Afghanistan Players (A)


Abdul Akhonzada (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Abdul Aziz (Ghor)
Abdul Baqi (Boost Region)
Abdul Baqi (Nimroz)
Abdul Baqi Khan (Herat)
Abdul Bari (Helmand Under-17s)
Abdul Hakim (Helmand Under-17s)
Abdul Haleem (Amo Region)
Abdul Haleem (Kandahar)
Abdulhaq (Parwan Under-17s)
Abdul Jabbar (Laghman Under-17s)
Abdulkhaliq (Paktika Under-17s)
Abdullah (Amo Sharks)
Abdullah (umpire)
Abdullah (Amo Region)
Abdullah (Afghan Rangers Cricket Club)
Abdullah (Afghanistan Physical Disability XI)
Abdullah (Logar Under-17s)
Abdullah Adil (Afghanistan, Afghanistan A)
Abdullah Jabarkhail (Afghanistan Disabled)
Abdullah Liwal (Afghanistan Disabled)
Abdullah Mazari (Afghanistan, Peshawar, Peshawar Panthers)
Abdullah Mazari (Amo Region)
Abdullah Mazari (Boost Defenders)
Abdullah Mazari (Afghanistan A)
Abdullah Mazari (Kabul Eagles)
Abdullah Naib (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Abdullah Salarzai (Amo Sharks)
Abdullah Sarwari (Peace Cricket Club)
Abdullah Zazai (Afghanistan Under-15s)
Abdul Latif (Shaheen Cricket Club)
Abdul Malik (Afghanistan, Amo Region)
Abdul Malik (Nooristan)
Abdul Maswani (Amo Region)
Abdul Nabi (Zabul Under-17s)
Abdul Nasar (Afghanistan)
Abdul Naseri (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Abdul Naseri (Speen Ghar Region)
Abdul Naseri (Kabul Eagles)
Abdul Qader (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Abdul Qadir (Laghman Under-17s)
Abdul Qadir (Khost Under-17s)
Abdulrahimzai (Speen Ghar Tigers)
Abdulrahimzai (Amo Sharks)
Abdul Rahman (Boost Region)
Abdul Rahman (MECC Cricket Club)
Abdul Rahman (LLU Cricket Club)
Abdul Rahman (Herat)
Abdul Rahman (Logar Under-17s)
Abdul Raouf (Nooristan)
Abdul Rauf (Amo Region)
Abdul Raziq (Kandahar Under-17s)
Abdul Rehman (Khost Under-17s)
Abdul Saboor (Afghanistan Disabled)
Abdul Sabor (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Abdul Wahab (Kabul)
Abdul Wahid (Helmand Under-17s)
Abdul Wahid (Paktika)
Abdul Wakil Hasrati (Peace Cricket Club)
Abdul Wali (Kandahar)
Abdul Wali (Logar Under-17s)
Abdul Wasi (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Abdul Wasi (Helmand Under-17s)
Abdul Wasi (Baghlan Under-17s)
Abdur Mangal (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Abdur Rashid (Afghanistan)
Abdur Rehman (Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Abid Amanyar (Peace Cricket Club)
Abid Gul (Afghanistan)
Abobakar (Balkh Under-17s)
Adil (Logar Under-17s)
Adil Khan (Paktika)
Affab (Afghanistan)
A Afghan (Zabul)
Afsar Zazai (Afghanistan)
Afsar Zazai (Mis Ainak Knights, Mis Ainak Region)
Afsar Zazai (Amo Sharks)
Aftab Alam (Afghanistan)
Aftab Alam (Speen Ghar Tigers)
Aftab Alam (Band-e-Amir Dragons)
Afzal Khan (Afghanistan Under-15s, Afghanistan Under-17s)
Afzal Zazai (Amo Region)
Ahmad Qais (Mis Ainak Region)
Ahmad Qais
Ahmad Qais (Band-e-Amir Dragons)
Ahmad Qais
Ahmad Qais (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Ahmad Seyar (MTN)
Ahmad Shakib (Gorbat Cricket Club)
Ahmad Zahir (Kandahar Under-17s)
Ahmad Zia (Shaheen Cricket Club)
Ahmad Zia (Kabul Under-17s)
Ahmad Zia (Zabul Under-17s)
A Ahmed (Logar)
Ahmed Jan (Kandahar)
Ahmed Khalid (Afghan Yaar Public High School, Kabul)
Ahmed Qais (Parwan)
Ahmed Shah (Afghanistan)
Ahmed Shah (umpire)
Ahmed Shah (Bamyan)
Ahmed Shah Durrani (umpire, referee)
Ahmed Shahpakteen (umpire)
Ahmed Shah Pakteen (umpire)
Ahmed Shah Pakteen (referee)
I Ahmedzai (Logar)
K Ahmedzai (Logar)
Ahmed Zia (Kabul)
Ahsan (Afghan Yaar Public High School, Kabul)
Aimal (Baghlan Under-17s)
Aimal Wafa (Afghanistan, Afghanistan Under-15s, Afghanistan Under-17s, Afghanistan Under-19s)
Ainudin (Kandahar Under-17s)
Ajmal (Parwan Under-17s)
Ajmal (Afghan Yaar Public High School, Kabul)
Ajmal (Paktia Under-17s)
Ajmal (Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Ajmal Ali Khil (Speenghar Cricket Club)
Ajmal Kamawal (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Ajmal Kamawal (Ghor)
Ajmal Shamozi (umpire)
Ajmal Shinwari (MTN)
Ajmal Zazai (MECC Cricket Club)
Ajmeer Khan (MTN)
Ajrudin (Kunar Under-17s)
Akber (Speenghar Cricket Club)
Akhtar (Paktia Under-17s)
Alam Khan (Afghanistan)
Alam Khan (Afghanistan A)
M Aleem (Balkh Under-17s)
Ali Ahmad (Logar Under-17s)
Ali Khan (Kunduz Under-17s)
Allah Dad (Afghanistan)
Altaf Khan (Band-e-Amir Region)
Aman Kharoti (Nimroz)
Aman Rafeqi (Kabul)
Aman Rafiqi (Kabul Cricket Club)
Amanullah (Afghanistan, Afghanistan Under-17s, Afghanistan Under-19s)
Amanullah (Paktia Under-17s)
Aman Ullah (Nooristan)
Amanullah (Kunar Under-17s)
Amanullah (Baghlan Under-17s)
Amanullah (MTN)
Amanullah Nuristani (Aptech Cricket Club)
Amanullah Rafiqi (Band-e-Amir Dragons)
Amanullah Rafiqi (Band-e-Amir Region)
Amir (Paktia Under-17s)
Amir Mangal (Afghanistan Under-25s)
Amir Mangal (Boost Defenders)
Amir Mangal (Mis Ainak Region)
Amjad Shinwari (MECC Cricket Club)
Amjid Khan (Panjshir)
Amran (Afghan Yaar Public High School, Kabul)
Amrullah (MTN)
A Anwari (Parwan)
Anwar Khan (Speen Ghar Region)
Arafat Shinwari (Etisalat Cricket Club)
Arif (Balkh Under-17s)
M Arif (Maidan Wardak)
Arif Khan (Parwan Under-17s)
Aryob Zazi (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Asad Ashna (Zabul Under-17s)
Asad Khan (Khost Under-17s)
Asad Sheraz (Afghan Rangers Cricket Club)
Asad Ullah (Paktika)
Asad Ullah (Nooristan)
Asad Ullah (Ghazani)
Asadullah (Paktika Under-17s)
Asadullah Khan (Afghanistan)
M Asam (Badghes)
Asamat Ullah (Herat)
Asghar (Afghanistan)
Asghar Hotak (Afghanistan Under-17s, Afghanistan Under-19s)
Asghar Stanikzai (Afghanistan, Mohammedan Sporting Club)
Asghar Stanikzai (Kabul Eagles)
Ashoq Stankzai (Nimroz)
Ashraf (Afghanistan Physical Disability XI)
M Asif (Nangarhar Under-17s)
M Asif (Kabul Under-17s)
M Asif (Balkh Under-17s)
Asif Ahmed (Afghanistan)
Asif Hashmi (Afghanistan)
Asif Mosazai (Kochian)
Asif Naseri (Ghor)
Asmat (Shaheen Cricket Club)
Asmatullah Taj (Afghanistan Under-16s)
M Asmet (Urzgan)
Atif (Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Atiqullah (MECC Cricket Club)
Atiqullah Khatabi (Afghanistan Under-15s)
Attaullah (Amo Region)
Attiq Ullah (Ghazani)
Awais Zia (Speen Ghar Tigers)
Aya Hakimi (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Aya Khan (Afghan Yaar Public High School, Kabul)
Ayan Aminzai (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Ayan Aminzai (Amo Region)
Ayaz Momand (Aptech Cricket Club)
Ayoub Ahmadzai (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Ayoub Khan (Ghazani)
Ayoub Marofkhail (Mis Ainak Region)
Ayub Khan (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Azeem (Nangarhar Under-17s)
Azeem Naseri (Kochian)
Azgar Stanikzai (Afghanistan)
Aziz (Aptech Cricket Club)
Aziz (Shaheen Cricket Club)
Azizullah (Parwan Under-17s)
Azizullah (Logar Under-17s)
Azizullah (Khost Under-17s)
Azmat Ullah (Kabul)





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