St Helen's, Swansea - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-43JS PressdeeGlamorgan v Yorkshire1965f25799
9-48DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Yorkshire1965f25799
9-60H VerityYorkshire v Glamorgan1930f13200
9-61WW DanielMiddlesex v Glamorgan1982f34099
9-66JC ClayGlamorgan v Worcestershire1937f15793
9-93A NashGlamorgan v Sussex1922f10168
8-17Waqar YounisGlamorgan v Sussex1997f43134
8-18VWC JuppNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1925f11331
8-22SJ StoreySurrey v Glamorgan1965f25994
8-24AS KennedyHampshire v Glamorgan1929f12658
8-33H VerityYorkshire v Glamorgan1931f13600
8-38RR DoveyKent v Glamorgan1951f19228
8-38R IllingworthLeicestershire v Glamorgan1976f31083
8-39J MercerGlamorgan v Gloucestershire1926f11747
8-40DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Warwickshire1960f23238
8-40OS WheatleyGlamorgan v Worcestershire1963f24839
8-43JC ClayGlamorgan v Indians1936f15499
8-44TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Glamorgan1930f13306
8-45DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v South Africans1960f23372
8-50TW CartwrightWarwickshire v Glamorgan1967f26917
8-51RG MarlarSussex v Glamorgan1952f19782
8-56MA NashGlamorgan v Hampshire1975f30567
8-62JE McConnonGlamorgan v Worcestershire1959f22662
8-63RNS HobbsEssex v Glamorgan1966f26402
8-66RDB CroftGlamorgan v Warwickshire1992f39911
8-70R IllingworthYorkshire v Glamorgan1960f23417
8-73ET WillettWest Indians v Glamorgan1973f29696
8-74RV DivechaIndians v Glamorgan1952f19730
8-81JV MurdinNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1922f10212
8-82A NashGlamorgan v Worcestershire1921f10018
8-84DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Middlesex1957f21963
8-86LL WilkinsonLancashire v Glamorgan1938f16322
8-89EJ LewisGlamorgan v Kent1965f25773
8-99BL MuncerGlamorgan v Sussex1948f18008
8-146JC ClayGlamorgan v Worcestershire1937f15793
7-15MA NashGlamorgan v Somerset1968f27352
7-18DR PringleEssex v Glamorgan1989f38180
7-19CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Glamorgan1921f9888
7-21ADG MatthewsGlamorgan v West Indians1939f16660
7-24MW TateSussex v Glamorgan1928f12405
7-25DL UnderwoodKent v Glamorgan1968f27321
7-28R TattersallLancashire v Glamorgan1950f18824
7-32GG MacaulayYorkshire v Glamorgan1926f11769
7-33H SpencerGlamorgan v Northamptonshire1925f11331
7-34A NashGlamorgan v Worcestershire1921f10018
7-34VWC JuppNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1925f11331
7-34AB HipkinEssex v Glamorgan1927f12106
7-34FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Glamorgan1976f31214
7-37WJ O'ReillyAustralians v Glamorgan1934f14736
7-37Intikhab AlamPakistanis v Glamorgan1971f28747
7-39TW CartwrightWarwickshire v Glamorgan1967f26917
7-44JE McConnonGlamorgan v Middlesex1959f22801
7-45BL MuncerGlamorgan v South Africans1951f19304
7-45OS WheatleyGlamorgan v Northamptonshire1968f27283
7-47H CreberGlamorgan v Hampshire1922f10172
7-48J MercerGlamorgan v Indians1936f15499
7-49CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Glamorgan1926f11747
7-49WB BridgeWarwickshire v Glamorgan1961f23804
7-49RJ ShastriGlamorgan v Lancashire1988f37582
7-50RA CartyHampshire v Glamorgan1952f19689
7-51HJ TayfieldSouth Africans v Glamorgan1960f23372
7-51WW HallWest Indians v Glamorgan1963f24914
7-51JH ChildsEssex v Glamorgan1986f36378
7-52JC WhiteSomerset v Glamorgan1921f9922
7-52CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Glamorgan1925f11267
7-52JR GrayHampshire v Glamorgan1955f20937
7-53FP RyanGlamorgan v Essex1925f11298
7-53CWC GroveWarwickshire v Glamorgan1951f19084
7-53R IllingworthYorkshire v Glamorgan1960f23417
7-55H VerityYorkshire v Glamorgan1936f15319
7-55NG HeverGlamorgan v Hampshire1952f19689
7-56CHM GreethamSomerset v Glamorgan1962f24323
7-57GG MacaulayYorkshire v Glamorgan1928f12529
7-58JC WhiteSomerset v Glamorgan1921f9922
7-58J LangridgeSussex v Glamorgan1929f12884
7-58E SmithDerbyshire v Glamorgan1956f21329
7-59W WoollerGlamorgan v Middlesex1949f18302
7-60DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Lancashire1965f25856
7-61TB MitchellDerbyshire v Glamorgan1930f13099
7-62FP RyanGlamorgan v West Indians1928f12466
7-62JB MortimoreGloucestershire v Glamorgan1972f29216
7-62MA NashGlamorgan v Surrey1981f33562
7-65TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Glamorgan1929f12752
7-65IDK SalisburySurrey v Glamorgan1998f43769
7-67GA FaulknerSouth Africans v South Wales1912f8564
7-67J MercerGlamorgan v Leicestershire1939f16635
7-67S RamadhinWest Indians v Glamorgan1957f21912
7-68VWC JuppNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1928f12503
7-68AP FreemanKent v Glamorgan1932f13851
7-72JC ClayGlamorgan v Indians1946f17266
7-76FP RyanGlamorgan v Lancashire1928f12327
7-78OS WheatleyGlamorgan v Warwickshire1962f24246
7-79FP RyanGlamorgan v Gloucestershire1930f13306
7-79RK TyldesleyLancashire v Glamorgan1931f13433
7-79MA NashGlamorgan v Gloucestershire1980f33193
7-82FP RyanGlamorgan v Northamptonshire1929f12920
7-82RG MarlarSussex v Glamorgan1952f19782
7-92J MercerGlamorgan v Gloucestershire1932f13897
7-93CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Glamorgan1925f11267
7-94JC ClayGlamorgan v Derbyshire1922f10230
7-94MD BurdenHampshire v Glamorgan1960f23209
7-98ME ScottNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1961f23952
7-99P CarrickYorkshire v Glamorgan1985f35922
7-100GP SwannNottinghamshire v Glamorgan2007f50097
7-101J MercerGlamorgan v Sussex1938f16203
7-101WW DavisGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1982f34222
7-102BL MuncerGlamorgan v Sussex1948f18008
7-111DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Derbyshire1956f21329
7-112FP RyanGlamorgan v Essex1925f11298
7-116OS WheatleyGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1962f24220
7-118RNS HobbsEssex v Glamorgan1972f29289
7-126MA NashGlamorgan v Essex1974f30261
7-165JE McConnonGlamorgan v Australians1953f20165





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