Teams Harry Daft played for

Main FCNottinghamshire (1885-1899)
Other FCGentlemen (1886)
 North of England (1887-1891)
 England XI (1888)
 M Sherwin's XI (1889)
 Staffordshire XI (1890)
 M Sherwin's Nottinghamshire XI (1891)
County ChampionshipNottinghamshire (1890-1899)
MiscellaneousTrent College (1880)
 Skegness and Visitors (1886)
 Nottinghamshire (1887-1898)
 CW Wright's Nottinghamshire XI (1888)
 R Daft's XI (1888-1893)
 A Shrewsbury's XI (1890)
 WG Grace's XI (1890)
 Notts Castle (1890)
 W Wright's Nottinghamshire XI (1891)





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