Teams Mohammad Mostadir played for

Main FCRajshahi Division (2000/01-2002/03)
 Barisal Division (2003/04)
Main ListARajshahi Division (2000/01-2002/03)
 Barisal Division (2003/04)
Bangladesh National Cricket LeagueRajshahi Division (1999/00-2002/03)
 Barisal Division (2003/04)
MiscellaneousFisons Bangladesh Limited (1993/94-1994/95)
 Bangladesh Under-19s (1994-1995/96)
 Dhaka Division (1994/95)
 Mohammedan Sporting Club (1994/95-2000/01)
 Shaheed Mustaque XI (1994/95)
 Dhaka University (1994/95)
 Bangladesh Cricket Board XI (1995/96)
 Bangladesh Youth XI (1995/96)
 Rajshahi Division (1999/00)
 Brothers Union (2001/02)





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