Australia Players (I)


I'Anson (Castlemaine)
J Ibanez (North Queensland Colts)
Ibbitson (Claremont-Nedlands)
Ibbotson (Geelong)
B Ibbotson (Australian XI Women)
BW Ibbotson (Northern Suburbs)
K Ibbotson (Queensland Women)
AGC Ibbott (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
LA Ibbs (Geelong, Hadleigh, Wivenhoe Town)
Iceton (Sydney University)
EA Iceton (Sydney University, Yass)
TH Iceton (New South Wales)
PA Iddles (Northcote)
C Iemma (New South Wales Metropolitan Under-18s Women, New South Wales Under-15s Women)
A Ieroianni (Blacktown)
R Iffland (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women)
SP Iffland (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Western Districts)
JM Ifould (Brighton, Fremantle)
B Iles (Airport West St Christophers)
K Iles (umpire)
NK Iles (South Australia Women)
T Ilka (Ipswich Pioneers)
R Illig (Lara)
EP Illingworth (Victoria)
G Illingworth (umpire)
JJ Illingworth (Innis Mowbray Eagles)
SJ Illingworth (Boisdale-Briagolong)
BK Illman (South Australia)
CP Illman (Footscray Edgewater)
N Ilott (Rockhampton)
D Imberger (Melbourne University)
AR Imison (umpire)
C Imrie (Australian Capital Territory-Illawarra Second XI)
AA Ince (South Australia XI)
CD Ince (Applecross)
A Incoll (Caulfield Grammar School)
KG Ind (North Melbourne, Northcote)
HL Indian (Melbourne, University)
T Indika (Keilor Park)
E Ingall (Victoria Women)
NM Ingall (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
Ingamells (Inglewood)
CR Ingamells (North)
J Ingham (South Australia Women)
J Ingham (umpire)
GC Ingle (Sale)
B Ingleby (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
R Ingleby (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AR Ingleton (Carlton, University, Victoria Under-16s)
JD Ingleton (Essendon, Melbourne University, University)
WG Ingleton (Victoria)
Inglis (Ballarat)
A Inglis (Caulfield Grammar School)
A Inglis (University)
AR Inglis (Bohemians)
EJ Inglis (Middlesex Women, Victoria Women)
H Inglis (North West Coast)
JP Inglis (Pool, Western Australia, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s, Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Second XI)
K Inglis (Footscray, Williamstown)
L Inglis (Australian Universities)
LG Inglis (Hawthorn-Monash University)
R Inglis (Queensland Women)
Ingold (Launceston Club)
Ingold (Launceston)
BG Ingram (Stratford)
CA Ingram (Camberwell Magpies, Collingwood, Victoria Under-16s, Victoria Under-17s, Victoria Under-19s)
D Ingram (UTOFCC)
E Ingram (St Kilda, University)
G Ingram (Combined Services)
GR Ingram (St Kilda, Waverley)
H Ingram (Crusaders)
HR Ingram (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
ID Ingram (University)
R Ingram (Victoria Country)
RL Ingram (Collegians)
S Ingram (UTOFCC)
R Ingwerson (Upper Goulburn)
C Inkpen (Western Australia Eastern Districts)
GB Inkster (South Australia)
ML Innes (Footscray Edgewater, Footscray-Victoria University, Richmond, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Second XI, Victoria Under-19s)
C Inness (Western Australia Under-16s, Western Australia Under-17s)
MWH Inness (Northamptonshire, Victoria, Western Australia)
FR Inskip (St Kilda)
Inston (Macquarie University)
H Inverarity (Western Australia Colts)
M Inverarity (Western Australia)
RJ Inverarity (Australia, South Australia, Western Australia)
BP Inwood (Queensland)
M Inwood (Queensland Country)
C Ion (umpire)
VJ Ion (Doutta Stars, Essendon, Victoria Institute of Sport, Victoria Under-19s, Yarraville)
BK Ipson (Queensland)
Iredale (Bendigo)
Iredale (Hawkesbury)
FA Iredale (Australia, New South Wales)
H Iredale (Castlemaine)
J Iredale (Australian Old Collegians, Sydney West)
J Iredale (Sydney Juniors)
D Ireland (Belmont)
D Ireland (umpire)
F Ireland (Western Australia Women)
G Ireland (Western Australia Under-15s Women)
GJ Ireland (Western Australia)
H Ireland (Australian Capital Territory)
J Ireland (Western Australia Colts)
J Ireland (umpire)
J Ireland (umpire)
J Ireland (Collingwood)
JM Ireland (New South Wales Cricket Association)
K Ireland (New South Wales Schools Women)
LM Ireland (Toombul)
ML Ireland (University of Newcastle)
R Ireland (Northcote)
T Ireland (Narrandera, Southern New South Wales)
R Irlam (Australian Capital Territory)
WJ Irlam (Australian Capital Territory)
H Ironmonger (Australia, Queensland, Victoria)
TH Ironmonger (St Kilda)
A Irons (umpire)
Ironside (Junior Cricket Association)
Ironside (New South Wales)
E Ironsides (Sydney Juniors)
CT Irvin (Carlton)
AT Irvine (Australia Schools, Australian Capital Territory, Australian Schoolboys Cricket Club, Canberra, Southern New South Wales, Western Australia Colts)
C Irvine (Bairnsdale Cricket Association)
D Irvine (South Australia Under-17s)
D Irvine (Riverina)
G Irvine (umpire)
GR Irvine (Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, New South Wales Country)
H Irvine (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
JC Irvine (St Kilda)
JT Irvine (Western Australia)
N Irvine (Hillston)
R Irvine (Illawarra)
R Irvine (Hillston)
SRC Irvine (New South Wales Country)
T Irvine (Tasmania Under-16s, Tasmania Under-19s)
TG Irvine (Bickley Park, Kent Cricket League, Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Colts, Sandgate-Redcliffe, St Lawrence and Highland Court)
TWH Irvine (Melbourne University)
W Irvine (Tasmania Under-23s, Westbury Shamrocks)
WG Irvine (Tasmania)
WMW Irvine (University, Victoria Colts)
CJ Irving (North Melbourne)
G Irving (Richmond)
J Irving (umpire)
LC Irving (Melbourne, St Kilda)
PJ Irving
SR Irving (Footscray)
H Irwin (Ballarat, Melbourne, Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria)
H Irwin (Yarra Bend)
H Irwin (Yarra Bend)
HO Irwin (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
I Irwin (Yass Uniteds)
J Irwin (umpire)
L Irwin (North Suburban Community Cricket Association)
L Irwin (St Kilda)
M Irwin (Melbourne, Victoria Juniors)
R Irwin (New South Wales Women)
TN Irwin (Essendon)
L Iry (Grange)
Isaac (Bourke)
L Isaac (Victoria Country, Western New South Wales)
W Isaac (South Australia)
D Isaacs (Mount Lawley)
G Isaacs (Warringah)
BA Isakker (Campbelltown)
T Isakson (Westminster College)
WJ Isbister (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Isherwood (Fitzroy)
RC Isherwood (umpire)
DJ Isles (Essendon)
K Isles (Warrnambool)
B Islip (Wembley Districts)
Ison (Ararat)
M Ison (New South Wales Country)
WC Iszlaub (Queensland Under-19s)
B Italiano (Western Australia Under-19s)
A Ivers (Western Australia Under-17s)
JB Iverson (Australia, Victoria)
JAD Ives (Beenleigh-Logan, Queensland Country Under-19s, South Queensland Under-19s)
MJ Ives (New South Wales, Sydney Metropolitan)
WF Ives (New South Wales)
Ivey (Coburg)
Ivory (Richmond)
WC Ivory (The Rest)
J Ivulich (Colchester and East Essex, Joondalup, Wembley Districts, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
M Iyer (umpire)
D Izod (umpire)
JC Izon (North Melbourne)





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