St Helen's, Swansea - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

36Glamorgan v Hampshire1922f10172
40Somerset v Glamorgan1968f27352
42Glamorgan v Lancashire1922f10317
47Glamorgan v Lancashire1988f37582
49Kent v Glamorgan1949f18343
52Glamorgan v Nottinghamshire1960f23320
54Sussex v Glamorgan1997f43134
55Surrey v Glamorgan1927f12116
60Northamptonshire v Glamorgan1989f38083
60Glamorgan v Middlesex2007f50079
61Nottinghamshire v Glamorgan1927f12161
62Glamorgan v Yorkshire1931f13600
63Worcestershire v Glamorgan1921f10018
64Glamorgan v Northamptonshire1925f11331
64Glamorgan v South Africans1955f21023
65Glamorgan v Essex1989f38180
66Glamorgan v Gloucestershire1921f9888
67Sussex v Glamorgan1997f43134
69Glamorgan v Hampshire1929f12658
70Leicestershire v Glamorgan1921f9880
73Warwickshire v Glamorgan1930f13163
73Glamorgan v New Zealanders1949f18440
73Glamorgan v Kent1961f23834
74Glamorgan v Surrey1965f25994
75Glamorgan v Sussex1928f12405
76Glamorgan v Hampshire1922f10172
76Glamorgan v Yorkshire1926f11769
76Worcestershire v Glamorgan1963f24839
77Glamorgan v Lancashire1955f20824
77Glamorgan v Northamptonshire1987f37057
78Scotland v Wales1924f11058
78Glamorgan v Derbyshire1927f11965
78Nottinghamshire v Glamorgan1948f17971
79Surrey v Glamorgan1963f24781
80Glamorgan v Sussex1922f10168
81Glamorgan v Indians1932f13992
83Hampshire v Glamorgan1922f10172
83South Africans v Glamorgan1951f19304
83Glamorgan v Middlesex1965f25846
85Glamorgan v Middlesex1976f31214
86Glamorgan v Warwickshire1979f32578
87Indians v Glamorgan1932f13992
87Derbyshire v Glamorgan1970f28389
88Glamorgan v Lancashire1953f20207
88Leicestershire v Glamorgan1960f23155
88Glamorgan v West Indians1984f35191
89Gloucestershire v Glamorgan1926f11747
89Glamorgan v Warwickshire1935f15049
90Glamorgan v Yorkshire1947f17462
90Glamorgan v Gloucestershire1947f17542
91Glamorgan v Yorkshire1931f13600
91Glamorgan v Warwickshire1967f26917
92Yorkshire v Glamorgan1956f21428
92Somerset v Glamorgan1957f21775
93Glamorgan v Nottinghamshire1925f11405
93Glamorgan v Lancashire1927f11922
93Glamorgan v Surrey1939f16704
94Glamorgan v Gloucestershire1926f11747
94Leicestershire v Glamorgan1936f15454
95Glamorgan v Northamptonshire2016f57192
96Glamorgan v Sussex1932f14019
96West Indians v Glamorgan1939f16660
96Glamorgan v Lancashire1950f18824
96Yorkshire v Glamorgan1965f25799
97Gloucestershire v Glamorgan1923f10667
98Leicestershire v Glamorgan1924f10848
98Somerset v Glamorgan1948f17896
98Glamorgan v Lancashire1950f18824
98Gloucestershire v Glamorgan1959f22745
98Northamptonshire v Glamorgan1964f25283
98Glamorgan v Hampshire1973f29620
98Glamorgan v Leicestershire1976f31083
99Glamorgan v Lancashire1922f10317
99Glamorgan v Australians1930f13246
99Glamorgan v Kent1951f19228
99Middlesex v Glamorgan1959f22801
99Glamorgan v Middlesex1959f22801





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