Teams Kithuruwan Vithanage played for

TestSri Lanka (2012/13-2015/16)
ODISri Lanka (2013/14-2014)
Int Twenty20Sri Lanka (2014-2015/16)
Main FCColombo Cricket Club (2010/11)
 Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club (2011/12-2015/16)
Main ListATamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club (2011/12-2014/15)
 Basnahira (2012/13)
Main Twenty20Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club (2011/12-2015/16)
 Kandurata Warriors (2012)
 Basnahira (2013)
 Western Troopers (2014)
Other FCSri Lanka Emerging Players (2012/13)
 Sri Lanka (2012/13-2015/16)
 Sri Lanka A (2013-2015/16)
Other ListASri Lanka Cricket Combined XI (2009/10)
 Sri Lanka A (2013-2015/16)
 Sri Lanka Under-23s (2013)
 Sri Lanka (2013/14-2014)
 Sri Lanka Board President's XI (2014)
Other Twenty20Sri Lanka Cricket Combined XI (2009/10)
 Combined Provinces (2011)
 Sri Lanka A (2013-2013/14)
 Sri Lankans (2014)
 Sri Lanka (2014-2015/16)
 Galle Guardians (2015/16)
Under-19 TestSri Lanka Under-19s (2010)
Under-19 ODISri Lanka Under-19s (2009/10-2010)
Under-19 World CupSri Lanka Under-19s (2009/10)
Under-19 Int Twenty20Sri Lanka Under-19s (2010)
Under-19 two inningsSri Lanka Under-19s (2010)
Under-19 limited oversSri Lanka Under-19s (2009/10-2010)
Under-19 Twenty20Sri Lanka Under-19s (2010)
Sri Lanka Club ChampionshipColombo Cricket Club (2010/11)
 Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club (2011/12-2015/16)
MiscellaneousRoyal College, Colombo (2007/08-2009/10)
 Sri Lanka Colts XI (2008/09)
 Sinhalese Sports Club Under-23s (2009-2010)
 Sri Lanka Under-19s (2009/10-2010)
 Sri Lanka Cricket Academy (2010)
 Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s (2011-2013)
 Sri Lankan XI (2011/12)
 Sri Lanka Under-23s (2013)
 Sri Lanka Board President's XI (2014)
 Sri Lanka (2014/15)
 MAS Holdings-Active (2015/16)
 Sri Lanka A (2015/16)
 Sri Lankans (2015/16)





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