy (New South Wales North Coast)
W Moy (Newcastle)
Moyes (Castlemaine)
A Moyes (scorer)
AG Moyes (South Australia, Victoria)
D Moyes (Fitzroy)
D Moyes (Crusaders)
HM Moyes (Prahran)
J Moyes (Newcastle)
J Moyes (scorer)
JM Moyes (Western Australia Women)
AG Moylan (WT Evans' XI)
E Moylan (New South Wales Schools Women)
L Moylan (Northern Suburbs)
S Moylan (Australian Capital Territory Women)
S Moylan (Scarborough)
TJ Moylan (Essendon)
BR Moyle (Combined Services)
CR Moyle (South Australia)
EJR Moyle (South Australia)
HG Moyle (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
MW Moyle (Rostrevor Old Collegians)
B Moynahan (Hoppers Crossing)
GB Moysey (Western Australia)
R Mrzygloski (Warragul Cricket Association)
A Mucciarone (Midland-Guildford)
A Mucciarone (Midland-Guildford Third XI)
E Mucciarone (Western Australia Country)
G Muchall (Claremont-Nedlands)
PB Muchall (Fremantle)
D Mudd (Subiaco-Floreat Third XI)
N Mudd (Hunter Valley)
B Muddle (Hunter Valley)
B Muddle (umpire)
D Muddle (Queensland Under-17s)
DG Muddle (Queensland)
SD Mudford (New South Wales Country)
H Mudge (Leicestershire, New South Wales)
B Mudie (umpire)
CA Mudie (Richmond, South Melbourne)
J Mudie (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
T Mudiyansela (Bentleigh)
R Mudunkdodge (North West Sydney Hurricanes)
FF Muecke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
W Muecke (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
C Mueller (Bentley)
CR Mueller (Victoria Country Under-17s)
DM Mueller (St Kilda)
MECE Mueller (South Australia)
B Mugge (South Australia Country)
L Mugge (Blyth-Kybunga)
B Muggeridge (Western Australia Public Schools, Western Australia Under-17s)
R Muggeridge (Warwickshire Second XI, Western Australia Colts, Western Australia Public Schools, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
G Muggleston (Defence Department)
A Muggleton (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
B Muggleton (Victoria Country)
B Muggleton (Goodwood)
MB Muggleton (Western Australia)
P Muggleton (South Australia Under-19s)
A Muhammad (South Melbourne)
K Muhammad (Clayton District)
AH Muhl (Queensland)
ME Muhlebach (East Melbourne, St Kilda, Victoria Colts)
M Muhovics (umpire)
P Muhovics (umpire)
A Muir (New South Wales)
A Muir (Australian Indigenous Under-23s)
A Muir (Western Australia)
A Muir (Caulfield)
AH Muir (South Melbourne)
AS Muir (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
B Muir (Bell Post Hill)
BJ Muir (umpire)
C Muir (Caloundra)
D Muir (Caloundra)
D Muir (Australian State Schoolboys)
D Muir (Australian Capital Territory Schools)
J Muir (New South Wales Women)
J Muir (Tasmania Schools)
JD Muir (Fitzroy)
JD Muir (umpire)
JD Muir (Western Australia)
L Muir (Victoria Country, Victoria Sub-District Cricket Association)
N Muir (Clarence)
R Muir (Collingwood)
R Muir (St Kilda)
RP Muir (Kensington)
T Muir (umpire)
T Muir (Campbelltown-Camden)
WF Muir (Victoria)
Z Muir (Swanbourne)
A Muirhead (Castlemaine)
J Muirhead (University)
JM Muirhead (Adelaide Strikers, Australia, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Victoria)
RD Muirhead (Flinders University)
A Mukerjee (Lord's Taverners Newcastle)
N Mukherjee (Lord's Taverners Newcastle)
A Mulcahy (umpire)
AP Mulcahy (Carlton, Fitzroy-Doncaster)
G Mulcahy (New South Wales Second XI)
G Mulcahy (St George)
M Mulcahy (St Kilda)
MJ Mulcahy (Richmond, Victoria Country)
PV Mulcahy (umpire)
C Mulcaster (umpire)
B Mulder (Western Australia)
B Mulder (Bayswater-Morley)
J Mulder (Ireland)
J Mulder (South Perth)
C Muldoon (Mosman)
CB Muldoon (Richmond)
D Muldoon (Adelaide University)
J Mulford (Tasmania Under-19s)
DP Mulhall (Sandgate-Redcliffe)
S Mulhall (Subiaco-Floreat)
W Mulherin (Petersham)
W Mulherin (New South Wales Cricket Association)
WM Mulherin (New South Wales)
A Mulheron (Melbourne Country Districts)
J Mulholland (Bonbeach Tangy)
J Mullagh (Victoria)
NP Mullally (Panteg, Perth, Perth Second XI)
M Mullan (Yarra Valley Grammar School)
CM Mullane (Armadale)
J Mullane (Cricket Shepparton)
A Mullard (Newcastle)
DA Mullarkey (New South Wales)
B Mullarvey (Albury)
Mullen (Melbourne Medical School)
D Mullen (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
H Mullen (Mosman)
J Mullen (South)
J Mullen (Prahran)
M Mullen (University of New South Wales)
MK Mullen (Northern Territory Under-17s)
MR Mullen (New South Wales Academy Women)
S Mullen (Newtown and Chilwell)
T Mullen (Sydney Third XI)
B Mullens (Queensland Under-16s)
E Mullens (Victoria Colts)
JJ Mullens (Fitzroy)
LJ Mullens (Taringa Rovers)
SC Mullens (Sydney)
SC Mullens (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
H Muller (Mosman)
HJ Muller (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Under-19s, Randwick)
I Muller (Highlands)
J Muller (New South Wales Country, Northern New South Wales)
KF Muller (New South Wales Second XI, Sydney Metropolitan)
L Muller (Queensland Under-15s Women, Queensland Under-18s Women)
L Muller (Northern Territory Women)
LT Muller (Geelong, Victoria Emerging Players)
M Muller (Randwick)
M Muller (Toronto Workers Kookaburras)
R Muller (Tuart Hill)
S Muller (Tasmania Women)
SA Muller (Australia, Queensland)
T Muller (South Australia Women)
B Mullet (Tasmania Under-17s)
AW Mullett (Richmond)
DA Mullett (Tasmania)
LT Mullett (Victoria)
S Mullett (Victoria Colts)
E Mulley (New South Wales Country)
R Mulley (Western New South Wales Country)
Mullholland (Brisbane Grammar School)
D Mulligan (Port Melbourne)
JL Mulligan (Australian Defence Force, Royal Australian Air Force)
JO Mulligan (Essendon, University)
M Mulligan (Illawarra)
M Mulligan (Tumut and District Cricket Association)
M Mulligan (Highlands)
M Mulligan (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
MR Mulligan (Collingwood)
RG Mulligan (Footscray)
W Mulligan (Australian Capital Territory)
KA Mulliner (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
AT Mullins (East Torrens, Eastbourne, South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
DP Mullins (North Queensland Under-19s, Northern Suburbs, Queensland Country Under-19s, South Queensland Country)
HJ Mullins (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
L Mullins (Victoria Women)
PJ Mullins (Carlton)
KN Mullner (South Australia Colts)
D Mullooly (Western Australia Under-17s)
DJ Mullooly (Balcatta)
TC Mullooly (Western Australia)
R Mulready (Sydney University)
R Mulrooney (Victoria Country)
A Mulroy (umpire)
P Mulvaney (Sydney University)
D Mulvenna (Australian Universities)
M Mumford (Wagga Wagga)
NG Mummery (Fitzroy)
W Munasinghe (Bentleigh)
A Muncey (Grovedale)
H Munck (Taringa Rovers)
B Munday (Burnie and Yeoman)
J Munday (Tasmania Under-19s)
KM Munday (Tasmania)
WJ Munday (South Australia Colts)
A Mundine (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Chairman's XI)
Mundy (United Services)
AG Mundy (Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland, South Queensland Colts)
DL Mundy (South Australia)
GR Mundy (University, Victoria Colts)
J Mundy (Alexander Thomson)
M Mundy (Western Australia Colts and Country XI)
N Mundy (Mosman)
S Mundy (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
SR Mundy (Hawthorn-Waverley)
W Mundy (Braidwood)
WJ Mungomery (Maryborough)
T Mungoven (Broken Hill)
H Munikrishna (Macquarie University, Strathfield)
AR Munn (New South Wales)
P Munn (St Kilda)
D Munnerry (M Peden's XI)
S Munnoch (Hawkesbury)
Munns (Bairnsdale)
T Munns (Camden)
Munro (Gippsland)
Munro (Moreton Bay Club)
Munro (umpire)
B Munro (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
C Munro (Western Australia)
C Munro (West Torrens)
CD Munro (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
D Munro (Victoria Country)
D Munro (Queensland)
D Munro (Indooroopilly Districts)
FFC Munro (Free Foresters, Hampstead, Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
G Munro (umpire)
G Munro (Gippsland)
G Munro (Traralgon Cricket Association)
G Munro (Traralgon and District)
G Munro (Victoria Country)
GS Munro (Northcote)
GW Munro (umpire)
H Munro (Emus, Emus Colts)
HA Munro (umpire)
J Munro (Darling Downs)
J Munro (Newborough Bulldogs)
JKE Munro (Western Australia)
K Munro (Camberwell)
N Munro (New South Wales Country Colts, North Sydney)
R Munro (University)
W Munro (Queensland)
W Munro (Ballarat)
W Munro (Defence Department)
W Munro (St Kilda)
S Munster (North Queensland Country)
S Munt (South Australia Under-19s)
JLG Munting (South Australia)
A Murabito (umpire)
MG Murabito (High Wycombe)
MG Murabito (Bayswater-Morley)
M Muralidharan (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
K Muralitheran (The King's School, Parramatta)
L Muras (New South Wales Metropolitan Women, New South Wales Women)
G Murat (Balcatta)
A Murch (Collingwood)
BM Murch (Queensland Under-17s)
SNC Murch (Northamptonshire, Victoria)
TJ Murch (South Australia Country)
Murcutt (Combined Services)
A Murden (Keilor Park)
A Murdoch (Newcastle)
A Murdoch (New South Wales Combined High Schools)
C Murdoch (umpire)
FG Murdoch (East Melbourne, Richmond)
G Murdoch (South Australia Country)
H Murdoch (Sydney Church of England Grammar School)
P Murdoch (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
RW Murdoch (Port Melbourne)
WL Murdoch (Australia, England, Gentlemen of the South, London County, Marylebone Cricket Club, New South Wales, Sussex)
A Murdock (Newcastle)
S Murdock (Scotch College, Perth)
CJ Murfet (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s, Tasmania Under-23s)
D Murfet (Tasmania Under-19s)
JI Murfett (Tasmania)
P Murfett (South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
J Murgatroyd (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
J Murison (umpire)
M Murn (Australian Capital Territory)
CJ Murnain (Western Suburbs)
AJ Murnane (Western Suburbs)
AL Murnane (Queensland Women)
R Murnane (Australian Old Collegians)
Murphy (Subiaco-Floreat)
Murphy (Bendigo)
Murphy (St Kevin's College, Melbourne)
Murphy (Army and Navy Officers)
Murphy (Coburg)
A Murphy
A Murphy (South Queensland Under-19s)
A Murphy (New South Wales Cricket Association)
A Murphy (Auburn, Parramatta)
A Murphy (Subiaco-Floreat)
A Murphy (Spotswood)
A Murphy (Scarborough)
AE Murphy (South Brisbane)
AE Murphy (Northern Suburbs)
AJ Murphy (Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Second XI, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
AT Murphy (Parramatta Third XI)
AW Murphy (umpire)
B Murphy (Australian Sports Gateway XI)
B Murphy (Redlands)
B Murphy (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
BC Murphy (Queanbeyan)
BF Murphy (Melbourne University, University)
BJ Murphy (Queensland Country, South Queensland, South Queensland Country)
C Murphy (Junee)
D Murphy (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
D Murphy (Sutherland)
D Murphy (Morwell)
D Murphy (Keira)
D Murphy (Balgownie)
D Murphy (Illawarra)
DA Murphy (Coomera Hope Island)
DJ Murphy (Australia Under-19s, New South Wales Under-17s, New South Wales Under-19s, New South Wales Under-23s)
DJ Murphy (Boisdale-Briagolong)
DJ Murphy (Boisdale-Briagolong)
DP Murphy (Boisdale-Briagolong)
E Murphy (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
E Murphy (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
E Murphy (Victoria Under-15s Women)
EJ Murphy (Western Australia Women)
F Murphy (Junee)
FR Murphy (Bohemians)
FT Murphy (North Melbourne)
FV Murphy (Queensland)
G Murphy (Leongatha Cricket Association)
G Murphy (Sutherland)
GR Murphy (North Queensland Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s)
H Murphy (New South Wales Central Coast)
J Murphy (Crusaders, St Kilda, Victoria Country, Victoria Under-19s)
J Murphy (Swan Richards XI)
J Murphy (Richmond)
JJ Murphy (New South Wales)
JL Murphy (Kensington)
JT Murphy (umpire)
K Murphy (South Australia Second XI)
K Murphy (South Australia Under-17s Women, South Australia Under-19s Women)
K Murphy (Toombul, Toombul District)
K Murphy (Melville Third XI)
KW Murphy (Footscray)
L Murphy (North, North-West Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania Country)
L Murphy (Penrith)
L Murphy (Collingwood, Yarraville)
LJ Murphy (Melbourne University, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-19s)
LJ Murphy (Prahran)
M Murphy (Wurruk)
M Murphy (Alberton Cricket Association)
M Murphy (Yarraville)
M Murphy (Subiaco Marist)
M Murphy (Australian Capital Territory Colts)
M Murphy (Great Boulder)
M Murphy (Queensland Under-15s Women, Queensland Under-18s Women)
M Murphy (Warrnambool Cricket Association)
MA Murphy (Victoria)
MJ Murphy (Melbourne University, Victoria Under-17s)
MR Murphy (Maffra)
N Murphy (Goulburn, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
N Murphy (Riverina)
N Murphy (Western Australia Country)
N Murphy (Hannans)
N Murphy (Victoria Metropolitan Under-17s, Victoria Metropolitan Under-19s)
NM Murphy (Warrnambool Cricket Association)
P Murphy (Riverina)
P Murphy (Burwood Briars)
P Murphy (Randwick)
R Murphy (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
R Murphy (Wanderers)
R Murphy (Northern Districts Cricket Club)
RP Murphy (Northern Territory)
S Murphy (Clarence)
S Murphy (umpire)
S Murphy (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
SD Murphy (South Perth)
T Murphy (North Melbourne, Williamstown, Yarraville)
T Murphy (Victoria Country Under-17s)
TJ Murphy (Riverina)
W Murphy (Toowoomba)
DP Murphy Junior (Boisdale-Briagolong)
Murray (Candelo)
Murray (Ararat)
Murray (Crusaders)
AW Murray (Victoria)
B Murray (Tasmania Under-16s, Tasmania Under-19s)
B Murray (Alberton Cricket Association)
B Murray (Western Australia Under-19s)
B Murray (University)
C Murray (Bayswater-Morley, Clifton, Darcy Lever, Monton and Weaste)
C Murray (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
C Murray (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-15s Women)
C Murray (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-18s Women)
D Murray (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
DB Murray (Australian Old Collegians, Queensland)
DH Murray (Williamstown)
E Murray (Morley)
EM Murray (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
F Murray (Geelong)
FR Murray (Western Australia Public Schools)
G Murray (Ballarat)
G Murray (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
G Murray (Australian Capital Territory)
G Murray (Camberwell)
GI Murray (Western Australia)
GJ Murray (Footscray, St Kilda, University, Victoria Second XI)
GW Murray (Prahran, University)
H Murray (Warnambool)
HP Murray (Northern Suburbs, Queensland Under-16s, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
HP Murray (Valley)
HP Murray (Western Suburbs)
HT Murray (West Torrens)
J Murray (Ballarat)
J Murray (New South Wales Country, Orange)
J Murray (Hunter Valley)
J Murray (Newcomb and District)
J Murray (North Beach)
J Murray (Melbourne)
JR Murray (Mosman)
JT Murray (South Australia)
JW Murray (Melville)
L Murray (Leopold)
LK Murray (Royal Automobile Club of Australia)
M Murray (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Queanbeyan)
M Murray (Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne)
M Murray (Indooroopilly Districts)
MD Murray (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
N Murray (Lindfield)
N Murray (umpire)
N Murray (University of Tasmania)
NE Murray (Tasmania)
O Murray (Manly Waratahs)
P Murray (Sydney University)
P Murray (Hoppers Crossing)
PB Murray (Melbourne University)
PR Murray (Footscray, Footscray Edgewater)
R Murray (New South Wales)
R Murray (North Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-17s)
R Murray (Gordon)
R Murray (Williamstown)
R Murray (umpire)
R Murray (Hawkesbury)
S Murray (Melbourne Grammar School)
T Murray (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
T Murray (North East Victoria Country)
T Murray (Kingborough)
TC Murray (Australian Old Collegians, St Kilda, University)
TJ Murray (Ballarat)
TM Murray (Richmond)
W Murray (Bendigo)
W Murray (Bendigo)
W Murray (umpire)
W Murray (Shoalhaven)
WA Murray (New South Wales Country, Sydney Metropolitan)
WS Murray (Glenorchy, South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association, Tasmania, Tasmania Cricket Association)
WWB Murray (Victoria)
AP Murree (Havant, Queensland Country, South Queensland)
C Murree (Sunshine Coast)
CM Murree (Queensland Country, South Queensland)
R Murree (Queensland Country Development Squad)
J Murrell (Burnie and Yeoman)
S Murrell (Hunter Valley, Illawarra)
S Murrell (North Suburban Community Cricket Association)
T Murrowood (Melbourne)
Murtagh (Essendon)
AJ Murtagh (Dynnyrne)
T Murtagh (Eastern Suburbs)
B Murton (umpire)
H Murty (Bohemians, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
W Murty (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
D Murugavel (Royal Australian Navy)
CA Muscat (South Australia Under-15s Women)
M Muscat (Australia Blind)
M Muscat (Queensland Blind)
PL Muscat (North Melbourne, Victoria Sub-District Cricket Association)
GJ Musch (umpire)
LD Musch (umpire)
MT Musch (umpire)
S Musgrave (Eastern Suburbs)
Musgrove (Ballarat)
A Musgrove (East Melbourne)
CWJ Musgrove (Essendon)
F Musgrove (East Melbourne, Fremantle, University, Western Australia)
HA Musgrove (Australia, Victoria)
J Musgrove (South Australia)
T Musovic (South Launceston)
P Muspratt (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
PW Muspratt (Australian Capital Territory, Fiji Invitation XI, North Queensland Colts, Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts, Valley)
AG Mussabini (Melbourne Cricket Club)
J Mussared (umpire)
P Must (Melbourne)
B Mustard (Applecross)
J Musumeci (North Queensland Under-19s)
AC Mutch (Collingwood)
S Mutch (South Queensland)
SD Mutch (Wollongong)
T Muthanna (University of New South Wales)
K Mutimer (Waverley)
S Mutpuri (Canning Districts)
HJC Mutton (South Australia)
J Mutton (Victoria Country)
MJ Mutton (South Australia Country)
R Myall (Druids)
WH Mycroft (Williamstown)
G Myer (umpire)
R Myer (Metropolitan Team)
C Myers (Newcastle)
C Myers (Carlton)
D Myers (Australian Capital Territory)
J Myers (Clarence River Association)
JB Myers (New South Wales School Teachers, New South Wales Teachers)
R Myers (Scots College, Sydney Old Boys)
JN Myerscough (Northcote)
M Myerson (Mackay)
MD Myerson (South Queensland Under-17s)
EB Myles (Northcote)
D Mylius (Northern Territory Under-17s)
GV Mylius (Melbourne)
CP Mylne (Queensland Schoolboys 15s, Queensland Under-16s)
CP Mylne (Wynnum-Manly)
TH Mylne (Balliol College, Oxford)
B Mynott (Boisdale-Briagolong)
D Myors (Willetton Second XI)
D Myors (Willetton)
Myrtle (New South Wales)
T Mzungu (South Perth Third XI)





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