Teams Bapu Nadkarni played for

TestIndia (1955/56-1967/68)
Main FCMaharashtra (1951/52-1959/60)
 Bombay (1960/61-1967/68)
Other FCMaharashtra Cricket Association President's XI (1953/54)
 Silver Jubilee XI (1954/55)
 West Zone (1955/56-1967/68)
 India (1955/56-1967/68)
 Cricket Club of India President's XI (1956/57)
 Indians (1959-1967/68)
 Associated Cement Company (1961/62-1971/72)
 Bombay Chief Minister's XI (1962/63-1963/64)
 Maharashtra Chief Minister's XI (1962/63-1963/64)
 Indian XI (1963/64)
 KM Rangnekar's XI (1965/66)
 Maharashtra Small Savings Minister's and Life Insurance Company's Chairman's Combined XI (1965/66)
 Rest of the World XI (1966)
 India Prime Minister's XI (1967/68)
 Goa Chief Minister's XI (1967/68)
 Bandodkar's XI (1968/69)
Lancashire LeagueRamsbottom (1969-1972)
Lancashire League Worsley CupRamsbottom (1969-1972)
Ranji TrophyMaharashtra (1951/52-1959/60)
 Bombay (1960/61-1967/68)
MiscellaneousPoona University (1949/50-1954/55)
 Bombay Schools (1949/50)
 Indians (1956/57-1967/68)
 India Prime Minister's XI (1962/63)
 Uttar Pradesh Governor's XI (1962/63-1968/69)
 Maharashtra Governor's XI (1962/63-1965/66)
 Rest of the World XI (1966)
 Maharashtra Finance Minister's XI (1968/69)





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