Teams Denis Lindsay played for

TestSouth Africa (1963/64-1969/70)
Main FCNorth Eastern Transvaal (1958/59-1970/71)
 Transvaal (1964/65)
 Northern Transvaal (1971/72-1973/74)
Main ListANorthern Transvaal (1971/72-1973/74)
Other FCOrange Free State, Griqualand West and North Eastern Transvaal Combined XI (1958/59)
 Combined Transvaal XI (1959/60)
 South Africa Fezelas (1961)
 South African Colts XI (1961/62)
 Rhodesian Invitation XI (1961/62)
 Transvaal Invitation XI (1962/63)
 South Africans (1963/64-1965)
 South Africa (1963/64-1969/70)
 North of South Africa (1965/66)
 South African XI (1966/67)
 Rest of the World XI (1967-1968)
 Rest of South Africa (1970/71)
 Combined Section B XI (1972/73)
Other ListASouth African XI (1966/67)
 JT Botten's XI (1969/70)
MiscellaneousSouth Africa Fezelas (1961)
 South Africans (1963/64-1965)
 North of South Africa (1964/65)
 International Cavaliers (1967-1968)
 Rest of the World XI (1967-1968)
 TL Goddard's XI (1967/68)
 Northern Transvaal (1973/74)
 Old South Africa XI (1990/91)





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