Australia Players (M)


A Maan (Moorabbin Park)
JV Maartensz (Carlton)
E Maasepp (Pennant Hills)
AJ Mabb (Sandgate-Redcliffe)
RW Maben (Queensland Country, South East Queensland Country, South Queensland, South Queensland Country)
A Maber (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
TD Mableson (Adelaide University)
B Mabon (Hay)
T Mabon (Hay)
V Mabon (Hay)
A McAdam (Northern Territory)
B McAdam (Queensland Under-16s)
R McAdam (Hawksburn, Malvern)
RB Macafee (St Kilda)
J McAfferey (Australian Imperial Forces)
WIF Macala (umpire)
McAlister (Goulburn)
AR McAlister (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
H Macalister (Gippsland)
J McAlister
J McAlister (Richmond)
JC McAlister (Australia Blind)
PA McAlister (Australia, Victoria, Victoria XI)
C McAllan (Derwent)
C McAllen (Tasmania)
McAllester (Bairnsdale)
MT McAllion (St Kilda)
DE McAllister (South Australia)
L McAllister (Goulburn)
R McAllister (Queensland Under-19s)
R McAllister (Goulburn)
S McAllister (Flinders University)
M McAlloon
McAlpin (Singleton)
IK McAlpin (Cairns, North Queensland)
J McAlpin (Northern Districts of New South Wales)
McAlpine (Newcastle)
CF McAlpine (Dandenong)
E McAlpine (New England)
J McAlpine (Maitland, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
McAndrew (Oxley College)
A McAndrew (Sydney Thunder)
D McAndrew (umpire)
D McAndrew (umpire)
D McAndrew (umpire)
D McAndrew (umpire)
J McAndrew (Moss Vale)
JW McAndrew (Queensland)
NJ McAndrew (Auckland, Sydney Thunder)
S McAndrew (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
P McAninly (Gippsland, Victoria Country)
PA McAnulty (Bendigo, Sandhurst)
a McArdle (Long Plains)
BJ McArdle (Staffordshire, Victoria)
JA McArdle (Long Plains)
SM McArdle (Long Plains)
T McArdle (Long Plains)
AJ McAree (Richmond)
F McAree (University)
A McArthur (Royal Australian Artillery)
A McArthur (Imlay)
C McArthur (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
C McArthur (Georges River)
C McArthur (St George Third XI)
D McArthur (South Australia Colts)
M McArthur (St George Third XI)
N McArthur (Murray-Goulburn)
R McArthur (Victoria Country)
WGS McArthur (Geelong)
CG Macartney (Australia, New South Wales, Otago)
TM Macartney (Essendon)
G Macaulay (Bathurst)
J Macaulay (umpire)
M Macaulay (Traralgon Cricket Association)
M Macaulay (Rovers)
M Macaulay (Traralgon and District)
R Macaulay (Western Australia)
Macauley (Geelong)
B Macauley (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
B McAuley (Beenleigh-Logan)
RE Macauley (Fremantle)
A McAuliffe (umpire)
N McAuliffe (Valley)
KJ McAullay (Western Australia)
G McAulley (umpire)
A McAusland (umpire)
RC Macaw (University, Waverley)
D McBarron (Hay)
McBean (Richmond)
A McBeath (New South Wales, South Australia)
A McBeath (New South Wales Colts)
A McBride (scorer)
AJ McBride (Essendon, Footscray Edgewater)
D McBride (Applecross)
M McBride (Tracy Village Fourth XI)
S McBride (Tasmania Under-19s)
SB McBride (Gold Coast Dolphins)
T McBride (Swan Athletic)
JPR McBryde (North Queensland Colts, South Queensland)
C McBurney (Casino and Kyogle)
G McBurney (Bentleigh)
GB McBurney (Victoria XI, Waverley)
IB McBurney (North Melbourne)
B McCabe (Southern New South Wales)
C McCabe (scorer)
C McCabe (Sunshine Coast)
CJ McCabe (Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-19s)
DJ McCabe (Queensland Country Development Squad, South Queensland)
J McCabe (Cowra)
LE McCabe (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Far West, New South Wales Second XI, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
P McCabe (Imlay)
R McCabe (New South Wales Southern Colts)
R McCabe (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
S McCabe (St George)
SJ McCabe (Australia, New South Wales)
SM McCabe (New South Wales Central Coast)
JD McCabe Doyle (South Melbourne)
A McCafferey (Western Suburbs)
J McCafferty (South Australia)
A McCaffery (Pennant Hills, Western Suburbs)
VW McCaffery (New South Wales)
McCaffrey (Wollongong)
A McCaffrey (Pennant Hills)
A McCaffrey (Sydney Shires XI)
A McCaffrey (Western Suburbs)
E McCaffrey (Sydney University)
J McCaffrey (Armidale)
MF McCaffrey (Queensland)
B McCaig (Coolamon-Ganmain)
E McCaig (Coolamon-Ganmain)
W McCaig (New South Wales Country)
A McCall (Burnie and Yeoman)
A McCall (Kew)
AJ McCall (Willetton)
CT McCall (Essendon)
L McCall (umpire)
RW McCall (Collingwood)
W McCall (Australians)
McCallister (Caulfield Grammar School)
McCallum (Narrabri)
McCallum (N Bergin's Tasmanian XI)
G McCallum (Hoppers Crossing)
GC McCallum (South Australia Country)
J McCallum (Tasmania Colts)
J McCallum (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
JR McCallum (Eastern Suburbs)
R MacCallum (Hunter Valley)
S McCallum (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
NJ McCallum-Toomey (Manly-Warringah Third XI)
GP McCambley (Melbourne)
AW McCammond (Footscray, Footscray Edgewater, Footscray-Victoria University)
A McCann (Darwin Fourth XI)
B McCann (Southern New South Wales)
CI McCann (North Melbourne)
CJ McCann (umpire)
DI McCann (Melbourne)
F McCann (Auburn)
FD McCann
J McCann (New South Wales Under-17s)
J McCann (Fairfield-Liverpool Third XI)
L McCann (scorer)
L McCann (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
P McCann (umpire)
PS McCann (Illawarra, Southern New South Wales, Southern Tablelands)
R McCann (New South Wales Schools Women)
R McCann (Auburn)
R McCann (Lara)
SE McCann (University of New South Wales)
T McCann (Geelong)
T McCann (Fitzroy)
TR McCann (Northern Territory, Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
G McCanna (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
R McCard (Northern Territory Under-19s)
G McCarron (umpire)
HR McCarron (Northcote)
J McCarron (Beenleigh-Logan)
J McCarron (Ipswich-Logan)
AD McCartan (Tuart Hill)
McCarten (Murray-Goulburn)
IR McCarten (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
McCarthy (Australian Capital Territory)
McCarthy (Adelaide)
McCarthy (Australian Old Collegians)
A McCarthy (Bathurst)
BJ McCarthy (Randwick-Petersham)
C McCarthy (New South Wales Schools Women, New South Wales Under-19s Women, New South Wales Women Second XI)
C McCarthy (Western Australia Women)
C McCarthy (Tuart Hill)
CR McCarthy (Footscray, North Melbourne, Victoria Under-19s)
D McCarthy (Coburg, Fitzroy)
E McCarthy (Northern District)
ERJ McCarthy
F McCarthy (New England)
G McCarthy (Clare County)
J McCarthy (Melbourne Juniors, Port Melbourne, Victoria Juniors)
J McCarthy (New South Wales Country)
J McCarthy (Melbourne)
JE McCarthy (Queensland)
JE McCarthy (Sale)
JR McCarthy
KE McCarthy (Queensland Under-17s Women, Queensland Women Second XI)
KJ McCarthy (South Australia)
L McCarthy (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
L McCarthy (Melbourne Cricket Club)
LJ McCarthy (South Queensland Under-19s)
M McCarthy (Australia Blind)
M McCarthy (Spotswood)
MJ McCarthy (Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne Cricket Club XXIX Club, Victoria Colts)
MPL McCarthy (North Melbourne)
R McCarthy (Footscray)
RCAM McCarthy (Victoria, Yorkshire Cricket Board)
S McCarthy (Northern Territory Invitation XI)
S McCarthy (Toowoomba)
SD McCarthy (Queensland Country)
T McCarthy (Ryde Hunters Hill Over-40s)
T McCarthy (Port Melbourne)
TL McCarthy (St Kilda)
M McCarthy-Adams (Unley)
G McCartin (Blacktown, Blacktown Third XI)
G McCartin (New South Wales Under-17s)
G McCartin (Blacktown Third XI)
McCartney (umpire)
C McCartney (Victoria)
H McCartney (Auburn)
M McCartney (New South Wales Country)
KV McCarty (Australian Capital Territory, Southern New South Wales)
MJ McCarty (Essendon)
RV McCarty (umpire)
AD McCashney (Queensland Country, South Queensland Under-19s)
AJ McCashney (George Town)
K McCasker (Queensland Metropolitan Colts)
RD McCasker (South East Queensland)
D McCaskil (South Australia Blind)
S McCaskill (Victoria Country Under-17s)
TC McCaskill (Carlton)
McCaughey (Geelong Grammar School)
A McCauley (Australia Women, South Australia Women)
BV McCauley (New South Wales)
G McCauley (Port Kembla)
J McCauley (umpire)
K McCauley (umpire)
H McCausland (Victoria Colts)
G McCavana (umpire)
H McCaw (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
R McCaw (Victoria Universities)
W McCheane (Illawarra)
DC McClean (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
MD McClean (Camberwell Magpies, Frankston Peninsula)
MG McClean (umpire)
M McClear (Victoria Country)
McCleery (Maffra)
J McClellan (Queensland Academy of Sport)
AR McClelland (Northern Suburbs)
J McClelland (St Joseph's College, Nudgee)
J McClelland (Caulfield Grammar School)
JA McClelland (Australia Under-19s, Grappenhall, Northern Suburbs, Queensland Under-17s, Queensland Under-19s)
LJ McClelland (North Melbourne)
SR McClelland (North Brisbane Under-19s)
B McClements (Northcote)
McClenaghan (Armidale)
McCleod (Illawarra)
B McClintock (Sydney)
BR McClintock (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Academy, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s, Newcastle)
BR McClintock (New South Wales Under-23s)
F McClintock (Australia Women)
H McClintock (West Wyalong)
V McClintock (Southern Tablelands)
V McClintock (West Wyalong)
RH McCloskey (umpire)
McClosky (Stawell)
RA McCloy (Queensland Under-19s, Tweed District Cricket Association)
WSS McCloy (New South Wales, Queensland)
S McClumpha (Coburg)
McClure (Melville)
CHD McClure (Northern Territory)
D McClure (Northern Territory)
N McClure (Australian Capital Territory)
R McClure (Wembley Districts)
M McCoach (Rastrick)
McColl (umpire)
McColl (Bendigo)
AG McColl (Queensland Country)
D McColl (Australian Old Collegians)
D McColl (Port Melbourne)
D McColl (Fitzroy)
G McColl (Northcote)
L Mc Coll (Port Adelaide)
S McColl (Carlton)
W McColl (Collingwood)
C McComb (St George)
C McComb (Waverley)
CA McComb (New South Wales Under-19s)
CI McComb (New South Wales Under-17s)
LH McComb (Hawthorn-Monash University)
R McConachy (Geelong West)
A McConchie (Richmond)
JR McConchie (Richmond)
McConkey (Bendigo)
AR McConnell (Ringwood)
BJ McConnell (Footscray)
EJ McConnell (Queensland Colts)
G McConnell (East Melbourne)
I McConnell (Riverina)
JG McConnell (Essendon)
PJ McConnell (umpire)
F McConnon (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
G McConville (New South Wales Women)
J McConville (Australian State Schoolboys)
J McConville (Australian Capital Territory Schools)
LJ McConville (Carlton)
M McCooey (New South Wales Women)
R McCooey (New South Wales Women)
SM McCooke (Victoria)
CL McCool (Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Somerset)
R McCool (Gordon)
CA McCoombe (Queensland)
R McCoombes (Queensland Under-17s Women, Queensland Under-19s Women)
AA McCorkell (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
ES McCorkell (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
SH McCorkell (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
McCormack (Coolgardie)
McCormack (Goulburn)
McCormack (Moss Vale)
McCormack (Australian Public Schools)
A McCormack (Leeton)
A McCormack (Manifold Heights)
A McCormack (St Josephs)
AM McCormack (Fitzroy-Doncaster)
AT McCormack (Geelong, Victoria Country, Victoria Under-19s)
BL McCormack (Adelaide Southern Districts)
F McCormack (South Melbourne)
G McCormack (Western Australia Country)
G McCormack (Hillston)
G McCormack (North Suburban Community Cricket Association)
G McCormack (Quinns Rocks)
J McCormack (Western Australia Country, Western Australia Schools)
J McCormack (Ipswich and West Moreton)
JH McCormack (Essendon)
JH McCormack (Adelaide Southern Districts)
JL McCormack (Innis Mowbray Eagles, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s, Westbury Shamrocks)
K McCormack (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-15s Women)
L McCormack (Collingwood)
R McCormack (umpire)
R McCormack (Hillston)
TJ McCormack (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
WH McCormack (Victoria)
A McCormick (Primary Club of Australia)
B McCormick (Australian Cricket Academy)
BW McCormick (North Melbourne)
CJD McCormick (Frankston Peninsula)
EL McCormick (Australia, Victoria)
JL McCormick (South Australia Under-15s Women, South Australia Under-17s Women)
M McCormick (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
M McCormick (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales Over-40s)
RV McCormick (South Australia)
SA McCormick (University of New South Wales Third XI)
SA McCormick (Mosman Third XI)
T McCormick (Bowdon)
T McCormick (Applecross)
TA McCormick (Carlton)
KA McCosh (North Melbourne)
McCosker (Queensland I Zingari)
BD McCosker (Belmont)
J McCosker (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
RB McCosker (Australia, New South Wales)
C McCouaig (South Australia Junior Women, South Australia Women)
McCourt (Moss Vale)
J MacCowley (umpire)
A McCoy (New England)
BL McCoy (New South Wales)
EV McCoy (Prahran)
GG McCoy (Runaway Bay)
H McCoy (St Kilda)
JC McCoy (South Launceston)
A McCracken (St Kilda)
I McCracken (South Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland Under-19s)
R McCracken (Scotch College, Melbourne)
R McCracken (Fitzroy)
S McCracken (Fitzroy)
D McCrae (Burnie and Yeoman)
HJ McCrae (Helensburgh)
HR McCrae (Prahran)
L McCrae (Yarra Valley Grammar School)
M McCrae (Illawarra)
M McCrae (Helensburgh)
S McCrea (Illawarra)
D McCredie (Sydney University)
AJ McCready-Bryan (University)
J McCreddin (Melbourne)
McCredie (Orange)
McCredie (Orange)
McCredie (I Zingari Australia)
A McCredie (Armidale)
JM McCredie (Toronto Workers Kookaburras)
P McCredie (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-17s)
TM McCrimmon (Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria)
WJM McCristal (Melbourne)
McCrohen (New England)
B McCrow (Victoria Country Colts)
CA McCrow (Carlton)
D McCrow (Victoria Country)
GR McCrow (Carlton)
SJ McCrystal (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
T McCrystal (Bathurst)
IA McCubbin (Melbourne)
J MacCubbin (Gippsland)
B McCue (Northern Territory)
BM McCue (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Country)
K McCullagh (Bedford Morley)
GF McCullah (Glebe, Sydney Metropolitan)
A McCullaugh (Whitfords)
A McCulloch (Western Australia Under-16s)
A McCulloch (umpire)
J McCulloch (North Queensland Colts)
J McCulloch (New South Wales Junior Women)
M McCulloch (Sydney Church of England Grammar School)
SR McCulloch (St Kilda)
W McCullough (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
T McCumber (Samoa Women, Victoria Under-19s Women, Victoria Women Second XI)
RJ McCurdy (Australia, Border, Derbyshire, Eastern Province, Natal, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria)
G McCusker (Keilor)
P McCuspie (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant B, Australian Transplant XI)
EO McCutchan (Collingwood, Ivanhoe)
CS McCutcheon (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, University)
A McDade (Old Cranbrookians)
A McDade (Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association)
J McDaniel (Western Australia Country)
L McDermid (Watervale)
R McDermid (Clare)
McDermott (Australian Capital Territory)
McDermott (New South Wales Schools)
A McDermott (Australian Indigenous Under-23s)
A McDermott (Wynnum-Manly)
A McDermott (Gold Coast Dolphins)
A McDermott (Fairfield-Liverpool)
AC McDermott (Brisbane Heat, Queensland)
AW McDermott (Camberwell Magpies, Queensland, South Brisbane, Victoria, Wynnum-Manly)
AW McDermott (Australian Indigenous XI)
BR McDermott (Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Queensland, Tasmania)
C McDermott (New South Wales Combined Second Grade)
CJ McDermott (Australia, Queensland)
GW McDermott (Australian Old Collegians)
M McDermott (North Melbourne)
S McDermott (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
S McDermott (Gosnells)
ST McDermott (Tasmania Second XI, Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
J McDevitt (New South Wales Under-17s)
J McDevitt (Corrimal)
T McDevitt (Corrimal)
X McDevitt (Corrimal)
Macdiamid (Australian Old Collegians and Royal Military College Combined XI)
FM MacDiarmid (Australian Old Collegians)
M McDiarmid (Australian Capital Territory)
MacDonald (Gippsland)
MacDonald (Claremont-Nedlands)
McDonald (Wagga Wagga)
McDonald (Narrabri)
McDonald (Stawell, Western Districts of Victoria)
McDonald (Mount Lawley)
A MacDonald (umpire)
A MacDonald (Tasmania Under-16s)
A MacDonald (Imlay)
A MacDonald (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
A McDonald (North Queensland)
A McDonald (Victoria Country)
A McDonald (Hunter River)
A McDonald (Barrier Ranges Cricket Association)
A McDonald (Imlay District Cricket Association)
A McDonald (Sydney Metropolitan)
A McDonald (Crusaders)
A McDonald (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
A McDonald (Sunshine Coast Under-14s)
AB McDonald (Australia, Delhi Daredevils, Leicestershire, Melbourne Renegades, Royal Challengers Bangalore, South Australia, Sydney Thunder, Uva Next, Victoria)
AD McDonald (British Empire XI, Fitzroy, North, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force South, Royal Australian Air Force, South Melbourne)
AJ Macdonald (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Schools, Canberra)
B McDonald (Australia Women, International XI Women, South Australia Women, Western Australia Women)
B McDonald (Victoria Country, Victoria North East Zone)
B McDonald (umpire)
B McDonald (South West New South Wales)
B McDonald (Gordon, New South Wales Second XI)
B McDonald (Tasmania Under-23s)
B McDonald (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association)
B McDonald (Woodville)
B McDonald (Footscray)
B McDonald (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
B McDonald (Melbourne Cricket Club)
B McDonald (Rosedale-Kilmany)
BD Macdonald (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Under-17s)
BG McDonald (Melbourne Renegades, South Australia)
BJ McDonald (Grange)
C McDonald (Bendigo)
C McDonald (Gosford and Wyong)
C McDonald (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
C McDonald (Government House Victoria)
CA McDonald (umpire)
CC McDonald (Australia, Victoria)
CL McDonald (Mount Lawley, Western Australia Colts, Western Australia Institute of Sport Colts, Western Australia Second XI)
D Macdonald (Western New South Wales)
D MacDonald (New South Wales Country)
D McDonald (Parkes)
D McDonald (Crusaders)
D McDonald (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
DA McDonald (Footscray, Footscray Edgewater, Footscray-Victoria University, Greenvale Kangaroos, North Melbourne, Victoria Institute of Sport)
DA McDonald (Greenvale)
DG MacDonald (KD Mackay's XI)
DJ MacDonald (Australian Capital Territory)
DJ McDonald (Fitzroy-Doncaster, Victoria Under-19s)
E McDonald (Hamilton)
EA McDonald (Australia, Lancashire, Tasmania, Victoria)
F McDonald (Coburg)
FJ McDonald (South Australia Women)
FRH MacDonald (Prahran, University)
G McDonald (Southern New South Wales, Southern Tablelands)
G McDonald (North Queensland Country Colts)
G McDonald (Kalgoorlie (Goldfields Premiers))
G McDonald (Newcastle)
G McDonald (Maffra)
G McDonald (Footscray Edgewater)
GA McDonald (Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women)
H McDonald (East Belmont)
H McDonald (Essendon)
H McDonald (St Kilda)
H McDonald (Alice Springs)
HA Macdonald (Mosman)
I McDonald (North Queensland Under-19s)
I McDonald (Australian Capital Territory)
IH McDonald (Victoria)
IJ Macdonald (Bundaberg)
J MacDonald (New South Wales Country)
J McDonald (Western Australia Women)
J McDonald (Northern South Australia)
J McDonald (Bendigo)
J McDonald (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
J McDonald (Riverside)
J McDonald (umpire)
J McDonald (Geelong, Richmond, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
J McDonald (St Kilda)
J McDonald (Hawksburn, St Kilda)
J McDonald (Melbourne Grammar School)
JA McDonald (umpire)
JA McDonald (East Melbourne)
K MacDonald (North Queensland Colts, North Queensland Under-19s)
K McDonald (Queensland Country Colts, Southern New South Wales)
K McDonald (umpire)
K McDonald (New South Wales Women)
K McDonald (Returned Soldiers)
K McDonald (Crookwell, New Lambton)
K McDonald (Illawarra)
K McDonald (Sydney West)
K McDonald (Sydney Church of England Grammar School)
K McDonald (Bankstown)
K McDonald (Queensland Under-15s Women)
KA McDonald (Penrith)
KD McDonald (South West)
KL Macdonald (Tasmania)
L MacDonald (Australian Old Collegians)
L McDonald (Hillman)
M McDonald (Queensland Under-16s)
M McDonald (East Belmont)
MA McDonald (Queensland Country Colts, South Coast-West Moreton, South Queensland Colts)
MJ McDonald (Ringwood)
MS McDonald (Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
N McDonald (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
N McDonald (Royal New Zealand Air Force Women)
NJ McDonald (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women, Australian Capital Territory Under-18s Women, New South Wales Metropolitan Under-18s Women)
O MacDonald (Ocean Ridge)
O MacDonald (Tuart Hill)
O McDonald (Tasmania Under-15s Women, Tasmania Under-18s Women)
P McDonald (Australian State Schoolboys)
P McDonald (Australian Capital Territory Schools)
PA McDonald (Geelong)
PA McDonald (Hallam Kalora Park)
PI McDonald (Dandenong-Waverley, Waverley-Dandenong)
PS McDonald (Essendon)
R Macdonald (New South Wales Country)
R MacDonald (Leicestershire, Queensland)
R McDonald (Australian Old Collegians, New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Northern New South Wales)
R McDonald (Victoria Country)
R McDonald (Southport Labrador)
R McDonald (University)
R McDonald (Cricketers' Club of New South Wales)
RH McDonald (Queensland)
RJ McDonald (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s, Queensland Country, Queensland Under-23s, South Queensland, South Queensland Under-19s)
RJ McDonald (Leeming Spartan)
S MacDonald (Australian Capital Territory Under-15s Women)
S McDonald (scorer)
S McDonald (Victoria Colts)
S McDonald (Australian Capital Territory Under-16s)
S McDonald (Chelsea)
SA Macdonald (North Queensland)
SJ McDonald (umpire)
SM McDonald (North Queensland, North Queensland Country, Queensland Country)
T MacDonald (Sydney West)
T McDonald (Melbourne Cricket Club XXIX Club)
T McDonald (Illawarra, Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney Metropolitan Colts, Sydney West)
T McDonald (Grovedale)
T McDonald (Bankstown)
T McDonald (Sydney Grade XI)
TO McDonald (Northern District)
TO McDonald (New South Wales Under-23s)
TO McDonald (Sydney)
TP Macdonald (Tasmania, Western Australia)
TP Macdonald (New Town)
TR McDonald (Lane Cove)
TS MacDonald (Queensland Under-17s)
TW Macdonald (Fitzroy, University)
V Macdonald (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
V MacDonald (Prahran, University)
VT McDonald (North Queensland Under-19s)
W McDonald (Hamilton)
W McDonald (North West Coast)
WD McDonald (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
WH McDonald (Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria)
M McDonell (Carlton)
N McDonell (North Melbourne)
WF McDonell (New South Wales Far North Coast)
A McDonnell (Illawarra)
C MacDonnell (Queensland Women)
CS McDonnell (Dandenong)
CS McDonnell (Berwick)
J McDonnell (University)
PS McDonnell (Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria)
R McDonnell (Victoria)
R McDonnell (Wembley Districts)
S Macdonnell (Queensland Women)
T McDonnell (Richmond, South Melbourne)
DJ McDonough (Hamilton-Wickham)
J McDonough (Rosedale-Kilmany)
M McDonough (Australia Women)
M McDonough (Rosedale-Kilmany)
C MacDougal (St George)
A McDougall (Illawarra)
A McDougall (Keilor)
AJ McDougall (Western Australia Colts)
D McDougall (South Melbourne)
JH McDougall (New South Wales)
KD Macdougall (Prahran, Victoria Colts)
L McDougall (Cootamundra)
N McDougall (New South Wales Cricket Association)
P McDougall (New South Wales Country)
AL McDowall (South Brisbane Under-19s)
D McDowall (Southern Tasmania Cricket Association, Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association)
D McDowall (Wellington)
I McDowall (South Australia Under-19s)
RM McDowall (Tasmania)
S McDowall (North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts, Queensland Country Under-19s, Queensland Country Under-19s Second XI)
W McDowall (Sydney Juniors)
McDowell (South Australia Under-19s)
McDowell (Coolgardie)
AL McDowell (Brisbane Colts, Queensland Colts, Queensland Under-19s, Wynnum-Manly)
D McDowell (Hobart)
G McDowell (South Melbourne)
K McDowell (Illawarra)
K McDowell (Collingwood)
R McDowell (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
S McDowell (Gordon)
W McDowell (Melbourne)
AW McDremott (Wynnum-Manly)
C Mace (Otago, Victoria)
CJ Mace (Charlestown)
J Mace (Otago, Victoria)
JC Mace (Tasmania)
P Mace (Western Australia Women)
R Mace (Australian Defence Force, Australian Old Collegians, Newcastle Cavaliers)
RL Mace (Richmond)
RL Mace (Royal Australian Air Force)
RL Mace (Royal Australian Air Force)
S Mace (Newcastle Colts)
SJ Mace (Australian Old Collegians, Charlestown, New South Wales Country, Newcastle, Newcastle Cavaliers)
McEacharan (Perth)
MP McEachen (Ocean Ridge)
S McEachran (Yarraville)
RJ Macek (Maddington)
R McElduff (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-17s)
SM McElhinney (Australian Capital Territory, Canberra)
FE McElhone (New South Wales)
C McElligott (Queensland Country)
C McEntyre (North Sydney)
D McErlain (Georges River)
McEvoy (Combined Services)
McEvoy (East Melbourne)
B McEvoy (South Queensland Under-17s)
CS McEvoy (South Queensland Under-17s)
D McEvoy (Sorrento-Duncraig)
DM McEvoy (Western Australia)
FA McEvoy (Victoria)
J McEvoy (Benalla, New South Wales Great Public Schools)
J McEvoy (Melbourne Cricket Club)
P McEvoy (Queensland Country Colts)
SJ McEvoy (Frankston Peninsula)
W McEvoy (EW Wallington's XI)
WJ McEvoy (Victoria)





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